Birth, Marriage, & Death Index

Musser Public Library’s Birth, Marriage, & Death searchable Index covers births, marriages, obituaries, and death notices that have appeared in the Muscatine (city) newspapers since 1840 to present day. These papers may be found in the newspaper microfilm collection at the library. Many dedicated volunteers have worked for years to develop this Index, and the Library would like to thank them for their efforts!

Last Name First Name Type Date of Paper Page # Date of Event
Maas Austin Jay M 29-Jan-2005 7-Aug-2004
Maas Austin Jay M 17-Sep-2004
Maas Brooke Kirsten B 26-Jan-1991 20-Aug-1990
Maas Carl S D 30-Dec-1953 16-Apr-1953
Maas Harry M 30-Dec-1953 5-Dec-1953
Maas Irene A D 27-Jan-2000 28-Sep-2000
Maas James Martin M 29-Dec-1967 8-Jul-1967
Maas James Martin M 31-Jan-2009 pg 7f 1-Nov-2008
Maas James Martin M 21-Feb-1972
Maas Jennifer Jo Ann M 30-Dec-1966 9-Jul-1966
Maas Jennifer Jo Ann M 28-Jan-2006 2-Feb-2005
Maas Jerry D M 28-Jan-1978 12-Mar-1977
Maas Julie D 5-Mar-2003 27-Feb-2003
Maas Julie A M 31-Jan-1981 23-Aug-1980
Maas Melinda Lee D 5-May-2002 2-May-2003
Maas Melinda Lee D 31-Jan-2004 2-May-2003
Maas Richard Paul B 28-Dec-1951 8-Nov-1951
Maasen Edna Genevieve D 30-Dec-1966 6-Feb-1966
Maasen Gustof D 30-Dec-1969 4-May-1969
Maass Margaret M 30-Dec-1946 27-May-1946
Mabe Emma Jane D 30-Dec-1933 7-Jan-1933
Mabe John R D 29-Dec-1956 22-Feb-1956
Mabee Virginia May M 31-Jan-2004 29-Mar-2003
Mabery Sharon S M 29-Jan-1983 19-Jun-1982
Mac Eachern Louise D 17-Jul-2007 16-Jul-2007
Mac Eachern Louise May (Bass) D 18-Jul-2007 16-Jul-2007
MacAllister Grace M 30-Dec-1952 5-Apr-1952
Macauley Deborah Anne B 30-Jan-1982 14-May-1981
MacCallum Helen D 23-Jan-1988 19-May-1987
MacCartney Henry W D 17-Jan-1987 3-Oct-1986
MacCartney Isabelle D 30-Dec-1966 17-Oct-1966
MacCourt Donn Richard M 31-Jan-1976 28-Jan-1975
MacDougal Ted R D 30-Dec-1957 8-Jul-1957
MacDougall DeRoy Dickerson D 30-Dec-1943 28-Mar-1943
Mace Bessie M 17-Dec-1908 13-Jun-1908
Mace Daughter B 29-Jan-1973 30-Jun-1972
Mace J Helen M 29-Dec-1939 21-Oct-1939
Mace Jayma JoLynn B 31-Jan-1976 6-Jul-1975
Mace Jayma JoLynn M 29-Jan-2005 29-Feb-2004
Mace Jennie A D 8-Apr-1984
Mace Raymond Alvin M 30-Dec-1938 10-Jun-1938
MacEachern Jay L M 26-Jan-1980 23-Jun-1979
MacEachern Jay L M 26-Jan-1980 23-Jun-1979
Maceachern John Leslie D 23-Jan-1992 22-Jul-1991
MacGowan Audrey L M 30-Dec-1954 11-Mar-1954
MacGowan Barbara June M 30-Dec-1964 1-Feb-1964
MacGowan Carolyn K M 19-Jan-1985 23-Jun-1984
MacGowan Glen Eugene D 30-Jan-1993 26-Apr-1992
MacGowan Howard L D 13-May-2002 10-May-2002
MacGowan Howard Linn D 25-Jan-2003 10-May-2002
MacGowan Howard Linn M 30-Dec-1955 17-Feb-1955
MacGowan Lester Douglas M 29-Jan-1994 12-Aug-1993
MacGowan Marilyn D 30-Jan-1993 24-Feb-1992
MacGregor Donald D 29-Dec-1967 19-Aug-1967
MacGregor Scott Allen B 30-Dec-1965 24-Jul-1965
MacGregor Wilma Jean M 30-Dec-1969 8-Jul-1969
Machado Jose Victor D 28-Jan-2006 23-May-2005
Machalek Orelle (Mrs) M 30-Dec-1954 5-Jun-1954
Machlan Brian Eugene B 30-Dec-1966 10-Sep-1966
Machlan Brian Eugene M 30-Jan-2007 17-Jun-2006
Machlan Clarence G M 28-Jan-1978 3-Dec-1977
Machlan Clarence George B 30-Dec-1948 3-Jul-1948
Machlan Clarence George D 28-Jan-2006 9-Nov-2005
Machlan Clarence George M 30-Jan-2007 21-Jun-2006
Machlan Elias J D 15-Dec-1910
Machlan Francis Frank D 1-Jan-1913 8-Nov-1912
Machlan J W M 1-Jan-1908 20-Aug-1907
Machlan JA M 2-Jun-1865 1-Jun-1865
Machlan John A D 12-Sep-1882 11-Sep-1882
Machlan John William D 30-Dec-1942 12-Jan-1942
Machlan Joyce Ann M 29-Dec-1967 11-Feb-1967
Machlan Judith A D 31-Jan-2004 27-Oct-2003
Machlan Judith Ann D 29-Oct-2003 27-Oct-2003
Machlan Judith Ann B 30-Dec-1947 10-Jun-1947
Machlan Kate M 1-Jul-1876 14-Jun-1876
Machlan Michelle M 13-Jan-1996 16-Dec-1995
Machlan Sara Beth B 22-Jan-1972 20-Aug-1971
Machlan Sara Beth M 17-Jan-1987 15-Oct-1986
Machlan Sarah M 17-Aug-1875 16-Mar-1875
Machlan Verna D 23-Jan-1988 20-Feb-1987
Machlan Wanda M D 20-Oct-2008 18-Oct-2008
Machlau Joyce Ann B 28-Dec-1945 24-Apr-1945
Machlin EJ D 31-May-1889 16-May-1889
Machlin JA M 10-Dec-1871
Machlin Sovillia D 28-dec-1864
Machovec David Lyle D 22-Dec-1997 19-Dec-1997
Machovec Jacson Wayne B 31-Jan-2009 p4f 12-Dec-2008
Machovec Loleta Leaf M 31-Jan-2009 pg 7f 29-Aug-2008
Machovec Randall L M 29-Jan-1983 23-Oct-1982
Machu John M 30-Dec-1916 4-Oct-1916
Machu Stella D 30-Dec-1952 5-Dec-1952
Machula Michele Diane M 28-Jan-1995 12-Aug-1994
Macia Jose Maria Jr M 31-Jan-2004 20-Sep-2003
Macias Benjamin Joe B 23-Jan-1992 21-Mar-1991
Macias Bobbie Jo M 23-Jan-1999 14-Feb-1998
Macias Brandon Alber D 10-Dec-1998 8-Dec-1998
Macias Carrie D 31-Jan-1976 13-Apr-1975
Macias Jonathan Joe B 23-Jan-1988 9-Jul-1987
Macias Jonathon Joe M 31-Jan-2009 pg 7f 5-Sep-2008
Macias Maria Luisa M 26-Jan-2002 3-Nov-2001
Macias Roy David M 30-Dec-1957 13-Apr-1957
Macias Salome B 23-Jan-1992 10-Jul-1991
Macias Diliana B 23-Jan-1988 30-May-1987
Mack Bernard R M 28-Jan-1984 3-Sep-1983
Mack Bertha A D 29-Jan-1983 3-Dec-1982
Mack Curtis Ray M 23-Jan-1992 15-Jun-1991
Mack George M 10-Feb-1890
Mack June Holliday D 23-Oct-1984 21-Oct-1984
Mack Lavern Dean M 17-Jan-1987 1-Jul-1986
Mack Lavern Dean M 24-Jan-1998 14-Jan-1997
Mack Linda Fay B 28-Dec-1951 21-Aug-1951
Mack Louis M 1-Aug-1876 22-Jul-1876
Mack Madison Rae B 29-Jan-1994 11-Nov-1993
Mack Mary C D 29-Jan-1973 4-Dec-1972
Mack Norman D 23-Oct-2007 22-Oct-2007
Mack Norman D D 24-Oct-2007 22-Oct-2007
Mack Rebekah K M 23-Jan-1988 10-Jan-1987
Mack Wanda Rae B 30-Dec-1952 14-Nov-1952
Mack Willard R D 26-Jun-2002 24-Jun-2002
Mackenan JL M 4-Apr-1871 14-Mar-1871
MacKendrick Donette Marie B 30-Dec-1968 4-Jun-1968
MacKendrick Paul Richard B 30-Dec-1966 22-Jul-1966
Mackenzie Charles M M 1-Jan-1913 25-Sep-1912
MacKenzie David Black D 30-Dec-1949 14-Sep-1949
MacKenzie E P M 30-Dec-1946 4-Jun-1946
MacKenzie Gertrude O D 28-Jan-1979
Mackenzie Jae Christine B 30-Dec-1954 26-Nov-1954
MacKenzie Jean D 22-Dec-2000 22-Nov-2000
Mackenzie Kenneth D 30-Dec-1947 13-May-1947
Mackenzie Mardella M 29-Dec-1967 14-May-1967
MacKenzie Mardella Marie B 30-Dec-1947 27-Sep-1947
MacKenzie Mary Elaine M 30-Dec-1935 3-Jun-1935
Mackenzie Mary V D 30-Dec-1964 5-Nov-1964
Mackenzie Morrell D 30-Dec-1957 19-Nov-1957
MacKenzie Morrell M 30-Dec-1940 24-Dec-1940
MacKenzie Morrell M 23-Jun-1920
Mackey Burrel D D 10-Jan-1972
Mackey Burrel Daniel D 10-Jan-1972 10-Jan-1972
Mackey Charles Edward D 22-Jan-1972 9-Mar-1971
Mackey Charles Edward M 30-Dec-1937 5-Jun-1937
Mackey E Frances D 18-Aug-1995 17-Aug-1995
Mackey Elizabeth Laurent M 30-Sep-1896 30-Sep-1896
Mackey Ellen D 1-Jan-1908 5-Sep-1907
Mackey Ellen M D 1-Jan-1908 5-Sep-1907
Mackey John D 15-Mar-1881 15-Mar-1881
Mackey Joseph P D 16-Nov-1887
Mackey Loletta Mabel D 29-Jan-2005 17-May-2004
Mackey Mary M M 30-Dec-1946 5-Dec-1946
Mackey Patrick D 31-May-1870
Mackey Rex Myron D 22-Oct-1996 21-Oct-1996
Mackey Robert E M 18-Jan-1986 16-Oct-1985
Mackiewicz Kasia M 23-Dec-1999 12-Nov-1999
Macklan Clarence M 30-Dec-1937 15-May-1937
Macklan Elias J M 16-Dec-1909 20-Oct-1909
Macklem Jamie Nicole B 24-Jan-1998 28-Nov-1997
Macklen Jamie Nicole B 3-Dec-1997 28-Nov-1997
Mackley John M D 29-Dec-1961 26-Jun-1961
Macklin Aveline Mary M 16-Dec-1909 29-Jan-1909
Macklin Bessie M 28-Dec-1895 24-Dec-1895
Macklin John James Wesley D 29-Dec-1934 23-Mar-1934
Macklin John T D 30-Dec-1942 6-May-1942
Macklin John T M 16-Dec-1909 13-Apr-1909
Macklin Kate A M 4-Mar-1859 3-Mar-1859
Macklin Lulu M 20-Dec-1906 18-May-1906
Macklot Louisa M 28-Dec-1842 14-Dec-1842
MacLennan AK, Dr D 22-Feb-2001 11-Feb-2001
MacLennan Mark A M 30-Jan-1982 28-Nov-1981
MacLennan Mark Alexander B 30-Dec-1957 27-Oct-1957
MacMahon Andrew D 25-Mar-1902
MacMahon Diana G M 28-Jan-1978 26-Aug-1977
MacMahon Michael Ray M 15-Feb-1975 20-Aug-1974
Macon John C M 23-Jan-1988 23-Jan-1987
Macy John W M 3-Sep-1868 20-Aug-1868
Macy NW M 12-Oct-1875 5-Oct-1875
Madden Adrienne Rhea B 28-Jan-1979
Madden Anne M 28-Apr-1842 27-Apr-1843
Madden Arthur L M 1-Jan-1908 10-Sep-1907
Madden Bartel D 28-Jul-1882
Madden Charles JL M 19-Jan-1985 9-Aug-1984
Madden Dillingham D 28-Mar-1861 27-Mar-1861
Madden Frank R D 11-Jul-1873 10-Jul-1873
Madden Henry D 28-Sep-1900 27-Sep-1900
Madden Henry C D 30-Dec-1932 5-Feb-1932
Madden Henry C M 16-Nov-1882 15-Nov-1882
Madden Henry R M 14-Mar-1872 14-Mar-1872
Madden HR M 30-Dec-1916 5-Aug-1916
Madden Jackie Josephine D 30-Dec-1966 30-Jan-1966
Madden Jaine E D 23-Jan-1999 28-Jun-1998
Madden James D 31-Jan-1976 30-Nov-1975
Madden James D 29-Jun-1998 28-Jun-1998
Madden James Dennis B 29-Dec-1939 18-Oct-1939
Madden Jane E D 20-Sep-1900 20-Sep-1900
Madden Joah Aven B 29-Dec-1934 2-May-1934
Madden John D 6-May-1891
Madden Kelly C M 23-Jan-1988 9-Oct-1987
Madden Kenneth D 1-Jan-1912 9-Jun-1911
Madden Lindsey Anne B 31-Jan-1981 18-Jul-1980
Madden Michael James B 30-Dec-1953 3-Mar-1953
Madden Michael James D 30-Dec-1953 7-Mar-1953
Madden Mitchell Andrew M 31-Jan-2009 pg 6f 19-Jul-2008
Madden Myrtle D 30-Dec-1960 12-May-1960
Madden Patricia Ann B 30-Dec-1935 10-Dec-1935
Madden Philip K M 29-Jan-1983 9-Jan-1982
Madden PL D 20-Feb-1902
Madden Randy William B 23-Jan-1988 24-Feb-1987
Madden Richard D 17-May-1902 12-May-1902
Madden Sandra L M 29-Jan-2000 16-Jul-1999
Madden Tawana Lynn B 29-Dec-1962 1-Nov-1962
Madden Thomas D 5-Jan-1877 2-Apr-1876
Madden Toni D M 30-Jan-1982 16-May-1981
Madden Toni D M 19-Jan-1985 14-Feb-1984
Madden Toni Diane B 30-Dec-1954 25-Oct-1954
Madden Viola M 4-Jan-1876 28-Dec-1875
Madden William R M 30-Dec-1941 7-Jun-1941
Madden Kenneth D 1-Jan-1912 9-Jun-1911
Madden Wilson B M 28-Dec-1945 28-Aug-1945
Maddison Mary Ann, Mrs. Oliver D 24-Feb-1928 23-Feb-1928
Maddock Boy B 31-Dec-1929 9-Aug-1929
Maddox Bertha D 30-Dec-1955 17-Nov-1955
Maddox Cheryl M 30-Dec-1957 16-Mar-1957
Maddox Cheryl Pauline B 30-Dec-1940 2-Nov-1940
Maddox Frederick D 30-Dec-1970 25-Feb-1970
Maddox John W M 10-Apr-1866 9-Apr-1866
Maddox Joseph Walter D 30-Dec-1952 16-Apr-1952
Maddox Oder E D 28-Jan-1979
Maddox W R M 1-Jan-1913 20-Nov-1912
Maddux Carroll Ann B 30-Dec-1942 2-Jun-1942
Maddux George, Mrs D 30-Dec-1932 5-Apr-1932
Maddux Harriet Marie D 23-Jan-1988 2-Jun-1987
Maddux Lois Louise D 26-May-2003 23-May-2003
Maddux Robert Eugene B 30-Dec-1937 22-Sep-1937
Maddux William Edward D 6-Sep-1995 4-Sep-1995
Mader Birdie M 31-Oct-1894 31-Oct-1894
Mader Maggie M 5-Sep-1877 5-Sep-1877
Mader Margaret M 1-Mar-1881 17-Feb-1881
Mader Peter D 30-Dec-1932 1-Jun-1932
Madina Joseph George M 30-Dec-1940 7-Sep-1940
Madison Adelia Fay D 2-Nov-1865 9-Oct-1865
Madison Annie M 15-Apr-1891
Madison Antwyn Cornell M 31-Jan-2009 pg 7f 23-Aug-2008
Madison Brooke Sue M 18-Dec-1996 14-Sep-1996
Madison Dick M 30-Dec-1937 3-Jul-1937
Madison Edward J M 28-Jan-1984 28-Jun-1983
Madison Edward Job M 26-Jan-1991 1-Jun-1990
Madison Edward Joseph M 31-Jan-2004 2-Aug-2003
Madison Elizabeth Fay D 25-Aug-1866 11-Aug-1866
Madison Joseph Michael B 29-Jan-2005 24-Sep-2004
Madison Thomas Ryan B 26-Jan-2008 p8e 29-Nov-2007
Madlik Julia M M 8-Dec-1910 19-Oct-1910
Madlock Donald K D 29-Jan-2005 22-May-2004
Madlock Jayson Jay M 31-Jan-2004 8-Nov-2003
Madorin Daniel D 24-Mar-1998 23-Mar-1998
Madorin Devin Lynn M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 1-Sep-2007
Madrid Bryson Jesus B 28-Jan-2006 23-Feb-2005
Madrigal Adrian B 31-Jan-2004 9-Apr-2003
Madrigal Cesar M 27-Jan-2000 30-Oct-2000
Madriz Jesus M 26-Jan-2002 24-Nov-2001
Madriz Lucilla Elena B 24-Jan-1998 2-Feb-1997
Madsen A Violet D 23-Jan-1999 23-Feb-1998
Madsen Connie M 29-Jan-1973 8-May-1972
Madsen Connie Sue B 30-Dec-1953 14-Feb-1953
Madsen Elizabeth Ann M 20-Mar-2006 25-Feb-2006
Madsen Elizabeth Ann M 30-Jan-2007 25-Feb-2006
Madsen Freda D 18-Jan-1986 11-Oct-1985
Madsen Infant D 30-Dec-1916 27-Jul-1916
Madsen James Edward M 26-Jan-2008 p2f 5-May-2007
Madsen Mallory Kate B 19-Jul-1996
Madsen Marcus Jacob B 25-Jan-2003 8-Jul-2002
Madsen Mark A M 30-Jan-1982 31-Jul-1981
Madsen Mark Alan B 29-Dec-1962 4-Sep-1962
Madsen Martin Einar D 30-Dec-1943 28-Jul-1943
Madsen Patricia D 14-Nov-2006 11-Nov-2006
Madsen Patricia M 30-Dec-1954 11-Jun-1954
Madsen Paul Henry D 29-Jan-2005 15-Sep-2004
Madsen Paul LeRoy M 30-Dec-1952 24-Jan-1952
Madsen Paul Michael D 28-Jan-1979
Madsen Rickey Dean B 30-Dec-1955 4-Jun-1955
Madsen Ricky D M 31-Jan-1981 12-Apr-1980
Madsen Ricky Dean M 31-Jan-1976 23-Aug-1975
Madsen Robert Harley B 30-Dec-1933 5-May-1933
Madsen Russell John D 28-Jan-1979
Madsen Shirley Jean B 30-Dec-1932 14-Jan-1932
Madsen Shirley M D 19-Dec-1995 1-Dec-1995
Madsen Suzanna Marie M 26-Jan-2008 p5f 29-Sep-2007
Madsen Tracy P M 28-Jan-1979
Madsen Violet A D 24-Feb-1998 23-Feb-1998
Madsen Violet Cocklin D 22-Apr-1997 21-Apr-1997
Madsen Walter C D 23-Jan-1988 16-Apr-1987
Madson Edith D 26-Jan-1980 25-Jan-1979
Madson Mildred M D 29-Jan-1983 27-Nov-1982
Madson Ruth J M 30-Dec-1953 20-Mar-1953
Maeglin Agnes M 16-Dec-1909 27-Jul-1909
Maeglin Daphne B 24-Apr-1996 24-Apr-1996
Maeglin David O M 26-Jan-1980 16-Jun-1979
Maeglin David O M 26-Jan-1980 16-Jun-1979
Maeglin David Otto M 17-Jan-1987 10-Sep-1986
Maeglin Girl B 31-Dec-1929 2-Oct-1929
Maeglin Gustav E D 30-Dec-1947 23-Jan-1947
Maeglin Gustave C M 28-Aug-1891 27-Aug-1891
Maeglin Jerry Dean M 30-Dec-1969 28-Dec-1969
Maeglin John W D 17-Aug-1995 16-Aug-1995
Maeglin Julie Lynn B 29-Dec-1962 15-May-1962
Maeglin Linsey Marie B 26-Jan-1980 17-Dec-1979
Maeglin Martha E M 1-Jan-1908 25-May-1907
Maeglin Nada E (Fuller) D 8-May-2008 7-May-2008
Maeglin Nada E (Fuller) D 7-May-2008 8-May-2008
Maeglin Otto Michael B 20-Dec-2000 10-Dec-2000
Maeglin Otto R D 26-Jan-1991 27-May-1990
Maeglin Otto Richard B 30-Dec-1937 28-May-1937
Maeglin Robert Reimeyer M 30-Dec-1954 20-Dec-1954
Maeglin Robert Reimeyer M 30-Dec-1954 20-Dec-1954
Maeglin Robert Riemeyer B 29-Dec-1934 19-Apr-1934
Maeglin Samuel B 24-Apr-1996 24-Apr-1996
Maeglin Sophia Emma D 28-Dec-1945 30-Nov-1945
Maeglin Therese Amanda (Mrs) D 29-Dec-1956 10-Oct-1956
Maeglin Thomas M 8-Apr-1994 5-Dec-1993
Maeglin Thomas Robert B 29-Dec-1967 15-Jun-1967
Maeglin William Douglas B 30-Dec-1969 6-May-1969
Mael JR M 26-Mar-1885 25-Mar-1885
Maere Christopher Michael M 30-Jan-2007 22-Apr-2006
Maern Constance Jean M 30-Dec-1968 18-Aug-1968
Magana Dan D 30-Dec-1932 29-Mar-1932
Magana Stephanie Alayna B 28-Jan-2006 25-Jun-2005
Magana Vanessa B 26-Jan-2008 p7e 4-May-2007
Magarnie Thomas D 20-Dec-1906 18-Apr-1906
Magdaleno Amelia Camacho M 29-Jan-1994 10-Feb-1993
Magee Barbara Jean D 18-Dec-2008 16-Dec-2008
Magee Myron L M 29-Jan-2000 1-Oct-1999
MaGee Russell D 28-Jan-1984 27-May-1983
Magee Wayne M 10-Nov-1999 4-Sep-1999
Magels Amanda M D 29-Jan-1983 4-Dec-1982
Mager Arthur L D 25-Jan-2003 7-Mar-2002
Maghan Gladys Mae M 31-Jan-1976 6-Jun-1975
Maghuson Harry A D 17-May-1996 16-May-1996
Magill Huston, Mrs D 12-aug-1872
Magill Mary M 26-May-1902 25-May-1902
Magill Samuel D 27-Nov-1890
Maginnis Thomas D 10-Aug-1861 28-Jul-1861
Magness James M 16-Jun-1882 16-Jun-1882
Magnus Alfred Joseph D 30-Dec-1955 6-Mar-1955
Magnus Mamie D 22-Dec-1881
Magnuson Clarence Ellis D 30-Dec-1968 13-Mar-1968
Magnuson Eleanor Margaret D 30-Dec-1966 15-Jun-1966
Magnuson John Robert B 22-Jan-1972 1-Jun-1971
Magnuson Robert D 30-Dec-1966 15-Nov-1966
Magoon E G M 31-Dec-1889 5-Dec-1889
Magoon Edward G D 1-Jan-1912 10-Sep-1911
Magoon Edward G D 10-Sep-1911
Magoon Edward G M 6-Dec-1889 5-Dec-1889
Magoon Geo D D 23-Mar-1900 22-Mar-1900
Magoon Georgiana D 3-Aug-1863 2-Aug-1863
Magoon Joanna Kincaid D 8-Dec-1910 21-Feb-1910
Magoon Mary Ann M 16-Sep-1842 14-Sep-1842
Magrew Hester M 6-apr-1864 29-Mar-1864
Magruder James B 1-Dec-1880
Magruder James M 5-Jan-1880 1-Jan-1880
Maguire John Dennis M 30-Dec-1964 1-Oct-1964
Maguire Mrs D 22-Jan-1891 17-Jan-1891
Maguire Nicolette K M 15-Feb-1975 20-Jul-1974
Mahadeo Dhanessar M 26-Jan-1991 17-Feb-1990
Mahaffey Bertha, Mrs D 29-Dec-1944 16-Jun-1944
Mahaffey Florine Ann B 30-Dec-1947 7-Aug-1947
Mahaffey Inex D 2-Mar-2007 1-Mar-2007
Mahaffey Isaac M 4-Oct-1894 4-Oct-1894
Mahaffey Issac McClellan D 30-Dec-1949 16-Jan-1949
Mahaffey James M 15-Oct-1874 15-Oct-1874
Mahaffey Joleen Maria M 29-Jan-1994 1-Sep-1993
Mahaffey Joseph Alexander D 30-Dec-1965 5-Jan-1965
Mahaffey Josephine D 29-Dec-1939 6-Apr-1939
Mahaffey Josephine (Mrs) M 30-Dec-1938 2-Dec-1938
Mahaffey Lowell Morgan B 28-Dec-1945 18-Aug-1945
Mahaffey Minnie M 8-Dec-1910 17-Aug-1910
Mahaffey Nellie M 1-Jan-1912 26-Sep-1911
Mahaffey Nono Etta D 30-Dec-1954 18-Feb-1954
Mahaffey Thomas Morgan M 30-Dec-1938 2-Dec-1938
Mahaffey Violet Irene B 30-Dec-1933 21-Dec-1933
Mahaffey Wilma Loraine B 30-Dec-1949 28-Jan-1949
Mahaffy Della M 8-Dec-1910 19-Oct-1910
Mahala Briles D 25-Feb-1892
Mahan James David D 26-Aug-1854 20 Aug-1854
Mahan John Marvin M 26-Jan-1991 30-Dec-1990
Mahan Mary Fletcher D 11-Nov-1867 7-Nov-1867
Mahan Sallie H M 22-Feb-1878 18-Feb-1878
Mahan Sarah P D 22-Feb-1878 18-Feb-1878
Mahan Todd Francis M 29-Jan-1994 16-Aug-1993
Mahan Todd Francis M 27-Jan-2000 16-Aug-2000
Mahan Todd Francis M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 4-Aug-2007
Mahana Patrick D 29-Mar-1868 16-Mar-1868
Mahaney Sarah D 30-Dec-1954 11-Jun-1954
Mahaney William Charles D 1-Jan-1913 7-Aug-1912
Mahanna Dennis D 23-Mar-1901 22-Mar-1901
Mahanna Elizabeth, Mrs D 1-Jan-1912 20-Oct-1911
Mahar James D 31-Jan-1976 12-Dec-1975
Maheer Francis D 30-Dec-1953 21-May-1953
Maher Adeline F D 30-Dec-1941 22-Mar-1941
Maher Albert D 18-Sep-1900 18-Sep-1900
Maher Andrew P D 29-Dec-1934 27-Nov-1934
Maher Anna L D 30-Dec-1966 29-Jan-1966
Maher Barbara L M 29-Jan-1983 18-Jun-1982
Maher Birdie M 8-Dec-1910 29-Mar-1910
Maher Boy B 31-Dec-1913 8-Feb-1913
Maher Canoe Everett B 28-Jan-2006 14-Apr-2005
Maher Charles A M 30-Dec-1955 26-May-1955
Maher Charles Andrew B 30-Dec-1932 5-Jun-1932
Maher Clara D 29-Jan-1984
Maher Cynthia Ann B 30-Dec-1947 10-Sep-1947
Maher Cynthia Ann D 30-Dec-1947 15-Sep-1947
Maher Daniel D 30-Dec-1968 18-Mar-1968
Maher Daniel D 1-Feb-1999 30-Jan-1999
Maher Daniel M 31-Dec-1913 30-Jan-1913
Maher Daniel E M 31-Jan-1981 26-Jan-1980
Maher Daniel Edward D 29-Jan-2000 30-Jan-1999
Maher Daniel Edward M 30-Dec-1969 31-May-1969
Maher Danny J M 30-Dec-1946 15-Aug-1946
Maher Edward D 30-Nov-1998 28-Nov-1998
Maher Edward D 29-Dec-1939 7-Mar-1939
Maher Edward D 30-Dec-1966 22-Feb-1966
Maher Edward Duane B 30-Dec-1946 25-Mar-1946
Maher Edward J M 23-Aug-1900 22-Aug-1900
Maher Edward R D 23-Jan-1999 28-Nov-1998
Maher Eileen M M 30-Dec-1940 13-Jun-1940
Maher Ellen D 1-Jan-1908 15-Nov-1907
Maher Ellen (Mrs) D 1-Jan-1908 15-Nov-1907
Maher Felicia Gayle M 27-Jan-2000 1-Jul-2000
Maher FJ M 31-Jan-1896 14-Jan-1896
Maher Florence M M 30-Dec-1940 23-Jul-1940
Maher Frances Joanne B 30-Dec-1932 4-Nov-1932
Maher Frances Joanne M 29-Dec-1956 1-Jun-1956
Maher Frank M 28-Dec-1945 15-Apr-1945
Maher Girl B 31-Dec-1929 4-Oct-1929
Maher J J M 17-Dec-1908 23-Jun-1908
Maher Jack P D 26-Dec-1997 23-Dec-1997
Maher Janice Sue B 30-Dec-1949 7-Apr-1949
Maher Jeanne Marie B 30-Dec-1957 2-Mar-1957
Maher Jocelyn J M 13-Feb-2003
Maher Jocelyn Joyce B 30-Jan-1982 19-Nov-1981
Maher Jocelyn Joyce M 31-Jan-2004 8-Feb-2003
Maher John Francis (Jr) M 30-Dec-1946 9-Oct-1946
Maher Joseph glenn D 22-Jan-1972 16-Aug-1971
Maher Josephine M 1-Jan-1913 17-Apr-1912
Maher Katherine L M 30-Dec-1946 27-Apr-1946
Maher Katherine Lucille M 21-Apr-1936 21-Apr-1936
Maher Kathleen Ann B 28-Dec-1945 25-Nov-1945
Maher Kathleen Ann M 30-Dec-1966 3-Sep-1966
Maher Kelly Kristen B 29-Jan-1973 21-Apr-1972
Maher Lenard D 21-Sep-1893 20-Sep1893
Maher Leo D 30-Dec-1970 16-Feb-1970
Maher Leonard F D 31-Jan-2004 21-Jul-2003
Maher Leonard F M 29-Dec-1934 29-Sep-1934
Maher Leonard Francis D 22-Jul-2003 20-Jul-2003
Maher Leonard James B 30-Dec-1936 19-Sep-1936
Maher Manus Edward M 29-Dec-2004 23-Oct-2004
Maher Margaret M 30-Dec-1937 3-May-1937
Maher Margaret M 6-Apr-1920
Maher Marguerite B D 30-Dec-1942 17-Jul-1942
Maher Marie Ann M 29-Jan-2005 18-Sep-2004
Maher Marilyn M 30-Dec-1953 23-Jul-1953
Maher Martin LeRoy M 30-Dec-1966 30-Apr-1966
Maher Mary M 17-Dec-1908 12-Aug-1908
Maher Mary A M 30-Dec-1940 3-Oct-1940
Maher Mary C M 2-Mar-1871 13-Feb-1871
Maher Mary Francis D 13-Jul-1902
Maher Mary L M 30-Dec-1946 20-Nov-1946
Maher Mary Lin B 29-Dec-1934 19-Jan-1934
Maher Mayme D 24-Nov-1920
Maher Michael D 28-Feb-1902
Maher Patricia M 29-Dec-1961 1-Jul-1961
Maher Peter D 29-Dec-1939 5-Jul-1939
Maher Ranae Jean M 26-Jan-1991 7-Apr-1990
Maher Sandra Lyn B 30-Dec-1966 4-Jun-1966
Maher Sarah D 29-Feb-1928 29-Feb-1928
Maher Sarah D 2-Mar-1928
Maher Scott Lee B 30-Dec-1949 5-Oct-1949
Maher Shannon C M 30-May-2001 10-Mar-2001
Maher Shari Kay B 28-Dec-1951 10-Oct-1951
Maher Shawn Thomas B 30-Dec-1954 18-May-1954
Maher Steven Edward M 30-Dec-1969 21-Dec-1969
Maher Sylvia D 22-Jun-1998 22-Jun-1998
Maher Sylvia E D 23-Jan-1999 22-Jun-1998
Maher Thomas F D 30-Dec-1933 16-Nov-1933
Maher Thomas Lee B 30-Dec-1935 8-Jan-1935
Maher William Edward B 30-Dec-1947 13-Oct-1947
Maher William Leslie Carl M 31-Jan-2004 10-May-2003
Maher Wilma (Odell) D 7-Dec-2006 6-Dec-2006
Maher Wilma K M 30-Dec-1942 5-Nov-1942
Mahin Anna D 13-Mar-1862 12-Mar-1862
Mahin Ella Cassa D 5-Feb-1870
Mahin Emma L (Mrs) D 3-Oct-1914
Mahin Florence M 14-Jun-1900 12-Jun-1900
Mahin Frank W M 29-May-1879 29-May-1879
Mahin Jacob D 9-Cot-1872 7-Oct-1872
Mahin James M 30-Apr-1873 1-May-1873
Mahin James D 12-Dec-1877
Mahin John M 17-May-1859 17-May-1859
Mahin John M 21-Sep-1864 20-Sep-1864
Mahin John (Hon) D 24-Jul-1919
Mahin John Lee M 30-Oct-1895 29-Oct-1895
Mahin John Lee M 29-Oct-1895
Mahin Leslie Marvin Jr M 27-Jan-2000 20-Jun-2000
Mahin Mabel M 21-May-1897 21-May-1897
Mahin Mabel G D 23-Oct-2000 20-Oct-2000
Mahin Marian M 25-Dec-1922
Mahin Mary Elaine M 26-Feb-1877
Mahin Paulina E M 8-Jul-1853 7-Jul-1853
Mahler Arthur D 26-Jan-1980 1-Oct-1979
Mahler Arthur C M 30-Dec-1940 13-Jan-1940
Mahler Elizabeth Metta D 22-Jan-1972 28-Nov-1971
Mahler Gunter M 29-Dec-1962 3-Sep-1962
Mahler Mabel Gertrude D 27-Jan-2000 20-Oct-2000
Mahlum Doris J M 29-Jan-1983 15-Jun-1982
Mahoney Dennis Michael M 31-Jan-1976 26-Jul-1975
Mahoney Dennis Michael M 27-Jan-2000 23-Sep-2000
Mahoney Denny M 25-Oct-2000
Mahoney Douglas Michael B 30-Jan-1982 10-Aug-1981
Mahoney Ellen, Mrs D 2-Jan-1900 1-Jan-1900
Mahoney Elmer L D 11-Sep-1984 9-Sep-1984
Mahoney Francis D 26-Jan-1991 2-Sep-1990
Mahoney Howard F D 30-Dec-1955 15-Mar-1955
Mahoney James D 6-Jan-1928
Mahoney Jeremiah M 1-Dec-1883
Mahoney Jerry D M 15-Apr-1896 14-Apr-1896
Mahoney John Edward D 14-Nov-2008 13-Nov-2008
Mahoney Kathleen D M 28-Jan-1979
Mahoney Kelly Jo B 28-Jan-1978 2-Jul-1977
Mahoney Linda Darlene M 30-Dec-1969 1-Jun-1969
Mahoney Lucy B 31-Jan-1981 22-Mar-1980
Mahoney Mary D 2-Oct-1880 30-Sep-1880
Mahoney Susan Carol M 22-Jan-1972 25-Sep-1971
Mahoney Teresa Diane M 15-Feb-1975 25-May-1975
Mahoney Tillie, Mrs D 19-Mar-1902
Mahoney Wm M 4-May-1895 1-May-1895
Mahony Jeremiah B 13-Dec-1884
Mahr Mary Ann M 25-Jan-2003 7-Sep-2002
Mahram Amelia A D 20-Mar-1896 20-Mar-1896
Mahrann Esther D 12-Jan-2005 10-Jan-2005
Mahraun Bernice M D 18-Mar-1997 19-Mar-1997
Mahraun Daniel Allen B 22-Jan-1972 2-Feb-1971
Mahraun Donald Gene B 30-Dec-1942 25-Sep-1942
Mahraun Donald Gene M 30-Dec-1968 1-Jun-1968
Mahraun Elsie M 30-Dec-1916 18-Oct-1916
Mahraun Emilie D 29-Dec-1967 6-Aug-1967
Mahraun Esther F D 28-Jan-2006 10-Jan-2005
Mahraun Gary Wayne B 30-Dec-1940 28-Mar-1940
Mahraun Gretchen Lynn B 15-Feb-1975 6-Jun-1974
Mahraun Gretchen Lynn M 1-Mar-2000 13-Nov-1999
Mahraun Helen M M 30-Dec-1940 30-Nov-1940
Mahraun Leroy D 23-Jan-1999 21-Jul-1998
Mahraun Leroy H D 21-Jul-1998 21-Jul-1998
Mahraun Leroy H M 29-Dec-1934 18-Aug-1934
Mahraun Louis Herman D 30-Dec-1937 28-Mar-1937
Mahraun Lucille J D 19-Feb-2002 18-Feb-2002
Mahraun Lucille J D 25-Jan-2003 18-Feb-2002
Mahraun Robert D 18-Jan-1986 20-Sep-1985
Mahraun Robert M 29-Dec-1939 17-Sep-1939
Mahraun Robert Wayne B 30-Dec-1948 4-Mar-1948
Mahraun Sheryl Rae B 30-Dec-1942 22-Jul-1942
Mahrsen Bernice D 24-Jan-1998 18-Mar-1997
Mahurin Minnie D 31-Jan-1981 1-Mar-1980
Mahurin Patricia Rose M 30-Dec-1952 22-Oct-1952
Mahurion Rev M 4-Mar-1891 26-Feb-1891
Maida Joel Daniel B 23-Jan-1992 13-Mar-1991
Maiden Jeffrey Thomas D 4-May-2007 2-May-2007
Maiden Mary E M 20-Dec-1906 18-Oct-1906
Maiden William O D 30-Dec-1948 4-May-1948
Maidens Gladys M M 13-Nov-1922 7-Nov-1922
Maimone Mabel L Edwards D 18-Jan-1986 21-Oct-1985
Main Clifford 'Lee' D 6-Nov-2007 5-Dec-2007
Maine Dylan Michael B 30-Jan-1993 30-Oct-1992
Maine Edward Gerald D 6-Dec-2001 5-Dec-2001
Maine Jacob Charles M 29-Jan-2005 3-Jul-2004
