Birth, Marriage, & Death Index

Musser Public Library’s Birth, Marriage, & Death searchable Index covers births, marriages, obituaries, and death notices that have appeared in the Muscatine (city) newspapers since 1840 to present day. These papers may be found in the newspaper microfilm collection at the library. Many dedicated volunteers have worked for years to develop this Index, and the Library would like to thank them for their efforts!

Last Name First Name Type Date of Paper Page # Date of Event
Oak Benjamin S B 19-Jan-1985 10-Aug-1984
Oak Denise Lynn B 30-Dec-1952 13-Aug-1952
Oak Henry D 30-Dec-1942 12-Feb-1942
Oak Jack Arlan B 30-Dec-1942 18-Sep-1942
Oak Kiane Lea B 30-Dec-1952 13-Aug-1952
Oakes Cherile Ann B 30-Dec-1942 30-Oct-1942
Oakes Gregory Lea M 28-Jan-2006 29-Apr-2005
Oakes James Lee M 31-Jan-1976 27-Sep-1975
Oakes Jane Allen D 30-Dec-1948 14-May-1948
Oakes Nathan Timothy B 2-Jan-2008 p5a 10-Dec-2009
Oakes Virgil James D 22-Jan-1972 11-Jul-1971
Oakley Brenda Lowena M 29-Dec-1961 13-May-1961
Oakley Cassie Pearl D 29-Dec-1950 27-Sep-1950
Oakley Clare F D 30-Dec-1942 10-Feb-1942
Oaks Jacob D 1-Jan-1908 25-May-1907
Oaks Jesse D 22-Jan-1927
Oaster Carrie D 31-Dec-1933 5-Mar-1933
Oaster John S D 30-Dec-1938 21-Nov-1938
Oates Lisa Marie M 26-Jan-2002 14-Feb-2001
Oatman Laura M 29-Dec-1961 10-Apr-1961
Oats Lucille Mary D 18-Jan-1986 9-Dec-1985
O'Banion Darlene Frances D 29-Jan-2000 3-Jul-1999
O'Banion Fairl N M 29-Dec-1956 20-Dec-1956
Oberbroecking Herbert Henry M 28-Jan-1995 27-May-1994
Oberhaus Anthony Norbert B 29-Dec-1962 18-Jun-1962
Oberhaus Carol A M 26-Jan-1980 14-Jul-1979
Oberhaus Carol A M 26-Jan-1980 14-Jul-1979
Oberhaus Edward J D 30-Dec-1941 20-Dec-1941
Oberhaus Edward Patrick B 30-Dec-1946 12-Mar-1946
Oberhaus Harold D 30-Dec-1970 10-Jan-1970
Oberhaus Howard D 30-Dec-1970 12-Jan-1970
Oberhaus Howard G M 30-Dec-1941 14-Mar-1941
Oberhaus John Kenneth D 26-Jan-1980 9-May-1979
Oberhaus Lorena D 29-Dec-1939 3-Apr-1939
Oberhaus Marilyn Jean B 30-Dec-1941 24-Feb-1941
Oberhaus Mary Beth M 23-Jan-1992 15-Jun-1991
Oberhaus Mary Elizabeth D 28-Dec-1945 24-Mar-1945
Oberhaus Mary O D 30-Jan-1982 15-Jan-1981
Oberhaus Ruby D 30-Dec-1969 19-Aug-1969
Oberhaus Shellie Lynn B 30-Dec-1965 26-Jul-1965
Oberhaus Thomas Julie D 29-Dec-1950 24-Jul-1950
Oberholz Berndette (Mrs) M 30-Dec-1938 15-Jan-1938
O'Beri David L M 29-Dec-1961 24-Nov-1961
Oberly Andy Lee B 26-Jan-2002 1-Jun-2001
Oberly Angela D M 19-Jan-1985 24-Aug-1984
Oberly Angela Dawn B 29-Dec-1962 17-Feb-1962
Oberly Casey Landon M 29-Jan-2000 3-Apr-1999
Oberly Christine A M 29-Jan-1983 7-Nov-1982
Oberly Christine Ann B 30-Dec-1955 4-Jan-1955
Oberly Christine Ann M 23-Jan-1999 30-Jul-1998
Oberly Dirk Scott B 30-Dec-1965 22-May-1965
Oberly Lloyd Howard B 25-Jan-2003 6-Dec-2002
Oberman Alfred D 30-Dec-1964 20-Aug-1964
Oberman Florence (Warren) D 14-Apr-2008 10-Apr-2008
Oberman Ruth Ann B 30-Dec-1966 18-Jun-1966
Obermann Grace Louella D 18-Sep-2008 16-Sep-2008
Obert Frank J M 30-Dec-1940 21-Dec-1940
Obert Stella M M 30-Dec-1941 9-Apr-1941
O'Boyle Darrell T D 29-Sep-2008 27-Sep-2008
Obregon Felix Jose B 31-Jan-2009 p3f 1-Jul-2008
Obregon Marivel B 30-Dec-1969 9-Aug-1969
O'Brian James Stephen D 30-Dec-1942 17-Jan-1942
O'Brien Anna Maria D 28-Dec-1951 5-Aug-1951
O'Brien Audrey Elizabeth D 28-Jan-2006 15-Feb-2005
O'Brien Barbara E M 26-Jan-1980 17-Aug-1979
O'Brien Barbara E M 26-Jan-1980 17-Aug-1979
O'Brien Brenda Lamaye M 23-Jan-1999 22-May-1998
O'Brien Brenda LaMaye M 31-Jan-2009 pg 7f 22-Aug-2008
O'Brien Charles Francis D 30-Dec-1957 17-Oct-1957
O'Brien Daniel D 27-Feb-1924
O'Brien Daniel J D 1-Jan-1913 18-Dec-1912
O'Brien Darell Wayne B 30-Dec-1942 10-Feb-1942
O'Brien Daryl Keith B 29-Dec-1956 14-Jun-1956
O'Brien David Eugene B 30-Dec-1955 25-Jul-1955
O'Brien David Eugene M 23-Jan-1999 22-May-1998
O'Brien Debora D M 30-Jan-1982 20-Nov-1981
O'Brien Dennis D 29-Dec-1939 25-Oct-1939
O'Brien Douglas Wayne M 29-Jan-2005 30-Oct-2004
O'Brien Edith E M 30-Dec-1952 9-Sep-1952
O'Brien Edwin William M 28-Jan-1995 8-Jun-1994
O'Brien Elizabeth (Mrs) D 1-Jan-1912 20-Mar-1911
O'Brien Engineer D 20-Dec-1906 29-Nov-1906
O'Brien Eugene "Gene" D 16-Dec-2008 12-Dec-2008
O'Brien Evelyn D 26-Jan-1991 17-Sep-1990
O'Brien Floyd Charles M 29-Dec-1956 27-Apr-1956
O'Brien Frank M 20-Dec-1906 23-Apr-1906
O'Brien Gail LaVarn B 30-Dec-1943 30-Aug-1943
O'Brien George D 31-Dec-1913 31-Mar-1913
O'Brien Harold D 23-Jan-1992 16-Dec-1991
O'Brien Harold Stanford M 30-Dec-1968 30-Jul-1968
O'Brien Harold Stanford III B 23-Jan-1999 27-Jan-1998
O'Brien Hattie (Miss) M 20-Dec-1906 1-Sep-1906
O'Brien John J M 1-Jan-1913 1-May-1912
O'Brien John M D 30-Dec-1954 5-Apr-1954
O'Brien John M D 30-Dec-1955 17-Jul-1955
O'Brien John Wesley D 22-Feb-1929 21-Feb-1929
O'Brien Joseph D 30-Dec-1941 25-Feb-1941
O'Brien Katherine T M 31-Dec-1913 22-Sep-1913
O'Brien Kathleen K B 28-Dec-1945 24-Aug-1945
O'Brien Kimberly Ann M 23-Jan-1999 9-Nov-1998
O'Brien Lois B M 30-Dec-1946 16-Feb-1946
O'Brien Looney Bryan D 26-Jan-1991 7-Sep-1990
O'Brien Louis Eugene D 23-Jan-1992 9-Mar-1991
O'Brien Louise France D 30-Dec-1969 5-May-1969
O'Brien Lulla Burnhard D 31-Dec-1933 17-Mar-1933
O'Brien Madison Paige B 28-Jan-1995 30-Sep-1994
O'Brien Mary Betilla M 30-Dec-1942 14-Nov-1942
O'Brien Mary E D 29-Dec-1934 11-Jan-1934
O'Brien Mary J D 31-Dec-1933 3-Jan-1933
O'Brien Mary Martha, Sister D 30-Dec-1957 18-Feb-1957
O'Brien Mary Rita M 30-Dec-1938 30-Sep-1938
O'Brien Michael D 25-Jan-2003 27-Sep-2002
O'Brien Michael Gene B 30-Dec-1952 8-Oct-1952
O'Brien Patricia L M 29-Jan-1983 16-Jul-1982
O'Brien Patricia Lynn B 30-Dec-1957 1-Nov-1957
O'Brien Patricia Lynn M 31-Jan-1976 8-Jun-1975
O'Brien Rachelle Irene M 29-Jan-2000 15-Oct-1999
O'Brien Rachelle Irene M 28-Jan-2006 14-Jan-2005
O'Brien Rachelle Irene (twin) B 30-Dec-1968 7-Aug-1968
O'Brien Randall K D 17-Jan-1972 16-Jan-1972
O'Brien Raynea Ione (twin) B 30-Dec-1968 7-Aug-1968
O'Brien Reynea Ione M 26-Jan-1991 1-Jun-1990
O'Brien Richard DeWayne D 28-Dec-1945 7-Dec-1945
O'Brien Richard Eugene B 30-Dec-1946 21-Aug-1946
O'Brien Richard W M 30-Dec-1946 10-Jan-1946
O'Brien Robert J D 23-Jan-1999 18-Apr-1998
O'Brien Russell Arnold M 30-Jan-2007 22-Apr-2006
O'Brien Ruth M 30-Dec-1953 10-Jan-1953
O'Brien Shirley M 28-Dec-1951 22-Dec-1951
O'Brien Stanford Harold II M 23-Jan-1992 16-May-1991
O'Brien Stanford Harold II M 29-Jan-1994 21-Sep-1993
O'Brien Susan Kay B 30-Dec-1946 21-Aug-1946
O'Brien Vivian M 30-Dec-1946 19-Jan-1946
O'Brien W H M 21-Dec-1905 6-Oct-1905
O'Brien William Charles D 17-Jan-1987 30-Jul-1986
O'Brien William J D 23-Jan-1988 19-Feb-1987
O'Callaghan Ellen M (Mrs) D 30-Dec-1943 7-Sep-1943
O'Callaghan Evelyn Mae M 28-Dec-1945 21-Nov-1945
O'Callahan Elizabeth D 31-Dec-1889 19-Feb-1889
O'Callahan Margaret Ann D 30-Dec-1953 26-Feb-1953
O'Callahan Thomas E M 28-Jan-1984 11-Jul-1983
Ocampo Abigail Norma B 29-Jan-2005 5-May-2004
Ocampo Anaisa Gisel B 10-Jun-2005 21-May-2005
Ocampo Anaisa Gisel B 28-Jan-2006 21-May-2005
Ocampo Antelmo Dominguez M 24-Jan-1998 16-Jan-1997
