Birth, Marriage, & Death Index

Musser Public Library’s Birth, Marriage, & Death searchable Index covers births, marriages, obituaries, and death notices that have appeared in the Muscatine (city) newspapers since 1840 to present day. These papers may be found in the newspaper microfilm collection at the library. Many dedicated volunteers have worked for years to develop this Index, and the Library would like to thank them for their efforts!

Last Name First Name Type Date of Paper Page # Date of Event
Jacabo-Gonzales Jose Jesus D 29-Jan-2005 20-Jun-2004
Jack Carolina F D 31-Dec-1931 29-Jun-1931
Jack Charlotte J M 30-Dec-1946 23-Nov-1946
Jack Claude D 30-Nov-1998 p5a 28-Nov-1998
Jack Earl Francis D 23-Jan-1988 18-May-1987
Jack Grace D 27-Jan-1979 21-May-1978
Jack Harlan C M 1-Jan-1913 2-Jul-1912
Jack Helen M D 16-Aug-1996 p5a 15-Aug-1996
Jack Helen M D 17-Aug-1996 p5a 15-Aug-1996
Jack James LeRoy B 30-Dec-1947 14-Oct-1947
Jack Libbie A D 1-Feb-1883
Jack Margaret C D 28-Jan-1984 30-Dec-1983
Jack Margaret C D 2-Feb-1984 30-Dec-1983
Jack Oliver C D 26-Jun-1896 19-Jun-1896
Jack Otie C D 30-Dec-1969 12-Nov-1969
Jack Ronald H M 30-Dec-1954 26-Aug-1954
Jack Sina Belle M 9-Jan-1885 p2 8-Jan-1885
Jack Margaret C D 2-Feb-1985 30-Dec-1984
Jack Sara Bertha D 30-Dec-1943 27-May-1943
Jack Geraldine M 29-Dec-1967 4-Mar-1967
Jackel Herbert M 30-Dec-1938 8-Dec-1938
Jackle Christine D 30-Dec-1943 4-May-1943
Jackman David Wakefield M 24-Jan-1998 19-Jun-1997
Jackman Douglas Boyer M 23-Jan-1992 5-Oct-1991
Jackman Logan David B 29-Jan-2000 19-Jan-1999
Jackman Logan David B 23-Jan-1999 p5a 19-Jan-1999
Jackson AG M 24-Feb-1859 22-Feb-1859
Jackson Alberta C Mrs D 30-Dec-1946 17-Aug-1946
Jackson Alexander D 17-Dec-1903 14-Aug-1903
Jackson Alexander D 17-Dec-1903 15-Aug-1903
Jackson Alexander M 9-Jan-1895 8-Jan-1845
Jackson Allen Todd B 29-Dec-1962 25-Feb-1962
Jackson Allen V M 29-Jan-1983 29-May-1982
Jackson Alta G D 14-Dec-1984 13-Dec-1984
Jackson Alta G D 17-Feb-1984 13-Dec-1984
Jackson Anine D 30-Dec-1964 4-Jan-1964
Jackson Ann Elizabeth B 28-Dec-1951 2-Jun-1951
Jackson Annabell M 26-Jan-1980 28-Feb-1979
Jackson Annabell M 26-Jan-1980 28-Feb-1979
Jackson Arthur LeRoy B 30-Dec-1937 12-Nov-1937
Jackson Arthur LeRoy B 12-Nov-1937
Jackson Arthur LeRoy D 12-Nov-1937
Jackson Bailey Nadeane B 24-Jan-1998 17-Nov-1997
Jackson Barbara Ann M 30-Dec-1966 22-Jul-1966
Jackson Barry Kendall B 29-Dec-1956 27-Mar-1956
Jackson Beatrice M 30-Dec-1937 21-Aug-1937
Jackson Bell D 18-Sep-1865 17-Sep-1865
Jackson Benjamin F D 30-Dec-1940 2-May-1940
Jackson Bert M 30-Dec-1916 16-Nov-1916
Jackson Bertha D 14-Oct-1922
Jackson Bilbo D 25-Feb-2008 22-Feb-2008
Jackson Bonita M M 26-Jan-2002 12-Jul-2001
Jackson Bradley Joe B 22-Jan-1972 13-Oct-1971
Jackson Brenda Lee B 30-Dec-1964 7-Apr-1964
Jackson Brian N M 19-Jan-1996 p7a 30-Sep-1995
Jackson Bruce A M 28-Jan-1984 15-Oct-1983
Jackson Carlotta M 30-Dec-1937 10-Aug-1937
Jackson Carrie D 1-May-1937
Jackson Casey D 4-Sep-1984 2-Sep-1984
Jackson Casey J B 19-Jan-1985 23-Jun-1984
Jackson Charles D 30-Dec-1949 18-Feb-1949
Jackson Charles A M 31-Jan-1981 22-Mar-1980
Jackson Charles P D 29-Dec-1950 9-Aug-1950
Jackson Christopher John B 17-Oct-1995 p5a
Jackson Christopher Lee B 7-Feb-1963
Jackson Clara D 30-Dec-1953 15-Dec-1953
Jackson Clara E D 30-Dec-1916 23-Nov-1916
Jackson Clara E D 29-Dec-1944 3-Aug-1944
Jackson Clifford D 31-Jan-1981 14-Jul-1980
Jackson Cora D 29-Dec-1962 9-Nov-1962
Jackson Dajsha Dawn M 24-Jan-1998 22-Aug-1997
Jackson Daniel Shawn M 23-Jan-1999 17-Oct-1998
Jackson David D 30-Dec-1952 27-Jun-1952
Jackson David D 30-Dec-1952 27-Jul-1952
Jackson David E D 4-Apr-2008 2-Apr-2008
Jackson David R M 18-Jan-1986 12-Jan-1985
Jackson Davon Taleon B 30-Dec-1969 28-May-1969
Jackson Dennis Murray B 28-Dec-1945 11-Apr-1945
Jackson Dijsha Dawn B 19-Jun-1977
Jackson Donna Lee D
Jackson Donnaley Jo B 26-Jan-1980 2-Dec-1979
Jackson Dorothy D 3-Jun-1999 p5a 2-Jun-1999
Jackson Dorothy B D 29-Jan-2000 2-Jun-1999
Jackson Dorothy Mrs D 30-Dec-1933 6-Oct-1933
Jackson Douglas Viele D 30-Dec-1947 11-Jul-1947
Jackson Douglas Viele D 11-Jul-1947
Jackson Edna M 17-Dec-1908 17-Feb-1908
Jackson Elijah Stonewall B 23-Jan-1988 15-May-1987
Jackson Elizabeth D 29-Dec-1967 10-Apr-1967
Jackson Elizabeth B D 30-Dec-1940 5-Nov-1940
Jackson Elxis Jasmine B 23-Jan-1999 30-Mar-1998
Jackson Emma F D 30-Dec-1964 4-Aug-1964
Jackson Evelyn (Diehl) D 4-Oct-2007 3-Oct-2007
Jackson Evone Marie B 29-Dec-1967 2-Oct-1967
Jackson Fannie M 31-Dec-1913 10-Nov-1913
Jackson Fay Dean D 28-Jan-1995 20-Feb-1994
Jackson Fonda Sue B 30-Dec-1969 20-Jul-1969
Jackson Frances (DeVore) D 17-Mar-2007 16-Mar-2007
Jackson Frances (Miller) D 4-Aug-2008 1-Aug-2008
Jackson Frances M D 2-Aug-2008 1-Aug-2008
Jackson Fred D 22-Jan-1972 6-Jan-1971
Jackson Frederick Horace M 30-Dec-1957 28-Sep-1957
Jackson Garridge Lee D 22-Jan-1972 27-Oct-1971
Jackson Gary Ronald B 30-Dec-1936 31-Aug-1936
Jackson George D 16-Dec-1909 3-Jan-1909
Jackson George E D 30-Dec-1954 30-Sep-1954
Jackson Gid M 13-Feb-1902 10-Feb-1902
Jackson Grant Gary B 31-Jan-1981 23-Dec-1980
Jackson H Betty D 17-Jan-1987 26-Nov-1986
Jackson Harlan G D 17-Jan-1987 9-Apr-1986
Jackson Hazel I M 30-Dec-1953 29-Oct-1953
Jackson Helen B D 25-Nov-1920
Jackson Helen Bertha D 30-Dec-1963 30-Jul-1963
Jackson Helen Grace D 29-Jan-2000 30-Nov-1999
Jackson Helen Grace D 1-Dec-1999 p5a 30-Nov-1999
Jackson Helen Grace D 2-Dec-1999 p5a 30-Nov-1999
Jackson Henry S D 18-Jan-1859 18-Jan-1859
Jackson HT,Mr M 14-Aug-1871 13-Aug-1871
Jackson Idella J D 8-Mar-1984 7-Mar-1984
Jackson Idella J D 10-Mar-1984 7-Mar-1984
Jackson Idella J D 12-Mar-1984 7-Mar-1984
Jackson Infant Daughter B 26-Mar-1891 p3 25-Mar-1891
Jackson Isabella M 8-Sep-1860 6-Sep-1860
Jackson Isabella M 10-Mar-1854 9-Mar-1854
Jackson Jacob Ulysses M 30-Jan-2007 13-May-2006
Jackson James D 27-Dec-1884
Jackson James M 10-Nov-1881 p4 9-Nov-1881
Jackson James Craig M 21-Jun-1974
Jackson James Macomber D 30-Dec-1963 3-Jul-1963
Jackson Janet Faye D 27-Jan-1979 23-Dec-1978
Jackson Janet Frances (Mrs) D 29-Dec-1956 20-Dec-1956
Jackson Jared Ambrose B 29-Jan-2000 11-Feb-1999
Jackson Jenifer Lea M 27-Apr-2007 p6a 17-Mar-2007
Jackson Jennifer Jane B 29-Dec-1962 13-Oct-1962
Jackson Jennifer Jane M 17-Jan-1987 25-Jan-1986
Jackson Jerry Carter M 29-Dec-1962 2-Sep-1962
Jackson JG D 20-Dec-1899 19-Dec-1899
Jackson JG M 7-Aug-1891 p4 6-Aug-1891
Jackson Jimmie L D 29-Jan-1983 19-Oct-1982
Jackson Jimmie Lloyd B 29-Jan-1983 28-Jul-1982
Jackson Joe Allen B 29-Dec-1944 18-Jan-1944
Jackson John L D 16-Dec-1909 24-Nov-1909
Jackson Johny lee B 28-Dec-1945 14-Jan-1945
Jackson Josephine M 1-Dec-1868 26-Nov-1868
Jackson Julie Ann M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 2-Jun-2007
Jackson Kate D D 20-Nov-1883 p1 14-Nov-1883
Jackson Kate D D 1-Dec-1883 14-Nov-1883
Jackson Kayla M B 19-Jan-1985 24-Feb-1984
Jackson Kelly Rae B 31-Jan-1976 7-Oct-1975
Jackson Lenona Marie B 30-Jan-1982 29-Jun-1981
Jackson Lewis E M 1-Jan-1908 6-Aug-1907
Jackson Lewis Elmer D 30-Dec-1943 16-Dec-1943
Jackson Lillian B M 28-Dec-1945 17-Feb-1945
Jackson Lillie Irene D 30-Dec-1938 9-Feb-1938
Jackson Lillie Irene D 9-Feb-1938
Jackson Linda Bird D 2-May-2000 p5a 29-Apr-2000
Jackson Lisa D 7-Jul-2008 5-Jul-2008
Jackson Liza Renee B 30-Dec-1964 10-Jul-1964
Jackson Lois (Quinn) D 24-Jan-2007 22-Jan-2007
Jackson Lois J M 27-Jan-1979 1-Mar-1978
Jackson Lorraine Kay B 30-Dec-1963 14-May-1963
Jackson Louis D D 30-Dec-1955 10-Jul-1955
Jackson Louis R D 30-Dec-1957 12-Jun-1957
Jackson Lucy Ann,Mrs D 30-Jan-1896 30-Jan-1896
Jackson Martin Samuel M 31-Jan-2009 pg 6f 19-Jul-2008
Jackson Mary C M 17-Oct-1872 16-Oct-1872
Jackson Mary C M 2-Nov-1872 16-Oct-1872
Jackson Mary Evonne B 22-Jan-1972 29-Mar-1971
Jackson Mary F D 6-May-1876 24-Feb-1876
Jackson Mary Frances D 19-Jan-2008 17-Jan-2008
Jackson Mary Jane D 19-Jun-1876 17-Jun-1876
Jackson Mary Jeannette (Mrs) M 30-Dec-1957 28-Jan-1957
Jackson Mary Kay B 29-Dec-1961 28-Sep-1961
Jackson Mary Luella M 30-Dec-1941 5-Apr-1941
Jackson Maurice L D 23-Jun-2003 p5a 22-Jun-2003
Jackson Maurice L D 24-Jun-2003 p5a 22-Jun-2003
Jackson Melvin D 13-Jul-1972
Jackson Michael Allen B 30-Dec-1954 21-Jan-1954
Jackson Michele Elaine B 30-Dec-1949 14-Sep-1949
Jackson Michele Elaine M 29-Dec-1967 1-Jul-1967
Jackson Michelle Ann B 18-Jan-1986 21-Jul-1985
Jackson Mrs D 19-Jul-1851
Jackson Murray D 31-Jan-1976 16-Feb-1975
Jackson Nadine Jean B 30-Dec-1943 9-Mar-1943
Jackson Neoma D 2-Mar-1999 p5a 1-Mar-1999
Jackson Norman T M 29-Dec-1939 7-Feb-1939
Jackson Ollie, Mrs D 30-Dec-1916 10-Aug-1916
Jackson Omer D 30-Dec-1947 12-Oct-1947
Jackson Omer D 12-Oct-1947
Jackson Orville Henry D 29-Dec-1967 29-Jan-1967
Jackson Patricia NaDean B 11-Feb-1938
Jackson Patricia NaDean M 29-Dec-1962 20-Jun-1962
Jackson Paula Grandvill M 25-Jan-2003 14-May-2002
Jackson Peter D 31-Jan-1901 31-Jan-1901
Jackson Peter D 2-Feb-1901 31-Jan-1901
Jackson Peter D 4-Feb-1901 31-Jan-1901
Jackson Peter M 22-Mar-1866 21-Mar-1866
Jackson Peter M 12-Apr-1844 7-Apr-1844
Jackson Ralph D 22-Jan-1972 14-Nov-1971
Jackson Ralph Eugene,II B 22-Jan-1972 14-Nov-1971
Jackson Ralph T M 29-Dec-1939 28-Jun-1939
Jackson Ray D M 29-Jan-1983 8-Jul-1982
Jackson Ray Lloyd M 31-Jan-1976 27-Aug-1975
Jackson Raymond M 7-Mar-2001 p3c 17-Feb-2001
Jackson Raymond Lloyd B 26-Jan-1980 9-Jun-1979
Jackson Raymond Wilbur D 29-Dec-1962 7-Oct-1962
Jackson Robert A D 31-Dec-1931 19-Feb-1931
Jackson Robert S D 26-Jan-1980 16-May-1979
Jackson Samantha Jo-Lynn M 30-Jan-2007 1-Oct-2006
Jackson Sara M D 26-Jan-2002 6-Sep-2001
Jackson Sara Margaret Kirkland D 7-Sep-2001 p5a 6-Sep-2001
Jackson Sarah A D 12-Jun-1880
Jackson Sarah A D 14-Jun-1880 p4
Jackson Sarah A M 26-Sep-1873 p4 25-Sep-1873
Jackson Sarah Margaret D 30-Dec-1936 4-Nov-1936
Jackson Scott Allen B 30-Dec-1968 2-Apr-1968
Jackson Sherrill M M 19-Jan-1985 2-Jun-1984
Jackson Stacey Gale M 26-Jan-2002 16-Feb-2001
Jackson Stephanie Lynn M 30-Jan-2007 8-Jul-2006
Jackson Stephanie Marie B 31-Jan-1981 18-May-1980
Jackson Steven Lee B 23-Jan-1992 23-Nov-1991
Jackson Steven Ralph B 30-Dec-1953 11-Oct-1953
Jackson Steven Ralph D 23-Jan-1988 27-Jan-1987
Jackson Susan E M 5-Jan-1996 p6a 26-Dec-1995
Jackson Susan Elizabeth B 15-Feb-1975 30-Apr-1974
Jackson Susan Kay B 30-Dec-1941 21-Oct-1941
Jackson Talmadge M 29-Dec-1962 11-Aug-1962
Jackson Theresa Elizabeth B 30-Dec-1969 12-Feb-1969
Jackson Thora D 23-Jan-1992 18-Oct-1991
Jackson Tonya Ann M 10-Mar-2007 7-Mar-2007
Jackson Tyler Ray B 8-Jul-1996 p5a 3-Jul-1996
Jackson Vickie Diane M 31-Jan-1976 5-Apr-1975
Jackson Virgil M 30-Dec-1953 19-Mar-1953
Jackson Virgil F D 23-Aug-1996 p5a 22-Aug-1996
Jackson Virgil F D 24-Aug-1996 p5a 22-Aug-1996
Jackson Wesley James B 29-Jan-1994 22-Aug-1993
Jackson William M 15-Nov-1860 7-Nov-1860
Jackson William A D 30-Dec-1946 25-Sep-1946
Jackson William Robert B 28-Feb-1963
Jacky Stephen F M 18-Jan-1986 26-Oct-1985
Jaco Jimmy Loyd M 29-Jan-1994 10-Nov-1993
Jacobo Ana Marie M 23-Jan-1992 9-Aug-1991
Jacobo Erika B 23-Jan-1992 2-Jul-1991
Jacobo Ignacio M 29-Jan-2000 15-May-1999
Jacobo Maria del Carmen M 29-Jan-2000 8-Dec-1999
Jacobo Marta Catillo M 27-Jan-2000 26-Aug-2000
Jacobo Yolanda M 26-Jan-2002 26-Jan-2001
Jacobs Alyssa Nichole B 29-Oct-1998 p5a 24-Oct-1998
Jacobs Alyssa Nicole B 23-Jan-1999 24-Oct-1998
Jacobs Annie K D 30-Dec-1947 16-Feb-1947
Jacobs Annie K D 16-Feb-1947
Jacobs Antonia, Mrs Peter D 22-Feb-1928 21-Feb-1928
Jacobs Beatrice M 30-Dec-1940 21-Dec-1940
Jacobs Bertha Agnes D 28-Dec-1951 14-Nov-1951
Jacobs Bette Darlene M 29-Dec-1950 16-May-1950
Jacobs Brandon Jamison B 17-Aug-1996 p5a 17-Aug-1996
Jacobs Cameron Dawn B 28-Jan-2006 10-May-2005
Jacobs Carl D 30-Dec-1948 11-Apr-1948
Jacobs Carl M 30-Dec-1953 9-Apr-1953
Jacobs Catherine M 18-Sep-1872 12-Sep-1872
Jacobs Catherine M 1-Oct-1872 12-Sep-1872
Jacobs Corey Eugene B 22-Jan-1972 16-Jun-1971
Jacobs Corey Eugene M 29-Jan-1994 14-Jun-1993
Jacobs Daniela Lee M 28-Jan-1995 5-Aug-1994
Jacobs Danielle Marie M 26-Jan-2008 p2f 5-May-2007
Jacobs David Jon B 30-Dec-1953 12-Mar-1953
Jacobs Dennis Allen B 28-Dec-1951 1-Aug-1951
Jacobs Dennis Allen M 22-Jan-1972 1-May-1971
Jacobs Dianna L M 27-Jan-1979 29-Apr-1978
Jacobs Earl, Mrs D 30-Dec-1957 11-Jul-1957
Jacobs EC M 1-May-1872 p4 9-Apr-1872
Jacobs Ella D 30-Dec-1941 12-Nov-1941
Jacobs Ellen A M 26-Jan-1980 17-Nov-1979
Jacobs Ellen A M 26-Jan-1980 17-Nov-1979
Jacobs Emily Renea B 27-Jan-2000 12-Jun-2000
Jacobs Emily Renea B 27-Jun-2000 p5a 12-Jun-2000
Jacobs Emma M 1-Jan-1912 26-May-1911
Jacobs Emma M 10-Sep-1887 10-Sep-1887
Jacobs Ferdinand J D 30-Dec-1943 16-Sep-1943
Jacobs Freelove Nancy M 28-Nov-1883 20-Nov-1883
Jacobs Freelove Nancy M 28-Nov-1883 27-Nov-1883
Jacobs George Huey D 29-Dec-1961 20-May-1961
Jacobs George Thomas M 30-Dec-1938 24-Sep-1938
Jacobs Gertrude A D 7-Jan-2000 p5a 4-Jan-2000
Jacobs Gertrude H D 31-Jan-1981 13-Jun-1980
Jacobs Gertrude H M 30-Dec-1933 12-Aug-1933
Jacobs Hannah Rae B 2-Nov-1999 p5a 29-Oct-1999
Jacobs Harry B 7-Nov-1922 p8 6-Nov-1922
Jacobs Heather Lynne B 31-Jan-1976 10-Apr-1975
Jacobs Heather Lynne M 28-Jan-1995 28-Jan-1994
Jacobs Heidi Ann B 15-Feb-1975 28-Feb-1974
Jacobs Heidi Ann M 31-Jan-2009 pg 5f 23-Feb-2008
Jacobs Helen Dennison D 30-Dec-1957 16-May-1957
Jacobs Irma Jean M 27-Nov-1997 p6a 26-Nov-1997
Jacobs Jaime Maldonado D 30-Jan-1998 p5a 29-Jan-1998
Jacobs James Clayton B 28-Dec-1951 6-Apr-1951
Jacobs James Clayton M 23-Jan-1992 4-May-1991
Jacobs James Clayton M 24-Aug-1974
Jacobs Jennifer Carol B 29-Dec-1961 25-Mar-1961
Jacobs Jerome George B 24-Dec-1937
Jacobs JH,Mr M 14-Jun-1883 p1
Jacobs JH,Mr M 6-Jul-1883
Jacobs John M 30-Dec-1940 20-Dec-1940
Jacobs John H (Jr) M 31-Dec-1913 29-Sep-1913
Jacobs John William D 21-Oct-1890 21-Oct-1890
Jacobs John William D 31-Oct-1890 21-Oct-1890
Jacobs Joseph A D 30-Dec-1942 16-Dec-1942
Jacobs Joseph A M 16-Dec-1909 22-Feb-1909
Jacobs Joshua B 31-Jan-1981 17-May-1980
Jacobs Joshua Clayton B 31-Jan-1981 5-May-1980
Jacobs Joshua Clayton M 29-Jan-2000 14-Feb-1999
Jacobs Julie Kay B 29-Dec-1956 28-Jan-1956
Jacobs Karolyn Irene D 27-Feb-1997 p5a 20-Feb-1997
Jacobs Kendall William B 30-Dec-1964 13-Jul-1964
Jacobs Kim Suzette M 30-Jan-1993 23-May-1992
Jacobs Kim Suzette M 29-Jan-2005 25-Sep-2004
Jacobs Lamoyne Elvin B 30-Dec-1948 p7 16-Jan-1948
Jacobs LaMoyne Elvin M 30-Dec-1968 1-Jun-1968
Jacobs Lauren Olivia B 16-Oct-2003 p5a 5-Oct-2003
Jacobs LeMoyne M 30-Dec-1942 17-May-1942
Jacobs LeMoyne Elvin Jr M 29-Jan-2000 16-Dec-1999
Jacobs Lynn Ann M 27-Jan-2000 2-Sep-2000
Jacobs Marc Edward Sr M 28-Jan-2006 3-Sep-2005
Jacobs Mary D 30-Dec-1949 8-May-1949
Jacobs Mary M 16-Dec-1909 20-Jan-1909
Jacobs Mary E M 1-Nov-1866 23-Sep-1866
Jacobs Melvin Eugene B 30-Dec-1949 31-Oct-1949
Jacobs Michelle Renee B 22-Jan-1972 3-Sep-1971
Jacobs Nancy J M 19-Jan-1985 9-Jun-1984
Jacobs Otto D 2-Jan-1960
Jacobs Paul W D 17-May-2002 p5a 17-May-2002
Jacobs Paul W D 18-May-2002 p5a 17-May-2002
Jacobs Paul Wilbur D 25-Jan-2003 17-May-2002
Jacobs Peter D 17-Dec-1903 28-Nov-1903
Jacobs Peter M 20-Apr-1898
Jacobs Robert M 12-Jun-1972
Jacobs Robert P M 23-Sep-1920
Jacobs Robert Peter M 21-Sep-1974
Jacobs Ronald L M 18-Jan-1986 21-Sep-1985
Jacobs Samuel M 30-Dec-1937 24-Dec-1937
Jacobs Sarah Jean M 25-Jan-2003 21-Sep-2002
Jacobs Scotty Lew B 29-Dec-1956 21-Oct-1956
Jacobs Susan Ann B 30-Dec-1946 16-Jun-1946
Jacobs Tara V M 2-Dec-1996 p6a 12-Oct-1996
Jacobs Terry Lee B 30-Dec-1954 5-Aug-1954
Jacobs Thomas M 12-Sep-1972 p6
Jacobs Thomas Allen B 30-Dec-1949 24-Dec-1949
Jacobs Velda M 28-Dec-1945 1-Feb-1945
Jacobs Velda Louise D 29-Dec-1961 4-Feb-1961
Jacobs Vivian L D 29-Jan-1994 4-Jul-1993
Jacobs Wesley I M 30-Dec-1916 11-Feb-1916
Jacobs William Jerome B 30-Dec-1932 25-Apr-1932
Jacobs Helen Louise D 23-Jan-1988 10-Sep-1987
Jacobs LaMoyne M 30-Dec-1940 9-Nov-1940
Jacobsen Claus H D 30-Dec-1946 21-Oct-1946
Jacobsen Cora J D 30-Jan-1993 27-Oct-1992
Jacobsen Donald D 29-Oct-1997 p5a 27-Oct-1997
Jacobsen Fred,Mrs D 11-Mar-1902 p7
Jacobsen Jerry M M 4-Apr-1977
Jacobsen Jerry Michael B 30-Dec-1953 5-Aug-1953
Jacobsen Jerry Michael M 15-Feb-1975 20-Apr-1974
Jacobsen Jerry Michael M 20-Apr-1974
Jacobsen L Faye D 23-Jan-1988 6-Apr-1987
Jacobsen Nicole Rae B 30-Jan-1982 12-Aug-1981
Jacobsen Peter D 15-Feb-1975 13-Mar-1974
Jacobsen Robert Arthur D 17-Nov-1999 p5a 25-Nov-1999
Jacobsen Theodora M 29-Dec-1956 14-Apr-1956
Jacobsen Tricia Kayleen B 28-Jan-1984 22-Nov-1983
Jacobsen Wayne M 30-Oct-1972 p7
Jacobsen Wendy Sue B 31-Jan-1976 13-Jul-1975
Jacobsen Wilma D 31-Dec-1913 12-Oct-1913
Jacobsmeier Henry D 7-Jan-1929
Jacobson Christine Ann B 29-Jan-1983 9-Dec-1982
Jacobson Debra A M 27-Jan-1979 29-Jul-1978
Jacobson Elsie M M 29-Dec-1939 18-Feb-1939
Jacobson Harriet M 30-Dec-1940 23-Sep-1940
Jacobson Jerry Dean B 30-Dec-1955 31-Jul-1955
Jacobson Julie Rae B 30-Dec-1955 12-Apr-1955
Jacobson Peterson Schwalb D 29-Dec-1934 24-May-1934
Jacobson Sara Michelle M 27-Apr-2007 p6a 31-Mar-2007
Jacoby Hillari Anisha M 25-Jan-2003 16-Jun-2002
Jacoby Mary M 1-Jan-1908 27-Dec-1907
Jacoby Mary A M 11-Jan-1887 10-Jan-1887
Jacoby Reuben M D 30-Jan-1903 29-Jan-1903
Jacoby Reuben M D 17-Dec-1903 30-Jan-1903
Jacoby Sarah F,Mrs D 8-Oct-1896 3-Oct-1896
Jacon Abel Mrs D 23-Oct-1922
Jacques Francisco Castaneda M 23-Jan-1992 5-Oct-1991
Jacques Graciela M 29-Jan-1994 4-Jun-1993
Jacques Silva Patricia M 25-Jan-2003 22-Apr-2002
Jacques Paul Maurice M 30-Dec-1965 23-Oct-1965
Jaeger Carl P D 29-Jan-2000 17-Sep-1999
Jaeggi Walter M 30-Dec-1964 8-May-1964
Jagau Fern I M 29-Dec-1934 19-Sep-1934
Jagger Caroline D 29-Dec-1939 15-Sep-1939
Jagnow David M 30-Dec-1970 30-Jan-1970
Jagow Albertena R D 29-Dec-1962 28-Aug-1962
Jagow Emma M M 1-Jan-1913 10-Jan-1912
Jagow Herman M 5-Aug-1897 4-Aug-1897
Jagow Hermann A D 29-Dec-1950 12-Nov-1950
Jahle Callie D 27-Apr-1903 25-Apr-1903
Jahle Callie Hill D 2-May-1903
Jahle Conrad M 6-Aug-1869 p3 15-Jul-1869
Jahn Charles D 30-Dec-1954 30-Oct-1954
Jahnke Marian B 4-Feb-1928 4-Feb-1928
Jahnke Willis D 6-Jul-1926
Jahns Robbin D 7-Oct-2008 4-Oct-2008
Jahns Robbin A D 6-Oct-2008 4-Oct-2008
Jahr Adeline D 26-Jan-1991 10-Jul-1990
Jahr Hugo D 30-Dec-1941 8-Sep-1941
Jaime Serafin M 26-Jan-1991 13-Oct-1990
Jaimes Leandro Rosales M 29-Jan-1994 28-Jul-1993
Jakeman Andrew Thomas D 30-Dec-1947 5-Apr-1947
Jakeman Carrie H M 24-Sep-1881 p4 22-Sep-1881
Jakeman Chrissie E M 9-Nov-1887 9-Nov-1887