Maine Jacob Charles M 14-Jul-2004
Maine James Roby D 21-Mar-1998 20-Mar-1998
Maine Leonard Alvin D 11-Jan-1996 10-Jan-1996
Maine Lisa Kay D 29-Jan-1973 3-Nov-1972
Maine Molly Marie B 9-Mar-1995 24-Jan-1995
Maines Minnie (Mrs) M 29-Dec-1939 14-May-1939
Mairet Eleanor M 29-Dec-1939 24-Jun-1939
Mais Peter M 15-Jan-1884 14-Jan-1884
Maisenbach Aldean M 31-Dec-1913 12-Nov-1913
Maisenbach Allen Frederick B 30-Dec-1936 8-Mar-1936
Maisenbach Carl Morris D 30-Dec-1968 27-Nov-1968
Maisenbach Carole Jean B 30-Dec-1936
Maisenbach Clara D 30-Dec-1965 30-Mar-1965
Maisenbach David Warren B 28-Dec-1951 12-Sep-1951
Maisenbach Edna Ruth M 30-Dec-1942 8-Aug-1942
Maisenbach Fern Louise M 28-Dec-1945 1-May-1945
Maisenbach Girl B 31-Dec-1929 20-Jan-1929
Maisenbach Hannah M 8-Dec-1910 15-Jun-1910
Maisenbach Jean Eilene B 29-Dec-1950 3-Aug-1950
Maisenbach Jennie A D 31-Dec-1913 26-Jan-1913
Maisenbach JoAnn Margaret D 27-Sep-1985
Maisenbach John D 23-Oct-1972
Maisenbach John G D 30-Dec-1937 31-Mar-1937
Maisenbach John M D 29-Jan-1973 22-Oct-1972
Maisenbach Kay Ann B 30-Dec-1942 26-Apr-1942
Maisenbach Louise D 28-Dec-1951 4-Jul-1951
Maisenbach Maurice B 14-Nov-1922 13-Nov-1922
Maisenbach Morris P. D 10-Jun-1997 2-May-1997
Maisenbach Myrna M 29-Dec-1950 19-Mar-1950
Maisenbach Paul H M 29-Dec-1934 15-Jun-1934
Maisenbach Paul Henry, Jr B 30-Dec-1935 7-Jan-1935
Maisenbach Rose W D 28-Jan-1978 2-Feb-1977
Maisenbach Theodore, "Ter" D 30-Dec-1954 30-Mar-1954
Maisenbach Verne G M 30-Dec-1935 8-Apr-1935
Maisenbach Warren D 9-Feb-2002 3-Feb-2002
Maisenbach William D M 29-Dec-1950 26-Dec-1950
Maisenhoff David Dean B 30-Dec-1952 30-Sep-1952
Maish Breanna Paige B 28-Jan-2006 25-Mar-2005
Majors Dallas Roman B 28-Feb-1998 24-Feb-1998
Majors Dallas Roman B 23-Jan-1999 24-Feb-1998
Majors Henrietta M 6-Sep-1867 4-Sep-1867
Makoben Charles D 30-Dec-1955 1-Jan-1955
Makoben Ima C D 9-May-1994 6-Mar-1994
Makosky Edward A M 30-Jan-1982 1-Jul-1981
Malaby Mary M 5-Oct-1867 26-Sep-1867
Malagon Alma Alicia Chavez M 30-Jan-2007 18-Aug-2006
Malchert Evelyn B M 30-Dec-1943 21-Sep-1943
Malcolm Cora Katherine D 23-Jan-1988 10-Jun-1987
Malcom Evelyn M 30-Dec-1938 22-Oct-1938
Malcom Evelyn Louise D 30-May-2008 28-May-2008
Malcom Evelyn Louise D 28-May-2008 30-May-2008
Malcom James Earl M 30-Dec-1940 16-Sep-1940
Malcom Tammy Sue B 31-Jan-1976 5-Mar-1975
Maldonado Catalina M 24-Jan-1998 21-Jul-1997
Maldonado Denis Cecilia M 27-Jan-2000 17-Nov-2000
Maldonado Lorenzo Carlos M 26-Jan-2002 3-Nov-2001
Maldonado Lorenzo Carlos M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 25-Aug-2007
Maldonado Miguel Antonio B 31-Jan-2009 p3f 4-Sep-2008
Maldonado Raul Castaneda M 23-Jan-1992 23-Aug-1991
Male Dorothy M 30-Dec-1938 15-Jun-1938
Malek Robert L M 29-Dec-1939 21-Jul-1939
Maley Frank B 29-Jan-1973 26-Jul-1972
Maley Ruth A (Hamm) D 24-Mar-2008 22-Mar-2008
Maley Ruth A (Hamm) D 22-Mar-2008 24-Mar-2008
Maley William Henry D 30-Dec-1953 26-Sep-1953
Malik Joseph T, Jr M 30-Dec-1935 6-Jul-1935
Malik Mildred M 29-Dec-1939 12-Aug-1939
Malkern Mary M 2-Nov-1872 17-Oct-1872
Malkson Willis D 29-Dec-1934 17-May-1934
Mallcoat C M 16-Dec-1884
Mallenhauer Jerod M 9-Feb-2005 2-Oct-2004
Mallett JW M 27-Sep-1871 27-Sep-1871
Malley Leo J M 30-Dec-1940 17-Sep-1940
Malli Alexis Dawn B 4-May-1999 27-Apr-1999
Malli Alexis Dawn B 29-Jan-2000 27-Apr-1999
Mallicoat Sarah E M 5-Sep-1877 30-Aug-1877
Mallicoat William M 5-Jul-1873 3-Jul-1873
Mallie Ann Marie B 29-Dec-1939 14-Aug-1939
Mallie Beatrice Elizabeth D 30-Dec-1960 16-Aug-1960
Mallie Billie Ann B 29-Dec-1956 9-Apr-1956
Mallie Daniel Lee B 30-Dec-1946 4-Nov-1946
Mallie David John B 30-Dec-1942 1-Feb-1942
Mallie David John B 30-Dec-1942 1-Feb-1942
Mallie Douglas Wayne B 30-Dec-1942 27-May-1942
Mallie Frank Howard D 30-Dec-1963 8-Jul-1963
Mallie Jeanne D 12-Apr-1999 11-Apr-1999
Mallie Joseph Emil B 29-Dec-1944 29-Nov-1944
Mallie Kathleen Ann B 30-Dec-1949 21-Sep-1949
Mallie Leo F M 30-Dec-1941 21-Oct-1941
Mallie Leo Francis D 3-Apr-2000 2-Apr-2000
Mallie Leo francis D 27-Jan-2000 2-Apr-2000
Mallie Leo Marive B 30-Dec-1938 20-Feb-1938
Mallie Natalie Anne B 30-Dec-1969 18-Jul-1969
Mallie Rhonda Jean B 22-Jan-1972 13-Oct-1971
Mallie Ross Daniel B 28-Jan-1978 17-Aug-1977
Mallie Ruth E (Nussbaum) D 20-Dec-2007 14-Dec-2007
Mallie Susanne Marie B 30-Dec-1943 21-Apr-1943
Mallie Willard DeWayne B 30-Dec-1937 17-Feb-1937
Mallory Julia M 1-Oct-1880 21-Sep-1880
Malloy Florence Marie (Mrs) D 28-Dec-1951 2-Dec-1951
Malloy Gertrude Mary M 30-Dec-1942 6-Jan-1942
Malloy James Patrick B 30-Dec-1946 25-Sep-1946
Malloy John E M 30-Dec-1938 15-Jul-1938
Malloy Mary E M 30-Dec-1943 19-Jun-1943
Malloy Mary, Mrs D 22-Jun-1899 21-Jun-1899
Mally Damon Michael B 23-Jan-1992 12-Apr-1991
Mally Danielle Marie B 28-Jan-1995 29-Mar-1994
Mally Danielle Marie B 5-Apr-1994
Mally Jeffrey Alan M 26-Jan-1991 6-Aug-1990
Mally Jeffrey Alan M 29-Jan-2000 30-Apr-1999
Malmberg Andres P D 30-Dec-1957 6-Apr-1957
Malmberg Zola Mae D 11-Feb-1998 9-Feb-1998
Malone Brian Alexander M 31-Jan-2009 pg 7f 23-Aug-2008
Malone Donald M 30-Dec-1938 26-Nov-1938
Malone Donald Wesley B 29-Dec-1956 18-Nov-1956
Malone Eliza J D 30-Dec-1916 7-Sep-1916
Malone Elva D 31-Jul-1998 30-Jul-1998
Malone Harry H D 30-Dec-1957 27-Jun-1957
Malone Ina A, Mrs M 18-Nov-1898 16-Nov-1898
Malone Infant Daughter B 31-Dec-1930 21-Jun-1930
Malone Janett M 30-Dec-1940 2-Mar-1940
Malone John R D 30-Dec-1916 7-Dec-1916
Malone Larry Fay B 29-Dec-1956 8-Mar-1956
Malone Michael Howard B 30-Dec-1955 10-Oct-1955
Malone Nellie Irene M 1-Jan-1929 31-Dec-1928
Malone Pamela Ann B 30-Dec-1954 24-Mar-1954
Malone Patricia B 29-Dec-1950 12-Jun-1950
Malone Patrick M 2-Mar-1871 18-Feb-1871
Malone Paul W D 11-Apr-1994 11-Apr-1994
Malone Randall Victor B 30-Dec-1952 1-Oct-1952
Malone Son B 29-Jan-1973 30-May-1972
Malone Thomas Eugene B 30-Dec-1941 7-Mar-1941
Malone William Edward B 30-Dec-1948 5-Aug-1948
Maloney Kathryn M 17-Dec-1908 29-Jun-1908
Maloney Kirk S B 19-Jan-1985 29-Jul-1984
Maloy Marian D 20-Dec-2001 17-Dec-2001
Malpitz Eliza M 16-Mar-1883 11-Mar-1883
Malsby Mary M 5-Oct-1867 26-Sep-1867
Malson Donald Thomas M 30-Dec-1937 20-Nov-1937
Malzahn Ann Carol M 30-Dec-1968 22-Jul-1968
Manahan James, Mrs D 21-Sep-1866
Manahl Mary Ann M 30-Dec-1953 30-Oct-1953
Manaray Connie Kay B 30-Dec-1952 1-May-1952
Manard Crystal Ann M 25-Jan-2003 1-Jun-2002
Manard Gary Leroy Jr M 25-Jan-2003 4-May-2002
Manard Gary Leroy,Jr M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 29-Sep-2007
Manard Keegan Allen B 26-Jan-2002 28-Aug-2001
Manard Keegan Allen B 14-Sep-2001 28-Aug-2001
Manary Jerry L D 29-Jan-1973 7-Aug-1972
Manatt Al D 12-Sep-1998 11-Sep-1998
Manatt Alfred Price D 23-Jan-1999 11-Sep-1998
Manatt Melba Hutchinson D 8-Oct-1997 7-Oct-1997
Manatt Pamela Irene B 30-Dec-1949 19-Jun-1949
Manatt Pamela Irene M 22-Jan-1972 17-Apr-1971
Manatt Sue A M 26-Jan-1980 24-May-1979
Manatt Sue A M 29-Jan-1983 13-Feb-1982
Manatt Sue A M 26-Jan-1980 24-May-1979
Manby Thomas D 4-Feb-1905
Manchester Eva M 25-Jul-1873 24-Jul-1873
Mancuso Vincent Joseph D 13-Jul-2002 12-Jul-2002
Mancuso Vincent Joseph D 25-Jan-2003 12-Jul-2002
Mandaine Barbara Jean M 29-Jan-2000 11-Sep-1999
Mander Emily M 29-Mar-1866 28-Mar-1866
Mander Harriet M 29-Mar-1866 28-Mar-1866
Mander John M 30-Dec-1938 15-Jan-1938
Mander Laura D 30-Dec-1949 1-Apr-1949
Mander Marcy M 11-Oct-1878 9-Oct-1878
Mander Marriet, Mrs D 26-Jul-1882
Mander Mary Ann M 7-Dec-1874 6-Dec-1874
Mander WH M 29-Mar-1866 28-Mar-1866
Manders Elizabeth M 1-Apr-1872 27-Mar-1872
Mandine Barbara M 3-Jan-2001 9-Dec-2000
Maneely Myrtle J M 31-Dec-1913 27-Feb-1913
Maness Aubry Jean D 1-Apr-1995 31-Mar-1995
Maness Dorothy Jean B 29-Dec-1967 14-Jul-1967
Maness Patricia M D 17-Nov-2008 16-Nov-2008
Maness Patricia M (Stromer) D 18-Nov-2008 16-Nov-2008
Mangano Don D 30-Dec-1932 29-Mar-1932
Mangel Anna M 1-Apr-1876 1-Mar-1876
Mangel Malcolm R D 17-Nov-2008 13-Nov-2008
Mangells Ernest D 30-Dec-1970 22-Mar-1970
Mangels Alma D 31-Jan-1976 17-Jan-1975
Mangels Belinda Sue M 29-Jan-2005 24-Apr-2004
Mangels Catherine J M 26-Jan-1980 16-Mar-1979
Mangels Catherine J M 26-Jan-1980 16-Mar-1979
Mangels Dolores Elaine M 30-Dec-1957 13-Apr-1957
Mangels Jacob Aaron B 4-Mar-1998 27-Feb-1998
Mangels Jacob Aaron B 23-Jan-1999 27-Feb-1998
Mangels John W M 8-Dec-1910 2-Feb-1910
Mangels Richard Wayne M 30-Dec-1957 28-Sep-1957
Mangels Tristin Troy B 25-Oct-1995 23-Oct-1995
Mangles Hugo D 29-Dec-1956 31-Oct-1956
Mangold Kellen J B 30-Jan-1982 3-Feb-1981
Manhardt John, Mrs D 4-Dec-1903
Manhardt Z D 9-Aug-1905
Manhart Michael John M 23-Jan-1992 14-Sep-1991
Maniccia Steven L M 26-Jan-1980 3-Oct-1979
Maniccia Steven L M 26-Jan-1980 3-Oct-1979
Manjoine Anna Marie B 27-Oct-1995 23-Oct-1995
Manjoine Jeff M 12-Oct-1998 8-May-1998
Manjoine Jeffrey Paul M 23-Jan-1999 8-May-1998
Manjoine Joe L D 2-Mar-1987
Manjoine John Paul B 30-Dec-1947 28-Jan-1947
Manjoine John Paul M 30-Dec-1968 17-Feb-1968
Manjoine Joseph Michael B 30-Dec-1940 21-Oct-1940
Manjoine Joseph Michael M 29-Dec-1962 18-Aug-1962
Manjoine Joseph Paul M 29-Jan-2000 10-Jul-1999
Manjoine Jospeh Thomas Flake B 1-Jun-2000 21-May-2000
Manjoine Mary M 30-Dec-1964 6-Jun-1964
Manjoine Mary Joann B 30-Dec-1942 12-Oct-1942
Manjoine Mellie D 30-Dec-1960 21-Aug-1960
Manjoine Michael D 1-Jan-1913 3-Mar-1912
Manjoine Michael D 31-Dec-1930 17-Jun-1930
Manjoine Michael J M 18-Jan-1986 27-Apr-1985
Manjoine Michael Joseph M 30-Dec-1938 27-Feb-1938
Manjoine Providence D 30-Dec-1937 29-May-1937
Manjoine Vincenzo D 1-Mar-1920
Manley Anna M D 23-Jan-1988 25-Aug-1987
Manley Aria Kathleen B 30-Dec-1957 15-Aug-1957
Manley Arla Kathleen M 12-Sep-2001 28-Apr-2001
Manley Arthur D 4-Feb-1929
Manley Arthur D 21-Feb-1985
Manley Arthur M 28-Dec-1945 19-May-1945
Manley Barry William B 30-Dec-1954 3-Oct-1954
Manley Barry William M 31-Jan-1976 21-Jun-1975
Manley Bernice D 26-Jun-2004
Manley Bernice C D 29-Jan-2005 24-Jun-2004
Manley Canaan Michael B 31-Jan-1976 27-Jan-1975
Manley Carol D 21-Jul-2004
Manley Carol E D 29-Jan-2005 19-Jul-2004
Manley Carrie H M 26-Feb-1900 21-Feb-1900
Manley Christine Lee B 30-Dec-1947 9-Jan-1947
Manley David Elmer B 30-Dec-1949 7-Jan-1949
Manley David Elmer M 30-Dec-1969 14-Jun-1969
Manley Delores Mae M 30-Dec-1968 6-Jul-1968
Manley Delores May B 30-Dec-1947 6-Dec-1947
Manley Fannie M 16-Dec-1909 14-Jan-1909
Manley Gertrude Marie M 30-Dec-1938 3-May-1938
Manley Halley Elizabeth B 20-Mar-2007 13-Mar-2007
Manley James Ira D 29-Dec-1961 26-Feb-1961
Manley Jeffrey Troy B 30-Dec-1965 29-Jun-1965
Manley Jennifer Sue M 30-Dec-1968 24-Aug-1968
Manley Joan K M 26-Jan-1980 3-Nov-1979
Manley Joan K M 26-Jan-1980 3-Nov-1979
Manley Joan Karen B 30-Dec-1955 17-Sep-1955
Manley Keith C D 20-May-2003 17-May-2003
Manley Keith C D 31-Jan-2004 17-May-2003
Manley Keith Corwin B 30-Dec-1948 15-Oct-1948
Manley Kevin Feryl B 30-Dec-1957 3-Jul-1957
Manley Kevin Feryl D 29-Dec-1967 1-Jan-1967
Manley Kinnick Jonathan B 21-Aug-2004 11-Aug-2004
Manley Larry Wayne B 29-Dec-1939 1-Sep-1939
Manley Lee D 30-Dec-1957 14-May-1957
Manley Lee M 1-Jan-1908 8-Jan-1907
Manley Lou M 1-Jun-1895 29-May-1895
Manley Lula Margarett D 30-Dec-1965 27-Jul-1965
Manley Maggie M D 26-Jan-1980 11-Apr-1979
Manley Mamie M D 12-May-1997 11-May-1997
Manley Mamie M D 24-Jan-1998 11-May-1997
Manley Marilyn Jean B 30-Dec-1936
Manley Marjorie M 28-Dec-1945 31-Mar-1945
Manley Mary Irene D 30-Dec-1966 3-May-1966
Manley Merdith M 23-Jan-1992 27-Nov-1991
Manley Merle V D 15-Feb-2000 15-Feb-2000
Manley Merle V D 27-Jan-2000 15-Feb-2000
Manley Merle Virgil B 30-Dec-1946 28-Aug-1946
Manley Merle Virgil M 30-Dec-1969 18-Jan-1969
Manley Michael A M 1-Sep-1999 24-Apr-1999
Manley Nancy Kay B 30-Dec-1941 25-Aug-1941
Manley Nora D 20-Nov-1984 17-Nov-1984
Manley Norma Jean B 30-Dec-1933 18-Feb-1933
Manley Peter B 4-Aug-1881 1-aug-1881
Manley Ralph J D 28-Jan-2006 2-Jul-2005
Manley Ralph James M 29-Dec-1950 17-Jun-1950
Manley Reesa Lynn B 30-Dec-1963 27-May-1963
Manley Reesa Lynn M 23-Jan-1992 13-Sep-1991
Manley Richard G M 28-Jan-1984 5-Aug-1983
Manley Richard Glen B 30-Dec-1954 23-Feb-1954
Manley Richard Glen M 15-Feb-1975 2-Mar-1974
Manley Robert Earl B 30-Dec-1946 28-Jul-1946
Manley Robert R, Sr D 26-Feb-2001 25-Feb-2001
Manley Robert W D 23-Jul-2008 21-Jul-2008
Manley Rodney O D 30-Dec-1954 15-Jan-1954
Manley Rodney O M 30-Dec-1935 18-May-1935
Manley Roy D 28-Jan-1978 3-Sep-1977
Manley Steve D 30-Dec-1960 22-Feb-1960
Manley Steve M 29-Dec-1950 16-Dec-1950
Manley Steven Francis B 28-Dec-1951 31-Jul-1951
Manley Sylvia F D 30-Dec-1941 20-Oct-1941
Manley William D 30-Dec-1964 14-Feb-1964
Manlink George W D 30-Dec-1963 24-Jan-1963
Manlove Emma D 29-Dec-1956 17-Nov-1956
Manly George D 6-Apr-1891 5-Apr-1891
Manly James M D 25-Jun-1861 19-Jun-1861
Mann Amie Lyn B 22-Jan-1972 1-Jan-1971
Mann Ann E M 23-Jan-1988 14-Feb-1987
Mann Betty M 30-Dec-1942 14-Jun-1942
Mann Braden Austin B 6-Jan-1998 24-Nov-1997
Mann Brenda M 2-Nov-1998 10-Oct-1998
Mann Brenda Kathleen M 23-Jan-1992 28-Dec-1991
Mann Caleb Andrew B 23-Jan-1992 18-Nov-1991
Mann Christian Burr M 16-Sep-1863 12-Sep-1863
Mann Christie Lou M 15-Feb-1975 5-Oct-1974
Mann Cynthia Jean B 30-Dec-1953 21-Feb-1953
Mann Daniel Frederick B 29-Dec-1950 14-Sep-1950
Mann Delphine D 18-Jan-1986 15-Aug-1985
Mann Douglas Michael B 30-Dec-1969 17-Aug-1969
Mann George W D 25-Mar-1997 24-Mar-1997
Mann George Wallace M 29-Dec-1939 12-Jun-1939
Mann James W (Jr) D 29-Dec-1934 4-May-1934
Mann Jodi L M 23-Jan-1988 16-Apr-1987
Mann John L M 21-Dec-1905 14-Jun-1905
Mann JW M 1-May-1872 26-Apr-1872
Mann Kristian Troy B 30-Dec-1969 2-Oct-1969
Mann Leila M M 30-Dec-1940 2-Nov-1940
Mann Leonard D 15-Feb-1975 29-Jul-1974
Mann LM M 27-Sep-1873 24-sep-1873
Mann Louis Braxton B 25-Jan-2003 8-Jul-2002
Mann Martha D 22-Jan-1972 20-Jan-1971
Mann Mary Allen B 28-Dec-1951 31-Dec-1951
Mann Mary Elizabeth M 28-Jan-2006 3-Jan-2005
Mann Mary Ellen D 28-Dec-1951 31-Dec-1951
Mann Mary Margaret M 15-Feb-1975 9-Mar-1974
Mann Michael M 1-dec-1868 18-Nov-1868
Mann Michael A M 29-Dec-1961 14-Oct-1961
Mann Michael Joseph M 17-Jan-1987 21-Jul-1986
Mann Michael Robert B 30-Dec-1947 11-May-1947
Mann Michael Robert M 30-Dec-1969 3-Jan-1969
Mann Nettie M 1-Jan-1912 25-Mar-1911
Mann Regina Leigh M 31-Jan-1976 28-Feb-1975
Mann Richard B D 14-Mar-2008 12-Mar-2008
Mann Richard B D 12-Mar-2008 14-Mar-2008
Mann Richard Beryl M 30-Dec-1969 7-Mar-1969
Mann Tamara Kristine M 23-Jan-1992 14-Jun-1991
Mannhardt August, Mrs D 4-Sep-1900 2-Sep-1900
Mannhardt Clarence George D 1-Sep-1902
Mannhardt Fred I M 8-Dec-1910 23-Feb-1910
Mannhardt Herman A M 6-Oct-1898 5-Oct-1898
Mannhardt Herman Alexander D 6-Jul-1922
Mannhardt Minuett Muscatine M 30-Dec-1936 25-Dec-1936
Manning Boyd Franklin M 29-Dec-1939 5-Aug-1939
Manning Charlotte M 30-Dec-1970 3-Mar-1970
Manning Elmer Kenneth M 30-Dec-1940 9-Feb-1940
Manning Everett Eugene M 30-Dec-1965 2-Oct-1965
Manning Florance D 31-Jan-1976 26-Aug-1975
Manning IV M 2-Sep-1872 21-Aug-1872
Manning Joyce A D 13-May-2008 9-May-2008
Manning Joyce A D 9-May-2008 13-May-2008
Manning Leo F D 30-Dec-1916 3-Feb-1916
Manning Leo W M 30-Dec-1938 11-Aug-1938
Manning RT M 19-Nov-1869 14-Nov-1869
Manning Thomas James D 30-Dec-1932 12-Feb-1932
Mannon Neil Terry B 30-Dec-1941 25-Jun-1941
Mannon Son B 29-Jan-1973 14-Jul-1972
Manoske Alma Augusta M 13-Sep-1920
Manoske Lillie M 13-Sep-1920
Manriquez Brady James B 23-Jan-1988 15-Feb-1987
Mans John Dino M 17-Jan-1987 25-Apr-1986
Mansaray Mohamed S M 28-Jan-1978 30-Jul-1977
Mansell John Darryl M 26-Jan-1991 2-Jun-1990
Manser Bessie M 1-Mar-1902
Mansfield Elisha D 29-Aug-1861
Mansfield Etta D 1-Nov-1876
Mansfield Eva F M 13-Jan-1876 13-Jan-1876
Mansfield Fannie D 29-Sep-1899 27-Sep-1899
Mansfield John M 31-Dec-1880
Mansfield Lydia M 23-Dec-1889 28-Dec-1889
Mansfield Nannie E M 5-Jan-1872 16-Dec-1871
Mansfield PR M 1-Feb-1883
Mansfield Ruth M 2-Nov-1872 10-Oct-1872
Mansfield Sidney D 5-May-1899 3-May-1899
Manship Alva G M 30-Dec-1953 6-Aug-1953
Manship Barbara L M 31-Jan-1981 9-Aug-1980
Manship Ronald E D 28-Jan-1979
Manske Phillip Allan M 30-Jan-2007 17-Mar-2006
Manso John Carlos B 28-Jan-2006 15-Jul-2005
Manthey Tillie, Mrs M 4-May-1895 1-May-1895
Manthy Agnes M 17-Dec-1908 20-Jan-1908
Mantzen Annie D 21-Feb-1888
Manuel Donald T M 19-Jan-1985 25-May-1984
Manus Phineus D 30-Dec-1916 9-Sep-1916
Manus Phineus H D 30-Dec-1916 9-Sep-1916
Manwaring Henry M M 5-Nov-1895 4-Nov-1895
Manwarren Irene M 30-Dec-1935 9-Apr-1935
Mapel Bryan E D 10-Dec-2007 7-Dec-2007
Mapel Keith Carey M 29-Dec-1967 11-Jun-1967
Mapel Michael Marvin B 30-Dec-1954 12-Feb-1954
Mapes Arthur S M 31-Dec-1913 31-Mar-1913
Mapes Clement W D 30-Dec-1955 10-Nov-1955
Mapes Elizabeth U M 30-Dec-1942 11-Apr-1942
Mapes Fred B D 1-Jan-1913 21-Dec-1912
Mapes Girl B 31-Dec-1929 18-Feb-1929
Mapes Harriett C D 29-Dec-1950 7-Jul-1950
Mapes Hazel Loraine D 30-Dec-1968 10-May-1968
Mapes Leona M 29-Dec-1934 26-Apr-1934
Mapes Mary M 30-Dec-1937 16-Jun-1937
Mapes Mary C D 28-Aug-2008 27-Aug-2008
Mapes Mary C D 29-Aug-2008 27-Aug-2008
Mapes Mary E D 29-Dec-1950 5-Nov-1950
Mapes Nellie M 17-Dec-1908 26-Feb-1908
Mapes Nellie J M 30-Dec-1938 20-Jun-1938
Mapes Son B 28-Sep-1922
Mapes W F M 31-Dec-1913 22-Feb-1913
Mapes William Henry D 29-Dec-1962 9-Sep-1962
Mapes L J M 21-Dec-1905 1-Mar-1905
Maple Mary J M 1-Oct-1880 6-Sep-1880
Maple Sally Ann B 30-Dec-1937 23-Jul-1937
Maple Susie M 16-Dec-1909 13-Jul-1909
Maple William H M 30-Dec-1935 9-Jul-1935
Maplethorpe Lloyd Ellsworth D 30-Dec-1947 31-Jul-1947
Mapstone Frederick George D 30-Dec-1941 20-Oct-1941
Mar Harold R D 28-Jan-2008 26-Jan-2008
Marais Pieter Gideon M 26-Jan-2008 p5f 5-Oct-2007
Marasco John Anthony B 30-Dec-1968 22-Mar-1968
Marasco Linda Marie B 29-Dec-1967 15-Jan-1967
Maravilla Joanna B 31-Jan-1981 9-Aug-1980
Marberry David Scott B 30-Dec-1964 16-Sep-1964
Marberry Judith F D 15-Jan-1994 13-Jan-1994
Marble Lew M 25-Jul-1873 24-Jul-1873
Marble Melinda Gail B 30-Dec-1963 5-Oct-1963
Marboen Lucha M 24-Jan-1998 27-Apr-1997
Marburger Clarence L D 1-Feb-1919
Marburger James (Infant) D 1-Jan-1913 23-Feb-1912
Marcellus Harold L M 30-Jan-1982 20-Jun-1981
March Agnes Leota D 30-Dec-1965 30-Nov-1965
March Clarence J D 13-Jun-1997 11-Jun-1997
March Clarence J D 24-Jan-1998 11-Jun-1997
March Kathleen M 28-Jan-1978 5-Sep-1977
March Ruth L M 28-Jan-1978 25-Jun-1977
Marchant Blanche M D 30-Dec-1953 2-Apr-1953
Marchant Carol Joan B 29-Dec-1934 14-Jan-1934
Marchant J C M 31-Dec-1913 4-Mar-1913
Marchant Joseph C D 29-Jan-1973 9-May-1972
Marchant William M 30-Dec-1881 19-Dec-1881
Marchik Connie Sue M 30-Jan-2007 3-Jun-2006
Marciniak Yzefa M 31-Dec-1913 15-Nov-1913
Marcue Dorothy J D 16-Mar-2007 4-Mar-2007
Marcum Joseph D 29-Dec-1944 26-Mar-1944
Marcus DeAnn Lynn M 31-Jan-1976 21-Jun-1975
Marcus Mark Frank M 30-Dec-1966 20-Aug-1966
Marder Denman M 4-Jan-1868 1-Jan-1868
Mardis Sarah Grace D 29-Jan-2000 6-Feb-1999
Mardock Guy D 30-Dec-1936
Mardock Guy M 17-Dec-1908 3-Jun-1908
Mardock Jessie V D 30-Dec-1943 9-Sep-1943
Mardock John E M 1-Jan-1908 9-Nov-1907
Mardock Mary C D 31-Dec-1931 22-May-1931
Mardock Norma Jean M 30-Dec-1935 25-Sep-1935
Mardock Robert D 29-Dec-1934 11-Jan-1934
Mardock Robert LaVerne M 30-Dec-1936 26-Nov-1936
Mardock Rodger Lee M 22-Jan-1972 19-Feb-1971
Mardock Roger Lee B 30-Dec-1943 8-Oct-1943
Mardock Stella M 22-Feb-1894 21-Feb-1894
Maretz Matilda M 30-Dec-1916 20-Nov-1916
Marfield Barbara S M 28-Jan-1978 18-Jun-1977
Margherio Irene M 30-Dec-1938 10-Nov-1938
Marguia Alicia Marie Robles B 28-Jan-1995 25-Jul-1994
Maria Patricio Miguel, Jr B 11-Mar-1994
Mariani Alexis Idalia B 27-Jan-2000 21-Jan-2000
Mariani Alexis Idalia B 27-Jan-2000 21-Jan-2000
Mariani Aniya Joline B 31-Jan-2004 25-Nov-2003
Mariani Emily Elizabeth B 31-Jan-2004 18-Nov-2003
Mariani Marcelo Rafael B 26-Jan-2002 5-Oct-2001
Mariani Mercedes Eliana B 28-Jan-2006 10-Jul-2005
Mariani Rafael D 31-Mar-1997 28-Mar-1997
Mariani Raynessa Nevaeh B 31-Jan-2009 p3f 22-Jul-2008
Mariani Zuma Luciana M 28-Jan-2006 21-Feb-2005
Mariani Isaac David B 25-Jan-2003 1-Oct-2002
Marieham George H D 8-Feb-1890
Mariet Ruth Ellen M 17-Jan-1987 16-Sep-1986
Marin Alejandro Rodriquez M 27-Jan-2000 9-Nov-2000
Marin Antonio D 26-Jan-1991 8-Sep-1990
Marin Antonio M 23-Jan-1988 15-Aug-1987
Marin Christopher D 28-Jan-1995 3-Feb-1994
Marin Conrado M 23-Jan-1992 1-Jun-1991
Marin Elizabeth A M 7-Feb-1885 5-Feb-1885
Marin Humberto M 29-Dec-1961 22-Sep-1961
Marin Humberto Balderas D 13-Jul-2002 12-Jul-2002
Marin Humberto Balderas D 25-Jan-2003 12-Jul-2002
Marin Jaime M 24-Jan-1998 1-Oct-1997
Marin Josefa M 30-Jan-1982 6-Feb-1981
Marin Juana I M 18-Jan-1986 31-May-1985
Marin Lorenzo B D 30-Jan-1993 12-Feb-1992
Marin Margarite M 24-Jan-1998 20-Sep-1997
Marin Maria M M 23-Jan-1988 30-May-1987
Marin Maria R M 28-Jan-1984 30-Jul-1983
Marin Melba M 18-Jan-1986 12-Jul-1985
Marin Patricio Miguel Jr B 28-Jan-1995 3-Mar-1994
Marin Patrick R M 29-Jan-1994 26-Feb-1993
Marin Paula (Ramos) D 13-Dec-2006 12-Dec-2006
Marin Tina Veronica M 27-Jan-2000 2-Nov-2000
Marine Alvin L M 30-Dec-1943 16-Aug-1943
Marine Cora Elizabeth B 31-Jan-2009 p2f 26-Dec-2007
Marine David D 31-Jan-1976 31-Oct-1975
Marine Ferdie M 30-Dec-1946 21-Dec-1946
Marine Inez Marie B 30-Dec-1947 18-Feb-1947
Marine Infant Daughter B 31-Dec-1930 11-Aug-1930
Marine Katherine R D 4-May-1998 3-May-1998
Marine Larry M 29-Jan-1973 18-Jul-1972
Marine Lawrence Eugene B 30-Dec-1949 12-Jan-1949
Marine Leroy D D 18-Jan-1986 26-Nov-1985
Marine Lyle A D 29-Sep-1997 26-Sep-1997
Marine Merle Kay B 29-Dec-1939 8-Apr-1939
Marine Velma R M 30-Dec-1952 7-Jun-1952
Marine Velma R M 30-Dec-1952 7-Jun-1952
Marine William Marshall D 29-Dec-1961 8-Nov-1961
Maring Jack M 30-Dec-1940 17-Feb-1940
Marion Donald Maurice D 16-Aug-2001 14-Aug-2001
Marion Etta F M 20-Jan-1891 21-Jan-1891
Marion Girl B 31-Dec-1929 4-Apr-1929
Marion JA M 12-Dec-1890 11-Dec-1890
Marischen Henry D 12-Aug-1892 6-Aug-1892
Marjoine Joseph Paul M 25-Aug-1999 10-Jul-1999
Mark Anna C D 31-Dec-1931 28-Dec-1931
Mark Barbara M 11-Oct-1890
Mark Bessie May D 30-Dec-1933 2-Jan-1933
Mark Boy B 31-Dec-1913 5-Aug-1913
Mark Boy B 31-Dec-1929 8-Jan-1929
Mark Celia D 28-Dec-1951 4-Jan-1951
Mark Celia D 30-Dec-1960 9-Nov-1960
Mark Clara M 3-Dec-1897 1-Dec-1897
Mark Daughter B 4-Feb-1898
Mark David D 30-Dec-1953 9-Jun-1953
Mark David D 30-Dec-1963 24-Mar-1963
Mark Edward WB M 14-Mar-1903
Mark Edwin B M 30-Dec-1935 30-Jun-1935
Mark Elizabeth D 15-Mar-1900 14-Mar-1900
Mark Elizabeth M 23-Jan-1871 20-Jan-1871
Mark Elizabeth Cora D 21-Sep-1886 21-Sep-1886
Mark Emma L M 10-Dec-1897 9-Dec-1897
Mark Esther D 30-Dec-1947 30-Nov-1947
Mark Everett Eguene B 30-Dec-1949 1-Jul-1949
Mark Florence Esther D 16-Feb-1920
Mark Frank M 30-Jun-1881
Mark Fred J M 2-Nov-1880 pg 4 21-Oct-1880
Mark Fred J M 22-Oct-1880
Mark George B M 11-Nov-1896 10-Nov-1896
Mark George Clifton D 30-Dec-1964 11-Mar-1964
Mark Gertrude M 24-Apr-1902
Mark Harold Irwing D 12-Dec-1984 11-Dec-1984
Mark Harry D 29-Dec-1956 31-Mar-1956
Mark J B (Mrs) D 31-Dec-1930 23-Mar-1930
Mark Jake M 28-Sep-1895
Mark John D 30-Dec-1933 31-Jan-1933
Mark John M 17-Sep-1876 16-Apr-1876
Mark John B M 1-Dec-1868 23-Nov-1868
Mark John J D 31-Dec-1929 4-May-1929
Mark John Raymond D 30-Dec-1948 8-Sep-1948
Mark Laura S D 30-Dec-1949 4-Jul-1949
Mark Lee W M 17-Dec-1908 23-Jun-1908
Mark Lillian M 16-Feb-1883 14-Feb-1883
Mark Madeline M 20-Mar-1920
Mark Margaret Bohlender (Mrs) D 9-Jan-1929
Mark Martha E, Mrs D 21-Feb-1902 20-Feb-1902
Mark Martha E, Mrs M 26-Oct-1877 25-Oct-1877
Mark Matilda M M 20-Mar-1890
Mark Phoeba A D 28-Feb-1895 28-Feb-1895
Mark Rose Mae D 29-Jan-2005 28-Oct-2004
Mark Ruhanna M 4-May-1883 2-May-1883
Mark Sam C M 30-Dec-1904 14-Dec-1904
Mark Sam C M 5-Aug-1897 4-Aug-1897
Mark Sam, Mrs D 1-Mar-1900 1-Mar-1900
Mark Sophia, Mrs D 3-Dec-1878 3-Dec-1878
Mark George B D 30-Dec-1964 7-Aug-1964
Markart Gustave M 3-Sep-1868 10-Aug-1868
Markart Infant Son D 7-Jul-1879
Markart Margaret D 4-Jan-1892
Markart Rettie D 13-Sep-1880
Markee Anna D 29-Dec-1934 15-Jan-1934
Markee Anna D 29-Dec-1934 15-Nov-1934
Markee Mary Margaret M 1-Jun-1883 31-May-1883
Markee Sarah Jane Geller D 17-Dec-1908 24-Oct-1908
Markel Marty M 10-Jul-2002 25-May-2002
Markel Marty Andrew M 25-Jan-2003 25-May-2002
Marker Anne Henderson D 10-Jul-2000 7-Jul-2000
Markeson Lindy Jo M 31-Jan-2004 12-Sep-2003
Markey Jeffery Alan M 22-Aug-1995 12-Aug-1995
Markham Avis D 30-Dec-1955 3-Sep-1955
Markham Candace L M 29-Dec-1967 27-May-1967
Markham Candance Leigh B 30-Dec-1949 17-Jul-1949
Markham Elva Maurice D 30-Dec-1969 8-Aug-1969