Ocampo David Damian M 26-Jan-2002 17-Aug-2001
Ocampo Exziquio Andres B 26-Jan-2008 p8e 10-Oct-2007
Ocampo Jasmin Fernanda B 27-Jan-2000 8-Jun-2000
Ocampo Jesus M 25-Jan-2003 29-Jul-2002
Ocampo Jose Angel B 25-Jan-2003 16-Jul-2002
Ocampo Marisol Garcia M 26-Jan-2008 p5f 24-Dec-2007
Ocampo Olivia Lynn B 31-Jan-2009 p3f 13-Aug-2008
Ocampo Viridiana M 27-Apr-2007 p6a 16-Mar-2007
O'Campo Leonarda M 27-Jan-2000 13-Sep-2000
Ocampo-Gayton Jose Luis M 27-Apr-2007 p6a 6-Apr-2007
Ocampo-Lagunas Cristobal B 28-Jan-2006 8-Sep-2005
Ocampo-Lagunas Rolando M 30-Jan-2007 3-Oct-2006
Ocasio Steven Richard B 31-Jan-2004 6-Jan-2003
Ocepek Anna M 30-Dec-1940 16-Sep-1940
Ocevedo Antinio Jr B 30-Dec-1964 3-Aug-1964
Ocevedo Antinio Jr B 30-Dec-1964 3-Aug-1964
Ocheltree Misty Dawn M 29-Jan-1994 5-Apr-1993
Ochiltree Bert (Mrs) D 30-Dec-1941 20-Nov-1941
Ochiltree Bert, Mrs D 30-Dec-1941 20-Nov-1941
Ochiltree Christian Lee B 5-Dec-2008 p6a 26-Nov-2008
Ochiltree Garold M 30-Dec-1938 15-Jun-1938
Ochiltree Garold L D 17-Jan-1987 17-Oct-1986
Ochiltree Homer Gilmore D 30-Dec-1968 27-Oct-1968
Ochiltree Katherine Elizabeth D 27-Jan-2000 27-Jan-2000
Ochiltree Leo Eugene B 30-Dec-1948 2-Jun-1948
Ochiltree Leo Eugene M 29-Dec-1967 29-Jul-1967
Ochiltree Lynn Eugene B 30-Dec-1968 23-Jul-1968
Ochiltree Lynn Eugene M 26-Jan-2002 27-Jul-2001
Ochiltree Richard L M 30-Jan-1982 20-Jun-1981
Ochoa Daniel Jr B 30-Dec-1965 10-Sep-1965
Ochoa Herberto D 24-Jan-1998 13-Mar-1997
Ochoa Laura Angelica M 25-Jan-2003 10-May-2002
Ockeltree Jennie M 20-Dec-1906 23-Jul-1906
O'Connell James R M 28-Jan-1984 17-Dec-1983
O'Connell John William M 23-Jan-1999 3-Apr-1998
O'Connell Jone D M 28-Jan-1984 30-Jul-1983
O'Connor Alvin D 30-Dec-1970 15-Mar-1970
O'Connor Arthur H D 17-Dec-1903 14-Jul-1903
O'Connor Brady Doyen B 14-Nov-2008 p5a 11-Oct-2008
O'connor Bridget D 29-Dec-1950 20-Dec-1950
O'Connor Clara Anna D 28-Dec-1945 7-Nov-1945
O'Connor David Louis M 26-Jan-2008 p5f 20-Oct-2007
O'Connor Eugene M 17-Dec-1908 29-Jul-1908
O'Connor Francis A M 19-Jan-1985 17-Nov-1984
O'Connor Helen L M 30-Dec-1946 27-Jun-1946
O'Connor James (Jr) M 30-Dec-1964 6-Jun-1964
O'Connor Kate M 14-Mar-2007 28-Oct-2006
O'Connor Kathleen Rose M 30-Jan-2007 28-Oct-2006
O'Connor Mary Ann D 30-Dec-1949 6-Jan-1949
O'Connor Peter M 30-Dec-1946 27-Jun-1946
O'Connor Travis John B 29-Jan-1983 2-Mar-1982
O'Connor Veronica Rae M 31-Jan-2004 14-Feb-2003
O'Connor William Henry D 30-Dec-1969 13-Nov-1969
O'Connor Wm D 1-Jan-1913 19-Jan-1912
O'Connor Mary Ellen D 30-Dec-1942 16-Oct-1942
O'Daniels Boy B 31-Dec-1913 20-Mar-1913
O'Day E J (Mrs) D 29-Dec-1956 15-Mar-1956
Odea Charles Raymond B 30-Dec-1948 26-Oct-1948
Odell Arthur Seldon D 1-Jan-1912 15-Mar-1911
Odell C W D 31-Dec-1889 24-Aug-1889
Odell Ellen Louise B 29-Dec-1956 7-Feb-1956
Odell Erinn L B 19-Jan-1985 29-Feb-1984
Odell Gertrude D 30-Jan-1982 7-Sep-1981
Odell Girl B 31-Dec-1913 3-Sep-1913
Odell Jeanette Lucille B 30-Dec-1952 16-Jun-1952
Odell Kathleen Megan B 30-Jan-1982 9-Oct-1981
Odell Kathleen Megan M 26-Jan-2002 16-Jun-2001
Odell Levi A M 30-Dec-1946 11-Jan-1946
Odell Levi P D 30-Dec-1957 19-Nov-1957
Odell Linda Ann B 30-Dec-1947 25-Jun-1947
Odell Margarete D 15-Mar-2007 13-Mar-2007
Odell Nancy Elizabeth B 29-Dec-1950 11-Feb-1950
Odell Wilma D 6-Dec-2006 7-Dec-2006
O'Dell Esther M D 24-Jan-1998 12-Aug-1997
O'Dell Hartzell L D 29-Jan-1994 30-Oct-1993
O'Dell Irene M 30-Dec-1937 25-Nov-1937
O'Dell Mary Evelyn D 22-Jan-1972 7-Mar-1971
Odle Carol beverly B 30-Dec-1949 18-Jan-1949
Odle Hilton Burdette M 30-Dec-1953 29-May-1953
Odle Kurt Dana B 28-Dec-1951 19-Jul-1951
Odle Patty Jo B 29-Dec-1950 16-Jan-1950
Odle Robert Earnest D 18-Jan-1986 21-Aug-1985
Odle Steven Craig B 30-Dec-1954 25-Sep-1954
Odle Teresa Marie B 30-Dec-1957 11-Jun-1957
Odle Viola M M 30-Dec-1952 12-Sep-1952
Odle Zachery Phillip B 28-Jan-1984 20-Oct-1983
O'Donell Patricia D 8-Nov-2008 7-Nov-2008
O'Donnell Ann Eileen M 27-Jan-2000 25-Nov-2000
O'Donnell Austin Ray B 29-Jan-1994 18-Mar-1993
O'Donnell Charles James M 24-Jan-1998 31-Oct-1997
O'Donnell Daniel Charles M 29-Jan-1994 28-Sep-1993
O'Donnell Dylin Jane B 31-Jan-2004 12-Mar-2003
O'Donnell Kimberly Anne M 30-Jan-1993 23-May-1992
O'Donnell Lois Geraldine M 30-Dec-1937 16-Dec-1937
O'Donnell Matthew Charles D 18-Jan-1986 31-Dec-1985
O'Donnell Patricia A (Morrison) D 10-Nov-2008 7-Nov-2008
O'Donnell Robert William M 28-Jan-1995 12-Aug-1994
O'Donnell Ruth I D 23-Jan-1988 25-Sep-1987
Oehlert Samuel J M 8-Dec-1910 16-May-1910
Oelke Amy Jo B 26-Jan-1980 3-Oct-1979
Oepping Andrey Peyton B 25-Jan-2003 7-Jan-2002
Oepping Beverly M D 25-Jan-2003 1-Apr-2002
Oepping Edward D 30-Dec-1949 22-Oct-1949
Oepping Fred D 29-Jan-1983 4-Oct-1982
Oepping Genevieve A M 30-Dec-1942 1-Mar-1942
Oepping George D 30-Dec-1969 19-Oct-1969
Oepping Geraldine D 31-Jan-2004 27-Sep-2003
Oepping Gladys M D 29-Jan-1994 15-Nov-1993
Oepping Heather Lynn M 30-Jan-2007 18-Aug-2006
Oepping Hiram D 30-Dec-1942 20-Apr-1942
Oepping Ida M (Mrs) D 1-Jan-1912 14-Sep-1911
Oepping James Michael B 28-Dec-1951 8-Apr-1951
Oepping Jennifer Ann M 23-Jan-1999 11-Apr-1998
Oepping Jerry Thomas B 28-Dec-1945 2-May-1945
Oepping Joan J M 28-Jan-1984 2-Sep-1983
Oepping Joel Todd B 31-Jan-1976 7-Dec-1975
Oepping Lulu R M 1-Jan-1913 14-Feb-1912
Oepping Nellie M M 30-Dec-1940 4-Apr-1940
Oepping Otto Henry M 1-Jan-1908 29-Apr-1907
Oepping Peggy Angela B 29-Dec-1956 10-Mar-1956
Oepping Raymond O M 29-Dec-1950 1-Oct-1950
Oepping Stephan Douglas B 30-Dec-1947 26-Feb-1947
Oepping Susan Diane B 28-Dec-1951 28-Aug-1951
Oepping Vernon Robert B 30-Dec-1941 3-Jul-1941
Oepping Vernon Robert M 29-Dec-1962 2-Jun-1962
Oepping Zolla Lutheria D 30-Dec-1948 13-Mar-1948
Oest Alfred D 31-Jan-1976 26-May-1975
Oest Christine Mae B 30-Dec-1953 21-Jul-1953
Oest Emma K M 31-Dec-1913 9-Jun-1913
Oest Nancy Lee M 30-Dec-1955 6-Aug-1955
Oeter Boy B 31-Dec-1929 29-Apr-1929
Oeter Chelsea Ann M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 16-Jun-2007
Oeter Clara V M 8-Dec-1910 1-Jun-1910
Oeter Frances I M 1-Jan-1908 14-Mar-1907
Oeter Gustav A D 29-Dec-1961 5-Oct-1961
Oeter Gustav, Mrs D 30-Dec-1953 19-Sep-1953
Oeter Rosa E D 30-Dec-1957 21-Mar-1957
Oeter William F D 30-Dec-1953 21-May-1953
Oeter William Walter M 31-Jan-1976 28-Jun-1975
Oetter William Walter B 29-Dec-1956 20-Oct-1956
Oetting Bryan Lee M 29-Jan-1994 3-May-1993
Oetting Carol Elaine M 29-Dec-1967 11-Feb-1967
Oetting Christina Jolene B 17-Jan-1987 24-Mar-1986
Oetting Coral Elaine B 30-Dec-1947 22-Jun-1947
Oetting Jeffery Paul B 30-Dec-1969 22-Oct-1969
Oetting Melvin M 30-Dec-1946 14-Sep-1946
Oetting Ricky Allen M 24-Jan-1998 18-Jun-1997
Oetting Tamra Annette B 26-Jan-1991 4-Mar-1990
Oetting Todd Douglas B 29-Dec-1967 2-Mar-1967
Oetting Robert Carl B 30-Dec-1948 2-Jun-1948
Oetzel Harold D 30-Dec-1954 20-Nov-1954
Oetzel Laura D 30-Dec-1968 4-Aug-1968
Oexler Thomas G M 30-Dec-1916 11-May-1916
Offerman David R D 3-Aug-2007 1-Aug-2007
Offerman Henry D 29-Dec-1962 24-Oct-1962
Offerman Violet L D 23-Jan-1988 14-Dec-1987