Jakeman Henrietta Florance D 30-Dec-1963 27-May-1963
Jakeman Minnie D 30-Dec-1948 7-Jun-1948
Jakeman Ora D 17-Jan-1987 17-Feb-1986
Jakeman Ora L D 17-Jan-1987 14-Feb-1986
Jakeman Roy D 23-Jan-1992 23-Feb-1991
Jakeway J,Mrs D 17-Dec-1908 5-May-1908
Jakobs Emma E D 24-Mar-1890
Jakudowski L Michael D 13-Jun-1995 p5a 11-Jun-1995
Jalger John F D 4-Oct-1972 p6
Jaloma Caroline M 29-Jan-1994 15-Mar-1993
Jamerson Al D 31-Dec-1913 26-Jan-1913
Jamerson Callie Mrs D 30-Dec-1916 7-Jul-1916
James Aaron M 11-Nov-1920
James Alberta M 29-Dec-1934 7-Mar-1934
James Annie E M 9-Dec-1884
James Anthony B 29-Dec-1961 13-Jun-1961
James Arch M 1-Jan-1908 16-Mar-1907
James Arch D 30-Dec-1953 24-Dec-1953
James Arthur D 30-Dec-1946 25-Aug-1946
James Arthur M 17-Nov-1887
James Bertha D 30-Dec-1969 16-Jul-1969
James Brian L M 31-Jan-1981 20-Jun-1980
James Candice Jean B 30-Dec-1955 31-May-1955
James Carol Lee M 30-Dec-1954 3-Apr-1954
James Catherine M M 30-Dec-1940 12-Aug-1940
James Cheryl Louise M 29-Jan-2005 18-Jun-2004
James Christine Louise B 30-Dec-1964 5-Aug-1964
James Christine Louise B 30-Dec-1964 5-Aug-1964
James Cleta Mary M 30-Dec-1940 3-Aug-1940
James Coleen Kae B 30-Dec-1965 4-Jul-1965
James Colleena K M 19-Jan-1985 5-Jun-1984
James Corinne Mae D 25-Jan-2003 14-Aug-2002
James Curtis M 21-Dec-1905 1-Mar-1905
James Curtis Ripley D 25-Jan-2003 28-Nov-2002
James Damon William B 11-Apr-2008 p5a 2-Apr-2008
James Donna Jean M 26-Jan-1991 31-Aug-1990
James Dorothy M 30-Dec-1937 2-Oct-1937
James Elizabeth D 31-Oct-1972
James Ernest E D 26-Jan-2002 9-Feb-2001
James Ernest E M 30-Dec-1936 24-Jun-1036
James F B M 30-Dec-1916 7-Aug-1916
James George W D 30-Jan-1982 23-Jun-1981
James Gertrude M 20-Dec-1906 26-Feb-1906
James Harold D M 30-Dec-1940 20-Feb-1940
James Harvey W M 30-Dec-1946 8-Jun-1946
James Helen M M 30-Dec-1941 15-Jan-1941
James Henry J D 30-Dec-1947 28-Sep-1947
James Holly Ann M 31-Jan-2004 10-Oct-2003
James Jamie A M 13-Nov-2002 pg 8a 12-Oct-2002
James Jamie Aaron M 25-Jan-2003 12-Oct-2002
James Jeffrey Wayne M 17-Jan-1987 31-Aug-1986
James Jeremiah Lee B 26-Jan-1980 24-Feb-1979
James Jeremiah Lee M 30-Jan-2007 25-Mar-2006
James Jesse M 1-Jan-1908 24-Sep-1907
James Jesse Milton D 30-Dec-1955 17-Oct-1955
James Jim F D 28-Jan-2006 29-Sep-2005
James Jolene Sue B 26-Jan-1980 4-Jun-1979
James Jonathon Mac B 17-Jan-1987 12-May-1986
James Kellie Sue B 30-Dec-1970 4-Jan-1970
James Kim Alan B 30-Dec-1952 17-Dec-1952
James L Chad D 8-Apr-2008 6-Apr-2008
James L G M 29-Dec-1950 24-Mar-1950
James Laura L M 30-Jan-1982 1-Dec-1981
James Leola Bess M 30-Dec-1941 25-Jan-1941
James Leota H M 1-Jan-1912 14-Dec-1911
James Lillian R D 23-Jan-1988 16-Nov-1987
James Lucille M 30-Dec-1938 28-May-1938
James Lynn Verlee B 30-Dec-1943 2-Dec-1943
James Lynne Verlee M 30-Dec-1965 22-Aug-1965
James Mackey A M 29-Jan-1983 15-Oct-1982
James Marcia Ann B 30-Dec-1946 20-Jul-1946
James Mary Kelsey D 28-Dec-1945 9-Mar-1945
James Matthew Thomas B 30-Dec-1966 5-Jan-1966
James Melissa Marie B 28-Jan-1984 7-Oct-1983
James Melody Beth B 30-Dec-1953 26-Jan-1953
James Minnie M M 30-Dec-1916 29-May-1916
James Myrtle A D 29-Dec-1934 3-Apr-1934
James Natalie Denise B 29-Dec-1967 22-May-1967
James Olivia Gayle B 20-Dec-2005 15-Nov-2005
James Olivia Gayle B 28-Jan-2006 15-Nov-2005
James Pamela Dee B 30-Dec-1954 5-Mar-1954
James Phyllis M 30-Dec-1953 9-Jul-1953
James Phyllis Lucille M 30-Dec-1942 18-Jan-1942
James Randall Lee M 26-Jan-1991 14-Sep-1990
James Rayann L M 19-Jan-1985 24-Jun-1984
James Raymond M 30-Dec-1936 17-Jun-1936
James Raymond H D 30-Dec-1953 24-Dec-1953
James Raynard D 31-Jan-1976 2-Jun-1975
James Robert Eugene Jr B 29-Dec-1961 9-May-1961
James Robert Lee M 30-Dec-1954 24-Sep-1954
James Ruby M 30-Dec-1937 21-Nov-1937
James Ruth A D 29-Jan-2005 7-Dec-2004
James Samantha Lee B 30-Jan-1982 19-Sep-1981
James Samantha Lee M 26-Jan-2002 20-Jul-2001
James Sutton David B 27-Jan-2000 4-Apr-2000
James Tamera Ann M 30-Jan-2007 3-Jun-2006
James Teddie D 22-Jan-1972 18-May-1971
James Tommy Harold M 29-Dec-1961 2-Jul-1961
James Tonya Lea B 30-Dec-1947 10-Jul-1947
James Verna Marguerite M 30-Dec-1941 14-May-1941
James Wanda M 30-Dec-1954 6-Nov-1954
James Ward W D 18-Jan-1986 17-Jun-1985
James Ward W M 29-Dec-1939 10-Jun-1939
James Warren M 8-Dec-1910 31-Aug-1910
James Willadean D 18-Apr-2007 16-Apr-2007
James Willadean Virginia M 29-Dec-1962 21-Apr-1962
James Annie E M 10-Dec-1884
James Audra D M 30-Dec-1936 11-Jan-1936
James Beulah M D 25-Feb-1984 24-Feb-1984
James Beulah M D 27-Feb-1984 24-Feb-1984
James Beulah M D 28-Feb-1984 24-Feb-1984
James Brian L M 31-Jan-1981 20-Jun-1980
James Charlene L M 14-Jan-1995 p3c 15-Nov-1994
James Charles J M 29-Jul-1977
James Cheryl Louise M 29-Jun-2004
James Clayton Stephen D 29-Dec-1944 10-Nov-1944
James Connie Maureen B 28-Dec-1951 30-May-1951
James Corinne D 15-Aug-2002 p5a
James Corinne D 16-Aug-2002 p5a
James Curtis R D 30-Nov-2002 p5a 28-Nov-2002
James David D 25-Aug-1881 p4
James Debra J M 5-Nov-1977
James Denis,Jr B 15-Feb-1975 16-Apr-1974
James Derek Adam B 31-Jan-1981 1-Nov-1980
James Earnest D 10-Feb-2001 p5a 9-Feb-2001
James Earnest D 12-Feb-2001 p5a 9-Feb-2001
James Edith May D 9-Oct-1963
James Edwin D 29-Dec-1944 23-Nov-1944
James Esther Marie D 15-Mar-1995 p5a 14-Mar-1995
James Florence Nancy D 16-Oct-1995 p5a 15-Oct-1995
James Florence Nancy D 19-Oct-1995 p5a 15-Oct-1995
James Gary Ernest B 30-Dec-1938 6-May-1938
James George D 29-Nov-1937
James Gerald D 24-Jun-1999 p5a 24-Jun-1999
James Harvey William D 18-Nov-2003 p5a 16-Nov-2003
James Holly Ann B 27-Jan-1979 20-Sep-1978
James Infant Daughter B 5-Dec-1922 p10
James Infant Daughter B 20-Feb-1922
James Infant Son B 4-Aug-1930
James James Melinda D 25-Mar-1878 p4 22-Mar-1878
James Jamie A M 13-Nov-2002 p8a 12-Oct-2002
James Jamie Aaron B 23-Oct-1977
James Jerry L M 27-Jan-1979 21-Jan-1978
James Jerry L M 29-Jan-1983 17-Sep-1982
James Jim E M 22-Jan-1977
James Lainey Renee B 29-Jul-2003 p5a 22-Jul-20003
James Laura M 18-Nov-1920
James LC D 30-Dec-1932 3-May-1932
James Leda D 15-Mar-1997 p5a 14-Feb-1997
James Leda D 17-Mar-1997 p5a 14-Mar-1997
James Lora Mae D 27-Nov-2001 p5a 21-Nov-2001
James Lovina M 21-Feb-1867 p1 20-Feb-1867
James Margaret M M 10-Mar-1890
James Mary Dunaway D 30-Dec-1948 30-Sep-1948
James Nancy Catherine M 28-Apr-1866 26-Apr-1866
James Nettie,Mrs D 4-Jul-1972
James Oscar (Jr) M 30-Dec-1938 16-Aug-1938
James Randi Ann B 22-Jan-1972 12-Jul-1971
James Raymond M 21-Dec-1922 p11
James Robert D D 19-Jul-2001 p5a 17-Jul-2001
James Samantha M 15-Aug-2001 p7a 20-Jul-2001
James Samuel M D 15-Jun-1860 15-Jun-1860
James Thomas D 27-Feb-1871 p4 21-Feb-1871
James Warren Ward D 29-Dec-1962 3-Feb-1962
James Willie D 6-Sep-1861 5-Sep-1861
James Wm F D 13-Sep-1865 12-Sep-1865
James Mabel Helen D 26-Jan-1991 1-Dec-1990
James Michael Craig B 29-Dec-1956 12-Oct-1956
Jameson Barbara Darlene M 26-Jan-1991 18-Feb-1990
Jameson Barbara Darlene M 27-Jan-2000 25-Aug-2000
Jameson Briam Thomas M 13-Oct-1999 p4c 10-Jul-1999
Jameson Brian Thomas M 29-Jan-2000 10-Jul-1999
Jameson Clarence M 21-Dec-1895 18-Dec-1895
Jameson Cory Matthew B 27-Jul-1995 p5a 20-Jul-1995
Jameson Cory W D 14-Sep-1995 p5a 13-Sep-1995
Jameson Cory W D 15-Sep-1995 p5a 13-Sep-1995
Jameson Cory Wynn B 22-Jan-1972 15-Jan-1971
Jameson David Wayne B 29-Dec-1961 3-May-1961
Jameson Donald Dean B 30-Dec-1932 16-Sep-1932
Jameson Elsie D 30-Jan-1982 5-Aug-1981
Jameson Garrett James B 23-Jan-1992 5-Jul-1991
Jameson James A M 23-Jan-1988 13-Nov-1987
Jameson James Allen B 27-Mar-1963
Jameson Jennifer Marie B 29-Jan-1983 8-Mar-1982
Jameson John Henry D 29-Dec-1962 8-Jun-1962
Jameson Judith Ann B 30-Dec-1953 27-Dec-1953
Jameson Kathryn Jean B 30-Dec-1953 1-Aug-1953
Jameson Larry Duane B 4-Aug-1934
Jameson Lester L D 7-Apr-1998 p5a 6-Apr-1998
Jameson Lester L D 8-Apr-1998 p5a 6-Apr-1998
Jameson Lester L "Skip" D 23-Jan-1999 6-Apr-1998
Jameson Lester Lloyd M 30-Dec-1969 16-Jun-1969
Jameson Lester Lloyd Jr M 26-Jan-1991 18-Feb-1990
Jameson Lester Lloyd,Jr B 26-Apr-1935
Jameson Linda Sue B 30-Dec-1957 18-Aug-1957
Jameson Linda Sue M 31-Jan-1976 1-Aug-1975
Jameson Michael M 24-Sep-2003 p6a 16-Aug-2003
Jameson Patsy Rosemary B 29-Dec-1956 13-May-1956
Jameson Patsy Rosemary M 23-Jan-1992 12-Sep-1991
Jameson Russell L D 28-Jan-2006 8-Oct-2005
Jameson Shannon E D 26-Jan-1991 21-Jan-1990
Jameson Terry Lee B 30-Dec-1957 3-Oct-1957
Jameson Thomas Eugene B 28-Dec-1951 24-Aug-1951
Jameson Thomas Eugene M 4-May-1974
Jameson Vernen D 30-Dec-1942 19-Jan-1942
Jameson Vickie Christine B 30-Dec-1952 18-Feb-1952
Jamieson Helen M D 25-Sep-1995 p5a 23-Sep-1995
Jamieson Johnna W D 8-Dec-2008 6-Dec-2008
Jamieson Nikita S D 8-Dec-2008 6-Dec-2008
Jamieson Tina Marie M 31-Jan-2009 pg 7f 13-Sep-2008
Jamison Carl William B 30-Dec-1947 28-Jun-1947
Jamison Carolyn Ruth B 28-Dec-1951 3-Aug-1951
Jamison Carolyn Ruth M 30-Dec-1969 25-Jan-1969
Jamison Catherine Lynn B 30-Dec-1970 10-Jan-1970
Jamison Charles Henry B 29-Dec-1944 15-Sep-1944
Jamison Charles Henry D 29-Dec-1967 18-Jun-1967
Jamison Charles Henry M 29-Dec-1967 14-Jan-1967
Jamison Charles Henry Jr B 29-Dec-1967 31-May-1967
Jamison Cheryl Suzanne B 30-Dec-1943 10-Apr-1943
Jamison Cheryl Suzanne M 29-Dec-1962 30-Sep-1962
Jamison Clarence M 21-Dec-1895 18-Dec-1895
Jamison Clarence M 1-Jan-1908 3-Jul-1907
Jamison Clarence J D 29-Dec-1967 23-Feb-1967
Jamison Clarence Jason B 29-Dec-1944 15-Sep-1944
Jamison Constance Louise B 30-Dec-1941 26-Feb-1941
Jamison Dean Allen B 30-Dec-1970 6-Jan-1970
Jamison E Lucille D 23-Sep-2008 13-Sep-2008
Jamison Earl Ivan B 30-Dec-1938 21-Sep-1938
Jamison Elizabeth M D 19-Apr-1920
Jamison Elizabeth M D 20-Apr-1920
Jamison Elmer D 30-Dec-1954 11-Sep-1954
Jamison Florence A D 29-Jan-1983 20-Feb-1982
Jamison Florence Lucille M 22-Jan-1972 16-Jan-1971
Jamison George Conrad D 11-Jul-1984 2-Jul-1984
Jamison Gladys D 30-Dec-1966 7-May-1966
Jamison James M,Capt D 11-Jul-1899 10-Jul-1899
Jamison James Walter D 30-Dec-1954 9-May-1954
Jamison Judy Jodell B 30-Dec-1940 21-Jun-1940
Jamison Karen A M 23-Jan-1988 10-Oct-1987
Jamison Karen Ann B 30-Dec-1968 16-Jun-1968
Jamison Laura Mae B 30-Dec-1941 11-Oct-1941
Jamison Lorance B D 18-Jan-1986 3-Sep-1985
Jamison Malcolm L D 30-Dec-1941 27-Jun-1941
Jamison Marvin Charles B 29-Dec-1939 16-Nov-1939
Jamison Maude D 30-Dec-1955 30-Jan-1955
Jamison Michele Diane B 30-Dec-1965 15-Aug-1965
Jamison Myrtle M M 16-May-1895 16-May-1895
Jamison Norman D 12-Dec-1922 p1
Jamison Robert F D 11-Oct-1984 10-Oct-1984
Jamison Robert F D 12-Oct-1984 10-Oct-1984
Jamison Robert F D 16-Oct-1984 10-Oct-1984
Jamison Robert R D 28-Jan-1984 31-Aug-1983
Jamison VJ M 20-Nov-1922 p8
Janes Donna Marie D 30-Dec-1943 18-May-1943
Janes Emory M 29-Dec-1939 10-Jun-1939
Janes Florence Irene D 22-May-1960
Janes Forrest D 8-Jan-1929
Janes Joshua Michael B 24-Jan-1998 5-Dec-1997
Janes Macie Norman D 3-Mar-1928 2-Mar-1928
Janes Megan Grace B 27-Jan-2000 3-Mar-2000
Janes Sandra Kay B 29-Dec-1961 24-Mar-1961
Janeson Marie M 16-Dec-1909 22-May-1909
Janiszewski Angeline N M 28-Dec-1945 21-Sep-1945
Janke Isabel Lisa B 17-Jul-2008 p6a 27-Jun-2008
Janke James Christopher M 5-Feb-1997 p3c 10-Aug-1996
Jankovich James M M 28-Jan-1984 2-Sep-1983
Jann Anita Louise B 29-Dec-1944 16-Oct-1944
Janney Alice (Chayka) D 29-May-2008 8-Feb-2008
Janney Alice (Chayka) D 8-Feb-2008 29-May-2008
Janney Deborah M 22-Aug-1972 p6
Janney Frank D 18-Jan-1986 6-Sep-1985
Janney George W D 28-Jan-1947
Janney George W M 31-Dec-1913 25-Nov-1913
Janney George W D 30-Dec-1947 28-Jan-1947
Janney Helen D 11-Jul-1996 p5a 9-Jul-1996
Janney Jeanette Marie M 15-Jun-1974
Janney Josephine M 13-Dec-1895 13-Dec-1895
Janney Karen L M 29-Jan-1983 27-Aug-1982
Janney Karen L M 26-May-1977
Janney Kyle Dean B 26-Jun-1972
Janney Lee Richard B 25-Apr-1932
Janney LeMoyne Dean D 17-Jan-1987 7-Nov-1986
Janney Loring B D 17-Jan-1987 25-Feb-1986
Janney Loring R D 17-Jan-1987 24-Feb-1986
Janney Marguerite C D 30-Dec-1949 6-Apr-1949
Janney Marjorie Frances D 21-Aug-1995 p5a 21-Aug-1995
Janney Marjorie Frances D 22-Aug-1995 p5a 21-Aug-1995
Janney Martin L D 30-Dec-1943 21-Aug-1943
Janney Maxine L M 30-Dec-1938 21-Feb-1938
Janney Millie D 30-Dec-1965 10-Oct-1965
Janney Richard D 17-Jan-1987 20-Jan-1986
Janney Richard M 29-Dec-1956 24-Mar-1956
Janney Rick Lee M 23-Jan-1992 11-Oct-1991
Janney Robert George B 20-Jan-1935
Janney Robert George M 22-Jan-1972 31-Dec-1970
Janney Roberta M 30-Dec-1955 22-Oct-1955
Janney Roberta Geraldine B 30-May-1933
Janney Millie D 10-Oct-1965
Jannings Steven Paul B 28-Dec-1951 30-Oct-1951
Janns Bertha E M 21-Dec-1905 9-Mar-1905
Jannsen Agnes Mrs M 30-Dec-1916 17-Mar-1916
Janowski Benjamin Jon B 26-Jan-1991 12-Apr-1990
Janowski Nicolas Eugene B 28-Jan-1995 3-Nov-1994
Jans Jessica Michelle M 29-Jan-1994 4-Oct-1993
Jansen Agnes K M 30-Dec-1936 4-Jul-1936
Jansen Alma Ruth D 29-Jan-2005 27-Aug-2004
Jansen Alphonse William D 27-Jan-2000 29-Feb-2000
Jansen Alphonse William D 1-Mar-2002 p5a 29-Feb-2000
Jansen Arthur M 30-Dec-1964 18-Apr-1964
Jansen Carol A M 29-Jan-1983 30-Oct-1982
Jansen Carol Ann M 30-Dec-1969 14-Dec-1969
Jansen Carrie M 5-Sep-1996 p6a 15-Jun-1996
Jansen Dean Leroy B 30-Dec-1966 1-Aug-1966
Jansen Diane Marie B 30-Dec-1966 17-Jun-1966
Jansen Fred B D 29-Jan-1983 19-Jan-1982
Jansen Guila K D 28-Jan-1995 15-Jul-1994
Jansen Henry B 21-Dec-1895 18-Dec-1895
Jansen Infant Son B 26-May-1972
Jansen James Theodore B 30-Dec-1946 14-Feb-1946
Jansen Janet M M 28-Jan-1984 10-Dec-1983
Jansen Janice S M 26-Jan-1980 7-Jul-1979
Jansen Janice S M 26-Jan-1980 7-Jul-1979
Jansen John H M 24-Oct-1997 p6a 26-Jul-1997
Jansen John Henry M 24-Jan-1998 26-Jul-1997
Jansen Marie G D 31-Jan-1981 12-Jul-1980
Jansen Ruth Ann D 31-Jan-2004 31-Jan-2003
Jansen Ruth Ann D 3-Feb-2003 p5a 31-Jan-2003
Jansen Sharon Ann M 7-Sep-1974
Jansen Stephen Joseph M 17-Jan-1987 29-Aug-1986
Jansen Theodore R D 23-Jan-1988 23-Oct-1987
Jansen Theodore R M 30-Dec-1940 1-Mar-1940
Jansen W H 'Bill' D 26-Feb-2008 24-Feb-2008
Janson Ethel G M 29-Dec-1939 15-Aug-1939
Janssen Gertrude D 30-Dec-1966 15-Oct-1966
Janssens Albert M 30-Dec-1937 21-Aug-1937
Janus Dennis Wayne M 27-Jan-2000 22-Apr-2000
Jaques Agnes Hurley D 7-Aug-1947
Jaques Graciela M 29-Jan-1983 27-Aug-1982
Jaques Agnes Hurley D 30-Dec-1947 7-Aug-1947
Jaquez Angela Analisa B 28-Jan-2006 1-Aug-2005
Jaramillo Domingo M 23-Jan-1988 25-Nov-1987
Jaramillo Jorge Antonio B 23-Jan-1992 16-Feb-1991
Jaramillo Luis Munoz M 26-Jan-1991 16-Jul-1990
Jarboe Anna Laura M 30-Nov-1900 28-Nov-1900
Jarboe John Rush D 17-Dec-1903 15-Mar-1903
Jarboe Laura M 19-Jan-1985 20-Oct-1984
Jarboe Mary M 21-Oct-1854 19-Oct-1854
Jarck Agnes D 17-Jan-1987 3-Mar-1986
Jarck Agnes D 17-Jan-1987 4-Mar-1986
Jarck Amelia M 30-Dec-1946 14-Dec-1946
Jarck Amelia (Mrs) D 29-Dec-1956 26-Apr-1956
Jarck Charles D 31-Dec-1913 15-Dec-1913
Jarck Charles H D 29-Nov-1984 29-Nov-1984
Jarck Charles H D 30-Nov-1984 29-Nov-1984
Jarck Christine Catherine D 19-Oct-1920
Jarck Doreen B (Schlueter) D 8-Nov-2008 6-Nov-2008
Jarck Fritz C D 30-Dec-1953 17-Nov-1953
Jarck Helen Holsen D 30-Dec-1941 8-Jan-1941
Jarck Helen Hulsen D 30-Dec-1941 8-Jan-1941
Jarck Henry D 31-Dec-1931 8-Nov-1931
Jarck Henry M 18-Nov-1899 p4
Jarck Henry M D 29-Dec-1956 24-Jun-1956
Jarck John M 17-Dec-1908 28-Oct-1908
Jarck John A D 30-Dec-1941 10-Mar-1941
Jarck Larry Richard B 29-Dec-1944 30-Jan-1944
Jarck Larry Richard M 29-Dec-1967 25-Mar-1967
Jarck Mamie Louise D 10-Feb-1972 p15
Jarck Mamie Louise D 14-Feb-1972 p15
Jarck Minnie D 29-Dec-1950 12-Sep-1950
Jarck Shirley May B 30-Dec-1932 21-Jan-1932
Jarck Charles H D 3-Dec-1984 29-Nov-1984
Jardim Jonathan Santana De Castro B 23-Jan-1999 4-Sep-1998
Jardine Andrew B D 30-Dec-1953 28-May-1953
Jarek Esther M 10-Jun-1920
Jarek Harry D 8-Feb-1972 p3
Jarek Harry D 10-Feb-1972 p15
Jargo Kenneth Brian M 13-Dec-2000 p3c 2-Sep-2000
Jarman Francis Richard B 20-Nov-1933
Jarms Henry J D 28-Sep-1947
Jarr Adolph M 8-Feb-1898
Jarr Agnes Margaret D 29-Dec-1961 18-Jun-1961
Jarr Anna Sue B 30-Dec-1952 8-Mar-1952
Jarr Beason Shane William B 19-Aug-1999 p5a 17-Aug-1999
Jarr Bonnie M 24-Sep-2003 p6a 16-Aug-2003
Jarr Cindy M 5-Apr-1999 p1c 19-Feb-1999
Jarr Clarence D 31-Jan-1976 26-Apr-1975
Jarr Corey Tyler B 18-Jan-1986 14-Sep-1985
Jarr Diana Kay B 29-Dec-1950 23-Oct-1950
Jarr Donald C D 10-Aug-2001 p5a 9-Aug-2001
Jarr Donald C D 11-Aug-2001 p5a 9-Aug-2001
Jarr Donald Clarence D 26-Jan-2002 9-Aug-2001
Jarr Harlan H D 21-Sep-1996 p5a 20-Sep-1996
Jarr Herman D 11-Oct-1920
Jarr Herman Frederick D 30-Dec-1963 12-May-1963
Jarr John William B 30-Dec-1949 23-Jun-1949
Jarr Karen A M 4-Feb-1977
Jarr Katie M 8-Feb-1898
Jarr LaVaun William B 30-Dec-1952 22-Mar-1952
Jarr Louis M 8-Dec-1910 21-May-1910
Jarr Mary Jolene B 29-Dec-1956 19-Jul-1956
Jarr Megan Ann B 17-Jan-1987 21-Dec-1986
Jarr Ray Clarence B 29-Dec-1950 4-Jul-1950
Jarr Rena Mae M 30-Dec-1968 9-Mar-1968
Jarr Rena Marie B 30-Dec-1948 6-Oct-1948
Jarr Robert H M 27-Jan-1979 22-Apr-1978
Jarr Roberta E D 30-Jan-1993 10-Jul-1992
Jarr Romona M 29-Dec-1956 16-Jan-1956
Jarr Ruth M D 30-Dec-1969 22-Mar-1969
Jarr Yvonne Ann B 30-Dec-1949 8-Mar-1949
Jarr Zoie Rose Marie B 24-Jan-1998 6-May-1997
Jarr Zole Rose B 10-May-1997 p5a 6-May-1997
Jarr Harlan Henry B 29-Dec-1950 11-May-1950
Jarrad Lura Agnes D 11-May-1984 10-May-1984
Jarrad Lura Agnes D 14-May-1984 10-May-1984
Jarrard Carol Ann M 31-Jan-1976 1-Aug-1975
Jarrard Charles M 28-Dec-1882 p2 24-Dec-1882
Jarrard Chas F M 23-Dec-1890 23-Dec-1890
Jarrard Clara M 28-Feb-1889 27-Feb-1889
Jarrard Dora,Mrs D 30-Dec-1936 17-Aug-1936
Jarrard Dorothy M 30-Dec-1940 7-Dec-1940
Jarrard Frank W D 12-Feb-1972 p10
Jarrard Frank W D 15-Feb-1972 p14
Jarrard George D 30-Dec-1970 27-Feb-1970
Jarrard Glenn A D 13-Dec-2001 p5a 12-Dec-2001
Jarrard Glenn A D 14-Dec-2001 p5a 12-Dec-2001
Jarrard Harry R D 27-Oct-2003 p5a 26-Oct-2003
Jarrard Harry R D 28-Oct-2003 p5a 26-Oct-2003
Jarrard Hiram D 16-Dec-1909 7-Apr-1909
Jarrard Hiram J D 29-Dec-1956 11-Nov-1956
Jarrard James Patrick B 30-Dec-1937 28-Oct-1937
Jarrard James Patrick D 28-Oct-1937
Jarrard Joseph Robert B 29-Dec-1939 1-Mar-1939
Jarrard Kenneth L D 17-Nov-2008 5-Nov-2008
Jarrard Kenneth L D 18-Nov-2008 15-Nov-2008
Jarrard Laura M 17-Dec-1908 25-Jul-1908
Jarrard Laura M 28-Feb-1889 27-Feb-1889
Jarrard Marilyn B 30-Dec-1937 4-Dec-1937
Jarrard Oria M 14-Aug-1883 p2 14-Aug-1883
Jarrard Oria M 30-Aug-1883 14-Aug-1883
