About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to instill a passion for reading, lifelong learning, and discovery by providing materials, technology, and creative, innovative programming.

Our Vision

Empowering our community to engage in a creative, intellectual life.

Our Core Values

Collaborative: We strive to partner with local organizations to improve our impact in the community.

Community: Fostering an environment that encourages community.

Creativity: We support the innovative, expressive, and enterprising pursuits of people in our community.

Patron Focus: We are relentless in our pursuit to better understand our patrons and thus provide exceptional service.

Discovery: Cultivating the thrill of encountering new ideas and information, making new connections, and explaining new possibilities for our patrons.

Learning: We believe that lifelong learning is a key to continuous personal growth and a vibrant local community.

Stewardship: We serve as stewards of our community’s cultural, historical, and contemporary resources.