Offermann John D 30-Dec-1968 2-Mar-1968
Offiel Christine M M 29-Jan-1983 3-Sep-1982
Offill Dorene R M 29-Jan-1983 24-Sep-1982
Offill Marcy Renee M 29-Jan-1994 18-Aug-1993
Offill Matthew T D 17-Jan-1987 10-Dec-1986
Ofner Robert Mark B 29-Dec-1950 10-Jan-1950
Ogden Christopher Clark B 30-Dec-1966 6-Jul-1966
Ogden Emma D 31-Dec-1933 15-Jul-1933
Ogden JoAnne Kay M 23-Jan-1992 24-Aug-1991
Ogier Danita L M 30-Jan-1982 25-Jul-1981
Ogier Diana Elaine B 30-Dec-1952 19-Jul-1952
Ogier Diana Elaine B 30-Dec-1952 19-Oct-1952
Ogilivie William James D 22-Dec-1922
Ogilvie C B D 23-Jul-1917
Ogilvie Deborah S M 30-Jan-1982 22-Aug-1981
Ogilvie Harold W D 23-Jan-1999 28-Aug-1998
Ogilvie Harold William B 30-Dec-1940 6-Dec-1940
Ogilvie James William B 30-Dec-1940 19-Apr-1940
Ogilvie Jessamine F D 23-Jan-1999 31-Mar-1998
Ogilvie Joyce M 30-Dec-1953 6-Aug-1953
Ogilvie Lulu Agnes D 29-Dec-1962 29-Jul-1962
Ogilvie Paul Daily D 30-Dec-1941 24-Aug-1941
Ogilvie Sarah Ann B 30-Dec-1964 24-Apr-1964
Ogilvie Sarah Ann M 23-Jan-1992 9-Mar-1991
Ogilvie Thomas H D 29-Dec-1950 8-Dec-1950
Ogle Barbara Sue B 29-Dec-1961 17-Feb-1961
Ogle Barbara Sue M 30-Jan-1993 2-May-1992
Ogle Howard M 30-Dec-1940 14-May-1940
Ogle Patricia Ann M 26-Jan-1991 14-Jul-1990
Ogle Patricia Ann B 30-Dec-1965 29-Jun-1965
Ogren Carl B M 30-Dec-1941 18-Feb-1941
O'Hair Daniel P D 30-Jan-1993 16-Aug-1992
O'Hara Chad Allen B 31-Jan-1976 25-Sep-1975
O'Hara James H M 30-Dec-1937 21-Dec-1937
OHaver Nancy L D 31-Mar-2008 28-Mar-2008
OHaver Nancy L D 28-Mar-2008 31-Mar-2008
O'Haver Annie D 24-Jan-1972 23-Jan-1972
O'Haver Arthur D 28-Jan-1984 19-Feb-1983
O'Haver Betty F M 23-Jan-1988 16-May-1987
O'Haver Betty Jean M 30-Dec-1953 13-Jun-1953
O'Haver Betty Lorraine M 30-Dec-1965 9-Mar-1965
O'Haver Boy B 31-Dec-1913 21-May-1913
O'Haver Cora D 30-Dec-1955 29-Nov-1955
O'Haver Gary L M 26-Jan-1980 19-May-1979
O'Haver Gary L M 26-Jan-1980 19-May-1979
O'Haver Thurman D 31-Jan-1976 15-Oct-1975
O'Haver Thurman M 30-Dec-1969 9-Jun-1969
O'Haver William D 18-Feb-1929 18-Feb-1929
Ohl Alice May D 30-Dec-1942 29-Jan-1942
Ohl Edna M 30-Dec-1952 7-Jul-1952
Ohl Gary Edward M 23-Jan-1992 26-Oct-1991
Ohl Margaret Ann D 28-Dec-1951 11-Mar-1951
Ohl Taylor Emily B 26-Jan-2008 p7e 27-Apr-2007
Ohland Emil M 1-Jan-1913 30-Oct-1912
Ohlekamp Esther E (Mrs) M 30-Dec-1938 27-Aug-1938
Ohlendorf Kathie Ann B 30-Dec-1966 10-Mar-1966
Ohls John Phillip D 30-Dec-1952 30-Mar-1952
Ohlsen Max A M 1-Jan-1913 19-Dec-1912
Ohman Arthur Allen B 30-Dec-1947 3-Mar-1947
Ohman Gary Lee B 30-Dec-1946 13-Feb-1946
Ohman Raymond C D 28-Jan-1984 2-Apr-1983
Ohman Raymond H M 30-Dec-1940 27-May-1940
Ohren Marentha JoAnn B 28-Jan-1995 26-Sep-1994
Ohren Mishell Diane B 26-Jan-1991 24-Sep-1990
Ohrlund Beverly Louise M 17-Jan-1987 14-Jun-1986
Ohrt Donald M 30-Dec-1957 21-Oct-1957
Ohrt Marguerite (Taylor) D 29-Apr-2008 28-Apr-2008
Oien Amber Jane B 31-Jan-2007 21-Dec-2006
Oien Andrew Carl M 27-Jan-2000 21-Oct-2000
Oien C Lee D 30-Jan-1982 19-Mar-1981
Oien Carl Lee M 30-Dec-1954 3-Apr-1954
Oien Carla LeAnn M 29-Jan-2005 5-Jun-2004
Oien Daniel Alan M 23-Jan-1999 14-Nov-1998
Oien David Lee B 30-Dec-1955 10-Sep-1955
Oien Donald Scott B 17-Jan-1987 21-May-1986
Oien Karla LeAnn B 30-Jan-1982 16-Jul-1981
Oien Laura M M 19-Jan-1985 16-Jun-1984
Oien Laura Marie B 30-Dec-1964 22-Jul-1964
Oien Mary I D 28-Jan-1995 15-Mar-1994
Oien Pedro M 24-Jan-1998 11-Oct-1997
Oien Rebecca Ann D 23-Jan-1988 26-May-1987
Oien Rebecca Ann B 18-Jan-1986 1-Jun-1985
Oien Ross David M 25-Jan-2003 22-Jun-2002
Oien Steven Carl B 29-Dec-1956 8-Aug-1956
Oja Arne M 30-Dec-1954 28-May-1954
Ojeda Arlene E Mariani M 29-Jan-1983 10-Aug-1982
Ojeda Maria Luisa M 26-Jan-1991 29-Oct-1990
Ojiler Jacob Frederick B 30-Dec-1969 7-Sep-1969
O'Keefe Harriet S D 27-Jan-2000 13-Jun-2000
O'Keefe Infant D 30-Dec-1916 26-Nov-1916
O'Keefe James F M 31-Dec-1913 15-Oct-1913
O'Keefe Mabel D 30-Dec-1942 30-Sep-1942
O'Keefe W P M 21-Dec-1905 25-Oct-1905
O'Keefe William P D 29-Dec-1956 26-Jul-1956
O'Keefe William P M 30-Dec-1940 22-Oct-1940
Oland Vivian (Mrs) M 29-Dec-1939 9-Jun-1939
Olander Alice D 29-Dec-1939 5-May-1939
O'Laughlin Richard Joseph Jr M 30-Dec-1957 19-Oct-1957
Oldenburg Robert Edmund M 30-Dec-1943 28-Mar-1943
Olderog Albert D 23-Jan-1988 2-Mar-1987
Olderog Clarence D 23-Aug-2008 21-Aug-2008
Olderog Craig Dale M 28-Jan-2006 14-May-2005
Olderog Hattie Elizabeth Mary D 29-Jan-1994 7-Oct-1993
Olderog Jeffrey Walter M 23-Jan-1999 16-May-1998
Olderog Lucille C M 30-Dec-1957 24-May-1957
Olderog Mikel Jeffrey B 29-Jan-2000 23-Mar-1999
Oldfield Cale Anders M 23-Jan-1999 31-Jul-1998
Oldfield Charles Andrew M 30-Dec-1969 20-Dec-1969
Oldfield Clint Adam M 25-Jan-2003 18-May-2002
Oldfield Colton Emmitt B 23-Jan-1999 8-Sep-1998
Oldfield Leona L D 23-Jan-1988 8-Sep-1987
Oldfield Mallarie Belle B 10-Jun-2005 20-May-2005
Oldfield Percy D 29-Dec-1950 17-Jun-1950
Olds L W D 19-Apr-1895
Olds Naonie Scholten D 28-Dec-1945 13-Mar-1945
Oldsen Karen Sue M 28-Jan-1984 13-May-1983
O'Leary Bette M 30-Dec-1946 1-Aug-1946
O'Leary Harold J M 30-Dec-1943 14-Jul-1943
O'Leary Helen M 29-Dec-1967 26-Jan-1967
O'Leary Joseph A M 1-Jan-1913 11-Sep-1912
O'Leary Leo E D 30-Dec-1942 6-May-1942
O'Leary Mayme F D 30-Dec-1941 27-Sep-1941
O'Leary Michael J D 26-Jan-1991 17-Apr-1990
O'leary Michael John B 30-Dec-1942 14-Apr-1942
O'Leary Michael John Jr B 30-Dec-1964 9-Nov-1964
O'Leary Nancy M 30-Dec-1957 21-Nov-1957
O'Leary Dennis Sr D 1-Jan-1913 7-Aug-1912
Olin Maureen Kaye B 30-Dec-1955 26-Aug-1955
Olin Nettie D 30-Dec-1952 24-Nov-1952
Olin Isabel M 30-Dec-1953 14-Aug-1953
Olinger Clara J M 30-Dec-1953 23-May-1953
Olinger Clara Victoria D 28-Jan-2006 11-May-2005
Olinger Darla J M 30-Jan-1982 5-Dec-1981
Olinger George Claire D 29-Dec-1967 18-Oct-1967
Olinger Girl B 31-Dec-1929 8-Jul-1929
Olinger Gladys R D 29-Dec-1950 19-Nov-1950
Olinger Otis D D 30-Dec-1955 9-Nov-1955
Olinger Richard L M 26-Jan-1980 5-Nov-1979
Olinger Richard L M 26-Jan-1980 5-Nov-1979
Olinger Trevor A D 26-Jan-1980 19-Oct-1979
Olinger William Richard D 30-Dec-1954 22-May-1954
Olish Donna Marie D 18-Jan-1986 3-Dec-1985
Olish Francis A M 30-Dec-1946 28-Nov-1946
Olish Frank D 22-Jan-1972 3-Jan-1971
Olish Timothy Joseph B 30-Dec-1949 11-Dec-1949
Oliva Jenelicia Trevino B 29-Jan-2000 23-May-1999
Oliva Michael M 23-Jan-1999 9-Oct-1998
Olivares Juan Pooa M 23-Jan-1992 23-Apr-1991
Olivarez Marcial G M 29-Dec-1967 25-Mar-1967
Olivarez Melisa Ann M 25-Jan-2003 28-Sep-2002
Olivarez Raymond M 30-Dec-1969 20-Oct-1969
Olivas Sergio Yanez M 26-Jan-1991 10-Dec-1990
Oliver Arthur James D 30-Dec-1938 19-Feb-1938
Oliver Boy B 31-Dec-1913 2-Jun-1913
Oliver Charles D 1-Jan-1908 24-Sep-1907
Oliver Clarence D 30-Dec-1953 27-Sep-1953
Oliver Diana Dee M 29-Jan-1994 18-May-1993
Oliver Harry M 20-Dec-1906 28-Mar-1906
Oliver Hattie May M 1-Jan-1908 13-Apr-1907
Oliver John Frederick M 30-Dec-1965 1-May-1965
Oliver Kenneth P M 30-Dec-1940 5-Aug-1940
Oliver Mary D 22-Feb-2008 14-Feb-2008
Oliver Nellie F M 30-Dec-1940 19-Jul-1940
Oliver Walter A D 30-Dec-1952 20-Jun-1952