Jarrard Wayne Watson B 13-Jul-1933
Jarrard Wayne Watson M 30-Dec-1957 28-May-1957
Jarrard Frank W D 11-Feb-1972 p3
Jarrett Alissa Leann Marie B 26-Jan-2008 p7e 25-Jul-2007
Jarrett Amber Dawn M 31-Jan-2004 31-May-2003
Jarrett Angela Dawn B 31-Jan-1976 23-Feb-1975
Jarrett Barry B 31-Jan-1981 12-Feb-1980
Jarrett Barry James D 5-Dec-1996 p5a 4-Dec-1996
Jarrett Bradley G M 26-Jan-1980 19-May-1979
Jarrett Bradley G M 26-Jan-1980 19-May-1979
Jarrett Darleen Mae D 29-Jan-2000 23-Oct-1999
Jarrett Darleen Mae D 25-Oct-1999 p5a 23-Oct-1999
Jarrett Dennis L M 26-Jan-1980 2-Nov-1979
Jarrett Dennis L M 26-Jan-1980 2-Nov-1979
Jarrett Dennis Lee B 30-Dec-1955 14-Dec-1954
Jarrett Dennis Lee B 31-Jan-1976 24-Feb-1975
Jarrett Donna Jean B 29-Dec-1950 10-Feb-1950
Jarrett Fern Marie M 29-Dec-1967 1-Jul-1967
Jarrett Haley Darleen B 16-Nov-2000 p5a 5-Nov-2000
Jarrett Holly Sue M 31-Jan-2009 pg 6f 21-Apr-2008
Jarrett Jeffrey Robert B 29-Dec-1967 24-Apr-1967
Jarrett Jeffrey Robert M 27-Jan-2000 1-Jul-2000
Jarrett Joan Elaine B 30-Dec-1947 11-Feb-1947
Jarrett Jon Phillip B 30-Dec-1953 21-Aug-1953
Jarrett Joyce Marleen B 29-Dec-1944 9-May-1944
Jarrett Joyce Marleen M 30-Dec-1964 25-Jan-1964
Jarrett Judy Kay B 30-Dec-1953 25-Oct-1953
Jarrett Judy Kay M 22-Jan-1972 8-May-1971
Jarrett Kathleen Marie M 30-Dec-1953 20-Jun-1953
Jarrett Lauren M 28-Dec-1945 9-Oct-1945
Jarrett Leila Viola D 23-Jan-1992 10-May-1991
Jarrett Linda Lea M 30-Dec-1968 22-Mar-1968
Jarrett Mabel R D 28-Dec-1951 26-Mar-1951
Jarrett Robert P D 3-Nov-2008 1-Nov-2008
Jarrett Vickie Lynn B 29-Dec-1956 27-Feb-1956
Jarrett Vickie Lynn D 29-Dec-1956 1-Apr-1956
Jarvis Albert M 25-Nov-1893 11-23-1893
Jarvis Barbara J M 22-Oct-1977
Jarvis Bessie M 21-Dec-1905 18-Feb-1905
Jarvis Carla Ann B 29-Dec-1950 1-Jul-1950
Jarvis Charles B 15-Jan-1894
Jarvis Charles D 15-Jan-1894 14-Jan-1894
Jarvis Claudia Lynn B 30-Dec-1955 24-Jun-1955
Jarvis Claudia Lynn M 24-Aug-1974
Jarvis Craig Dean B 29-Dec-1950 4-Nov-1950
Jarvis Daughter B 2-Mar-1928
Jarvis Dean V D 30-Dec-1963 26-Aug-1963
Jarvis Delia M 3-Jan-1878 p4 1-Jan-1878
Jarvis Dorothy M 30-Dec-1936 30-May-1936
Jarvis Douglas Lee B 30-Dec-1947 25-Feb-1947
Jarvis Earl W M 29-Dec-1939 14-Oct-1939
Jarvis Ella Theresa D 13-Feb-1901 13-Feb-1901
Jarvis Esther Kathleen D 16-Oct-1995 p5a 14-Oct-1995
Jarvis Frank Herbert M 30-Dec-1957 19-Jan-1957
Jarvis Fred M 30-Dec-1938 30-May-1938
Jarvis G F M 1-Jan-1908 11-Dec-1907
Jarvis Gayle E D 30-Dec-1969 2-Feb-1969
Jarvis Gayle Stephen B 30-Dec-1953 7-Apr-1953
Jarvis Georgia Ann M 30-Dec-1943 16-Aug-1943
Jarvis Hazel R M 1-Jan-1908 19-Mar-1907
Jarvis HC M 6-Aug-1869 p3 7-Jul-1869
Jarvis HC M 6-Aug-1869 p3 8-Jul-1869
Jarvis Jesse D 30-Jun-2003 p5a 10-Apr-2003
Jarvis Jesse L D 28-Jan-1984 3-Mar-1983
Jarvis Jessie B D 16-Dec-1909 1-Apr-1909
Jarvis Jo Ann Dorothy D 30-Dec-1966 30-Jan-1966
Jarvis John M 30-Dec-1952 21-Jun-1952
Jarvis John R D 30-Dec-1954 29-Jul-1954
Jarvis Lora D 30-Jun-2003 p5a 27-Jun-2003
Jarvis Lora Margaret D 31-Jan-2004 27-Jun-2003
Jarvis Louise A D 18-Jan-1986 16-May-1985
Jarvis Mabel E M 30-Dec-1916 22-Nov-1916
Jarvis Marinda,Mrs M 16-Apr-1902 p4 16-Apr-1902
Jarvis Mike Warren B 25-Feb-1947
Jarvis Pamela Kay B 29-Dec-1950 4-Nov-1950
Jarvis Rodney D M 27-Jan-1979 22-Apr-1978
Jarvis Russell E M 27-Jan-1879 17-Jun-1978
Jarvis Sadie Sarah D 29-Dec-1944 2-Feb-1944
Jarvis Shelley Jean B 30-Dec-1965 6-Mar-1965
Jarvis Stephen W M 12-Jul-1985 10-Jul-1895
Jarvis Stephen W M 12-Jul-1895 8-Jul-1895
Jarvis Vernon M 10-Jun-1920
Jarvis Vernon D 29-Jan-1983 29-Nov-1982
Jarvis AW D 1-Aug-1894 1-Aug-1894
Jarvis Jimmy Jay B 30-Dec-1952 19-Apr-1952
Jasman Dwight Emanuel B 30-Dec-1936 8-Jan-1936
Jason Joel D 15-Feb-1975 26-Apr-1974
Jasper Debbie Ann B 30-Dec-1953 23-May-1953
Jasper Frank A D 30-Dec-1942 2-Jan-1942
Jasper Kevin John M 27-Dec-2000 p8b 5-Aug-2000
Jasper Louisa D 31-Dec-1931 19-Apr-1931
Jasper Robert Paul D 18-Jan-1986 6-Dec-1985
Jasper Shelly Lynn B 30-Dec-1963 6-May-1963
Jasper Shelly Lynn M 26-Jan-1991 9-Feb-1990
Jasper Sue A M 29-Jan-1983 4-Sep-1982
Jasper Theodore D 31-Jan-1976 29-Aug-1975
Jasper Theodore D 31-Jan-1976 29-Aug-1975
Jasper Theodore R M 30-Dec-1952 1-Mar-1952
Jasper James Leroy M 30-Dec-1968 17-May-1968
Jasper Edna H Mrs M 30-Dec-1943 8-May-1943
Jasper John Daniel B 30-Dec-1964 4-Jul-1964
Jasperson Barbara Jo Ann D 30-Dec-1966 24-Jul-1966
Jasperson Barbara Joann B 29-Dec-1950 8-Feb-1950
Jasperson Bessie L D 23-Jan-1988 16-Nov-1987
Jasperson Charles William M 30-Dec-1968 7-Jun-1968
Jasperson Chris Ernest B 30-Dec-1943 7-Jul-1943
Jasperson Doris L M 30-Dec-1935 1-Aug-1935
Jasperson Gary Wayne B 30-Dec-1968 7-Nov-1968
Jasperson Gary Wayne M 23-Jan-1992 24-Aug-1991
Jasperson Joanne Kay M 29-Jan-1994 16-Dec-1993
Jasperson Keith Earl B 30-Dec-1964 23-Jun-1964
Jasperson Kelly Jo Ann B 29-Dec-1967 26-May-1967
Jasperson Kenneth W D 29-Jan-1994 10-May-1993
Jasperson Kenneth W M 30-Dec-1941 23-Dec-1941
Jasperson Louise Marie B 28-Dec-1951 17-Oct-1951
Jasperson Nancy Ellen D 30-Dec-1943 1-Jan-1943
Jasperson William J M 31-Dec-1913 26-Feb-1913
Jasperson William John B 30-Dec-1969 30-Apr-1969
Jasso Alejandro B 25-Jan-2003 12-Apr-2002
Jastman Albert M 23-Nov-1899 p4
Jastman Albert M 26-Nov-1899 p8
Jauchen John Stephen M 30-Dec-1968 7-Sep-1968
Jay Heather Lynn M 1-Feb-1997 p7a 21-Sep-1996
Jay Ivan D 29-Dec-1962 13-Jul-1962
Jay James H M 1-Aug-1876 1-Jul-1876
Jay Sheldon Glynn M 17-Jan-1987 20-Dec-1986
Jayne Arthur D 9-Sep-1920
Jayne Edwin D 16-Feb-1903 16-Feb-1903
Jayne Ella M 28-Mar-1876 28-Mar-1976
Jayne Ella M 1-Apr-1876 28-Mar-1876
Jayne Ella L D 31-Dec-1931 5-Jan-1931
Jayne Fred Eaton D 12-Sep-1882 p2 12-Sep-1882
Jayne Gertrude D 23-Jan-1988 3-Nov-1987
Jayne Henry M 19-Nov-1873 p4 18-Nov-1873
Jayne John W D 17-Dec-1908 27-Jul-1908
Jayne Justus F M 14-Feb-1867 p1 13-Feb-1867
Jayne Margaret,Mrs D 22-Feb-1875 p4 21-Feb-1875
Jayne Martha P D 19-Jun-1876 17-Jun-1876
Jayne Maurice L M 30-Dec-1938 13-Mar-1938
Jayne William R D 6-Jun-1924
Jaynes Anna Markle D 30-Dec-1946 15-Sep-1946
Jaynes Betty Ann M 16-Nov-1974
Jaynes Hazel D 25-Jan-2003 25-Sep-2002
Jaynes Hazel J D 26-Sep-2002 p5a 25-Sep-2002
Jaynes Janet S M 30-Jan-1982 4-Aug-1981
Jaynes Rebecca Kay M 23-Jan-1999 17-Apr-1998
Jaynes Robert V M 29-Dec-1956 25-Aug-1956
Jaynes Shirley M M 26-Jan-1980 3-Oct-1979
Jaynes Shirley M M 26-Jan-1980 3-Oct-1979
Jaynes Shirley Mae M 29-Jan-2003 p8a 7-Dec-2002
Jaynes Tammy L M 19-Jan-1985 7-Feb-1984
Jeakins Cecil D 7-Sep-1984 4-Sep-1984
Jeambey Linda Diane M 26-Jan-1991 8-Dec-1990
Jeambey Ralph Edward M 30-Dec-1969 1-Feb-1969
Jeambey Ralph Edward M 29-Jan-1994 16-Dec-1993
Jeambey Richard Ray M 30-Dec-1968 15-Jul-1968
Jeambey Tony E M 24-Jan-1998 13-Sep-1997
Jeames Maude D 30-Dec-1957 16-Jun-1957
Jean Ada M D 23-Jan-1988 5-Jan-1987
Jean AP D 30-Dec-1957 23-Mar-1957
Jean Arthur Ulysses D 28-Dec-1951 11-Apr-1951
Jean Eva D 31-Dec-1931 20-Jan-1931
Jean Eva D 30-Dec-1955 23-Jul-1955
Jean Infant D 30-Dec-1957 28-Nov-1957
Jean Jacob Teal D 9-Dec-1896 26-Nov-1896
Jean Jospeh M 2-Dec-1884
Jean Laura M M 5-Jan-1880 p4 1-Jan-1880
Jean Martha N (Mrs) D 29-Dec-1956 9-Jul-1956
Jean Rose D 23-Jan-1988 28-Mar-1987
Jean Sarah I M 24-Feb-1882 22-Feb-1882
Jean Sarah I M 1-Mar-1882 22-Feb-1882
Jean Sarah P M 29-Oct-1840 27-Oct-1840
Jean Sarah P M 29-Oct-1841 27-Oct-1841
Jean Thomas M M 13-Jan-1876 13-Jan-1876
Jean Thomas M M 1-Feb-1876 13-Jan-1876
Jeater Judy Mae M 29-Dec-1961 5-Nov-1961
Jebb Mabel M 29-Dec-1934 31-May-1934
Jebson Amber Nichole D 10-Nov-2008 8-Nov-2008
Jebson Amer Nichole [teen] D 12-Nov-2008 8-Nov-2008
Jebson Callie June B 31-Oct-2000 p5a 12-Sep-2000
Jefcoats Jeffrey M 23-Jan-1999 4-Sep-1998
Jefferies Gertrude D 29-Jan-1983 9-Dec-1982
Jeffers Kelly Sue B 27-Jan-1979 11-Jan-1978
Jefferson Alex Jean Geraldine B 12-Mar-1998 p5a 2-Mar-1998
Jefferson Angela Kay B 30-Dec-1965 16-Oct-1965
Jefferson Angela Kaye M 17-Jan-1987 18-Apr-1986
Jefferson Clark C M 29-Dec-1956 1-Sep-1956
Jefferson Clark Cliffton B 30-Dec-1935 25-Aug-1935
Jefferson Clifton Christopher M 29-Dec-1934 31-May-1934
Jefferson Elizabeth C,Mrs D 17-Jun-1895 15-Jun-1895
Jefferson Gearldine J D 26-Oct-1999 p5a 24-Oct-1999
Jefferson Geraldine J D 25-Oct-1999 p5a 24-Oct-1999
Jefferson Geraldine June D 29-Jan-2000 24-Oct-1999
Jefferson John M 1-Jan-1912 8-Mar-1911
Jefferson Jon Clark B 29-Dec-1967 4-May-1967
Jefferson Kayla JoAnn B 25-Apr-1995 p5a 20-Apr-1995
Jefferson Rachel M 16-Dec-1909 5-Mar-1909
Jefferson Ruth D 3-Apr-1984 2-Apr-1984
Jefferson Sarah Jean M 26-Jan-2008 p5f 3-Nov-2007
Jefferson Selina M 31-Jan-2004 19-Feb-2003
Jefferson Selina M 25-Feb-2003 p5a 19-Feb-2003
Jefferson Tracey L M 19-Jan-1985 18-Aug-1984
Jefferson Tracey Lea B 7-Mar-1963
Jeffery W C M 20-Dec-1906 3-Jul-1906
Jeffery William R D 12-Dec-1922 p7
Jefford Beryl L M 30-Dec-1938 14-Jan-1938
Jeffrey J P M 17-Dec-1908 26-Aug-1908
Jeffries Joseph Wendel D 30-Dec-1953 19-Jul-1953
Jeffries Kenneth D M 30-Dec-1946 17-Mar-1946
Jeffries Lois Harriett D 30-Dec-1963 28-Mar-1963
Jeffries Loren M M 30-Dec-1955 15-Apr-1955
Jeffries Mary (Kirby) D 28-May-2008 25-May-2008
Jeffries Mary (Kirby) D 25-May-2008 28-May-2008
Jeffries Mary Edith D 26-May-2008 25-May-2008
Jeffries Mary Edith D 25-May-2008 26-May-2008
Jeffries Vicki Lynn M 29-Jan-1994 4-May-1993
Jehle Benhard A D 30-Dec-1947 28-Aug-1947
Jehle Christine D 30-Dec-1955 18-Sep-1955
Jehle Earl D 30-Jan-1982 20-Feb-1981
Jehle Elsie D 17-Jan-1987 20-Apr-1986
Jehle Elsie D 17-Jan-1987 21-Apr-1986
Jehle Emma S D 30-Dec-1943 27-Sep-1943
Jehle Gary Allan M 29-Jan-1994 29-Apr-1993
Jehle Infant Son B 30-Jun-2002
Jehle Kenneth Lee B 19-Jul-1934
Jehle Kenneth Lee M 30-Dec-1953 14-Aug-1953
Jehle Kent L M 31-Jan-1981 30-May-1980
Jehle Norma B D 19-Jul-2008 18-Jul-2008
Jehle Vernon M 30-Dec-1943 26-Apr-1943
Jehle William F D 29-Dec-1944 28-Apr-1944
Jehle Winifred C D 26-Jan-1991 19-Mar-1990
Jehlik Brenda Joyce B 30-Dec-1941 9-Sep-1941
Jehring Etta Marie D 30-Dec-1963 22-Apr-1963
Jehring George Louis D 29-Dec-1956 7-Jan-1956
Jehring George Patrick M 17-Jan-1972 15-Jan-1972
Jehring Peter B 29-Dec-1950 25-Dec-1950
Jehring Peter D 29-Dec-1950 28-Dec-1950
Jehring Robert Bernard D 13-Jun-2000 p5a 10-Jun-2000
Jehring Robert Bernard D 28-Jul-2000 p5a 10-Jun-2000
Jehring Son B 30-Dec-1953 12-Jun-1953
Jehring Stephen J M 29-Jan-1983 14-Aug-1982
Jehring Thomas Douglas B 30-Dec-1949 21-Dec-1949
Jeidi Blanche Irene D 18-Jan-1986 11-Feb-1985
Jelison Henry D D 29-Nov-1899 p1 28-Nov-1899
Jelley Ellen,Mrs D 3-Jun-1869 21-May-1869
Jelley Mary M 23-Dec-1881 p1
Jellinek Margaret M 30-Dec-1953 14-Feb-1953
Jellinek Margarete D 22-Oct-1984 20-Oct-1984
Jellinek Margarete D 24-Oct-1984 20-Oct-1984
Jellison Charles D 11-May-1863
Jellison Priscilla,Mrs D 20-Jan-1854 14-Jan-1854
Jellison Violet L M 30-Dec-1933 27-May-1933
Jellison Willie B D 29-Nov-1862 28-Nov-1862
Jelly Eleanor Franklin M 23-Mar-1895 20-Mar-1895
Jelly JA D 31-Mar-1900 31-Mar-1900
Jelly JA D 2-Apr-1900 31-Mar-1900
Jelly John M 15-Aug-1860 9-Aug-1860
Jelly Laura A M 3-Oct-1895 2-Oct-1895
Jelly Sarah Elizabeth Beason D 4-Feb-1928 3-Feb-1928
Jemison Roy G M 30-Dec-1938 12-Nov-1938
Jenean Mary Jean D 31-Dec-1931 8-Aug-1931
Jeneary Delmar Thomas D 9-Aug-1999 p5a 7-Aug-1999
Jeneary Elmer D 28-Jan-1995 12-Apr-1994
Jeneary Fern M D 18-Jan-1986 10-Jul-1985
Jeneson Rachel M 16-Dec-1909 5-May-1909
Jenett Eveart Eugene D 5-Feb-1929
Jenett Eveart Eugene D 5-Feb-1929
Jengins Jessie E M 8-Dec-1910 25-May-1910
Jenison Clara M 15-Mar-1901 13-Mar-1901
Jenison Elmer M 1-Mar-1899 1-Mar-1899
Jenkin DH,Mr M 20-Dec-1864 15-Dec-1864
Jenkins Alice G M 30-Dec-1936 26-Jul-1936
Jenkins Allen N M 29-Jan-1983 7-Aug-1982
Jenkins Anne B D 30-Dec-1969 27-Aug-1969
Jenkins Carrie C M 30-Dec-1940 24-Aug-1940
Jenkins Charles I D 17-Jul-1972
Jenkins Charles W D 23-Jan-1988 11-Jun-1987
Jenkins Dorothy J D 13-Jan-2007 12-Jan-2007
Jenkins Elizabeth D 30-Jan-1982 9-May-1981
Jenkins Elizabeth S M 29-Dec-1939 26-Feb-1939
Jenkins Emily M 17-Apr-1867 p1 14-Apr-1867
Jenkins Emma L M 16-Dec-1859 15-Dec-1859
Jenkins Emyn Fan D 30-Dec-1948 22-Sep-1948
Jenkins Etta D 4-Mar-2008 1-Mar-2008
Jenkins Etta D 1-Mar-2008 4-Mar-2008
Jenkins Flora I M 9-Jul-1878 p4 3-Jul-1878
Jenkins Genevieve Alice D 27-Jan-1979 31-May-1978
Jenkins George M 9-Dec-1874 p4 9-Dec-1874
Jenkins Henry M 29-Dec-1934 21-Feb-1934
Jenkins Ida Mae D 30-Dec-1954 25-Sep-1954
Jenkins Isadore M 14-Oct-1868 13-Oct-1868
Jenkins Isadore M 5-Nov-1868 13-Oct-1868
Jenkins Jeffrey Robert B 18-Jan-1986 10-Jan-1985
Jenkins Jesse E D 29-Dec-1961 2-May-1961
Jenkins John D 29-Dec-1944 26-Feb-1944
Jenkins John R M 18-Jan-1986 12-Oct-1985
Jenkins John Ryan B 26-Jan-1991 5-Feb-1990
Jenkins Judith Irene M 30-Dec-1965 20-Mar-1965
Jenkins Kathleen Ruth M 30-Dec-1965 20-Jun-1965
Jenkins Katie Ann D 27-Jan-1979 9-Feb-1978
Jenkins Kenneth L D 25-Jul-2001 p5a 23-Jul-2001
Jenkins Kevin M M 1-May-1995 p8a 2-Sep-1994
Jenkins Lucy M M 29-Sep-1865 20-Sep-1865
Jenkins M Kathryn M 29-Dec-1934 10-Jun-1934
Jenkins Margaraet,Mrs D 9-Jun-1899 8-Jun-1899
Jenkins Margaret M 2-Dec-1875 30-Nov-1875
Jenkins Marion Elizabeth D 29-Jan-2005 3-Oct-2004
Jenkins Mary M 3-Jan-1866 19-Dec-1865
Jenkins Mary J D 18-Sep-1995 p5a 17-Sep-1995
Jenkins Mary M M 28-Jul-1873 p4 28-Jul-1873
Jenkins Mary Z M 29-Dec-1934 22-Feb-1934
Jenkins Mary,Mrs D 7-Jun-1869 p1 5-Jun-1869
Jenkins Mary,Mrs D 11-Jun-1869 5-Jun-1869
Jenkins Melroy A M 30-Dec-1942 1-Mar-1942
Jenkins Melroy Alvin D 27-Jan-1979 29-Sep-1978
Jenkins Nellie,Mrs M 24-Jan-1895 23-Jan-1895
Jenkins Norma Marie M 30-Dec-1940 11-Dec-1940
Jenkins Ralph D 6-Nov-1984 6-Nov-1984
Jenkins Ralph D 7-Nov-1984 6-Nov-1984
Jenkins Richard D 27-Jan-1979 18-Jan-1978
Jenkins Ruth D 18-Jul-1984 17-Jul-1984
Jenkins Ruth D 20-Jul-1984 17-Jul-1984
Jenkins Samuel D 13-May-1892
Jenkins Sarah E M 25-Nov-1890 24-Nov-1890
Jenkins Sarah E M 1-Dec-1890 25-Nov-1890
Jenkins Susan M 2-Nov-1872 10-Oct-1872
Jenkins Susan M 28-Oct-1872 10-Oct-1872
Jenkins Tanner Michael B 29-Dec-1999 p5a 22-Oct-1999
Jenkins Taran Williams B 8-Aug-2002 p5a 30-Jul-2002
Jenkins Tristan David B 8-Aug-2002 p5a 30-Jul-2002
Jenkins Tyler Scott B 24-May-1995 p5a 25-Apr-1995
Jenkins Velma E D 30-Dec-1965 7-Jul-1965
Jenkins Warren G M 1-Aug-1972 p7
Jenkins William C M 8-Dec-1910 8-Jan-1910
Jenkinson Billy Joe M 26-Jan-2002 1-Sep-2001
Jenkinson Mathew Gary B 26-Jan-2008 p7e 9-May-2007
Jenkinson Thomas Douglas M 30-Jan-2007 3-Jun-2006
Jenkisn Phillip C D 29-Dec-1950 15-Jul-1950
Jenks Don A M 26-Mar-1977
Jenks Marion Eugene M 29-Dec-1934 3-Feb-1934
Jenn Eugene, Mrs D 30-Dec-1957 6-May-1957
Jenn Melissa M 30-May-2001 p6a 19-Aug-2000
Jenne Robert K D 17-Jul-1902
Jenner Alta M 30-Dec-1938 3-Dec-1938
Jenner Arthur Henry D 25-Jan-1985 24-Jan-1985
Jenner Gary Thomas B 30-Dec-1952 14-Jul-1952
Jenner Gary Thomas B 30-Dec-1952 14-Oct-1952
Jenner Gary Thomas D 30-Dec-1952 15-Aug-1952
Jenner Isabella D 9-Aug-1867 p1 9-Aug-1867
Jenner Laura D 29-Dec-1934 7-Dec-1934
Jenner Wilma D 17-Jan-1987 14-Apr-1986
Jenner Wilma R D 17-Jan-1987 11-Apr-1986
Jenness Mary Louise M 29-Dec-1962 14-Sep-1962
Jennett Charlotte Mae Ann M 30-Dec-1966 19-Feb-1966
Jennett Debra J M 5-Nov-1977
Jennett Debra L M 23-Jan-1988 21-Aug-1987
Jennett Dorothy Marie D 30-Dec-1940 5-Feb-1940
Jennett Earl Vernon B 30-Dec-1937 28-Nov-1937
Jennett Esther M D 18-Jun-2002 p5a 17-Jun-2002
Jennett Glen V D 23-Jan-1992 8-Jun-1991
Jennett Jakob King B 1-Oct-1999 p5a 28-Sep-1999
Jennett Kenneth Glenn B 30-Dec-1935 30-Jul-1935
Jennett Mildred C M 30-Dec-1933 23-Dec-1933
Jennett Pamela Marie B 29-Dec-1956 27-Nov-1956
Jennett Patrick Irwin D 24-Jan-1998 28-Apr-1997
Jennett Patrick Irwin D 29-Apr-1997 p5a 28-Apr-1997
Jennett Patrick Irwin D 30-Apr-1997 p5a 28-Apr-1997
Jennett Patty Sue B 30-Dec-1964 27-May-1964
Jennett Rebecca L M 31-Jan-1981 14-Jun-1980
Jennett Sharon Kay B 30-Dec-1941 27-Apr-1941
Jennett Shirley Jean B 30-Dec-1941 27-Apr-1941
Jennett Sophia Marie B 17-Mar-2004 p5a 3-Feb-2004
Jennett Tamra A M 23-Jan-1988 1-Aug-1987
Jennett Tamra Ann B 29-Dec-1962 14-Nov-1962
Jennett Donna Mae B 30-Dec-1943 11-Jul-1943
Jenney Linda M 30-Dec-1970 30-Jan-1970
Jennings Anna Gertrude D 29-Dec-1961 30-May-1961
Jennings Annette Marie B 30-Dec-1955 10-Aug-1955
Jennings Barbara June (twin) B 30-Dec-1964 30-Apr-1964
Jennings Bertha M M 29-Dec-1939 2-Jul-1939
Jennings Bradley James D 30-Dec-1964 1-May-1964
Jennings Bradley James (twin) B 30-Dec-1964 30-Apr-1964
Jennings Brian L D 5-Sep-1998 p5a 3-Sep-1998
Jennings Cayden Andrew B 31-Jan-2009 p3f 26-Jun-2008
Jennings Charles Palmer D 30-Dec-1968 19-Jul-1968
Jennings Clarence A D 6-Jan-1998 p5a 3-Jan-1998
Jennings Colton Stuart B 26-Jan-1991 9-May-1990
Jennings Curelia Olin Mrs D 1-Jan-1913 16-Oct-1912
Jennings Cynthia Louise B 30-Dec-1957 15-Feb-1957
Jennings Donald D 31-Jan-1976 25-Jun-1975
Jennings Donald D 31-Jan-1976 27-Jun-1975
Jennings Dwight Leroy B 29-Dec-1956 23-Nov-1956
Jennings Ermin A D 26-Jan-2002 11-Sep-2001
Jennings Ermin A D 13-Sep-2001 p5a 11-Sep-2001
Jennings Florence Marie D 17-Jan-1987 31-May-1986
Jennings Frances D 18-Mar-1999 p5a 17-Mar-1999
Jennings Fred E,Sr D 30-Dec-1960 22-Jun-1960
Jennings Geraldine D 7-Nov-1972 p6
Jennings Grace J D 24-Oct-1995 p5a 23-Oct-1995
Jennings Harvey H M 30-Dec-1937 11-Jan-1937
Jennings Herbert Harold D 29-Mar-2001 p5a 27-Mar-2001
Jennings Isabelle D 30-Dec-1968 30-Apr-1968
Jennings J Maynard M 30-Dec-1935 4-May-1935
Jennings Jeff M M 30-Jan-1928 28-Jan-1928
Jennings Jefferson M D 28-Dec-1995 p5a 26-Dec-1995
Jennings Julie Ann M 29-Jan-1994 21-May-1993
Jennings K Maynard D 17-Jan-1987 26-Jun-1986
Jennings Kristin Alyssa B 28-Jan-1995 31-Dec-1993
Jennings Larry Jefferson B 30-Dec-1942 30-Oct-1942
Jennings Levi B,Jr D 26-Sep-1872 21-Sep-1872
Jennings Linda S M 18-Jan-1986 11-May-1985
Jennings Lynn Diane B 29-Jan-1947
Jennings Lynn Dianne B 30-Dec-1947 29-Jan-1947
Jennings Mark A M 30-Jan-1982 24-Jan-1981
Jennings Mary Frances D 29-Jan-2000 17-Mar-1999
Jennings Mary Jane B 28-Dec-1951 29-Jun-1951
Jennings Matie D 23-Jan-1988 25-May-1987
Jennings Michael W M 26-Jan-1980 21-Apr-1979
Jennings Michael W M 30-Jan-1982 1-May-1981
Jennings Michael W M 26-Jan-1980 21-Apr-1979
Jennings Michael Warren M 29-Jan-2005 21-Jun-2004
Jennings MN,Dr D 31-Jul-1866 30-Jul-1866
Jennings Monroe D 21-Jul-2008 17-Jul-2008
Jennings Myron LaVone B 30-Dec-1942 16-Jul-1942
Jennings Patricia A D 6-Mar-2004 p5a 5-Mar-2004