Markham Elvin Orin D 30-Dec-1955 4-Aug-1955
Markham Ethel Ella M 30-Dec-1968 27-Oct-1968
Markham Henry H D 29-Aug-1901 24-Aug-1901
Markham Mary Lou M 30-Dec-1965 26-Jun-1965
Markham Mary Mable D 30-Jan-1993 24-Apr-1992
Markham Neva kay B 30-Dec-1952 24-Sep-1952
Markham Neva Kay M 30-Dec-1969 2-Jan-1969
Markham Orin B 9-Jul-1891
Markham Orin Eli D 30-Dec-1933 17-Jun-1933
Markin Alice L D 28-Jan-2006 29-Mar-2005
Markin John Lester B 29-Dec-1956 4-Sep-1956
Markin Leonard M 30-Dec-1954 13-Mar-1954
Markin Mary Ellen B 29-Dec-1956 5-Jan-1956
Markin Mildred L M 30-Dec-1954 23-Apr-1954
Markin Wanda E M 30-Dec-1954 13-Mar-1954
Markis Laura Shirley M 23-Jan-1992 3-Sep-1991
Markle Elenora Rosalie D 24-Feb-1920
Markley Delbert M 30-Dec-1937 1-Aug-1937
Markley Ellen Humphreys M 8-Dec-1910 27-Jun-1910
Markley Goldie M 8-Dec-1910 3-May-1910
Markley Nora M 21-Dec-1905 11-Jan-1905
Markley O M M 8-Dec-1910 1-Feb-1910
Marks Andy I M 30-Dec-1938 3-Dec-1938
Marks Brent W M 28-Jan-1984 19-Mar-1983
Marks Cora Belle D 30-Dec-1942 17-Apr-1942
Marks Cora M D 30-Dec-1969 24-Sep-1969
Marks David Lee B 28-Dec-1945 6-Aug-1945
Marks David Lee M 30-Dec-1969 4-Oct-1969
Marks Del K M 29-Dec-1967 17-Jun-1967
Marks Donald D 10-Jan-2008 9-Jan-2008
Marks Donald Leslie M 29-Dec-1967 14-Oct-1967
Marks Dorothy R D 7-Nov-1985
Marks Elsie (Mrs) M 30-Dec-1943 11-Sep-1943
Marks Emily Lynn B 28-Jan-1995 11-May-1994
Marks Ethel P (Bailey) D 1-Nov-2006 31-Oct-2006
Marks Florence M M 31-Dec-1913 26-Aug-1913
Marks Frances M 29-Dec-1961 28-Jan-1961
Marks Frances I D 23-Feb-2008 21-Feb-2008
Marks Frances Irene B 30-Dec-1943 2-May-1943
Marks Gina Linn B 30-Dec-1969 1-Jan-1969
Marks Grace L D 5-Sep-2008 4-Sep-2008
Marks Grace L M 30-Dec-1935 23-Jun-1935
Marks Helen L D 27-Apr-2001 26-Apr-2001
Marks Helen Lucille D 26-Jan-2002 26-Apr-2001
Marks Helen T (Mrs) D 29-Dec-1956 29-May-1956
Marks James Edward B 30-Dec-1955 25-Jun-1955
Marks James Edward D 28-Jan-2006 18-Mar-2005
Marks James Edward M 17-Jan-1987 10-Oct-1986
Marks James Edward M 26-Jan-2002 16-Feb-2001
Marks James Edwards M 15-Feb-1975 13-Jun-1974
Marks Jared W B 19-Jan-1985 30-Aug-1984
Marks Jenna Nicole B 13-Jun-1995 8-Jun-1995
Marks Jo Ann Rose M 29-Dec-1956 6-Oct-1956
Marks John M M 31-Jan-1981 25-Aug-1980
Marks Johnny Martin M 30-Dec-1964 12-Sep-1964
Marks Joseph D M 29-Dec-1939 20-Dec-1939
Marks Kyle Brandon B 23-Jan-1988 12-Jan-1987
Marks LaRue A M 18-Jan-1986 23-Feb-1985
Marks Leslie M 30-Dec-1938 16-Apr-1938
Marks Leslie Irvin D 30-Dec-1968 10-Mar-1968
Marks Mary Elaine D 2-Jun-1995 18-May-1995
Marks Michele M M 19-Jan-1985 26-May-1984
Marks Patricia M 23-Jan-1988 19-Dec-1987
Marks Patricia M 30-Dec-1964 21-Jun-1964
Marks Patricia Ann B 30-Dec-1947 12-Feb-1947
Marks Patricia Ann B 22-Jan-1972 2-May-1971
Marks Patricia Ann M 29-Jan-2000 30-Apr-1999
Marks Patricia Ann M 27-Jan-2000 5-Aug-2000
Marks Phillip A M 28-Jan-1984 13-Aug-1983
Marks Phillip A M 28-Jan-1979
Marks Rose Bernhardt D 30-Dec-1942 22-May-1942
Marks Son B 29-Dec-1939 22-Dec-1939
Marks Stephen M 30-Dec-1970 9-Feb-1970
Marks Stephen Allen B 30-Dec-1952 7-Feb-1952
Marks Stephen Allen Jr M 29-Jan-1994 7-Sep-1993
Marks Theresa Marie B 29-Dec-1961 28-Sep-1961
Marks Timothy Scott M 23-Jan-1992 20-Jul-1991
Marks Donald Leslie B 30-Dec-1941 29-Sep-1941
Markus Hazel A M 30-Dec-1933 14-Oct-1933
Marlan Linda Raylene M 29-Dec-1962 19-May-1962
Marleham George H D 8-Feb-1890
Marler Dennis Wayne D 15-Feb-1975 16-Feb-1974
Marler Dianne Lynn M 29-Jan-1973 23-Oct-1972
Marler Emilee Ann B 30-May-1995 23-May-1995
Marler Harold D M 30-Jan-1982 27-Jun-1981
Marler Lacey Lyn B 17-Jan-1987 10-Jun-1986
Marler Lillian D 31-Aug-998 30-Aug-1998
Marley Dennis Wayne B 30-Dec-1946 15-Sep-1946
Marley Dianne Lynn B 28-Dec-1951 7-Apr-1951
Marley Lillian D 23-Jan-1999 30-Aug-1998
Marlin Christopher Philip B 26-Jan-1980 3-Nov-1979
Marling Rena D 23-Jan-1988 20-Jul-1987
Marlof Jerry Edwin B 30-Dec-1953 11-Jan-1953
Marlow Artie Mae (Mrs) M 29-Dec-1939 22-Feb-1939
Marlowe Joshua Adam B 26-Jan-1980 5-Jul-1979
Marmolejo Irma Josefina Cerrillo M 26-Jan-2008 p5f 27-Oct-2007
Marmon Frank D 17-Dec-1908 31-Oct-1908
Marmon Frank D 17-Dec-1908 31-Oct-1908
Marner LaVonne Marie D 22-Mar-2002 21-Mar-2002
Maroff William I D 30-Dec-1954 6-Jul-1954
Marold Sandra June M 23-Jan-1992 1-Aug-1991
Marolf Alfred, Mrs D 8-Dec-1910 26-Aug-1910
Marolf Anna M 8-Mar-1882 7-Mar-1882
Marolf Anna Maria D 30-Dec-1952 3-May-1952
Marolf Anna, Mrs D 18-Sec-1890
Marolf Arthur E D 29-Jan-1973 1-Jun-1972
Marolf Ben M 30-Apr-1998 30-Mar-1998
Marolf Benjamin B 29-Dec-1950 8-Aug-1950
Marolf Benjamin Lee M 31-Jan-1976 22-Dec-1975
Marolf Blake Lauren B 17-Dec-1996 6-Dec-1996
Marolf Bobby Heath M 30-Dec-1955 26-Sep-1955
Marolf Bradley Lauren B 29-Dec-1967 28-Mar-1967
Marolf Carissa Marie M 24-Jan-1998 28-Jun-1997
Marolf Carl Fred D 30-Dec-1966 12-Feb-1966
Marolf Carolyn Kay B 30-Dec-1941 26-Jul-1941
Marolf Charles M 17-Dec-1908 17-Feb-1908
Marolf Charles Andrew D 30-Dec-1932 28-Jul-1932
Marolf Charley John D 29-Dec-1961 2-Sep-1961
Marolf Christian Burr D 13-Apr-1880
Marolf Clara E D 15-May-1995 13-May-1995
Marolf Clifton D 23-Jan-1988 15-Aug-1987
Marolf Clifton M 30-Dec-1937 15-Apr-1937
Marolf Daughter B 29-Jan-1973 14-Feb-1972
Marolf Daughter B 10-Jan-1928
Marolf Dean D 28-Dec-1984 27-Dec-1984
Marolf Delores (Kai) D 19-May-2008 17-May-2008
Marolf Delores (Kai) D 17-May-2008 19-May-2008
Marolf Dennis Ray B 28-Dec-1951 9-Jun-1951
Marolf Edna Hunsinger D 13-Dec-1972
Marolf Edward F D 30-Dec-1953 8-Feb-1953
Marolf Edward Henry D 30-Dec-1964 8-Sep-1964
Marolf Ellen M D 13-May-1997 12-May-1997
Marolf Ernest D D 2-Jul-2008 30-Jun-2008
Marolf Frank F D 29-Dec-1961 16-Feb-1961
Marolf Fred D 4-Oct-1897 4-Oct-1897
Marolf Fred M 2-Sep-1872 19-Apr-1872
Marolf Frederick D 15-Sep-2004 12-Sep-2004
Marolf Frederick M 1-Nov-1883 5-Oct-1883
Marolf George Edward B 30-Dec-1937 28-Jan-1937
Marolf George Edward M 29-Dec-1956 11-May-1956
Marolf George F D 29-Dec-1956 23-Jun-1956
Marolf Harlan D 12-Nov-2003 11-Nov-2003
Marolf Harry A D 29-Jan-1983 2-Jun-1982
Marolf Harry Alfred D 30-Dec-1966 20-Nov-1966
Marolf Hazel V D 18-Jan-1986 28-Jan-1985
Marolf Heather May M 29-Jan-2005 18-Jun-2004
Marolf Heather May M 29-Jun-2004
Marolf Heidi Danca M 23-Jan-1999 17-Oct-1998
Marolf Henry D 29-Dec-1967 6-Mar-1967
Marolf Henry M 1-Jan-1913 20-Jun-1912
Marolf Hilbert D 24-May-2004
Marolf Hilbert E D 29-Jan-2005 23-May-2004
Marolf Hilbert E M 30-Dec-1941 7-Jan-1941
Marolf Infant Son B 31-Dec-1930 11-Jun-1930
Marolf Jacquelyn M 29-Dec-1950 20-May-1950
Marolf James D 30-Dec-1955 27-Jan-1955
Marolf JF M 22-Dec-1882 15-Dec-1882
Marolf Johanna Lucille B 30-Dec-1937 24-Jan-1937
Marolf John B 1-Feb-1883
Marolf John M 4-Apr-1871 1-Mar-1871
Marolf John M 6-Jul-1883 7-Jun-1883
Marolf John A D 21-Aug-1995 18-Aug-1995
Marolf John P D 31-Dec-1931 24-Dec-1931
Marolf Juanita L D 30-Jan-1982 29-Jan-1981
Marolf Katherine D 29-Dec-1950 23-Mar-1950
Marolf Kenneth Frederick M 28-Dec-1945 27-Jan-1945
Marolf Lela D 22-Jan-1972 5-Dec-1970
Marolf Lena M 31-Dec-1883 4-Dec-1883
Marolf Lena R D 23-Jan-1988 3-Aug-1987
Marolf LeOta B D 23-Jan-1992 5-Feb-1991
Marolf Lexys Aryn B 22-Aug-1996 18-Aug-1996
Marolf Marie D 26-Mar-1995 25-Apr-1995
Marolf Marie M 30-Dec-1937 21-Aug-1937
Marolf Marie, Mrs D 29-Dec-1944 2-Jun-1944
Marolf Mary E D 29-Dec-1967 5-Aug-1967
Marolf Mary W J M 29-Dec-1956 18-Apr-1956
Marolf Melissa Jo Ann M 27-Jan-2000 12-Aug-2000
Marolf Michael A M 23-Jan-1988 27-Sep-1987
Marolf Michael Richard B 30-Dec-1947 29-Mar-1947
Marolf Nancy D 26-Jan-2002 3-Jul-2001
Marolf Nancy B D 3-Jul-2001 3-Jul-2001
Marolf Nancy Jean M 30-Dec-1965 6-Feb-1965
Marolf Pauline E M 8-Jan-1891
Marolf Pearl M 29-Dec-1950 19-Oct-1950
Marolf Randy Lee B 29-Dec-1950 16-Sep-1950
Marolf Randy Lee M 15-Feb-1975 15-Jun-1974
Marolf Rebecca Lynn B 29-Dec-1956 18-Apr-1956
Marolf Regina Tuefel D 30-Dec-1963 16-May-1963
Marolf Rita M 30-Dec-1964 7-Mar-1964
Marolf Rita Sue B 28-Dec-1945 20-Feb-1945
Marolf Robert Harley D 18-Nov-1997 16-Nov-1997
Marolf Roger Lauren B 29-Dec-1944 9-Aug-1944
Marolf Roger Lauren M 30-Dec-1965 5-Jun-1965
Marolf Rolland Dale B 30-Dec-1955 13-Jun-1955
Marolf Ronald Gene D 4-Jan-2001 13-Dec-2000
Marolf Rudolph M 1-Jan-1908 5-Sep-1907
Marolf Rudolph M 2-Oct-1871 pg 4 11-Sep-1871
Marolf Rudolph M 2-Oct-1871 12-Sep-1871
Marolf Rudolph (Mrs) D 30-Dec-1916 22-Dec-1916
Marolf Ruth D 27-Mar-1999 24-Mar-1999
Marolf Stanley Eugene M 29-Jan-1994 4-Mar-1993
Marolf Steven Dale B 29-Dec-1944 17-Oct-1944
Marolf Susan J M 29-Jan-1983 12-Jun-1982
Marolf Tara Denise M 29-Jan-2000 30-Oct-1999
Marolf Ted Neil B 30-Dec-1952 10-Dec-1952
Marolf Tim Alan M 17-Jan-1987 7-Jun-1986
Marolf Tim Allan M 29-Jan-2000 2-Jul-1999
Marolf Trista Danielle M 12-Dec-2005 29-Oct-2005
Marolf Trista Danielle M 28-Jan-2006 29-Oct-2005
Marolf Troy Aaron M 30-Jan-1993 16-May-1992
Marolf Troy Aaron M 26-Jan-2008 p2f 9-Feb-2007
Marolf Virginia Verna M 30-Dec-1937 19-Feb-1937
Marolf William Frederick D 22-Jan-1972 26-Dec-1971
Marolf Wilma P M 30-Dec-1940 15-Jun-1940
Marovich Karin M 29-Sep-1999 24-Jul-1999
Marple Abram M 18-Oct-1871 17-Oct-1871
Marple Mary V M 30-Dec-1940 29-Jul-1940
Marple Robert D 30-Dec-1957 14-Feb-1957
Marple Sarah Ann D 30-Dec-1964 14-Nov-1964
Marple William D 26-Dec-1972 23-Dec-1972
Marple William D 29-Jan-1973 23-Dec-1972
Marquam Loren S M 30-Dec-1940 18-Oct-1940
Marquardt Effice V D 19-Dec-1997 19-Dec-1997
Marquardt Elsie D 29-Dec-1962 23-Oct-1962
Marquardt Fred A D 30-Jan-1982 25-Sep-1981
Marquardt Myrna D 24-Jan-1998 9-Nov-1997
Marquett Wesley Leon D 19-Jan-1998 15-Jan-1998
Marquez Antony D 31-Dec-1913 20-Feb-1913
Marquez Belen M 29-Jan-2005 5-Mar-2004
Marquez Emmanuel Emeterio B 28-Jan-2006 18-Oct-2005
Marquez Felepa D 27-Apr-1999 24-Apr-1999
Marquez Giancarlo B 26-Jan-2008 p8e 24-Sep-2007
Marquez Graciela H M 27-Jan-2000 20-Jun-2000
Marquez Hector Rolando M 31-Jan-2004 20-Jun-2003
Marquez Horacio, Jr B 28-Jan-1978 30-Apr-1977
Marquez Israel Marquez B 31-Jan-2009 p3f 17-Sep-2008
Marquez Jose Francisco B 28-Jan-1984 14-Dec-1983
Marquez Jose Luis M 29-Jan-2005 5-Mar-2004
Marquez Mary Sol B 30-Jan-1982 15-Oct-1981
Marquez Marysol M 31-Jan-2009 pg 7f 16-Oct-2008
Marquez Napoleon Anthony B 31-Jan-2004 18-Sep-2003
Marquez Rafael M 29-Jan-1994 12-May-1993
Marquez Thaddeus Alyis Johlin B 26-Jan-2008 p7e 14-May-2007
Marquez Anabel M 27-Jan-2000 4-Jun-2000
Marquez Twitty William Jay Palo B 31-Jan-2009 p3f 21-Sep-2008
Marquez-Mayora Henry M 27-Jan-2000 4-Jun-2000
Marquez-Twitty Emiliana Louise B 28-Jan-2006 18-Nov-2005
Marquis Benjamin V, Dr D 30-Dec-1954 13-Feb-1954
Marquis Charles D 17-Dec-1908 23-Jan-1908
Marquiss Jennie M 22-Dec-1869
Marr Bernard D 21-Dec-1998 18-Dec-1998
Marr Craig T M 18-Jan-1986 25-May-1985
Marr Frank, Mrs D 10-Mar-1903
Marr Leona D 29-Jan-2005 7-Jun-2004
Marr Leona D 8-Jun-2004
Marrero Antonio M 15-Feb-1975 14-Sep-1974
Marrero Hrimberto M 29-Dec-1967 18-Nov-1967
Marriam Stewart D M 19 Jul 1999 19-Jun-1999
Marriott Dorothy D 24-Feb-1995 23-Feb-1995
Marriott Jane Lynn B 29-Dec-1944 14-Jan-1944
Marriott Jane Lynn M 29-Dec-1962 17-Aug-1962
Marriott Nancy Ann M 29-Dec-1962 24-Mar-1962
Marron Brian M 21-Mar-1996 16-Dec-1995
Marroquin Hector D 5-Sep-1998 31-Aug-1998
Marroquin Hector S D 23-Jan-1999 31-Aug-1998
Marroquin Walter Edenilson M 26-Jan-2002 30-Mar-2001
Marrs Celian D 30-Oct-1852 18-Oct-1852
Marrs Mary Jane D 30-Oct-1852 4-Jul-1852
Marsden Nellie V D 30-Dec-1965 13-Jul-1965
Marsden Veda M D 23-Jan-1988 5-Oct-1987
Marsden Vickie J M 26-Jan-1980 12-Oct-1979
Marsden Vickie J M 26-Jan-1980 12-Oct-1979
Marseilles Oakley Harden M 30-Dec-1938 5-Nov-1938
Marsh Albert D D 10-Aug-1871 31-Jul-1871
Marsh Amelia A M 10-Feb-1865 7-Feb--1865
Marsh April Dawn B 28-Jan-1984 9-Apr-1983
Marsh Arthur D 31-Dec-1913 11-Jan-1913
Marsh Charles W D 29-Dec-1944 25-Jul-1944
Marsh Christy M B 19-Jan-1985 3-Aug-1984
Marsh Clyde S D 1-Jan-1913 5-Sep-1912
Marsh Daughter B 30-Dec-1947 10-Dec-1947
Marsh Dorothy A, Mrs M 30-Dec-1954 18-Nov-1954
Marsh Dudley Sheffield D 14-Apr-1900 12-Apr-1900
Marsh Edna M 6-Oct-1920
Marsh Elizabeth Joy B 21-Jul-1995 9-Jul-1995
Marsh Elizabeth Marie M 23-Jan-1999 11-Apr-1998
Marsh Ernest Armine D 22-Jan-1972 28-Apr-1971
Marsh Hattie M 2-Jan-1873 30-Dec-1872
Marsh Hattie Mae D 28-Jan-1978 24-Feb-1977
Marsh Jackie Sue M 24-Jan-1998 11-Oct-1997
Marsh Melivina Davis D 31-Dec-1913 27-Jan-1913
Marsh Melvin L M 28-Dec-1945 30-Jun-1945
Marsh Melvin Leroy B 30-Dec-1948 10-Nov-1948
Marsh Melvina D D 31-Dec-1913 27-Jan-1913
Marsh Rodger Lee B 30-Dec-1954 1-Aug-1954
Marsh Roger L M 29-Jan-1983 12-Nov-1982
Marsh Roger Lee M 24-Jan-1998 28-Aug-1997
Marsh Sara Hershey, Mrs D 1-Jan-1912 7-Jul-1911
Marsh Cyril L D 30-Dec-1957 4-Sep-1957
Marsh Rodney LeRoy B 30-Dec-1952 26-Nov-1952
Marsh Sandra Jean M 30-Dec-1954 6-Mar-1954
Marshall Addie P M 6-Aug-1869 5-aug-1869
Marshall Angela Lea B 30-Dec-1966 5-Oct-1966
Marshall Anna Mae D 21-Apr-2008 18-Apr-2008
Marshall Arnold Wayne B 30-Dec-1949 1-Mar-1949
Marshall Bertha M 16-Dec-1909 2-Jan-1909
Marshall Bradon Lee B 2-Apr-1996 30-Mar-1996
Marshall Brian Lee B 30-Dec-1969 12-May-1969
Marshall Carly Adison B 7-May-1997 1-May-1997
Marshall Christine Ann B 30-Dec-1952 7-Mar-1952
Marshall Christine Ann M 15-Feb-1975 27-Jul-1974
Marshall Cyrus M 27-Jun-1873 14-Jun-1873
Marshall Danielle Anne-Marie B 4-Apr-1995 29-Mar-1995
Marshall Dorothy D 18-Jan-1986 5-Sep-1985
Marshall Edward Duke B 30-Dec-1954 14-Jul-1954
Marshall Edward E D 29-Apr-2000 26-Apr-2000
Marshall Elizabeth (Mrs) M 30-Dec-1938 23-Jul-1938
Marshall Emily M 1-Mar-1860 28-Feb-1860
Marshall Enola D 15-Mar-1999 12-Mar-1999
Marshall Enola Iota D 29-Jan-2000 12-Mar-1999
Marshall Evelyn Beatrice D 30-Dec-1969 13-Aug-1969
Marshall Fannie M 3-Mar-1882 1-Mar-1882
Marshall Fern Delee D 27-Dec-1996 27-Dec-1996
Marshall Frank D 30-Dec-1955 24-Mar-1955
Marshall Geneva D 9-Nov-1995 8-Nov-1995
Marshall George M 22-Feb-1881 20-Feb-1881
Marshall Gilbert M 8-Feb-1929 6-Feb-1929
Marshall Gilbert M 9-Feb-1929 9-Feb-1929
Marshall Girl B 31-Dec-1929 12-May-1929
Marshall Glorietta E (Amann) D 27-Oct-2007 25-Oct-2007
Marshall Gordon Robert M 28-Jan-1995 19-Feb-1994
Marshall Harold Rae M 30-Dec-1954 26-Jun-1954
Marshall Hattie B M 16-Jun-1882
Marshall Henry Austin D 2-Nov-1957 1-Nov-1957
Marshall Howard M 22-Jul-1891 22-Jul-1891
Marshall James A M 9-Mar-1867 22-Oct-1867
Marshall James D D 6-Feb-1995 3-Feb-1995
Marshall James R D 12-Nov-1984 10-Nov-1984
Marshall James W D 23-Jan-1988 23-Feb-1987
Marshall James Young Jr M 30-Dec-1938 8-Mar-1938
Marshall Janet Marie B 30-Dec-1932 5-Jun-1932
Marshall Jas H M 3-Sep-1869 5-Aug-1869
Marshall Jeffery L M 28-Jan-1979
Marshall Jeffrey James M 26-Jan-2008 p5f 3-Nov-2007
Marshall Jennie (Miss) D 26-Jan-1929 24-Jan-1929
Marshall Jerry Lee B 30-Dec-1935 29-Jul-1935
Marshall Johnny Allan M 23-Jan-1992 11-Oct-1991
Marshall Judy Marlene B 29-Dec-1961 22-Feb-1961
Marshall Julie Ann B 30-Dec-1965 11-Apr-1965
Marshall Julie Ann D 30-Dec-1965 17-Jun-1965
Marshall Karen Anne B 30-Dec-1952 20-Apr-1952
Marshall Kathleen M 29-Jan-1973 13-Mar-1972
Marshall Kathleen Ann B 30-Dec-1952 23-Apr-1952
Marshall Kathleen Ann M 15-Feb-1975 23-Feb-1974
Marshall Kathy Dee B 30-Dec-1957 27-Sep-1957
Marshall Kathy Lynn B 30-Dec-1952 20-Apr-1952
Marshall Kirstie Lynn B 30-Jan-1993 18-Apr-1992
Marshall Kylie Marissa B 7-May-1997 1-May-1997
Marshall Larry A D 10-Nov-2003 9-Nov-2003
Marshall Larry A D 31-Jan-2004 9-Nov-2003
Marshall Letha M D 23-Dec-2001 21-Dec-2001
Marshall Lillian Anzy D 30-Dec-1937 1-Feb-1937
Marshall Lizzie M 1-Jun-1895 29-May-1895
Marshall Mabel (Mrs) M 30-Dec-1957 14-Mar-1957
Marshall Mabelle B M 1-Jan-1912 11-Oct-1911
Marshall Madison Paige B 7-May-1997 1-May-1997
Marshall Margaret M 8-Nov-1851 31-Oct-1851
Marshall Margaret Mae D 15-Feb-1975 21-Jan-1974
Marshall Marlene R D 23-Jan-1988 7-Apr-1987
Marshall Melinda LeAnn B 30-Dec-1964 4-Nov-1964
Marshall Merritt L D 11-May-1984 10-May-1984
Marshall Michael Edward B 28-Dec-1951 11-Apr-1951
Marshall Michael J M 30-Jan-1982 14-Feb-1981
Marshall Michael James B 30-Dec-1954 30-May-1954
Marshall Michael Leigh B 28-Dec-1951 17-Mar-1951
Marshall Michael Lynn M 30-Jan-1993 7-Sep-1992
Marshall Michael Lynn M 31-Jan-2004 6-Jun-2003
Marshall Michael William B 29-Jan-1994 26-Dec-1993
Marshall Mitchell Lynn B 30-Dec-1952 23-Sep-1952
Marshall Mitchell T M 18-Jan-1986 27-Apr-1985
Marshall Nadine M 29-Jan-1973 20-Jun-1972
Marshall Nancy J M 10-Mar-1854
Marshall Nancy Louise B 30-Dec-1947 2-Jul-1947
Marshall Pamela Jo B 30-Dec-1957 9-Jul-1957
Marshall Patricia Kay M 30-Dec-1969 21-Jun-1969
Marshall Patricia Maxine B 30-Dec-1954 21-Jan-1954
Marshall Randall Lee M 17-Jan-1987 25-Oct-1986
Marshall Randy Wayne B 30-Dec-1955 2-Oct-1955
Marshall Rex D 30-Dec-1932 14-Dec-1932
Marshall Richard Ralph B 30-Dec-1955 7-Jun-1955
Marshall Robert Howard D 18-Jan-1986 15-Jul-1985
Marshall Ronald M 30-Dec-1955 17-Feb-1955
Marshall Ronald Wayne B 30-Dec-1935 7-Sep-1935
Marshall Rorary Ray B 29-Dec-1962 10-Oct-1962
Marshall Roscoe Wayne D 28-Jan-1978 20-Aug-1977
Marshall Ruth M 2-Jan-1929 24-Dec-1929
Marshall Sandra Janette B 30-Dec-1963 19-Jan-1963
Marshall Sandra Jucille M 15-Feb-1975 31-Aug-1974
Marshall Sara Jo M 30-Dec-1957 13-Jun-1957
Marshall Scott D 30-Dec-1946 1-Jun-1946
Marshall Scott, Mrs D 30-Dec-1957 29-Jun-1957
Marshall Sherry Lee B 29-Dec-1934 12-Mar-1934
Marshall Tamara Dawn B 30-Dec-1964 9-May-1964
Marshall Thomas D 1-Aug-1866 30-Jul-1866
Marshall Troy Dwight M 25-Jan-2006 20-Jan-2006
Marshall Troy Dwight M 30-Jan-2007 20-Jan-2006
Marshall Wanda L (Lihs) D 28-Aug-2008 27-Aug-2008
Marshall Wayne Allen B 28-Dec-1951 6-Apr-1951
Marshall Wendi Renee M 23-Jan-1999 23-May-1998
Marshall William A D 30-Dec-1946 7-Apr-1946
Marshall William G M 30-Dec-1938 7-Nov-1938
Marshall William H D 7-Jan-1891 7-Jan-1891
Marshall Willis Joe D 4-Nov-1985
Marshall Tonya Sue M 28-Jan-1995 4-Jun-1994
Marshall-Thomas Wanda B D 2-Apr-1994 1-Apr-1994
Marshek Joeshp Albert D 7-Aug-2000 5-Aug-2000
Marshek Joseph A, Jr M 30-Dec-1952 2-Jun-1952
Marshek Joseph Albert III D 27-Jan-2000 5-Aug-2000
Marshek Joseph Edward B 30-Dec-1968 6-May-1968
Marshek Karen Marie B 30-Dec-1966 21-Jan-1966
Marshek Karena M 18-Jan-1986 1-Jun-1985
Marshek Violet 'June' (Weber) D 22-Oct-2007 19-Oct-2007
Marsiglio Mason Michael B 8-Dec-2005 13-Nov-2005
Marsiglio Mason Michael B 28-Jan-2006 13-Nov-2005
Marskow Anton C D 29-Dec-1962 18-Jan-1962
Marson Federick M 2-Jul-1880
Marsteiler Glenn M 16-Dec-1909 29-Nov-1909
Marsteller Marjorie A (King) D 9-Jul-2007 7-Jul-2007
Marsteller Rufus O M 8-Dec-1910 1-Oct-1910
Marsteller Rufus Otto M 30-Dec-1943 15-Dec-1943
Marston Autumn Rylie B 2-Feb-2006 24-Dec-2005
Marston Blaine E D 23-Jan-1992 9-Oct-1991
Marston Blaine Ernest M 30-Dec-1955 11-Feb-1955
Marston Charles M 30-Dec-1964 8-Aug-1964
Marston Christine Elizabeth B 30-Dec-1954 16-Feb-1954
Marston Christine Elizabeth M 22-Jan-1972 5-Apr-1971
Marston Connor Michael B 29-Jan-2005 14-Jan-2004
Marston Darla Ruth B 29-Dec-1961 10-Feb-1961
Marston David Lee M 30-Dec-1965 12-Jun-1965
Marston Elaine G D 23-Jan-1988 5-Mar-1987
Marston Elwin E M 30-Dec-1953 27-Jul-1953
Marston Ernest D 31-Jan-1976 13-Jun-1975
Marston Fern B D 14-Nov-1984 13-Nov-1984
Marston Floy E D 5-May-1984 3-May-1984
Marston Jeffrey Allen B 30-Dec-1957 25-Nov-1957
Marston Joe E D 28-Jan-1978 30-Mar-1977
Marston Joel Eugene B 29-Dec-1956 26-Mar-1956
Marston John Wayne B 31-Jan-1981 7-Oct-1980
Marston John Wayne M 30-Jan-2007 7-Oct-2006
Marston Justin Michael M 27-Jan-2000 19-May-2000
Marston Kate Luella B 26-Jan-1980 13-Jul-1979
Marston Kate Luella M 29-Jan-2000 12-Feb-1999
Marston Kate Luella M 29-Jan-2000 13-Jul-1999
Marston Kate Luella M 29-Jan-2000 14-Jul-1999
Marston Katlin Ann B 30-Apr-1996 27-Apr-1996
Marston Mark DeWayne B 29-Dec-1956 4-Apr-1956
Marston Matthew Linwood B 30-Jan-1982 7-Nov-1981
Marston Melinda Sue B 29-Dec-1961 11-Jun-1961
Marston Michael Dale B 30-Dec-1955 23-Nov-1955
Marston Michael Dale M 31-Jan-1976 30-Aug-1975
Marston Olive M 6-Nov-1957 3-Nov-1957
Marston Russell James B 29-Dec-1962 28-Aug-1962
Marston Russell L M 30-Dec-1952 30-Apr-1952
Marston Russell Leroy D 26-Aug-2002 25-Aug-2002
Marston Russell LeRoy D 25-Jan-2003 25-Aug-2002
Marston Sharon Elaine B 30-Dec-1954 26-Dec-1953
Marston William Edward D 30-Dec-1963 24-Oct-1963
Martain Joseph D 22-Oct-1877 15 Oct 1879
Martel Alicia Octavia B 23-Jan-1999 11-Oct-1998
Martel Wilbert M 29-Jan-1973 22-Aug-1972
Marten Albert G D 30-Dec-1940 17-Nov-1940
Marten Anna D 29-Dec-1962 15-Apr-1962
Marten Anna M D 26-Jan-2002 20-Apr-2001
Marten Anna Marie D 23-Apr-2001 20-Apr-2001
Marten Erma M 30-Dec-1942 4-Jun-1942
Marten Florence S M 30-Dec-1941 5-Apr-1941
Marten Frank F D 30-Dec-1968 5-Aug-1968
Marten Gaylenen Ann B 30-Dec-1942 29-May-1942
Marten Harry P D 29-Jan-1983 20-Dec-1982
Marten Helen (Higgerson) D 18-Jul-2008 16-Jul-2008
Marten Henry A D 30-Dec-1963 18-Feb-1963
Marten Herman F D 30-Dec-1954 23-Aug-1954
Marten Jane Rosemary B 30-Dec-1938 23-Dec-1938
Marten Mary Elaine M 28-Jan-1879 28-Jan-1897
Marten Thomas M 30-Dec-1955 2-Aug-1955
Marten Thomas H D 12-Jul-2007 10-Jul-2007
Marten Wilhelmina L (Mrs) D 30-Dec-1946 1-Dec-1946
Marten William A D 29-Dec-1961 27-Mar-1961
Martens Anna M 30-Dec-1937 25-Sep-1937
Martens Arthur G M 30-Dec-1957 27-Jun-1957
Martens Barry Daniel B 30-Dec-1965 23-Feb-1965
Martens Cecil B M 30-Dec-1938 6-Apr-1938
Martens Edward D 31-Jan-1976 29-Sep-1975
Martens Eileen Elva M 30-Dec-1937 16-May-1937
Martens Gaylene D 4-Dec-2006 2-Dec-2006
Martens Gilbert D 7-Mar-1994 5-Mar-1994
Martens Gilbert F D 28-Jan-1995 5-Mar-1994
Martens Jeffrey Allen B 29-Dec-1962 28-Jan-1962
Martens Mabel D 20-Jul-1998 18-Jul-1998
Martens Marina Kay B 30-Dec-1940 18-Apr-1940
Martens Melody M M 23-Jan-1988 26-Sep-1987
Martens Ren D 29-Dec-1944 18-Aug-1944
Martens Winifred H D 16-Jan-1984 14-Jan-1984
Marthaler Amanda Renee B 26-Jan-1980 3-Nov-1979
Marthaler Dalene D 31-May-2004
Marthaler Darlene D D 29-Jan-2005 27-May-2004
Marthaler Jerome D 6-Sep-1997 3-Sep-1997
Marthaler John J D 29-Jan-2005 30-Jan-2004
Marthaler John Joseph D 2-Feb-2004 30-Jan-2004
Marthaler Larissa Kay B 31-Jan-1976 1-Apr-1975
Marthaler Richard M 30-Dec-1964 6-Jun-1964
Marthaler Thomas Gregory M 30-Dec-1969 23-Aug-1969
Marticke Bernhard M 24-Nov-1887 22-Nov-1887
Marticke Bernhard M 22 Nov 1887
Marticke Della Electa D 30-Dec-1941 14-Dec-1941
Marticke Earl (Mrs) D 29-Dec-1956 25-Sep-1956
Marticke Harry Harrison D 28-Jan-1979
Marticke J R M 31-Dec-1889 14-Dec-1889
Marticke Jr M 17 Dec 1889 17 Dec 1889
Marticke Lena M 25-Oct-1899 24-Oct-1899
Marticke Marie J M 30-Dec-1940 26-Jun-1940
Marticke Oscar D 30-Dec-1932 16-Oct-1932
Marticke Oscar M 3-May-1898
Marticke Otto H D 29-Dec-1934 21-Apr-1934
Marticke Wilhehmina Schultz D 1-Jan-1913 8-Jul-1912
Martin Vikkie K M 30-Jan-1982 24-Jan-1981
Martin A M 17-Dec-1908 1-Apr-1908
Martin A L M 30-Dec-1946 18-Dec-1946
Martin Aaron Timothy B 26-Jan-1991 18-Apr-1990
Martin Abbie C M 25-Mar-1875 24-Mar-1875
Martin Adam D 8-May-1893 5-May-1893
Martin Adam, Mrs D 23-Mar-1894 22-May-1894
Martin Adelaide G D 30-Dec-1941 4-Mar-1941
Martin Adolph B 29-Dec-1944 7-Dec-1944
Martin Adolph D 30-Jan-1982 11-Apr-1981
Martin Adolph M 30-Dec-1942 18-Jul-1942
Martin Adolph M 30-Dec-1970 13-Feb-1970
Martin Alan P M 23-Jan-1988 4-Oct-1987
Martin Alan Patrick B 30-Dec-1964 17-Apr-1964
Martin Alberta Louise M 30-Jan-2007 31-Mar-2006
Martin Alice D 2-Jul-1917
Martin Alissa Linn B 26-Jan-1991 12-Sep-1990
Martin Amanda B D 26-Jan-1991 28-Aug-1990
Martin Angelina Ann B 29-Dec-1967 14-May-1967
Martin Angelina Ann M 17-Jan-1987 31-Oct-1986
Martin Angelina Ann M 29-Jan-1994 2-Apr-1993
Martin Angelina Ann M 27-Jan-2000 29-Dec-2000
Martin Anna Elizabeth D 29-Dec-1962 28-Oct-1962
Martin Anna Mae M 30-Dec-1942 20-May-1942
Martin Anne Henderson M 8-Feb-1999 14-Nov-1998
Martin Anne Marie B 31-Jan-1976 5-Feb-1975
Martin Anne Marie M 23-Jan-1999 14-Nov-1998
Martin Annie D 24-Jul-1896
Martin Archie W D 13-Nov-2008 19-Oct-2008
Martin Arnold Herman D 10-Mar-2003 8-Mar-2003
Martin Arnold Herman D 31-Jan-2004 8-Mar-2003
Martin Arthur, Jr D 27-Dec-2004 24-Dec-2004
Martin Asa M 20-Dec-1906 7-Jun-1906
Martin Asa Charles D 30-Dec-1955 4-Jun-1955
Martin Aubrey L B 19-Jan-1985 16-Jan-1984
Martin Aubrey LeeAnn M 31-Jan-2009 pg 6f 12-Jul-2008
Martin Audrey Joan B 30-Dec-1940 15-Oct-1940
Martin Augusta E D 9-Nov-1905
Martin Barbara Ann B 30-Dec-1937 30-Sep-1937
Martin Barbara Ann D 30-Dec-1937 8-Dec-1937
Martin Barbara Ann M 30-Dec-1953 1-Aug-1953
