Birth, Marriage, & Death Index

Musser Public Library’s Birth, Marriage, & Death searchable Index covers births, marriages, obituaries, and death notices that have appeared in the Muscatine (city) newspapers since 1840 to present day. These papers may be found in the newspaper microfilm collection at the library. Many dedicated volunteers have worked for years to develop this Index, and the Library would like to thank them for their efforts!

Last Name First Name Type Date of Paper Page # Date of Event
Paap Bertha M 17-Feb-1898 13-Feb-1898
Paap Helen M 1-Jan-1908 12-Mar-1907
Paarman Connie M 29-Jan-1973 31-Jan-1972
Paarman Emil D 30-Dec-1952 2-Jul-1952
Paarman Emil D 30-Dec-1952 2-Jul-1952
Paarman Henry D 22-Jan-1929
Paarman Joseph Herman D 15-Feb-1975 27-Dec-1974
Paarman Marvin L D 30-May-1997 29-May-1997
Paarman Melanee Kay M 31-Jan-2009 pg 6f 30-May-2008
Paarman Nadine J D 4-Jan-1996 2-Jan-1996
Paarman Preston Lamont B 29-Jan-1994 12-Apr-1993
Paarman Sherry Eileen B 30-Dec-1942 29-Aug-1942
Paasch Joseph D 7-Mar-2007 1-Mar-2007
Paasch Joseph R M 19-Jan-1985 17-Feb-1984
Paasch Veronica L M 30-Dec-1935 19-Jan-1935
Paaske Vernon L M 30-Dec-1935 28-Feb-1935
Paca Grant Daniel B 25-Jan-2003 21-Jun-2002
Pace Amanda M D 18-dec-1894 8-Dec-1894
Pace Amy L B 19-Jan-1985 21-Jan-1984
Pace Amy Lynn M 25-Jan-2003 10-May-2002
Pace Angela Lynn B 28-Jan-1979
Pace Billy J M 26-Jan-1980 17-Feb-1979
Pace Billy J M 26-Jan-1980 17-Feb-1979
Pace Cash Y D 29-Jan-1983 31-May-1982
Pace Charles Leslie B 30-Dec-1941 4-Oct-1941
Pace Corey Richard B 26-Jan-1980 16-Nov-1979
Pace Dana W M 26-Jan-1980 6-Apr-1979
Pace Dana W M 26-Jan-1980 6-Apr-1979
Pace Daughter B 31-Dec-1930 1-May-1930
Pace David Linden B 30-Jan-1982 29-Mar-1981
Pace Deborah Kathleen B 30-Dec-1954 22-Mar-1954
Pace Delores Jean M 29-Dec-1961 10-Sep-1961
Pace Dolores Marjorie B 30-Dec-1933 19-May-1933
Pace Dustin D 20-Nov-2000 19-Nov-2000
Pace Earl F D 31-Dec-1931 6-Jun-1931
Pace Earl M M 25-Apr-1901 24-Apr-1901
Pace Edith B D 28-Dec-1951 14-Jan-1951
Pace Elbridge G M 2-Sep-1876 31-Aug-1876
Pace Ellbridge D 31-Dec-1931 9-Sep-1931
Pace Elvin Y M 13-Apr-1881 14-Apr-1881
Pace Elvin Young D 1-Jan-1912 10-Dec-1911
Pace Emma S M 8-Mar-1881 27-Feb-1881
Pace Florence Agnes D 20-May-1998 18-May-1998
Pace Gene M 29-Jan-1973 5-Jun-1972
Pace Glen Lavern M 30-Dec-1968 3-Aug-1968
Pace Glen LaVerne B 30-Dec-1943 29-Sep-1943
Pace Harold E D 28-Jan-1995 14-Mar-1994
Pace Harold E D 15-Mar-1994 15-Mar-1994
Pace Harold R M 30-Dec-1940 25-May-1940
Pace Harold W M 30-Dec-1953 20-Mar-1953
Pace Horace Karl D 29-Dec-1934 10-Jun-1934
Pace Ida M D 30-Dec-1932 30-Nov-1932
Pace Iona M 8-Oct-1869 2-Sep-1869