Oliver Walter A D 30-Dec-1952 20-Jul-1952
Oliveria Emilia D 29-Dec-1934 21-Jul-1934
Olivier Sister Mary Etienne D 30-Dec-1942 6-May-1942
O'Loughlin Richard Joseph D 29-Jan-1994 26-Apr-1993
Olsen Bertram P D 30-Dec-1968 2-Jun-1968
Olsen Calvin D 30-Dec-1955 31-Jul-1955
Olsen Carol Sue M 30-Dec-1965 5-Jun-1965
Olsen Denise Catherine B 30-Dec-1943 6-Jun-1943
Olsen Denise Catherine M 30-Dec-1968 4-Aug-1968
Olsen Harold Jerry D 2-Oct-2008 30-Sep-2008
Olsen Jeremy Lloyd M 29-Jan-2000 22-May-1999
Olsen Jo Ellen Joy B 30-Dec-1966 16-Aug-1966
Olsen Kay Deanne B 30-Dec-1940 30-Jan-1940
Olsen Lillian D 30-Dec-1969 1-Oct-1969
Olsen Naomi R M 29-Dec-1961 20-Aug-1961
Olson Adien M 30-Dec-1937 2-May-1937
Olson Albertine D 22-Jan-1972 27-Jun-1971
Olson Alice D 29-Dec-1934 3-Jul-1934
Olson Alice Marie (Hodges) D 1-Sep-2008 31-Aug-2008
Olson Andrew Michael B 28-Jan-1984 12-Apr-1983
Olson Arnold Harry D 28-Jan-1995 25-Mar-1994
Olson Barbara D 7-Mar-2008 4-Mar-2008
Olson Barbara D 4-Mar-2008 7-Mar-2008
Olson Barbara Ann M 29-Dec-1967 3-Jun-1967
Olson Barbara Jean B 30-Dec-1941 2-Jun-1941
Olson Bessie M M 28-Dec-1945 17-Nov-1945
Olson Clarence D 30-Dec-1970 23-Feb-1970
Olson Clarence B M 30-Dec-1941 23-Aug-1941
Olson Clarence N M 30-Dec-1940 23-Mar-1940
Olson Codie G M 30-Dec-1941 31-Mar-1941
Olson Daniel William B 30-Dec-1955 14-Jun-1955
Olson Darren Patrick B 30-Dec-1969 25-Jan-1969
Olson David George B 29-Dec-1961 27-Jun-1961
Olson David George M 17-Jan-1987 26-Sep-1986
Olson David George M 26-Jan-1991 5-Jan-1990
Olson Debbie S M 26-Jan-1980 10-Mar-1979
Olson Debbie S M 26-Jan-1980 10-Mar-1979
Olson Deborah Lynn B 29-Dec-1962 9-Apr-1962
Olson Deborah Marie B 30-Dec-1952 29-Sep-1952
Olson Delmar Herman D 23-Jan-1992 29-Jul-1991
Olson Dennis W M 29-Jan-1983 26-Jun-1982
Olson DeWayne M 30-Dec-1952 29-Apr-1952
Olson Dexter Grant B 29-Jan-1994 5-Mar-1993
Olson Diana Marlene M 31-Jan-1976 15-Nov-1975
Olson Diane Marie M 17-Jan-1987 10-Oct-1986
Olson Dianna Marleen B 30-Dec-1957 6-Feb-1957
Olson Dougals Jon B 30-Dec-1943 28-Mar-1943
Olson Edna Jane D 30-Dec-1953 26-Sep-1953
Olson Edwin H D 23-Jan-1988 25-Sep-1987
Olson Elizabeth Joy M 30-Dec-1968 25-Mar-1968
Olson Emma, Mrs M 30-Dec-1952 23-Oct-1952
Olson Esther E M 8-Dec-1910 19-Feb-1910
Olson Evangline E D 29-Jan-2005 20-Jul-2004
Olson Evelyn D 29-Jan-1994 25-Jun-1993
Olson Florence E D 29-Jan-2005 19-Oct-2004
Olson Gerald L M 23-Jan-1988 18-Jun-1987
Olson Girl B 31-Dec-1929 25-Apr-1929
Olson Harry D 30-Dec-1957 15-Aug-1957
Olson Jane M 30-Dec-1970 12-Mar-1970
Olson Jessica Annette B 26-Jan-1980 26-Jul-1979
Olson Jessica Krishna M 26-Jan-2002 26-Jan-2001
Olson Joyce E M 30-Dec-1952 5-Jan-1952
Olson Joyce Kathleen M 29-Dec-1967 2-Jul-1967
Olson Judy Mae B 29-Dec-1950 23-Jun-1950
Olson Judy Mae D 29-Dec-1950 7-Dec-1950
Olson Kamrin Bryant B 27-Jan-2000 20-Oct-2000
Olson Kenneth L M 30-Dec-1954 5-Aug-1954
Olson Kristen Dawn B 30-Dec-1968 31-May-1968
Olson Laura Anne M 30-Jan-1993 22-Aug-1992
Olson Laura Anne M 12-Dec-2005 4-Nov-2005
Olson Laura Anne M 28-Jan-2006 4-Nov-2005
Olson Leah Marie M 28-Jan-2006 6-May-2005
Olson Lisa Marie M 29-Jan-2000 8-May-1999
Olson Lois Ann B 30-Dec-1946 2-Sep-1946
Olson Lorena E M 30-Dec-1916 26-Jun-1916
Olson Loretta M M 19-Jan-1985 6-Jan-1984
Olson Luanne M 29-Jan-1994 10-Feb-1993
Olson Marcella Mary M 30-Dec-1938 12-Mar-1938
Olson Marcia (Goines) D 24-Jan-2007 22-Jan-2007
Olson Marcia J, Mrs M 30-Dec-1955 15-Jan-1955
Olson Marie C Stamm, Mrs M 30-Dec-1955 31-Mar-1955
Olson Marna Kae M 31-Jan-2009 pg 7f 20-Dec-2008
Olson Maruitz M D 23-Jan-1988 23-Jun-1987
Olson Maurice, Mrs D 30-Dec-1955 8-Oct-1955
Olson Maynard Clarence B 30-Dec-1942 28-Jun-1942
Olson Nathan D B 19-Jan-1985 28-Jul-1984
Olson Nicole Elise B 23-Jan-1988 2-May-1987
Olson Olaf D 28-Dec-1951 23-May-1951
Olson Owen D 27-Jan-2000 14-Oct-2000
Olson Patsy J M 23-Jan-1988 10-Aug-1987
Olson Ralph H M 30-Dec-1940 17-Feb-1940
Olson Randy Lee B 29-Dec-1956 16-Feb-1956
Olson Robert Charles M 30-Dec-1955 20-Jan-1955
Olson Robert Erick D 25-Jan-2003 13-Mar-2002
Olson Robert Erick Jr B 30-Dec-1964 11-Jun-1964
Olson Robert William D 29-Dec-1962 16-Mar-1962
Olson Rose Marie M 26-Jan-2008 p2f 9-Feb-2007
Olson Russell E D 26-Jan-1980 7-Sep-1979
Olson Samantha Jillian B 28-Jan-2006 31-May-2005
Olson Sandra A M 28-Jan-1984 20-May-1983
Olson Spencer David B 26-Jan-1991 7-Nov-1990
Olson Susan L M 19-Jan-1985 29-Mar-1984
Olson Susan Marie B 30-Dec-1954 29-Apr-1954
Olson Tracey Ann B 30-Dec-1955 23-Aug-1955
Olson Valeri Lynne M 23-Jan-1999 22-May-1998
Olswold Allison Lynn B 29-Jan-2000 16-Jul-1999
Olswold Andrew James B 25-Jan-2003 9-Jun-2002
Olvera Cynthia J M 30-Jan-1982 2-Jan-1981
Olvera Jose Carlos D 26-Sep-2008 23-Sep-2008
Olyf Callie, nee Mulligan D 17-Jan-1972 15-Jan-1972
O'Maley George D 30-Dec-1957 2-May-1957
O'Malley Michael J M 29-Jan-1983 15-Oct-1982
O'Meara Tillie D 31-Jan-1976 16-Apr-1975
O'Melia Boy B 31-Dec-1913 17-Sep-1913
O'Melia Harold L D 31-Dec-1913 11-Aug-1913
O'Melia Joseph M 1-Jan-1912 6-Dec-1911
O'Melia Margaret M 17-Dec-1908 18-Feb-1908
O'Melia Michael D 30-Dec-1916 17-Jan-1916
O'Mella Mary D 30-Dec-1947 3-Mar-1947
O'Neal George William Jr B 30-Dec-1969 9-Jul-1969
O'Neal Isaac Scott B 29-Jan-2000 11-Oct-1999
O'Neal Mary Josephine B 24-Jan-1998 4-Nov-1997
O'Neal Roger Paul M 29-Dec-1961 26-Nov-1961
O'Neal William Hanft B 23-Jan-1992 3-Apr-1991
O'Neal Zechariah Ben B 29-Jan-1994 17-Feb-1993
O'Neil Suzanne Lee M 29-Jan-1994 21-Jan-1993
O'Neill Claysha Lynn B 26-Jan-2002 2-Jul-2001
O'Neill Nancy J M 19-Jan-1985 9-Nov-1984
O'Newell George William M 26-Jan-1991 5-Nov-1990
Oniel Clara B M 31-Dec-1913 9-Jan-1913
Onken Amy Lois B 29-Dec-1967 10-Feb-1967
Onken Anita Marian B 30-Dec-1964 18-Feb-1964
Onken Franklin Gene M 29-Dec-1950 18-Dec-1950
Onken Lois M 30-Dec-1952 16-May-1952
Onken Michael Gene B 29-Dec-1950 16-Oct-1950
Onken Michael Gene M 31-Jan-1976 29-Jun-1975
Onken Patricia Louise B 30-Dec-1952 10-Jan-1952
Onken Robert Mark B 30-Dec-1954 16-Sep-1954
Onken Sarah C B 19-Jan-1985 18-May-1984
Onken William H M 26-Jan-1980 9-Sep-1979
Onken William H M 26-Jan-1980 9-Sep-1979
Onstead Victor M M 30-Dec-1940 17-Jun-1940
Ooostendorp Anthony Eli D 22-Jan-1972 13-May-1971
Oosteink Roxanne B 30-Dec-1955 8-Sep-1955
Oostendorf Dorothy T D 31-Mar-2008 27-Mar-2008
Oostendorf Dorothy T D 27-Mar-2008 31-Mar-2008
Oostendorf Lennah G D 24-Jan-1998 11-Sep-1997
Oostendorf Wilfred Eli D 22-Jan-1972 29-Aug-1971
Oostendorf Wilfred M M 30-Dec-1946 12-Apr-1946
Oostendorp Bernard D 19-Jul-2007 18-Jul-2007
Oostendorp Bernard M 29-Dec-1939 30-Nov-1939
Oostendorp Bernard LeRoy D 20-Jul-2007 18-Jul-2007
Oostendorp Charles D 29-Jan-1983 17-Jul-1982
Oostendorp Consena D 30-Dec-1942 19-Jan-1942
Oostendorp Diana Kay B 30-Dec-1946 17-Dec-1946
Oostendorp Dorothy T D 1-Apr-2008 27-Mar-2008
Oostendorp Gloria Jeanne B 30-Dec-1949 3-Oct-1949
Oostendorp James W D 30-Jan-1982 5-Dec-1981
Oostendorp Leo H M 1-Jan-1913 12-Mar-1912
Oostendorp Lucile M 30-Dec-1940 28-Sep-1940
Oostendorp Madelyn M 30-Dec-1940 18-Apr-1940