Jennings Riccard mar Clare B 30-Dec-1946 18-Sep-1946
Jennings Robert Eugene B 29-Dec-1944 19-Jan-1944
Jennings Rosa B D 15-Feb-1975 20-Feb-1974
Jennings Ruby D 7-May-1984 5-May-1984
Jennings Ruby D 8-May-1984 5-May-1984
Jennings Sandra Sue B 30-Dec-1965 12-Nov-1965
Jennings Silas Ely D 30-Dec-1966 10-Aug-1966
Jennings Steven D M 28-Jan-1984 20-May-1983
Jennings Sue Ellen D 25-May-2002 p5a 11-May-2002
Jennings Warren D 19-Jul-2004
Jennings Warren Dean D 29-Jan-2005 18-Jul-2004
Jennings William Micheal M 30-Jan-2007 12-Sep-2006
Jennison Elmer D 30-Dec-1933 1-Apr-1933
Jennison George D 30-Jan-1860 25-Jan-1860
Jennison HQ D 9-Nov-1867 p1 1-Nov-1867
Jennison HQ D 11-Nov-1867 p1 1-Nov-1867
Jennison HQ D 12-Nov-1867 p1 1-Nov-1867
Jennison Mary Bell D 24-Jul-1852 17-Jul-1852
Jennison Rebecca M 9-Dec-1853 7-Dec-1853
Jens Alisha Isabella B 31-Jan-2008 p2f 9-Dec-2007
Jens Betty D 21-Apr-2007 20-Apr-2007
Jens Cory Jon B 24-Jun-1977
Jens Delores M 30-Dec-1946 7-Sep-1946
Jens Dennis Eugene B 29-Dec-1950 20-Jun-1950
Jens Dennis Eugene M 22-Jan-1972 10-Jul-1971
Jens Donald Edward B 30-Dec-1942 11-Nov-1942
Jens Donald Edward D 29-Dec-1962 23-Sep-1962
Jens Dorothy Ann M 30-Dec-1955 22-Aug-1955
Jens Douglas DeWayne D 29-Dec-1961 18-Feb-1961
Jens Ever Ashley William B 26-Sep-2001 p5a 31-Aug-2001
Jens Fred D 29-Dec-1962 10-Oct-1962
Jens Fred (Mrs) D 29-Dec-1956 23-Jan-1956
Jens Gary L M 26-Jan-1980 25-Aug-1979
Jens Gary L M 26-Jan-1980 25-Aug-1979
Jens Gary Lee B 30-Dec-1946 30-May-1946
Jens Gary Lee M 30-Dec-1966 3-Jul-1966
Jens Gary Lee,Jr M 26-Jan-2008 p5f 11-Nov-2007
Jens Jamie Marie M 24-Jan-1998 31-Oct-1997
Jens Jamie Marie M 12-Nov-1997 p7a 31-Oct-1997
Jens Jessica Marie B 28-Jan-1984 10-Nov-1983
Jens Jessica Marie M 26-Jan-2008 p2f 30-Dec-2006
Jens Jody Kay M 26-Jan-1991 15-Dec-1990
Jens Lora M 12-Jun-1920
Jens Loran Fred D 22-Jan-1972 29-May-1971
Jens Merle Craig b 30-Dec-1952 28-Nov-1952
Jens Merle Craig D 30-Dec-1953 20-Nov-1953
Jens Randi Donell B 29-Jan-1983 3-Jun-1982
Jens Randy Bruce B 29-Dec-1956 12-Aug-1956
Jens Richard Wayne D 28-Dec-1945 4-Jan-1945
Jens Shannon Kristine B 30-Jan-1982 11-Mar-1981
Jens Son B 30-Dec-1942 11-Dec-1942
Jens Trisha M 25-Mar-1996 p6a 9-Mar-1996
Jens Violet Anne M 30-Dec-1941 15-Aug-1941
Jens Wifred D 13-Jan-1999 p5a 11-Jan-1999
Jens Jamie Marie B 6-Apr-1977
Jens Robert Leon M 28-Jan-1995 28-May-1994
Jens Brandon Donald M 23-Jan-1999 18-Dec-1998
Jens Loren Frederick B 30-Dec-1940 7-Sep-1940
Jens Melissa Jean M 23-Jan-1999 19-Sep-1998
Jens Vera M M 30-Dec-1940 18-May-1940
Jens Messinger Violet D 8-May-2003 p5a 1-May-2003
Jensen Alice Roma B 31-Mar-1933
Jensen Amelia M 1-Jan-1913 13-Dec-1912
Jensen Anna Catherine D 30-Dec-1966 16-Feb-1966
Jensen Anna Marie D 30-Dec-1952 16-Jul-1952
Jensen Anna Marie D 30-Dec-1952 16-Jun-1962
Jensen Anna,Mrs D 19-Jun-1972
Jensen Anton Peter D 30-Dec-1957 12-Mar-1957
Jensen Arnold M 30-Dec-1937 27-Feb-1937
Jensen Arthur D 30-Dec-1968 27-Jan-1968
Jensen Barbara Jeanne B 30-Dec-1940 28-Aug-1940
Jensen Betty L D 15-Jun-2001 p5a 14-Jun-2001
Jensen Billy Dean M 30-Dec-1965 12-Jun-1965
Jensen Bobbie M 14-Aug-2002 p7a 23-Jul-2002
Jensen Carlee Rene B 23-Jan-1988 23-Feb-1987
Jensen Carol Joann B 15-Sep-1936
Jensen Carol JoAnn B 30-Dec-1936 15-Sep-1936
Jensen Caroline Henrietta D 29-Dec-1944 3-Nov-1944
Jensen Cassandre Elysakay Davis M 28-Jan-2006 22-Oct-2005
Jensen Charles B 29-Dec-1950 28-Feb-1950
Jensen Charles D 29-Dec-1950 28-Feb-1950
Jensen Charles Wayne B 30-Dec-1946 10-May-1946
Jensen Chris J M 19-Nov-1874 p4 18-Nov-1874
Jensen Constance Lee B 30-Dec-1940 11-Feb-1940
Jensen Cynthia M 30-Dec-1970 9-Mar-1970
Jensen Dean M D 11-Nov-2002 p1a 10-Nov-2002
Jensen Dean M D 13-Nov-2002 p5a 10-Nov-2002
Jensen Dean Michael D 25-Jan-2003 10-Nov-2002
Jensen Debra Lyn M 23-Jan-1999 31-Jul-1998
Jensen Dorothy May B 28-Dec-1945 9-Aug-1945
Jensen Earl D 9-Jan-1984 9-Jan-1984
Jensen Earl D 11-Jan-1984 9-Jan-1984
Jensen Edith E D 29-Jan-1983 21-Jan-1982
Jensen Edward D 29-Dec-2006 28-Dec-2006
Jensen Edward C M 1-Jan-1913 16-Apr-1912
Jensen Elizabeth M 29-Dec-1950 14-Feb-1950
Jensen Elvin D 6-Apr-2007 5-Apr-2007
Jensen Elvin C D 7-Apr-2007 5-Apr-2007
Jensen Elvin Cap M 30-Dec-1943 29-Sep-1943
Jensen Emily Kaye B 24-Jan-1998 21-Feb-1997
Jensen Emily Kaye B 25-Feb-1997 p5a 21-Feb-1997
Jensen Emily Louise B 28-Jan-2006 4-May-2005
Jensen Esther F (Jones) D 8-Nov-2008 7-Nov-2008
Jensen Ferdinand M 30-Dec-1936 13-Mar-1936
Jensen Florence Elloise D 7-Jun-1996
Jensen Frederick C D 30-Dec-1942 11-Dec-1942
Jensen Gayle L M 11-Sep-1972 p6
Jensen George J D 30-Dec-1964 7-Jul-1964
Jensen George J M 29-Dec-1934 13-Jun-1934
Jensen George J M 30-Dec-1938 31-Jan-1938
Jensen Gerald L D 28-Jan-1995 30-Jan-1994
Jensen Gerald Leroy B 30-Dec-1946 17-Aug-1946
Jensen Helga D 26-Jan-2002 10-Aug-2001
Jensen Helga D 11-Aug-2001 p5a 10-Aug-2001
Jensen Helga D 14-Aug-2001 p5a 10-Aug-2001
Jensen Infant Daughter B 30-Dec-1938 7-Dec-1938
Jensen Infant Daughter B 18-Aug-1930
Jensen James Robert M 29-Dec-1956 9-Jun-1956
Jensen Jean J M 30-Dec-1946 30-Mar-1946
Jensen Jenni Lynne B 28-Jan-1995 21-May-1994
Jensen jeri Lynn B 30-Dec-1968 15-Oct-1968
Jensen John Anthony,Jr M 30-Jan-1998 p6a 8-Nov-1997
Jensen Karena Josephine B 29-Jan-2005 20-Jul-2004
Jensen Kate JoAnn B 26-Jan-2008 p8e 30-Nov-2007
Jensen Kevin D M 23-Jan-1988 17-Jan-1987
Jensen Kristine Anne M 15-Feb-1975 22-Jun-1974
Jensen Kristine Anne M 22-Jun-1974
Jensen Laura Mae B 1-Aug-1995 p4a 25-Jul-1995
Jensen Lawrence M 30-Dec-1936 10-May-1936
Jensen Lester W M 30-Dec-1937 9-Jun-1937
Jensen Lester William D 28-Jan-2006 26-Apr-2005
Jensen Lindsey Marie B 23-Jan-1988 10-May-1987
Jensen Logan Andrew B 23-Jan-1999 16-Jan-1998
Jensen Logan Andrew B 21-Jan-1998 p5a 16-Jan-1998
Jensen Lucas Dean B 28-Jan-1995 25-Feb-1994
Jensen Lucille Romona M 30-Dec-1954 12-Nov-1954
Jensen Mabel D 30-Sep-1972
Jensen Mabel Schneider D 30-Sep-1972 p10
Jensen Mabel,Mrs D 2-Oct-1972 p14
Jensen Mable D 31-Jan-1976 8-May-1975
Jensen Mable Christian D 30-Dec-1955 1-Apr-1955
Jensen Margaret M 30-Dec-1940 16-Sep-1940
Jensen Margaret Ann M 30-Dec-1968 12-Oct-1968
Jensen Margarete (Odell) D 15-Mar-2007 13-Mar-2007
Jensen Marie L M 29-Dec-1939 15-Apr-1939
Jensen Martin D 29-Dec-1967 26-May-1967
Jensen Mary D 24-Mar-2000 p5a 23-Mar-2000
Jensen Mary M 29-Dec-1950 29-Apr-1950
Jensen Mary C M 31-Dec-1913 23-Dec-1913
Jensen Mary D Shellabarger D 23-Jan-1988 2-Mar-1987
Jensen Mary E M 19-Jan-1985 17-Mar-1984
Jensen Mary Linn B 30-Dec-1947 23-Jul-1947
Jensen Mary Nicole B 23-Jan-1999 1-May-1998
Jensen Mary Nicole B 19-May-1998 p5a 1-May-1998
Jensen Melia Christian M 29-Jan-1994 1-Sep-1993
Jensen Michael Proctor B 30-Dec-1968 23-Oct-1968
Jensen Mildred M 27-Feb-1928 25-Feb-1928
Jensen Mildred E D 19-Feb-1998 p5a 17-Feb-1998
Jensen Minnie C D 18-Oct-1999 p5a 16-Oct-1999
Jensen Minnie M M 31-Dec-1913 17-Jan-1913
Jensen Olga D 17-Dec-2002 p5a 16-Dec-2002
Jensen Oswald D 7-Oct-1972 p12
Jensen Peter W M 17-Dec-1908 1-Feb-1908
Jensen Ralph A D 14-Aug-2001 p5a 11-Aug-2001
Jensen Ralph A M 29-Dec-1939 24-Jun-1939
Jensen Richard Allen B 30-Dec-1942 16-Mar-1942
Jensen Robert E D 30-Dec-1948 8-Feb-1948
Jensen Robert E D 29-Jan-2005 20-Apr-2004
Jensen Robert E M 30-Dec-1940 17-Feb-1940
Jensen Robert Edgar B 30-Dec-1948 p7 8-Feb-1948
Jensen Rodney M 29-Dec-1961 8-Jan-1961
Jensen Roland D 16-Jan-1995 p5a 15-Jan-1995
Jensen Rose Elenore M 29-Dec-1934 3-Feb-1934
Jensen Russell L D 1-Sep-1972 p11
Jensen Secelia D 16-Dec-1909 7-Jan-1909
Jensen Sharon Kay B 29-Dec-1944 24-Apr-1944
Jensen Thayer M 1-Jan-1908 20-Dec-1907
Jensen Twyla M M 30-Dec-1943 7-Oct-1943
Jensen Viola P D 28-Jan-2006 23-Jul-2005
Jensen Walter Albert D 17-Aug-1996 p5a 16-Aug-1996
Jensen Walter Albert D 19-Aug-1996 p5a 16-Aug-1996
Jensen William E D 11-May-2000 p5a 10-May-2000
Jensen William E D 12-May-2000 p5a 10-May-2000
Jensen William E M 29-Dec-1939 18-Jun-1939
Jensen William Ernest B 30-Dec-1942 5-Dec-1942
Jensen William F D 30-Dec-1955 26-Dec-1955
Jensen William F D 30-Dec-1957 8-Jan-1957
Jensen William N M 30-Dec-1938 8-Jan-1938
Jensen Wilson 'Mike' D 8-Jan-2007 6-Jan-2007
Jenson Christine Dawn B 31-Jan-1976 10-May-1975
Jenson Henrietta M 21-Dec-1905 3-Oct-1905
Jepsen Gary LeRoy B 30-Dec-1949 5-Apr-1949
Jepsen Greg M 21-Feb-2001 p1c 13-Jan-2001
Jepsen James William II M 25-Jan-2003 27-Apr-2002
Jepsen Linda H D 26-Apr-1996 p5a 22-Apr-1996
Jepsen Linda H D 27-Apr-1996 p5a 22-Apr-1996
Jepsen Lorenz D 21-Nov-1984 20-Nov-1984
Jepson Amy Michelle M 26-Jan-2002 28-Jul-2001
Jepson Amy Michelle M 23-Jan-2002 p9a 28-Jul-2001
Jepson Anna Mrs M 30-Dec-1916 24-Aug-1916
Jepson Charles D 17-Feb-1897 16-Feb-1897
Jepson John Charles M 30-Jan-1993 11-Jul-1992
Jepson John Phillip B 16-Nov-1996 p5a 12-Nov-1996
Jepson LeRoy D 8-Nov-2003 p5a 7-Nov-2003
Jepson LeRoy M 29-Dec-1939 11-Nov-1939
Jepson LeRoy Ellsworth D 31-Jan-2004 7-Dec-2003
Jepson Margaret D 17-Jan-1987 29-Jul-1986
Jepson Margaret A D 17-Jan-1987 28-Jul-1986
Jepson Opal E M 30-Dec-1936 29-Feb-1936
Jepson Raymond A D 4-Mar-2004 2-Mar-2004
Jepson Robert D 30-Dec-1960 15-Sep-1960
Jepson Sandra M 29-Dec-1961 16-Sep-1961
Jepson Sarah J D 1-Jan-1913 21-Jan-1912
Jepson Shirley M 29-Dec-1950 17-Jun-1950
Jepson Silas F D 13-Feb-1879 p4 13-Feb-1879
Jepson Thomas A M 24-Feb-1972 p8
Jepson William Joseph D 30-Dec-1960 15-Sep-1960
Jerhring George M 17-Jan-1972
Jericho Louisa R D 6-Apr-2002 p5a 4-Apr-2002
Jericho Louisa R D 8-Apr-2002 p5a 4-Apr-2002
Jerome Peter Stevan B 30-Dec-1955 11-Aug-1955
Jerot Frank D 19-Aug-1901 16-Aug-1901
Jerrel David Wayne B 30-Dec-1943 26-Apr-1943
Jerrel David Wayne D 30-Dec-1943 16-May-1943
Jerrel Everett Victor D 30-Jan-1993 9-Jan-1992
Jerrel Frank D 3-Jun-1901 2-Jun-1901
Jerrel Jerry Victor B 29-Dec-1967 26-Sep-1967
Jerrel Joyce Janette B 29-Dec-1944 23-Jun-1944
Jerrel Phyllis J D 29-Jan-1983 6-Aug-1982
Jerrel Robert Victor M 30-Dec-1965 18-Jun-1965
Jerrel Zina Beth B 30-Dec-1966 12-Feb-1966
Jerrell E Victor M 30-Dec-1938 10-Oct-1938
Jerrels Gale M 30-Dec-1916 11-Jul-1916
Jerrels Ripley M 30-Dec-1916 5-Sep-1916
Jerrels Robert Victor B 30-Dec-1941 29-Oct-1941
Jeschka Harriett D 30-Dec-1952 22-Dec-1952
Jeschke George Reinhardt D 25-May-2001 p5a 24-May-2001
Jeschke Heinz R D 25-May-2001 p5a 24-May-2001
Jeschke Heinz R D 26-May-2001 p5a 24-May-2001
Jeschke Heinz R M 30-Dec-1936 24-Sep-1936
Jeschke Heinz Reinhardt D 26-Jan-2002 24-May-2001
Jeschke KM, Mrs D 30-Dec-1953 12-Jun-1953
Jeschke KM, Rev D 30-Dec-1955 11-Apr-1955
Jeschke William J D 15-Feb-1975 12-Aug-1974
Jespersen Eric Edwin B 30-Jan-1982 12-Mar-1981
Jespersen Maranda Lynn B 29-Jan-1983 10-Sep-1982
Jespersen Maranda Lynn M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 12-May-2007
Jess Jo Ann M 30-Dec-1953 12-Dec-1953
Jesse Leonard W D 30-Dec-1954 14-Dec-1954
Jesse Lillian D 22-Jan-1972 11-Oct-1971
Jesse Lloyd D 28-Jan-1984 20-Oct-1983
Jesse Matilda Schroeder D 30-Dec-1946 27-Nov-1946
Jesson John Gillham M 22-Jan-1972 3-Apr-1971
Jessup Joan Elizabeth B 20-Jan-1933
Jessup Pauline Norris D 11-Jun-1996 p5a 8-Jun-1996
Jessup Pauline Norris D 12-Jun-1996 p5a 8-Jun-1996
Jester J B D 21-Dec-1905 25-Jan-1905
Jester Sarah P M 3-Sep-1868 9-Aug-1868
Jester Thomas B M 27-Oct-1860 25-Oct-1860
Jester Thos B D 20-Jul-1863
Jewell Aaron V D 27-Nov-1870 p4 25-Nov-1870
Jewell Aaron V M 13-Oct-1863 12-Oct-1863
Jewell Barbara J M 27-Jan-1979 29-Jul-1978
Jewell Camy Joyce M 27-Jan-2000 16-Sep-2000
Jewell Dawn Marie M 30-Dec-1966 30-Jul-1966
Jewell Harriette,Mrs D 12-May-1883 p2 26-Mar-1883
Jewell Patricia Louise M 22-Jan-1972 26-Jun-1971
Jewell Paul H D 14-Aug-1895 13-Aug-1895
Jewett Adah E M 8-Jun-1898 7-Jun-1898
Jewett Althea,Mrs D 3-Jun-1881 p4
Jewett Barbara Sue B 30-Dec-1953 14-Sep-1953
Jewett Connie L M 27-Sep-1995 p7a 26-Aug-1995
Jewett Elmer Thurman D 30-Dec-1949 2-Sep-1949
Jewett Emet M D 4-Feb-1869 p1 25-Jan-1869
Jewett Emet M D 5-Feb-1869 p3 25-Jan-1869
Jewett Ezra D 30-Dec-1933 18-Jan-1933
Jewett Frances M 30-Dec-1943 30-Jun-1943
Jewett Janice Lucille B 30-Dec-1955 8-Sep-1955
Jewett Jo Ann Marie B 30-Dec-1966 25-Jun-1966
Jewett Joan Marie B 30-Dec-1946 30-May-1946
Jewett Laurie A M 23-Jan-1988 13-Aug-1987
Jewett Laurie Ann B 29-Dec-1962 30-Mar-1962
Jewett Leroy R D 17-Jan-1987 14-Mar-1986
Jewett Leroy R D 17-Jan-1987 18-Mar-1986
Jewett Marie H D 29-Jan-1983 31-Mar-1982
Jewett Mary Hazen Boyle D 3-Sep-1937
Jewett Moses M 21-Dec-1905 26-Oct-1905
Jewett Nancy Jean B 30-Dec-1948 p10 25-Mar-1948
Jewett Nancy Jean M 30-Dec-1969 23-Aug-1969
Jewett Robert C D 17-Dec-1908 8-Mar-1908
Jewett Robert C M 5-May-1859 5-May-1859
Jewett Rosemary Lea B 28-Dec-1951 23-Sep-1951
Jewett Rosemary Lee M 22-Jan-1972 19-Jun-1971
Jewett Clarence D 21-Dec-1905 27-Mar-1905
Jewett Leroy Robert M 28-Dec-1945 25-Apr-1945
Jilpas Esther D 11-Aug-2001 p5a 10-Aug-2001
Jilpas Oscar Lee B 31-Jan-2004 27-Jun-2003
Jilpas Oscar Lee B 10-Jul-2003 p5a 27-Jun-2003
Jilpas Tomas Antonio B 27-Jan-2000 5-Apr-2000
Jilpas Tomas Antonio B 12-Apr-2000 p5a 5-Apr-2000
Jimenez Alberto M 24-Jan-1998 22-Sep-1997
Jimenez Felix M 30-Jan-1982 7-Feb-1981
Jimenez Francisco M 27-Jan-2000 4-Jun-2000
Jimenez Jesus Natividad M 25-Jan-2003 28-Jul-2002
Jimenez Juanita B 30-Dec-1968 6-Aug-1968
Jimenez MA Gudalupe C M 23-Jan-1992 19-Jan-1991
Jimenez Maria Guadalupe M 24-Jan-1998 28-Oct-1997
Jimenez Maximo D 18-Jan-1986 13-Sep-1985
Jimenez Mayra Alejandra B 9-Mar-1996 p5a 7-Mar-1996
Jimenez Narcissa M D 18-Jan-1986 1-Jul-1985
Jimenez Suzette Cruz B 5-Apr-1997 p5a 1-Apr-1997
Jimenez-Vargas Suzette Cruz B 24-Jan-1998 1-Apr-1997
Jindrich Johnnie Weeden B 23-Jan-1992 27-Jan-1991
Jindrich Joyce D 21-Sep-2000 p5a 17-Sep-2000
Jindrich Paul C D 11-Sep-2001 p5a 9-Sep-2001
Jingst Dennis Frank M 31-Jan-1976 25-Jul-1975
Jinson Amanda Springer M 29-Jan-2000 24-Jul-1999
Jinson Cassie Mae M 25-Jan-2003 4-May-2002
Jinson Christine Dawn M 27-Jan-2000 13-May-2000
Jinson David Michael M 3-Mar-1974
Jinson Donna Kay M 26-Jan-1991 28-Jul-1990
Jinson Margaret Ellen B 31-Jan-1976 10-Jan-1975
Jinson Vanessa Starr B 29-Jan-1983 16-May-1982
Jipp Alicia M 3-Mar-2004 p7a 27-Dec-2003
Jipp Alvin Lawrence M 29-Dec-1934 2-Apr-1934
Jipp Anna Belle B 30-Dec-1935 30-Jul-1935
Jipp Hazel Lillie D 29-Jan-1994 4-Feb-1993
Jipp Irene Audrey M 30-Dec-1964 4-Jul-1964
Jipp Louisa Alta M 28-Jan-2006 3-Sep-2005
Jipp Mamie D 26-Jan-1991 22-Jul-1990
Jipp Minnie D 30-Dec-1955 23-Apr-1955
Jipp Renae M 30-May-2001 p6a 11-Nov-2000
Jipp Robert H D 18-Feb-2003 p5a 17-Feb-2003
Jipp Robert H D 19-Feb-2003 p5a 17-Feb-2003
Jipp Robert Henry D 31-Jan-2004 17-Feb-2003
Jipp Ruth (Happel) D 11-Apr-2007 10-Apr-2007
Jipp Ruth (Happel) D 12-Apr-2007 10-Apr-2007
Jipp Sylvia Anne M 30-Dec-1957 19-Oct-1957
Jipson Charlotte J M 30-Dec-1936 5-Sep-1936
Jirak Abram John B 29-Jan-2005 18-Jul-2004
Jirak Abram John B 5-Aug-2004
Jirak Jeffery D M 8-Aug-1995 p4a 15-Jul-1995
Jirak Jeffrey David M 31-Jan-2004 9-May-2003
Jirak Oaklan David B 31-Jan-2009 p3f 11-Aug-2008
Joadan M V D 31-Dec-1931 23-Nov-1930
Joanou Scott Stephen M 28-Jan-2006 10-Sep-2005
Job Amber Dawn B 26-Jan-1991 5-Nov-1990
Job Chad Arden M 29-Jan-2005 22-Jul-2004
Job Chad Arden M 4-Aug-2004
Job Claud Louis M 30-Dec-1964 15-Feb-1964
Job Cloyce Earl B 30-Dec-1957 26-Apr-1957
Job Cloyce Earl M 17-Jan-1987 13-Sep-1986
Job Freddie E M 30-Dec-1952 3-Jul-1952
Job Grover D 30-Dec-1933 10-Jan-1933
Job Henry Jackson D 30-Dec-1966 10-Jan-1966
Job Lynn A M 27-Jan-1979 8-Apr-1978
Job Lynn A M 31-Jan-1981 5-Sep-1980
Job Misty D M 19-Jan-1985 27-Jul-1984
Job Misty Dawn B 30-Dec-1965 6-Jun-1965
Job Naomi Ruth M 31-Jan-1976 8-Mar-1975
Job Nellie Mae M 29-Dec-1962 21-Jun-1962
Job Sandra Lee M 30-Dec-1964 15-Feb-1964
Job Tad Arden B 30-Dec-1968 14-Jun-1968
Jobe Cecil C M 30-Dec-1938 7-Jun-1938
Jobe Charles William D 30-Dec-1964 26-May-1964
Jobe Janet Marie B 30-Dec-1942 16-Sep-1942
Jobe Janet Marie M 29-Dec-1961 9-Jun-1961
Jobe Vera M D 17-Jul-2001 p5a 16-Jul-2001
Jobe Vera M D 18-Jul-2001 p5a 16-Jul-2001
Jobe Vera Myrtle D 26-Jan-2002 16-Jul-2001
Joenke Nancy Narcissus D 30-Dec-1947 4-Apr-1947
Joens Ronald Elmer D 30-Dec-1965 2-Oct-1965
Joerger Cecilia Ann M 27-Jan-2000 6-Jul-2000
Johann James J D 10-Nov-1972 p15
Johannes Nicole Lee M 27-Jan-2000 13-Oct-2000
Johannesen Charles F M 30-Dec-1942 2-Feb-1942
Johannesen Marjorie J Widigen D 1-Nov-2001 p5a 31-Oct-2001
Johannessen Allen P M 19-Jan-1985 7-Jul-1984
Johanningmeier Henry,Dr D 18-Feb-1881 p4
Johannsen Benjamin Kramer B 28-Jan-1984 3-Nov-1983
Johannsen Betty Jane D 25-Jan-2003 24-Oct-2002
Johannsen Charlie C D 30-Jan-1982 5-Jul-1981
Johannsen Cheryl Ellen B 30-Dec-1957 5-Jul-1957
Johannsen Cheryl Ellen M 28-Jan-1995 9-Jul-1994
Johannsen Cynthia Marie M 29-Jan-2000 23-Oct-1999
Johannsen Hannah M 30-Dec-1937 15-Jul-1937
Johannsen Leonard D 30-Dec-1957 27-Aug-1957
Johannsen Lloyd J D 20-Apr-1998 p5a 18-Apr-1998
Johannsen Matthew Kramer B 23-Jan-1988 8-Jun-1987
Johannsen Teresa L M 26-Jan-1980 25-Aug-1979
Johannsen Vernon E D 19-Jan-1985 22-Sep-1984
Johansen Amelia A D 24-Jan-1998 9-Oct-1997
Johansen Amelia A D 10-Oct-1997 p5a 9-Oct-1997
Johansen Cheryl Ellen M 31-Jan-1976 2-Aug-1975
Johansen Ellen M 30-Dec-1937 11-Sep-1937
Johansen Emil D 29-Dec-1967 9-Oct-1967
Johansen Emilie D 29-Dec-1967 9-Oct-1967
Johansen Harvey William M 28-Feb-1928 26-Feb-1928
Johansen Irene M 20-Dec-1920
Johansen Otto D 28-Jan-1903 27-Jan-1903
Johansen Viola G D 28-Jan-1995 18-Mar-1994
Johansmeier Billy Lee M 30-Dec-1964 30-Jun-1964
Johansmeier Capitola A M 28-Jan-1984 2-Apr-1983
Johanson Fauna Laine M 31-Jan-2009 pg 6f 19-Jul-2008
Johanson Fauna Laine B 18-Jan-1986 5-Jun-1985
Johanson M Wayne M 9-Oct-2002 p6a 12-Jul-2002
Johanson Marvin Wayne M 25-Jan-2003 12-Jul-2002
Johanssen William L D 13-Aug-2001 p5a 11-Aug-2001
John Abram M 4-Nov-1854 29-Oct-1854
John Abram,Major D 15-Jun-1864 p3 14-Jun-1864
John Abram,Major D 16-Jun-1864 p3 14-Jun-1864
John Abram,Major D 17-Jun-1864 p3 14-Jun-1864
John Abram,Major D 18-Jun-1864 p3 14-Jun-1864
John Clara D 26-Feb-1874 p4 25-Feb-1874
John Elisha V M 29-Feb-1872 14-Feb-1872
John Elisha V M 1-Dec-1880 p4 28-Nov-1880
John Frank H D 13-Aug-1867 p1 13-Aug-1867
John Mary Lou M 25-Mar-1890
John Matilda R D 30-Dec-1943 3-Jan-1943
John Nellie D 4-Sep-1861 3-Sep-1861
John Ralph K M 31-Dec-1913 29-Apr-1913
John Raymond W D 17-Jan-1987 20-Nov-1986
John Winfred D 30-Jan-1993 5-Jul-1992
John Clarence D 28-Jan-1995 26-Oct-1994
John Clarence A, Jr D 22-Mar-2004 19-Mar-2004