Pace Jane Linda D 29-Jan-2005 7-Dec-2004
Pace Jaunita Delores M 29-Dec-1938 24-Jun-1938
Pace Jean D 31-Jan-1976 27-Jun-1975
Pace Jeffery Lawrence D 30-Dec-1963 2-Oct-1963
Pace Jennifer Ann B 30-Dec-1968 26-Nov-1968
Pace Jewell E D 18-Jan-1986 7-Nov-1985
Pace Joann I M 26-Jan-1980 4-Aug-1979
Pace Joann I M 26-Jan-1980 4-Aug-1979
Pace John A M 28-Jan-1984 31-Jul-1983
Pace Joyce Eileen B 30-Dec-1942 24-Mar-1942
Pace Keith DeWayne B 29-Dec-1939 24-Jun-1939
Pace Kristine Diana B 29-Dec-1962 23-Jan-1962
Pace L Pearl D 30-Dec-1952 9-May-1952
Pace Larry Joe B 29-Dec-1967 4-Feb-1967
Pace Leigh Glen D 30-Dec-1960 5-May-1960
Pace Linda Rae B 30-Dec-1949 30-Oct-1949
Pace Lucille M 30-Dec-1941 24-Apr-1941
Pace M P M 31-Dec-1913 18-Dec-1913
Pace M P (Mrs) D 30-Dec-1946 30-Nov-1946
Pace Marvin N M 31-Jan-1981 26-Jul-1980
Pace Michelle Annette B 30-Dec-1969 7-Jun-1969
Pace Michelle Annette M 23-Jan-1992 11-Oct-1991
Pace Nathaneal Dean B 28-Jan-1984 1-Aug-1983
Pace Paul Leroy B 30-Dec-1949 26-Nov-1949
Pace Paul Leroy D 30-Dec-1949 28-Nov-1949
Pace Peggy S M 19-Jan-1985 4-Feb-1984
Pace Peggy Sue B 29-Dec-1962 22-Jul-1962
Pace Richard C M 28-Jan-1984 14-Nov-1983
Pace Richard Cash B 30-Dec-1957 5-Aug-1957
Pace Richard Cash B 18-Jan-1986 25-Jun-1985
Pace Ruth D 30-Dec-1955 5-May-1955
Pace Sally Louise B 29-Dec-1962 30-Sep-1962
Pace Sally Louise M 30-Jan-1993 15-May-1992
Pace Scott Alan B 31-Jan-1976 10-Jun-1975
Pace Shawna Lyn M 26-Jan-2002 8-Sep-2001
Pace Sierra Nicole B 19-May-1998 1-May-1998
Pace Sierra Nicole B 23-Jan-1999 1-May-1998
Pace Stephanie Alexandra B 26-Jan-2002 9-May-2001
Pace Stephanie Alexandria B 16-May-2001 9-May-2001
Pace Susie H M 13-Dec-1879 11-Dec-1879
Pace Tiffany Kae M 28-Jan-2006 25-Feb-2005
Pace Timothy Wagner B 30-Dec-1957 8-Jun-1957
Pace Tonya Kae M 29-Jan-2005 29-Mar-2004
Pace Weldon D 31-Jan-1976 28-Jun-1975
Pace Lois Jean M 29-Dec-1962 5-May-1962
Pace Cash Y M 30-Dec-1916 15-Nov-1916
Paceley Clara Amelia D 28-Dec-1951 10-Jul-1951
Pacely Stella M 30-Dec-1916 4-Oct-1916
Pachucki Wendy Luann M 24-Jan-1998 6-Sep-1997
Packe Margaret Johnson D 22-Apr-1920
Packer Leander M M 29-Jan-1864
Packwood Mary D 23-Jan-1988 7-Sep-1987
Packwood Sally M 30-Dec-1964 20-Jun-1964
Packwood Susan Kay M 29-Dec-1967 14-Jan-1967
Padavich Catherine Joan M 30-Jan-2007 27-Dec-2006
Padavich Ciarra Antonia B 17-Jan-1987 17-Aug-1986
Padavich Matthew Lawrence M 17-Jan-1987 6-Jun-1986
Paden Mary C M 1-Jan-1866 28-dec-1865
Paden Robert N M 8-May-1883 8-May-1883
Padeskie Stella D 5-Mar-1920
Padgett A J M 17-Dec-1908 23-Jun-1908
Padgett Clyde E M 1-Jan-1908 20-Nov-1907
Padgett Jerry Neil B 30-Dec-1941 8-Sep-1941