Oostendorp Robert L M 30-Dec-1953 20-Mar-1953
Oostendorp Ronald Lee M 30-Dec-1965 6-Jun-1965
Oostendorp Vernon D 29-Jan-1994 6-Jan-1993
Oostendorp Viola D 30-Dec-1966 21-Jun-1966
Oostendorp William H M 1-Jan-1912 23-Feb-1911
Opal Carol Ann B 30-Dec-1946 17-Sep-1946
Opel Adam D 31-Dec-1933 14-Nov-1933
Opel Anna Caroline M 1-Jan-1912 8-Jun-1911
Opel Carol Ann M 29-Dec-1967 21-Oct-1967
Opel Charles William D 29-Dec-1950 28-Sep-1950
Opel Denise Malena B 29-Jan-1873 13-Oct-1972
Opel Dennis M 30-Dec-1970 4-Feb-1970
Opel Dennis Wayne B 28-Dec-1951 19-Jan-1951
Opel Dennis Wayne M 24-Jan-1998 24-May-1997
Opel Joleen E M 29-Dec-1967 2-Sep-1967
Opel Joleen Elizabeth B 30-Dec-1948 ?-Nov-1948
Opel Judith L M 29-Dec-1961 6-Oct-1961
Opel Judith Louise B 30-Dec-1943 21-Feb-1943
Opel Robert J D 28-Jan-1984 6-Aug-1983
Opel Ronald D M 30-Dec-1955 13-Sep-1955
Opel Violet E D 30-Jan-1982 24-Apr-1981
Opelt Charles D 31-Jan-1976 22-Jan-1975
Opelt Charles N, Mrs D 30-Dec-1954 23-Oct-1954
Opelt Charles Stephen D 29-Dec-1956 18-Feb-1956
Opelt Frank A D 30-Dec-1938 2-Jan-1938
Opelt Katherine Anna D 28-Dec-1951 14-Nov-1951
Opelt Leo E D 30-Dec-1953 8-Jan-1953
Opelt Leo F M 28-Dec-1951 22-Dec-1951
Opelt Mamie M 20-Dec-1906 15-Feb-1906
Opfer Justin Allen M 31-Jan-2004 29-Nov-2003
Opfer Myra Hall B 8-Mar-2008 p5a 13-Feb-2008
Oppel Erin Renee B 23-Jan-1999 22-Dec-1998
Oppel Alexander Neill B 26-Jan-2002 24-Nov-2001
Oppelt Alfred Daniel D 31-Jan-2004 26-Jan-2003
Oppelt Clarence J M 1-Jan-1908 18-Sep-1907
Oppelt Clarence John D 29-Dec-1967 30-Nov-1967
Oppelt Holly Beth B 30-Dec-1953 7-Nov-1953
Oppelt Malinda C D 30-Dec-1949 18-Oct-1949
Oppelt Nicole Marie B 26-Jan-1980 10-Sep-1979
Oppelt Nicole Marie M 29-Jan-2005 4-Feb-2004
Oppelt Richard D M 30-Dec-1946 4-Apr-1946
Oppelt Richard Donald D 28-Jan-1995 16-Apr-1994
Oppelt Tyree Robert B 26-Jan-2002 13-Mar-2001
Oppelt William J D 28-Jan-1984 10-Jun-1983
Orcutt Gretchen Elizabeth D 18-Jan-1986 10-Aug-1985
Orcutt Tobin James M 23-Jan-1999 22-Aug-1998
Ordaz Nicolas M 20-Mar-2006 3-Mar-2006
Ordaz Nicolas M 30-Jan-2007 3-Mar-2006
O'Reilly Anna M M 8-Dec-1910 7-Feb-1910
O'Reilly Brian Matthew M 29-Jan-1994 19-Oct-1993
O'Reilly John D 26-Jan-1991 3-Feb-1990
O'Reilly Katherine M 5-Jan-1929 4-Jan-1929
Orellana Edwin Antonio M 26-Jan-2002 14-Dec-2001
Orellana Jayden Dominic B 31-Jan-2004 16-Sep-2003
Orellana Stephanie Alexandra B 26-Jan-2002 5-Jan-2001
Orelland Jonathan Alexander B 23-Jan-1999 10-Feb-1998
Orendorff Gerald M 29-Dec-1950 28-Apr-1950
Orgen Rickie Lee B 30-Dec-1954 26-Aug-1954
Oritz Manuel M 30-Dec-1954 17-Feb-1954
Oritz Victorine (Mrs) D 30-Dec-1947 19-Sep-1947
Orlandi Louis M 30-Dec-1940 21-Sep-1940
Orlines Sharon Grace M 23-Jan-1999 4-Jul-1998
Orlowsky Theophile E D 30-Dec-1953 3-Feb-1953
Orman Carol Jean M 29-Dec-1967 21-Jan-1967
Orman Erma D 11-Jan-2008 8-Jan-2008
Orman Kathleen Erin M 30-Jan-1993 3-Jul-1992
Ormand Era (Mrs) M 30-Dec-1943 21-Oct-1943
Orms Edith June M 30-Dec-1940 2-Mar-1940
Ormsby Augusta D 28-Dec-1951 12-Nov-1951
Ormsby Dennise Wayne B 30-Dec-1947 16-Feb-1947
Ormsby Dylan Jacob B 29-Jan-2000 21-Apr-1999
Ormsby Earl G M 30-Dec-1946 23-Feb-1946
Ormsby Keith Earl B 29-Dec-1950 1-Feb-1950
Ormsby Keith Earl M 30-Dec-1969 9-Aug-1969
Ormsby Michael Lee B 29-Dec-1956 3-Aug-1956
Ormsby Nathan Joe B 28-Jan-1995 28-Dec-1994
Ormsby Patricia Ann B 30-Dec-1941 19-Sep-1941
Ormsby Robert M M 30-Dec-1955 15-Jul-1955
Ormsby Wendy Kay B 28-Dec-1951 7-Sep-1951
O'Roake Michael Arnold M 27-Jan-2000 12-Aug-2000
Orosco Jaime Navaro M 31-Jan-2004 26-Jul-2003
O'Rourke Helen M 30-Dec-1941 22-Feb-1941
O'Rourke Justin James B 26-Jan-1980 10-Dec-1979
Orozco Diana Ayala B 31-Jan-2004 26-Oct-2003
Orozco Eliana Yvette M 30-Jan-2007 20-Jun-2006
Orozco Gustavo B 25-Jan-2003 16-Mar-2002
Orozco Hector Abel B 29-Jan-1994 26-Jun-1993
Orozco Jessica B 27-Jan-2000 21-Oct-2000
Orozco Yara Ayla B 26-Jan-2002 18-Jan-2001
Orozco-Valencia Adalberto M 24-Jan-1998 6-Nov-1997
Orr Albert V D 30-Dec-1947 25-Feb-1947
Orr Allison Paige B 27-Jan-2000 3-Oct-2000
Orr Amelia Rae M 31-Jan-2009 pg 7f 5-Dec-2008
Orr Andrew Scott B 25-Jan-2003 17-Apr-2002
Orr Anna D 31-Dec-1913 12-Jun-1913
Orr Annette Marie M 17-Jan-1987 9-Aug-1986
Orr Ashley Renee B 26-Jan-1991 4-Aug-1990
Orr Barbara Jean B 29-Dec-1961 10-May-1961
Orr Barbara Jean M 29-Jan-2000 2-Jul-1999
Orr Barbara Minnie D 29-Jan-2000 10-Oct-1999
Orr Bessie M D 26-Jan-1991 27-Sep-1990
Orr Brenda J M 30-Jan-1982 6-Jun-1981
Orr Brenda Jean B 29-Dec-1962 18-Jul-1962
Orr Bruce A M 29-Jan-1983 28-Aug-1982
Orr Christin Joy M 26-Jan-2008 p2f 28-Apr-2007
Orr Connie Sue B 30-Dec-1946 9-Oct-1946
Orr Cynthia Jane B 30-Dec-1948 19-Nov-1948
Orr Dalance June B 31-Jan-2009 p3f 26-Jun-2008
Orr Darian Sage B 29-Jan-1994 10-Jun-1993
Orr David Charles B 29-Dec-1956 14-Apr-1956
Orr David J M 29-Jan-1983 26-Apr-1982
Orr David John B 30-Dec-1954 6-Mar-1954
Orr David Lee M 30-Dec-1968 4-Oct-1968
Orr David Russell M 30-Dec-1946 17-Mar-1946
Orr Diane Marie B 29-Dec-1956 11-Feb-1956
Orr Diane Marie M 23-Jan-1992 29-Jun-1991
Orr Dianne Kaye B 30-Dec-1947 15-Feb-1947
Orr Emma D 29-Dec-1962 21-May-1962
Orr Genevieve Elizabeth D 30-Jan-1993 7-Jul-1992
Orr Helen E D 18-Jan-1986 13-Jul-1985
Orr Ida mae D 30-Dec-1964 20-Aug-1964
Orr Ida Mae D 18-Jan-1986 17-Sep-1985
Orr Jacob Gregory B 17-Jan-1987 30-Sep-1986
Orr Jaiden Lee B 28-Jan-2006 25-Nov-2005
Orr James E D 18-Jan-1986 4-Dec-1985
Orr Jamie Lynn M 28-Jan-1995 4-Apr-1994
Orr Janet Ann B 30-Dec-1942 20-Jul-1942
Orr Janet Annette M 26-Jan-2002 30-Mar-2001
Orr Jean M 30-Dec-1955 6-Aug-1955
Orr Jeffery LeRoy M 17-Jan-1987 7-Apr-1986
Orr John W D 27-Oct-2007 25-Oct-2007
Orr John W D 25-Oct-2007 6-Nov-2007
Orr Justin Mikel B 29-Jan-1994 22-Aug-1993
Orr Justin Wayne B 28-Jan-2006 4-Jul-2005
Orr Kasandra Emma M 31-Jan-2009 pg 6f 19-Jul-2008
Orr Kinzie Mae B 26-Jan-2008 p8e 31-Aug-2007
Orr Laurance Dean B 30-Dec-1954 3-Sep-1954
Orr Lenny Merle D 30-Dec-1966 3-Jun-1966
Orr Lloyd D 31-Jan-1976 22-Mar-1975
Orr Lois Jean B 30-Dec-1947 23-Oct-1947
Orr Lois Jean M 30-Dec-1968 1-Jun-1968
Orr Marie D 29-Jan-1983 1-Oct-1982
Orr Matthew Edwin LeRoy B 17-Jan-1987 28-Oct-1986
Orr Melvin Leroy D 31-Jan-2004 14-Sep-2003
Orr Patricia Lou B 29-Dec-1950 4-Oct-1950
Orr Paula M M 23-Jan-1988 24-Aug-1987
Orr Paula Marie B 30-Dec-1966 7-Jul-1966
Orr Pearl M M 1-Jan-1908 4-Dec-1907
Orr Prentice D 25-Jan-2003 12-Jan-2002
Orr Randall Peterson B 30-Dec-1953 27-Dec-1952
Orr Raymond George M 30-Dec-1952 7-Aug-1952
Orr Richard LeRoy B 30-Dec-1948 12-Jul-1948
Orr Robert C M 30-Dec-1955 15-Oct-1955
Orr Robert G M 29-Jan-1983 8-May-1982
Orr Robert Gregory M 29-Jan-1994 22-Jan-1993
Orr Rosario Alexander B 24-Jan-1998 8-Jun-1997
Orr Sadie L D 28-Jan-1995 1-Apr-1994
Orr Scott Henry M 26-Jan-1991 23-Feb-1990
Orr Shane Jackson M 29-Jan-1994 20-Jul-1993
Orr Shane Jackson M 23-Jan-1999 4-Apr-1998
Orr Sharon Sue B 28-Dec-1945 18-Aug-1945
Orr Shirley A D 29-Jan-1994 16-May-1993
Orr Steven W M 29-Jan-1983 17-Sep-1982
Orr Steven Wayne B 30-Dec-1953 1-Feb-1953