John Clarence Alvin Jr D 29-Jan-2005 19-Mar-2004
John ZN,Mrs D 18-Jan-1897 18-Jan-1897
Johnanson Lucy L M 29-Dec-1939 9-Dec-1939
Johnnsen Teresa L M 26-Jan-1980 25-Aug-1979
Johnnsen Vernon E M 30-Dec-1946 15-Jun-1946
Johns Alberta Maud M 1-Jul-1898 30-Jun-1898
Johns Amanda M D 17-Apr-1852 11-Apr-1852
Johns Daughter D 29-Jan-1880 p4
Johns Elizabeth D 21-Jan-1853 22-Dec-1852
Johns Mary M M 11-Jan-1873 p4 9-Jan-1873
Johns Nathan Alan B 27-Jan-1979 27-Jan-1978
Johns Richard Raymond M 7-Sep-1974
Johns Ronald A M 19-Jan-1985 29-Mar-1984
Johns Zenas W D 16-Dec-1909 30-Jan-1909
Johns Richard Raymond B 30-Dec-1954 16-Mar-1954
Johns Ronald Allen B 30-Dec-1943 10-Aug-1943
Johns Sandra Lee B 30-Dec-1941 11-Apr-1941
Johns Ethan Alan B 26-Jan-2002 5-Nov-2001
Johns Lucretia S D 1-Jan-1908 19-Jun-1907
Johns Susan Lynne M 26-Jan-1991 11-Aug-1990
Johnsmeier Jay Dean M 26-Jan-1991 25-Aug-1990
Johnson A M 21-Dec-1905 4-Oct-1905
Johnson Abbie M D 26-Jan-1980 25-Oct-1979
Johnson Ada D 30-Dec-1957 29-Jul-1957
Johnson Addie M 14-Jun-1883 7-Jun-1883
Johnson Addie M 6-Jul-1883 7-Jun-1883
Johnson AF M 23-Jan-1872 p4 23-Jan-1872
Johnson AF M 3-Feb-1872 23-Jan-1872
Johnson AF M
Johnson AG D 30-Dec-1932 11-Mar-1932
Johnson AL M 28-Nov-1883 20-Nov-1883
Johnson AL M 1-Dec-1883 20-Nov-1883
Johnson AL M 28-Nov-1883 p1 27-Nov-1883
Johnson AL M 1-Dec-1883 27-Nov-1883
Johnson Alan Robert B 29-Dec-1962 6-Sep-1962
Johnson Albert M 30-Dec-1943 16-Nov-1943
Johnson Alfred M 30-Nov-1922 p6
Johnson Alfred J M 29-Dec-1962 6-Apr-1962
Johnson Alfred Julius B 29-Dec-1956 8-Jan-1956
Johnson Alice T,Mrs D 25-Feb-1896 25-Feb-1896
Johnson Alicia Renee B 26-Jan-2002 10-Feb-2001
Johnson Allen Ray II B 31-Jan-2004 10-Sep-2003
Johnson Alvina Emma D 4-Dec-2000 p5a 2-Dec-2000
Johnson Amanda M 31-Jan-2009 pg 5f 18-Jan-2008
Johnson Andrew D 30-Dec-1957 29-Nov-1957
Johnson Andrew M 26-Jan-1885
Johnson Andrew G D 11-Jan-1930
Johnson Andrew J D 30-Dec-1947 5-Apr-1947
Johnson Angela Arlene M 29-Jan-1994 17-Jun-1993
Johnson Ann M 7-Jan-1870 30-Dec-1869
Johnson Anna B M 1-Jan-1913 31-Jan-1912
Johnson Anna W D 30-Dec-1966 11-Nov-1966
Johnson Anna Willene B 29-Jan-2005 5-Oct-2004
Johnson Annamma D 29-Jan-2000 21-Oct-1999
Johnson Annamma D 22-Oct-1999 p5a 21-Oct-1999
Johnson Anthony W D 13-Jan-2003 p5a 12-Jan-2003
Johnson Anthony W D 14-Jan-2003 p5a 12-Jan-2003
Johnson Anthony William B 29-Dec-1962 13-Jun-1962
Johnson April Patricia M 24-Jan-1998 9-Aug-1997
Johnson Arthur A D 26-Jan-1991 22-Oct-1990
Johnson Arthur C D 30-Jan-1982 13-Jul-1981
Johnson Arthur G M 30-Dec-1938 12-Feb-1938
Johnson Arthur Joseph D 23-Jan-1992 23-Sep-1991
Johnson Arthur Joseph Jr B 30-Dec-1969 21-Jul-1969
Johnson Arthur Ray M 22-Jan-1972 6-Jun-1971
Johnson Audrey Elaine B 30-Dec-1948 p10 23-Mar-1948
Johnson August M 26-Feb-1891 p4
Johnson Augustus D 5-Jul-1882 p1
Johnson Austin William B 10-Mar-1995 p5a 2-Mar-1995
Johnson Auston William B 6-Jul-2000 p5a 29-Jun-2000
Johnson Auston William B 29-Jul-2000 29-Jun-2000
Johnson Autumn May B 29-Jan-2005 16-Nov-2004
Johnson Bambi Lynette M 29-Jan-2005 6-Feb-2004
Johnson Barbara Estelle D 28-Dec-1945 18-May-1945
Johnson Barbara J M 26-Jan-1980 15-Sep-1979
Johnson Barbara J M 30-Jan-1982 26-Jun-1981
Johnson Barbara J M 26-Jan-1980 15-Sep-1979
Johnson Barbara Jean B 30-Dec-1941 25-Mar-1941
Johnson Bart M 10-Jul-1996 p3c 20-Apr-1996
Johnson Belle M 17-Feb-1882 15-Feb-1882
Johnson Belle M 1-Mar-1882 15-Feb-1882
Johnson Benj Franklin D 21-Apr-1902 p4 21-Apr-1902
Johnson Benj Franklin D 23-Apr-1902 p5 21-Apr-1902
Johnson Benj Franklin D 24-Apr-1902 p7 21-Apr-1902
Johnson Benjamin L M 7-Nov-1867 p1 ??-Nov-1867
Johnson Bertha M 20-Sep-1887
Johnson Bertha J M 8-Dec-1910 25-May-1910
Johnson Bertha M D 22-Jan-1972 11-May-1971
Johnson Bess L M 30-Dec-1916 29-Aug-1916
Johnson Bettegene (Hunt) D 18-Mar-2008 27-Feb-2008
Johnson Bettegene (Hunt) D 27-Feb-2008 18-Mar-2008
Johnson Betty D 29-Sep-1998 p5a 28-Sep-1998
Johnson Betty Jane D 23-Jan-1999 28-Sep-1998
Johnson Betty Jane M 30-Dec-1940 10-Dec-1940
Johnson Beulah Mrs M 30-Dec-1943 5-Dec-1943
Johnson Beulah P M 30-Dec-1957 5-Aug-1957
Johnson Bonna Jean M 29-Dec-1962 24-Feb-1962
Johnson Bonnie Lee B 30-Dec-1948 p7 11-Jan-1948
Johnson Bradley Charles B 30-Dec-1965 27-Mar-1965
Johnson Bradley Samuel M 31-Jan-1976 19-Jul-1975
Johnson Brenda Sue B 29-Dec-1962 10-Nov-1962
Johnson Brenda Sue M 26-Jan-1991 23-Mar-1990
Johnson Bruce Herbert M 31-Jan-1976 16-Aug-1975
Johnson Buril D 31-Jan-1976 4-Jul-1975
Johnson C Joshua D 16-Dec-1995 p5a 16-Dec-1995
Johnson Carey June M 31-Jan-2009 pg 7f 27-Sep-2008
Johnson Carissa Hailey B 19-Jul-2001 p5a 8-Jul-2000
Johnson Carissa Hailey B 26-Jan-2002 8-Jul-2001
Johnson Carl D 31-Aug-1996 p5a 28-Aug-1996
Johnson Carl D 16-Dec-1999 p5a 15-Dec-1999
Johnson Carl D 17-Dec-1999 p5a 15-Dec-1999
Johnson Carl D 30-Aug-1996 p5a 28-Aug-2996
Johnson Carl H M 31-Dec-1913 4-Jan-1913
Johnson Carl Raymond M 27-Jan-2000 1-Sep-2000
Johnson Carl W M 29-Dec-1934 8-Nov-1934
Johnson Carol M 30-Dec-1952 21-Jun-1952
Johnson Carol M 30-Dec-1952 8-Aug-1952
Johnson Carolna D 3-Sep-1937
Johnson Carolyn Ann D 26-Jan-1980 2-Mar-1979
Johnson Carolyn Kay M 26-Jan-1991 16-Dec-1990
Johnson Cassie Lynn B 25-Jan-2003 26-Sep-2002
Johnson Cassie Lynn B 4-Oct-2002 p5a 26-Sep-2002
Johnson Catherine A M 27-Jan-1979 10-Jun-1978
Johnson Cattlin Marie B 23-Jan-1988 10-Jan-1987
Johnson Chad M 22-Aug-1995 p4a 3-Jun-1995
Johnson Chad Alan B 29-Jan-1983 16-May-1982
Johnson Chad Eugene B 29-Dec-1961 8-Jun-1961
Johnson Chad Eugene M 28-Jan-1995 12-Nov-1994
Johnson Chad Jeremy M 26-Jan-2002 17-Feb-2001
Johnson Chad Jeremy M 6-Jun-2001 p6a 17-Mar-2001
Johnson Charissa Kay B 30-Dec-1969 20-Jul-1969
Johnson Charleen Ann M 29-Dec-1956 9-May-1956
Johnson Charles D 6-Nov-1922 p8 4-Nov-1922
Johnson Charles Jacob B 30-Dec-1947 14-Feb-1947
Johnson Charles Jacob B 14-Feb-1947
Johnson Charles Jacob M 30-Dec-1965 12-Jun-1965
Johnson Charles Sperry M 29-Dec-1967 3-Nov-1967
Johnson Charlotte June B 30-Dec-1947 14-Feb-1947
Johnson Charlotte June B 30-Dec-1966 6-May-1966
Johnson Charlotte June B 14-Feb-1947
Johnson Cheryl Ann D 17-Mar-2000 p5a 11-Mar-2000
Johnson Cheyenne Singing Wolf B 3-Dec-1996 p5a 30-Nov-1996
Johnson Chris M 26-Dec-2001 p6a 8-Sep-2001
Johnson Christi Lynn M 23-Jan-1999 2-May-1998
Johnson Christina M 14-Jul-1875
Johnson Christine M 8-Dec-1910 11-Jun-1910
Johnson Christopher Gerald B 30-Dec-1968 21-Nov-1968
Johnson Christopher Ray B 30-Dec-1970 15-Jan-1970
Johnson Cindy Jean M 30-Jan-1993 17-Sep-1992
Johnson Clair D 17-Sep-1999 p5a 16-Sep-1999
Johnson Clair M 30-Dec-1935 4-Dec-1935
Johnson Clara Belle D 30-Dec-1938 3-Mar-1938
Johnson Clara Mrs D 30-Dec-1938 5-Mar-1938
Johnson Clara,Mrs D 5-Mar-1938
Johnson Clarence H M 30-Dec-1941 1-Mar-1941
Johnson Clarence Herman, Pete D 23-Jan-1988 12-Jan-1987
Johnson Clarence W M 1-Jan-1908 7-Feb-1907
Johnson Clark L D 17-Jan-1987 15-Apr-1986
Johnson Claude E M 30-Dec-1933 28-Oct-1933
Johnson Cleda,Mrs D 9-Jun-1972
Johnson Clifford A D 29-Jan-1983 27-May-1982
Johnson Cloey Rene B 27-Jan-2000 5-Jul-2000
Johnson Cloey Rene B 13-Jul-2000 p5a 5-Jul-2000
Johnson Clyde Earl M 30-Dec-1957 15-Aug-1957
Johnson Connie Sue B 30-Dec-1955 27-Jan-1955
Johnson Connor Mallory B 23-Jan-1992 17-Dec-1991
Johnson Curtis Noble M 30-Dec-1940 1-Jun-1940
Johnson Cynthia L M 27-Jan-1979 4-Nov-1978
Johnson Cynthia Lynn B 29-Dec-1962 15-Mar-1962
Johnson Cynthia Willene B 18-Jan-1986 6-Jan-1985
Johnson Cyrus W D 30-Dec-1953 23-Sep-1953
Johnson D Dale D 30-Jan-1982 8-Jun-1981
Johnson D Powell,Dr D 13-Feb-1900 12-Feb-1900
Johnson D Powell,Dr D 16-Feb-1900 12-Feb-1900
Johnson Daisy M 30-Dec-1940 13-Dec-1940
Johnson Dale D 30-Dec-1963 24-Apr-1963
Johnson Dale Harrison M 23-Jan-1992 26-Feb-1991
Johnson Dale Herman M 30-Dec-1966 29-Jan-1966
Johnson Dalton Lee B 25-Jan-2003 19-Feb-2002
Johnson Dalton Lee B 25-Feb-2002 p5a 19-Feb-2002
Johnson Daniel B D 25-Jun-1894 24-Jun-1894
Johnson Danny Lee B 28-Dec-1951 28-Feb-1951
Johnson Darrin Ray M 19-Jul-2000 p3c 12-May-2000
Johnson Daughter B 30-Dec-1942 13-Dec-1942
Johnson David D 14-Nov-1899 11-Nov-1899
Johnson David M 5-Oct-1972 p9
Johnson David Allen B 30-Dec-1948 p7 16-Feb-1948
Johnson David Allen D 30-Dec-1948 19-Feb-1948
Johnson David Daniel M 29-Jan-2005 5-Jun-2004
Johnson David Daniel M 23-Jun-2004
Johnson David Dennis B 28-Dec-1945 14-Jun-1945
Johnson David Eugene B 30-Dec-1966 15-Mar-1966
Johnson David George B 30-Dec-1943 20-Sep-1943
Johnson David K M 30-Jan-1982 2-Jan-1981
Johnson David Mansfield M 29-Jan-1994 25-Feb-1993
Johnson David P (Dr) D 29-Dec-1956 30-Sep-1956
Johnson David Powell D 25-Mar-1865 23-Mar-1865
Johnson David Powell M 5-Apr-1894 3-Apr-1894
Johnson David Powell M 6-Apr-1894 3-Apr-1894
Johnson David Scott M 26-Jan-2002 24-Aug-2001
Johnson David W M 31-Jan-1981 29-Mar-1980
Johnson David William B 30-Dec-1957 20-Jul-1957
Johnson David William M 30-Jan-2007 10-Jun-2006
Johnson Dayne London B 25-Jun-1998 p5a 17-Jun-1998
Johnson Deborah Josephine B 28-Dec-1951 26-Mar-1951
Johnson Deborah Lee M 23-Jan-1999 9-Aug-1998
Johnson Delana Beth B 30-Dec-1964 11-Feb-1964
Johnson Delana Beth M 26-Jan-1991 30-Jun-1990
Johnson Delbert Dale D 17-Jan-1987 17-Mar-1986
Johnson Dixie Lee B 23-Feb-1937
Johnson Dixie Lee D 30-Dec-1943 12-Sep-1943
Johnson DM B 31-Dec-1880 p4 ??-Dec-1880
Johnson Don A D 17-Dec-1984 15-Dec-1984
Johnson Don A D 21-Dec-1984 15-Dec-1984
Johnson Donald Christopher M 31-Jan-1976 9-Aug-1975
Johnson Donald Craig B 28-Dec-1951 22-May-1951
Johnson Donna June D 29-Jan-1994 23-Apr-1993
Johnson Donna Marie M 30-Dec-1954 25-Sep-1954
Johnson Doris D 26-Dec-2001 p5a 26-Dec-2001
Johnson Doris Ethel M 17-Jan-1987 1-Nov-1986
Johnson Dorothy M 29-Dec-1939 11-Mar-1939
Johnson Dorothy M D 5-Apr-2002 p5a 4-Apr-2002
Johnson Dorothy M D 6-Apr-2002 p5a 4-Apr-2002
Johnson Dorothy M D 22-Oct-2008 15-Sep-2008
Johnson Dorothy Marie D 25-Jan-2003 4-Apr-2002
Johnson Dorothy Michelle B 30-Dec-1965 1-Sep-1965
Johnson Douglas Everett M 30-Dec-1968 9-Jun-1968
Johnson Douglas F M 30-Jan-1982 25-Jul-1981
Johnson Dwight Alan B 30-Dec-1968 19-Apr-1968
Johnson Earl D 5-Jan-2002 p5a 4-Jan-2002
Johnson Earlene M 17-Nov-1972
Johnson Edgar Eugene M 1-Jul-1897 30-Jun-1897
Johnson Edna May B 29-Jun-1922
Johnson Edward H D 10-Apr-1995 p5a 7-Apr-1995
Johnson Edwin Earl D 30-Dec-1943 25-Mar-1943
Johnson Effie M 30-Dec-1940 14-Sep-1940
Johnson Effie (Cone) D 30-Apr-2007 27-Apr-2007
Johnson Effie L M 25-Nov-1881 p4 24-Nov-1881
Johnson Eldon D 30-Jan-2001 p5a 24-Jan-2001
Johnson Eldon D 25-Jan-2001 p5a 24-Jan-2001
Johnson Eliza Jane D 28-Dec-1945 18-Dec-1945
Johnson Elizabeth D 30-Dec-1970 20-Mar-1970
Johnson Elizabeth M 21-Nov-1899 p1 20-Nov-1899
Johnson Elizabeth B D 23-Jan-1988 8-Apr-1987
Johnson Elizabeth M M 30-Dec-1941 25-Jan-1941
Johnson Elizabeth Rene B 25-Jan-2003 8-Aug-2002
Johnson Elizabeth, Mrs M 30-Dec-1955 22-Apr-1955
Johnson Ella,Mrs D 6-Dec-1882 p1
Johnson Ellen,Mrs D 8-Nov-1972 p8
Johnson Elliot Russell B 30-Dec-1943 2-Jul-1943
Johnson Elmer M 20-Dec-1906 16-Jul-1906
Johnson Elmer E D 29-Dec-1962 23-Nov-1962
Johnson Elmer Walter D 21-Feb-1928 20-Feb-1928
Johnson Elnora Rosalie Mrs D 30-Dec-1933 23-Jul-1933
Johnson Elsie D 10-Apr-2000 p5a 8-Apr-2000
Johnson Elsie Marie M 29-Dec-1939 20-Jul-1939
Johnson Emil M D 18-Jan-1986 25-Oct-1985
Johnson Emily Marie B 27-Jan-1979 17-Apr-1978
Johnson Emily Martha D 26-Jan-1991 28-Jan-1990
Johnson Emma L M 11-Dec-1890 10-Dec-1890
Johnson Emmett Lee D 30-Dec-1954 29-Mar-1954
Johnson Eric D 20-Jul-1998 p5a 19-Jul-1998
Johnson Eric Ryan (twin) B 28-Jan-1984 23-Jan-1983
Johnson Ernest D 23-Jan-1988 25-Aug-1987
Johnson Ernest Andrew D 30-Dec-1963 10-Jun-1963
Johnson Esther (Moore) D 1-Aug-2007 14-Jul-2007
Johnson Esther Cleta M 30-Dec-1938 23-May-1938
Johnson Esther M D 17-Jul-2007 14-Jul-2007
Johnson Ethan Nathaniel B 26-Jan-2002 21-Apr-2001
Johnson Ethel M 30-Dec-1952 25-Jun-1952
Johnson Evelyn M 30-Dec-1937 21-Aug-1937
Johnson Evelyn K (Einfeldt) D 15-Mar-2008 14-Mar-2008
Johnson Evelyn K (Einfeldt) D 14-Mar-2008 15-Mar-2008
Johnson Everett 'Zeb' D 11-Jan-2007 10-Jan-2007
Johnson Fannie McNaughton D 3-Jan-1902 p1 24-Dec-1901
Johnson Felix N M 17-Dec-1908 29-Jun-1908
Johnson Fern Florence D 11-Apr-1995 p5a 10-Apr-1995
Johnson Flora D 25-Jan-1999 p5a 23-Jan-1999
Johnson Florice J M 28-Dec-1945 12-Dec-1945
Johnson Floyd D 31-Dec-1913 14-Jan-1913
Johnson Forrest Edgar D 15-Feb-1975 25-Oct-1974
Johnson Frances M M 30-Dec-1941 20-Mar-1941
Johnson Francis D M 1-Jan-1863 30-Dec-1862
Johnson Francis L D 14-Dec-1888 13-Dec-1888
Johnson Frank A D 29-Dec-1967 21-Jun-1967
Johnson Frank D D 26-Feb-1884 21-Feb-1884
Johnson Frank Harry B 30-Dec-1936 9-Feb-1936
Johnson Fred D 30-Dec-1957 23-Jan-1956
Johnson Frederic Lemp D 20-Jun-1873 p4 16-Jun-1873
Johnson Gabriel F,Dr M 24-Oct-1881 p4
Johnson Gary Lee B 30-Apr-1963
Johnson Gary Stewart B 30-Dec-1943 16-Apr-1943
Johnson GE D 14-Dec-1893 13-Dec-1893
Johnson Genes M 7-Oct-1897 7-Oct-1897
Johnson Genes M 7-Oct-1897 7-Oct-1897
Johnson George G D 30-Dec-1953 13-Feb-1953
Johnson George Ralph D 15-Feb-1975 10-May-1974
Johnson George T M 1-Jun-1883 16-May-1883
Johnson George W D 30-Dec-1932 4-Feb-1932
Johnson George W M 30-Dec-1940 12-Aug-1940
Johnson Gerald Lee M 23-Jan-1999 21-Jun-1998
Johnson Gertrude R D 30-Jan-1982 29-Apr-1981
Johnson Girl B 31-Dec-1913 14-May-1913
Johnson Gladys M Bierman M 31-Jan-1981 1-Mar-1980
Johnson Glen D 27-Jan-1979 1-Dec-1978
Johnson Glen D 3-Feb-2003 p5a 1-Feb-2003
Johnson Glen M 31-Dec-1894 27-Dec-1894
Johnson Glen III B 29-Dec-1961 3-Mar-1961
Johnson Glen III M 31-Jan-1981 27-Jun-1980
Johnson Glen III M 28-Jan-1984 26-Aug-1983
Johnson Glen III M 29-Jan-2000 25-Apr-1999
Johnson Glen IV M 31-Jan-2004 27-Sep-2003
Johnson Glen Jr D 31-Jan-2004 1-Feb-2003
Johnson Grace Effie D 30-Dec-1969 11-Aug-1969
Johnson Grace Pearl D 30-Dec-1960 8-Aug-1960
Johnson Gregory David B 30-Dec-1952 28-Oct-1952
Johnson Gregory David M 29-Jan-1994 10-Feb-1993
Johnson Gregory Lewis B 26-Jan-1991 3-Dec-1990
Johnson Gregory Steven B 30-Dec-1964 14-Jul-1964
Johnson Gregory Steven M 26-Jan-2002 8-Sep-2001
Johnson Griff D 1-Jan-1912 1-Oct-1911
Johnson Grover C D 30-Dec-1947 18-Aug-1947
Johnson Grover C D 18-Aug-1947
Johnson Guy E D 26-Nov-1984 23-Nov-1984
Johnson H Frank D 23-Jan-1988 31-Mar-1987
Johnson Hannah,Mrs M 23-Jan-1872 23-Jan-1872
Johnson Harold F D 29-Jan-1996 p5a 26-Jan-1996
Johnson Harold F D 30-Jan-1996 p5a 26-Jan-1996
Johnson Harold Lee B 30-Dec-1946 18-Oct-1946
Johnson Harold Lee M 29-Dec-1967 18-Nov-1967
Johnson Harriet B 17-Aug-1864
Johnson Harry D 17-Jan-1987 16-May-1986
Johnson Harry M 29-Dec-1962 5-May-1962
Johnson Harry W D 17-Jan-1987 20-Jan-1986
Johnson Harry W D 17-Jan-1987 19-May-1986
Johnson Harvey H D 14-Oct-1996 p5a 12-Oct-1996
Johnson Heleln B,Mrs M 10-Nov-1881 p4 9-Nov-1881
Johnson Helen E D 29-Jan-1994 7-Sep-1993
Johnson Helen Marie M 29-Dec-1934 28-Oct-1934
Johnson Helen Verlee M 30-Dec-1938 20-Nov-1938
Johnson Helene D 16-May-1996 p5a 15-May-1996
Johnson Helmer D 22-Jan-1972 21-Feb-1971
Johnson Henry M 20-Apr-1895 25-Apr-1895
Johnson Henry M 1-May-1868 30-Apr-1868
Johnson Henry A D 23-Jan-1988 13-May-1987
Johnson Henry A D 29-Jan-2000 1-Oct-1999
Johnson Henry L D 29-Dec-1956 18-Dec-1956
Johnson Herbert Henry B 30-Dec-1946 22-Jun-1946
Johnson Herbert Henry D 29-Jan-2005 27-Sep-2004
Johnson Hilda M 30-Dec-1916 28-Jun-1916
Johnson Hiram M 15-Dec-1895 12-Dec-1894
Johnson Holly Beth M 29-Jan-2005 22-Aug-2004
Johnson Holly Beth M 17-Sep-2004
Johnson Homer M 16-Dec-1909 5-Jan-1909
Johnson Hunter Dean B 26-Jan-2002 7-Aug-2001
Johnson Hunter Dean B 17-Aug-2001 p5a 7-Aug-2001
Johnson Ida D 29-Dec-1950 17-Dec-1950
Johnson Ida Lena D 30-Dec-1968 3-Jul-1968
Johnson Ida M M 29-Jun-1880 p4 23-Jun-1880
Johnson Ida May M 1-Jan-1908 26-Jan-1907
Johnson Inez D 29-Dec-1950 29-Apr-1950
Johnson Infant Daughter B 1-Dec-1880 p4 ??-Nov-1880
Johnson Infant Daughter B 22-Dec-1883 p2 21-Dec-1883
Johnson Infant Daughter B 28-Dec-1884
Johnson Infant Daughter B 31-Mar-1891 p4 30-Mar-1891
Johnson Infant Daughter B 2-Dec-1922 p6
Johnson Infant Son B 22-May-1930
Johnson Infant Son B 3-Jun-1972
Johnson Infant Son B 7-Apr-1972
Johnson Infant Son B 10-Sep-1930
Johnson Iola A D 1-Sep-2001 p5a 30-Aug-2001
Johnson Iola Ann D 26-Jan-2002 30-Aug-2001
Johnson IP,Mrs D 30-Dec-1904 15-Mar-1904
Johnson Ira M 21-Dec-1905 28-Feb-1905
Johnson Irene M 29-Dec-1939 19-Feb-1939
Johnson Irene E D 29-Jan-2000 15-Sep-1999
Johnson Irene E D 16-Sep-1999 p5a 15-Sep-1999
Johnson Irene N D 29-Dec-1961 18-May-1961
Johnson Isaac M 1-Feb-1883
Johnson Isaac P M 20-Dec-1906 13-Jun-1906
Johnson Isabel B D 29-Jan-1994 6-Jul-1993
Johnson Isabella Marie B 26-Jan-2002 2-Apr-2001
Johnson Jacqueline J M 29-Dec-1962 6-Jan-1962
Johnson Jacqueline Jane B 30-Dec-1949 21-Mar-1949
Johnson Jacquline Joann B 29-Dec-1944 26-Feb-1944
Johnson Jade Dancing Cove B 16-May-1995 p5a 12-May-1995
Johnson Jailen Allan B 31-Jan-2009 p2f 22-May-2008
Johnson Jakob Tyler B 31-Dec-1997 p5a 29-Dec-1997
Johnson James Alfred D 27-Jan-1979 3-Oct-1978
Johnson James Dean B 29-Dec-1950 16-Feb-1950
Johnson James E M 28-Jan-1984 22-Apr-1983
Johnson James Edward Jr M 25-Jan-2003 17-Jun-2002
Johnson James W M 23-Feb-1881 p4 22-Feb-1881
Johnson James W M 18-Jan-1986 24-Jan-1985
Johnson Jamie Alan B 18-Jan-1986 15-Sep-1985
Johnson Jamie Allen B 26-Jan-2008 p7e 13-May-2007
Johnson Jane M 10-Oct-1997 p6a 21-Sep-1997
Johnson Jane Ann B 30-Dec-1949 11-Sep-1949
Johnson Jane Louise M 24-Jan-1998 21-Sep-1997
Johnson Jane,Mrs D 4-Oct-1897 3-Oct-1897
Johnson Janessa Ann B 23-Jan-1992 3-Jan-1991
Johnson Janice Jo B 30-Dec-1957 10-Oct-1957
Johnson Jas S M 31-Aug-1895 5-Aug-1895
Johnson Jason Christopher M 23-Jan-1999 18-Jul-1998
Johnson Jason Dee M 27-Jan-2000 9-Jun-2000
Johnson JC B 28-Feb-1883 12-Feb-1883
Johnson Jeanette Dawn M 23-Jan-1999 14-Aug-1998
Johnson Jeanette Dawn M 26-Jan-2002 29-Sep-2001
Johnson Jeanette Dawn M 30-Jan-2002 p7a 29-Sep-2001
Johnson Jeanette W M 30-Dec-1942 10-Mar-1942
Johnson Jeanne lee M 29-Dec-1967 3-Nov-1967
Johnson Jeannine Renell M 30-Dec-1966 25-Nov-1966
Johnson Jeffrey Lynn M 30-Jan-1993 12-Sep-1992
Johnson Jeffrey M M 23-Jan-1988 27-Apr-1987
Johnson Jeffrey Mark B 29-Dec-1956 8-Jun-1956
Johnson Jenessa Lajean B 2-Aug-2003 p5a
Johnson Jere Hayden B 30-Dec-1941 22-Nov-1941
Johnson Jerry Lee M 30-Dec-1955 18-Aug-1955