Padgett John Riley B 29-Dec-1938 3-Apr-1938
Padgett Kristi Kay M 18-Oct-1996 28-Sep-1996
Padgett Mary S D 31-Jul-1883 11-Jul-1883
Padgett Naomi Kathryn D 28-Jan-2006 9-May-2005
Padgett Neil D 9-Mar-2002 7-Mar-2002
Padgett Rachel D 13-Feb-1880
Padgett Robert M 30-Dec-1954 7-Apr-1954
Padgett Robin Eileen B 30-Dec-1954 7-Oct-1954
Padgett Selina Renee B 31-Jan-1981 4-Nov-1980
Padilla Angel Arturo M 25-Jan-2003 11-May-2002
Padilla Aureliano Jr M 31-Jan-2009 pg 6f 26-Apr-2008
Padilla Jose Dolores M 24-Jan-1998 10-Jan-1997
Padilla Lino M M 26-Jan-1980 8-Sep-1979
Padilla Lino M M 26-Jan-1980 8-Sep-1979
Padilla Luis Issac,Jr B 18-Jul-2007 p5a 25-Jun-2007
Padilla Mario C M 30-Jan-1982 2-Jul-1981
Padilla Ricardo Cesar B 17-Jan-1987 3-Jan-1986
Padilla Ricardo Cesar M 30-Jan-2007 2-Jun-2006
Padovich Frances M M 30-Jan-1982 22-Jun-1981
Padrick Stephen Isaac B 23-Jan-1988 6-Aug-1987
Padron Gilberto Perez M 26-Jan-2008 p5f 27-Oct-2007
Paetschke Ernest M 29-Dec-1939 18-Nov-1939
Paetz Adam E B 19-Jan-1985 11-Apr-1984
Paetz Allen W M 30-Jan-1982 10-Jan-1981
Paetz Allen Wayne B 30-Dec-1955 9-Oct-1955
Paetz Allen Wayne M 27-Jan-2000 6-Jun-2000
Paetz Bill Lee B 30-Dec-1941 13-Oct-1941
Paetz Bonnie S M 30-Jan-1982 11-Jul-1981
Paetz Boy B 31-Dec-1939 29-Jan-1929
Paetz Carol J M 18-Jan-1986 9-Mar-1985
Paetz Carol Jean B 30-Dec-1948 30-Jan-1948
Paetz Carol Jean B 30-Dec-1948
Paetz Carol M D 30-Dec-1952 29-Apr-1952
Paetz David Joseph Jr M 23-Jan-1992 8-Jun-1991
Paetz Dorothy B D 28-Jan-1995 15-Apr-1994
Paetz Dorthy B D 16-Apr-1994 15-Apr-1994
Paetz Edward D 30-Dec-1969 26-Oct-1969
Paetz Edward F M 29-Dec-1939 5-Jul-1939
Paetz Eileen Frances B 30-Dec-1949 22-Apr-1949
Paetz Eileen Francis M 29-Dec-1967 1-Oct-1967
Paetz Elizabeth Ann B 29-Dec-1962 19-Feb-1962
Paetz EW M 30-Dec-1916 27-Nov-1916
Paetz Fred M 4-Jan-1926
Paetz Fred A D 28-Jan-1984 19-Feb-1983
Paetz Fred Emil D 28-Jan-1979
Paetz Greg Ernest M 28-Jan-1995 15-Apr-1994
Paetz Gregory Ernest B 30-Dec-1964 18-Feb-1964
Paetz Hugo D 23-Jan-1988 26-Mar-1987
Paetz Inez L D 29-Jan-1983 2-May-1982
Paetz Jeffrey D 8-Jul-2004 6-Jul-2004
Paetz Jeffrey Allen B 30-Dec-1968 15-May-1968
Paetz Jeffrey Allen D 29-Jan-2005 8-Aug-2004
Paetz Jeffrey Allen M 23-Jan-1992 16-Mar-1991
Paetz Jennifer Marie M 17-Jan-1987 28-May-1986
Paetz Jerome W D 12-Jan-1994 11-Jan-1994
Paetz Jerome W "Jerry" D 28-Jan-1995 11-Jan-1994
Paetz Jerome William B 30-Dec-1932 23-Nov-1932
Paetz Jo Ann M 29-Dec-1956 10-Jul-1956
Paetz JoAnn Elizabeth B 29-Dec-1934 2-Nov-1934
Paetz Jody Rae M 27-Jan-2000 6-Jun-2000
Paetz Jody Rae (Weigel) D 9-Jul-2007 7-Jul-2007
Paetz John Lee B 29-Dec-1939 24-Jun-1939