Orr Steven Wayne M 28-Jan-1995 21-Oct-1994
Orr Sue M 30-Dec-1964 18-Apr-1964
Orr Syndee Rae B 26-Jan-2002 9-Mar-2001
Orr Syndee Rae B 25-Jan-2003 9-Mar-2002
Orr Thomas Raymond B 30-Dec-1954 18-Apr-1954
Orr Thomas Raymond M 28-Jan-2006 24-Mar-2005
Orr Timothy George B 29-Dec-1961 30-Mar-1961
Orr Tina Marie M 26-Jan-2002 21-Sep-2001
Orr Todd Jeffrey M 23-Jan-1992 5-Oct-1991
Orr Tony James B 29-Dec-1956 14-Feb-1956
Orr Tony James M 30-Jan-2007 29-Jul-2006
Orr Tracy Dean B 30-Dec-1966 7-Aug-1966
Orr W Max D 28-Jan-1995 22-Jan-1994
Orr Wayne D 18-Jan-1986 17-Jul-1985
Orr William D M 30-Dec-1957 25-Sep-1957
Orren Henry D 30-Dec-1957 16-Apr-1957
Orren Karen Janet B 30-Dec-1942 12-Jan-1942
Orris Bina Elizabeth D 23-Jan-1992 10-Jul-1991
Orris Earl E D 30-Dec-1942 14-Jul-1942
Orris Ola Ferne M 27-Feb-1929
Orris Verna D 30-Dec-1969 8-Jul-1969
Orris Wilber W M 21-Dec-1905 14-Feb-1905
Orron Howard M 29-Dec-1939 7-May-1939
Orr-Reichert Annette M, nee Hinkley D 29-Mar-2004 28-Mar-2004
Ort John Henry D 27-Jan-2000 8-Mar-2000
Ortberg Kassandra Elizabeth B 9-Mar-2006 3-Mar-2006
Ortberg Kaylee Mae B 31-Jan-2004 1-Aug-2003
Ortega Alexander Charles M 30-Jan-2007 23-Dec-2006
Ortega Christie A (Mitchell) D 14-Jun-2008 11-Jun-2008
Ortega Maria Issela M 25-Jan-2003 18-Oct-2002
Ortery George D 24-Jan-1972 23-Jan-1972
Ortiz Alexya Marie B 28-Jan-2006 9-Mar-2005
Ortiz Alma Angelica B 29-Jan-1994 7-Apr-1993
Ortiz Antonio Damian M 24-Jan-1998 31-Dec-1997
Ortiz Armando B 30-Jan-1982 11-Jul-1981
Ortiz Consuelo Noemi Segovia M 31-Jan-2009 pg 5f 23-Feb-2008
Ortiz Danny R M 24-Jan-1998 5-Apr-1997
Ortiz Dolores Guadalupe M 29-Jan-1994 9-Aug-1993
Ortiz Francisco M 25-Jan-2003 31-Aug-2002
Ortiz Gail R M 19-Jan-1985 22-Dec-1984
Ortiz Jadon Daniel B 24-Jan-1998 4-Nov-1997
Ortiz Jason Lee M 29-Jan-2000 22-May-1999
Ortiz Jose Antonio M 24-Jan-1998 19-Jul-1997
Ortiz Julian M 28-Jan-2006 4-Sep-2005
Ortiz Julian A D 28-Jan-1984 17-Jan-1983
Ortiz Julian Jr M 29-Jan-1983 21-May-1982
Ortiz Maria J M 31-Jan-1981 3-Apr-1980
Ortiz Maria J M 17-Jan-1987 14-Feb-1986
Ortiz Mario Alberto M 29-Jan-2005 26-Jun-2004
Ortiz Mary Ellen M 30-Dec-1969 20-Oct-1969
Ortiz Profirio Sanchez D 30-Jan-1993 24-Jul-1992
Ortiz Sylvia M 26-Jan-1980 23-Nov-1979
Ortiz Sylvia M 26-Jan-1980 23-Nov-1979
Ortiz Dora E M 31-Jan-1981 11-Oct-1980
Orton Orville E M 30-Dec-1940 11-Dec-1940
Ortscheid Dawn R M 23-Jan-1988 4-Sep-1987
Ortscheid Dawn Renee B 29-Dec-1967 12-Jul-1967
Ortscheid Trudi M M 31-Jan-1981 9-Sep-1980
Orwitz Sam D 17-Jan-1924
Osbor Sophia Lynn B 26-Jan-2008 p7e 18-May-2007
Osborn Abraham D 18-Jan-1986 14-Nov-1985
Osborn Abraham M 30-Dec-1952 31-May-1952
Osborn Anna D 25-Mar-1985 21-Mar-1985
Osborn Bailey Mae B 31-Jan-2009 p4f 8-Nov-2008
Osborn Barbara J D 27-Jan-2000 23-Nov-2000
Osborn Bernard L 'Ozzie' D 7-Nov-2007 6-Nov-2007
Osborn Boy B 31-Dec-1929 29-Apr-1929
Osborn Breanna Kay B 23-Jan-1999 25-Oct-1998
Osborn Brenda Mae M 23-Jan-1999 9-Jan-1998
Osborn Daniel M 1-Jan-1913 1-Sep-1912
Osborn David L M 30-Jan-1982 11-Apr-1981
Osborn Deanna Jo B 30-Dec-1955 5-Feb-1955
Osborn Dennis Crail B 30-Dec-1947 9-Oct-1947
Osborn Donald Dean D 29-Jan-2000 21-Mar-1999
Osborn Emma R D 30-Dec-1955 5-Jun-1955
Osborn Eva L M 31-Dec-1913 19-Nov-1913
Osborn Gary L M 29-Jan-1983 7-Mar-1982
Osborn Gerald Wayne B 30-Dec-1943 28-Jul-1943
Osborn Henry Walter M 30-Dec-1957 9-Nov-1957
Osborn Ila M 30-Dec-1954 4-Nov-1954
Osborn James Marvin B 30-Dec-1941 8-Jun-1941
Osborn Jeannette Elaine B 29-Dec-1956 18-Jul-1956
Osborn Jeffrey L D 29-Jan-2005 12-Jan-2004
Osborn Jo Anna Marie B 23-Jan-1999 24-Jan-1998
Osborn Julie Kay M 30-Jan-2007 7-Oct-2006
Osborn Karol L M 26-Jan-1980 25-May-1979
Osborn Karol L M 26-Jan-1980 25-May-1979
Osborn Karrigan Lee B 31-Jan-2009 p3f 2-Oct-2008
Osborn Katherine Marie D 30-Dec-1966 8-Oct-1966
Osborn Kayden Logan B 2-Oct-2007 p7a 2-Sep-2007
Osborn Kenneth W M 30-Jan-1982 6-Mar-1981
Osborn Kevin Dale B 30-Dec-1964 14-Sep-1964
Osborn Kevin Dale B 30-Dec-1964 14-Sep-1964
Osborn Kevin Dale D 30-Dec-1964 26-Sep-1964
Osborn Kevin Ferris M 23-Jan-1992 28-Jun-1991
Osborn Larry D M 26-Jan-1980 27-Apr-1979
Osborn Larry D M 26-Jan-1980 27-Apr-1979
Osborn Larry J M 26-Jan-1980 29-Apr-1979
Osborn Larry J M 26-Jan-1980 29-Apr-1979
Osborn Larry Jay M 26-Jan-1991 2-Jun-1990
Osborn Madisyn Lili B 31-Jan-2009 p3f 24-Jun-2008
Osborn Mary M 8-Dec-1910 17-Aug-1910
Osborn Matthew Ray B 29-Jan-1983 1-Nov-1982
Osborn Melissa Ann M 28-Jan-1995 8-Feb-1994
Osborn Merideth Leigh B 29-Jan-1983 17-Jul-1982
Osborn Merlin L M 18-Jan-1986 18-Oct-1985
Osborn Myrtle M 30-Dec-1937 15-Sep-1937
Osborn Nadaline Lee B 27-Jan-2000 14-Jul-2000
Osborn Nancy B M 8-Dec-1910 2-May-1910
Osborn Natalie Jo B 17-Feb-2006 28-Jan-2006
Osborn Nathan Adam B 31-Jan-2009 p2f 13-May-2008
Osborn Nellie Pearl D 26-Jan-1980 18-Jul-1979
Osborn Parker D 30-Dec-1955 2-Mar-1955
Osborn Patricia D 29-Jan-2000 2-Feb-1999
Osborn Patricia A M 26-Jan-1980 20-Oct-1979
Osborn Patricia A M 26-Jan-1980 20-Oct-1979
Osborn Patricia Ann B 29-Dec-1961 30-Mar-1961
Osborn Patrick Joseph B 17-Jan-1987 27-Dec-1986
Osborn Paula J M 28-Jan-1984 6-Jun-1983
Osborn Randy R M 30-Jan-1982 26-Jun-1981
Osborn Richard D D 29-Jan-1983 1-Oct-1982
Osborn Robert Daniel B 30-Dec-1954 4-Oct-1954
Osborn Ronald J M 18-Jan-1986 13-Jul-1985
Osborn Ronald Joe M 23-Jan-1992 6-Dec-1991
Osborn S B M 1-Jan-1913 30-Oct-1912
Osborn Sheila M D 18-Jan-1986 23-Oct-1985
Osborn Sue Ellen M 23-Jan-1992 30-Jun-1991
Osborn Walter Henry D 30-Dec-1964 18-Oct-1964
Osborn William M D 30-Jan-1982 22-Jan-1981
Osborn Barbara Jean M 29-Dec-1950 22-Oct-1950
Osborn Evelyn J M 29-Dec-1950 26-Feb-1950
Osborn Frank A M 31-Jan-1981 19-Apr-1980
Osborn Kendra Lynn B 26-Jan-2008 p7e 4-Jul-2007
Osborn Melvin Randall B 30-Dec-1954 15-Jul-1954
Osborn Michael Eugene B 30-Dec-1953 17-Aug-1953
Osborne Bobby J M 18-Jan-1986 31-Aug-1985
Osborne Dorothy M 29-Dec-1950 7-Jun-1950
Osborne Linda Ann B 30-Dec-1953 8-Mar-1953
Osborne Martha Ethel M 30-Dec-1938 8-Sep-1938
Osborne Pamela Lynn M 23-Jan-1992 29-Jun-1991
Osborne Riley Stephen B 30-Dec-1954 19-Jun-1954
Osborne Robert Edgar B 30-Dec-1952 21-Aug-1952
Osborne Harry D M 2-Oct-1895
Osburn Maretta M 30-Dec-1940 5-Oct-1940
Oseguera Keli Gricelda D 24-Sep-2008 21-Sep-2008
Osenburg Minnie M 21-Dec-1905 26-Aug-1905
Osenburg W M 21-Dec-1905 26-Aug-1905
O'Shaugnessy Nellie D 29-Dec-1939 9-Nov-1939
O'Shea Lucile M 29-Dec-1950 4-Mar-1950
O'Shea Susan Kay M 29-Jan-2005 9-Feb-2004
O'Shea Violet Imagene M 30-Dec-1964 1-Aug-1964
Osher Sophia Karen Jensen D 30-Dec-1953 25-Jul-1953
Osmani Bassel Nizar M 28-Jan-2006 2-Jul-2005
Osmers Girl B 31-Dec-1929 8-Apr-1929
Osmers John D 29-Dec-1962 4-May-1962
Osmers John M 30-Dec-1946 3-Nov-1946
Osmess Elizabeth D 28-Dec-1945 9-Aug-1945
Osomio Armando B 27-Jan-2000 16-Jun-2000
Osornio Armando M 27-Jan-2000 22-Sep-2000
Osornio Bonnie Jeanelle B 26-Jan-2008 p8e 30-Sep-2007
Ossian Greg Allan B 30-Dec-1966 5-Apr-1966
Ossian Lynne Marie B 30-Dec-1968 11-Jun-1968
Ossian Mavorik Oliver Dale B 31-Jan-2009 p4f 9-Oct-2008