Johnson Jerusha W M 29-Jun-1895 25-Jun-1895
Johnson Jessica Marie M 31-Jan-2004 30-Aug-2003
Johnson Jessie M 8-Dec-1910 18-May-1910
Johnson Jessie Lynn B 23-Jan-1992 4-Feb-1991
Johnson Jewell Elaine (Mrs) M 29-Dec-1956 17-Jan-1956
Johnson Jewell M M 30-Dec-1935 29-Aug-1935
Johnson JG,Dr M 1-Dec-1922 p6
Johnson Jill Ann M 29-Jan-1994 17-Sep-1993
Johnson Jill Christine B 30-Dec-1964 9-Oct-1964
Johnson Jimmie Lloyd M 30-Dec-1954 24-Jul-1954
Johnson JM D 1-Nov-1889
Johnson Jo Ann M 30-Dec-1965 3-Apr-1965
JOhnson Jo Ann L M 29-Jan-1983 14-Aug-1982
Johnson Joan (Reardon) D 3-Dec-2007 29-Nov-2007
Johnson Joan Marie B 30-Dec-1954 18-Oct-1954
Johnson Joanne Christine M 26-Jan-1991 31-Dec-1990
Johnson Jodie Lynn M 30-Jan-1993 27-Sep-1992
Johnson Johanna D 31-Dec-1931 24-Apr-1931
Johnson John B 23-Sep-1883
Johnson John D 19-Dec-1893 19-Dec-1893
Johnson John M 1-Jan-1908 9-Sep-1907
Johnson John M 26-Apr-1864 25-Apr-1864
Johnson John M 6-Mar-1872 p4 4-Mar-1872
Johnson John M 1-Apr-1872 4-Mar-1872
Johnson John Andrew M 3-Nov-1920
Johnson John H M 30-Dec-1938 16-Jun-1938
Johnson John H M 29-Jun-1895 25-Jun-1895
Johnson John O M 30-Dec-1946 27-Nov-1946
Johnson Jolene Janet B 30-Dec-1947 16-May-1947
Johnson Jolene Janet B 16-May-1947
Johnson Jordan Xavier B 31-Jan-2009 p4f 20-Nov-2008
Johnson Joseph E M 1-Apr-1876 8-Mar-1876
Johnson Joyce M 29-Dec-1939 5-Nov-1939
Johnson Joyce Ann B 29-Dec-1944 16-May-1944
Johnson Joyce Elaine M 30-Dec-1968 11-Oct-1968
Johnson Juanita Alfrieda D 30-Dec-1964 2-Apr-1964
Johnson Juanita Yvonne B 30-Dec-1948 p10 30-Apr-1948
Johnson Judith Diane B 30-Dec-1955 27-Sep-1955
Johnson Judy A M 19-Jan-1985 9-Aug-1984
Johnson Judy Ann B 29-Dec-1962 2-Mar-1962
Johnson Julia J M 29-Jan-1983 4-Sep-1982
Johnson Julie A M 30-Jan-1982 27-Mar-1981
Johnson Julie M M 19-Jan-1985 1-Sep-1984
Johnson Justine M M 31-Jan-1981 28-Jun-1980
Johnson Kaelee Mae B 23-Jan-1988 10-Sep-1987
Johnson Karen Kay M 24-Jan-1998 17-May-1997
Johnson Karen S M 19-Jan-1985 1-Jun-1984
Johnson Karen Sue M 23-Jan-1992 14-Sep-1991
Johnson Karl E M 2-Jul-1920
Johnson Kate Michelle B 17-Jan-1987 16-Apr-1986
Johnson Kate Michelle M 31-Jan-2009 pg 6f 7-Jun-2008
Johnson Kathryn D 30-Dec-1963 30-Jun-1963
Johnson Kathy Lyn M 29-Jan-1994 24-Sep-1993
Johnson Kay D M 23-Jan-1988 22-Apr-1987
Johnson Keith E D 2-Jan-2002 p5a 29-Dec-2001
Johnson Kelly Alicia B 30-Jan-1982 28-Aug-1981
Johnson Kelly Kristine B 17-Aug-1977
Johnson Kelly Marie D 24-Apr-2003 p5a 20-Apr-2003
Johnson Kemper D 29-Dec-1944 4-Mar-1944
Johnson Kemper M 29-Dec-1934 5-Feb-1934
Johnson Kenneth M 30-Dec-1938 12-Jan-1938
Johnson Kenneth W D 29-Jan-1983 27-Jan-1982
Johnson Kimberly A M 23-Jan-1988 9-May-1987
Johnson Kimberly Dawn M 27-Jan-2000 12-May-2000
Johnson Kimberly Dawn M 30-Jan-2007 30-Nov-2006
Johnson Kimberly K M 18-Jan-1986 25-May-1985
Johnson Kimberly S M 18-Jan-1986 22-Nov-1985
Johnson Kimberly Sue B 22-Jan-1972 25-Jun-1971
Johnson Kristine Janelle M 31-Jan-1976 5-Jul-1975
Johnson Larry Raymond B 30-Dec-1947 5-Mar-1947
Johnson Larry Raymond B 5-Mar-1947
Johnson Laura D,Mrs D 12-Oct-1898 11-Oct-1898
Johnson Lauretta M 30-Dec-1938 21-Mar-1938
Johnson Lawrence D 18-Aug-1891 17-Aug-1891
Johnson Lawry N D 30-Dec-1965 21-Jan-1965
Johnson Lea Ann B 30-Dec-1955 4-May-1955
Johnson Leah L M 30-Jan-1982 19-Dec-1981
Johnson Lee J D 30-Dec-1954 9-Oct-1954
Johnson Leighland E D 22-Mar-1997 p5a 16-Mar-1997
Johnson Lela Berniece D 28-Jan-1995 2-Oct-1994
Johnson Lena D 30-Dec-1965 11-Nov-1965
Johnson Lena Gertrude D 29-Dec-1962 4-Jul-1962
Johnson Lenard W M 30-Dec-1940 3-Feb-1940
Johnson Leona M D 5-Oct-2000 p5a 3-Oct-2000
Johnson Leonard W M 31-Dec-1913 25-Sep-1913
Johnson Leota May M 29-Dec-1939 17-Aug-1939
Johnson LeRoy D 30-Dec-1949 22-Feb-1949
Johnson LeRoy M 16-Dec-1909 26-Aug-1909
Johnson Leslie M B 19-Jan-1985 8-Feb-1984
Johnson Lester M 30-Dec-1943 9-Oct-1943
Johnson Letha (Ishmael) D 30-Jun-2008 28-Jun-2008
Johnson Lila May D 23-Jan-1988 1-May-1987
Johnson Lillian M 29-Jan-1894 27-Jan-1894
Johnson Linda Joyce M 27-Jan-2000 24-Jun-2000
Johnson Linda Kay B 30-Dec-1943 1-Jul-1943
Johnson Linda Lou B 29-Dec-1956 26-Apr-1956
Johnson Linda M D 18-Feb-2008 16-Feb-2008
Johnson Linda M M 26-Jan-1980 12-Jan-1979
Johnson Linda M M 26-Jan-1980 12-Jan-1979
Johnson Linda Rae B 28-Dec-1945 3-Jun-1945
Johnson Linsey Lee B 27-Aug-1996 p5a 23-Aug-1996
Johnson Lois R D 1-May-2000 p5a 30-Apr-2000
Johnson Lola Pearl D 23-Jan-1988 22-Dec-1987
Johnson Lori D 3-Mar-2008 1-Mar-2008
Johnson Lori D 1-Mar-2008 3-Mar-2008
Johnson Lorie Ann M 29-Jan-1994 1-Oct-1993
Johnson Louella M 2-Oct-1890 25-Sep-1890
Johnson Louise D 28-Jan-1984 31-Mar-1983
Johnson Louise D 1-Nov-2006 30-Oct-2006
Johnson Lucile D 31-Jan-1976 20-May-1975
Johnson Lucille Alene M 30-Dec-1952 19-Mar-1952
Johnson Lucille Margaret B 30-Dec-1932 29-Apr-1932
Johnson Lucille R M 30-Dec-1935 4-Oct-1935
Johnson Lucille V M 30-Dec-1938 6-Aug-1938
Johnson Ludwig D 18-Jan-1986 19-Apr-1985
Johnson Lulu Florence D 30-Dec-1954 21-Sep-1954
Johnson Lydia M 28-Dec-1875 22-Dec-1875
Johnson Lydia Marla M 4-Nov-1875 2-Nov-1875
Johnson Lyle R M 29-Dec-1956 5-Sep-1956
Johnson Lyle R M 30-Jan-1982 4-Apr-1981
Johnson Lyle Raymond M 22-Jan-1972 11-Dec-1971
Johnson Lyle Ross M 23-Jan-1999 12-Feb-1998
Johnson Lyndon F III M 28-Jan-1984 28-May-1983
Johnson Lynn Eugene M 30-Dec-1965 6-Feb-1965
Johnson M Maud M 22-Apr-1895 18-Apr-1895
Johnson M Maxine D 3-Apr-1999 p5a 31-Mar-1999
Johnson Mac Joseph III B 30-Dec-1964 11-Nov-1964
Johnson Madeline M 30-Dec-1938 9-Jul-1938
Johnson Maedean K M 18-Jan-1986 18-Oct-1985
Johnson Marc Edward M 29-Jan-1994 13-Apr-1993
Johnson Margaret Cecelia D 26-Nov-1984 23-Nov-1984
Johnson Margaret E M 29-Dec-1934 4-Jan-1934
Johnson Margaret Maxine D 29-Jan-2000 31-Mar-1999
Johnson Margaret Mrs D 1-Jan-1908 7-Mar-1907
Johnson Margaret, Mrs M 30-Dec-1954 22-Mar-1954
Johnson Margo Lou B 28-Dec-1945 25-Jan-1945
Johnson Margo Lu M 30-Dec-1965 27-Jun-1965
Johnson Marie Irma M 29-Dec-1934 1-Apr-1934
JOhnson Marilyn Jean M 30-Dec-1957 23-Jan-1957
Johnson Marion D 29-Jan-1983 16-Nov-1982
Johnson Marion D 23-Nov-1998 p5a 21-Nov-1998
Johnson Marjorie Ellen M 30-Dec-1938 3-Aug-1938
Johnson Marjorie Mae M 30-Dec-1940 20-Apr-1940
Johnson Mark Allan B 29-Dec-1962 2-Feb-1962
Johnson Mark O M 1-Jan-1908 16-Sep-1907
Johnson Martha D 31-Jan-1976 4-Dec-1975
Johnson Martha (Evans) D 15-Aug-2008 13-Aug-2008
Johnson Marvin D 27-Jan-2000 25-Sep-2000
Johnson Marvin D 26-Sep-2000 p5a 25-Sep-2000
Johnson Marvin D 27-Sep-2000 p5a 25-Sep-2000
Johnson Marvin D 28-Sep-2000 p5a 25-Sep-2000
Johnson Marvin D 29-Jun-2004
Johnson Marvin B M 30-Dec-1935 15-Aug-1935
Johnson Mary M 30-Nov-1872 20-Nov-1872
Johnson Mary M 27-Dec-1872 26-Dec-1872
Johnson Mary M 2-Jan-1873 26-Dec-1872
Johnson Mary M 29-Dec-1881 p1
Johnson Mary M 6-Dec-1872 20-Nov-1872
Johnson Mary Ann M 30-Dec-1954 24-Jul-1954
Johnson Mary E M 8-Jan-1883 p2 28-Dec-1882
Johnson Mary E M 1-Nov-1883 3-Oct-1883
Johnson Mary Elizabeth Mrs M 30-Dec-1938 24-Dec-1938
Johnson Mary Ellen D 30-Dec-1936 2-Oct-1936
Johnson Mary Frances M 22-Jan-1972 1-Feb-1971
Johnson Mary J M 3-Jun-1876 28-May-1987
Johnson Mary J M 1-Jun-1876 26-May-1876
Johnson Mary J M 3-Jun-1876 26-May-1876
Johnson Mary J M 1-Jun-1876 28-May-1876
Johnson Mary Jane M 30-Dec-1936 1-Aug-1936
Johnson Mary Lois M 30-Dec-1938 11-Aug-1938
Johnson Mary Louise B 30-Dec-1935 10-Sep-1935
Johnson Mary R D 29-Dec-1967 1-Mar-1967
Johnson Marylin Jean B 30-Dec-1938 4-Jul-1938
Johnson Matilda D 30-Dec-1957 29-Jun-1957
Johnson Matilda A M 1-Jan-1908 2-Jan-1907
Johnson Matt R M 19-Jan-1985 23-Jun-1984
Johnson Matt Robert B 29-Dec-1962 1-Feb-1962
Johnson Maude Kirby D 22-Jan-1972 28-May-1971
Johnson Maude May Wolfe D 13-Oct-1947
Johnson Maxine M 28-Dec-1945 16-Oct-1945
Johnson Maxine M 30-Dec-1946 15-Feb-1946
Johnson Maxine M 29-Dec-1950 28-Oct-1950
Johnson May Gertrude M 30-Dec-1938 12-Nov-1938
Johnson Megan Elizabeth M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 30-Jun-2007
Johnson Melissa Kay M 23-Jan-1999 1-Aug-1998
Johnson Melissa Renee M 29-Jan-2005 28-Oct-2004
Johnson Melissia Ann B 27-Jan-1979 7-Nov-1978
Johnson Melody Jean M 27-Jan-2000 15-Jul-2000
Johnson Melvin Dean B 30-Dec-1937 9-Dec-1937
Johnson Melvin Dean B 9-Dec-1937
Johnson Merrial A M 30-Dec-1937 6-Feb-1937
Johnson Merton M 30-Dec-1957 8-Jun-1957
Johnson Michael A M 31-Jan-1981 31-May-1980
Johnson Michael Alan (twin) B 28-Jan-1984 23-Jan-1983
Johnson Michael Anthony B 5-Mar-1960
Johnson Michael Darrin B 30-Dec-1965 5-Jun-1965
Johnson Michelle Lee B 30-Dec-1969 30-Jun-1969
Johnson Mildred M 30-Dec-1938 10-Dec-1938
Johnson Mildred Bernice M 30-Dec-1933 24-Jun-1933
Johnson Millard M 29-Dec-1962 15-Feb-1962
Johnson Millard A M 30-Dec-1933 21-Oct-1933
Johnson Millard D D 28-Jan-1984 30-Dec-1983
Johnson Millard D M 31-Dec-1913 11-Dec-1913
Johnson Millard Dale D 31-Dec-1983 30-Dec-1983
Johnson Millard Dale D 5-Jan-1984 30-Dec-1983
Johnson Millie Platt D 30-Dec-1953 10-Oct-1953
Johnson Minnie M 30-Dec-1937 10-Jul-1937
Johnson Minnie M 29-Dec-1950 22-Jun-1950
Johnson Minnie Anna Luedtke Mrs D 1-Mar-1929 28-Feb-1929
Johnson Minnie Mrs D 4-Mar-1929 3-Mar-1929
Johnson Miriam E M 30-Dec-1935 16-Mar-1935
Johnson Misty Kay M 23-Jan-1999 16-Oct-1998
Johnson Misty Kay M 25-Jan-2003 1-Jun-2002
Johnson Moe D 30-Dec-1932 18-Aug-1932
Johnson Mollie Mrs D 1-Jan-1908 6-Nov-1907
Johnson Mr M 4-Mar-1891 p3 5-Mar-1891
Johnson Mr M 12-Mar-1891 p3 5-Mar-1891
Johnson Mrs D 30-Jun-1857 p3
Johnson Myrtle May D 28-Feb-1883 8-Feb-1883
Johnson N Elizabeth D 3-Oct-2001 p5a 1-Oct-2001
Johnson Nancy D 15-Jan-1920
Johnson Nancy Lee M 31-Jan-1976 28-Jan-1975
Johnson Nathaniel M 29-Sep-1890
Johnson Nelle Morrison D 30-Dec-1964 27-Aug-1964
Johnson Nellie M 30-Dec-1952 31-May-1952
Johnson Nellie E Mrs D 1-Jan-1913 14-Apr-1912
Johnson Nels D 30-Dec-1957 5-Mar-1957
Johnson Nels M 30-Dec-1938 3-Feb-1938
Johnson Nels J D 19-Jan-1985 18-Aug-1984
Johnson Neoma Izore B 30-Dec-1948 23-Oct-1948
Johnson Nikki (Keith) D 12-May-2008 10-May-2008
Johnson Nikki (Keith) D 10-May-2008 12-May-2008
Johnson Nikolas Sven B 24-Jan-2001 p5a 23-Jan-2001
Johnson Nora Ethel D 31-May-1889 18-May-1889
Johnson Nora,Mrs M 23-May-1898 21-May-1898
Johnson Norma M 30-Dec-1940 21-Oct-1940
Johnson Norma Dale M 30-Dec-1933 1-Sep-1933
Johnson Norma E D 29-Jan-2005 7-May-2004
Johnson Norma Jean B 21-Sep-1933
Johnson Norma Jean M 30-Dec-1953 21-Jul-1953
Johnson Norma Kathleen D 9-May-1996 p5a 8-May-1996
Johnson Oather Quenten, Jr M 30-Dec-1952 8-Aug-1952
Johnson OK M 22-Nov-1897 13-Nov-1897
Johnson Ola V D 31-Jul-2003 p5a 28-Jul-2003
Johnson Olga D 18-Jan-1986 22-May-1985
Johnson Ollie M 18-Jan-1894 16-Jan-1894
Johnson Opal Mae B 30-Dec-1946 27-Jul-1946
Johnson Oscar E D 30-Dec-1940 11-Aug-1940
Johnson Oscar E M 29-Dec-1934 9-Mar-1934
Johnson Oscar Eugene B 3-Oct-1934
Johnson Oscar Eugene M 30-Dec-1953 7-Nov-1953
Johnson Otha Homer (Jr) B 30-Dec-1946 16-Dec-1946
Johnson Owen Michael B 27-Jan-2000 10-Jun-2000
Johnson Owen Michael B 14-Jun-2000 p5a 10-Jun-2000
Johnson Patricia D 2-Jun-1997 p5a 31-May-1977
Johnson Patrick C B 19-Jan-1985 14-Oct-1984
Johnson Patrick Joseph Ronald B 31-Jan-2004 26-Aug-2003
Johnson Patrick Robert M 31-Jan-2004 23-Aug-2003
Johnson Patsy A M 19-Jan-1985 13-Jan-1984
Johnson Paul M 30-Dec-1936 14-Jun-1936
Johnson Paul A M 30-Dec-1940 29-Jun-1940
Johnson Paul Joseph M 17-Jan-1987 28-Jul-1986
Johnson Paul Raymond D 16-Apr-1996 p5a 16-Apr-1996
Johnson Paul Raymond D 17-Apr-1996 p5a 16-Apr-1996
Johnson Paul W D 30-Dec-1954 23-Jan-1954
Johnson Peggy Lee M 29-Dec-1967 11-Jun-1967
Johnson Penny Willene B 30-Dec-1952 25-Feb-1952
Johnson Penny Willene M 30-Dec-1969 6-Sep-1969
Johnson Peter M 18-Mar-1880 p4 17-Mar-1880
Johnson Peter M 3-Apr-1889 17-Mar-1880
Johnson Peter M 2-Oct-1895 28-Sep-1895
Johnson Peter C D 25-Jan-2003 15-Feb-2002
Johnson Peter C D 19-Feb-2002 p5a 15-Feb-2002
Johnson Peter C M 29-Jan-1983 24-Jul-1982
Johnson Peter Clark M 17-Jan-1987 1-Nov-1986
Johnson Peter J D 11-Feb-2003 p5a 29-Jan-2003
Johnson Peter J M 30-Dec-1946 10-Feb-1946
Johnson Peter Joseph (Jr) B 30-Dec-1943 12-Nov-1943
Johnson Phyllis M 29-Dec-1939 1-Oct-1939
Johnson Phyllis Darlyne D 6-Feb-2001 p5a 4-Feb-2001
Johnson Randy Dru M 23-Jan-1999 29-Aug-1998
Johnson Ray M 28-Dec-1945 18-Sep-1945
Johnson Ray R D 29-Dec-1961 27-Feb-1961
Johnson Raylene Kay M 28-Jan-1995 12-Aug-1994
Johnson Raymond E M 1-Jan-1908 22-May-1907
Johnson Raymond Elmer B 30-Dec-1936 5-Mar-1936
Johnson Raymond Elmer B
Johnson Raymond G M 29-Dec-1962 24-Feb-1962
Johnson Rebecca Lynn B 27-Dec-1995 p5a 25-Dec-1995
Johnson Rhonda S M 26-Jan-1980 25-Jan-1979
Johnson Rhonda S M 26-Jan-1980 25-Jan-1979
Johnson Rhonda Sue B 29-Dec-1962 27-Jul-1962
Johnson Richard M 2-Sep-1995 p2c 3-Sep-1994
Johnson Richard D M 30-Dec-1955 17-Mar-1955
Johnson Richard E D 7-Nov-2008 5-Nov-2008
Johnson Richard,Sr D 24-Oct-1998 p5a 21-Oct-1998
Johnson Robert M 16-Dec-1909 26-Jan-1909
Johnson Robert C M 23-Jan-1988 26-Jun-1987
Johnson Robert Charles B 30-Dec-1937 25-Aug-1937
Johnson Robert Charles B 25-Aug-1937
Johnson Robert E M 29-Dec-1956 29-Oct-1956
Johnson Robert Gordon M 30-Dec-1965 5-Sep-1965
Johnson Robert Hamilton M 30-Dec-1937 6-Dec-1937
Johnson Robert S M 28-Jan-1984 8-Apr-1983
Johnson Robert V D 23-Jan-1992 30-Nov-1991
Johnson Robert W M 30-Dec-1942 6-Apr-1942
Johnson Roger Ray M 26-Jan-1991 11-Aug-1990
Johnson Roger Ray Jr B 30-Dec-1969 9-Aug-1969
Johnson Roger Ray Jr M 29-Jan-1994 16-Sep-1993
Johnson Ronald Dean B 29-Dec-1950 6-Dec-1950
Johnson Ronald L M 27-Jan-1979 26-Aug-1978
Johnson Ronald Lee B 30-Dec-1935 26-Nov-1935
Johnson Ronald Lee B 22-Jan-1972 27-Sep-1971
Johnson Ronald Lee M 24-Jan-1998 3-Jul-1997
Johnson Ronald Vester M 29-Jan-2000 4-Mar-1999
Johnson Rosalie D 15-Nov-2007 13-Nov-2007
Johnson Rose M M 18-Jan-1986 11-Oct-1985
Johnson Rosie A M 1-Jan-1912 20-Jan-1911
Johnson Ross N D 29-Jun-1972
Johnson Roy M 30-Dec-1941 5-Apr-1941
Johnson Roy Max M 30-Dec-1965 24-Apr-1965
Johnson Roy W D 18-Dec-1972 p3 17-Dec-1972
Johnson Royal David M 30-Dec-1955 29-Aug-1955
Johnson RS M 2-Jan-1967 2-Jan-1867
Johnson Rudolph D 28-Jul-1888 28-Jul-1888
Johnson Rudolph J M 30-Dec-1954 22-Mar-1954
Johnson Ruth L (Mrs) M 29-Dec-1956 28-Apr-1956
Johnson Ruth W D 23-Apr-1891 p4 23-Apr-1891
Johnson S L D 21-Jul-1920
Johnson Sadie M 1-Jan-1912 28-Jun-1911
Johnson Sallie (Mrs) D 1-Jan-1912 5-Jan-1911
Johnson Sallie Anne B 30-Dec-1965 5-Aug-1965
Johnson Sam Fraser M 30-Dec-1968 31-Aug-1968
Johnson Samuel D 28-Mar-1922
Johnson Samuel W D 20-Oct-1882 p2 18-Oct-1882
Johnson Sandra Louise B 30-Dec-1940 22-Feb-1940
Johnson Sandra Louise B 22-Feba-1940
Johnson Sara Elaine M 28-Jan-1995 25-Mar-1994
Johnson Sarah D 14-Apr-1899 14-Apr-1899
Johnson Sarah Ann M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 15-May-2007
Johnson Sarah Frances D 30-Dec-1938 4-Mar-1938
Johnson Sarah Frances D 4-Mar-1938
Johnson Sarah Lee D 26-Jan-1991 16-Jul-1990
Johnson Sarah Marie B 31-Jan-1981 26-May-1980
Johnson Sarah Marie D 23-Nov-1999 p5a 21-Nov-1999
Johnson Sarah MeLinda D 17-Feb-1920
Johnson Sarah Mrs D 21-Dec-1905 28-Jun-1905
Johnson Sarah O Mrs M 30-Dec-1938 16-Apr-1938
Johnson SB,Rev M 2-Dec-1854
Johnson Sharron Kay B 29-Dec-1944 11-Jan-1944
Johnson Sheree Lynn B 17-Jan-1987 24-Apr-1986
Johnson Sherri Lynn B 30-Dec-1957 5-Oct-1957
Johnson Sherry Renee M 29-Jan-2000 1-Oct-1999
Johnson Shirley M 29-Dec-1956 22-Sep-1956
Johnson Shirley A M 23-Jan-1988 2-May-1987
Johnson Sky Lynn B 31-Jan-2009 p2f 17-Dec-2007
Johnson SL D 23-Jul-1920
Johnson Son B 7-Feb-1928 6-Feb-1928
Johnson Stella B M 30-Aug-1920
Johnson Stella May D 30-Dec-1963 5-Jan-1963
Johnson Stella Sue M 29-Dec-1967 21-Jul-1967
Johnson Stephen D 1-Jul-1997 p5a 29-Jun-1997
Johnson Stephen D 24-Jan-1998 29-Jun-1997
Johnson Stephen M 1-Jan-1908 20-Dec-1907
Johnson Stephen Dane M 29-Jan-2000 6-Nov-1999
Johnson Steven L M 28-Jan-1984 5-Mar-1983
Johnson Steven Lyle B 24-Feb-1960
Johnson Susan Beth M 23-Jan-1992 22-May-1991
Johnson Susan Marie B 30-Dec-1952 8-Aug-1952
Johnson Suzanne Elaine M 30-Dec-1965 10-Jul-1965
Johnson Tamara J M 28-Jan-1984 9-Jul-1983
Johnson Teeresa L M 19-Jan-1985 28-Sep-1984
Johnson Teresa M 24-Jan-1972
Johnson Teresa Jean M 7-Jan-1995 p2b 12-Jan-1994
Johnson Teresa Jean M 28-Jan-1995 12-Nov-1994
Johnson Teresa Mary M 24-Jan-1972 15-Jan-1972
Johnson Terri Neena Rene M 26-Jan-2002 10-Dec-2001
Johnson Terry Raymond B 30-Dec-1949 29-Aug-1949
Johnson Theodore M 29-Dec-1939 2-Jan-1939
Johnson Theron J M 30-Dec-1940 7-Mar-1940
Johnson Thomas M 31-Dec-1889 18-Dec-1889
Johnson Thomas Arthur B 30-Dec-1932 17-Jul-1932
Johnson Thomas G D 30-Dec-1916 14-Apr-1916
Johnson Thomas G M 19-Dec-1889 18-Dec-1889
Johnson Thomas H M 23-Jan-1988 24-Dec-1987
Johnson Thomas Henry M 30-Dec-1966 2-Apr-1966
Johnson Thomas Henry Jr M 29-Jan-2005 20-Oct-2004
Johnson Tim M 10-Nov-1999 p4c 24-Jul-1999
Johnson Timothy A M 23-Jan-1988 4-Apr-1987
Johnson Timothy John B 2-Mar-1960
Johnson Timothy Scott B 23-Jan-1992 12-Mar-1991
Johnson Toby J M 28-Jan-2006 23-Sep-2005
Johnson toni Kaye B 29-Dec-1967 4-Jun-1967
Johnson Tonya K M 18-Jan-1986 28-Dec-1985
Johnson Twilia Darlyne B 29-Dec-1944 10-Feb-1944
Johnson Valerie Ann M 19-Oct-1972
Johnson Vicki Sue B 22-Jan-1972 9-Jan-1971
Johnson Victoria Ann M 25-Jan-2003 3-Oct-2002
Johnson Victoria Jo M 26-Jan-2008 p3f 8-Feb-2007
Johnson Viola M 30-Dec-1936 8-Sep-1936
Johnson Virgil G M 29-Dec-1939 29-Aug-1939
Johnson Virginia R M 30-Dec-1937 17-Sep-1937
Johnson Vivian A M 29-Jan-1983 30-Oct-1982
Johnson Vivien M 30-Dec-1937 14-Jun-1937
Johnson Walter D 30-Dec-1916 29-Jan-1916
Johnson Walter M 23-Mar-1869 p1
Johnson Walter Craig D 10-Feb-1920
Johnson Walter Craig D 12-Feb-1920
Johnson Walter Dennis D 30-Dec-1947 21-Oct-1947
Johnson Walter Dennis D 21-Oct-1947
Johnson Walter Eugene M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 26-May-2007
Johnson Walter LeRoy B 29-Dec-1939 2-Mar-1939
Johnson Wayne Allen M 30-Jan-2007 24-Jun-2006
Johnson WF D 30-Dec-1904 19-Sep-1904
Johnson WH,Mrs D 3-Jan-1902 23-Dec-1901
Johnson WH,Mrs D 3-Jan-1902 24-Dec-1901
Johnson Will W M 30-Dec-1936 25-Jul-1936
Johnson Willa D 26-Aug-1998 p5a 26-Aug-1998
Johnson William D 27-Jul-1926
Johnson William D 30-Dec-1970 10-Feb-1970
Johnson William D 10-Jun-1999 p5a 8-Jun-1999
Johnson William M 12-Feb-1869 21-Jan-1869
Johnson William M 22-Jan-1869 p1 21-Jan-1869
Johnson William Fred B 30-Dec-1941 27-Oct-1941