Paetz June J D 30-Dec-1963 12-Jun-1963
Paetz Katherine Even B 30-Dec-1966 6-Jan-1966
Paetz Larry E M 28-Jan-1978 24-Sep-1977
Paetz Linda D 30-Dec-1969 15-Oct-1969
Paetz Lorri Leigh B 30-Dec-1952 28-Mar-1952
Paetz Lottie Estelle D 2-Aug-1984 1-Aug-1984
Paetz Lucille Jean B 30-Dec-1933 22-Mar-1933
Paetz Matthew Lee B 29-Jan-1973 9-May-1972
Paetz Melissa Kay M 30-Jan-2007 13-May-2006
Paetz Melvin August M 29-Jan-1994 3-Jun-1993
Paetz Raymond Jack D 30-Jan-1993 9-Jul-1992
Paetz Reinhart B 30-Dec-1932 7-Jan-1932
Paetz Reinhart D 28-Jan-1978 31-Mar-1977
Paetz Robert Paul B 30-Dec-1969 5-Feb-1969
Paetz Robert Paul M 27-Jan-2000 6-May-2000
Paetz Rosetta Diane B 30-Dec-1942 10-Apr-1942
Paetz Son B 31-Dec-1930 2-Oct-1930
Paetz Son B 29-Jan-1973 23-Feb-1972
Paetz Son B 16-Jun-1898
Paetz William M 30-Nov-1895 28-Nov-1895
Paetz William Ernest B 30-Dec-1952 14-Aug-1952
Paetz William Ernest D 4-Oct-2002 3-Oct-2002
Paetz William Ernest D 25-Jan-2003 3-Oct-2002
Paetz William Ernest M 22-Jan-1972 9-Oct-1971
Paetz William Ernest M 23-Jan-1992 27-Oct-1991
Paetz William Ford D 30-Dec-1954 21-Nov-1954
Page Charles D 1-Apr-1904
Page Dale Eugene M 30-Dec-1966 1-Mar-1966
Page Enos D 1-Jan-1908 25-Feb-1907
Page Frank D 16-Sep-1868 14-Sep-1868
Page Fred Arnold D 30-Dec-1965 12-May-1965
Page Harry C D 30-Dec-1954 9-Jun-1954
Page Harry C D 30-Dec-1954 9-Jun-1954
Page James W D 29-Dec-1944 11-Mar-1944
Page Judy Eileen M 30-Dec-1969 10-Jun-1969
Page JW M 5-Feb-1890
Page Mary Ann D 7-Feb-1920
Page Myrl Glenndon D 12-Sep-2000 8-Sep-2000
Page Ola H, Mrs M 30-Dec-1933 29-Apr-1933
Page Robert Edward Lee B 30-Dec-1968 19-Nov-1968
Page Stephen Troy B 30-Dec-1964 4-Oct-1964
Page WB B 20-Oct-1883
Page Wm B M 20-Sep-1876 18-Sep-1876
Pagel Anna D 31-Jan-1976 19-Mar-1975
Pagel Anna M M 29-Dec-1950 11-Dec-1950
Pagel Arthur W M 29-Jan-1973 31-Jan-1972
Pagel Austen William B 23-Jan-1999 10-Jul-1998
Pagel Austin William B 14-Jul-1998 10-Jul-1998
Pagel Ben J D 30-Dec-1941 3-Nov-1941
Pagel Bessie D 30-Dec-1969 13-Jan-1969
Pagel Connie Lea B 30-Dec-1947 27-Sep-1947
Pagel Daughter B 31-Dec-1930 21-May-1930
Pagel Diane K M 28-Jan-1978 15-Oct-1977
Pagel Edna Margaretta M 30-Dec-1937 30-May-1937
Pagel Elaine D D 17-Jan-1987 15-Sep-1986
Pagel Eric William B 23-Jan-1988 28-Sep-1987
Pagel Erich W D 28-Jan-1979
Pagel Ernst D 31-Jan-1976 12-Oct-1975
Pagel Flora Christine B 30-Dec-1953 28-Jan-1953
Pagel Freda D 1-Jun-1995 31-May-1995
Pagel Frederick D 30-Dec-1916 29-Sep-1916
Pagel Friedrich Wilhelm D 29-Dec-1944 13-Jan-1944
Pagel Harold Richard M 22-Jan-1972 4-Dec-1971
Pagel Harold W D 7-Feb-2000 6-Feb-2000
Pagel Henry Lee B 30-Dec-1948 19-May-1948
Pagel Henry Lee D 30-Dec-1948 27-May-1948