Martin Bart D 21-Apr-1927
Martin Bart M 8-Dec-1910 12-Oct-1910
Martin Bartley Kenneth D 31-Aug-1996 21-Aug-1996
Martin Belinda Belle D 30-Dec-1933 11-Oct-1933
Martin Benjamin Clifford D 30-Dec-1966 9-Jun-1966
Martin Bernice M 30-Dec-1936 11-Apr-1936
Martin Bessie May D 1-Nov-1984 31-Oct-1984
Martin Beth MacKenzie B 17-Jan-1987 22-May-1986
Martin Bethany Dawn M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 21-Jul-2007
Martin Betty I D 14-Aug-1995 11-Aug-1995
Martin Betty Jane B 30-Dec-1935 1-Jan-1935
Martin Betty Jane M 30-Dec-1953 4-Jun-1953
Martin Beulah J D 28-Jan-1984 18-Oct-1983
Martin Beverly D 11-Nov-2006 10-Nov-2006
Martin Bobbie Frank D 28-Jan-2006 30-Mar-2005
Martin Bonna M 30-Dec-1953 24-Feb-1953
Martin Bonna Rae B 30-Dec-1937 5-Feb-1937
Martin Bonnie Fae M 30-Dec-1941 14-Jun-1941
Martin Bonnie Marie B 30-Dec-1941 8-Jan-1941
Martin Boy B 31-Dec-1929 1-Mar-1929
Martin Boy B 31-Dec-1929 25-Apr-1929
Martin Brandy Ann B 28-Jan-1984 30-Apr-1983
Martin Brandy Ann M 27-Apr-2007 p6a 24-Mar-2007
Martin Brenda Diane B 29-Dec-1961 31-Mar-1961
Martin Brenda Lou B 30-Dec-1941 24-Oct-1941
Martin Brent K B 29-Dec-1967 2-Jan-1967
Martin Carl D 30-Dec-1932 4-Jul-1932
Martin Carol Ann M 30-Dec-1968 25-Oct-1968
Martin Carol M M 28-Dec-1945 15-Nov-1945
Martin Caroline Maurice B 30-Dec-1938 14-Jul-1938
Martin Carroll D 27-Dec-2004 26-Dec-2004
Martin Carroll F D 29-Jan-1983 1-Jun-1982
Martin Carroll F M 30-Dec-1933 18-Oct-1933
Martin Carroll Francis M 30-Dec-1957 21-Jun-1957
Martin Carroll L D 30-Dec-1964 30-Mar-1964
Martin Carroll L M 29-Dec-1961 21-Oct-1961
Martin Cathleen Joyce B 30-Dec-1957 21-Jul-1957
Martin Cathy A M 29-Jan-1983 24-Sep-1982
Martin Cecile E D 29-Jan-1983 27-Jan-1982
Martin Charles D 13-Dec-1899
Martin Charles A D 16-Dec-1899
Martin Charles E D 20-Dec-1984
Martin Charles E M 29-Jan-1983 8-Jul-1982
Martin Charles E III B 19-Jan-1985 20-Feb-1984
Martin Charles E,Jr M 18-Jan-1986 27-Dec-1985
Martin Charles Edward M 17-Jan-1987 9-Jan-1986
Martin Charles M D 31-Jan-1981 15-Apr-1980
Martin Charles W M 16-Dec-1909 16-Sep-1909
Martin Charles William M 29-Jan-1994 2-Apr-1993
Martin Charlotte M 30-Dec-1954 22-Oct-1954
Martin Charlotte Lynn M 24-Jan-1998 8-Aug-1997
Martin Chas B 30-Jun-1883
Martin Cheryl A D 27-Aug-2008 25-Aug-2008
Martin Cheryl A M 26-Jan-1980 23-Jun-1979
Martin Cheryl A M 26-Jan-1980 23-Jun-1979
Martin Cheryl Lynn B 30-Dec-1948 6-Jan-1948
Martin Cheryl Lynn B 29-Dec-1950 5-Oct-1950
Martin Cheryl Lynn M 30-Dec-1968 23-Aug-1968
Martin Christine Diane B 30-Dec-1952 28-Jun-1952
Martin Christine Melody B 30-Dec-1954 8-Oct-1954
Martin Cinthia Malia B 30-Dec-1954 20-Sep-1954
Martin Clara D 30-Dec-1963 17-May-1963
Martin Clara M M 15-May-1868 14-May-1868
Martin Clarence A M 1-Jan-1913 24-Aug-1912
Martin Clarence A M 29-Dec-1934 28-Sep-1934
Martin Clarence Arthur D 29-Dec-1967 13-Apr-1967
Martin Clayton Reed B 4-Oct-1996 28-Sep-1996
Martin Clifford A M 30-Dec-1955 6-Jul-1955
Martin Clifford Loyd D 18-Apr-2002 17-Apr-2002
Martin Clifford Loyd D 25-Jan-2003 17-Apr-2002
Martin Clifford Marion D 30-Dec-1957 25-Nov-1957
Martin Clyde S M 21-Dec-1905 11-Oct-1905
Martin Connie J M 18-Jan-1986 25-May-1985
Martin Cora Adeline D 30-Dec-1964 20-Sep-1964
Martin Courtney Kristine B 24-Jun-1997 20-Jun-1997
Martin Courtney Kristine B 24-Jan-1998 20-Jun-1997
Martin Courtney Paige B 13-Feb-1996 8-Mar-1996
Martin Curtis Lee D 23-Jan-1988 18-May-1987
Martin Daisy Jean B 30-Dec-1938 7-Jul-1938
Martin Dale Clifford D 13-Oct-1999 13-Oct-1999
Martin Danielle Marie M 31-Jan-2009 pg 5f 9-Feb-2008
Martin Danna M M 30-Dec-1954 31-Jul-1954
Martin Danny D 31-Jan-1976 4-Jul-1975
Martin Danny Lee B 29-Dec-1956 21-Mar-1956
Martin Darlene May B 30-Dec-1935 25-Sep-1935
Martin Darrell M 30-Dec-1937 22-Aug-1937
Martin David M 30-Dec-1943 28-Jun-1943
Martin David Earl B 30-Dec-1941 8-Nov-1941
Martin David P D 8-Oct-1997 7-Oct-1997
Martin David Paul B 30-Dec-1949 15-Feb-1949
Martin David Paul M 29-Dec-1967 26-Feb-1967
Martin David Paul M 30-Dec-1969 8-Nov-1969
Martin David Scott B 30-Dec-1969 1-Aug-1969
Martin David Scott M 23-Jan-1992 2-Mar-1991
Martin Dean Willard B 28-Dec-1945 21-Oct-1945
Martin Debra M 29-Jan-1973 26-Jun-1972
Martin Debra L M 28-Jan-1978 8-Jan-1977
Martin Debra Lynn B 29-Dec-1956 13-Sep-1956
Martin Debra Lynn B 29-Dec-1956 13-Nov-1956
Martin Debra Marie B 30-Dec-1954 1-Apr-1954
Martin Delbert C D 29-Jan-1983 23-Dec-1982
Martin Deloras Delayne B 30-Dec-1932 18-May-1932
Martin Denia Krantz D 7-Jul-1999 5-Jul-1999
Martin Derick B 29-Jan-1983 5-Oct-1982
Martin Diana Kay B 30-Dec-1948 ?-Nov-1948
Martin Diana Mae B 30-Dec-1952 8-Nov-1952
Martin Diane M 29-Jan-1973 22-May-1972
Martin Diane Cecelia M 30-Dec-1965 1-May-1965
Martin Diane Lynn B 30-Dec-1954 7-Dec-1953
Martin Diane Lynn M 29-Jan-1994 6-Dec-1993
Martin Don Wesley M 24-Jan-1998 15-Oct-1997
Martin Don Wesley M 29-Jan-2000 30-Apr-1999
Martin Donald F D 11-Feb-2002 8-Feb-2002
Martin Donald L M 30-Dec-1933 9-Dec-1933
Martin Donna M 29-Dec-1950 28-Oct-1950
Martin Donna Jean B 29-Dec-1934 21-May-1934
Martin Donna Jean B 30-Dec-1953 15-Jun-1953
Martin Doris M 30-Dec-1952 28-May-1952
Martin Dorothy Cecilia D 30-Dec-1932 10-Aug-1932
Martin Doug Wayne M 26-Jan-1991 16-Nov-1990
Martin Douglas Craig B 30-Dec-1949 6-Dec-1949
Martin Douglas Craig B 30-Dec-1949 16-Dec-1949
Martin Douglas Ross B 30-Dec-1957 24-Feb-1957
Martin Douglas Ross D 30-Dec-1968 24-Feb-1968
Martin Douglas Scott B 22-Jan-1972 26-Jan-1971
Martin Dwire M 1-May-1872 6-Apr-1872
Martin E W M 17-Dec-1908 17-Aug-1908
Martin Edith Garnet D 3-Sep-1996 1-Sep-1996
Martin Edna Anna D 9-May-2000 7-May-2000
Martin Edward Allen D 30-Dec-1946 8-Dec-1946
Martin Edward Allen D 9-Dec-1946
Martin Elaine Rose B 30-Dec-1949 26-Dec-1949
Martin Elaine Vivian M 29-Dec-1967 28-Oct-1967
Martin Elenora Rosalie D 27-Jul-2004
martin Eli W D 30-Dec-1952 29-Apr-1952
Martin Eli W D 24-Feb-1896 23-Feb-1896
Martin Eli W M 16-May-1872 15-May-1872
Martin Elijah David B 24-Jan-1998 30-Jul-1997
Martin Elizabeth D 1-Jan-1908 25-May-1907
Martin Elizabeth D 23-Jan-1988 29-Jan-1987
Martin Elizabeth D 1-Jan-1908 25-May-1907
Martin Elizabeth M 20-Dec-1906 22-Jun-1906
Martin Elizabeth N M 1-Jan-1913 17-Apr-1912
Martin Ellen D 6-Dec-2006 5-Dec-2006
Martin Ellen (Mrs) D 28-Dec-1945 2-Aug-1945
Martin Elmer D 30-Dec-1955 21-Jun-1955
Martin Elmer W D 30-Dec-1952 27-Sep-1952
Martin Elmer W D 30-Dec-1952 27-Sep-1952
Martin Elmira M 29-Dec-1879 23-Dec-1879
Martin Elnora M 16-Dec-1909 18-May-1909
Martin Elnora Duncan D 30-Dec-1938 27-Sep-1938
Martin Elsie Adelaide Hallock (Mrs) D 29-Dec-1956 17-Feb-1956
Martin EM D 6-Jan-1891 24-Dec-1891
Martin Emery M 31-Dec-1913 3-Sep-1913
Martin Emma D 30-Dec-1957 28-Oct-1957
Martin Emma Lowene M 30-Dec-1957 16-Mar-1957
Martin Enedelia M 23-Jan-1988 14-Nov-1987
Martin Ernest D 29-Jan-1973 19-Jun-1972
Martin Ernest C D 28-Dec-1945 19-May-1945
Martin Ernest H M 30-Dec-1933 27-May-1933
Martin Estel D 28-Jan-1978 16-Apr-1977
Martin Esther Ruth D 27-Jun-2001 27-Jun-2001
Martin Esther Ruth D 26-Jan-2002 27-Jun-2001
Martin Ethel Dusenberry D 30-Dec-1948 16-Oct-1948
Martin Ethel M D 29-Jan-1983 17-Jan-1982
Martin Ethel P Holliday D 25-Sep-1972
Martin Ethel Phoebe D 29-Jan-1973 24-Sep-1972
Martin Eugene Everett B 30-Dec-1940 14-Mar-1940
Martin Eva M 20-Dec-1906 26-Feb-1906
Martin Eva D 26-Jan-1991 10-Jul-1990
Martin Eva Pearl D 30-Dec-1963 14-Jan-1963
Martin FA (Atty) D 30-Dec-1954 28-Nov-1954
Martin Fannie M 21-Dec-1905 28-Jun-1905
Martin Flora Fay D 26-Jan-1991 8-Dec-1990
Martin Florence Elizabeth, Mrs D 30-Dec-1949 5-Oct-1949
Martin Florence M M 30-Dec-1935 19-Oct-1935
Martin Floyd T M 30-Dec-1952 12-Dec-1952
Martin Frances M 30-Dec-1946 16-Feb-1946
Martin Francis W M 6-Apr-1920
Martin Frank M 17-Dec-1908 22-Feb-1908
Martin Frank F M 31-Dec-1913 3-Feb-1913
Martin Frank J D 31-Dec-1931 29-May-1931
Martin Fred D 1-Jan-1908 1-Mar-1907
Martin Fred (Mrs) D 1-Jan-1908 1-Mar-1907
Martin Fred E D 30-Dec-1960 3-May-1960
Martin Fred J M 1-Jan-1908 24-Jan-1907
Martin Fred M M 22-Sep-1890
Martin Frederick Earl M 30-Dec-1965 5-Jun-1965
Martin Gary Allen B 29-Dec-1944 13-Oct-1944
Martin Gary Leroy B 29-Dec-1962 6-May-1962
Martin Gene H B 30-Dec-1947 2-Jun-1947
Martin Genevieve E M 30-Dec-1935 12-Jan-1935
Martin Geo W M 6-Sep-1842 14-Sep-1842
Martin Geraldine B 30-Dec-1943 10-May-1943
Martin Ginger Rae B 29-Dec-1961 6-May-1961
Martin Glen Carl B 28-Dec-1945 3-Jul-1945
Martin Glen Carl D 30-Dec-1947 22-Jan-1947
Martin Glenda Kay M 23-Jan-1992 19-Sep-1991
Martin Gloria Jeanne B 30-Dec-1949 1-Sep-1949
Martin Gloria Juanita B 30-Dec-1949 2-Apr-1949
Martin Gloria Juanita M 22-Jan-1972 28-Aug-1971
Martin Gottlieb D 31-Dec-1931 4-Jan-1931
Martin Grace E D 9-Aug-1993 7-Aug-1995
Martin Gustave K D 29-Dec-1934 18-Feb-1934
Martin H Frank M 29-Dec-1956 13-Nov-1956
Martin Hale T D 29-Dec-1967 13-Jan-1967
Martin Harold D 25-Jan-2003 17-Jul-2002
Martin Harold M 30-Dec-1937 8-Oct-1937
Martin Harold D 18-Jul-2002 17-Jul-2002
Martin Harold Matthew M 29-Jan-2000 29-May-1999
Martin Harriet Marie M 30-Dec-1965 13-Mar-1965
Martin Harry D 31-Dec-1889 10-Mar-1889
Martin Harry M 11-Oct-1922
Martin Harry D 10-Mar-1889 10-Mar-1889
Martin Harry Lee D 18-Sep-2003 11-Sep-2003
Martin Harry Michael M 31-Jan-2004 26-Apr-2003
Martin Harry O D 30-Dec-1957 15-Apr-1957
Martin Harry O (Mrs) D 30-Dec-1954 6-Jun-1954
Martin Harry T M 30-Dec-1954 2-Oct-1954
Martin Hattie E D 30-Dec-1964 28-Jan-1964
Martin Hazel A M 30-Dec-1935 23-Feb-1935
Martin Heather Camille B 17-Jan-1987 19-Feb-1986
Martin Helen Katherine B 10-Mar-1922
Martin Helen Marie M 15-Feb-1975 15-Dec-1974
Martin Henry D 30-Dec-1954 27-Sep-1954
Martin Henry J M 21-May-1889 21-May-1889
Martin Henry L D 29-Dec-1950 3-Jun-1950
Martin Henry L M 2-Oct-1871 9-Sep-1871
Martin Henry P D 30-Dec-1953 23-Feb-1953
Martin I B 30-Dec-1884
Martin Ida Belle D 30-Dec-1943 22-Jul-1943
Martin Ida E D 28-Jan-1979
Martin Ida Maxine M 22-Jan-1972 6-Mar-1971
Martin Ida Pearl D 28-Jan-1978 13-Feb-1977
Martin Infant D 30-Dec-1916 22-Sep-1916
Martin Infant Daughter B 31-Dec-1930 16-Feb-1930
Martin Infant Daughter B 30-Apr-1902
Martin Infant Son B 31-Dec-1930 26-Sep-1930
Martin Ivan C D 30-Dec-1937 20-Feb-1937
Martin Ivan C M 30-Dec-1933 8-Feb-1933
Martin Ivan LeRoy B 30-Dec-1937 13-Oct-1937
Martin Ivan LeRoy B 30-Dec-1937 13-Oct-1937
Martin Jack O D 30-Dec-1938 28-Aug-1938
Martin Jack O D 28-Aug-2002
Martin Jack Walker B 30-Dec-1937 14-Aug-1937
Martin Jacob D 16-Dec-1909 5-Oct-1909
Martin Jacob Edward B 5-Jun-1996 2-Jun-1996
Martin Jacob, Jr D 13-Dec-1897 13-Dec-1897
Martin Jacqueline M M 31-Jan-1981 5-Sep-1980
Martin Jacqueline Mae B 29-Dec-1962 4-May-1962
Martin Jade Ashley B 13-Oct-1995 8-Oct-1995
Martin Jaime Ann B 31-Jan-1981 10-Oct-1980
Martin James D 26-Jun-1899 15-Jun-1899
Martin James D 17-Jun-1899 16-Jun-1899
Martin James D 6-Jun-1868 29-May-1868
Martin James M 1-Oct-1883 17-Sep-1883
Martin James Carroll B 30-Dec-1941 12-Jun-1941
Martin James David B 29-Dec-1944 10-Jan-1944
Martin James David M 30-Dec-1969 10-May-1969
Martin James Joseph D 30-Dec-1941 5-Jun-1941
Martin James K D 1-Jan-1912 5-May-1911
Martin James K M 25-Dec-1863 19-Dec-1863
Martin James Kineon D 1-Jan-1912 5-May-1911
Martin James Robert B 30-Dec-1943 24-Nov-1943
Martin James W D 29-Dec-1956 2-Aug-1956
Martin Janet M 30-Dec-1953 26-Sep-1953
Martin Janet Lee B 30-Dec-1936
Martin Jason D M 28-Jan-2004 27-Sep-2003
Martin Jason Michael M 30-Jan-2007 11-Apr-2006
Martin Jay B 29-Jan-1973 13-May-1972
Martin Jay Grant M 30-Dec-1969 17-Oct-1969
Martin Jeffrey Allen B 29-Dec-1967 18-Jul-1967
Martin Jeffrey Frank B 30-Dec-1957 14-Sep-1957
Martin Jeffrey Scott B 22-Jan-1972 28-Dec-1971
Martin Jennie P M 30-Dec-1954 8-May-1954
Martin Jennie Pearl B 30-Dec-1937 16-Aug-1937
Martin Jennie Pearl B 30-Dec-1937 16-Aug-1937
Martin Jennifer Louise B 26-Jan-1980 26-Jan-1979
Martin Jeri Lynn B 28-Dec-1951 7-Jun-1951
Martin Jerry Lee B 30-Dec-1940 18-Aug-1940
Martin Jerry Lee B 30-Dec-1940 18-Aug-1940
Martin Jerry Lee M 30-Dec-1968 2-Aug-1968
Martin Jerry Ralph B 29-Dec-1961 10-Jun-1961
Martin Jerry Sheridan B 30-Dec-1946 6-Nov-1946
Martin Jerry Sheridan M 30-Dec-1965 10-Jan-1965
Martin Jerry Wayne M 30-Dec-1968 15-Mar-1968
Martin Joel Andrew B 30-Dec-1968 3-Sep-1968
Martin John M 31-Mar-1891 pg 4 18-Mar-1891
Martin John B M 21-Dec-1905 21-Jun-1905
Martin John Fred D 30-Dec-1941 10-Jul-1941
Martin John Henry D 30-Dec-1936
Martin John L D 30-Dec-1932 25-Sep-1932
Martin John Myron B 29-Dec-1944 30-Jan-1944
Martin John O M 9-Jun-1893
Martin John TB D 16-Oct-1865 14-Oct-1865
Martin John, Mrs D 8-Oct-1891 6-Oct-1891
Martin Joseph M 17-Dec-1908 28-Oct-1908
Martin Josephine Alvina D 30-Dec-1964 5-Jan-1964
Martin Josephine R M 1-Apr-1853 30-Mar-1853
Martin Joyce Louise B 30-Dec-1938 13-Aug-1938
Martin JRP, Lieut M 27-Jul-1869 26-Jul-1869
Martin Juanita S M 23-Jan-1988 31-Jul-1987
Martin Judith Ann B 30-Dec-1948 25-Feb-1948
Martin Judith Y M 28-Jan-1984 9-Sep-1983
Martin Julie Ann B 30-Dec-1969 16-Oct-1969
Martin Julie Ann M 28-Jan-1995 13-Aug-1994
Martin June K D 18-Jan-1986 13-Nov-1985
Martin Justin Frederick B 30-Dec-1948 21-Mar-1948
Martin Karen Elaine B 30-Dec-1948 10-Oct-1948
Martin Karen Kay B 30-Dec-1942 18-Aug-1942
Martin Karen Kay D 30-Dec-1943 5-May-1943
Martin Kate A D 30-Dec-1937 18-Nov-1937
Martin Katelyn Marie B 27-Jan-2000 6-Feb-2000
Martin Katheryn D 23-Jan-1988 1-Jun-1987
Martin Kathy Diane B 28-Dec-1951 3-Oct-1951
Martin Kathy Diane D 28-Dec-1951 5-Oct-1951
Martin Kelsey Rae B 23-Jan-1992 17-Mar-1991
Martin Kenneth D 29-Jan-1973 10-May-1972
Martin Kenneth M 30-Dec-1940 12-Aug-1940
Martin Kenneth Dean B 28-Dec-1951 30-Nov-1951
Martin Kenneth Leroy B 30-Dec-1932 4-Aug-1932
Martin Kenneth Leroy D 3-Feb-2003 2-Feb-2003
Martin Kenneth Leroy D 31-Jan-2004 2-Feb-2003
Martin Kenneth LeRoy M 30-Dec-1957 4-Jan-1957
Martin Kenneth Wayne B 30-Dec-1932 19-Jan-1932
Martin Kenneth Wayne B 30-Dec-1941 8-Apr-1941
Martin Kevin Charles B 29-Dec-1962 2-Aug-1962
Martin Kim Marie B 30-Dec-1968 19-Jan-1968
Martin Kimberly Kay B 30-Dec-1957 12-Oct-1957
Martin Kimberly Kay B 30-Dec-1968 31-Jul-1968
Martin Kirk A D 12-Feb-1920
Martin Krista Lea B 22-Jan-1972 30-May-1971
Martin Krista Lea M 1-Jun-1995 22-Apr-1995
Martin Kyle Jeffery B 17-Jun-1995 15-Jun-1995
Martin Lacy C M 30-Dec-1955 9-Apr-1955
Martin LaMoyne M 30-Dec-1940 8-May-1940
Martin Larry Dale B 30-Dec-1938 10-Aug-1938
Martin Larry DeWayne B 29-Dec-1939 22-Aug-1939
Martin Larry DeWayne M 30-Dec-1969 22-Jun-1969
Martin Laura D 21-Dec-1905 12-Mar-1905
Martin Laura Ellen B 30-Dec-1938 12-Sep-1938
Martin Laurence Orville D 28-Jan-1979
Martin Lawrence M 3-Jun-1920
Martin Lawrence A M 30-Dec-1933 9-Dec-1933
Martin Lawrence Ledru D 28-Dec-1951 12-Aug-1951
Martin Leah M 28-Dec-1882
Martin Leanna L M 19-Jan-1985 10-Aug-1984
Martin Leanna Lynn M 29-Jan-2005 11-Dec-2004
Martin Leith Allen M 31-Jan-2004 7-Jun-2003
Martin Leon M 30-Dec-1954 10-Dec-1954
Martin Leona M D 26-Jan-1991 31-Jan-1990
Martin Lewis Herbert D 30-Dec-1964 5-Jan-1964
Martin Lida D 30-Dec-1955 14-May-1955
Martin Lilly M 30-Dec-1964 2-May-1964
Martin Lily May [infant] D 13-Nov-2008 10-Nov-2008
Martin Lincoln W M 31-Jan-1981 27-Sep-1980
Martin Linda Faye M 29-Dec-1967 11-Mar-1967
Martin Linda J M 29-Dec-1961 3-Sep-1961
Martin Linda June B 30-Dec-1941 24-Jun-1941
Martin Linda Lee M 30-Dec-1965 26-Sep-1965
Martin Linda Sue B 29-Dec-1956 14-Oct-1956
Martin Lloyd W M 29-Dec-1934 8-Sep-1934
Martin Lois June B 30-Dec-1935 12-Jun-1935
Martin Lois June M 29-Dec-1950 15-Oct-1950
Martin Lois M D 11-Jul-2001 10-Jul-2001
Martin Lois M D 26-Jan-2002 10-Jul-2001
Martin Lois M M 28-Jan-1978 29-Jul-1977
Martin Lori J M 26-Jan-1980 15-Dec-1979
Martin Lori J M 29-Jan-1983 6-Mar-1982
Martin Lori J M 26-Jan-1980 15-Dec-1979
Martin Lori Lynn B 30-Dec-1969 8-May-1969
Martin Lorraine M 30-Dec-1935 20-Mar-1935
Martin Lucille M D 26-Feb-2003 25-Feb-2003
Martin Lucille Marie D 31-Jan-2004 25-Feb-2003
Martin Lula Ora D 29-Dec-1956 4-May-1956
Martin Lyda, Mrs D 23-Aug-1883 23-Aug-1883
Martin Lydia Viola D 4-Sep-1882 2-Sep-1882
Martin Lyle D 17-Jan-1987 9-Mar-1986
Martin Lyle D 19-Nov-2007 18-Nov-2007
Martin Lyle W D 20-Nov-2007 18-Nov-2007
Martin Lynda Sue D 23-Jan-1988 8-Jul-1987
Martin M Jean (Hagan) D 18-Aug-2008 15-Aug-2008
Martin M Jeanne M 30-Dec-1953 8-May-1953
Martin Mabel M 17-Dec-1908 12-May-1908
Martin Mabel Edna M 27-Oct-1898 26-Oct-1898
Martin Mabel Louise D 29-Jan-1994 3-Aug-1993
Martin Madisyn Marie B 4-Nov-1998 31-Oct-1998
Martin Maguerite M D 28-Jan-1979
Martin Mandy Kay B 23-Jan-1992 19-Jul-1991
Martin Margaret D 30-Dec-1936
Martin Margaret D 29-Dec-1961 1-Sep-1961
Martin Margaret Ann D 30-Dec-1953 21-Nov-1953
Martin Margaret Ann M 30-Dec-1969 24-Jul-1969
Martin Margaret, Emy D 5-Nov-1985
Martin Margarita San M 26-Jan-2008 p2f 1-May-2007
Martin Marian Hope B 30-Dec-1954 7-Feb-1954
Martin Marilyn Jean B 30-Dec-1936
Martin Mark Alan M 30-Dec-1968 7-Sep-1968
Martin Marla S M 31-Jan-1981 17-May-1980
Martin Marla S M 31-Jan-1981 17-May-1980
Martin Martha Marie B 30-Dec-1947 27-May-1947
Martin Martha Marie M 30-Dec-1966 9-Apr-1966
Martin Marvin D 30-Dec-1957 25-Aug-1957
Martin Marvin D 29-Jan-1994 22-Jan-1993
Martin Marvin Clyde B 30-Dec-1936 19-Nov-1936
Martin Marvin Clyde B 30-Dec-1936
Martin Mary D 1-Dec-1880
Martin Mary M 30-Dec-1954 4-Jun-1954
Martin Mary M 29-Dec-1972 28-Dec-1972
Martin Mary Ann D 31-Dec-1931 4-Apr-1931
Martin Mary Ann D 20-Dec-2006 18-Dec-2006
Martin Mary Diercks M 23-Nov-1899 22-Nov-1899
Martin Mary Dorothy D 29-Dec-1934 20-Dec-1934
Martin Mary Elizabeth M 30-Dec-1937 11-Mar-1937
Martin Mary F M 1-Jan-1908 16-Oct-1907
Martin Mary Jane M 17-Feb-1898 16-Feb-1898
Martin Mary Jane M 17-Feb-1898
Martin Mary Kathryn D 29-Dec-1967 21-Feb-1967
Martin Mary L M 30-Dec-1954 4-Dec-1954
Martin Mary Louise B 29-Dec-1939 17-Jan-1939
Martin Mason Scott B 30-Mar-1999 27-Mar-1999
Martin Mason Scott B 29-Jan-2000 27-Mar-1999
Martin Mattie M D 30-Dec-1942 18-Mar-1942
Martin Maun M 1-Jan-1908 12-Dec-1907
Martin May D 6-Jul-1892 5-Jul-1892
Martin May M 21-Dec-1905 6-Jun-1905
Martin Mayme M 25-Oct-1899 24-Oct-1899
Martin Megan Elizabeth B 18-Jan-1986 31-May-1985
Martin Megan Mackenzie B 29-Jan-1994 12-Jul-1993
Martin Melissa S M 31-Jan-1981 30-Jul-1980
Martin Melverne Lloyd B 30-Dec-1935 7-Apr-1935
Martin Merlin Dennis B 30-Dec-1946 20-Sep-1946
Martin Merrill E M 28-Jan-1978 29-Jul-1977
Martin Merrill E M 18-Jan-1986 8-Feb-1985
Martin Michael D 29-May-2003 27-May-2003
Martin Michael Stuart M 29-Jan-2000 7-Aug-1999
Martin Michael Alan M 26-Mar-1997 22-Feb-1997
Martin Michael Alan M 24-Jan-1998 22-Feb-1997
Martin Michael Lee B 30-Dec-1952 7-Aug-1952
Martin Michael Scott B 29-Dec-1962 11-Jan-1962
Martin Michelle Anne B 30-Dec-1954 13-Jun-1954
Martin Michelle R M 28-Jan-1979
Martin Michelle Sue M 24-Jan-1998 9-Aug-1997
Martin Mike M 29-Dec-1939 3-Jun-1939
Martin Mike (Jr) B 30-Dec-1942 7-Aug-1942
Martin Mike Jr M 29-Dec-1962 18-Jan-1962
Martin Mildred F M 30-Dec-1941 7-Jun-1941
Martin Mitchel S M 26-Jan-1980 17-Nov-1979
Martin Mitchel S M 26-Jan-1980 17-Nov-1979
Martin Mitchell Dale B 30-Dec-1969 21-Mar-1969
Martin Mitchell Dale D 28-Jan-2006 3-Apr-2005
Martin Mitchell Dale M 23-Jan-1992 9-Mar-1991
Martin Monique M 31-Jan-2004 15-Aug-2003
Martin Morgan Jean B 3-Sep-1997 27-Aug-1997
Martin Morgan Jean B 24-Jan-1998 27-Aug-1997
Martin Mrs M 27-Apr-1882
Martin Muchelle Grace M 29-Dec-1967 25-Mar-1967
Martin Nancee Joanne B 30-Dec-1936
Martin Nancy D 2-Dec-1998 1-Dec-1998
Martin Nancy Kay D 23-Jan-1999 1-Dec-1998
Martin Nancy Marie M 28-Jan-1995 8-Mar-1994
Martin Nannie Leona D 26-Jan-1980 10-Jan-1979
Martin Omar M 31-Dec-1913 11-Mar-1913
Martin Opal M 20-Dec-1906 19-Sep-1906
Martin Patricia A D 30-Jan-1993 9-Nov-1992
Martin Patricia Ann B 29-Dec-1956 5-Oct-1956
Martin Patricia Ann M 23-Jan-1999 3-Apr-1998
Martin Paul Andrew M 29-Jan-1994 11-Jun-1993
Martin Paul Leroy B 30-Dec-1964 26-Mar-1964
Martin Paul Ludwig D 29-Dec-1956 3-Apr-1956
Martin Paul Stephen D 18-Jan-1986 3-Jul-1985
Martin Pauline D 30-Dec-1968 11-Jul-1968
Martin Pearl D 25-Dec-2004 23-Dec-2004
Martin Peggy Jo B 30-Dec-1953 22-Apr-1953
Martin Percy W M 30-Dec-1916 16-Feb-1916
Martin Philip J D 8-Dec-1910 16-Aug-1910
Martin Philip Neal B 30-Dec-1947 8-Jul-1947
Martin Phillip Leroy B 30-Dec-1946 30-Aug-1946
Martin Phillip LeRoy M 22-Jan-1972 26-Mar-1971
Martin Phyllis D 16-Jul-2008 14-Jul-2008
Martin Phyllis June B 29-Dec-1934 26-May-1934
Martin Phyllis June M 29-Dec-1950 4-Nov-1950
Martin Rafael Lopez M 26-Jan-1991 5-Feb-1990
Martin Ralph Clayton D 30-Dec-1964 23-Jul-1964
Martin Ralph D M 29-Dec-1939 5-Aug-1939
Martin Ralph E D 29-Dec-1956 3-Dec-1956
Martin Ralph W D 28-Jan-1995 19-Jun-1994
Martin Ramona Kay B 28-Dec-1951 3-Oct-1951
Martin Randy Richard B 30-Dec-1965 26-Apr-1965
Martin Raymond B 2-Jan-1926
Martin Raymond C M 30-Dec-1936 10-Feb-1936
Martin Raymond George B 30-Dec-1935 2-Nov-1935
Martin Raymond Michael B 30-Dec-1965 20-Feb-1965
Martin Reda Christine B 30-Dec-1957 12-Aug-1957
Martin Rene Clyde B 30-Dec-1947 7-Jan-1947
Martin Rhoda M 5-May-1864 4-May-1864
Martin Rhona D 3-Jun-2004
Martin Richard Dean B 30-Dec-1963 6-Jan-1963
Martin Richard Eli M 30-Dec-1957 28-Mar-1957
Martin Richard W B 19-Jan-1985 26-Aug-1984
Martin Robert Anthony B 30-Dec-1936
Martin Robert Emmett D 30-Dec-1954 8-Apr-1954
Martin Ronald Lee B 30-Dec-1935 2-Nov-1935
Martin Ronald William B 30-Dec-1933 5-Oct-1933
Martin Ronald William Jr B 29-Dec-1956 25-Jul-1956
Martin Ruby R D 15-Feb-1975 8-Aug-1974
Martin Russell D 3-Apr-2007 2-Apr-2007
Martin Russell Carl B 31-Jan-2004 7-Jun-2003
Martin Russell Leroy M 15-Aug-2001 20-Jul-2001
Martin Russell W D 29-Jan-1983 13-Dec-1982
Martin Ruth E D 21-Jan-1994 21-Jan-1994
Martin Ruth Evelyn D 28-Jan-1995 21-Jan-1994
Martin S D 29-Jul-1901 27-Jul-1901
Martin Samantha Jean D 30-Jan-1982 7-May-1981
Martin Samantha Jo B 18-Jan-1986 21-May-1985
Martin Samantha Marie B 9-Jan-1997 20-Dec-1996
Martin Sandra Sue B 30-Dec-1955 29-May-1955
Martin Sarah J M 16-Jan-1871 14-Jan-1871
Martin Shane Matthew M 24-Jan-1998 20-Jun-1997
Martin Shari Kay B 29-Dec-1967 17-Feb-1967
Martin Shari Kay M 23-Jan-1992 25-May-1991
Martin Sharon Lee B 30-Dec-1935 1-Aug-1935
Martin Sharon Marie B 29-Dec-1961 12-Sep-1961
Martin Shawn Kathleen M 29-Jan-2005 4-Jul-2004
Martin Sherry Lee M 17-Jan-1987 10-May-1986
Martin Sheryil Mae B 30-Dec-1942 3-Jan-1942
Martin Sheryl L M 28-Jan-1978 30-Sep-1977
Martin Shirley M 29-Dec-1956 20-Jun-1956
Martin Shirley M 12-Apr-2000 13-Nov-1999
Martin Shirley A M 30-Dec-1955 6-Jun-1955
Martin Sidney Francis M 26-Jan-1991 14-Dec-1990
Martin Son B 30-Dec-1938 3-Dec-1938
Martin Son B 30-Dec-1942 9-Dec-1942
Martin Sondra Jean M 17-Jan-1987 27-Jul-1986
Martin Sonya M 15-Aug-1996 4-Jul-1996
Martin Stacy Lynn D 30-Dec-1965 15-Jan-1965
Martin Stella D 2-Sep-1902
Martin Steven J M 23-Jan-1988 11-Apr-1987
Martin Steven Phillip B 30-Dec-1952 29-Feb-1952
Martin Steven Virgil B 30-Dec-1965 22-Apr-1965
Martin Susan DeAnn B 30-Dec-1953 3-Mar-1953
Martin Susan Kay B 30-Dec-1963 26-May-1963
Martin Susan Kay M 23-Jan-1992 2-Aug-1991
Martin Tammy Marie B 29-Dec-1961 8-Mar-1961
Martin Taylor Dale B 23-Jan-1992 12-Sep-1991
Martin Ted Floyd B 30-Dec-1932 3-Jun-1932
Martin Teresia Ann M 30-Dec-1965 10-Jan-1965
Martin Terri M M 19-Jan-1985 10-Apr-1984
Martin Terry Lee M 15-Feb-1975 3-Aug-1974
Martin Terry Reene B 30-Dec-1952 19-Sep-1952
Martin Terry T M 19-Jan-1985 6-Jul-1984
Martin Terry William B 30-Dec-1965 3-Jan-1965
Martin Thelma Marie M 29-Dec-1939 15-Jul-1939
Martin Theodore M 7-Apr-1892
Martin Theodore G D 22-May-1902 22-May-1902
Martin Theresa Ann B 30-Dec-1949 2-Sep-1949
Martin Thomas D 17-Dec-1908 13-Jun-1908
Martin Thomas D 17-Oct-1998 15-Oct-1998
Martin Thomas M 30-Dec-1937 3-Jul-1937
Martin Thomas M 30-Dec-1952 21-Nov-1952
Martin Thomas M 30-Dec-1952 21-Dec-1952
Martin Thomas Anthony B 30-Dec-1943 14-Jul-1943
Martin Thomas L D 28-Dec-2001 27-Dec-2001
Martin Thomas Leo B 30-Dec-1940 25-Mar-1940
Martin Thos M 24-Dec-1870
Martin Tiffany Marie B 13-Aug-1996 7-Aug-1996
Martin Timothy M 31-Jan-1981 5-Jul-1980
Martin Timothy Allen B 30-Dec-1968 28-Aug-1968
Martin Timothy L M 23-Jan-1988 27-Apr-1987
Martin Todd A M 28-Jan-1995 13-May-1994
Martin Trina Marie B 29-Dec-1956 11-Jan-1956
Martin Tyler James B 17-Jan-2003 7-Jan-2003
Martin Tyler James B 31-Jan-2004 7-Jan-2003
Martin Tyler Jay B 28-Jan-1984 21-Feb-1983
Martin Tyler Scott B 21-Jan-1998 6-Jan-1998
Martin Vardie J M 30-Dec-1916 16-Nov-1916
Martin Vernon Earl M 30-Dec-1965 27-Feb-1965