Ossian Miley Olivia B 26-Jan-2008 p8e 31-Oct-2007
Osslund Candice Lee M 30-Jan-2007 14-Sep-2006
Osszczepinski Frances M 30-Dec-1938 12-Nov-1938
Ostendorf James M 17-Dec-1908 22-Oct-1908
Ostendorp Benjamin M 8-Dec-1910 1-Aug-1910
Ostergren Margaret M 30-Dec-1938 12-Nov-1938
Osterhaus Julia Marlene M 31-Jan-2009 pg 6f 17-May-2008
Osterkamp Waite R M 23-Jan-1988 21-Mar-1987
Ostermeier Donald L M 30-Dec-1955 7-Sep-1955
Ostermeier Donald Leslie D 26-Jan-1991 2-Dec-1990
Ostermeier Larry E M 30-Jan-1982 30-May-1981
Ostermeier Leslie Alan B 30-Dec-1965 20-Sep-1965
Ostrander Boy B 31-Dec-1929 25-Feb-1929
Ostrander Christina A M 30-Jan-1982 16-May-1981
Ostrander Conrad Ellis M 29-Dec-1962 26-May-1962
Ostrander Craig Eugene B 30-Dec-1949 20-May-1949
Ostrander Deanna (DeLap) D 7-Apr-2007 5-Apr-2007
Ostrander Debra Grace D 30-Dec-1955 27-Jul-1955
Ostrander Delmar E D 28-Dec-1951 4-Dec-1951
Ostrander Dianne Marie B 28-Dec-1951 24-May-1951
Ostrander Hazel M 1-Jan-1913 30-May-1912
Ostrander Janet Jean M 17-Jan-1987 31-Dec-1986
Ostrander Josephine M 17-Dec-1908 2-May-1908
Ostrander Lucinda A D 30-Dec-1916 23-Sep-1916
Ostrander Shirley Rose M 30-Dec-1955 19-Feb-1955
Ostrem Franklin D 16-Nov-2006 14-Nov-2006
Ostrem Kent Roy B 30-Dec-1957 8-Nov-1957
Ostrem Lisa Ardith B 30-Dec-1954 21-Oct-1954
Ostrowski Stephen Nestor B 26-Jan-1991 9-Apr-1990
O'Sullivan Caroline Marie M 23-Jan-1999 18-Dec-1998
Osweiler Evelyn C D 26-Jan-1980 19-Nov-1979
Oszfolk Yovanka Constrance B 30-Dec-1969 1-Jul-1969
Othmer Anna K (Mrs) D 30-Dec-1946 7-Mar-1946
Othmer August D 1-Jan-1912 10-Jan-1911
Othmer Bailey Kaelyn B 26-Jan-2008 p8e 21-Nov-2007
Othmer Barbara M 30-Dec-1964 10-May-1964
Othmer Barbara Marie B 30-Dec-1946 14-Dec-1946
Othmer Deborah Marie B 29-Dec-1961 9-May-1961
Othmer Edward T D 30-Dec-1964 3-May-1964
Othmer Edward T M 8-Dec-1910 5-Oct-1910
Othmer Elnora M M 30-Dec-1938 3-Sep-1938
Othmer Frederick Wesley M 30-Dec-1953 15-Jan-1953
Othmer George E M 30-Dec-1938 5-Feb-1938
Othmer Harry R D 29-Dec-1934 15-Feb-1934
Othmer Helen M 30-Dec-1964 23-May-1964
Othmer Helen G D 29-Dec-1967 12-Jun-1967
Othmer Helen Jeanette B 30-Dec-1946 14-Dec-1946
Othmer Jackson Jeffrey B 28-Jan-2006 20-Sep-2005
Othmer Jeffery Jerome B 31-Jan-1976 4-Oct-1975
Othmer LaVerne M 30-Dec-1946 17-Mar-1946
Othmer Leah Mary B 26-Jan-2008 p7e 4-Jun-2007
Othmer Lena M 21-Dec-1905 3-Aug-1905
Othmer Louis F D 29-Dec-1967 18-Jan-1967
Othmer Louise B D 29-Dec-1956 30-Oct-1956
Othmer Mabel M 1-Jan-1908 22-Jun-1907
Othmer Marcella Mae D 27-Jan-2000 1-Mar-2000
Othmer Mary (Mrs) D 1-Jan-1913 2-Apr-1912
Othmer Mary Eade D 30-Dec-1953 1-Sep-1953
Othmer Mary Jane B 30-Dec-1940 7-Mar-1940
Othmer Melvin F D 18-Jan-1986 9-Dec-1985
Othmer Michael L D 28-Jan-2006 9-Oct-2005
Othmer Michael Lee B 30-Dec-1940 8-Apr-1940
Othmer Morgan Lee B 23-Jan-1992 19-Apr-1991
Othmer Patricia S M 29-Jan-1983 20-Sep-1982
Othmer Ralph T M 1-Jan-1913 15-Nov-1912
Othmer Richard George B 30-Dec-1942 29-Apr-1942
Othmer Ruby V D 23-Jan-1999 13-Dec-1998
Othmer Timothy Vincent B 18-Jan-1986 3-Aug-1985
Othmer William D 19-Jan-1895
Othmer Zachary David Edward B 29-Jan-1994 30-Mar-1993
O'Toole Agatha D 23-Jan-1992 19-Jun-1991
O'Toole Delphine Marie M 30-Dec-1954 15-Oct-1954
O'Toole Dorothy M M 29-Dec-1962 3-Nov-1962
O'Toole Dorothy Marie M 30-Dec-1946 1-Aug-1946
O'Toole Elizabeth D 31-Dec-1933 1-Apr-1933
O'Toole Emmet John Sr D 23-Jan-1992 10-Sep-1991
O'Toole Gary S M 29-Jan-1983 10-Sep-1982
O'Toole Gregory E M 29-Jan-1983 4-Dec-1982
O'Toole J Francis D 18-Jan-1986 2-Sep-1985
O'Toole James D 30-Dec-1941 20-Nov-1941
O'Toole James M 30-Dec-1970 12-Mar-1970
O'Toole James Patrick B 30-Dec-1942 10-Apr-1942
O'Toole John T M 1-Jan-1913 26-Jun-1912
O'Toole Karleen M D 2-Dec-2008 1-Dec-2008
O'Toole Mae D 30-Dec-1964 21-Aug-1964
O'Toole Margaret Agnes D 30-Dec-1948 2-Jul-1948
O'Toole Margaret Winifred D 29-Jan-1873 11-Nov-1972
O'Toole Marie Helen B 30-Dec-1937 28-Jul-1937
O'Toole Michael J M 28-Jan-1984 25-Jun-1983
O'Toole Michael Joseph B 30-Dec-1946 22-Jan-1946
O'Toole Michael Joseph D 30-Dec-1949 9-Feb-1949
O'Toole Patrick D 28-Jan-1929
O'Toole Phillip D 30-Dec-1955 25-Apr-1955
O'Toole Sarah Jane M 31-Jan-2009 pg 7f 6-Sep-2008
O'Toole Thomas L M 28-Jan-1984 23-Jul-1983
O'Toole Tiffany Kaleen B 23-Jan-1988 14-Oct-1987
O'Toole Timothy Lawrence B 18-Jan-1986 13-Jun-1985
O'Toole William Joseph D 30-Dec-1952 12-Apr-1952
O'Toole Winnie, nee O'Hearn D 13-Apr-2004 12-Apr-2004
Ott Barry Wheeler B 29-Dec-1962 29-Oct-1962
Ott Rachel Elizabeth M 25-Jan-2003 9-Mar-2002
Ott Trina Kay M 26-Jan-2002 19-Dec-2001
Ottaway Anna Mary D 30-Dec-1969 16-Feb-1969
Ottaway Vincent Albert M 28-Jan-1995 18-Jun-1994
Otte Ida M D 30-Jan-1982 19-Apr-1981
Ottesen Angela (Tompkins) D 6-Oct-2008 4-Oct-2008
Ottesen Angela (Tompkins) D 7-Oct-2008 4-Oct-2008
Otting Grant william B 26-Jan-2002 21-Jun-2001
Otting Hannah Marie B 27-Jan-2000 11-Apr-2000
Otting Trafton Dean B 23-Jan-1999 4-Mar-1998
Otto Allen B D 29-Jan-2000 27-May-1999
Otto Anna M (Mrs) D 1-Jan-1913 27-Jun-1912
Otto August Nelson D 22-Jan-1972 16-Aug-1971
Otto Billy D 29-Jan-2007 26-Jan-2007
Otto Boy B 31-Dec-1889 7-Oct-1889
Otto Chanel Marie M 23-Jan-1992 20-Jul-1991
Otto Charles D 29-Dec-1939 10-May-1939
Otto Christian D 21-Dec-1905 17-Mar-1905
Otto Craig Alan M 23-Jan-1992 3-Jul-1991
Otto Dixie Lee M 30-Dec-1940 27-Jul-1940
Otto Eugene Russell M 31-Jan-1976 30-Aug-1975
Otto Fred D 29-Dec-1939 21-Jun-1939
Otto Fred M 20-Dec-1906 18-Oct-1906
Otto Girl B 31-Dec-1913 15-Jun-1913
Otto Harlan LeRoy B 29-Dec-1961 6-Jun-1961
Otto Henry Frederick D 30-Dec-1946 28-Aug-1946
Otto Jacqueline Jill M 29-Jan-1994 28-Jul-1993
Otto James W M 19-Jan-1985 22-Dec-1984
Otto John Albert D 29-Jan-2000 5-Jul-1999
Otto John Frederick M 27-Apr-2007 p6a 21-Mar-2007
Otto Joyce Marie M 29-Dec-1967 24-Feb-1967
Otto Lillie Held D 30-Dec-1947 20-Nov-1947
Otto Linda Rae M 29-Dec-1967 20-Jul-1967
Otto Lorena P M 1-Jan-1912 5-Dec-1911
Otto Mamie D 30-Dec-1953 25-Mar-1953
Otto Marjorie Louise D 28-Jan-2006 30-Apr-2005
Otto Matilda D 28-Dec-1951 8-Dec-1951
Otto Mollie D 29-Dec-1967 31-Jul-1967
Otto Myrtle A D 29-Dec-1962 15-Sep-1962
Otto Nicole B M 23-Jan-1999 15-Aug-1998
Otto R Sharon M 29-Dec-1956 16-Jul-1956
Otto Richard E M 30-Jan-1982 11-Apr-1981
Otto Robert L M 30-Dec-1954 26-Jul-1954
Otto Robin Lee B 30-Dec-1955 16-May-1955
Otto Shirley D 18-Jan-1986 8-Jun-1985
Otto Thomas Ray B 28-Dec-1945 7-Dec-1945
Otto Vera M 11-Feb-1929
Otto William F D 30-Dec-1948 26-May-1948
Ottoson Susan Joanne M 23-Jan-1992 20-Apr-1991
Otts James Bradley B 30-Dec-1965 12-May-1965
Otzelberger John M 28-Dec-1945 17-Jul-1945
Ouimet Maxin M 1-Jan-1912 5-Sep-1911
Ounlokham Amanda B 18-Jan-1986 26-Aug-1985
Ounlokham Brandon Chris B 26-Jan-1991 28-Nov-1990
Ourkhou Kahina Anais B 28-Jan-2006 27-Sep-2005
Ouska John Louis D 30-Dec-1943 1-Dec-1943
Ouska Nettie Lenora D 30-Dec-1949 2-Oct-1949
Ousley Reecca C D 1-Jan-1912 1-Jun-1911
Outzen Patricia K M 18-Jan-1986 3-Oct-1985
Ouzinski Dominic Frank M 31-Jan-1976 10-Jan-1975
Overbeck Linda R M 19-Jan-1985 1-May-1984