Pagel Herman A D 29-Jan-2005 8-May-2004
Pagel Hermann D 30-Dec-1948 2-Jun-1948
Pagel Hermann A M 30-Dec-1946 1-Sep-1946
Pagel Jeannette M D 5-Nov-1984 5-Nov-1984
Pagel Karen Lynn B 30-Dec-1948 23-Jul-1948
Pagel Katherine Sue B 30-Dec-1949 1-Jan-1949
Pagel Katherine Sue M 30-Dec-1969 19-Jul-1969
Pagel Kenneth Erich M 30-Dec-1954 7-Aug-1954
Pagel Kristine Lynn B 30-Dec-1957 2-Jan-1957
Pagel Leo Ivan B 30-Dec-1933 15-Sep-1933
Pagel Leo Ivan D 18-Jan-1986 4-Feb-1985
Pagel Louis N D 29-Jan-1973 6-Mar-1972
Pagel Margaret J M 29-Dec-1950 16-Apr-1950
Pagel Marguerite Bertha D 30-Dec-1943 6-Feb-1943
Pagel Mary Lou B 29-Dec-1938 2-Feb-1938
Pagel Michael Hermann M 22-Jan-1972 1-May-1971
Pagel Palma D 10-Jul-2004
Pagel Patrick M 29-Jan-1973 29-Aug-1972
Pagel Patrick W M 17-Jan-1987 1-Nov-1986
Pagel Patrick William B 28-Dec-1951 2-Nov-1951
Pagel Richard E D 24-Sep-2003 23-Sep-2003
Pagel Richard Eugene D 31-Jan-2004 23-Sep-2003
Pagel Sharon Irene B 30-Dec-1948 9-Dec-1948
Pagelo Palma Jean D 29-Jan-2005 8-Jul-2004
Paget Marian F D 30-Jan-1982 4-Oct-1981
Paget Rena Frances D 30-Dec-1942 3-Oct-1942
Pagkos Gwen Elizabeth M 1-Sep-1999 2-Oct-1998
Pahl August M 2-Nov-1880 23-Oct-1880
Pahl Cynthia Marie M 17-Jan-1987 17-Apr-1986
Pahl Elmer M 6-Dec-1920
Pahl Eugene V D 28-Feb-2003 25-Feb-2003
Pahl Frances M 30-Dec-1941 15-Mar-1941
Pahl Janice Elaine B 29-Dec-1950 30-Apr-1950
Pahl Janice Elaine M 30-Dec-1969 1-Feb-1969
Pahl Jeanne Marie B 30-Dec-1946 12-Mar-1946
Pahl Jeanne Marie M 30-Dec-1968 8-Jun-1968
Pahl John Richard B 30-Dec-1943 11-Aug-1943
Pahl Laura D 30-Dec-1960 14-Nov-1960
Pahl Lester J M 30-Dec-1942 3-Jun-1942
Pahl Margaret M 31-Oct-1882 30-Oct-1882
Pahl Marie Gertrude D 28-Jan-1995 25-Dec-1994
Pahl Melanie D 22-Jan-1972 14-Jul-1971
Pahl Norma M D 25-Jan-2003 9-Nov-2002
Pahl Otto C D 30-Dec-1963 6-Nov-1963
Pahl Paul Kenneth D 30-Dec-1963 10-Aug-1963
Pahl Richard Harry M 31-Jan-2009 pg 7f 25-Oct-2008
Paige Sophia B 24-May-2007 p5a 10-May-2007
Paige Judith D 18-Jan-1895 19-Jan-1895
Paige Simon B D 12-Mar-1883
Paige W M 29-Mar-1879 27-Mar-1879
Pain Jessie D 30-Dec-1966 4-Jun-1966
Paine Alice S (Mrs) M 30-Dec-1957 16-Mar-1957
Paine Amy (Miss) D 30-Dec-1947 29-Jul-1947
Paine Arthur J M 30-Dec-1957 16-Mar-1957
Paine Loretta D 22-Jan-1972 13-Mar-1971
Paine Mabel M 20Aapr-1898
Paine Richard Lawson B 30-Dec-1954 3-Apr-1954
Paine Roy Lee D 28-Jan-1979
Paine Stephanie Peason B 30-Dec-1957 15-Aug-1957
Paine Tana Jennine M 30-Dec-1969 30-Aug-1969
Painter Caitlyn B 26-Jan-1991 11-Nov-1990
Painter Christopher Arnold B 30-Dec-1966 12-Apr-1966
Painter Christopher Arnold M 26-Jan-1991 27-Apr-1990
