Adopt An Author

Is there a favorite author you like but can’t ever seem to get on the waiting list early enough! Well, how about adopting the author. If you agree to purchase the book through the library you can then be the first person to read the book! Sounds like a good idea? We purchase the book at our greatly discounted price and then bill you. When the book is ready we call you so that you can be the first one to read it! Call the library for more information.

Equipment, Overdue Fines, And Fees

Fines & Fees

There is a ten-cent fine per day on all materials.

Equipment Rental

The Library has one-day checkout on presentation equipment, including: 2 LCD projectors, and two projection screens (one small & one large). The LCD projectors have a fee of $20/day. The screens are free to rent.

Home Delivery

The library provides materials to patrons unable to come to the library. Senior citizens and physically challenged persons are encouraged to make use of this system of library delivery and pickup. Deliveries may be made by the home delivery coordinator, or by a library volunteer. For further information, call the library at 263-3065, and ask for the home delivery coordinator.

Inter-library Loan (ILL)

The library provides additional lending services for those items that are not available in the RiverShare Library System. To learn more, please visit our Inter Library Loan page.

Computers & Printing

The library offers 10 desktop computers where patrons may access the Internet and Microsoft Office Suite. To use the public computers, you need to have a library card or Photo ID.

In periods of heavy usage, computers may be reserved in the building using the reservation system. Each card has a time limit of  (180) minutes per day, limiting users to one consecutive hour when there is a waiting list.

The library also offers (8) Microsoft Surface Pro tablets for free rental within the library. To learn more about this service please visit our Tablet Rental page.

Meeting Rooms & Spaces

The library has 13 meeting rooms available for use. Some of these room are available by reservation only. To see which rooms are available or to make a reservation please visit our Rooms & Spaces page.

Exam Proctoring

We offer proctoring services for those students who need to take exams in an unsupervised environment. In order to request to have an exam proctored, students must contact the Reference Department at least one week prior to the desired test date to ensure that a librarian is available to adminster the exam. After a date has been agreed upon, the instructor for the course must contact the Head of Reference Services ( with the instructions for the exam. For additional information please contact the Head of Reference Services at the above email address or call 563-263-3065.