Johnson William J M 2-Oct-1920
Johnson William John D 26-Jan-1980 23-May-1979
Johnson William P M 23-Jan-1988 20-Jul-1987
Johnson William Patrick M 28-Jan-1995 20-Dec-1994
Johnson William R D 18-Nov-1997 p5a 17-Nov-1997
Johnson Willie Duren D 16-Jul-1997 p5a 15-Jul-1997
Johnson Willie Duron D 24-Jan-1998 15-Jul-1997
Johnson Willie Howard Jr M 17-Jan-1987 5-Sep-1986
Johnson Zola F M 1-Jan-1913 30-Dec-1912
Johnson Fred J M 1-Jan-1908 20-Aug-1907
Johnson Gilbert M 30-Dec-1937 21-Aug-1937
Johnson James A D 28-Dec-1951 4-Apr-1951
Johnson Joyce R M 29-Dec-1939 21-Oct-1939
Johnson Martha E M 1-Jan-1908 3-Oct-1907
Johnson Wendell V M 30-Dec-1954 11-Jun-1954
Johnson Brown Jadelynn Marie B 26-Jan-2008 p7e 21-Dec-2006
Johnson Knight Cassie D 19-Aug-1999 p5a 18-Aug-1999
Johnson Knight Cassie D 20-Aug-1999 p5a 18-Aug-1999
Johnson Knight Matthew D 19-Aug-1999 p5a 18-Aug-1999
Johnson Knight Matthew D 20-Aug-1999 p5a 18-Aug-1999
Johnson Sr Roger D 13-Mar-2008 12-Mar-2008
Johnson Sr Roger D 12-Mar-2008 13-Mar-2008
Johnsson R L M 31-Dec-1913 21-Jan-1913
Johnston Aaron Douglas B 27-Jan-1979 17-Feb-1978
Johnston Andrew Jacob B 18-Jan-1986 16-Feb-1985
Johnston Annie D 30-Dec-1952 18-Nov-1952
Johnston Asa M 17-Sep-1890
Johnston Bartley P M 29-Dec-1961 1-Apr-1961
Johnston Bonnie L D 28-Jan-1984 19-Mar-1983
Johnston Carol Ann B 30-Dec-1946 10-Nov-1946
Johnston Charles 'Chuck' D 14-Jul-2007 12-Jul-2007
Johnston Charles Newton D 30-Dec-1943 5-Oct-1943
Johnston Clement Cornelious D 30-Dec-1968 30-Jan-1968
Johnston Dean W D 30-Dec-1953 19-Jul-1953
Johnston Debra Lynn M 27-Jan-2000 17-Nov-2000
Johnston Dorothy L D 28-Oct-2003 p5a 27-Oct-2003
Johnston Dorothy L D 29-Oct-2003 p5a 27-Oct-2003
Johnston Dorothy Lucinda D 31-Jan-2004 27-Oct-2003
Johnston Douglas Eugene M 22-Jan-1972 28-Aug-1971
Johnston Ella E M 31-Dec-1889 p4 16-Dec-1880
Johnston Ella E M 31-Dec-1889 p4 9-Dec-1880
Johnston Ellen Marie B 29-Dec-1950 9-Apr-1950
Johnston Eric Andrew D 3-Jul-1995 p5a 1-Jul-1995
Johnston Ernestine,Mrs D 2-Jun-1972
Johnston Ethelyn Ann M 29-Dec-1950 14-Feb-1950
Johnston Eva K D 30-Dec-1964 28-May-1964
Johnston Eva L D 30-Dec-1965 6-Feb-1965
Johnston Everett D 23-Oct-1985 22-Oct-1985
Johnston Florence A M 30-Dec-1937 30-Jun-1937
Johnston Florence M M 1-Jan-1908 8-Aug-1907
Johnston Frances M 6-Oct-1972 p7
Johnston Frank D 30-Dec-1953 2-Dec-1953
Johnston Frank D 3-Jan-1972 31-Dec-1971
Johnston Frank D 3-Jan-1972
Johnston Frank A D 29-Dec-1967 21-Jun-1967
Johnston Fred W M 1-Jan-1912 5-Sep-1911
Johnston Grace Margaret D 10-Nov-1997 p5a 8-Nov-1997
Johnston Gregory Alan B 30-Dec-1947 9-Sep-1947
Johnston Harlan L D 25-Jan-2003 5-Sep-2002
Johnston Harlan L D 5-Sep-2002 p5a 5-Sep-2002
Johnston Harlan L D 6-Sep-2002 p5a 5-Sep-2002
Johnston Harlan L D 7-Sep-2002 p5a 5-Sep-2002
Johnston Harry M 1-Oct-1920
Johnston Harry Leroy D 7-Feb-2004 p5a 5-Feb-2004
Johnston Helen M 29-Dec-1961 23-Jul-1961
Johnston Isabella M 5-Jul-1877 p4 3-Jul-1877
Johnston James W D 17-Oct-2000 p5a 5-Oct-2000
Johnston Jeanine D M 29-Jan-1983 15-Mar-1982
Johnston JG, Dr D 30-Dec-1953 21-Aug-1953
Johnston Joseph Gerald Jr D 25-Jan-2003 10-Dec-2002
Johnston Joseph Gerald,Jr D 12-Dec-2002 p5a 10-Dec-2002
Johnston Josephine M D 30-Dec-1940 10-Sep-1940
Johnston Julie Ann B 30-Dec-1966 20-Jun-1966
Johnston Katie Lynn B 28-Jan-1984 2-Feb-1983
Johnston Kay D M 18-Jan-1986 5-Jun-1985
Johnston Kirk D B 29-Dec-1950 24-Aug-1950
Johnston Lawrence A M 30-Dec-1935 18-May-1935
Johnston Lawrence Dale B 30-Dec-1953 6-Aug-1953
Johnston Lena M M 1-Jan-1908 9-Jul-1907
Johnston Lillian D 23-Oct-2000 p5a 20-Oct-2000
Johnston Lillie Jane D 29-Dec-1950 6-Aug-1950
Johnston Lorna D 5-Dec-2006 3-Dec-2006
Johnston Lorraine E M 30-Dec-1938 16-Jun-1938
Johnston Louie D 21-Jan-1972
Johnston Louie Adam D 21-Jan-1972 20-Jan-1972
Johnston Mabel May M 1-Jan-1912 19-Apr-1911
Johnston Margaret Ann B 30-Dec-1948 19-May-1948
Johnston Margaret Ann B 19-May-1948
Johnston Margaret,Mrs D 27-Dec-1883 p2 26-Dec-1883
Johnston Marie M 10-Feb-1928 1-Feb-1928
Johnston Marilyn Joyce D 10-Sep-2008 8-Sep-2008
Johnston Mark Laverne B 28-Dec-1951 27-Jan-1951
Johnston Matt L D 14-Jan-2004 p5a 11-Jan-2004
Johnston Matt L D 15-Jan-2004 p5a 11-Jan-2004
Johnston Matthew L D 29-Jan-2005 11-Jan-2004
Johnston Matthew Lee B 26-Jan-1980 9-Jul-1979
Johnston Michael Dean B 30-Dec-1968 22-Mar-1968
Johnston Mildred D 26-Jan-2008 24-Jan-2008
Johnston Mildred J (Slagle) D 25-Jan-2008 24-Jan-2008
Johnston Nancy L D 6-Feb-2008 4-Feb-2008
Johnston Nancy Luanne B 30-Dec-1941 28-Apr-1941
Johnston Nancy Lynn B 30-Dec-1947 12-Jan-1947
Johnston Nancy Lynn B 12-Jan-1947
Johnston Ollie M 18-Jan-1894 16-Jan-1984
Johnston Paul G D 24-May-2002 p5a 23-May-2002
Johnston Paul R D 30-Jan-1982 19-Feb-1981
Johnston Pauline D 1-Feb-1999 p5a 30-Jan-1999
Johnston Pearl E D 28-Jan-1995 4-Nov-1994
Johnston Rachel D 23-Mar-1897 10-Mar-1897
Johnston Robert Linn B 30-Dec-1966 15-Sep-1966
Johnston Rodney K M 19-Jan-1985 2-Jun-1984
Johnston Rodney Kim M 28-Jan-2006 10-Sep-2005
Johnston Rolland David D 30-Jul-2001 p5a 29-Jul-2001
Johnston Roxanne E M 22-Feb-1977
Johnston Ruth D 17-Jan-1987 18-Mar-1986
Johnston Samuel H M 21-Jan-1891
Johnston Spencer W M 30-Dec-1938 1-Jan-1938
Johnston Sylvia Dawn B 29-Dec-1939 14-May-1939
Johnston Thomas Ray D 11-Jun-2002 p5a 9-Jun-2002
Johnston W D M 1-Jan-1913 12-Jun-1912
Johnston WD, Mrs D 30-Dec-1953 24-Feb-1953
Johnstone Nancy Jane M 25-Nov-1862 20-Nov-1862
Johnton Andrew D M 2-Apr-1864 31-Mar-1864
Johson Alice T,Mrs D 26-Feb-1896 25-Feb-1896
Joice AE,Miss M 26-Jan-1864 19-Jan-1864
Joice John D 2-Aug-1864 23-Jul-1864
Joice Mary M 7-Apr-1874 p4 6-Apr-1874
Joice Mary M 7-Apr-1874 pg 4 6-Apr-1874
Joice William Ellsworth D 24-Jun-1863 23-Jun-1863
Joiner Amy Sue M 29-Jan-1994 3-Sep-1993
Joiner Cherie Ann M 29-Dec-1967 17-Jun-1967
Joiner E D D 12-Dec-1926
Joiner Frederic A D 30-Jan-1982 18-Jun-1981
Joiner May M 30-Dec-1968 7-Sep-1968
Joiner Otis D 31-Jan-1976 6-Apr-1975
Jokilehto Wayne John D 10-Aug-1995 p5a 9-Aug-1995
Jolly Anna Bell D 29-Dec-1961 11-Apr-1961
Jolly Bruce Dwight M 25-May-1974
Jolly Edith M 30-Dec-1964 8-May-1964
Jolly Linda Ann B 30-Dec-1942 30-Nov-1942
Jolly Melissa Joleen M 29-Jan-1994 11-Oct-1993
Jolly Lee D 30-Dec-1932 11-Jul-1932
Jondle Clarence D 23-Jan-1988 9-Dec-1987
Jondle Edward Frank D 28-Jan-2006 5-Nov-2005
Jones Abbie M M 21-Nov-1872 20-Nov-1872
Jones Abbie M M 6-Dec-1872 20-Nov-1872
Jones Abigail Nicole B 29-Jan-2005 22-Aug-2004
Jones Abner D 5-Jan-1877 17-Oct-1876
Jones Abner D 18-Oct-1876
Jones AJ D 21-Feb-1902 p6 20-Feb-1902
Jones Albert C D 25-Feb-1897 24-Feb-1897
Jones Albert 'Henry' D 6-Mar-2008 1-Mar-2008
Jones Albert 'Henry' D 1-Mar-2008 6-Mar-2008
Jones Albert Scott B 20-Feb-1960
Jones Albert Scott D 30-Dec-1960 20-Feb-1960
Jones Albert Willis D 30-Dec-1948 4-Apr-1948
Jones Alvin D 27-May-1902 p7 20-May-1902
Jones Amanda M 11-May-1876 10-May-1876
Jones Amanda M 1-Jun-1876 10-May-1876
Jones Amanda J M 1-Dec-1881 p4 3-Nov-1881
Jones Amanda Lea B 30-Dec-1970 5-Mar-1970
Jones Andrea Jeanette M 25-Jan-2003 5-Jul-2002
Jones Angela I M 18-Jan-1986 22-Jan-1985
Jones Angela M M 8-Aug-1995 p4a 15-Jul-1995
Jones Angela Marie B 30-Dec-1966 14-Jul-1966
Jones Anne E D 31-Dec-1913 19-May-1913
Jones Annie M 2-Oct-1871 21-Sep-1871
Jones Anthony Barry M 30-Jan-1993 15-Feb-1992
Jones Arabella Paige B 26-Jan-2008 p7e 30-Jul-2007
Jones Area D M 29-Dec-1961 24-Mar-1961
Jones Arnold P M 30-Dec-1935 31-May-1935
Jones Arthur I D 22-Jan-1985 18-Jan-1985
Jones AW M 16-Dec-1909 3-Apr-1909
Jones Barbara Diane M 29-Dec-1967 1-Apr-1967
Jones Beckey Jo B 30-Dec-1969 15-Jul-1969
Jones Benton Lee M 29-Jan-2000 5-Nov-1999
Jones Bernice (Mrs) M 29-Dec-1961 18-Mar-1961
Jones Bertha D 30-Dec-1955 7-Oct-1955
Jones Bessie D 15-Sep-1997 p5a 12-Sep-1997
Jones Beth L M 26-Jan-1980 20-Oct-1979
Jones Beth L M 26-Jan-1980 20-Oct-1979
Jones Betty Rowe M 30-Dec-1940 29-Aug-1940
Jones Beverly Ann B 30-Dec-1949 12-Jan-1949
Jones Beverly Ann M 29-Dec-1950 21-Apr-1950
Jones Blanche E D 30-Jan-1982 6-Jul-1981
Jones Brandon Alan B 9-Jun-2001 p5a 12-May-2001
Jones Brenda Lea B 29-Dec-1961 8-Mar-1961
Jones Brian Kenneth B 30-Dec-1957 27-Jun-1957
Jones Brian Kenneth D 30-Dec-1957 27-Jun-1957
Jones Brian Lee B 30-Dec-1965 15-Jan-1965
Jones Brian Lee M 30-Jan-1993 21-Feb-1992
Jones Brian Lee M 29-Jan-2005 28-Aug-2004
Jones Brianne Angela B 26-Jan-1991 17-Feb-1990
Jones Burrel D 23-Jan-1988 16-Dec-1987
Jones Caleb Elijah B 28-Jan-1995 23-Feb-1994
Jones Canon McGwire B 26-Jan-2002 16-Oct-2001
Jones Carl W D 30-Dec-1964 10-Oct-1964
Jones Carla R M 27-Jan-1979 12-Aug-1978
Jones Carol Diane M 30-Jan-1993 24-Apr-1992
Jones Caroline,Mrs D 3-Jun-1869 2-May-1869
Jones CH M 28-Apr-1881 p4 29-Apr-1881
Jones Charles H D 30-Dec-1964 4-Oct-1964
Jones Charles Henry Sr D 30-Jan-1993 26-Apr-1992
Jones Charles P M 10-Nov-1899
Jones Charley M 29-Sep-1900 26-Sep-1900
Jones Charlotte Fay M 31-Jan-1976 19-Jul-1975
Jones Chas J M 22-Dec-1879 p4 21-Dec-1879
Jones Christopher M 30-Dec-1936 18-Apr-1936
Jones Christopher Mark B 30-Dec-1937 28-Aug-1937
Jones Christopher Mark B 28-Aug-1937
Jones Clara L M 17-Jan-1870 p4 6-Jan-1870
Jones Cora E D 19-Mar-1996 p5a 17-Mar-1996
Jones Cora E D 20-Mar-1996 p5a 17-Mar-1996
Jones Cora M D 30-Dec-1940 11-Feb-1940
Jones Cory W Newton B 30-Dec-1964 22-May-1964
Jones Craig Michael B 27-Jan-1979 9-Jun-1978
Jones Craig Michael M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 11-Aug-2007
Jones Craig Randal B 30-Dec-1954 16-Jun-1954
Jones Crete M 8-Dec-1910 26-Feb-1910
Jones Cynthia K M 28-Jan-1984 12-Nov-1983
Jones Dale Tracy M 27-Jan-2000 27-Oct-2000
Jones Dalton Lee B 28-Jan-1995 12-Sep-1994
Jones Daniel Leo D 17-Jul-1995 p5a 14-Jul-1995
Jones Daniel Todd B 28-Jan-1984 8-Sep-1983
Jones Danielle Lynn B 23-Jan-1999 17-Aug-1998
Jones Danielle Lynn B 26-Aug-1998 p5a 17-Aug-1998
Jones Darla Kay M 23-Jan-1992 3-Jul-1991
Jones David M 30-Dec-1954 17-Jun-1954
Jones David E D 15-Dec-1997 p5a 13-Dec-1997
Jones David Lee D 17-Jul-1995 p5a 14-Jul-1995
Jones Dawson Jade B 7-Feb-1996 p5a 7-Feb-1996
Jones Dean Richard D 17-May-2002 p5a 16-May-2002
Jones Dean Richard D 18-May-2002 p5a 16-May-2002
Jones Deanna Lynn D 17-Jul-1995 p5a 14-Jul-1995
Jones Delmar L D 3-Feb-1903 3-Feb-1903
Jones Dena D M 8-Dec-1910 21-Jun-1910
Jones Diggory Tregidga M 30-Jan-2007 25-Aug-2006
Jones Donald M D 14-Jun-2000 p5a 13-Jun-2000
Jones Donald M M 28-Dec-1945 11-Sep-1945
Jones Donald Milford D 27-Jan-2000 13-Jun-2000
Jones Doris M D 29-Jan-2000 10-Jan-1999
Jones Dorothy D 10-Apr-2008 9-Apr-2008
Jones Dorothy Mae M 30-Dec-1938 22-Nov-1938
Jones Douglas Scott B 29-Dec-1961 27-Nov-1961
Jones Dwayne M 30-Dec-1954 27-May-1954
Jones E Gwendolyn, Gwen D 23-Jan-1988 2-Nov-1987
Jones Earl D 30-Jan-1982 1-May-1981
Jones Ed D 2-Sep-1897 10-Aug-1897
Jones Edith Fern M 30-Dec-1941 3-May-1941
Jones Edna Mae D 19-Jun-1995 p5a 18-Jun-1995
Jones Edward M 21-Dec-1905 18-Oct-1905
Jones Edward F D 28-Apr-1995 p5a 27-Apr-1995
Jones Edward Nathaniel D 29-Dec-1950 10-Feb-1950
Jones Elbert G M 30-Dec-1940 24-Feb-1940
Jones Elizabeth Ann (Mrs) D 1-Jan-1912 5-Feb-1911
Jones Elizabeth Ann,Mrs D 5-Feb-1911
Jones Elizabeth E D 22-Mar-1985 19-Mar-1985
Jones Elizabeth,Mrs D 13-Mar-1900 9-Mar-1900
Jones Ella Louise M 17-Jan-1987 16-Jun-1986
Jones Elsie M 16-Dec-1909 22-Feb-1909
Jones Emma D 22-Jan-1972 26-Jan-1971
Jones Emma M 16-Aug-1883 15-Aug-1883
Jones Emma M 18-Aug-1883 15-Aug-1883
Jones Emma M 30-Aug-1883 15-Aug-1883
Jones Emma M 1-Jan-1912 22-Mar-1911
Jones ER,Mrs M 30-Dec-1881 p1 29-Dec-1881
Jones Eric M 12-Feb-1997 p6a 28-Sep-1996
Jones Eric Andrew B 26-Jan-1980 24-Feb-1979
Jones Eric Todd B 22-Jan-1972 23-Oct-1971
Jones Eric Todd M 23-Jan-1992 14-Feb-1991
Jones Eric Todd M 31-Jan-2009 pg 7f 31-Aug-2008
Jones Erma F D 27-Mar-2000 p5a 26-Mar-2000
Jones Erma F D 28-Mar-2000 p5a 26-Mar-2000
Jones Ernest M M 30-Dec-1935 5-Oct-1935
Jones Esther F D 8-Nov-2008 7-Nov-2008
Jones Ethel M 2-Nov-1922 p7 1-Nov-1922
Jones Eva P D 14-Nov-2000 p5a 14-Nov-2000
Jones Eva P D 15-Nov-2000 p5a 14-Nov-2000
Jones Ezekiel D 7-Dec-1870 p4 7-Dec-1870
Jones Fern, nee Kindler D 12-Apr-2004 10-Apr-2004
Jones Flora Amanda D 26-Jan-1980 20-Feb-1979
Jones Florence Ellinor M 30-Dec-1937 10-Sep-1937
Jones Floyd V D 28-Dec-1951 15-Nov-1951
Jones Floyd V M 29-Dec-1934 2-Jun-1934
Jones FM M 11-Nov-1871 9-Nov-1871
Jones FM M 3-Dec-1871 9-Nov-1871
Jones FP M 1-Jul-1871 28-Jun-1871
Jones Frank L M 22-Dec-1893 20-Dec-1893
Jones G M 29-Jan-1983 10-Jul-1982
Jones Gabriel Thomas B 29-Jan-2005 10-May-2004
Jones George D 30-Aug-1900 30-Aug-1900
Jones George D 20-Dec-1906 6-Jan-1906
Jones George D 13-Jul-1998 p5a 12-Jul-1998
Jones George D 1-Oct-1890 1-Oct-1890
Jones George D 31-Oct-1890 1-Oct-1890
Jones George D 10-Aug-1888 p2 9-Aug-1888
Jones George W D 23-Jan-1999 12-Jul-1998
Jones George Walter D 30-Dec-1936 22-Mar-1936
Jones George Walter M 2-Dec-1897 1-Dec-1897
Jones Ginger Sue B 29-Dec-1967 3-Aug-1967
Jones Gladys J M 30-Dec-1941 11-Jan-1941
Jones Gladys Marie D 30-Dec-1969 3-Nov-1969
Jones Grace E D 7-Jan-1985 2-Jan-1985
Jones Greorge D 16-Oct-1890 1-Oct-1890
Jones Griffen Dean B 27-Mar-2002 p5a 16-Mar-2002
Jones Gwen D 30-Dec-1955 30-May-1955
Jones H Lafe D 31-Dec-1931 22-Jan-1931
Jones Harriet A D 16-Nov-1947
Jones Harriett A D 30-Dec-1947 16-Nov-1947
Jones Harry D 17-Dec-1908 20-Jan-1908
Jones Harry D 16-Dec-1909 10-Mar-1909
Jones Harry D 26-Jan-1980 6-Sep-1979
Jones Harry C M 29-Dec-1934 8-Apr-1934
Jones Harvie F M 3-Dec-1866 27-Nov-1866
Jones Hazel D 30-Dec-1969 1-May-1969
Jones Hazel D 9-Aug-2004
Jones Hazel Leola D 29-Jan-1994 23-Aug-1993
Jones Heidi Denise M 23-Jan-1999 9-Jul-1998
Jones Henry Jones D 4-Dec-1922 p11
Jones Henry Jones D 6-Dec-1922 p9
Jones Henry L D 31-Dec-1931 22-Jan-1931
Jones Henry L M 27-Jun-1889 26-Jun-1889
Jones Henry Lee D 26-Jan-1991 25-Jul-1990
Jones Henry P D 24-Jul-1895
Jones Henry P D 24-Jul-1895 24-Jul-1895
Jones Henry P M 15-Sep-1890
Jones Henry S D 30-Dec-1957 9-Apr-1957
Jones Henry S M 28-Dec-1945 4-Dec-1945
Jones Howard T D 26-Jan-2002 2-Dec-2001
Jones Howard T D 4-Dec-2001 p5a 2-Dec-2001
Jones Howard T D 3-Dec-2001 p5a 2-Dec-2001
Jones Ida May M 30-Dec-1946 27-Jul-1946
Jones Infant Son B 4-Apr-1922 1-Apr-1922
Jones Infant Son B 7-Jan-1930
Jones Iona M D 30-Dec-1933 9-Nov-1933
Jones Ira M M 30-Dec-1937 18-Sep-1937
Jones Ira Miller D 30-Dec-1960 19-Feb-1960
Jones Irene E B 19-Jan-1985 10-May-1984
Jones Isabel B 24-May-2001 p5a 12-May-2001
Jones Iva J D 30-Dec-1966 12-Jan-1966
Jones J Herman M 30-Dec-1942 29-Mar-1942
Jones Jacob Lee B 2-Aug-1995 p5a 30-Jul-1995
Jones Jade Cormlee M 28-Jan-1995 24-Sep-1994
Jones Jade LaRae B 27-Jun-2000 p5a 15-Jun-2000
Jones James M 31-Dec-1913 21-May-1913
Jones James Michael B 30-Dec-1957 25-Oct-1957
Jones Janell K M 19-Jan-1985 16-Jun-1984
Jones Janell Koe B 2-Mar-1963
Jones Janiah Marie B 31-Jan-2009 p2f 18-Apr-2008
Jones Jason Edward B 30-Dec-1966 24-Jan-1966
Jones Jason Edward M 28-Jan-1995 25-Nov-1994
Jones Jason Edward M 3-Mar-1995 p7a 25-Nov-1994
Jones Jason Robert B 30-Dec-1969 4-Jul-1969
Jones Jeffrey A M 31-Jan-1981 26-Apr-1980
Jones Jeffrey Allen M 29-Jan-2005 28-Sep-2004
Jones Jeffrey D M 23-Jan-1988 24-May-1987
Jones Jeffrey Dale B 26-Jan-1960
Jones Jeffrey Dean B 30-Dec-1965 15-Oct-1965
Jones Jeffrey Dean M 23-Jan-1999 2-Jun-1998
Jones Jeffrey Drake B 30-Dec-1955 29-Nov-1955
Jones Jennefier Louise B 29-Dec-1962 14-Oct-1962
Jones Jennifer Jill M 29-Dec-1962 4-Aug-1962
Jones Jerry LeRoy B 29-Dec-1944 12-Nov-1944
Jones Jerry LeRoy M 30-Dec-1965 26-Sep-1965
Jones Jesse E,USN M 21-Sep-1896 16-Sep-1896
Jones Jessica Marie B 27-Jan-1979 20-Mar-1978
Jones Jimmie M 29-Dec-1950 24-Mar-1950
Jones John D 28-Dec-1951 29-Jan-1951
Jones John D 23-Jan-1988 11-May-1987
Jones John M 31-Dec-1870 19-Dec-1870
Jones John B D 21-Dec-1905 2-Feb-1905
Jones John B M 30-Dec-1952 5-Mar-1952
Jones John G D 31-Jan-1981 3-Jun-1980
Jones John Griffith D 17-Jan-1987 6-Jan-1986
Jones John N D 9-Mar-1869 p4 5-Mar-1869
Jones John N D 12-Mar-1869 p3 5-Mar-1869
Jones John N M 5-Feb-1864 21-Jan-1864
Jones John William M 30-Dec-1965 3-Jul-1965
Jones Jolanda Marie B 22-Jan-1972 3-Aug-1971
Jones Jonathon J D 27-Jan-2000 18-Jul-2000
Jones Jonathon J D 19-Jul-2000 p5a 18-Jul-2000
Jones Jordan A B 19-Jan-1985 5-Apr-1984
Jones Jordan Blue B 5-Dec-2000 p5a 24-Nov-2000
Jones Jordon Blu B 27-Jan-2000 24-Nov-2000
Jones Joseph D 29-Oct-1998 p5a 28-Oct-1998
Jones Joseph Hills D 23-Jan-1999 28-Oct-1998
Jones Joseph Mortimer M 30-Dec-1965 17-Aug-1965
Jones Joshua Dean D 30-Jan-1993 29-Jan-1992
Jones Joshua Lee B 31-Jan-1981 21-Dec-1980
Jones Joshua Michael B 24-Jan-1998 6-Dec-1997
Jones Joyce Ann B 30-Dec-1936 8-Jun-1936
Jones Joyce Ann B 8-Jun-1936
Jones Joyce Ann M 30-Dec-1955 14-Nov-1955
Jones Judith Mae B 30-Dec-1942 14-Jul-1942
Jones Judith Mae M 29-Dec-1961 10-Nov-1961
Jones Julee M 26-Jan-1980 29-Dec-1979
Jones Julie Ann B 31-Jan-1976 1-Jun-1975
Jones Julie Ann M 27-Jan-2000 28-Oct-2000
Jones June A M 30-Dec-1933 25-Nov-1933
Jones Justin Michael M 26-Jan-2008 p5f 10-Nov-2007
Jones Justus Edward B 31-Jan-2009 p2f 21-May-2008
Jones Kandi S M 3-Sep-1977
Jones Katherine D 4-Jul-1994 p5a 3-Jul-1994
Jones Katherine Ann B 30-Jan-1982 23-Apr-1981
Jones Katherine Ann M 26-Jan-2008 p5f 29-Dec-2007
Jones Katherine Elizabeth M 29-Jan-1994 23-Apr-1993
Jones Katie Beth M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 2-Jun-2007
Jones Kayannah Maria B 29-Jan-2005 22-Oct-2004
Jones Kaylee Dawn B 11-Apr-1995 p5a 26-Mar-1995
Jones Kendi Marie B 5-Apr-2000 p5a 22-Mar-2000
Jones Kenneth Lee B 30-Dec-1955 2-Sep-1955
Jones Kenneth Walter B 30-Dec-1943 1-Sep-1943
Jones Kevin Wayne M 31-Jan-1976 28-Jun-1975
Jones Kim Ann M 31-Jan-1976 8-Nov-1975
Jones Kitty L M 12-Feb-1869 10-Jan-1869
Jones Kitty L M 12-Feb-1869 2-Jan-1869
Jones Kristine Kay B 30-Dec-1954 1-Jan-1954
Jones Kyle W M 18-Jan-1986 28-Sep-1985
Jones Kyra Jo B 16-Oct-2001 p5a 1-Oct-2001
Jones LaHoma Lynne M 29-Dec-1961 24-Mar-1961
Jones Larry Dean D 31-Jan-2004 5-Jan-2003
Jones Larry Dean D 8-Jan-2003 p5a 5-Jan-2003
Jones Larry William B 30-Dec-1952 7-May-1952
Jones Laura Jane M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 11-May-2007
Jones Leiws Dewey D 30-Dec-1943 1-May-1943
Jones Lena Maud M 16-Oct-1896 15-Oct-1896
Jones Lenora M 30-Dec-1940 2-Nov-1940
Jones Leola Blanche D 11-May-1977
Jones Leona D 1-Mar-2007 27-Feb-2007