Painter Cole Renee B 24-Jan-1998 15-Jan-1997
Painter Dawn Marie B 29-Dec-1967 6-Mar-1967
Painter Edward D 30-Dec-1954 6-Jul-1954
Painter Elmer L M 30-Dec-1952 5-Jan-1952
Painter Frank O M 29-Dec-1938 2-Nov-1938
Painter Frank P D 29-Oct-1926
Painter Jacob Daniel B 28-Jan-1995 7-Apr-1994
Painter James V M 18-Jan-1986 15-Jun-1985
Painter Jennifer Lauren B 30-Jan-1993 16-Dec-1992
Painter John E M 29-Dec-1962 31-Aug-1962
Painter John E M 28-Jan-1984 29-Jul-1983
Painter John Edward B 30-Dec-1942 22-Nov-1942
Painter Judith Ann B 30-Dec-1941 30-Sep-1941
Painter Judy Ann M 30-Dec-1957 12-Jul-1957
Painter Lynn Marie M 26-Jan-1991 5-Aug-1990
Painter Marian M D 29-Jan-2000 19-May-1999
Painter Melissa Christine M 30-Jan-2007 18-Nov-2006
Painter Michael Lee B 30-Dec-1948 10-Oct-1948
Painter Ruby D 31-Dec-1913 27-Dec-1913
Painter Scott David M 29-Jan-1994 28-Sep-1993
Painter Timothy Richard B 29-Dec-1962 27-Feb-1962
Painter Tina Lynn B 31-Jan-1976 27-Sep-1975
Painter Alonzo J M 5-Mar-1880 3-Mar-1880
Painter Celia Laura D 6-May-1854 2-May-1854
Painter Chauncey C M 10-Dec-1895 10-Dec-1895
Painter Dale D 30-Dec-1960 11-Nov-1960
Painter David Lloyd B 30-Dec-1940 7-Mar-1940
Painter Ellen M 30-Aug-1866 29-Aug-1866
Painter Esther M 5-Jul-1867 3-Jul-1867
Painter Frank D D 30-Dec-1932 3-Mar-1932
Painter Grace May D 16-Dec-1909 11-Feb-1909
Painter Hattie Grace D 30-Dec-1960 9-Nov-1960
Painter Imelda M 30-Jul-1879 30-Jul-1879
Painter Infant D 8-Dec-1910 11-May-1910
Painter Lloyd V D 31-Jan-1981 8-Apr-1980
Painter Marion D 19-May-1999 19-May-1999
Painter Mary E M 24-Mar-1871 23-Mar-1871
Painter Michael Lee M 15-Feb-1975 5-Oct-1974
Painter Milton D M 4-May-1876 4-May-1876
Painter Son D 6-Mar-1879 6-Mar-1879
Paintin Alexis Jade B 3-Jul-1997 27-Jun-1997
Paisley Albert A M 3-Feb-1902
Paisley Clinton R D 30-Jan-1982 11-Aug-1981
Paisley Elisa J (Miss) M 20-Dec-1906 20-Oct-1906
Paisley Gladys D 28-Jan-1984 18-Mar-1983
Paisley Lauren Frank D 22-Jan-1972 28-Jun-1971
Palacios Elvis Adair B 24-Aug-2000 19-Aug-2000
Palacios Elvis Aldair B 27-Jan-2000 19-Aug-2000
Palacios Lori Ann B 26-Jan-1991 2-May-1990
Palacios Magdalena Rodrigiues D 6-Mar-1984 6-Mar-1984
Palacios Nelson M 28-Jan-2006 13-Oct-2005
Palett O R M 29-Dec-1938 16-Feb-1938
Palette Cynthia A D 1-Jan-1912 24-Feb-1911
Palette Cynthia A D 1-Jan-1912 24-Feb-1911
Palischeck Francis Joseph D 18-Jan-1986 27-Mar-1985
Palister Dalton Lewis B 18-Mar-1994 10-Mar-1994
Palivoda Marganna M 30-Dec-1916 26-Aug-1916
Palke Harry M 1-Jan-1912 23-Sep-1911
Pallas Roy E D 19-May-1984
Pallate James Riley B 29-Dec-1939 21-Mar-1939
Pallett Anna E D 29-Dec-1938 1-Oct-1938
Pallett Beverly M 1-Oct-1943 27-Nov-1943