Martin Vickie J M 19-Jan-1985 15-Sep-1984
Martin Victoria L M 31-Jan-1981 14-Jun-1980
Martin Vinnie Beverly D 29-Dec-1967 28-Sep-1967
Martin Vinnie C M 28-Jan-1984 8-Jan-1983
Martin Viola M 31-Dec-1883 5-Dec-1883
Martin Viola M D 30-Jan-1982 23-Feb-1981
Martin Violet D 22-Sep-1999 21-Sep-1999
Martin Violet Esther D 29-Jan-2000 21-Sep-1999
Martin Violet Marie D 4-Mar-1998 3-Mar-1998
Martin Walter Adam D 29-Sep-1999 27-Sep-1999
Martin Walter Edwin D 11-Feb-2002 30-Jan-2002
Martin Walter Russell B 30-Dec-1940 20-Feb-1940
Martin Warren H M 30-Dec-1938 3-Sep-1938
Martin William D 3-Dec-2002 2-Dec-2002
Martin William M 29-Dec-1934 26-Mar-1934
Martin William M 14-Mar-1867 12-Mar-1867
Martin William Albert D 29-Dec-1950 5-Jul-1950
Martin William F D 28-Jan-1979
Martin William Floyd B 30-Dec-1935 26-Apr-1935
Martin William Henry D 8-Dec-2008 5-Dec-2008
Martin William J D 30-Dec-1952 13-Jul-1952
Martin William L D 26-Jan-1991 15-May-1990
Martin William Michael B 25-Jan-2003 2-Apr-2002
Martin Wilma (Messenger) D 15-Feb-2007 13-Feb-2007
Martin Winfield Emery D 30-Dec-1952 18-Sep-1952
Martin Winnie R M 8-Dec-1910 17-Feb-1910
Martin Wm C D 22-Apr-1895 21-Apr-1895
Martin Wm F M 24-Nov-1897 24-Nov-1897
Martin Wm H M 11-Dec-1884
Martin Wm H M 11-Dec-1884
Martin Yvonne B D 19-Aug-1999 17-Aug-1999
Martin Zachary Lee B 23-Jan-1988 25-Sep-1987
Martin Zella M 29-Dec-1939 12-Aug-1939
Martin Daniel K M 28-Jan-1984 25-Jun-1983
Martin Deborah D M 26-Jan-1980 22-Jun-1979
Martin Deborah D M 26-Jan-1980 22-Jun-1979
Martin Jeffery Allen M 25-Jan-2003 26-Oct-2002
Martin Jennifer Gwen M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 2-Jun-2007
Martin Leanna Lynn B 30-Dec-1965 8-Oct-1965
Martin Mary M M 1-Jan-1908 2-Apr-1907
Martin Misty Dawn B 30-Dec-1969 6-Feb-1969
Martin Robert W D 28-Jan-1984 14-Oct-1983
Martin Todd L B 19-Jan-1985 24-Nov-1984
Martin Violet Marie D 23-Jan-1999 3-Mar-1998
Martin Willard Elery D 23-Jan-1992 15-Nov-1991
Martin Andrew Lee B 29-Jan-1983 7-Jun-1982
Martin Kaleb James B 17-Feb-2006 20-Dec-2005
Martin Kristi Irene M 28-Jan-2006 23-Apr-2005
Martin Marian K M 30-Jan-1982 25-Jul-1981
Martin Mary E M 30-Jan-1982 7-Nov-1981
Martin Melissa Suzanne M 27-Jan-2000 5-Aug-2000
Martin Nelson R D 22-Jan-1972 21-Aug-1971
Martin Roxanne Sue B 30-Dec-1966 12-Apr-1966
Martin Russell Wayne M 26-Jan-2002 20-Jul-2001
Martin Wayne Dean B 30-Dec-1966 25-Jun-1966
Martindale Sebastian Lee B 23-Jul-2008 p5a 30-Jun-2008
Martineau Raoul A D 28-Jan-1984 9-Oct-1983
Martineau Rose Marie D 30-Dec-1954 20-Jul-1954
Martinef Berita Marines B 22-Jan-1972 12-Mar-1971
Martinek LaVonne Ametta D 29-Jan-1996 25-Jan-1996
Martinez Abigail B 29-Jan-1994 12-Oct-1993
Martinez Abraham Felipe B 18-Jan-1986 19-Oct-1985
Martinez Adrian Lee B 26-Jan-2002 10-Feb-2001
Martinez Alexia Marie B 17-Mar-2000 14-Mar-2000
Martinez Alexia Marie B 27-Jan-2000 14-Mar-2000
Martinez Alfonso M 28-Jan-1984 30-Jul-1983
Martinez Alicia C B 29-Jan-1983 22-Dec-1982
Martinez Alicia Cantu M 31-Jan-2009 pg 6f 13-Jun-2008
Martinez Alvaro G M 28-Jan-1978 13-Oct-1977
Martinez Andrea Lucianna B 8-Oct-1998 5-Oct-1998
Martinez Andrea Lucianna B 23-Jan-1999 5-Oct-1998
Martinez Angelica Lynn B 23-Jan-1988 20-Apr-1987
Martinez Anita M 23-Jan-1988 16-Jul-1987
Martinez Anita Proa B 30-Dec-1969 19-Jan-1969
Martinez Antonella Angelique B 26-Jan-2008 p7e 17-Jul-2007
Martinez Antonio D 23-Jan-1999 17-Apr-1998
Martinez Antonio O D 20-Apr-1998 17-Apr-1998
Martinez Armando M 23-Jan-1992 26-Jun-1991
Martinez Ayden Israel B 11-Apr-2008 p5a 9-Apr-2008
Martinez Ayden Israel B 31-Jan-2009 p2f 9-Apr-2008
Martinez Baltazar M 25-Jan-2003 7-Jun-2002
Martinez Brenda Garcia M 30-Jan-1993 7-Feb-1992
Martinez Brianna Maria B 26-Jan-2002 15-Jun-2001
Martinez Carmen Linda M 26-Jan-1991 15-Dec-1990
Martinez Colton Lee B 25-Jan-2003 5-Jun-2002
Martinez Connie M 30-Dec-1969 1-Nov-1969
Martinez Damian David Mikel B 3-Dec-1996 24-Nov-1996
Martinez Darlyn B 31-Jan-2009 p2f 5-Feb-2008
Martinez David P "Davy" D 24-Jan-1998 7-Oct-1997
Martinez Delfino M 19-Jan-1985 15-Nov-1984
Martinez Diana B 30-Dec-1954 30-Aug-1954
Martinez Diana M B 19-Jan-1985 26-Feb-1984
Martinez Dolores M 30-Dec-1968 30-Oct-1968
Martinez Dolores M 31-Jan-1976 13-Jul-1975
Martinez Edgar D D 5-Aug-2002 4-Aug-2002
Martinez Edgar David D 25-Jan-2003 4-Aug-2002
Martinez Edgar Regiero Perez M 30-Jan-2007 8-Mar-2006
Martinez Edgar Rogiero Perez M 20-Mar-2006 8-Mar-2006
Martinez Edith Osorio M 25-Jan-2003 20-Sep-2002
Martinez Elena B 29-Jan-1983 30-Sep-1982
Martinez Emilia Anne B 31-Jan-2009 p4f 24-Nov-2008
Martinez Emily Nicole B 28-Jan-1984 26-Apr-1983
Martinez Emily Nicole M 31-Jan-2009 pg 7f 25-Oct-2008
Martinez Ernest D 29-Dec-1972 28-Dec-1972
Martinez Ernest Escobar III D 29-Dec-1972 28-Dec-1972
Martinez Ernesto D 1-Jul-2004
Martinez Ernesto C D 29-Jan-2005 30-Jun-2004
Martinez Esmeralda C B 26-Jan-1980 19-Nov-1979
Martinez Esperanza Ayala M 30-Jan-2007 21-Jun-2006
Martinez Esperanza P M 23-Jan-1988 12-Jun-1987
Martinez Evarists, Papa D 23-Jan-1988 19-Oct-1987
Martinez Felipe M 31-Jan-1981 1-Aug-1980
Martinez Francisco D 30-Dec-1968 28-Mar-1968
Martinez Francisco Escobar D 29-Dec-1967 18-Jun-1967
Martinez Francisco V M 18-Jan-1986 9-Apr-1985
Martinez Frank D 27-Jun-1997 25-Jun-1997
Martinez Gabriella Sue Ann B 23-Jan-1999 10-Jun-1998
Martinez Gabriella Sue Ann B 15-Jun-1998 15-Jun-1998
Martinez Gonzalo Sanchez M 24-Jan-1998 9-Oct-1997
Martinez Guillermo Calderon M 30-Jan-2007 27-Oct-2006
Martinez Hector Ruben M 29-Jan-2005 7-Sep-2004
Martinez Heriberto M 17-Jan-1987 22-Mar-1986
Martinez Irene Debra D 23-Jan-1992 15-Sep-1991
Martinez Isaiah Trine B 23-Dec-2004 18-Dec-2004
Martinez Ismael Alfred D M 30-Dec-1969 1-Nov-1969
Martinez Israel Saul B 4-Jul-2003 24-Jun-2003
Martinez Israel Saul B 31-Jan-2004 24-Jun-2003
Martinez Ivan B 26-Jan-2002 31-Oct-2001
Martinez Jacinda Serene B 23-Jan-1999 23-Jul-1998
Martinez Jadin Anthoni B 31-Jan-2004 31-Jul-2003
Martinez Jaime M 27-Jan-2000 3-Jun-2000
Martinez Jaime Antonio B 7-Sep-1998 31-Aug-1998
Martinez Jaime Antonio B 23-Jan-1999 31-Aug-1998
Martinez Jaime Jr B 29-Jan-2005 5-Sep-2004
Martinez Jamie Kay M 31-Jan-2004 8-Nov-2003
Martinez Jane E M 18-Jan-1986 11-Oct-1985
Martinez Janet M 23-Jan-1992 5-Jul-1991
Martinez Jaydan Chase B 29-Jan-2005 7-Sep-2004
Martinez Jennifer E B 19-Jan-1985 21-Mar-1984
Martinez Jesse T M 26-Jan-2002 5-May-2001
Martinez Jesus M 26-Jan-2008 p5f 1-Oct-2007
Martinez Jesus C D 14-Oct-2003 11-Oct-2003
Martinez Jesus Eduardo M 28-Jan-2006 2-May-2005
Martinez Jesus Jr M 26-Jan-1991 8-Mar-1990
Martinez Jiselle B 31-Jan-2004 25-Aug-2003
Martinez Joel Rubio M 25-Jan-2003 1-Mar-2002
Martinez Jose G M M 29-Jan-2000 14-Aug-1999
Martinez Jose Guadalupe III B 27-Jan-2000 11-Oct-2000
Martinez Jose Manuel M 14-Jul-2004
Martinez Josecarlos Angel B 26-Jan-2008 p8e 28-Aug-2007
Martinez Joyce Canter B 31-Jan-1976 6-Dec-1975
Martinez Joyce Cantu M 23-Jan-1999 23-May-1998
Martinez Juan Cantu M 31-Jan-1976 6-Nov-1975
Martinez Juan David B 28-Jan-2006 23-Nov-2005
Martinez Juan Jr M 23-Jan-1999 21-May-1998
Martinez Juan Pablo M 26-Jan-1991 31-Oct-1990
Martinez Juana Enriquez D 15-Sep-2003 14-Sep-2003
Martinez Juana Enriquez D 31-Jan-2004 14-Sep-2003
Martinez Kathleen Ellen M 26-Jan-2002 30-Jun-2001
Martinez Kinya Ali B 26-Jan-2008 p7e 7-Jul-2007
Martinez Laura Lee B 26-Jan-1980 12-Jan-1979
Martinez Lela Marie M 29-Jan-2005 7-May-2004
Martinez Leticia M 26-Jan-2002 13-May-2001
Martinez Liliana Isabel B 16-Jan-2006 27-Dec-2005
Martinez Linda Perez B 22-Jan-1972 18-Jun-1971
Martinez Lucila Pena M 30-Jan-2007 1-Jul-2006
Martinez Luis Castro M 23-Jan-1992 24-May-1991
Martinez Luisa M 27-Jan-2000 22-Apr-2000
Martinez Madisyn Marie B 23-Jan-1999 31-Oct-1998
Martinez Margaret Rose M 27-Jan-2000 24-Mar-2000
Martinez Maria D 18-Feb-2008 16-Feb-2008
Martinez Maria Eloisa Gomez B 28-Jan-1978 8-Jul-1977
Martinez Maria Lorena M 26-Jan-2002 24-Mar-2001
Martinez Mario Neizahvicoytl Mirelez M 27-Jan-2000 3-Nov-2000
Martinez Marisol D 17-May-2001 15-May-2001
Martinez Marla Margareta Infant D 29-Dec-1967 12-Sep-1967
Martinez Marrissa Eloise B 27-Jan-2000 3-Mar-2000
Martinez Mary Ellen M 31-Jan-1976 12-Sep-1975
Martinez Matianita G M 27-Jan-2000 1-Jul-2000
Martinez Melissa Torres M 30-Jan-1993 1-Feb-1992
Martinez Mercedes Alice B 24-Jan-1998 9-Sep-1997
Martinez Mia Yazmine B 25-Jul-2001 3-Jul-2001
Martinez Mia Yazmine B 26-Jan-2002 3-Jul-2001
Martinez Miguel M 29-Jan-1994 4-May-1993
Martinez Monika Marie B 3-Feb-1996 30-Jan-1996
Martinez Natalee Elaina B 28-Jan-2006 23-Jun-2005
Martinez Natan Phanuel B 23-Jan-1988 20-Nov-1987
Martinez Noel B 28-Jan-2006 18-Jul-2005
Martinez Ociel M 29-Dec-1967 30-Sep-1967
Martinez Odalyz Ella B 31-Jan-2004 18-Mar-2003
Martinez Olivia Perez B 22-Jan-1972 28-Aug-1971
Martinez Oralia B 23-Jan-1988 13-Dec-1987
Martinez Patricia M 27-May-1998 24-Apr-1998
Martinez Patricia Anne M 29-Jan-1994 20-Oct-1993
Martinez Patricia Anne M 23-Jan-1999 4-Apr-1998
Martinez Paulina (Infant) D 22-Jan-1972 1-Aug-1971
Martinez Pedro M 29-Jan-1983 18-Jan-1982
Martinez Pedro Gaona B 28-Jan-1979
Martinez Peter M 31-Jan-2004 8-Nov-2003
Martinez Peter Jr B 26-Jan-2002 23-Nov-2001
Martinez Peter, Jr B 14-Dec-2001 23-Nov-2001
Martinez Raul Espinoza M 26-Jan-1991 18-Feb-1990
Martinez Raul Jr M 27-Jan-2000 19-Dec-2000
Martinez Raul Jr M 29-Jan-2005 7-Oct-2004
Martinez Robert Marines B 30-Dec-1965 24-Jun-1965
Martinez Rosa Linda M 28-Jan-2006 28-May-2005
Martinez Ruben C M 31-Jan-1981 29-Aug-1980
Martinez Ruben N D 4-Jan-1995 24-Dec-1994
Martinez Samantha Lynn B 29-Jan-2005 8-Apr-2004
Martinez Samaria Lee B 30-Jan-1982 3-Mar-1981
Martinez Santos B 31-Jan-1976 28-Dec-1975
Martinez Sarah Michelle B 27-Jan-2000 19-Oct-2000
Martinez Sarah Michelle M 26-Oct-2000 19-Oct-2000
Martinez Saul B 31-Jan-2009 p3f 9-Sep-2008
Martinez Sofia Marie Avila B 23-Jan-1999 19-May-1998
Martinez Suza Anna B 30-Dec-1966 28-Jun-1966
Martinez Tania Ann B 24-Jan-1998 26-Apr-1997
Martinez Tena Renee B 30-Dec-1965 9-Sep-1965
Martinez Teodora M 26-Jan-1991 8-Mar-1990
Martinez Tianna Sioux M 31-Jan-2009 pg 5f 3-Mar-2008
Martinez Trina Marie M 31-Jan-1976 22-Nov-1975
Martinez Valentin M 31-Jan-1981 1-Mar-1980
Martinez Vanessa M 27-Mar-2002 23-Feb-2002
Martinez Vanessa M 25-Jan-2003 23-Feb-2002
Martinez Vanessa M 24-Jan-1998 24-Oct-1997
Martinez Venessa Luann B 28-Jan-1984 16-May-1983
Martinez Vicente M 26-Jan-1980 4-May-1979
Martinez Vicente M 26-Jan-1980 4-May-1979
Martinez Victoria Ann M 27-Jan-2000 27-May-2000
Martinez Victoria Marie B 13-Sep-1999 1-Sep-1999
Martinez Victoria Marie B 29-Jan-2000 1-Sep-1999
Martinez Vivanna B 29-Dec-1967 25-Jul-1967
Martinez Wendy Ann M 31-Jan-2004 28-Feb-2003
Martinez Jose Manuel M 29-Jan-2005 12-Jun-2004
Martinez Jose Orlando M 28-Jan-1995 4-Mar-1994
Martinez Pedro Garcia D 28-Jan-1995 25-May-1994
Martinez Robert M 28-Jan-1995 7-Jan-1994
Martinez Roberto Montelongo M 28-Jan-1995 25-Feb-1994
Martinez Salvador Rochez M 28-Jan-1995 29-Jul-1994
Martinez Saul Sanchez M 28-Jan-1995 4-Apr-1994
Martinez-Munez Inocente D 14-Jan-2008 12-Jan-2008
Martinez-Munez Inocente D 15-Jan-2008 12-Jan-2008
Martins Sheila Louise M 28-Jan-1995 7-May-1994
Martinson John Michael M 31-Jan-2009 pg 6f 26-Jul-2008
Marton Harold D 10-Dec-1984
Martson Brian Keith B 30-Dec-1966 15-Oct-1966
Marty Daughter B 29-Dec-1939 3-Dec-1939
Marty Elizabeth Ann M 24-Jan-1998 29-Nov-1997
Marty Helen D 23-Jan-1992 22-Nov-1991
Marty Joan M M 30-Dec-1954 21-Jan-1954
Marty Joan Marie B 30-Dec-1936 3-Dec-1936
Martz Adolph Gustave D 29-Jan-1994 1-Jun-1993
Martz Amelia D 14-Feb-1902 14-Feb-1902
Martz Anna M 2-Jun-1920
Martz August D 30-Dec-1942 28-Jan-1942
Martz August, Mrs D 6-Mar-1926
Martz Barbara A M 28-Jan-1979
Martz Betty Lou M 30-Dec-1966 29-Jul-1966
Martz Billy Lee B 30-Dec-1937 7-Jan-1937
Martz Bobby Leo B 30-Dec-1937 7-Jan-1937
Martz Bobby Leo M 23-Jan-1992 1-Sep-1991
Martz Bonnie Lee (Mrs) M 30-Dec-1957 19-Jan-1957
Martz Chad C B 19-Jan-1985 25-Jun-1984
Martz Chelsea J B 23-Jan-1988 8-Jun-1987
Martz Daine Jeffery B 31-Dec-2008 p6a 26-Dec-2008
Martz Darlen Joy B 30-Dec-1933 17-Apr-1933
Martz Darrin Scott B 30-Jan-1982 17-Oct-1981
Martz Daughter B 29-Jan-1973 24-Apr-1972
Martz David E M 28-Jan-1984 12-Nov-1983
Martz Dawn Medrith M 26-Jan-1991 5-Oct-1990
Martz Derek Justin B 31-Jan-1981 3-Jul-1980
Martz Edward D 31-Jan-1976 17-Sep-1975
Martz Emilie Ernestine Getzler D 18-Feb-1902
Martz Emma M D 29-Dec-1961 17-Nov-1961
Martz Fern I D 23-Jan-1988 2-Feb-1987
Martz Fred D 30-Dec-1954 2-Nov-1954
Martz Harry D 26-Mar-1902
Martz Helena M M 8-Dec-1910 28-Sep-1910
Martz Hulda Esther D 28-Jan-1995 29-Nov-1994
Martz Ida D 26-Jan-1980 20-Feb-1979
Martz Infant Daughter B 31-Dec-1930 11-Mar-1930
Martz Infant Daughter B 31-Dec-1930 27-Jun-1930
Martz Infant Daughter B 31-Dec-1930 31-Oct-1930
Martz Jeffery S M 30-Jan-1982 1-Dec-1981
Martz Jeffery scott D 25-Jan-2003 8-Feb-2002
Martz Jeffrey Scott D 11-Feb-2002 8-Feb-2002
Martz Jennifer Ann B 30-Dec-1968 15-Jan-1968
Martz John C M 29-Jan-1983 28-Aug-1982
Martz John Clinton B 29-Dec-1962 18-Jul-1962
Martz John W D 30-Dec-1966 14-Sep-1966
Martz Julie D 30-May-2000 30-May-2000
Martz Kathy Lou B 29-Dec-1962 17-Jun-1962
Martz Kimberly Anne B 30-Dec-1966 4-Jul-1966
Martz Larry B M 28-Jan-1978 23-Sep-1977
Martz Larry Boyd B 29-Dec-1944 5-Aug-1944
Martz Lorraine Pauline B 30-Dec-1943 30-Nov-1943
Martz Lozetta D D 5-Feb-1985
Martz Maud Sadie D 17-Mar-1998 16-Mar-1998
Martz Melissa Renee B 31-Jan-1981 17-Jul-1980
Martz Michael Lawrence M 26-Jan-2008 p5f 19-Oct-2007
Martz Michael Louis B 30-Dec-1964 7-Apr-1964
Martz Michael Louis M 17-Jan-1987 7-Jun-1986
Martz Morris J D 25-Apr-2008 23-Apr-2008
Martz Morris James B 30-Dec-1940 22-Aug-1940
Martz Morris James B 30-Dec-1940 22-Aug-1940
Martz Myron L D 29-Jan-2000 28-Jun-1999
Martz Myron Louis B 29-Dec-1934 9-Jan-1934
Martz Nathanail Louis B 23-Jan-1988 23-Nov-1987
Martz Norman Gustav B 29-Dec-1939 4-Sep-1939
Martz Pamela Ann B 30-Dec-1968 3-Jan-1968
Martz Rachel Whitney M 29-Jan-2005 31-Mar-2004
Martz Rhonda K M 31-Jan-1981 27-Sep-1980
Martz Richard C D 12-Feb-2003 10-Feb-2003
Martz Richard Cecil D 31-Jan-2004 10-Feb-2003
Martz Robert M 30-Dec-1957 1-Jun-1957
Martz Robert L, Jr M 28-Jan-1979
Martz Ruby A M 29-Dec-1939 19-May-1939
Martz Rudloph E D 31-Dec-1931 15-Nov-1931
Martz Timothy B 30-Dec-1963 7-Oct-1963
Martz Todd Michael B 30-Dec-1964 20-Aug-1964
Martz Vicki K M 31-Jan-1981 7-Jun-1980
Martz Walter L M 29-Dec-1962 29-Sep-1962
Martz Walter L Sr D 30-Dec-1969 15-Nov-1969
Martz Walter Laurence B 30-Dec-1938 30-Jun-1938
Martz Walter Lawrence, Jr D 3-Jul-2001 28-Jun-2001
Martz Warren Otto D 28-Apr-1997 26-Apr-1997
Martz Warren Otto D 24-Jan-1998 26-Apr-1997
Martz Wilhelm M 15-Oct-1883 11-Oct-1883
Martz William D 29-Dec-1939 3-Jan-1939
Martz William A D 26-Jan-1980 11-Oct-1979
Martz William Aurther B 29-Dec-1939 2-Jan-1939
Martz William F D 30-Dec-1932 26-Dec-1932
Martz William McKinley D 26-Jan-2002 2-Oct-2001
Martz-Moody Dawn Medrith M 29-Jan-2000 29-Apr-1999
Marvin Betty, nee Hildebrandt D 15-Jan-1972 14-Jan-1972
Marvin Carl Rolland B 30-Dec-1948 8-Jan-1948
Marvin Charles Edward D 30-Dec-1955 14-Jul-1955
Marvin Hila D 20-Jan-2005 18-Jan-2005
Marvin Hila May D 28-Jan-2006 18-Jan-2005
Marvin Marie Evelyn D 30-Dec-1966 16-Jul-1966
Marvin Nora E M 30-Dec-1916 16-Oct-1916
Marvin Ray, Mrs D 15-Jan-1972
Marx Anna K D 2-Apr-2001 31-Mar-2001
Marx Anna K D 26-Jan-2002 31-Mar-2001
Marx Bertha D 30-Dec-1955 3-Jun-1955
Marx Catherine J M 29-Jan-1983 13-Aug-1982
Marx Catherine Jo B 29-Dec-1956 18-Mar-1956
Marx Cheryl Lynn B 30-Dec-1948 23-Sep-1948
Marx Craig Allen B 30-Dec-1954 13-May-1954
Marx Dirk Scott M 31-Jan-2004 31-Oct-2003
Marx Donald R M 30-Dec-1953 19-Sep-1953
Marx Donald Ralph B 30-Dec-1935 16-Sep-1935
Marx Douglas Brian B 30-Dec-1955 4-Apr-1955
Marx Fred Louis D 28-Jan-1978 23-Oct-1977
Marx Harry Walter B 30-Dec-1937 8-Feb-1937
Marx Henry M 23-Jun-1900 21-Jun-1900
Marx Henry J D 28-Jan-1984 15-Aug-1983
Marx Henry P D 30-Dec-1942 2-Dec-1942
Marx Henry P D 29-Jan-1973 1-May-1972
Marx Henry P (Jr) M 30-Dec-1938 28-May-1938
Marx Hilda J D 17-Jan-1987 9-Sep-1986
Marx John P D 8-Dec-1910 27-Feb-1910
Marx Krista M 29-Jan-1973 9-May-1972
Marx Krista Leigh B 29-Dec-1950 26-Jul-1950
Marx Lindsay Ranee B 29-Jan-1983 19-Oct-1982
Marx Margaret B D 29-Dec-1961 3-Sep-1961
Marx Mercedes Mikel B 7-Feb-1996 2-Feb-1996
Marx Meta D 31-Jan-1994 31-Jan-1994
Marx Meta D 28-Jan-1995 31-Jan-1994
Marx Nancy Kaye M 31-Jan-2004 31-Dec-2003
Marx Peter, Mrs D 30-May-1898 29-May-1898
Marx Sean Michael B 29-Jan-1994 14-Mar-1993
Marx Stephen D 30-Dec-1932 22-Aug-1932
Marx Steven M M 28-Jan-1978 5-Nov-1977
Marx William P D 28-Jan-1984 21-Mar-1983
Marzec Edmunday M 29-Dec-1939 22-May-1939
Marzec Frances D 26-Jan-1980 27-Aug-1979
Marzee Irene M 30-Dec-1946 9-Jun-1946
Marzen Ashley Ann M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 15-Sep-2007
Marzolph Steven Donald B 30-Dec-1949 30-Jul-1949
Marzolph Frances M 30-Dec-1933 23-Sep-1933
Marzolph Fred Carl D 30-Dec-1932 30-Jun-1932
Maschar Clifford D 31-Dec-1913 14-Aug-1913
Maschke Anna D 30-Dec-1941 24-Mar-1941
Masemann Marion J D 29-Jan-2005 5-Oct-2004
Masemann Marion Jeane D 6-Oct-2004 5-Oct-2004
Masenbach Henry M 21-Dec-1905 16-Aug-1905
Masengarb Pamela Ann Martz M 31-Jan-2004 13-Jun-2003
Mashek Anna M 21-May-1902 14-May-1902
Mashek Madison Ellen B 13-Jul-2000 5-Jul-2000
Mashek Madison Ellen B 27-Jan-2000 5-Jul-2000
Mashek Mallory Catherine B 31-Jan-2004 14-Jul-2003
Mashek Max Daniel B 26-Jan-2002 6-Dec-2001
Mashek Thomas Leo M 23-Jan-1999 8-Aug-1998
Masier Ida D 30-Dec-1936
Maske Dale L D 1-Oct-1984 28-Sep-1984
Maske Margery Fern D 21-Apr-1998 20-Apr-1998
Mason Allene B D 30-Dec-1955 28-Jan-1955
Mason Betty Joleen B 30-Dec-1954 5-Oct-1954
Mason Clara M 31-Dec-1913 28-Apr-1913
Mason Dylon Lyndon B 26-Jan-2008 p8e 18-Oct-2007
Mason H P M 8-Dec-1910 25-May-1910
Mason Harry Philson D 30-Dec-1942 8-Feb-1942
Mason Jacob D 31-Dec-1889 25-Sep-1889
Mason Jane D 29-Dec-1934 22-Jul-1934
Mason Josephine E M 30-Dec-1916 22-May-1916
Mason Julie Kae B 30-Dec-1957 22-Jul-1957
Mason Laura J D 22-Dec-2007 21-Dec-2007
Mason Laura J (Murdock) D 24-Dec-2007 21-Dec-2007
Mason Linda Mae B 30-Dec-1948 13-Oct-1948
Mason Lonnie Joseph M 29-Jan-2000 20-Feb-1999
Mason Mark Alan B 30-Dec-1966 1-Jun-1966
Mason Matthew Ray B 17-Jan-1987 1-Jul-1986
Mason Michael Wright D 9-Sep-2008 6-Sep-2008
Mason Minnie E M 21-Dec-1905 24-May-1905
Mason Phillip W M 29-Jan-1983 4-Sep-1982
Mason Raymond Richard M 30-Dec-1953 22-Jan-1953
Mason Robert Ellis M 30-Dec-1968 19-Oct-1968
Mason Rylee Lynne B 31-Jan-2004 23-Oct-2003
Mason Sarah Catherine M 29-Dec-1967 21-Oct-1967
Mason Tyler Lanny B 28-Jan-2006 10-Oct-2005
Mason Wyatt Layne B 26-Jan-2002 28-Mar-2001
Mason Alexander L D 16-Aug-1861
Mason Andrea Catherine B 28-Jan-1979
Mason Anita Lynn D 30-Dec-1960 21-Sep-1960
Mason Benjamin D 16-Nov-1881
Mason Blanche Juanita D 18-Nov-2000 16-Nov-2000
Mason Clara M 22-Dec-1882 15-Dec-1882
Mason David Ernest M 15-Feb-1975 3-Aug-1974
Mason Diane Marie M 15-Feb-1975 14-Jun-1974
Mason Dide M 15-Feb-1861 14-Feb-1861
Mason Esther Marie M 29-Dec-1934 30-Aug-1934
Mason Hannah Tousey D 20-Oct-1859 20-Oct-1859
Mason Harriet L M 30-Dec-1935 13-Jul-1935
Mason Hattie Amelia D 15-Feb-1975 19-Jul-1974
Mason Ida C D 29-Jan-1973 31-May-1972
Mason James D 3-Jul-1883 30-Jun-1883
Mason John Houston D 24-Jul-1852 23-Jul-1852
Mason Marilyn Jane B 30-Dec-1932 9-Jan-1932
Mason Mary C M 19-Mar-1866 18-Mar-1866
Mason Min Zenuf D 29-Jan-1973 8-Aug-1972
Mason Omer G M 30-Jan-1891 29-Jan-1891
Mason Robert Ellis M 22-Jan-1971 5-Nov-1971
Mason Sarah B M 1-Sep-1880 31-Aug-1880
Mason Susanna D 19-Jun-1895 7-Jun-1895
Mason Terrence R M 31-Jan-1994 28-Aug-1993
Mason Tyler D 7-Feb-1881 3-Feb-1881
Masonholder Bryan Dana B 30-Dec-1952 28-Aug-1952
Masonholder Guy D 30-Dec-1968 10-Aug-1968
Masonholder Guy D 22-Jan-2001 20-Jan-2001
Masonholder Henry Joseph D 29-Dec-1944 24-Feb-1944
Masonholder Jeannette D 11-Aug-2000 10-Aug-2000
Masonholder M Elaine M 28-Dec-1951 24-Dec-1951
Masonholder Mary M 29-Jan-1973 27-Jun-1972
Masonholder Mary Joan B 30-Dec-1949 14-Jun-1949
Masonholder Paul George D 6-Oct-2003 4-Oct-2003
Massey Betty Mae M 29-Dec-1956 20-Sep-1956
Massey Danny B 30-Dec-1954 20-Aug-1954
Massey Deana Lucille B 30-Dec-1938 9-Aug-1938
Massey Donald LeRoy M 30-Dec-1957 25-May-1957
Massey Eric Joe B 30-Dec-1966 13-Mar-1966
Massey Eric T B 19-Jan-1985 3-Feb-1984
Massey Florence Ann B 30-Dec-1933 8-Apr-1933
Massey Frances B D 4-Feb-1997 3-Feb-1997
Massey Frances B D 24-Jan-1998 3-Feb-1997
Massey Frank D 30-Dec-1936
Massey Glen D 2-Jan-2004 1-Jan-2004
Massey Howardine June D 26-Mar-2008 23-Mar-2008
Massey Howardine June D 23-Mar-2008 26-Mar-2008
Massey Infant Son B 31-Dec-1930 7-Jul-1930
Massey James Clifton B 30-Dec-1965 3-Mar-1965
Massey Janice Nadine B 30-Dec-1932 5-Apr-1932
Massey John Lester B 29-Dec-1962 23-Apr-1962
Massey Lance Matthew B 30-Dec-1969 10-Dec-1969
Massey Lauri Jane B 30-Dec-1960 1-Mar-1960
Massey Lemuel William D 30-Jan-1993 30-Oct-1992
Massey Lincoln William D 16-Jun-1997 13-Jun-1997
Massey Lincoln William D 24-Jan-1998 13-Jun-1997
Massey Marleana (Watson) D 16-Jan-2007 15-Jan-2007
Massey Marleana (Watson) D 17-Jan-2007 15-Jan-2007
Massey Martha D 30-Jan-1993 10-Feb-1992
Massey Mary Lee B 30-Dec-1940 25-Mar-1940
Massey Mary Marguerite D 30-Dec-1964 21-Sep-1964
Massey Merle B D 8-Jan-2000 6-Jan-2000
Massey Michael M 20-Oct-1999 28-Aug-1999
Massey Michael Ray M 29-Jan-2000 28-Aug-1999
Massey Nettie M 11-Sep-1890
Massey Paul M 29-Jan-1983 3-Apr-1982
Massey Randall Robert B 29-Dec-1961 7-Nov-1961
Massey Regina D 16-Apr-1999 8-Apr-1998
Massey Richard Dean D 9-Sep-1996 7-Sep-1996
Massey Robert C M 31-Jan-1981 20-Jun-1980
Massey Robert Charles B 30-Dec-1937 18-Oct-1937
Massey Robert, Bob D 18-Jan-1986 26-Dec-1985
Massey Roy Glenn D 29-Jan-2005 1-Jan-2004
Massey Sarah A Dodder M 28-May-1869 15-May-1869
Massey Steven Carl B 30-Dec-1968 23-Apr-1968
Massey Susan K M 18-Jan-1986 16-Mar-1985
Massey Timm B 28-Dec-1951 31-Aug-1951
Massey Tonya S M 29-Jan-1983 20-Aug-1982
Massey Vernon C D 16-Jun-1998 15-Jun-1998
Massey Vernon C D 23-Jan-1999 15-Jun-1998
Massey Ward Aaron M 28-Jan-1995 29-Jul-1994
Massey William M 26-Feb-1996 2-Feb-1996
Massey William A M 30-Dec-1940 13-Apr-1940
Massey William D M 30-Dec-1941 29-Mar-1941
Massey Wm T M 2-Jan-1866 31-Dec-1866
Massey WT M 13-Jan-1898
Mast Lola Faye B 26-Jan-2008 p7e 9-Apr-2007
Mast Shana Fawn M 30-Jan-1993 1-Sep-1992
Masteller Donald M 28-Dec-1945 21-Jun-1945
Masters EG, Rev M 23-Nov-1896 19-Nov-1896
Masterson Ardena D 18-Jan-1986 31-Jan-1985
Masterson Betty Carlene D 29-Jan-1994 17-Jan-1993
Masterson Earl D 8-Jan-2002 7-Jan-2002
Masterson Earl Richard D 25-Jan-2003 7-Jan-2002
Masterson Fred Earl M 17-Jan-1987 7-Jun-1986
Masterson Girl B 31-Dec-1929 22-Jan-1929
Masterson Harry Scott M 22-Jan-1972 5-Jun-1971
Masterson Leo Nelson D 30-Dec-1963 9-Sep-1963
Masterson Linda Foley M 27-Jan-2000 16-Dec-2000
Masterson Terry M 29-Jan-1973 1-Apr-1972
Masterson Thomas Jay D 29-Dec-1967 29-Jan-1967
Masterson Thomas Murray D 5-Nov-1997 29-Oct-1997
Masterson Thomas, Tom D 18-Jan-1986 31-Dec-1985
Mata Armando Julian B 28-Jan-2006 5-Oct-2005
Mata Armando Julian M 28-Jan-2006 15-Feb-2005
Mata Arturo M 26-Jan-2002 10-Apr-2001
Mata Ivan Jesus B 30-Jan-1993 15-Dec-1992
Mata Jordan Imanol B 31-Jan-2009 p3f 25-Jul-2008
Mata Laizha Karely B 26-Jan-2008 p7e 18-May-2007
Mata Maria Concepsion B 30-Dec-1969 9-Jul-1969
Mata Omar M 30-Jan-2007 29-Apr-2006
Mata-Hernandez Maria Luisa M 27-Jan-2000 11-Nov-2000
Matash Lillian M 20-Dec-1906 7-Jun-1906
Mater Heinrich M 23-Jan-1864 19-Jan-1864
Matheny Elmer E M 30-Dec-1938 27-Mar-1938
Matheny Iona M (Schlichting) D 7-Mar-2008 5-Mar-2008
Matheny Iona M (Schlichting) D 5-Mar-2008 7-Mar-2008
Matheny Wilbur B D 8-Sep-1997 5-Sep-1997
Matheny Wilbur B D 24-Jan-1998 5-Sep-1997
Mather Barbara Lea B 30-Dec-1932 1-Apr-1932
Mather Brandon John B 30-Jan-1982 4-Apr-1981
Mather Donald Eugene B 30-Dec-1941 13-Jan-1941
Mather Eloise D 23-Aug-1984 22-May-1984
Mather Mary E M 4-Jan-1871 1-Jan-1871
Mather May E M 9-Aug-1900 8-Aug-1900
Mather Merlin D 10-Feb-1994 9-Feb-1994
Mather Nathan Robert B 26-Jan-1980 28-Jul-1979
Mather Nathan Robert M 31-Jan-2004 29-Nov-2003
Mather Rebekah Marie M 31-Jan-2009 pg 6f 12-Apr-2008
Mather Ruthie Elizabeth D 29-Dec-1950 8-Jun-1950
Matheringham Verle Hoke M 1-Feb-1928 30-Dec-1927
Mathes Ada D 20-Oct-1999 19-Oct-1999
Mathes Barbara Jean B 29-Dec-1944 11-Jun-1944