Jones Lester Rowland M 30-Dec-1954 18-Mar-1954
Jones Letha M M 29-Jan-1983 24-Jul-1982
Jones Lexaus C D 31-Jan-2004 25-Jan-2003
Jones Lexaus C D 27-Jan-2003 p5a 25-Jan-2003
Jones Lucas Michael B 4-Oct-1996 p5a 1-Oct-1996
Jones Lucy Mae (Mrs) M 29-Dec-1956 7-Apr-1956
Jones Luffie Kay D 28-Jan-1995 15-Apr-1994
Jones Lulu A D 19-Apr-1984 15-Apr-1984
Jones Lynda Sue M 23-Jan-1992 1-May-1991
Jones Lynden Beryl M 30-Dec-1943 7-Mar-1943
Jones M Donald D 23-Jul-2001 p5a 21-Jul-2001
Jones Mabel D 30-Dec-1969 10-Aug-1969
Jones Mabel M 16-Dec-1909 19-Oct-1909
Jones Mabel M D 28-Oct-1999 p5a 26-Oct-1999
Jones Mandy Jo M 28-Jan-1995 9-Sep-1994
Jones Margorie G D 31-Jul-2002 p5a 29-Jul-2002
Jones Marie M 29-Dec-1939 23-Dec-1939
Jones Marion B 2-Nov-1880 p4
Jones Marli Michael B 23-Jan-1999 6-Sep-1998
Jones Marli Michael B 9-Sep-1998 p5a 6-Sep-1998
Jones Marshall E M 8-Dec-1910 15-Sep-1910
Jones Martha Jane D 24-Jun-1873
Jones Mary M 2-Jun-1868 13-May-1868
Jones Mary M 2-Jun-1868 20-May-1868
Jones Mary AH M 29-May-1861 26-May-1861
Jones Mary Elizabeth M 31-Jan-1976 1-Jan-1975
Jones Mary Ellen M 28-Jan-1995 10-Sep-1994
Jones Mary Ellen M 27-Apr-2007 p6a 31-Mar-2007
Jones Mary G M 3-Feb-1865 2-Feb-1865
Jones Mary Harriet D 29-Dec-1944 14-May-1944
Jones Mary J,Mrs M 13-Dec-1880 9-Dec-1880
Jones Mary J,Mrs M 31-Dec-1880 9-Dec-1880
Jones Mary Jane D 30-Dec-1940 17-Apr-1940
Jones Mary L D 29-Jan-2005 8-Mar-2004
Jones Mary L D 8-Mar-2000 p5a 8-Mar-2004
Jones Mary L D 9-Mar-2004 p5a 8-Mar-2004
Jones Mary L M 30-Dec-1952 29-May-1952
Jones Matthew Brent B 30-Dec-1966 27-May-1966
Jones Matthew Lee B 28-Jan-1984 3-Jul-1983
Jones Mattie M 31-Dec-1913 12-Nov-1913
Jones Maude Morse D 30-Dec-1941 27-Apr-1941
Jones Maurice, Mrs D 30-Dec-1955 2-Jul-1955
Jones Maxine K M 30-Dec-1940 21-Sep-1940
Jones Melissa B 17-Dec-1908 30-May-1908
Jones Melissa Lea B 31-Jan-1981 30-May-1980
Jones Melissa Lea M 29-Jan-2000 10-Jul-1999
Jones Melissa Lea M 8-Dec-1999 p3c 10-Jul-1999
Jones Melody Verlee M 17-Jan-1987 27-Sep-1986
Jones Merton G M 30-Dec-1954 26-Mar-1954
Jones Michael George M 31-Jan-2009 pg 6f 17-May-2008
Jones Michael Patrick B 1-Mar-1960
Jones Michael Thomas B 29-Dec-1967 8-Aug-1967
Jones Michael Thomas M 23-Jan-1999 22-May-1998
Jones Michaela Abigail B 28-Jan-1995 20-May-1994
Jones Michelle Kathryn B 18-Jan-1986 24-Jan-1985
Jones Mikayla Angela Breann B 16-Jan-2001 p5a 13-Jan-2001
Jones Mildred M 31-Dec-1913 12-Oct-1913
Jones Mildred Irene D 29-Jan-1994 31-Jul-1993
Jones Milo Donald D 26-Jan-2002 21-Jul-2001
Jones Mindy Kay B 30-Dec-1968 29-Jul-1968
Jones Minnie M M 31-Dec-1913 14-Oct-1913
Jones Mitchell Lydell B 17-Jan-1987 14-Jan-1986
Jones Molly Marie B 31-Jan-1976 25-Oct-1975
Jones Morgan John B 9-Mar-1938
Jones Morgan Marie B 24-Jan-1998 23-Jul-1997
Jones Morgan Marie B 26-Jul-1997 p5a 23-Jul-1997
Jones Morjorie W D 1-Jan-2000 p5a 30-Dec-1999
Jones Morris B M 1-Jan-1912 6-Jun-1911
Jones Mortimer M 29-Dec-1961 14-Jan-1961
Jones Mrs D 6-Feb-1902
Jones Myrtle M 30-Dec-1916 11-May-1916
Jones Myrtle E D 20-May-1996 p5a 18-May-1996
Jones Nancy Lucile M 30-Dec-1955 7-Nov-1955
Jones Nash Aric B 23-Jan-1999 24-Jun-1998
Jones Nash Aric B 30-Jun-1998 p5a 24-Jun-2007
Jones Nathan John B 31-Jan-1981 2-Dec-1980
Jones Nellie D 30-Dec-1954 16-Oct-1954
Jones Nicole Jean B 23-Jan-1988 15-Aug-1987
Jones Nile Joseph B 29-Dec-1956 1-Jul-1956
Jones Norma B (Jehle) D 19-Jul-2008 18-Jul-2008
Jones Olive M 30-Dec-1937 7-Aug-1937
Jones Omer D 18-Jan-1986 30-Jul-1985
Jones Oren D 30-Jun-1999 p5a 28-Jun-1999
Jones Owen B 24-May-2001 p5a 12-May-2001
Jones Pamela Eileen M 30-Dec-1957 6-Sep-1957
Jones Pamela Jean B 30-Dec-1949 15-Feb-1949
Jones Pamela Jean M 30-Dec-1969 13-Sep-1969
Jones Patricia Lorraine M 29-Jan-2005 14-Aug-2004
Jones Patrick M 1-Jul-1977
Jones Patrick M 1-Jul-1977
Jones Phillip Henry B 30-Dec-1968 10-May-1968
Jones Phoebe J,Mrs D 19-Jul-1880 p4 16-Jul-1880
Jones Phyllis Maxine M 31-Jan-2004 5-May-2003
Jones Ralph E D 28-Jan-1984 27-Feb-1983
Jones Randy R M 30-Jan-1982 25-Apr-1981
Jones Randy Ray B 29-Dec-1962 12-Feb-1962
Jones Randy Ray M 23-Jan-1992 10-Aug-1991
Jones Ray E D 30-Dec-1953 23-Jul-1953
Jones Riah Starr B 24-Jan-1998 2-Dec-1997
Jones Riah Starr B 6-Dec-1997 p5a 2-Dec-1997
Jones Richard Dwight M 22-Jan-1972 26-Jun-1971
Jones Richard Lee B 30-Dec-1965 14-Apr-1965
Jones Richard Luther M 29-Dec-1961 19-May-1961
Jones Richard Thomas B 30-Dec-1949 26-Nov-1949
Jones Richard Thomas M 17-Jan-1987 13-Nov-1986
Jones Richard Thomas M 22-Jan-1972 25-Jul-1971
Jones Robert M 29-Dec-1961 22-Jan-1961
Jones Robert C M 30-Dec-1938 8-Oct-1938
Jones Robert Dale M 23-Jan-1999 9-Jul-1998
Jones Robert Dale (twin) B 30-Dec-1964 13-Jun-1964
Jones Robert Gale B 31-Nov-1939
Jones Robert J. G. D 30-Dec-1964 9-Jul-1964
Jones Robert L D 28-Jan-2006 13-Mar-2005
Jones Robert Lee M 16-Nov-1974
Jones Robert Lee B 10-Jan-2008 p5a 7-Dec-2007
Jones Robert R D 15-Dec-2008 12-Dec-2008
Jones Robert Roy B 29-Dec-1939 29-Jul-1939
Jones Robin G M 28-Jan-1984 9-Dec-1983
Jones Robin Gale (twin) B 30-Dec-1964 13-Jun-1964
Jones Rodney D 10-Apr-1999 p5a 8-Apr-1999
Jones Ronald E D 14-Aug-2002 p5a 12-Aug-2002
Jones Roy Conley Jr M 28-Jan-2006 8-Apr-2005
Jones Roy E M 22-Dec-1922 p3
Jones Ruana B M 5-Jan-1877 3-Jul-1876
Jones Ruena M 1-Jul-1872 30-Jun-1876
Jones Ruena M 8-Jul-1872 30-Jun-1876
Jones Ruena M 1-Jul-1872 3-Jul-1876
Jones Ruena M 8-Jul-1872 3-Jul-1876
Jones Ruth Ann B 29-Dec-1939 20-Sep-1939
Jones Ruth Ann M 29-Dec-1956 26-Jul-1956
Jones Sally Anne M 17-Aug-1974
Jones Samantha Joelle B 28-Jan-1995 12-Jul-1994
Jones Sarah D 21-Dec-1905 8-Mar-1905
Jones Sarah Ann B 30-Dec-1937 18-Nov-1937
Jones Sarah Ann B 18-Nov-1937
Jones Sarah Ann M 20-Jul-1869 p1 19-Jul-1869
Jones Sarah Ann M 23-Jul-1869 19-Jul-1869
Jones Sarah Ann M 6-Aug -1869 19-Jul-1869
Jones Sarah Lurena M 30-Dec-1938 15-Oct-1938
Jones Sarah V D 29-Dec-1934 22-Jan-1934
Jones Sarah V D 22-Jan-1934
Jones Sawne O Lynn B 30-Dec-1966 7-Jul-1966
Jones Scott D 31-Jan-1981 23-Jun-1980
Jones Scott Ryan B 26-Jan-1980 3-Oct-1979
Jones Sheryl Lynn B 28-Jan-1984 11-Nov-1983
Jones Snake Jenny Crable M 28-Jan-1984 7-Oct-1983
Jones Stephanie A M 23-Jan-1988 29-May-1987
Jones Stephanie Ann B 30-Dec-1965 19-Mar-1965
Jones Stephanie Anne B 18-Jan-1986 24-Jan-1985
Jones Stephen B 30-Dec-1948 25-Feb-1948
Jones Stephen D 30-Dec-1948 26-Feb-1948
Jones Stephen C M 19-Jan-1985 4-Aug-1984
Jones Steven Craig B 30-Dec-1952 11-Feb-1952
Jones Sylvester,Rev M 9-Aug-1900 8-Aug-1900
Jones Tamara Lynn B 14-Oct-1963
Jones Teann K M 29-Jan-1983 16-Oct-1982
Jones Theresa Marie B 29-Dec-1961 10-Oct-1961
Jones Thomas F D 30-Dec-1940 26-Feb-1940
Jones Thomas M D 9-Sep-1920
Jones Tirena M M 26-Jan-1980 6-Apr-1979
Jones Tirena Marie B 29-Dec-1961 30-Nov-1961
Jones Tiresa M M 26-Jan-1980 6-Apr-1979
Jones Tracy Lynn M 28-Jan-1995 29-Aug-1994
Jones Tracy Lynn M 24-Jan-1998 29-Mar-1997
Jones Tracy Lynne B 30-Dec-1969 13-Jul-1969
Jones Troy E Desmond B 29-Dec-1962 22-Sep-1962
Jones Vallory L M 26-Jan-1980 28-Sep-1979
Jones Vallory L M 19-Jan-1985 8-Jun-1984
Jones Vallory L M 26-Jan-1980 28-Sep-1979
Jones Verne W M 30-Dec-1937 24-Dec-1937
Jones Walter Henry D 29-Dec-1967 16-Jun-1967
Jones Wayne M 31-Dec-1913 3-Sep-1913
Jones Wayne Fulton D 9-Jan-2008 19-Dec-2007
Jones WH M 15-Jan-1891 p3 14-Jan-1891
Jones WH M 9-Dec-1884
Jones William D 28-Dec-1951 14-Jan-1951
Jones William C M 29-Dec-1962 19-Jun-1962
Jones William Charles B 30-Dec-1941 18-Aug-1941
Jones William Charles D 30-Dec-1936 26-Mar-1936
Jones William Edward D 30-Dec-1940 22-Nov-1940
Jones William L B 28-Jan-1984 27-Jul-1983
Jones Wm G M 26-Nov-1886 25-Nov-1886
Jones Wm H M 14-Oct-1856 13-Oct-1856
Jones Wm T M 9-Jan-1873 8-Jan-1873
Jones WT,Mrs D 1-Mar-1898
Jones Zelda May D 29-Dec-1961 28-Nov-1961
Jones Zella M D 29-Jan-2000 7-Jul-1999
Jones Zella M D 7-Jul-1999 p5a 7-Jul-1999
Jones Zella M D 8-Jul-1999 p5a 7-Jul-1999
Jordahl Stacy M 14-Nov-1996 p6a 31-Aug-1996
Jordan Barbara Jean B 30-Dec-1948 31-Aug-1948
Jordan Carol D 28-Jul-1998 p5a 26-Jul-1998
Jordan Charles E M 30-Dec-1941 11-Jun-1941
Jordan Cora D 31-Jan-1976 29-Aug-1975
Jordan Dennis D 3-Oct1898 2-Oct-1898
Jordan Ella D 8-Oct-1880 p4 4-Oct-1880
Jordan Elva Lettie D 22-Dec-1997 p5a 19-Dec-1997
Jordan ER M 1-May-1868 29-Apr-1868
Jordan Frances M 26-Jan-1861 25-Jan-1861
Jordan Henry D 30-Dec-1932 7-Sep-1932
Jordan James Douglas B 29-Dec-1950 10-Aug-1950
Jordan Jessie N M 18-Feb-1886 16-Feb-1886
Jordan Johny Clifford B 28-Dec-1951 16-Jul-1951
Jordan Joyce Ann M 31-Jan-1976 30-Dec-1975
Jordan Katie Albina D 30-Dec-1968 14-Sep-1968
Jordan Keith D 13-Nov-1995 p5a 12-Nov-1995
Jordan Kristopher William M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 11-Aug-2007
Jordan Lela Marie M 29-Jan-2000 18-Sep-1999
Jordan Lois V D 16-Aug-2000 p7a 15-Aug-2000
Jordan Maggie S M 24-Jan-1885
Jordan Maggie S M 28-Jan-1885 p2 25-Jan-1885
Jordan Mark Lynn B 28-Dec-1951 20-May-1951
Jordan Martha D 25-Jun-1920
Jordan Mary Lucille B 30-Dec-1947 23-Sep-1947
Jordan McKayla Ann B 31-Jan-2004 20-Mar-2003
Jordan McKayla Ann B 2-Apr-2003 p5a 20-Mar-2003
Jordan Melinda Sue M 28-Jan-2006 22-Jun-2005
Jordan MV,Mrs D 7-Jul-1898 4-Jul-1898
Jordan Robert P D 24-Apr-1998 p5a 20-Apr-1998
Jordan Scott Richard B 29-Jan-1983 20-Dec-1982
Jordan Thomas M 28-Oct-1881 p4 27-Oct-1881
Jordan Todd Alan B 29-Jan-1983 25-Aug-1982
Jordan Vera M D 31-Dec-1931 23-Feb-1931
Jordan William Alfred B 30-Dec-1949 7-Nov-1949
Jordan William Henry D 22-Jan-1972 12-Jun-1971
Jordan William,Mrs D 15-Aug-1898 14-Aug-1898
Jordan Wm,Col D 17-Nov-1888 17-Nov-1888
Jordan Karen Jean B 27-Jan-1979 3-Oct-1978
Jordan Karen Jean M 25-Jan-2003 15-Jun-2002
Jordan Kenneth Lee D 29-Jul-2002 p5a 28-Jul-2002
Jordan William A M 30-Dec-1938 7-Feb-1938
Jordon Alan Edward B 30-Dec-1952 26-Jan-1952
Jorgensen Heather Kay M 29-Jan-1994 26-Apr-1993
Jorgensen Kathleen Carole M 30-Dec-1969 4-Jan-1969
Jorgensen Kenneth W D 16-Jan-2008 15-Jan-2008
Jorgensen Marinus M 26-Nov-1886 23-Nov-1886
Jorgensen Mary D 9-Apr-2008 8-Apr-2008
Jorgensen Mary A (Kelly) D 10-Apr-2008 8-Apr-2008
Jorgensen Mary Margaret B 30-Jan-1982 28-Mar-1981
Jorgensen Pamela Joan M 29-Jan-2005 3-Sep-2004
Jorgensen Timothy J M 31-Jan-1981 14-Jun-1980
Jorgensen Timothy Jon M 17-Jan-1987 5-Jul-1986
Jorgensen Wallace C J D 30-Dec-1969 3-Apr-1969
Jorgenson Elmer John D 9-Sep-2002 p5a 7-Sep-2002
Jorgenson Henrietta D 30-Dec-1916 18-Apr-1916
Jorgenson Mavis L M 27-Jan-1979 18-Mar-1979
Jorgenson Melissa M B 19-Jan-1985 29-Jun-1984
Jorgenson Olga Evangline D 9-Feb-1996 p5a 8-Feb-1996
Jorgenson Olga Evangline D 10-Feb-1996 p5a 8-Feb-1996
Jorgenson Richard M 29-Mar-1972
Jorgenson Teresa L M 18-Jan-1986 4-May-1985
Jorris Loren A M 30-Dec-1969 14-Jun-1969
Joseh Maude F D 30-Jan-1982 1-Apr-1981
Joseph Charles Andrew B 23-Jan-1999 3-Nov-1998
Joseph Cleone K M 30-Dec-1965 28-Aug-1965
Joseph Eugene H M 30-Dec-1937 3-Dec-1937
Joseph Jonathan Daniel B 29-Jan-2005 30-May-2004
Joseph Jonathan Daniel B 7-Jun-2004
Joseph Logan Matthew B 31-Jan-2009 p3f 20-Aug-2008
Joseph Mark Aaron B 29-Jan-2005 23-May-2004
Joseph Matthew James B 27-Jan-2000 3-Aug-2000
Joseph Matthew James B 9-Aug-2000 p5a 3-Aug-2000
Joseph Paul J B 30-Dec-1954 15-Oct-1954
Joseph Price M 25-Nov-1890
Joseph Price M 1-Dec-1890
Joseph Rohan Andrew M 28-Jan-1995 26-Nov-1994
Josephson Fred B M 30-Dec-1938 10-Jun-1938
Joslin Minnie B M 23-Mar-1895 20-Mar-1895
Joslin Richard Allen D 21-Sep-1999 p5a 19-Sep-1999
Joslyh Eli Colby B 1-May-1996 p5a 29-Apr-1996
Joslyn Belle M M 17-Aug-1885 16-Aug-1885
Joslyn James Albert M 26-Jan-1991 11-Aug-1990
Joslyn Jessie D 15-Feb-1975 15-May-1974
Joslyn Minnie B M 23-Mar-1895 20-Mar-1895
Joslyn Theodore L D 29-Dec-1956 7-Feb-1956
Joss Donald M 30-Dec-1954 3-Sep-1954
Jost Arnold J D 30-Dec-1946 11-Aug-1946
Jost Herman D 31-Jan-1976 6-Apr-1975
Jost M Beryl D 30-Jan-1982 13-Jul-1981
Jost William D 4-Mar-1929 2-Mar-1929
Jostock John N M 30-Dec-1935 5-Nov-1935
Jourdan Infant Daughter B 24-Mar-1930
Jovel Sandra Elizabeth Ruiz M 31-Jan-2009 pg 7f 26-Sep-2008
Joy Callie Mrs D 21-Feb-1929 21-Feb-1929
Joy Connie Lee M 26-Jan-2002 3-Aug-2001
Joy Edwin J M 2-Nov-1863 30-Oct-1863
Joy Infant Son D 29-May-1882 p2
Joy James H M 1-Aug-1876 1-Jul-1876
Joy Julia L M 23-Jul-1863 22-Jul-1863
Joy Kate M 5-Jan-1877 6-Sep-1876
Joy Libbie L M 18-Feb-1878 p4 16-Feb-1878
Joy Lizzie M 5-Jan-1877 4-May-1876
Joy Marian W,Mrs D 27-Aug-1870 p4
Joy Marion M 5-Jan-1877 4-May-1876
Joy Marion M 5-May-1876 4-May-1876
Joy Marion M 1-Jun-1876 4-May-1876
Joy Marion M 5-May-1876 4-May-1876
Joy Marion M 1-Jun-1876 4-May-1876
Joy Marion M 5-May-1876 4-May-1876
Joy Marion M 1-Jun-1876 4-May-1876
Joy Marion M M 23-Sep-1869 p1 22-Sep-1869
Joy Marion M M 8-Oct-1869 22-Sep-1869
Joy Marion M M 24-Sep-1869 p3 22-Sep-1869
Joy Marjorie Lee D 30-Dec-1957 28-Jul-1957
Joy Mary Elizabeth M 4-May-1876 4-May-1876
Joy WH D 5-Jan-1877 24-Sep-1876
Joy WH M 8-May-1873 p4 6-May-1873
Joy William H D 25-Sep-1876 24-Sep-1876
Joy Kate M 3-Oct-1876 6-Sep-1876
Joy Mary Elizabeth M 1-Jun-1876 4-May-1876
Joy Wm A M 1-Mar-1881 2-Feb-1881
Joyce Anna,Mrs M 7-Mar-1865 23-Feb-1865
Joyce Michael P M 29-Dec-1939 7-Oct-1939
Joyce Sarah E M 8-Oct-1879 p4 7-Oct-1879
Joyner Mary Louise B 30-Dec-1946 24-Oct-1946
Juan Arturo Don M 29-Jan-1983 7-May-1982
Juan Nydia Alicia Betty M 31-Jan-2004 20-Jun-2003
Juaras Martha M 14-Jul-2004
Juarez Juanita V M 30-Dec-1937 27-Dec-1937
Juarez Linda Anne M 26-Jan-2008 p2f 19-Jan-2007
Juarez Maricruz M 29-Jan-2000 17-Feb-1999
Juber Deeda D M 26-Jan-2002 10-Aug-2001
Juchter Ella G D 17-Jan-1987 5-Dec-1986
Juchter Jeffry Thomas M 23-Jan-1992 19-Oct-1991
Jucke Mary, Mrs M 30-Dec-1954 11-Oct-1954
Judd Barb Allison M 26-Jan-2002 19-May-2001
Judd Raymond C M 30-Dec-1938 26-Mar-1938
Judd Woodworth M 30-Dec-1938 13-Aug-1938
Judge Joseph Charles B 30-Dec-1970 6-Jan-1970
Judge Kenan M M 28-Jan-1984 5-Feb-1983
Judge Thomas Anthony B 29-Dec-1967 11-Jan-1967
Judisch Albert L D 30-Dec-1936 24-Jun-1936
Judisch Alice,Mrs D 30-Dec-1936 1-Feb-1936
Judisch Amos M 10-Mar-1920
Judisch Caroline M 14-Jun-1877 p4 14-Jun-1877
Judisch Charles,Mrs D 20-Jun-1901 20-Jun-1901
Judisch Chas M 7-Nov-1894 7-Oct-1984
Judisch Frederick Wm,Rev D 8-May-1900 5-May-1900
Judisch Henry W D 30-Dec-1936 22-Oct-1936
Judisch Ludwig F D 31-Dec-1913 10-Apr-1913
Judisch Mary M 21-Dec-1905 13-Sep-1905
Judisen Charles A D 27-Mar-1924
Judson George M M 1-Feb-1876 7-Jul-1997
Judson George M M 8-Jan-1876 7-Jan-1876
Judson George M M 1-Feb-1876 7-Jan-1876
Judson George M M 8-Jan-1876 7-Jul-1876
Judy Elizabeth D 30-Dec-1936 28-Mar-1936
Juehring Anne Marie M 31-Jan-2004 25-Mar-2003
Juehring Gary Lee M 30-Dec-1968 14-Sep-1968
Juehring Jenny Leann B 23-May-1995 p3a 16-May-1995
Juehring Lee Paul B 30-Dec-1969 26-Mar-1969
Juehring Lee Paul M 29-Jan-1994 22-Nov-1993
Juels Ione B M 29-Dec-1956 2-Apr-1956
Juergens Craig Loren B 29-Dec-1961 3-May-1961
Juergens Craig Loren M 17-Jan-1987 7-Jun-1986
Juergens Craig Loren M 31-Jan-2004 16-Aug-2003
Juergens Laura Lyn B 30-Dec-1964 13-May-1964
Juett Ida M 1-Jan-1908 28-Aug-1907
Juettner Bernhard D 16-Dec-1909 30-Jan-1909
Juettner Emil D 31-Oct-1877 p4 29-Oct-1877
Juettner Henry M 30-Nov-1900 28-Nov-1900
Juettner Henry Arthur D 21-Jan-1930
Juettner Ida A D 30-Dec-1953 12-Jun-1953
Juettner Julia D 1-Jan-1908 1-Sep-1907
Jugenheimer Sarah F D 1-Jan-1912 20-Dec-1911
Jugenheimer Sarah F D 20-Dec-1911
Juhl Alma D 30-Dec-1968 18-Jul-1968
Juhl Clayton James B 24-Jan-1998 16-Jan-1997
Juhl Clayton James B 21-Jan-1997 p5a 16-Jan-1997
Juhl Vera A M 30-Dec-1941 15-Mar-1941
Juhl William D 26-Jan-1980 13-May-1979
Julch Maggie M 8-Mar-1880 p4
Julifs Henry D 30-Dec-1954 22-Feb-1954
Julson Janice Lynne M 23-Jan-1992 26-Oct-1991
Jump Albert D D 17-Jan-1987 1-Dec-1986
Jump Ella J M 27-Jan-1979 14-Feb-1978
Jundisch Jennie M 17-Dec-1908 15-Apr-1908
Jundt Jacob M 8-Mar-1880 p4
Jungbluth G Earlyne D 2-Jun-2004
Jungbluth Kenneth D 9-Sep-2004 4-Sep-2004
Junge Albert D 30-Dec-1969 21-Jul-1969
Junge Albert M 30-Dec-1916 26-Jan-1916
Junge Margaret D 20-Dec-1947
Junge Margaret Mrs D 30-Dec-1947 20-Dec-1947
Jungjohann Wm M 17-Dec-1908 14-Apr-1908
Junker Catherine P M 30-Dec-1940 31-Aug-1940
Junkin Anne Ella M 25-May-1871
Junkin Anne Ella M 2-Jun-1871
Junkin David X D 2-May-1892 1-May-1892
Junkin Infant Daughter B 2-Nov-1880 p4 10-Oct-1880
Junkin Nellie,Mrs M 24-Jan-1895 23-Jan-1895
Junkin Susan,Mrs M 24-Feb-1875 23-Feb-1875
Junkins Marvin N M 29-Dec-1939 25-Jun-1939
Junney Rhonda Kae B 30-Dec-1957 31-Jan-1957
Jurado Alejandra M 29-Jan-2000 17-Jul-1999
Jurevitz Helen V M 30-Dec-1953 1-May-1953
Jurevitz Josephine Joan M 30-Dec-1938 4-Jun-1938
Jurevitz Laura Margaret B 30-Dec-1964 28-Aug-1964
Jurevitz Margaret D 30-Dec-1960 28-Jul-1960
Jurevitz Bernice H D 5-Apr-1972
Jurewitz Julius D 30-Dec-1949 24-May-1949
Jurgens Anna K,Mrs D 28-Aug-1897 27-Aug-1897
Jurgens Michael Paul B 15-Feb-1975 11-Jan-1974
Jurgensen Harold M 28-Dec-1945 30-Oct-1945
Jurgensen Peter M 31-Dec-1913 26-Nov-1913
Jurgenson Selina M M 30-Dec-1916 11-Oct-1916
Jurken John B 10-Nov-1883
Just Lena M 2-Oct-1891 p4 30-Sep-1891
Justeman Albert M 23-Nov-1899 p4
Justeman Albert M 26-Nov-1899 p8
Justice James M 23-Jul-1884 22-Jul-1884
Justice James Leroy B 28-Dec-1945 22-Oct-1945
Justice Jimmie J M 29-Jan-1983 12-Jun-1982
Justice LaRae Jean B 29-Dec-1944 10-Jan-1944
Justice Margaret Edith M 2-Sep-1951
Justman Albert M 23-Nov-1899 p4
Justman Albert M 26-Nov-1899 p8
Justus Betty D 7-Nov-1997 p5a 6-Nov-1997
Justus Betty Jane D 24-Jan-1998 6-Nov-1997
Justus Elizabeth Betty-Jane B 26-Jan-2002 13-Sep-2001
Justus Elmer D 18-Jan-1986 27-May-1985
Justus Eva Lou M 28-Jan-1995 25-Jun-1994
Justus McKaya Tristine B 31-Oct-1996
Justus Micah Eve B 31-Jan-2004 2-Feb-2003
Justus Micah Eve B 6-Feb-2003 p5a 2-Feb-2003
Justus Padriac Pierce B 29-Jan-2000 20-Sep-1999
Justus Padriac Pierce B 25-Sep-1999 p7a 20-Sep-1999
Justus Patrick M 31-May-1996 p6a 20-May-1996
Justus Renee M 30-Jan-1982 26-Jun-1981
Justus Sean Dwayne M 24-Jan-1998 21-Oct-1997
Justus Timmy Joann B 29-Dec-1962 2-Jul-1962
Justus Tyler Sean B 23-Jan-1999 17-Jul-1998
Justus Tyler Sean B 21-Jul-1998 p5a 17-Jul-1998
Juszczyk John Phillip B 29-Jan-2005 18-Aug-2004
Jutte Debbie D M 26-Jan-1980 5-May-1979
Jutte Debbie D M 26-Jan-1980 5-May-1979
Juul Pearl M 30-Dec-1940 7-Dec-1940
Jelley Ellen,Mrs D 30-May-1869 21-Jan-1869
Jones Caroline,Mrs D 30-May-1869 21-Jan-1869