Pallett J B M 30-Dec-1916 11-Mar-1916
Pallett Janet Louise B 30-Dec-1935 15-Aug-1935
Pallett Jessie Burl D 29-Dec-1962 15-Apr-1962
Pallett Leah Gertrude D 30-Dec-1957 21-Apr-1957
Pallett Lucy M 20-Dec-1900 21-Dec-1900
Pallett Ruth Louise D 26-Jan-1991 15-Jan-1990
Pallette Harley Stanley M 30-Dec-1954 29-May-1954
Pallischeck Anna M 30-Dec-1952 7-Nov-1952
Pallischeck Anna M 30-Dec-1952 6-Dec-1952
Pallischeck Debra Kay M 17-Jan-1987 18-Apr-1986
Pallischeck Devin Frederick B 30-Dec-1953 29-May-1953
Pallischeck Dewayne Lee M 23-Jan-1999 26-Feb-1998
Pallischeck Francis O M 31-Dec-1913 23-Jun-1913
Pallischeck Franics Joseph B 30-Dec-1949 20-Jul-1949
Pallischeck Franklin Lee B 29-Dec-1938 15-Apr-1938
Pallischeck Frederick M 28-Dec-1945 23-May-1945
Pallischeck Frederick P D 30-Dec-1955 25-Apr-1955
Pallischeck Henry A M 30-Jan-1982 18-Jul-1981
Pallischeck James A M 30-Dec-1957 21-Jun-1957
Pallischeck James August B 30-Dec-1933 21-Oct-1933
Pallischeck Joan Frances B 30-Dec-1941 11-Aug-1941
Pallischeck Joseph August D 28-Jan-1979
Pallischeck Joseph Henry D 30-Dec-1954 27-Apr-1954
Pallischeck Joseph Henry D 30-Dec-1963 16-Jan-1963
Pallischeck Josephine Irene D 26-Jan-1980 15-Apr-1979
Pallischeck Karen M 29-Jan-1973 22-May-1972
Pallischeck Karen June B 30-Dec-1947 3-Nov-1947
Pallischeck Kevin M 29-Jan-1973 24-Oct-1972
Pallischeck Leann Sue B 30-Dec-1968 10-Jul-1968
Pallischeck Lee Ann Sue M 26-Jan-1991 11-Sep-1990
Pallischeck Lorraie Kay M 23-Jan-1992 31-Dec-1991
Pallischeck Lorraine K M 18-Jan-1986 8-Mar-1985
Pallischeck Lorraine Kay B 30-Dec-1966 17-Jan-1966
Pallischeck Marion A D 3-Mar-2008 29-Feb-2008
Pallischeck Marion A D 29-Feb-2008 3-Mar-2008
Pallischeck Mark Michael M 30-Dec-1966 17-Sep-1966
Pallischeck Mary E D 29-Dec-1967 29-May-1967
Pallischeck Paul D 17-Dec-1908 31-Jul-1908
Pallischeck Paul Warren D 30-Dec-1966 24-Mar-1966
Pallischeck Peggy S M 28-Jan-1978 13-Aug-1977
Pallischeck Rachel B D 30-Jan-1993 27-Oct-1992
Pallischeck Robert Paul M 22-Jan-1972 28-Aug-1971
Pallischeck Rose Ann D 26-Jan-1980 3-Feb-1979
Pallischeck Ruth D 14-Jun-1999 12-Jun-1999
Pallischeck Ruth Pricilla D 29-Jan-2000 12-Jun-1999
Pallischeck Sharon Lee B 29-Dec-1962 14-Jan-1962
Pallischeck Tammy Marie M 23-Jan-1992 12-Apr-1991
Pallischeck Teresa L M 28-Jan-1979
Pallisheck Francis J M 30-Dec-1941 23-Jun-1941
Pallister Dalton Lewis B 28-Jan-1995 10-Mar-1994
Pallister Lois Jeanne D 17-Feb-1998 16-Feb-1998
Pallister Susan G D 26-Dec-1995 23-Dec-1995
Palma Noel A M 29-Jan-2000 17-Sep-1999
Palma Refegio D 1-Jan-1912 31-May-1911
Palmar Harlan James B 30-Dec-1952 1-Aug-1952
Palmar Peggy S M 26-Jan-1980 16-Jun-1979
Palmar Peggy S M 26-Jan-1980 16-Jun-1979