Mathes Charles Edward D 22-Jan-1972 8-Aug-1971
Mathes Debra Kay B 29-Dec-1962 4-Apr-1962
Mathes Derek Scott M 31-Jan-2009 pg 6f 1-May-2008
Mathes Derek Scott B 18-Jan-1986 29-Aug-1985
Mathes Donald Eugene M 29-Dec-1962 9-Sep-1962
Mathes Douglas E M 27-Jan-2000 3-Jun-2000
Mathes Douglas Eugene B 30-Dec-1966 18-Jul-1966
Mathes Gary D M 28-Jan-1978 26-Mar-1977
Mathes Gary Dean B 30-Dec-1952 16-Feb-1952
Mathes Hannah Rene B 21-Sep-2000 12-Sep-2000
Mathes Hannah Rene B 27-Jan-2000 12-Sep-2000
Mathes Hayley Christine B 31-Jan-2004 20-Jul-2003
Mathes Howard Glen M 29-Dec-1939 10-Dec-1939
Mathes Hubert E D 31-Jan-2004 27-Mar-2003
Mathes Hubert E D 27-Mar-2003
Mathes Hubert E M 29-Dec-1939 8-Jul-1939
Mathes Jacob Logan B 28-Jan-2006 25-Nov-2005
Mathes Jane Susan B 30-Dec-1968 17-Oct-1968
Mathes JW M 19-Jan-1985 3-Nov-1984
Mathes Kenneth M 29-Dec-1961 29-Sep-1961
Mathes Kenneth DeWayne B 30-Dec-1942 3-Oct-1942
Mathes Kevin DeWayne B 29-Dec-1967 8-Aug-1967
Mathes Kevin DeWayne M 29-Jan-2005 4-Feb-2004
Mathes Mildred D 26-Feb-1999 25-Feb-1999
Mathes Mildred Lucille D 29-Jan-2000 25-Feb-1999
Mathes Rosetta jane D 22-Jan-1972 11-Mar-1971
Mathes Sarah M M 30-Dec-1942 26-Nov-1942
Mathes SJ M 2-Oct-1871 4-Sep-1871
Mathes Stephen Lee B 28-Dec-1951 23-Feb-1951
Mathes Steven Lee D 28-Dec-1951 5-Aug-1951
Mathes Teresa M M 28-Jan-1978 18-Oct-1977
Mathes Timothy Wayne B 28-Dec-1945 25-May-1945
Mathes Viola, Mrs M 3-Jan-1972 31-Dec-1971
Matheson Cameron G M 30-Dec-1933 12-Sep-1933
Matheson Paula J M 30-Jan-1982 3-Jan-1981
Mathew Lewis M 1-Jan-1908 20-Apr-1907
Mathews Alice D 29-Dec-1939 6-May-1939
Mathews Alice D 29-Dec-1939 6-May-1939
Mathews Alice D 30-Dec-1955 5-Feb-1955
Mathews Betsey Ann D 28-Feb-1880
Mathews Clyde F M 30-Dec-1938 16-May-1938
Mathews Fred A D 29-Dec-1944 21-Dec-1944
Mathews Hannah, Mrs D 20-Oct-1879 19-Oct-1879
Mathews LeRoy William D 28-Dec-1951 23-Dec-1951
Mathews Lottie M 17-Dec-1908 12-Feb-1908
Mathews Maria D 25-Oct-184 25-Oct-1884
Mathews Martha Alice D 30-Dec-1946 9-Mar-1946
Mathews Mathis Leslie M 28-Sep-1880
Mathews Matthew D 18-Mar-1842 16-Mar-1842
Mathews Oliver D 30-Jan-1883
Mathews Ruth Evangelne D 30-Dec-1960 9-Oct-1960
Mathews Ruth V D 21 Jul 1005 20-Jul-1995
Mathews SA, Dr D 23-Feb-1928
Mathews Sarah E M 19-Nov-1874 19-Nov-1874
Mathews Tina L M 23-Jan-1988 18-Apr-1987
Mathews William C M 17-May-1876 14-May-1876
Mathews William Henry D 1-Jan-1912 18-Mar-1911
Mathews William Henry D 1-Jan-1912 18-May-1911
Mathewson Bennie D 19-Nov-1868 18-Nov-1868
Mathewson Fannie J M 1-Jul-1876 21-Jun-1876
Mathewson Isaac M 2-May-194 20-mar-1894
Mathewson Isaac D 30-Dec-1942 4-Apr-1942
Mathewson John M 30-Dec-1935 9-Nov-1935
Mathewson John A D 17-Oct-1892 6-Oct-1892
Mathewson Judith Ann B 30-Dec-1937 22-Sep-1937
Mathewson Mabel Quertermous (Mrs) D 30-Dec-1942 21-Jan-1942
Mathewson Mary B, Mrs D 1-Jan-1912 16-Aug-1911
Mathewson Mary Brown (Mrs) D 1-Jan-1912 16-Aug-1911
Mathey Frances D 3-Apr-2007 31-Mar-2007
Mathey Frank D 1-Dec-2003 29-Nov-2003
Mathey Jane D 31-May-2003 29-May-2003
Mathias Alice B D 10-Oct-2002 10-Oct-2002
Mathias Alice B D 25-Jan-2003 10-Oct-2002
Mathias Amanda Lynn M 24-Jan-1998 29-Aug-1997
Mathias Amy Marie B 31-Jan-1976 30-Apr-1975
Mathias Beverly I D 29-Jan-1994 1-Mar-1993
Mathias Billy Lee B 29-Dec-1944 11-Sep-1944
Mathias Blanca Mirella M 30-Jan-2007 20-Oct-2006
Mathias Bobbi Jo B 31-Jan-1976 14-Dec-1975
Mathias Charles Edward B 30-Dec-1943 11-Feb-1943
Mathias Charles Edward M 29-Dec-1967 5-Nov-1967
Mathias Charles Edward III B 30-Dec-1968 9-Sep-1968
Mathias Charles Edward, Sr D 23-Jan-1988 13-Oct-1987
Mathias Chaz Michael B 30-Jan-1993 20-Oct-1992
Mathias Claude C M 29-Dec-1956 26-Oct-1956
Mathias Claude Carl D 22-Jan-1972 24-Oct-1971
Mathias Deborah Ann M 24-Jul-2002 1-Jun-2002
Mathias Deborah Ann M 25-Jan-2003 1-Jun-2002
Mathias Deloris Annette B 30-Dec-1937 30-Jul-1937
Mathias Elizabeth Teresa D 18-Jun-1998 17-Jun-1998
Mathias Elizabeth Teresa D 23-Jan-1999 17-Jun-1998
Mathias Everett Chester B 30-Dec-1946 4-Nov-1946
Mathias Gerald Frederick B 30-Dec-1936
Mathias Iona (Mrs) M 29-Dec-1961 27-May-1961
Mathias Jack Allen M 31-Jan-1976 3-Apr-1975
Mathias James Orren B 30-Dec-1941 4-Jul-1941
Mathias Janet Marie Huber D 10-Jul-1999 12-May-1999
Mathias Jerald F D 29-Jan-1994 24-Nov-1993
Mathias Jerry Earl M 27-Jan-2000 30-Sep-2000
Mathias John L D 30-Jan-1982 30-Dec-1981
Mathias Joyce Marie B 30-Dec-1947 1-Apr-1947
Mathias Judith Kay B 30-Dec-1943 11-Mar-1943
Mathias Katherine J M 30-Jan-1982 30-May-1981
Mathias Nichole Marie B 30-Jan-1993 3-Jan-1992
Mathias Ora A M 30-Dec-1940 24-Sep-1940
Mathias Richard Allen B 30-Dec-1935 14-Feb-1935
Mathias Royal Gilbert D 30-Dec-1952 14-Aug-1952
Mathias Shane Oreen B 27-Jan-2000 19-Oct-2000
Mathias Sharon Kay M 28-Jan-1995 3-Dec-1994
Mathias Shirley M M 30-Dec-1957 20-Nov-1957
Mathias Teresa J M 28-Jan-1984 5-May-1983
Mathias Tina M M 29-Jan-1983 23-Oct-1982
Mathias Tina Marie B 29-Dec-1962 15-Sep-1962
Mathias Tracy Jane B 30-Dec-1969 12-Apr-1969
Mathias Trina Marie B 29-Dec-1962 15-Sep-1962
Mathias Vernabelle D 25-Jan-2003 11-Nov-2002
Mathias Vernabelle Brown D 13-Nov-2002 11-Nov-2002
Mathias Shane Ora M 23-Jan-1999 5-Sep-1998
Mathias Trina M M 29-Jan-1983 18-Dec-1982
Mathie Robert M 29-Dec-1956 7-Sep-1956
Mathiessen Dorothy Ann M 30-Dec-1940 4-Jan-1940
Mathiessen Kevin J M 23-Jan-1988 28-Mar-1987
Mathiot Marianna H D 23-Jan-1992 2-Nov-1991
Mathiot Richard L D 23-Jan-1988 9-Mar-1987
Mathis Alice F D 30-Jan-1982 14-Feb-1981
Mathis Allen Ray M 31-Jan-2004 30-Aug-2003
Mathis Amanda Elizabeth D 2-Feb-1929
Mathis Anita L M 26-Jan-1980 11-May-1979
Mathis Anita L M 26-Jan-1980 11-May-1979
Mathis Anna Grace D 1-Dec-1868 29 Nov 1868
Mathis Anna M M 15-Jan-1869 14-Jan-1869
Mathis Annice Kaye D 29-Dec-1962 16-Jun-1962
Mathis Benjimen Newt B 26-Jan-2008 p8e 28-Sep-2007
Mathis Betty J M 28-Jan-1984 21-Jun-1983
Mathis Betty Joan M 30-Dec-1966 29-Aug-1966
Mathis Brian Edward B 22-Jan-1972 21-Dec-1971
Mathis Brian Edward M 27-Jan-2000 18-Mar-2000
Mathis Bridgette Sue B 28-Jan-2006 28-Jul-2005
Mathis Brooks Anthony B 21-May-2002 7-May-2002
Mathis C Robert M 30-Dec-1953 25-Nov-1953
Mathis Calvin Wayland D 22-Jan-1929
Mathis Catherine E M 1-Jan-1912 29-Mar-1911
Mathis Charles G D 30-Mar-1883
Mathis Cheryl Ann M 17-Jan-1987 11-Dec-1986
Mathis CP D 20-Feb-1874 4 -Feb-1874
Mathis CW M 20-Oct-1881
Mathis Debbie Lynn M 17-Jan-1987 8-Aug-1986
Mathis Debra Kay M 30-Jan-1993 14-Nov-1992
Mathis Della Arline M 30-Dec-1969 15-Mar-1969
Mathis Donald E D 17-Jan-1987 20-Oct-1986
Mathis Donald William B 31-Jan-1981 21-Oct-1980
Mathis Dorothy Marie D 26-Jan-2002 16-Mar-2001
Mathis Dylan Patrick B 27-Oct-1998 23-Oct-1998
Mathis Dylan Patrick B 23-Jan-1999 23-Oct-1998
Mathis Ernest Jr M 30-Dec-1970 23-Jan-1970
Mathis Ernest Melvin D 22-Jan-1972 23-Jun-1971
Mathis Ernest Melvin M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 16-Jun-2007
Mathis Ernest Melvin,Jr B 31-Jan-2009 p2f 29-Apr-2008
Mathis Gary W M 29-Jan-1983 18-Sep-1982
Mathis Gary Wayne B 29-Dec-1961 10-Feb-1961
Mathis Geo H, Rev M 8-May-1880 28-Apr-1880
Mathis Haley Jo B 29-Jan-2005 19-Jul-2004
Mathis Harlen Ashley B 30-Dec-1969 15-Mar-1969
Mathis Jack A M 31-Jan-1981 12-Aug-1980
Mathis Jack Joshua M 28-Jan-2006 29-Oct-2005
Mathis Jacqueline M 30-Jan-1982 15-Jan-1981
Mathis James C M 28-Jan-1978 27-Jan-1977
Mathis Jerry Clyde D 22-Jan-1972 10-Jun-1971
Mathis John David B 3-Jul-1996 25-Jun-1996
Mathis Justin Lee M 28-Jan-2006 25-Feb-2005
Mathis Kasandra Elizabeth B 31-Jan-1981 14-Nov-1980
Mathis Lane Jacob B 8-Aug-2002 25-Jul-2002
Mathis Lane Jacob B 25-Jan-2003 25-Jul-2002
Mathis Lenora M 30-Dec-1933 11-Apr-1933
Mathis Lisa Faye M 25-Jan-2003 8-Nov-2002
Mathis Lizzie Cordelia D 16-Mar-1865 14-Mar-1865
Mathis Mary Elizabeth M 29-Dec-1956 5-Jul-1956
Mathis Melissa Sue B 23-Jan-1988 4-Oct-1987
Mathis Melony Kristine B 31-Jan-2009 p3f 3-Jul-2008
Mathis Michael R M 28-Jan-1978 3-Dec-1977
Mathis Michael Robert B 30-Dec-1957 13-Aug-1957
Mathis Michelle Linn B 21-Apr-1997 10-Apr-1997
Mathis Misty Dawn B 29-Jan-1983 24-Jul-1982
Mathis Misty Dawn M 29-Jan-2000 18-Mar-1999
Mathis MS D 10-Apr-1867
Mathis Richard Allen B 30-Dec-1963 31-Mar-1963
Mathis Roger L M 31-Jan-1981 25-May-1980
Mathis Roger L, Jr M 31-Jan-1981 25-May-1980
Mathis Roger L, Jr M 19-Jan-1985 11-Jun-1984
Mathis Roseann R M 18-Jan-1986 19-Apr-1985
Mathis Roseann Romaine M 26-Jan-2008 p5f 24-Dec-2007
Mathis Sarah Marie B 30-Dec-1938 9-Oct-1938
Mathis Smantha Marie B 15-Dec-1995 11-Dec-1995
Mathis Stanley M 31-Jan-1976 12-Jan-1975
Mathis Stanley M 31-Jan-2004 7-Jun-2003
Mathis Trishia Lynn B 28-Jan-1979
Mathis tyler Wayne B 17-Jan-1987 5-Jan-1986
Mathis William Daniel M 27-Jan-2000 2-Dec-2000
Mathis Emily R D 30-Dec-1941 23-Jul-1941
Mathis Sara Marie D 30-Dec-1946 4-Dec-1946
Mathis-Leaver Dorothy Marie D 19-Mar-2001 16-Mar-2001
Matillano Tina Marie M 29-Jan-2000 28-May-1999
Matkovich Andrew James B 7-Aug-1996 1-Aug-1996
Matkovich Molly Ann B 23-Dec-1998 19-Dec-1998
Matkovich Molly Ann B 23-Jan-1999 19-Dec-1998
Matlick Cathy Lynn D 31-Jan-2004 2-Feb-2003
Matlick Cathy Lynn D 10-Feb-2003 6-Feb-2003
Matlick Dale E D 28-Aug-1995 26-Aug-1995
Matlick Wesley M 30-Dec-1946 8-Jun-1946
Matos Veyda Irene B 25-Jan-2003 4-Sep-2002
Matsuda Glenn M 13-Apr-1995 4-Nov-1994
Matteer Mary D 14-May-1890
Matter Earl M 30-Dec-1938 27-Feb-1938
Matter John W D 14-Mar-1868
Matter Peter M 27-Dec-1865 25-Dec-1865
Mattern Barbara (Mrs) D 1-Jan-1912 7-Feb-1911
Mattern Barbara Lebermuth D 1-Jan-1912 7-Feb-1911
Mattern Katherine M 30-Dec-1935 27-Jul-1935
Matterson Frank L M 1-Jan-1913 5-Jan-1912
Matterson OP, Mrs D 29-Mar-1870
Mattes David Carl M 31-Jan-2004 22-Feb-2003
Matteson Susan Renee M 23-Jan-1999 1-Aug-1998
Matthes Lorna Mae M 30-Dec-1946 28-Jan-1946
Matthes Mildred Brookhart D 29-Jan-1973 21-Sep-1972
Matthes Son B 30-Dec-1932 9-Dec-1932
Mattheson Mary, Mrs D 16-Apr-1902 15-Apr-1920
Matthess Alice Marie D 22-Apr-2002 20-Apr-2002
Matthess Daughter B 30-Dec-1938 24-Dec-1938
Matthess Frank D 30-Dec-1936
Matthess Maynard O D 13-Dec-2000 12-Dec-2000
Matthess Velma Anita M 29-Dec-1967 29-Jul-1967
Matthew Edith Estella D 30-Dec-1964 13-Apr-1964
Matthew Howard M 30-Dec-1940 19-Oct-1940
Matthews Benjamin J M 31-Dec-1880 pg 4 9-Dec-1880
Matthews Brenda Lea M 26-Jan-1991 16-Mar-1990
Matthews Burt D 27-Nov-1998 26-Nov-1998
Matthews Daniel Lee B 30-Dec-1965 11-Oct-1965
Matthews Dennis P M 26-Jan-1980 24-Mar-1979
Matthews Dennis P M 26-Jan-1980 24-Mar-1979
Matthews Donnie Eugene M 17-Jan-1987 30-May-1986
Matthews Eileen F M 30-Dec-1933 21-May-1933
Matthews Elda H D 9-Dec-2008 7-Dec-2008
Matthews Elizabeth Teresa D 26-Dec-1882 25-Dec-1882
Matthews Frank M 4-Jan-1928
Matthews Hiram D 23-Sep-1862 22-Sep-1862
Matthews Hiram, Mrs D 29-Jan-1880
Matthews Ida E M 5-Jun-1902 5-Jun-1902
Matthews Isaac Hill D 29-Dec-1956 17-May-1956
Matthews JJ D 29-Jan-1973 20-Sep-1972
Matthews John M 4-Sep-1871 4-Sep-1871
Matthews John M D 22-Jan-1972 20-Jan-1972
Matthews John M D 29-Jan-1973 22-Jan-1972
Matthews Jos D 20-Jul-1895 6-Jul-1895
Matthews Lara Purn B 29-Dec-1962 5-Feb-1962
Matthews Lura M 21-May-1841 17-May-1841
Matthews Maria D 24-Jan-1846 11-Jan-1846
Matthews Megan Sue B 15-Feb-1975 13-Nov-1974
Matthews Melissa Lynn B 28-Jan-1979
Matthews Nancy M 1-Apr-1872 28-Mar-1872
Matthews Orell M 29-N0v-1845 25-Nov-1845
Matthews Orpha M M 15-Mar-1844 10-Mar-1844
Matthews Ralph Carl D 24-Jan-2000 22-Jan-2000
Matthews Randy Alien M 26-Jan-2008 p2f 10-Feb-2007
Matthews Randy Allen B 29-Jan-1983 25-Jul-1982
Matthews Randy Allen M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 10-Feb-2007
Matthews Robert Paul B 30-Jan-1982 23-Jan-1981
Matthews Robert Paul M 28-Jan-2006 29-Sep-2005
Matthews Ronald E M 30-Dec-1952 8-Sep-1952
Matthews Ronald Eugene D 11-Aug-1999 10-Aug-1999
Matthews Rose M 10-Nov-1899
Matthews Rylee Sue B 31-Jan-2009 p4f 19-Nov-2008
Matthews Solomon B M 21-May-1841 17-May-1841
Matthews Son B 18-Aug-1920
Matthews Staci Lee B 30-Dec-1969 1-Feb-1969
Matthews Viola M M 30-Dec-1937 7-Jul-1937
Matthews Wanda L M 28-Jan-1984 5-Dec-1983
Matthews William Arthur D 29-Dec-1956 12-Jun-1956
Matthews William H D 1-Jan-1912 18-Mar-1911
Matthiesen Chris M 1-Nov-1893 1-Nov-1893
Matthiesen Christy R M 28-Jan-1978 9-Jul-1977
Matthiesen Edward D 30-Dec-1957 6-Mar-1957
Matthiesen Emma M 30-Mar-1891 25-Mar-1891
Matthiesen Frederick M 16-Dec-1909 6-May-1909
Matthiesen John D 30-Dec-1932 18-Oct-1932
Matthiessen Becky S M 30-Jan-1982 3-Jul-1981
Matthiessen Becky Sue B 29-Dec-1962 13-Apr-1962
Matthiessen Blanche D 23-Jan-1988 2-Feb-1987
Matthiessen Christian W D 30-Dec-1953 29-Apr-1953
Matthiessen Christy R M 31-Jan-1981 5-Jul-1980
Matthiessen Dennis Shirley D 26-Jan-1980 4-Feb-1979
Matthiessen Dorothy (Mrs) M 29-Dec-1939 18-Feb-1939
Matthiessen Frieda B D 26-Jan-1980 30-Nov-1979
Matthiessen Henry D 30-Dec-1957 14-Feb-1957
Matthiessen Henry M 31-Dec-1913 3-May-1913
Matthiessen Henry M 29-Dec-1934 12-May-1934
Matthiessen Randy Dennis B 29-Dec-1961 5-Mar-1961
Matthiessen Thelma M 30-Dec-1946 1-Mar-1946
Matthiessen William P D 30-Dec-1948 1-Feb-1948
Mattie Margie M M 30-Dec-1941 10-Feb-1941
Mattingly Luke Joseph B 12-Apr-2000 5-Apr-2000
Mattingly Luke Joseph B 27-Jan-2000 5-Apr-2000
Mattingly Paul E D 30-Mar-1998 29-Mar-1998
Mattix Sherry Lynn M 31-Jan-1976 28-Jun-1975
Mattly Penny Sue B 26-Jan-1980 8-Jul-1979
Mattoon Charles H D 9-Aug-1844 6 Aug 1844
Mattschall Wilhelmina M 11-May-1861 9-Aug-1861
Mattson Donald M 30-Dec-1968 31-May-1968
Mattson Warren Leo M 30-Dec-1938 18-Sep-1938
Matucha Ann Nickerson D 30-Dec-1932 2-Dec-1932
Mauch Isaac Newton D 30-Dec-1933 9-May-1933
Mauck Charles H M 22-Sep-1869 21-Sep-1869
Mauck Daniels D 12-Mar-1857
Mauck Ella E M 27-Apr-1871
Maucker Lyda M M 21-Dec-1905 21-Oct-1905
Mauer Elsa D 17-Dec-1903 8-Aug-1903
Mauer John Ray D 16-Feb-1928 13-Feb-1928
Mauer William J Jr D 30-Jan-1982 15-Jan-1981
Mauller Carolyn J Wigner M 29-Jan-1983 15-Oct-1982
Maurais Joseph V D 30-Dec-1953 25-Oct-1953
Maurais Joseph V M 1-Jan-1908 27-Jun-1907
Maurais Minnie D 30-Dec-1965 17-Oct-1965
Maurath Elsie Mrs D 28-Dec-1951 10-Feb-1951
Maurath Frank D 1-Jan-1908 9-Oct-1907
Maurath Frank D 30-Dec-1941 11-Oct-1941
Maurath Frank D 1-Jan-1908 9-Oct-1907
Maurath Frank X D 28-Sep-1900 28-Sep-1900
Maurath John M 9-Oct-1900 9-Oct-1900
Maurath Joseph P D 30-Dec-1948 30-Jan-1948
Maurath Joyce Yvonne B 30-Dec-1932 22-May-1932
Maurath Kate M 5-May-1892 4-May-1892
Maurath Kathleen L M 30-Dec-1916 4-Mar-1916
Maurath Leo L M 30-Dec-1943 11-Sep-1943
Maurath Leo L M 30-Dec-1954 19-Feb-1954
Maurath Leo Leonard B 30-Dec-1938 3-May-1938
Maurath Leo Leonard D 30-Dec-1969 4-May-1969
Maurath Mary, Mrs D 21-Dec-1898 21-Dec-1898
Maurath Michele B 29-Dec-1956 29-Jul-1956
Maurath Rufina P M 8-Dec-1910 24-Jan-1910
Maurath Vincent D 12-Aug-1906
Maurath Vincent, Mrs D 23-Aug-1898 21-Aug-1898
Maure Joyce Kay B 30-Dec-1964 13-May-1964
Mauren Eathal Mae D 29-Dec-1962 13-Mar-1962
Maurer Adam Lee M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 23-Jun-2007
Maurer Alan F M 30-Dec-1952 27-Sep-1952
Maurer Albert E D 30-Dec-1969 20-Aug-1969
Maurer Alexis Marie B 25-Sep-1999 18-Sep-1999
Maurer Alexis Marie B 29-Jan-2000 18-Sep-1999
Maurer Alma D 21-Dec-1905 19-Feb-1905
Maurer Amy Jo M 27-Jan-2000 20-Jun-2000
Maurer Anna Marolf D 19-Feb-1905
Maurer Barbara Jean M 29-Jan-2005 6-Aug-2004
Maurer Becky M 29-Jan-1973 9-May-1972
Maurer Becky Ann B 28-Dec-1951 8-Aug-1951
Maurer Betty Jane D 31-Jan-2004 11-Nov-2003
Maurer Betty June D 12-Nov-2003 11-Nov-2003
Maurer Breanna Michele B 17-Jan-1987 14-Jul-1986
Maurer Caroline Fisch D 30-Dec-1957 4-Mar-1957
Maurer Charles D 3-Nov-2001 2-Nov-2001
Maurer Charles Kenneth D 26-Jan-2002 2-Nov-2001
Maurer Craig M 30-Dec-1965 17-Apr-1965
Maurer Craig Wayne B 30-Dec-1946 11-Nov-1946
Maurer Dale L M 30-Jan-1982 26-Jun-1981
Maurer Dale Lee B 30-Dec-1957 29-Jul-1957
Maurer Dean W M 19-Jan-1985 14-Sep-1984
Maurer Deanna S M 28-Jan-1984 16-Apr-1983
Maurer Deanna Sue B 29-Dec-1961 17-Mar-1961
Maurer Dorothy M 28-Dec-1945 16-Aug-1945
Maurer Douglas Raymond M 23-Jan-1999 29-Aug-1998
Maurer Edward F W M 30-Dec-1916 7-Nov-1916
Maurer Elizabeth H D 28-Jan-1984 6-Aug-1983
Maurer Ellen M D 30-Dec-1942 10-Mar-1942
Maurer Elmer Fredrick D 30-Dec-1952 15-May-1952
Maurer Englehart D 21-Dec-1905 4-Nov-1905
Maurer Ericka Sue M 28-Jan-1995 23-Apr-1994
Maurer Fred D 31-Dec-1931 26-Jan-1931
Maurer Fred M 31-Dec-1913 9-Apr-1913
Maurer Fred R D 17-Jan-1987 15-Sep-1986
Maurer Frederick G D 11-Mar-1929 10-Mar-1929
Maurer Gary R M 29-Jan-1983 7-Aug-1982
Maurer Gary Robert B 30-Dec-1955 14-Oct-1955
Maurer Geneva K M 31-Jan-1981 23-Feb-1980
Maurer Gloria Jean B 30-Dec-1953 7-Jun-1953
Maurer Harold M 30-Dec-1936 26-Dec-1936
Maurer Harold B D 30-Jan-1993 4-Jul-1992
Maurer Harry William D 29-Dec-1967 6-Sep-1967
Maurer Henry Rudolph D 28-Dec-1951 24-Aug-1951
Maurer Henry Rudolph, Jr D 30-Dec-1940 24-Oct-1940
Maurer Hilda Marie M 16-Dec-1909 17-Feb-1909
Maurer Howard E D 21-Dec-2001 21-Dec-2001
Maurer Ida Minnie D 30-Dec-1948 23-May-1948
Maurer James B 30-Dec-1954 4-Sep-1954
Maurer Jane Ann B 30-Dec-1947 22-Nov-1947
Maurer Jane Ann M 30-Dec-1965 1-Aug-1965
Maurer Jane Fay B 30-Dec-1946 17-Oct-1946
Maurer Jean Renae M 23-Jan-1999 31-Jul-1998
Maurer Jeffrey Alan D 29-Jan-1973 12-Jun-1972
Maurer John R D 24-May-1996 23-May-1996
Maurer John, Sr D 1-Jan-1912 3-Jan-1911
Maurer Joyce M 23-Nov-1998 26-Sep-1998
Maurer Joyce K M 19-Jan-1985 18-May-1984
Maurer Joyce Kay M 23-Jan-1999 26-Sep-1998
Maurer Julia M M 29-Jan-1983 18-Jun-1982
Maurer Julia Marie B 29-Dec-1962 30-Aug-1962
Maurer Kathryn M D 30-Dec-1965 1-Mar-1965
Maurer Kay Yvonne M 17-Jan-1987 9-Aug-1986
Maurer Kristi Anne M 28-Jan-1995 3-Sep-1994
Maurer Larry Wayne B 28-Dec-1951 26-Jun-1951
Maurer Leah Lorraine B 30-Dec-1968 6-Apr-1968
Maurer Leo D 20-Dec-2004 19-Dec-2004
Maurer Leo Wayne M 30-Dec-1942 8-Feb-1942
Maurer Linda Ruth B 30-Dec-1943 9-Oct-1943
Maurer Lori A M 26-Jan-1980 27-Oct-1979
Maurer Louise, Mrs D 29-Jan-1973 26-May-1972
Maurer Lulu L D 29-Jan-1994 25-Apr-1993
Maurer Mabel Irene D 13-Mar-1984 12-Mar-1984
Maurer Madison Leigh B 28-Jan-1995 16-May-1994
Maurer Magdalena, Mrs D 28-Jul-1891 27-Jul-1891
Maurer Margaret D 30-Dec-1955 14-Nov-1955
Maurer Margaret D 1-Jan-1912 13-Jan-1911
Maurer Mark Allan M 29-Jan-1994 26-Apr-1993
Maurer Mark allan M 27-Jan-2000 20-Jun-2000
Maurer Mary Ida M 30-Dec-1954 3-Apr-1954
Maurer Mary S M 31-Jan-1981 2-May-1980
Maurer Morgan Darting B 26-Jan-2002 20-Dec-2001
Maurer Nealene M 21-May-2003 4-Apr-2003
Maurer Nealene Alice M 31-Jan-2004 4-Apr-2003
Maurer Norma D 14-Jun-1999 12-Jun-1999
Maurer Norman M 30-Dec-1952 18-Dec-1952
Maurer Orpha F D 22-Apr-1995 21-Apr-1995
Maurer Paul R D 17-Jan-1987 7-Mar-1986
Maurer Paul Rudolph B 30-Dec-1933 2-Dec-1933
Maurer Paul Rudolph M 30-Dec-1957 6-Sep-1957
Maurer Rachelle K M 30-Jan-1982 13-Jun-1981
Maurer Raymond D M 26-Jan-1980 10-Aug-1979
Maurer Raymond D M 26-Jan-1980 10-Aug-1979
Maurer Richard W M 30-Jan-1982 15-May-1981
Maurer Richard William B 30-Dec-1949 24-Feb-1949
Maurer Rochelle Kathryn B 29-Dec-1962 1-Apr-1962
Maurer Ruth V D 28-Jan-1984 23-Jan-1983
Maurer Sandra Anne B 29-Dec-1950 30-Apr-1950
Maurer Sandra Anne M 30-Dec-1968 26-Oct-1968
Maurer Simon Charles M 23-Jan-1999 21-Aug-1998
Maurer Son D 31-Jan-1928 3-Jan-1928
Maurer Tamara Ruth B 30-Dec-1965 28-Jun-1965
Maurer Terri Anne B 30-Dec-1952 15-Nov-1952
Maurer Tommy Allen M 31-Jan-1976 12-Apr-1975
Maurer Wayne J B 30-Dec-1955 27-Mar-1955
Maurer Wayne J D 10-Jun-2002 9-Jun-2002
Maurer Wayne Joseph D 25-Jan-2003 9-Jun-2002
Maurer Wayne Jr D 30-Dec-1970 14-Mar-1970
Maurer William John D 29-Dec-1950 27-Oct-1950
Maurin Albert D 23-Jan-1988 14-Sep-1987
Mavis Elizabeth D 30-Dec-1948 18-Nov-1948
Mavis Fred D 31-Dec-1930 12-Jun-1930
Mavis Happ Merrill D 30-Dec-1949 28-Nov-1949
Mavis Laura D 13-Feb-1995 12-Feb-1995
Maw Amy Elizabeth B 17-Jan-1987 25-Feb-1986
Maw Andrew B 31-Jan-1981 22-Feb-1980
Maw Andrew M 20-Mar-2002 21-Jul-2001
Maw Andrew John M 26-Jan-2002 21-Jul-2001
Maw Brian Joe B 26-Jan-1991 12-Oct-1990
Maw Daniel Loren B 29-Jan-1983 6-Dec-1982
Maw Jill M 10-Jul-2002 pg 6a 5-Jan-2002
Mawers Douglas Raymond B 30-Dec-1963 19-Jan-1963
Maxam Cecil Kenneth M 30-Dec-1969 22-Nov-1969
Maxam Robert M 20-Aug-1998 25-Jul-1998
Maxen William M 11-Aug-1863 6-Aug-1863
Maxfield Edith B D 13-Apr-1998 12-Apr-1998
Maxfield Edith Boney D 23-Jan-1999 12-Apr-1998
Maxfield Essie E M 30-Dec-1966 13-Aug-1966
Maxfield Harold Welty D 26-Jan-1980 16-Mar-1979
Maxfield James, Corp D 8-Oct-1856
Maxfield Janet M 29-Jan-1973 6-Sep-1972
Maxfield Janet Elaine M 30-Dec-1966 3-Jul-1966
Maxfield Joseph Edward, John D 18-Jan-1986 6-Sep-1985
Maxfield Patricia Elizabeth M 30-Dec-1965 24-Jun-1965
Maxfield Thomas Allen M 17-Jan-1987 5-Jun-1986
Maxley William M 21-Dec-1905 15-May-1905
Maxon Cody Chyenne Lynn M 26-Jan-2008 p5f 8-Nov-2007
Maxon Dustin Anthony B 31-Jan-1976 7-Jan-1975
Maxon Jonathan M 1-Feb-1871 4-Jan-1871
Maxon Laraine Kay M 22-Jan-1972 21-Oct-1971
Maxon Laura D 22-Sep-1920
Maxon Ronald Charles M 22-Jan-1972 17-Jul-1971
Maxon Wm G M 8-Feb-1898
Maxson Alice B M 1-Jan-1912 9-Oct-1911
Maxson Bertha Jane D 30-Dec-1932 6-Apr-1932
Maxson Betty Jean B 30-Dec-1948 12-Apr-1948
Maxson Betty Jean M 30-Dec-1968 17-Mar-1968
Maxson Cody Chyenne Lynn B 28-Jan-1984 26-Nov-1983
Maxson David L M 29-Jan-1983 7-Nov-1982
Maxson David Lee M 26-Jan-2002 21-Oct-2001
Maxson Deana Lynn M 26-Jan-1991 11-Jun-1990
Maxson Deliah D 30-Dec-1955 24-Jun-1955
Maxson DeWitt C M 25-Oct-1864
Maxson Edith Grace D 30-Dec-1969 10-Apr-1969
Maxson Edward C D 30-Dec-1936
Maxson Efra D 18-Jan-1986 24-Jul-1985
Maxson Eldon Junior D 30-Dec-1966 20-Sep-1966
Maxson Elmer, Buster D 18-Jan-1986 12-Aug-1985
Maxson Eric Michael B 31-Jan-1976 24-Nov-1975
Maxson Hazel D 30-Jul-1894 28-Jul-1894
Maxson India M 1-Feb-1876 25-Jan 1876
Maxson James M 29-Jan-1973 10-Apr-1972
Maxson James Michael B 28-Dec-1951 11-Jun-1951
Maxson Jean M D 28-Jan-2006 3-Jun-2005
Maxson Lafayette K D 29-Dec-1962 22-Aug-1962
Maxson Lewis D 20-Aug-1917
Maxson Lillie M D 22-Jan-1972 18-Apr-1971
Maxson Martha (Aaron) D 19-Jul-2008 18-Jul-2008
Maxson Opal E D 23-Jan-1988 1-Jul-1987
Maxson Selina Pearl D 30-Dec-1969 25-Nov-1969
Maxted James M 29-Jan-1973 5-Jun-1972
Maxurczak Pawel D 24-Jan-1998 19-Aug-1997
Maxwell A Robert D 5-Nov-2008 4-Nov-2008
Maxwell A Robert D 8-Nov-2008 4-Nov-2008
Maxwell Aldon Kenneth D 30-Dec-1969 20-Sep-1969
Maxwell Arthur M 12-Jun-1920
Maxwell Bonnie Louise M 29-Dec-1950 5-Feb-1950
Maxwell Brett Vernon B 30-Dec-1966 9-Jun-1966
Maxwell Brett Vernon M 17-Jan-1987 12-Jul-1986
Maxwell Brett Vernon M 30-Jan-2007 16-Sep-2006
Maxwell Curtis Roy B 30-Dec-1955 16-Apr-1955
Maxwell Curtis Wade M 31-Jan-2009 pg 5f 9-Mar-2008
Maxwell David Robert B 18-Jan-1986 15-Mar-1985
Maxwell Dennis K M 18-Jan-1986 22-Feb-1985
Maxwell Dennis Keith B 30-Dec-1952 16-Jul-1952
Maxwell Dennis Keith B 30-Dec-1952 16-Oct-1952
Maxwell Douglas Roy B 30-Dec-1946 8-Nov-1946
Maxwell Douglas Roy M 30-Dec-1968 10-May-1968
Maxwell Edith E M 30-Dec-1933 14-Oct-1933
Maxwell Eldred Harvey D 26-Jan-1980 3-Jun-1979
Maxwell Evan Owen B 29-Jan-1983 26-Dec-1982
Maxwell Forest R D 29-Jan-1994 6-Jan-1993
Maxwell Grace L D 28-Jan-1984 25-Feb-1983
Maxwell Harry D 30-Dec-1949 6-Apr-1949
Maxwell Heather M B 19-Jan-1985 17-Aug-1984
Maxwell Helen Margaret D 28-May-2001 26-May-2001
Maxwell Helen Margaret D 26-Jan-2002 26-May-2001
Maxwell Ina Mae D 30-Nov-1996 29-Nov-1996
Maxwell Irene B D 26-Jan-1991 20-Apr-1990
Maxwell Jennifer Jo M 29-May-1995
Maxwell Joanne Pauline M 30-Dec-1965 29-Aug-1965
Maxwell John L D 29-Jan-1973
Maxwell John Stewart B 30-Dec-1941 12-Jul-1941
Maxwell John Stewart M 29-Jan-2000 5-Jun-1999
Maxwell Joshua Bryan B 15-Feb-1975 12-Oct-1974
Maxwell Julia M 15-Mar-2000 26-Feb-2000
Maxwell Julia Diane M 27-Jan-2000 26-Feb-2000
Maxwell Justin Vernon M 31-Jan-2004 6-Sep-2003
Maxwell Justin Vernon M 31-Jan-2009 pg 7f 4-Oct-2008
Maxwell Katherine Mae B 29-Jan-1994 30-Apr-1993
Maxwell Kelly R M 5-Sep-2001 9-Jun-2001
Maxwell Kelly Richelle B 26-Jan-1980 28-Sep-1979
Maxwell Kerry Russell B 29-Dec-1944 24-Jul-1944
Maxwell Kimberly Marie B 23-Jan-1992 25-Aug-1991
Maxwell Lee Thomas B 26-Jan-1991 27-Jul-1990
Maxwell Lela P M 30-Dec-1938 16-Nov-1938
Maxwell Lester D 14-Sep-1998 14-Sep-1998
Maxwell Lester LeRoy D 23-Jan-1999 14-Sep-1998
Maxwell Marcus D 30-Dec-1966 7-Jul-1966
Maxwell Margaret J M 2-Jun-1868 26-May-1868
Maxwell Mary M 29-Dec-1939 28-Oct-1939
Maxwell Mary E D 30-Dec-1952 8-Apr-1952