Overbeck Linda R M 23-Jan-1999 5-Jun-1998
Overholt S G M 30-Dec-1946 7-Jun-1946
Overly Alice D 30-Dec-1953 4-Feb-1953
Overly David Scott M 17-Jan-1987 12-Jun-1986
Overman Carrie D 30-Dec-1957 13-Apr-1957
Overman Cyrus D 5-Jul-1924
Overman Maude Louise D 26-Jan-1980 4-Jan-1979
Overson Debra Jo B 30-Dec-1955 1-Feb-1955
Overson Marrill James B 29-Dec-1962 30-Apr-1962
Overson Reginald M 30-Dec-1938 21-Feb-1938
Overson William Allen D 30-Dec-1964 4-Nov-1964
Overstreet Dale Arthur M 30-Dec-1940 25-Jun-1940
Overton Charles J, Sr, D 21-Jan-1985 18-Jan-1985
Overton Cynthia Ann B 30-Dec-1957 21-Jan-1957
Overton Emma Rayne B 10-Jan-2007 21-Dec-2006
Overton Esther M 30-Dec-1938 23-Feb-1938
Overton Gary Allan B 30-Dec-1966 28-May-1966
Overton Glenda Sue B 30-Dec-1953 17-Jul-1953
Overton Helen M M 30-Jan-1982 29-Jan-1981
Overton Morrill J M 28-Jan-1984 8-Oct-1983
Overton Morrill James M 24-Jan-1998 26-Jul-1997
Overton Paula A M 23-Jan-1988 11-Jul-1987
Overton Richard De Wayne B 30-Dec-1955 6-Mar-1955
Overton Roger L M 31-Jan-1981 27-Jun-1980
Overton Russell Howard B 30-Dec-1957 4-Mar-1957
Overton Shannon Darrell M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 21-Jul-2007
Overton Stephen Michael B 29-Dec-1956 17-Apr-1956
Overton Stephen Michael D 29-Dec-1956 18-Apr-1956
Overton Tammy L M 26-Jan-1980 19-May-1979
Overton Tammy L M 26-Jan-1980 19-May-1979
Overton Tod Allan B 30-Dec-1966 19-Nov-1966
Overton William Ballew D 23-Jan-1999 21-Jun-1998
Overturf Karen Kay B 30-Dec-1949 10-Dec-1949
Overturf Vernon, Mrs D 30-Dec-1954 13-Apr-1954
Ovesen Anna C M 30-Dec-1941 15-Feb-1941
Ovesen Dale Jacob D 18-Jan-1986 4-Nov-1985
Ovesen Gerald Wilhelm D 30-Dec-1942 14-Aug-1942
Ovesen Harold M 30-Dec-1952 26-Jun-1952
Ovesen Herbert William D 27-Jan-2000 12-Sep-2000
Ovesen Hilbert E D 3-Jan-2007 1-Jan-2007
Ovesen Katherene M D 27-Jan-2000 7-Aug-2000
Ovesen Sigred M D 18-Jan-1986 23-Dec-1985
Oveson Alta D 24-Jan-1998 4-Mar-1997
Oveson Anthony Lee B 30-Dec-1968 19-Oct-1968
Oveson Augusta Marie M 30-Dec-1938 22-Aug-1938
Oveson Beverly M 29-Dec-1950 18-Jun-1950
Oveson Claudia Lynn B 30-Dec-1953 6-Mar-1953
Oveson Craig Lee B 30-Dec-1949 6-May-1949
Oveson Craig Lee M 30-Dec-1968 17-Jan-1968
Oveson Dora Jean M 29-Dec-1956 22-Jun-1956
Oveson George M M 30-Dec-1946 14-Apr-1946
Oveson Herbert W M 30-Dec-1946 18-May-1946
Oveson Herbert William M 30-Dec-1968 14-Sep-1968
Oveson Lynn Ardell B 29-Dec-1950 20-Feb-1950
Oveson Lynn Ardell M 30-Dec-1969 16-Mar-1969
Oveson Lysle Alan B 30-Dec-1942 25-Apr-1942
Oveson Marianne M 30-Jan-1982 18-Apr-1981
Oveson Marianne M 26-Jan-2002 30-Jun-2001
Oveson Ove Martin M 17-Dec-1908 27-Feb-1908
Oveson Ronald Gene B 30-Dec-1946 10-Nov-1946
Oveson Ronald Gene M 30-Dec-1969 29-Mar-1969
Oveson Ronald George M 29-Jan-2000 23-Oct-1999
Oveson Thomas Ray B 29-Dec-1950 7-Nov-1950
Ovrebo Kristin Eileen B 29-Dec-1956 11-Jun-1956
Owen Alice Helen D 30-Jan-1993 10-Jan-1992
Owen Alice Patricia B 30-Dec-1943 27-Apr-1943
Owen Alice Patricia M 29-Dec-1962 2-Jun-1962
Owen Allie Elizabeth D 28-Jan-1995 22-Feb-1994
Owen Anna Catherine D 29-Dec-1956 13-Feb-1956
Owen Brandi Sue M 30-Jan-2007 21-Oct-2006
Owen C A D 22-Jan-1929
Owen Chase Marcus B 27-Jan-2000 2-May-2000
Owen Cindy Lou M 28-Jan-2006 29-Oct-2005
Owen Edward Earl M 30-Dec-1965 1-Sep-1965
Owen Elizabeth 'Betty' D 9-Jan-2008 8-Jan-2008
Owen Grace (Miss) M 25-Jan-1929
Owen H H (Mrs) D 16-Jan-1929
Owen Hazel Dell D 30-Dec-1957 17-Feb-1957
Owen Henry Clare D 29-Jan-1994 21-Aug-1993
Owen Herbert Henry D 28-Dec-1945 12-Dec-1945
Owen Jason Michael M 29-Jan-2005 15-Nov-2004
Owen Jesse Richard M 29-Jan-1994 1-Sep-1993
Owen Larry B M 29-Dec-1961 10-Sep-1961
Owen Larry Bates B 30-Dec-1937 10-Sep-1937
Owen Mabel Gayle D 26-Jan-1991 5-Jan-1990
Owen Maude C D 30-Dec-1964 27-Jul-1964
Owen Monte clare M 29-Dec-1967 23-Feb-1967
Owen Richard R D 18-Mar-1985 14-Mar-1985
Owen Robert Elmer D 31-Dec-1933 8-Nov-1933
Owen Roberta Alice D 29-Jan-2000 30-Jul-1999
Owen Rosa Lee M 26-Jan-2008 p2f 17-Feb-2007
Owen Scott (infant) D 29-Dec-1961 16-Oct-1961
Owen Shane Michael B 28-Jan-1984 10-Sep-1983
Owen Stacie Lyn M 30-Jan-2007 7-Aug-2006
Owen Steven T M 29-Jan-1983 27-Nov-1982
Owen Triston Michael B 29-Jan-2005 7-Jul-2004
Owen Warren W D 28-Jan-1995 17-Jan-1994
Owen William L D 21-Feb-1928 21-Feb-1928
Owen Hattie D 22-Jan-1972 7-Jan-1971
Owen Ira B D 28-Jan-1984 17-Mar-1983
Owen Jerald Louis D 30-Dec-1946 6-Oct-1946
Owens Anna M 1-Jan-1908 3-Nov-1907
Owens Betty J M 30-Dec-1953 28-Dec-1952
Owens Betty J M 30-Dec-1952 28-Nov-1952
Owens Bruce Alan M 24-Jan-1998 25-Oct-1997
Owens Caroline Kay M 31-Jan-2004 21-May-2003
Owens Cindy Marlene B 30-Dec-1954 16-Jan-1954
Owens DB Russell D 18-Jan-1986 16-Dec-1985
Owens Dicky Lee B 30-Dec-1957 13-May-1957
Owens Doris M 30-Dec-1938 2-Jul-1938
Owens Dorothy M 30-Dec-1940 5-Aug-1940
Owens Dorothy Arlene M 28-Dec-1945 10-Feb-1945
Owens Elmer M D 30-Dec-1957 1-Nov-1957
Owens Erin E B 19-Jan-1985 9-Nov-1984
Owens Erin Elizabeth M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 22-Sep-2007
Owens Evelyn (Swailes) D 6-Oct-2007 4-Oct-2007
Owens Florence M 28-Dec-1945 28-Mar-1945
Owens Gary Dale Jr B 30-Dec-1969 8-Oct-1969
Owens George W M 31-Dec-1913 2-Sep-1913
Owens George William D 22-Jan-1972 7-Apr-1971
Owens Glenn J D 18-Jan-1986 10-Jul-1985
Owens Gregory Wayne M 29-Jan-2000 17-Apr-1999
Owens Harvey L D 5-Nov-2008 3-Nov-2008
Owens Harvey Leon B 30-Dec-1942 19-Feb-1942
Owens Joseph John M 29-Dec-1962 15-Jun-1962
Owens Judi Ann B 29-Dec-1962 19-Jun-1962
Owens Kimberly Kay M 23-Jan-1999 26-Jun-1998
Owens Lena M D 30-Dec-1952 5-Jul-1952
Owens Lisa Elaine and Teresa Elaine B 29-Dec-1967 20-Feb-1967
Owens Lucille Genoise B 30-Dec-1965 14-Feb-1965
Owens Mark W M 18-Jan-1986 12-Oct-1985
Owens Mark Wayne B 29-Dec-1962 4-Aug-1962
Owens Michael E M 28-Jan-1984 12-Feb-1983
Owens Michael Evan M 26-Jan-1991 25-Oct-1990
Owens Michael Lee Jr M 31-Jan-2009 pg 6f 2-Aug-2008
Owens Nancy Pearl B 30-Dec-1941 16-Nov-1941
Owens Pauline D 22-Jan-1972 1-Jan-1971
Owens Rebecca Ann D 23-Jan-1999 31-Mar-1998
Owens Robert, Sr D 18-Jan-1986 15-Jul-1985
Owens Shelley Leigh B 30-Dec-1964 14-Nov-1964
Owens Staci D M 18-Jan-1986 15-Jun-1985
Owens Stella A M 1-Jan-1913 29-May-1912
Owens Stephen Lee B 30-Dec-1968 19-Nov-1968
Owens Theresa Margaret B 30-Dec-1948 1-Jan-1948
Owens Thomas Edward B 30-Dec-1947 30-Jan-1947
Owens Thomas H D 30-Dec-1946 26-Sep-1946
Owens Tyler Richard B 26-Jan-2002 28-Aug-2001
Owens Tylik Dai'Quan Douglas B 26-Jan-2002 10-Feb-2001
Owens Eliza M 1-Jan-1908 6-Apr-1907
Owensen Jacob J M 1-Jan-1908 20-Feb-1907
Oxenford James Don M 30-Dec-1968 10-Aug-1968
Oxley Chad Michael B 29-Jan-1983 29-Dec-1982
Oxley Marshall Groll D 27-Jan-2000 25-Oct-2000
Oxley Robert Lee M 30-Dec-1954 23-Jul-1954
Oxsel Boy B 31-Dec-1913 13-Sep-1913
Oyler Leslie Homer M 30-Dec-1938 1-Oct-1938
Ozuna Bernice M 24-Jan-1998 7-Jun-1997
Ozuna Valeriano Sr M 29-Jan-1994 22-Oct-1993
Ozzello Shawn Thomas B 30-Jan-1982 6-Aug-1981
Ozzello Tara Rae B 31-Jan-1976 1-Nov-1975