Maxwell Mary H D 29-Jan-1983 14-Dec-1982
Maxwell Maud, Mrs D 30-Apr-1891 29-Apr-1891
Maxwell Michael M M 30-Jan-1982 23-May-1981
Maxwell Michael Scott B 30-Dec-1949 9-Aug-1949
Maxwell Michael Stephen D 15-Feb-1975 1-Dec-1974
Maxwell Michael Stephen M 30-Dec-1936 19-Oct-1936
Maxwell Millie (Mrs) D 29-Dec-1956 9-Mar-1956
Maxwell Minnie D 29-Dec-1944 23-Nov-1944
Maxwell Natalie Kay M 31-Oct-2002 4-Aug-2001
Maxwell Natalie Kay M 26-Jan-2002 4-Aug-2001
Maxwell Neva Mae D 29-Jan-1994 21-Mar-1993
Maxwell Norma M 30-Dec-1942 22-May-1942
Maxwell Norman Keith D 11-Jun-1996 5-Jun-1996
Maxwell Quentin M M 30-Dec-1954 24-Jun-1954
Maxwell Robert D 30-Dec-1943 4-Sep-1943
Maxwell Robert D 30-Dec-1943 4-Sep-1943
Maxwell Robert O M 29-Dec-1939 6-Feb-1939
Maxwell Roy L D 22-Jan-1972 6-Nov-1971
Maxwell Roy L M 16-Dec-1909 9-Mar-1909
Maxwell Russell D 30-Jan-1982 20-Apr-1981
Maxwell Ruth (Feldman) D 18-Aug-2007 21-Apr-2005
Maxwell Stacie Lynn B 30-Jan-1982 20-Mar-1981
Maxwell Stacie Lynn M 28-Jan-2006 13-Aug-2005
Maxwell Thomas Lloyd B 30-Dec-1942 15-Jan-1942
Maxwell Timothy M 26-Jan-1980 15-Sep-1979
Maxwell Timothy L M 26-Jan-1980 15-Sep-1979
Maxwell Virginia Mae B 30-Dec-1949 31-Jan-1949
Maxwell Wade John B 29-Dec-1956 10-Jun-1956
Maxwell Winifred O D 5-Jan-1996 4-Jan-1996
May Burdell A M 28-Mar-1895 28-Mar-1895
May Charles Patrick B 31-Dec-2009 p2f 16-Dec-2007
May Chloe Lynn Marie B 31-Jan-2009 p4f 23-Nov-2008
May David Soren M 17-Jan-2001 15-Jul-2000
May Elaine D 8-Jul-2000 7-Jul-2000
May George D 12-Dec-1865 16-Oct-1865
May Hannah, Mrs M 25-Jan-2867 27-Dec-1866
May Jean D 14-Jan-1998 14-Jan-1998
May John Martin Sr D 29-Dec-1956 1-Feb-1956
May Kim Sue B 30-Dec-1953 19-Aug-1953
May Lulu Ann D 9-May-2002 8-May-2002
May Lulu Ann D 25-Jan-2003 8-May-2002
May Melody Lou M 30-Dec-1957 13-Jun-1957
May Michelle Melody B 30-Dec-1952 11-Apr-1952
May Myrtle F M 16-Sep-1892 14-Sep-1892
May Oliver D 23-Feb-1891
May Ora D 23-Feb-1897 19-Feb-1897
May Warren L D 28-Mar-2001 27-Mar-2001
May William R M 26-Jan-1980 7-Jul-1979
May William R M 26-Jan-1980 7-Jul-1979
May Carl Woodson B 30-Dec-1968 30-Jun-1968
May Daisy Lea M 30-Dec-1968 23-Feb-1968
May Elaine C D 27-Jan-2000 7-Jul-2000
May Leon Lester M 30-Dec-1968 23-Feb-1968
May Shirley Jean B 30-Dec-1947 1-Dec-1947
May David Soren M 27-Jan-2000 15-Jul-2000
Mayberry Amos James B 12-Oct-1995 4-Oct-1995
Mayer Edward Frederick D 28-Jan-1979
Mayer Ezra M 25-May-1894 24-May-1894
Mayer Fredrick, Corporal D 24-Sep-1863 1-Oct-1863
Mayer Jennifer Lynn M 24-Jan-1998 16-Aug-1997
Mayer Leonard Harold D 30-Dec-1940 26-Sep-1940
Mayer Lucinda M 15-Feb-1867 12 -Feb-1867
Mayer Simon, Mrs D 11-Dec-1876
Mayerhofer Dallas L M 18-Jan-1986 17-Aug-1985
Mayerhofer Katherine Anna M 15-Feb-1975 2-Aug-1974
Mayerhofer Laurance D 23-Mar-2000 22-Mar-2000
Mayerhofer Laurance W D 27-Jan-2000 22-Mar-2000
Mayerhofer Pearl V D 26-Feb-2000 25-Feb-2000
Mayerhofer Pearl V D 27-Jan-2000 25-Feb-2000
Mayerhofer Rose Velma D 28-Dec-1951 1-Oct-1951
Mayers James D 30-Dec-1936
Mayers James M 8-Jun-1885 6-Jun-1885
Mayers James J D 16-Dec-1909 18-Oct-1909
Mayers Lisa K M 29-Jan-1983 18-Jan-1982
Mayers Margaret D 7-Apr-1922
Mayers Rebecca Ann B 31-Jan-1981 24-May-1980
Mayes Catherine Eileen B 26-Jan-1991 16-May-1990
Mayfield Alfred C M 30-Dec-1938 30-Aug-1938
Mayfield Barbara E D 30-Dec-1966 23-Aug-1966
Mayfield Betty Lou D 26-Sep-1995 24-Sep-1995
Mayfield Charles D 24-Jan-1998 10-Jun-1997
Mayfield Charles D 4-Jun-1997 3-Jun-1997
Mayfield Janis L M 29-Jan-1983 24-Jul-1982
Mayfield Jennifer Barbara M 30-Dec-1969 4-Dec-1969
Mayfield Notie, Mrs M 13-Dec-1922
Mayfield Rosalie M M 30-Jan-1979
Mayfield Thomas Edward D 8-Apr-2003 5-Apr-2003
Mayhan David G M 18-Jan-1986 10-Aug-1985
Mayhew Alleta Mae M 30-Dec-1957 15-Aug-1957
Mayhew George M 30-Sep-1891
Mayhew John Claire B 30-Dec-1960 12-Feb-1960
Mayhew Lanna (Mrs) D 29-Dec-1956 13-Mar-1956
Mayhew Matilda D 30-Dec-1965 30-Oct-1965
Mayhew William K D 22-Sep-1972
Mayhill Victor Norman M 30-Dec-1940 19-Feb-1940
Mayle Vern Alfred D 29-Dec-1962 17-Sep-1962
Maylone Angela Lynn M 29-Jan-1973 19-Oct-1972
Maylone Angela Lynn M 31-Jan-2004 15-Dec-2003
Maylone Billy Joe D 30-Dec-1937 30-Jan-1937
Maylone Boy B 31-Dec-1929 15-Nov-1929
Maylone Brenda Kay B 30-Dec-1964 13-Feb-1964
Maylone Brenda Kay B 30-Dec-1966 20-Jul-1966
Maylone Brittany Dawn B 28-Jan-1995 28-Dec-1993
Maylone Carl L D 29-Dec-1944 7-Jul-1944
Maylone Charles Edward D 30-Apr-1997 29-Apr-1997
Maylone Charles Eugene D 24-Jan-1998 29-Apr-1997
Maylone Charles Eugene II M 29-Jan-2000 14-Feb-1999
Maylone Chester Raymond B 30-Dec-1968 18-May-1968
Maylone Christiane Lynn B 30-Dec-1969 26-Jul-1969
Maylone Christine Lynn (Infant) D 30-Dec-1969 26-Jul-1969
Maylone Daughter B 31-Dec-1930 9-Aug-1930
Maylone Dolores (Milder) D 18-Apr-2007 15-Apr-2007
Maylone Donald Allen B 22-Jan-1972 11-Jul-1971
Maylone Donald Allen M 30-Jan-1993 8-Aug-1992
Maylone Donald Lee M 29-Dec-1962 27-Oct-1962
Maylone Donna D 4-Jun-2003 2-Jun-2003
Maylone Donna Mae D 31-Jan-2004 2-Jun-2003
Maylone Dustine Mae B 26-Jan-1991 30-Oct-1990
Maylone Ella E D 29-Dec-1939 8-Feb-1939
Maylone Ernest E M 19-Jan-1985 15-Mar-1984
Maylone Ernest Eugene B 30-Dec-1965 16-Mar-1965
Maylone Eugene D 30-Dec-1942 16-Apr-1942
Maylone Fred Sylvester D 30-Dec-1943 23-Jan-1943
Maylone Freddie Joe B 30-Dec-1952 4-Sep-1952
Maylone Genevieve Marie B 30-Dec-1932 16-Sep-1932
Maylone George Clinton D 30-Dec-1942 9-Mar-1942
Maylone George Rudolph D 30-Dec-1964 6-Jan-1964
Maylone Glen Walter B 30-Dec-1968 20-Nov-1968
Maylone Holly Rochelle B 31-Jan-1976 7-Apr-1975
Maylone Jean M 30-Dec-1946 18-Jun-1946
Maylone John D 30-Dec-1957 30-Mar-1957
Maylone John M 16-Dec-1909 14-May-1909
Maylone John (Jr) M 28-Dec-1945 6-Sep-1945
Maylone John J Sr D 30-Jan-1982 2-Oct-1981
Maylone John W D 3-May-1892 2-May-1892
Maylone Joyce Ann B 30-Dec-1942 4-Sep-1942
Maylone Judith Kay B 30-Dec-1941 20-Apr-1941
Maylone Kenneth DeWayne B 30-Dec-1936
Maylone Kenneth DeWayne D 1-Sep-1995 30-Aug-1995
Maylone LeAnn Marie B 30-Jan-1993 26-Oct-1992
Maylone Leroy Charles B 30-Dec-1966 19-Jun-1966
Maylone Leroy Charles M 17-Jan-1987 26-Nov-1986
Maylone Leroy Charles M 31-Jan-2009 pg 7f 31-Dec-2008
Maylone Lillian Lucile M 30-Dec-1955 13-Sep-1955
Maylone Linda Kay M 27-Jan-2000 28-Oct-2000
Maylone Louis Carl B 30-Dec-1938 25-Oct-1938
Maylone Luke Leviticus B 29-Jan-1994 1-Oct-1993
Maylone Margaret Ann B 30-Dec-1943 11-Aug-1943
Maylone Maude M 17-Dec-1908 15-Jul-1908
Maylone Nancy Kay B 30-Dec-1943 15-Nov-1943
Maylone Nellie Margaret D 29-Jan-1994 21-Jan-1993
Maylone Nettie M 1-Apr-1876
Maylone Paul W D 28-Jan-1995 11-Apr-1994
Maylone Rickey Lee M 23-Jan-1992 12-Jan-1991
Maylone Robert J B 30-Dec-1946 30-Aug-1946
Maylone Robert J M 22-Jan-1972 22-Oct-1971
Maylone Ruth D 22-May-1920
Maylone Sean Allen B 28-Jan-1995 15-Aug-1994
Maylone Shania Lynn Jean B 18-Sep-1997 13-Sep-1997
Maylone Shania Lynn Jean B 24-Jan-1998 13-Sep-1997
Maylone Sharon Lee B 30-Dec-1946 10-Jun-1946
Maylone Son B 29-Jan-1973 11-Feb-1972
Maylone Stella Marie B 30-Dec-1947 15-Jul-1947
Maylone Stella Marie M 30-Dec-1968 26-Oct-1968
Maylone Steven Charles M 28-Jan-1995 4-Jul-1994
Maylone Steven Allen B 23-Jan-1992 8-Oct-1991
Maylone Teresa Irene B 30-Dec-1964 15-Oct-1964
Maylone Thomas Eugene M 29-Dec-1962 18-Sep-1962
Maylone William Joseph B 30-Dec-1935 4-May-1935
Maylone William Santiho M 29-Jan-1994 2-Mar-1993
Maynard Brian D B 19-Jan-1985 20-Sep-1984
Maynard Byron K M 29-Jan-1983 13-Feb-1982
Maynard Clyde (Mrs) D 29-Dec-1956 15-Jul-1956
Maynard Cory James B 18-Jan-1986 23-Apr-1985
Maynard Daniel Allen M 31-Jan-1976 21-Sep-1975
Maynard Garfield M 30-Dec-1935 13-Sep-1935
Maynard Jimmie D 26-Oct-1998 24-Oct-1998
Maynard Karen K M 27-Jan-2000 17-Jun-2000
Maynard Marshall M 23-Jan-1992 27-May-1991
Maynard Martha Kay B 31-Jan-1981 25-Jun-1980
Maynard Meredith Lea B 30-Jan-1982 13-Sep-1981
Maynard Natalie Dawn M 31-Jan-2004 4-Nov-2003
Mayo John D 30-Dec-1937 11-May-1937
Mayo Roy Haskell D 15-Jan-1985
Mayo Walter A M 30-Jan-1982 15-Aug-1981
Mayorga Sylvia M 28-Jan-2006 11-Jun-2005
Mays Barbara Jean B 28-Dec-1945 28-Jan-1945
Mays Dorothy D 2-Dec-2003 22-Nov-2003
Mays Ellen O D 23-Jan-1988 29-Aug-1987
Mays Emma J M 20-Jul-1869 17-Jul-1869
Mays James Wallace B 30-Dec-1948 3-Aug-1948
Mays Jerry D 3-Aug-2004
Mays Mary Ellen B 30-Dec-1943 13-Sep-1943
Mays Mary Ellen M 30-Dec-1964 19-Sep-1964
Mays Virginia Ann M 30-Dec-1942 5-Sep-1942
Mays Wallace M M 30-Dec-1942 30-Aug-1942
Maysenholder CG D 17-Mayr-1896 16-Mar-1896
Maysenholder George M 16-Feb-1891 17-Feb-1891
Mayweather George D 10-Jan-1898 9-Jan-1898
Mazankowski Alberta D 1-Apr-1996 30-Mar-1996
Mazankowski Alberta Mae M 17-Jan-1987 17-Mar-1986
Mazankowski Leonard J M 30-Jan-1982 9-May-1981
Mazankowski Leonard Julius M 17-Jan-1987 17-Mar-1986
Maze Gary W M 31-Jan-1981 27-Sep-1980
McAbe Imogene J D 29-Jan-2005 2-Jul-2004
McAdams Forrest L M 30-Dec-1940 6-Dec-1940
McAfee Benjamin Albert D 15-Feb-1975 26-Sep-1974
McAfee Girl B 29-Jan-1973 22-May-1972
McAfee John Lincoln M 17-Jan-1987 21-Dec-1986
McAfee Lucielle D 3-Sep-1998 2-Sep-1998
Mcafee Makenzie B 24-Jan-1998 8-Oct-1997
McAfee Redna A M 28-Jan-1984 3-Sep-1983
McAfee Robert Arnold, Jr B 29-Jan-1973 22-Jan-1972
McAfee Troy Von M 30-Jan-2007 1-Jul-2006
McAlister Andrew M 20-Mar-2002 27-Feb-2002
McAlister HC D 7-Apr-1898
McAllister Alvin Bertram D 30-Dec-1946 25-May-1946
McAllister Elnora L D 11-Sep-2001 11-Sep-2001
McAllister Elnora Louise D 26-Jan-2002 11-Sep-2001
McAllister Etta D 30-Dec-1965 30-Jul-1965
McAllister Frederick Alexander M 31-Jan-2009 pg 7f 25-Oct-2008
McAllister Joan Klar M 30-Dec-1969 30-Jan-1969
McAllister Jos M 30-Dec-1916 7-Feb-1916
McAllister Lisa (Walker) D 6-Mar-2007 4-Mar-2007
McAllister Loren Lee M 30-Dec-1969 30-Jan-1969
McAllister Martha A D 24-Mar-1900 24-Mar-1900
McAllister Ralph D 11-Jan-2008 10-Jan-2008
Mcan J H M 31-Dec-1889 17-Dec-1889
McAnally Gayford, Mac D 23-Jan-1988 27-Oct-1987
McAnally Gaylord M 30-Dec-1946 18-Aug-1946
McAnally Harold J M 30-Dec-1940 24-Feb-1940
McAndrew Linda Drewcilla B 30-Dec-1948 23-Oct-1948
McAninch John M 25-Sep-1879 11-Sep-1879
McAninch Myrtle F M 23-Jun-1898 16-Jun-1898
McAnirch Mary M 12-Nov-1887
McAnulty DH M 21-Sep-1879 18-Sep-1879
McAnulty Lydia Jane D 28-Dec-1951 1-Jun-1951
McAnulty Mary Clarissa D 30-Dec-1940 6-Sep-1940
McAreavy Amy Elizabeth B 30-Dec-1965 11-Aug-1965
McAreavy Brian J M 28-Jan-1978 28-May-1977
McAreavy Brian James B 30-Dec-1957 9-Jun-1957
McAreavy Douglas Patrick B 30-Dec-1969 21-Apr-1969
McAreavy Jason Dallas B 26-Jan-1980 8-Dec-1979
McAreavy John L M 26-Jan-1980 7-Jul-1979
McAreavy John L M 26-Jan-1980 7-Jul-1979
McAreavy John Louis M 27-Apr-2007 p6a 17-Mar-2007
McAreavy John Matthew B 17-Jan-1987 26-Oct-1986
McAreavy Joshua Daniel B 28-Jan-1984 13-Jan-1983
McAreavy Julie E M 23-Jan-1988 28-Feb-1987
McAreavy Kathryn Anne B 30-Dec-1952 27-Jul-1952
McAreavy Kathryn Anne B 30-Dec-1952 27-Oct-1952
McAreavy Kathryn M M 29-Jan-1973 21-Aug-1972
McAreavy Martha L M 26-Jan-1980 16-Jun-1979
McAreavy Martha L M 26-Jan-1980 16-Jun-1979
McAreavy Mary Theresa B 30-Dec-1954 1-Jun-1954
McAreavy Mary Theresa M 15-Feb-1975 18-Jun-1974
McAreavy Susan Marie M 22-Jan-1972 17-Jul-1971
McAreavy Thomas Edward B 29-Dec-1962 5-Apr-1962
McArthur Melissa L M 23-Jan-1988 9-May-1987
McArthur Michael Robert M 30-Dec-1969 30-Aug-1969
McArtor Cecil D 19-Feb-1994 18-Feb-1994
McArtor Janice Marie D 20-Mar-2004 19-Mar-2004
McArtor Mildred Marie M 29-Dec-1939 7-Oct-1939
McArty Nellie D 1-Nov-1883 5-Sep-1883
McAtee Austin Robert B 21-Dec-1998 15-Dec-1998
McAtee Carl Wayne M 31-Jan-2004 17-Jul-2003
McAtee Della D 29-Dec-1962 3-Mar-1962
McAtee Dennis Kay B 30-Dec-1946 16-Jun-1946
McAtee Diana M 29-Jan-1973 4-Dec-1972
McAtee Diana Sue B 30-Dec-1954 6-Jun-1954
McAtee Donald Eugene M 30-Dec-1969 22-Feb-1969
McAtee Doris (Tamblin) D 23-May-2007 21-May-2007
McAtee Duane Steven B 31-Jan-1976 12-Jan-1975
McAtee Duane Steven M 27-Jan-2000 28-Apr-2000
McAtee James A D 26-Jan-1980 10-Sep-1979
McAtee Kaden Thomas B 28-Jan-2006 7-Oct-2005
McAtee Kenneth E D 27-Mar-2008 23-Mar-2008
McAtee Kenneth E D 23-Mar-2008 27-Mar-2008
McAtee Michael James B 26-Jan-2002 21-Feb-2001
McAtee Pauline Ann B 30-Dec-1966 10-Jun-1966
McAtee Robert Arnold M 22-Jan-1972 22-Jan-1971
McAtee Robert Arnold, Jr M 22-Jan-1972 22-Jan-1971
McAtee Ryan Matthew B 23-Jan-1999 2-Nov-1998
McAtee Tyler John B 31-Jan-2004 27-Apr-2003
McAtee Willaim D 21-Mar-1994 19-Mar-1994
McAttee Doris J M 26-Jan-1980 15-Feb-1979
McAttee Doris J M 26-Jan-1980 15-Feb-1979
McAulay Auly, Hon D 14-May-1868 7-May-1868
McAulay Girl B 31-Dec-1889 7-Dec-1889
McAuley Kenneth J, Rev M 18-Sep-1896 17-Sep-1896
McAvoy Austin Victor B 23-Jan-1999 17-Feb-1998
McAvoy Barbara Jean D 10-Jun-1996 7-Jun-1996
McAvoy Emma W M 8-Dec-1910 21-Jul-1910
McAvoy Eva O D 28-Nov-1997 27-Nov-1997
McAvoy Mary (Mrs) D 1-Jan-1912 25-Sep-1911
McAvoy Mary, Mrs D 1-Jan-1912 25-Sep-1911
McAvoy Robert O D 30-Dec-2002 25-Dec-2002
McAvoy Savana Kathleen B 28-Jan-2006 13-Sep-2005
McAvoy Tanner Thomas B 31-Jan-2009 p4f 11-Oct-2008
McBee Sharon Lee B 28-Dec-1945 12-Jul-1945
McBee Shirley Jo B 30-Dec-1948 2-Aug-1948
McBee Shirley Jo D 3-Mar-2008 1-Mar-2008
McBee Shirley Jo D 1-Mar-2008 3-Mar-2008
McBride Albert D 30-Dec-1916 30-Jul-1916
McBride Albert M 31-Dec-1913 30-Aug-1913
McBride Albert M 17-Feb-1899 16-Feb-1899
McBride Albert, Mrs D 6-Sep-1892 6-Sep-1892
McBride BF, Mrs D 21-Jan-1928
McBride Boy B 31-Dec-1913 4-May-1913
McBride Charles D 23-Sep-1898 22-Sep-1898
McBride Charles M 13-Sep-1894 12-Sep-1894
McBride Charles Arthur D 28-Jan-2006 18-Nov-2005
McBride Chas M 1-May-1872 30-Apr-1872
McBride Clement M 30-Dec-1946 14-Dec-1946
McBride Cynthia Ann M 26-Jan-2002 11-May-2001
McBride Darlene Mae D 29-Jan-2000 10-Mar-1999
McBride David D 15-Jul-2004
McBride Dorothy M 30-Dec-1946 2-Nov-1946
McBride Douglas Jon B 30-Dec-1955 17-Jun-1955
McBride Eugene M 30-Dec-1955 18-Feb-1955
McBride Eugene Stewart D 15-Feb-1975 27-Nov-1974
McBride Eugene William B 29-Dec-1956 30-Jan-1956
McBride Eugene William M 23-Jan-1992 26-Apr-1991
McBride Evelyn M 30-Dec-1937 4-Dec-1937
McBride Evelyn M 30-Dec-1946 2-Aug-1946
McBride Frank D 30-Jan-1993 12-Jan-1992
McBride Frank M 20-Dec-1883 19-Dec-1883
McBride George W D 12-Aug-1901 8-Aug-1901
McBride Gertrude D 30-Dec-1947 5-Aug-1947
McBride Gwendolyn D 2-Jun-1999 30-May-1999
McBride J Charles M 24-Mar-1897 23-Feb-1897
McBride J S M 1-Jan-1912 21-Feb-1911
McBride James Christian B 30-Dec-1997 26-Dec-1997
McBride James Christian B 24-Jan-1998 26-Dec-1997
McBride James Ray B 15-Feb-1975 15-Mar-1974
McBride James Ray M 12-Nov-1997 31-Oct-1997
McBride James Ray M 24-Jan-1998 31-Oct-1997
McBride James Ray M 31-Jan-2004 29-Aug-2003
McBride James Theodore M 27-Jan-2000 15-Jul-2000
McBride Jamie Marie M 28-Jan-2006 14-May-2005
McBride Jay S D 17-Aug-1984 17-Aug-1984
McBride Jay Stewart B 30-Dec-1957 22-Mar-1957
McBride Joan Cynthia B 30-Dec-1932 4-Dec-1932
McBride John A D 31-Dec-1889 17-Jan-1889
McBride John P M 28-Jan-1984 30-Sep-1983
McBride Kathleen Anne B 29-Dec-1950 30-Nov-1950
McBride Leona (Jones) D 1-Mar-2007 27-Feb-2007
McBride Lute M 23-Apr-1896 22-Apr-1896
McBride Mabel Irene D 30-Dec-1960 14-Apr-1960
McBride Margaret B D 2-Sep-1922
McBride Maria M 5-Feb-1876 5-Feb-1876
McBride Martha M 11-Feb-1890
McBride Mary Catherine D 6-Jul-2007 4-Jul-2007
McBride Mary 'Cathy' D 20-Jul-2007 4-Jul-2007
McBride Mary Ellen D 28-Jan-1995 26-Dec-1994
McBride Mary Margaret D 30-Dec-1968 15-Jul-1968
McBride Mary R D 11-Mar-1922
McBride Minnie D 30-Dec-1940 26-Dec-1940
McBride Minnie E D 29-Jan-1983 26-Mar-1982
McBride Pamela Kay B 30-Dec-1949 11-Jan-1949
McBride Paul, Sr D 23-Jan-1988 17-Mar-1987
McBride Paula Lynne B 30-Dec-1953 25-Nov-1953
McBride Ralph A D 30-Dec-1966 24-Oct-1966
McBride Reed M 30-Dec-1946 17-Sep-1946
McBride Ronald Earl M 30-Dec-1965 23-Jan-1965
McBride Rowan Timothy B 17-Sep-2004 24-Jul-2004
McBride Rowan Timothy B 29-Jan-2005 25-Jul-2004
McBride Susan Lynne M 26-Jan-1991 21-Apr-1990
McBride Thomas F D 30-Dec-1953 22-Aug-1953
McBride Thomas Oliver D 24-Jan-1998 25-Feb-1997
McBride Thomas Oliver D 27-Feb-1997 26-Feb-1997
McBride Troy W M 30-Dec-1953 7-Jul-1953
McBride William H D 30-Dec-1953 1-Jun-1953
McBride William H M 30-Jul-1897 29-Jul-1897
McBridge Jay E M 19-Jan-1985 30-Nov-1984
McCabe Alice Connor D 13-Feb-1903 11-Feb-1903
McCabe Anna K D 29-Dec-1961 26-Sep-1961
McCabe Boy B 31-Dec-1913 5-Sep-1913
McCabe Chester T D 30-Dec-1957 9-Apr-1957
McCabe Chester T M 18-Feb-1903 17-Feb-1903
McCabe Clara (Mrs) D 30-Dec-1938 26-Jul-1938
McCabe Clara, Mrs D 30-Dec-1938 16-Jul-1938
McCabe Daniel D 17-Dec-1903 24-Jul-1903
McCabe Daniel M 15-May-1863 14-May-1863
McCabe Electa J, Mrs D 21-May-1898 21-May-1898
McCabe Emma Altekruse D 30-Dec-1936
McCabe Howard Melvin M 29-Dec-1961 7-Sep-1961
McCabe Imogene D 5-Jul-2004
McCabe Marilyn Lee M 29-Dec-1961 7-Sep-1961
McCabe Miles B, Dr D 1-Jul-1898
McCabe Paul E D 23-Jan-1992 15-Feb-1991
McCabe Paul E M 29-Dec-1939 7-Apr-1939
McCabe Phyllis Jean M 28-Dec-1945 26-Sep-1945
McCabe Ray D D 30-Dec-1954 29-Mar-1954
McCabe Ray D M 1-Jan-1912 26-Jan-1911
McCabe Tillie M 22-Apr-1891
McCabe Veronica M 29-Dec-1939 3-Dec-1939
McCabe Wesley M 29-Apr-1897 28-Apr-1897
McCaffery Daughter B 16-Feb-1922
McCaffery George J D 31-Jan-1981 28-Dec-1980
McCaffrey Carol Jean B 29-Dec-1934 29-May-1934
McCaffrey Evelyn June M 30-Dec-1946 14-Jan-1946
McCaffrey Evelyn June M 18-Sec-1945
McCaffrey Helen L D 17-Jan-1987 17-Aug-1986
McCaffrey John Thomas D 31-Jan-1976 2-Jan-1975
McCaffrey Karol M 30-Dec-1953 5-Dec-1953
McCaffrey Kathleen M 28-Dec-1945 9-Nov-1945
McCaffrey Kenneth J D 13-May-2008 8-May-2008
McCaffrey Kenneth J D 8-May-2008 13-May-2008
McCaffrey Kenneth James B 29-Dec-1934 29-May-1934
McCaffrey Mary M 31-Jul-1920
McCaffrey Mary Ann B 30-Dec-1933 15-Nov-1933
McCaffrey Mary Ann M 30-Dec-1954 24-Jun-1954
McCaffrey Mary Ann M 30-Dec-1954 24-Jun-1954
McCaffrey Maude L D 7-Jul-1999 6-Jul-1999
McCaffrey Ruth M 28-Dec-1945 5-Jun-1945
McCain Maxine L M 30-Dec-1938 19-May-1938
McCall Alex D 17-Dec-1862 15-Dec-1862
McCall Glenda E M 25-Jan-2003 14-Oct-2002
McCall John D 14-Jul-1881
McCall Lawrence D 31-Jul-1866 29-Jul-1866
McCall Mary Ann M 12-Feb-1880
McCall Neola M 6-Nov-1922 5-Nov-1922
McCallen Beulah Lillian M 29-Dec-1934 17-Oct-1934
McCallen JL, Mrs D 30-Dec-1932 20-May-1932
McCalley Alayna Renee B 18-Jan-1997 14-Jan-1997
McCalley Alayna Renee B 24-Jan-1998 14-Jan-1997
McCalley Emily Marie B 18-Jun-1998 16-Jun-1998
McCalley Emily Marie B 23-Jan-1999 16-Jun-1998
McCallister Ariton C D 29-Dec-1944 1-Jul-1944
McCallister Doris Elaine M 30-Dec-1968 2-Nov-1968
McCallister Erwin H D 26-Jan-1991 4-Apr-1990
McCallister Erwin Henry M 29-Dec-1962 21-Apr-1962
McCallister Janice Lynn M 30-Dec-1965 2-Oct-1965
McCallister Kathleen Marie B 29-Dec-1956 10-Feb-1956
McCallister Michael Casey B 28-Jan-1979
McCallister Michael Craig B 30-Dec-1954 7-Feb-1954
McCallister Michael Craig M 15-Feb-1975 17-May-1974
McCallister Morris C M 30-Dec-1953 30-Jan-1953
McCallister Robert Z D 20-Oct-2003 19-Oct-2003
McCallum Belinda Michelle M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 11-Aug-2007
McCallum Betty Louise B 30-Dec-1932 13-Oct-1932
McCallum Margaret M M 30-Dec-1940 14-Dec-1940
McCalmon Jack D 30-Jun-1999 27-Jun-1999
McCalmon Jack E M 19-Jan-1985 6-Oct-1984
McCalmon Jack Edward D 29-Jan-2000 27-Jun-1999
McCalmon Jackson Alexander B 31-Jan-2004 20-Feb-2003
McCalmon Savanna Marie M 2-Feb-2006 31-Dec-2005
McCalmon Savanna Marie M 30-Jan-2007 31-Dec-2005
McCalmon Victoria L M 23-Jan-1988 4-Apr-1987
McCampbell Ada M 24-Sep-1881 15-Sep-1881
McCampbell Chas T B 10-Jul-1883
McCampbell Ella Myrtle D 31-Oct-1895 30-Oct-1895
McCampbell Infant Son D 1-Jun-1878 31-May-1878
McCampbell RH D 1-Jan-1912 3-Jul-1911
McCampbell Salina W M 23-Sep-1854 19-Sep-1854
McCampbell Wm A M 11-Jan-1883 10-Jan-1883
McCanahy Deanna Kay B 30-Dec-1953 29-Jul-1953
McCandless Emma D 5-Sep-1883 3-Sep-1883
McCann Beryl D 3-Mar-2008 2-Mar-2008
McCann Beryl D 2-Mar-2008 3-Mar-2008
McCann Charles D 30-Dec-1954 1-Aug-1954
McCann Charles Mearl D 11-Jan-1997 10-Jan-1997
McCann Charles Mearl D 24-Jan-1998 10-Jan-1997
McCann Evelyn May D 23-Jan-1992 6-Apr-1991
McCann Glendora Kate D 30-Dec-1966 3-Jun-1966
McCann Ila Fay M 29-Dec-1934 3-Feb-1934
McCann Michael Hale B 30-Dec-1947 23-Oct-1947
McCann Miles D 26-Feb-1866 24-Feb-1866
McCann Patricia Ann B 30-Dec-1966 11-Apr-1966
McCann Sonia D M 18-Jan-1986 22-Jun-1985
McCann Sonia Dee M 29-Jan-1994 2-Jul-1993
McCann Wanda Ruth M 30-Dec-1946 22-Aug-1946
McCannon Arthur F M 29-Jan-1983 5-Nov-1982
McCannon Darci Lynn M 28-Jan-1995 1-Oct-1994
McCannon Dian Danell M 29-Jan-2005 27-Nov-2004
McCannon Dorian Dawn M 29-Jan-2000 22-May-1999
McCannon Karen Marie M 30-Dec-1964 27-Oct-1964
McCannon Thomas Edward M 30-Dec-1964 3-Oct-1964
McCannon Viola E D 16-Sep-1999 14-Sep-1999
McCannon Viola E D 29-Jan-2000 14-Sep-1999
McCarney Sarah, Mrs D 21-Jul-1898 19-Jul-1898
McCarr Allie M M 1-Jan-1908 16-Mar-1907
McCart Anna M 17-Oct-1884 16-Oct-1884
McCart Elma M 17-Oct-1884
McCarter Chester E D 29-Jan-1973 7-Jun-1972
McCarter William D 7-Mar-1857
McCarthy Beatrice M 20-Dec-1906 20-Feb-1906
McCarthy Charles Edward B 30-Dec-1947 9-Nov-1947
McCarthy Craig Lee B 30-Dec-1940 21-Mar-1940
McCarthy Daniel M 28-Nov 1882 21-Nov-1882
McCarthy Inez D 31-Jan-2004 18-Jul-2003
McCarthy John A D 30-Dec-1938 16-Dec-1938
McCarthy Kathleen Gail M 22-Jan-1972 22-Oct-1971
McCarthy Mary M 17-Feb-1892
McCarthy Megan R B 19-Jan-1985 13-Apr-1984
McCarthy Padan A M 12-Jun-1873
McCarthy Rhea Kathleen M 30-Jan-2007 11-Aug-2006
McCarthy Mary (Mrs) D 29-Dec-1956 26-Mar-1956
McCartney Blanche (Mrs) D 30-Dec-1954 19-Mar-1954
McCartney Charles O M 16-Mar-1895 5-Mar-1895
McCartney Elizabeth Teresa M 12-Feb-1869
McCartney J E M 30-Dec-1916 6-Jan-1916
McCartney James B D 31-Dec-1931 11-Oct-1931
McCartney Julia Parlett D 29-Dec-1950 16-Dec-1950
McCartney Laverne G M 30-Dec-1952 10-Oct-1952
McCartney Mary H D 30-Dec-1916 18-Jan-1916
McCartney Wilma M 29-Dec-1961 2-Feb-1961
McCartney Jay E D 29-Dec-1961 16-Apr-1961
McCartor Rose Kleopfer D 30-Dec-1948 14-Feb-1948
McCarty Alma D 30-Oct-1998 30-Oct-1998
McCarty Alma M D 23-Jan-1999 30-Oct-1998
McCarty Arthur Johnny B 30-Dec-1957 11-Jun-1957
McCarty Charles Herman, Dr D 30-Dec-1933 3-Oct-1933
McCarty James M 20-Dec-1906 3-Sep-1906
McCarty James Charles B 30-Dec-1942 2-Jan-1942
McCarty James Charles B 30-Dec-1942 2-Jan-1942
McCarty Laura D 7-Dec-2006 4-Dec-2006
McCarty Laura B D 26-Jan-1980 22-Jun-1979
McCarty Laura L M 30-Dec-1936 26-Nov-1936
McCarty Lawrence D 16-Aug-1972
McCarty Margaret M 30-Dec-1937 8-May-1937
McCarty Mary (Abel) D 10-Dec-2007 8-Dec-2007
McCarty Mary Virginia M 30-Dec-1965 16-Jan-1965
McCarty Michael M D 21-May-2008 19-May-2008
McCarty Michael M D 19-May-2008 21-May-2008
McCarty Robert Lawrence B 30-Dec-1935 18-Jul-1935
McCarty Ryan Patrick B 18-Jan-1986 1-Mar-1985
McCarty Vera F M 28-Dec-1945 27-Jul-1945
McCarty Bridget E D 30-Dec-1968 15-May-1968
McCarver Lila Koons D 30-Dec-1955 26-Jun-1955
McCaskill Agnes Priscilla D 15-Feb-1975 21-Jan-1974
McCaskill Curtis, M/Sgt D 30-Dec-1955 22-Jun-1955
McCaughey Paul Thomas B 30-Dec-1957 2-Jun-1957
McCauley Lindsey Brooke B 17-Jan-1987 1-Oct-1986
McCauley Orville J M 29-Dec-1939 27-Jun-1939
McCaw HC, Mrs D 22-Mar-1897
McCaw John D 19-Jun-1899 19-Jun-1899
McCaw Mark Robert B 29-Dec-1956 11-Aug-1956
McCaw Minnie M 17-Dec-1908 10-Jul-1908
McCaw Nellie R D 30-Dec-1943 22-Jan-1943
McCaw Nellie R (Miss) D 30-Dec-1943 22-Jan-1943
McCaw Norah M 1-Jan-1912 5-Sep-1911
McCaw Susan K D 7-Nov-2002 5-Nov-2002
McCaw Susan K D 25-Jan-2003 5-Nov-2002
McCaw Violet Viola M 30-Dec-1938 30-Aug-1938
McCaw William, Mrs D 30-Dec-1957 2-Oct-1957
McCawley Colin M 5-Jan-1996 26-Dec-1995
McCecil LaVerge B 25-Jul-1886
McCellen John Wallace D 28-Dec-2007 27-Dec-2007
McChenoweth Samuel (Mrs) D 1-Jan-1908 20-Feb-1907
McChenoweth Samuel, Mrs D 1-Jan-1908 20-Feb-1907
McChesney Alene L (Murray) D 17-Dec-2007 15-Dec-2007
McChesney Amanda Joanne M 30-Jan-2007 25-Aug-2006
McChesney Bruce Henry M 23-Jan-1992 31-Oct-1991
McChesney Bruce Henry Lee B 30-Dec-1952 13-Aug-1952
McChesney Chastity Lynn M 26-Jan-2002 25-Aug-2001
McChesney Dale M 30-Dec-1916 5-Jul-1916
McChesney Debra Ann M 23-Jan-1992 31-Oct-1991
McChesney Mildred M 30-Dec-1937 24-Nov-1937
McChesney Phebe C M 4-Jan-1875 31-Dec-1874
McChesney Ralph Leroy Jr M 28-Jan-1995 19-Jun-1994
McChesney Sandra M 29-Jan-1973 22-May-1972
McClaim Harvey M 5-Nov-1869 11-Oct-1869
McClain Pearl E M 8-Dec-1910 22-Feb-1910
McClaini Harvey M 1-Nov-1869 pg 1 14-Oct-1869
McClanahan Jackie Lynn D 2-Mar-2004 21-Feb-2004
McClanahan Kyle Stanley B 18-Jan-1986 10-Jun-1985
Mcclanahan Megan Elizabeth B 28-Jan-1984 2-Jul-1983
McClanahan Rex A M 28-Jan-1984 9-Apr-1983
McClanahan Scot Wayne M 26-Jan-2008 p2f 23-Apr-2007
McClane Marcella M 30-Dec-1940 9-Sep-1940
McClaren Frederick D 10-Feb-1920
McClaren Jennie M 17-Apr-1883 12-Apr-1883
McClaren Jennie M 1-May-1883 12-Apr-1883
McClaren Lizzie M 19-Jun-1889 18-Jun-1889
McClaren Margaret E M 6-Jul-1883 28-Jun-1883
McClaren William M 30-Dec-1936 8-Jan-1936
McClarey George M 21-Dec-1905 5-Apr-1905
McClarren Ellen N D 6-Apr-1875 5-Apr-1875
McClary Joseph A M 11-Sep-1873 11-Aug-1873
McClary Mary (Wiebler) D 6-Apr-2007 5-Apr-2007
McClaskey Diana Lynn M 23-Jan-1999 14-Nov-1998
McClaskey Diana Sue M 26-Jan-1991 2-Mar-1990
McClaskey Orville jr D 28-Jan-2006 12-May-2005
McClaskey Patton William M 26-Jan-1991 2-Mar-1990
McClaskey Patton William M 29-Jan-1994 24-Feb-1993
McClasky John D 30-Nov-1872 29-Nov-1872
McClean Amy Elizabeth B 30-Dec-1941 2-Jul-1941
McClean Boy B 31-Dec-1929 12-Feb-1929
McClean David Gray D 29-Jan-1994 22-Dec-1992
McClean Doris Marie D 30-Dec-1940 6-Nov-1940
McClean Eleanor June B 29-Dec-1934 24-Nov-1934
McClean Francis G D 30-Jan-1982 3-Sep-1981
McClean Gail M 29-Jan-1973 20-Nov-1972
McClean George K D 23-Jan-1988 8-Apr-1987
McClean George Keith B 30-Dec-1953 11-Apr-1953
McClean Gordon D 24-Aug-2004 21-Aug-2004
McClean Helene Marie B 30-Dec-1966 3-Feb-1966
McClean Jane M 30-Dec-1953 5-Jun-1953
McClean Jean Elizabeth B 29-Dec-1939 12-Aug-1939
McClean JF, Mrs D 14-Feb-1920
Mcclean John F D 24-Jan-1998 12-Jun-1997
McClean John Francis B 30-Dec-1954 19-Aug-1954
McClean John Francis M 21-Nov-1899 21-Nov-1899
McClean Joseph Lindsey B 30-Dec-1946 13-May-1946
Mcclean Joseph Lindsey M 30-Dec-1969 26-Jul-1969
Mcclean Josephine M D 29-Jan-1994 6-Aug-1993
McClean Judith Lynn B 30-Dec-1943 14-Oct-1943
McClean Judith Lynn M 29-Dec-1961 8-Jul-1961
McClean Margery Ann M 30-Dec-1955 5-Feb-1955
McClean Marian M 30-Dec-1955 28-Jan-1955
McClean Marjorie Ann B 30-Dec-1936
Mcclean Martha A (Mrs) D 29-Dec-1956 30-Jun-1956
McClean Millie D 30-Dec-1960 18-Apr-1960
McClean Oril D 18-Jan-1986 16-Jul-1985
McClean Robert B D 24-Jun-2008 20-Jun-2008
McClean Sarah Belle M 29-May-1896 27-May-1896
McClean Susan A M 30-Dec-1955 19-Nov-1955
McClean William Harvey B 30-Dec-1957 7-Aug-1957
McCleary Albert L M 30-Dec-1941 15-Mar-1941
McCleary Allen Fohr B 30-Dec-1952 12-Feb-1952
McCleary Amanda Louise B 28-Jan-1979
McCleary Amanda Louise B 18-Jan-1986 30-May-1985
McCleary Ann M M 31-Jan-1981 27-Jun-1980
McCleary Benjemen Thomas B 28-Jan-1995 22-Nov-1994
McCleary Bessie M 19-Mar-1902
McCleary Betty Mae B 29-Dec-1944 21-Feb-1944
McCleary Betty Mae M 29-Dec-1962 24-Sep-1962
McCleary Beverly Jane D 30-Dec-1932 1-Mar-1932
McCleary Boy B 31-Dec-1929 13-Aug-1929
McCleary Brandi Kaylee B 23-Jan-1992 1-Aug-1991
McCleary Brandi Lynn B 31-Jan-1976 19-Mar-1975
McCleary Brandi Lynn M 29-Jan-2000 7-Aug-1999
McCleary Brenden James B 23-Jan-1992 7-Nov-1991
McCleary Brian Scott M 15-Aug-1996 1-Jun-1996
McCleary Brooke Madison B 26-Jan-2008 p8e 28-Nov-2007
McCleary Burdette D 16-Apr-1996 15-Apr-1996
McCleary Catherine A M 8-Dec-1910 24-Oct-1910
Mccleary Chad Ryan M 26-Jan-2002 16-Jun-2001
McCleary Chad William Hungate B 29-Jan-1983 7-Oct-1982
McCleary Charles M 22-Nov-1886 22-Nov-1886
McCleary Charles C D 22-Mar-1900 19-Mar-1900
McCleary Cheryl Renee D 30-Dec-1965 13-Jan-1965
McCleary Cindy Jean B 30-Dec-1954 15-Sep-1954
McCleary Cindy Jean M 13-Dec-1972 12-Dec-1972
Mccleary Connie Sue B 30-Dec-1954 20-Oct-1954
McCleary Cynthia Jo B 29-Dec-1956 9-Feb-1956
McCleary Cynthia Jo M 31-Jan-1976 15-Nov-1975
McCleary Danny Lee B 29-Jan-1983 23-Oct-1982
McCleary Danny Lee M 26-Jan-2002 24-Oct-2001
McCleary Darren Lee B 29-Dec-1962 3-May-1962
McCleary David Leon B 30-Dec-1965 19-Sep-1965
McCleary David Leon M 17-Jan-1987 15-Nov-1986
McCleary Deanna D 17-Feb-1999 16-Feb-1999
McCleary Debra JoAnn B 30-Dec-1957 23-Mar-1957
McCleary Dick K M 26-Jan-1980 29-Sep-1979
McCleary Dick K M 26-Jan-1980 29-Sep-1979
McCleary Dick Kelly B 29-Dec-1956 10-Jun-1956
McCleary Dick Kelly M 17-Jan-1987 22-Mar-1986
McCleary Donald Allen B 30-Dec-1935 9-May-1935
McCleary Donald Allen M 30-Dec-1955 6-Aug-1955
McCleary Dorothy Irene D 30-Dec-1966 1-Apr-1966
McCleary Eric J B 19-Jan-1985 23-Apr-1984
McCleary Erica Lynn B 23-Jan-1992 9-Feb-1991
McCleary Essie G M 1-Jan-1912 2-May-1911
McCleary Estelline M 29-Dec-1934 29-Sep-1934
McCleary G W (Mrs) D 31-Dec-1931 24-Nov-1931
McCleary Gary Ronald B 30-Dec-1936
McCleary Gary Stephen M 30-Jan-1993 24-Jul-1992
McCleary Gary Stpehen B 29-Dec-1956 1-Feb-1956
McCleary Geneva Mae D 6-Feb-1994 5-May-1994
McCleary Geneva Mae D 28-Jan-1995 5-May-1994
McCleary George M 30-Dec-1879 29-Sep-1879
McCleary George Eugene M 29-Dec-1939 9-Sep-1939
McCleary George W D 30-Dec-1936
McCleary Geraldine M D 23-Jan-1992 18-Jun-1991
McCleary Gladys D 8-Nov-2004 5-Nov-2004
McCleary Gladys M D 29-Jan-2005 5-Nov-2004
McCleary Glean Eldred M 27-Jan-2000 25-Aug-2000
McCleary Harvey M 1-Jan-1912 28-Jun-1911
McCleary Heather Nicole B 21-Jan-2000 18-Jan-2000
Mccleary Heather Nicole B 27-Jan-2000 18-Jan-2000
McCleary Herbert D 28-Nov-1998 25-Nov-1998
McCleary Holly May B 21-May-2002 18-May-2002
McCleary Holly May B 25-Jan-2003 18-May-2002
McCleary Howard M 27-Feb-1928 25-Feb-1928
McCleary Howard A D 12-Apr-1984 12-Apr-1984
McCleary Hunter Gauge B 28-Jan-2006 14-Jul-2005
McCleary Irene (Krueger) D 24-Sep-2008 23-Sep-2008
McCleary James P M 30-Dec-1940 5-Oct-1940
McCleary James P M 30-Dec-1946 8-Jun-1946
McCleary James P M 18-Jan-1986 12-Oct-1985
McCleary James P Sr D 31-Jan-2004 1-Mar-2003
McCleary James Patrick B 30-Dec-1963 4-Jan-1963
McCleary Janet Lynn M 17-Jan-1987 18-Sep-1986
McCleary Janet Lynne B 30-Dec-1963 14-Feb-1963
McCleary Jed Dayn B 30-Dec-1969 15-Dec-1969
McCleary Jerry M M 31-Jan-1981 26-Sep-1980
McCleary Jerry Mat B 30-Dec-1957 18-Nov-1957
McCleary Jess D D 20-Oct-2003 19-Oct-2003
McCleary Jess Dennis B 30-Dec-1932 10-Mar-1932
Mccleary Jess Dennis D 31-Jan-2004 19-Oct-2003
McCleary Jessica Mae M 26-Jan-2008 p5f 13-Oct-2007
McCleary Joe Lynn M 17-Jan-1987 8-Nov-1986
McCleary Joe, Jr M 30-Dec-1953 2-Oct-1953
McCleary John D 30-Dec-1970 27-Feb-1970
McCleary John M 20-Jan-1883 2-Jan-1883
McCleary John D 1-Jan-1908 3-Oct-1907
McCleary John C D 1-Jan-1908 3-Oct-1907
McCleary John H M 1-Jan-1913 23-Dec-1912
McCleary Joseph D 28-Jan-1978 25-Dec-1977
McCleary Joseph A D 26-Jan-1980 5-Oct-1979
McCleary Joseph A D 30-Dec-1936
McCleary Kalli Ann B 26-Jan-1991 26-Sep-1990
McCleary Kamber Mikala B 23-Jan-1999 6-Feb-1998
McCleary Kenneth D 3-May-2007 1-May-2007
McCleary Kenneth L D 29-Dec-1956 24-Nov-1956
McCleary Kenneth Lyle M 30-Dec-1954 27-Mar-1954
McCleary Larry David B 30-Dec-1948 20-Apr-1948
McCleary Lawrence A D 6-May-2008 4-May-2008
McCleary Lawrence A D 4-May-2008 6-May-2008
McCleary Lawrence A M 30-Dec-1941 8-Mar-1941
McCleary Leafa M 1-Jan-1908 13-Feb-1907
McCleary Leona D 17-Jan-1987 12-Sep-1986
McCleary Leona D 13-Sep-1986
McCleary Leona Caroline D 28-Jan-1995 26-Aug-1994
McCleary Linda Jean B 28-Dec-1945 1-Jun-1945
McCleary Linda Jean B 30-Dec-1949 22-Feb-1949
McCleary Linda Sue B 29-Dec-1961 11-Jun-1961
McCleary Lisa Irene B 30-Dec-1966 7-Oct-1966
McCleary Lisa Irene M 23-Jan-1992 20-Jul-1991
McCleary Madison Michael B 29-Jan-1994 29-Dec-1993
McCleary Margaret Imogene B 30-Dec-1936
McCleary Martha Geneva D 30-Dec-1949 21-Mar-1949
McCleary Mary D 30-Dec-1966 3-Mar-1966
McCleary Michael M 5-Feb-1997 4-Jan-1997
McCleary Michael J M 30-Jan-1982 24-Apr-1981
McCleary Michael Mitchael B 8-Aug-1997 5-Aug-1997
McCleary Michael Mitchael B 24-Jan-1998 5-Aug-1997
McCleary Michael N B 29-Dec-1950 30-May-1950
McCleary Michael, Jr M 14-Dec-2005 28-May-2005
McCleary Michale Nicol M 26-Jan-2002 21-Dec-2001
McCleary Mildred Marie D 17-Mar-2003 17-Mar-2003
McCleary Mildred Marie D 31-Jan-2004 17-Mar-2003
McCleary Minnie Schoultz D 31-Dec-1931 24-Nov-1931
McCleary Nancy M 31-Oct-1866 30-Oct-1866
McCleary Natalie Grace B 17-Sep-2004 7-Sep-2004
McCleary Noah Mathew B 6-Jul-2007 p5a 23-Jun-2007
McCleary Ora D 22-Jan-1972 31-May-1971
McCleary Patricia Jean B 29-Dec-1950 10-Sep-1950
McCleary Pete Howard M 31-Jan-1976 10-Oct-1975
McCleary Pete Patrick B 28-Jan-1979
McCleary Peter Howard B 30-Dec-1949 17-Nov-1949
McCleary Rachel Sue B 22-Jan-1972 19-Jan-1971
McCleary Rachel Sue M 30-Jan-1993 18-Sep-1992
McCleary Ralph D 29-Dec-1961 6-Feb-1961
McCleary Ramona (Dahnke) D 13-Oct-2007 11-Oct-2007
McCleary Ray D 30-Dec-1968 30-Oct-1968
McCleary Rebecca Ann B 31-Jan-1976 30-Jan-1975
McCleary Rebecca Ann M 26-Jan-2002 1-Dec-2001
McCleary Richard Dennis B 30-Dec-1946 18-Aug-1946
McCleary Richard Frederick B 30-Dec-1937 31-Aug-1937
McCleary Richard Lee B 30-Dec-1935 7-Jul-1935
McCleary Richard Lee D 24-Jul-2003 22-Jul-2003
McCleary Richard Lee D 31-Jan-2004 22-Jul-2003
McCleary Robert Lawrence B 30-Dec-1946 19-Jun-1946
McCleary Robert Lawrence M 30-Dec-1965 20-Feb-1965
McCleary Robert Steven B 29-Dec-1950 21-Jun-1950
McCleary Ronald Eugene B 29-Dec-1944 8-Feb-1944
McCleary Ronald Eugene M 30-Dec-1965 7-Jun-1965
McCleary Ronald Eugene M 30-Dec-1969 28-Jun-1969
McCleary Russell D 30-Dec-1932 14-Nov-1932
McCleary Russell Albert B 30-Dec-1942 24-Aug-1942
McCleary Russell Albert M 30-Dec-1969 13-Sep-1969
McCleary Sadie M 5-Oct-1882
McCleary Samuel J D 30-Dec-1940 7-Jan-1940
McCleary Sandra Sue M 23-Jan-1992 2-Mar-1991
McCleary Sean Patrick B 18-Jan-1986 5-Nov-1985
McCleary Sharon K M 18-Jan-1986 30-Sep-1985
McCleary Sharon Kay M 31-Jan-2009 pg 7f 12-Dec-2008
McCleary Shelby Lee B 26-Jan-1980 2-Apr-1979
McCleary Sherie L M 19-Jan-1985 2-Jun-1984
McCleary Shirley M 30-Dec-1952 15-Apr-1952
McCleary Shirley Jean B 30-Dec-1932 4-Aug-1932
McCleary Skylee Storm B 26-Jan-2008 p7e 13-Apr-2007
McCleary Son B 31-Dec-1930 28-Feb-1930
McCleary Son B 31-Dec-1930 27-Oct-1930
McCleary Stacie Lynn B 26-Jan-1980 3-Feb-1979
McCleary Stacie Lynn M 23-Jan-1999 22-Jan-1998
McCleary Terry Lee B 28-Dec-1951 21-Apr-1951
McCleary Thomas Lee B 29-Dec-1950 30-Oct-1950
McCleary Thomas M M 30-Dec-1953 23-May-1953
McCleary Thomas M,Jr M 18-Jan-1986 14-Jun-1985
McCleary Thomas Mitchael B 30-Dec-1965 28-Apr-1965
McCleary Thomas Mitchael Jr M 29-Jan-1994 6-Aug-1993
McCleary Thomas Mitchell B 30-Dec-1933 31-Jul-1933
McCleary Tim K M 28-Jan-1979
Mccleary Tina Ann B 29-Dec-1956 9-Jun-1956
McCleary Tod S M 26-Jan-1980 9-Jun-1979
McCleary Tod S M 26-Jan-1980 9-Jun-1979
McCleary Tod Shayne B 29-Dec-1956 29-Feb-1956
McCleary Tyler Chance B 31-Jan-1996
McCleary Velma M 1-Jan-1912 10-May-1911
McCleary Wayne D 1-Mar-1999 28-Feb-1999
McCleary William M 8-Dec-1910 10-Mar-1910
McCleary Willodean C (McCleary) D 14-Dec-2007 12-Dec-2007
McCleary Willodine M 29-Dec-1934 24-Sep-1934
McCleeary Cheryl Renee B 30-Dec-1964 28-Jul-1964
McCleeary Everett Marvin M 30-Dec-1953 6-Aug-1953
McCleeary Glenda Kay B 30-Dec-1954 14-Aug-1954
McCleeary Letha C D 29-Dec-1967 9-Jan-1967
McCleeary Michelle Jean B 30-Dec-1966 15-Jan-1966
McCleer Anna Jane Derby D 30-Dec-1954 26-Aug-1954
McCleer William A D 30-Dec-1940 15-Mar-1940
McCleery Ann Marie B 30-Dec-1957 17-Jan-1957
McCleery Deanna Rae D 29-Jan-2000 16-Feb-1999
McCleery Jeanette Angeline B 30-Dec-1957 12-May-1957
McCleery Kelly James D 29-Dec-1961 5-Feb-1961
McClellan Ada D 7-Jul-1883 7-Jul-1883
McClellan Callie V M 23-Mar-1877 7-Mar-1877
McClellan Gertrude M 1-Jan-1908 7-Jan-1907
McClellan Justine M M 17-Mar-1892
McClellan Lehman D 4-Jan-2005 3-Jan-2005
McClellan Ruth M 30-Dec-1940 24-Feb-1940
McClelland Freeman M 13-Dec-1922
McClelland JM, Rev M 2-Sep-1892 2-Sep-1892
McClelland Marie M 17-Dec-1908 10-Nov-1908
McClelland Orrell, Mrs D 16-May-1870
McClelland Robert D 1-Oct-1883
McClelland Robert M 28-Nov-1845 25-Nov-1845
McClelland Robert M 9-Feb-1872 8-Feb-1872
McClellen William Richard B 28-Dec-1945 7-Nov-1945
McClemming Glayds D 30-Dec-1960 30-Aug-1960
McClenning J E M 30-Dec-1937 8-May-1937
McClenning John Bruce B 30-Dec-1940 17-Jul-1940
McClenning John E D 30-Dec-1966 21-Jun-1966
McClenning John, Sr D 30-Dec-1957 15-Apr-1957
McClenning Marcia Ann B 30-Dec-1947 24-Oct-1947
Mcclenning Vivian D 28-Jan-1984 27-Apr-1983
McClimon Gerald M 29-Jan-1973 17-Apr-1972
McClintock Infant Child D 4-Jan-1883
McClintock Oscar F D 30-Dec-1957 20-Nov-1957
McClintock Roseline Marie D 30-Dec-1968 1-Apr-1968
McClinton AE D 2-Mar-1896 1-Mar-1896
McClister Robert E D 23-Jan-1999 27-Jul-1998
McCloskey Boy B 31-Dec-1929 4-Feb-1929
McCloskey Calvin E M 1-Feb-1877 31-Jan-1877
McCloskey Duane Neil B 30-Dec-1936 15-Sep-1936
McCloskey E C M 1-Jan-1913 27-Aug-1912
McCloskey George H D 30-Dec-1955 11-Apr-1955
McCloskey Hattie Louella D 30-Dec-1947 2-Sep-1947
McCloskey Marie Katherine D 26-Jan-1980 28-Jan-1979
McCloskey May M 1-Jan-1908 6-Jul-1907
McCloskey William DJ M 30-Dec-1935 5-Aug-1935
McCloskey Winnifred M 23-Feb-1928 22-Feb-1928
McClosky George M 20-Dec-1906 13-Jun-1906
McClosky George M 1-Apr-1876 8-Mar-1876
McClosky JW D 27-Jan-1890
McCloud Abbie B M 20-Dec-1883 19-Dec-1883
McCloud Anna G M 20-Dec-1883 19-Dec-1883
McCloud Annette M 3-Sep-1868 21-Aug-1868
McCloud Annie, Mrs D 1-Feb-1864 24-Jan-1864
McCloud Bion Chattaway D 30-Dec-1940 5-Feb-1940
McCloud Carrie M 4-Apr-1877 28-Mar-1877
McCloud D G D 31-Dec-1889 29-Mar-1889
McCloud George D 13-Apr-1920
McCloud Lucinda Coriell King D 30-Dec-1940 26-Jul-1940
McCloud Phoebe C D 13-Feb-1894 13-Feb-1894
McClun Caroline Kickman D 30-Dec-1942 16-Jan-1942
McClun Harriet C D 30-Dec-1942 21-Apr-1942
McClun Harriet C D 30-Dec-1942 21-Apr-1942
McClung Maggie B D 28-Dec-1945 31-Mar-1945
McClure Amanda Ashley B 26-Jan-1991 24-Aug-1990
McClure Annika Eloise B 28-Jan-2006 2-Apr-2005
McClure Brandon B 26-Jan-2002 27-Mar-2001
McClure Bryan Linn B 29-Dec-1962 22-Sep-1962
McClure Charles Edward M 31-Jan-2004 25-Oct-2003
McClure David James B 15-Feb-1975 19-Mar-1974
McClure Dennis Leland B 30-Dec-1935 10-Feb-1935
McClure Derek James B 29-Jan-2000 10-Apr-1999
McClure Dorothy Marie B 30-Dec-1937 16-May-1937
McClure Dorothy Marie M 30-Dec-1965 17-Jan-1965
McClure Douglas Allen B 30-Dec-1965 7-Sep-1965
McClure Elmer E D 30-Dec-1965 10-Nov-1965
Mcclure Elmer E M 29-Dec-1950 27-Mar-1950
McClure Heather Marie B 29-Jan-1983 6-Oct-1982
McClure Heather Marie M 31-Jan-2009 pg 7f 30-Aug-2008
McClure James H M 28-Jan-1978 7-Apr-1977
McClure James Henry B 30-Dec-1949 2-Dec-1949
McClure James Henry B 30-Dec-1949 2-Dec-1949
McClure Jason Leonard B 28-Jan-1979
McClure John D 30-Dec-1948 9-Jul-1948
McClure Leland J M 30-Dec-1933 8-Nov-1933
McClure Leland John D 22-Jan-1972 23-Dec-1971
McClure Mable M 30-Dec-1937 30-Sep-1937
McClure Margaret Jean M 3-Jan-1972 1-Jan-1972
McClure Marie A D 23-Jan-1988 8-Sep-1987
McClure Matthew John B 28-Jan-1978 28-Jul-1977
McClure Matthew John M 30-Jan-2007 4-Nov-2006
McClure Melissa Sue B 26-Jan-1991 28-Apr-1990
McClure Renee M 24-Oct-2001 10-Mar-2001
McClure Renee Beth B 31-Jan-1976 13-May-1975
McClure Robert John B 30-Dec-1943 16-Aug-1943
McClure Robert John JR B 30-Dec-1964 28-Jul-1964
McClure Robert John Jr M 26-Jan-2002 14-Feb-2001
McClure Robert John, Jr M 28-Mar-2001 14-Feb-2001
McClure Robert Milton D 20-Aug-2001 16-Aug-2001
McClure Sally Ann B 30-Dec-1940 30-Nov-1940
McClure Sally Ann M 29-Dec-1961 4-Jun-1961
McClure Susan (Anson) D 2-Nov-2007 31-Oct-2007
McClure Zetta Hainey D 23-Jan-1988 2-Feb-1987
McClurg James A D 30-Dec-1916 15-Aug-1916
McClurg James A D 30-Dec-1916 15-Aug-1916
McClurg Lucy M 8-Oct-1869 13-Sep-1869
McClurkin Celia M D 19-Aug-1972
McClurkin EL, Mrs D 30-Dec-1932 30-Nov-1932
McClurkin William, Mrs D 29-Jan-1973 6-Mar-1972
McClury Hugh H M 23-May-1902 22-May-1902
McCluskey JP M 10-Jun-1880 13-May-1880
McCo… Frederick D 31-Dec-1913 27-Jun-1913
McColanaha Ralph Clarence B 6-Jan-1922
McColloch Edwin M 17-Dec-1908 28-Sep-1908
McColloch Edwin J D 31-Jan-1981 16-Oct-1980
McCollough Rachel P M 30-Sep-1863 29-Sep-1863
McCollum Charles Stephen D 30-Dec-1952 5-Feb-1952
McCollum Fred George D 30-Dec-1963 23-Jul-1963
McCollum La Jean M 30-Dec-1955 9-Apr-1955
McCollum Lajean Ann B 29-Dec-1939 14-Feb-1939
McCollum Mary Lynn B 30-Dec-1957 1-Apr-1957
McCollum Mollie K D 30-Dec-1953 12-May-1953
McCollum Mollie Kathleen B 30-Dec-1952 24-May-1952
McCollum Velma Delta B 30-Dec-1949 27-Jan-1949
McCollum Veach Katherine May D 27-Mar-2007 15-Feb-2007
McColm Alice D 1-Jan-1908 6-Dec-1907
McColm Alice Connor D 1-Jan-1908 6-Dec-1907
McColm Andrew Greenlee M 8-Seo-1869 7-Sep-1869
McColm Edwin L D 30-Dec-1933 11-Aug-1933
McColm Florence D 1-Jan-1908 31-Jan-1907
McColm Florence D 1-Jan-1908 31-Jan-1907
McColm George M M 1-Jan-1908 20-Feb-1907
McColm Ida E D 17-Jan-1987 8-Mar-1986
McColm James D 19-Jan-1877 19-Jan-1877
McColm James D D 11-Jun-1883
McColm James Leroy D 1-Jan-1927 8-Sep-1926
McColm JL M 23-Aug-1866 22-Aug-1866
McColm John T D 26-Jan-1991 28-Mar-1990
McColm Laura Frances M 30-Dec-1940 13-Apr-1940
McColm Lida, Mrs D 3-Aug-1864 2-Aug-1864
McColm Margaret M D 30-Dec-1955 21-Nov-1955
McColm Mary (Mrs) D 3-May-1895
McColm Mary, Mrs D 3-May-1895 3-May-1895
McColm Nellie M 7-Sep-1865 5-Sep-1865
McColm Olive E M 30-Dec-1916 19-Apr-1916
McColm Sarah A D 1-Jan-1912 9-May-1911
McColm Sarah A (Mrs) D 1-Jan-1912 9-May-1911
McColm Son B 23-Apr-1894 13-Apr-1894
McColm Thelma D 30-Oct-1984 30-Oct-1984
McColm William E D 17-Jan-1987 14-Apr-1986
McCombs Eugene M M 19-Jan-1985 21-Nov-1984
McComick Minnie Violet D 29-Dec-1962 5-Apr-1962
McConaghy Anna H D 30-Dec-1933 3-Mar-1933
McConaghy Robert M 30-Dec-1936 3-Apr-1936
McConaha Mary J M 11-Apr-1881
McConaha Miriam D 31-Dec-2008 30-Dec-2008
McConaha Rachel D M 21-Dec-1870
McConahay Alvin D 8-Sep-1972
McConahay B Diane D 12-Sep-2001 8-Sep-2001
McConahay Bonnie J M 28-Jan-1984 22-Oct-1983
McConahay Dean Howard D 16-Jan-2003 14-Jan-2003
McConahay Dean Howard D 31-Jan-2004 14-Jan-2003
McConahay Dean Howard M 26-Jan-2002 17-Aug-2001
McConahay Deanna M 29-Jan-1973 10-Apr-1972
McConahay Dorothy D 8-Sep-2000 7-Sep-2000
McConahay Hollis D 20-Feb-2002 20-Feb-2002
McConahay Holly R M 29-Jan-1983 12-Sep-1982
McConahay Kip Alan B 30-Dec-1964 7-Nov-1964
McConahay Margaret D 17-Nov-1999 15-Nov-1999
McConahay Margaret J D 29-Jan-1973 15-Nov-1972
McConahay Michael D M 18-Jan-1986 12-Oct-1985
Mcconahay Michael Dean B 28-Dec-1951 24-Mar-1951
McConahay Nancy Elaine B 30-Dec-1942 7-Apr-1942
McConahay Robert Marshall D 10 Jan 1004 8-Jan-1994
McConahay Warren L M 29-Dec-1956 19-Apr-1956
McConahay Wayne Leroy D 4-Jun-2001 3-Jun-2001
McConaughy Ronald Eugene M 30-Dec-1968 8-Jun-1968
McConkey H Donald M 30-Dec-1957 1-Aug-1957
McConnah Chase Jon B 27-Jan-2000 7-Dec-2000
McConnaha Andrea Eileen B 28-Jan-1978 22-Mar-1977
McConnaha Anna Mae M 17-Jan-1987 15-Aug-1986
McConnaha Barbara Sue B 28-Dec-1951 25-Sep-1951
McConnaha Bessie M 1-Jan-1913 14-Mar-1912
McConnaha Betty M 29-Dec-1939 14-Oct-1939
McConnaha Betty L D 14-Dec-2007 12-Dec-2007
McConnaha Cade Clayton B 23-May-2003 13-May-2003
McConnaha Caleb Floyd B 27-Jan-1998 21-Jan-1998
McConnaha Caleb Floyd B 23-Jan-1999 21-Jan-1998
McConnaha Catherine Anne B 30-Dec-1953 25-Nov-1953
McConnaha Caylie Joyce B 28-Aug-2002 19-Aug-2002
McConnaha Caylie Joyce B 25-Jan-2003 19-Aug-2002
McConnaha Chase Jon B 12-Dec-2000 7-Dec-2000
McConnaha Chuck Andrew B 28-Jan-1978 26-Aug-1977
McConnaha Chuck Andrew M 25-Nov-1997 5-Jul-1997
McConnaha Chuck Andrew M 24-Jan-1998 5-Jul-1997
McConnaha Clayton D 1-Jan-1908 5-Aug-1907
McConnaha Clayton Alan M 30-Jan-1993 17-Sep-1992
McConnaha Connie Lynn B 30-Dec-1947 13-May-1947
McConnaha Connie Lynn M 30-Dec-1966 15-Jan-1966
McConnaha Craig Robert B 22-Jan-1972 29-May-1971
McConnaha David M 30-Dec-1916 29-Feb-1916
McConnaha David C D 30-Dec-1965 25-Jun-1965
McConnaha Dorothy M 29-Dec-1939 22-Oct-1939
McConnaha Elizabeth M 16-Dec-1909 10-Feb-1909
McConnaha Elizabeth A M 12-Sep-1869
McConnaha Ella D 30-Dec-1941 8-Jan-1941
McConnaha Evelyn J D 1-Feb-1996 31-Jan-1996
McConnaha Floyd C D 30-Jan-1982 15-Jun-1981
McConnaha Francis D 23-May-2004
McConnaha Francis "Buck" L D 29-Jan-2005 22-Jun-2004
McConnaha Francis L M 30-Dec-1941 22-Jan-1941
McConnaha Grant Edmond M 30-Dec-1964 1-Aug-1964
McConnaha Greg D 30-Dec-1969 25-May-1969
McConnaha Gregory B 30-Dec-1969 25-May-1969
McConnaha Haleigh Lynn B 28-Jan-1995 2-May-1994
McConnaha Hanna Marie B 31-Jan-2004 18-Apr-2003
McConnaha Janice Elaine M 24-Jan-1998 20-Sep-1997
McConnaha Jasper N M 28-Feb-1883 27-Feb-1883
McConnaha Jasper Newton D 29-Dec-1950 19-Aug-1950
McConnaha Jeanne Elizabeth B 29-Dec-1950 25-May-1950
McConnaha John D 20-Feb-1905
McConnaha John N D 31-Jan-1981 8-Jan-1980
McConnaha John S D 30-Dec-1937 20-Feb-1937
McConnaha John S M 8-Jun-1874 8-Jun-1874
McConnaha Judith Kay B 30-Dec-1942 1-Feb-1942
McConnaha Kelly Sue B 30-Jan-1982 7-Nov-1981
McConnaha Kristin Ann B 15-Feb-1995 9-Mar-1995
McConnaha Lella (Mrs) D 28-Dec-1945 14-Jul-1945
McConnaha Margaret A D 18-Jan-1986 28-May-1985
McConnaha Mary Conrelia D 30-Dec-1937 19-Aug-1937
McConnaha Mary Katharine M 30-Dec-1969 15-Feb-1969
McConnaha Mary Katherine B 30-Dec-1952 9-Oct-1952
McConnaha Maude R M 1-Jan-1913 16-Oct-1912
McConnaha Mike D 23-Jan-1988 17-Jun-1987
McConnaha Mildred Louise, Mrs M 29-Jan-1973 27-Jan-1972
McConnaha Nellie M D 30-Dec-1969 16-Dec-1969
McConnaha Parke D M 30-Jan-1982 5-Jun-1981
McConnaha Parke Douglas B 30-Dec-1955 13-Aug-1955
McConnaha Pauke Douglas M 24-Jan-1998 2-Aug-1997
McConnaha Rachel M 30-Dec-1916 11-Jan-1916
McConnaha Rebecca Lynne M 30-Jan-1993 11-Jul-1992
McConnaha Robert Clayton B 30-Dec-1949 9-Jul-1949
McConnaha Robert Clayton M 30-Dec-1969 1-Feb-1969
McConnaha Robert Clayton M 30-Jan-2007 2-Jun-2006
McConnaha Ron D M 29-Jan-1983 21-Aug-1982
McConnaha Russell D M 30-Jan-1982 14-Feb-1981
McConnaha Ruth M D 28-Jan-1995 8-Sep-1994
McConnaha Son B 29-Dec-1944 2-Dec-1944
McConnaha Steven Jon M 22-Jan-1972 25-Jul-1971
McConnaha Travis Glen M 25-Jan-2003 4-May-2002
McConnaha Trent Douglas M 27-Jan-2000 13-May-2000
McConnaha U S Grant D 29-Dec-1939 19-Nov-1939
McConnaha William D 28-Jan-1984 29-Jan-1983
McConnaha William M 29-Nov-1920
McConnaha William J D 29-Dec-1956 26-Dec-1956
McConnaha Colton Joseph Alan B 29-Jan-1994 1-Nov-1993
McConnaha Douglas Grant B 30-Dec-1965 6-Sep-1965
McConnaha Grant Nolan B 29-Jan-1994 9-Sep-1993
McConnalia Clayton D 1-Jan-1908 5-Aug-1907
McConnel Mac D 29-Dec-1934 31-Aug-1934
McConnell Arthur B M 30-Dec-1940 18-Mar-1940
McConnell Cecelia Marie M 30-Dec-1965 17-Aug-1965
McConnell Christian P B 19-Jan-1985 8-Aug-1984
McConnell Erica Kay B 6-Oct-1995 5-Oct-1995
McConnell F M 26-Dec-1890 23-Dec-1890
McConnell Hazel Lucille D 25-Jan-2003 23-May-2002
McConnell James Frederick D 31-Jan-2004 8-Aug-2003
McConnell Jannie M M 30-Jan-1982 1-Jul-1981
McConnell Jonathan James B 6-Oct-1995 5-Oct-1995
McConnell Karen Louise B 29-Jan-1994 9-Mar-1993
McConnell Linda L M 31-Jan-1981 8-Mar-1980
McConnell Mae M 30-Dec-1938 16-Feb-1938
McConnell Nellie D 30-Dec-1954 3-Apr-1954
McConnell Nellie (Mrs) D 30-Dec-1954 3-May-1954
McConnell Thomas F D 30-Dec-1936
McCool Anne M 29-Dec-1939 3-Dec-1939
McCord Maude M 8-Dec-1910 1-Mar-1910
McCord Noah D 29-Dec-1934 22-Jan-1934
McCord Noah D 29-Dec-1934
McCorkle Mildred A M 30-Dec-1941 4-Jan-1941
McCormac Brian Scott M 4-Apr-2001 25-Nov-2000
McCormac Calla L D 29-Jan-1983 25-Jul-1982
McCormac Dorothy D 23-Jan-1988 27-May-1987
McCormac Gale Lee B 30-Dec-1947 21-Jul-1947
McCormac Harold Richard B 29-Dec-1944 29-Mar-1944
McCormac Hayden Thomas B 20-Dec-2003 25-Nov-2003
McCormac Leah D 29-Jan-1973 17-May-1972
McCormac Lizbeth Jean B 30-Dec-1947 4-Feb-1947
McCormac Lizbeth Jean M 22-Jan-1972 24-Dec-1970
McCormac Mollie M 20-Oct-1892 19-Oct-1892
McCormac Patricia M 29-Jan-1973 5-Sep-1972
McCormac Patricia Belle B 28-Dec-1951 17-Jul-1951
McCormac Paul Clarence, Dr D 29-Oct-1999 28-Oct-1999
McCormac R, Mrs D 22-Nov-1883
McCormac Tyler Harrison B 20-Dec-2003 25-Nov-2003
McCormack Brent Lee B 30-Dec-1954 4-Nov-1954
McCormack Charles D 22-Jan-1972 3-Feb-1971
McCormack Clara D 28-Dec-1893 25-Dec-1893
McCormack J Allen M 30-Dec-1933 28-Sep-1933
McCormack Janice Kay B 28-Dec-1945 15-Jul-1945
McCormack John A D 27-Jul-1864 21-Jun-1864
McCormack Lorraine D 19-Feb-2004 16-Feb-2004
McCormack Martha Jane D 30-Dec-1933 14-Mar-1933
McCormack Mary Anna D 30-Dec-1952 26-Mar-1952
McCormack Morton M 29-Dec-1939 5-Jan-1939
McCormack William M M 13-Feb-1902 12-Feb-1902