Palmarez Crespin D 23-Jan-1999 3-Aug-1998
Palmarez Jasmine Ann B 18-Jan-1986 26-Mar-1985
Palmarez Jennifer M B 19-Jan-1985 27-Mar-1984
Palmarez Ricardo M 29-Jan-1983 31-Dec-1982
Palmatier Eugene John M 30-Dec-1940 11-Dec-1940
Palmer A G M 31-Dec-1913 15-Sep-1913
Palmer A, Capt M 9-Jul-1865
Palmer Alex Gene B 23-Jan-1988 14-Oct-1987
Palmer Ann D 12-Mar-1880
Palmer Barbara J M 28-Jan-1978 14-May-1977
Palmer Beatrice B M 26-Jan-1980 7-Jul-1979
Palmer Beatrice B M 26-Jan-1980 7-Jul-1979
Palmer Billy G D 29-Jan-1983 3-Oct-1982
Palmer C Leroy D 6-Apr-2002 5-Apr-2002
Palmer Colleen A M 28-Jan-1979
Palmer Colton Ande B 28-Jan-2006 17-Apr-2005
Palmer Danielle Morgan B 29-Jan-1994 15-Nov-1993
Palmer David William D 18-Feb-2002 17-Dec-2002
Palmer Erica Leigh B 28-Jan-1984 26-Apr-1983
Palmer Esther E M 30-Dec-1940 31-May-1940
Palmer Ethel J M 30-Dec-1935 21-Feb-1935
Palmer Fay M 31-Dec-1913 16-Jan-1913
Palmer Francis Leroy M 30-Dec-1965 5-Sep-1965
Palmer Francis Leroy M 26-Jan-2002 3-Aug-2001
Palmer Geo A D 9-Mar-1865 3-Mar-1865
Palmer Gertrude (Mrs) M 29-Dec-1950 8-Feb-1950
Palmer Helen Marie M 30-Dec-1969 22-Nov-1969
Palmer Hiram G D 1-Jan-1913 2-Sep-1912
Palmer Howard C D 31-Jan-1981 5-Jul-1980
Palmer James D 12-Feb-1891
Palmer Kate D 28-Dec-1951 15-Sep-1951
Palmer Katy Suzanne B 28-Jan-1979
Palmer Kirk Alan M 3-Jan-1994 30-Nov-1993
Palmer Leota M 9-Sep-1920
Palmer Lisa Lynn M 17-Jan-1987 21-Jul-1986
Palmer Lucas Davenport D 5-Oct-1897 4-Oct-1897
Palmer Lucille H D 28-Jan-2006 29-Mar-2005
Palmer Margaret D 8-Jul-1995 7-Jul-1995
Palmer Maria D 1-May-1883 9-Apr-1883
Palmer Martha Jane M 28-Jan-2006 17-Jul-2005
Palmer Mary Jean B 30-Dec-1936
Palmer Mary Jean M 30-Dec-1955 20-Oct-1955
Palmer Maynard LaVern B 30-Dec-1964 25-Sep-1964
Palmer Merle M M 30-Dec-1953 29-Oct-1953
Palmer Raymond C D 26-Mar-1984 25-Mar-1984
Palmer Robert Brian M 30-Jan-1993 11-Jul-1992
Palmer Robert J M 28-Jan-1984 3-Sep-1983
Palmer Ronald D 3-Mar-2008 1-Mar-2008
Palmer Ronald D 1-Mar-2008 3-Mar-2008
Palmer Shane Robert B 26-Jan-2002 12-Jun-2001
Palmer Son B 29-Jan-1973 29-Mar-1972
Palmer Steven Arthur B 30-Dec-1966 23-Aug-1966
Palmer Tamzin, Mrs D 19-Nov-1894 18-Nov-1894
Palmer Thomas Allen B 30-Dec-1966 7-May-1966
Palmer Thos F M 28-Dec-1870
Palmer Walter C D 28-Jan-1978 7-Jul-1977
Palmer Wm R M 4-Apr-1871 1-Mar-1871
Palmer Zachary Logan B 9-Oct-1996 4-Oct-1996
Palmerton Amanda M 10-Nov-1871 9-Nov-1871
Palmgren Phoebe Marie M 22-Jan-1972 1-Oct-1971
Palminsano Joseph George M 30-Dec-1940 24-Jun-1940
Palmiter Barbara M 30-Dec-1952 3-Jul-1952
Palomar Jose Alfredo Jimenez M 26-Jan-2002 7-Apr-2001
Palomares Francisco Javier M 23-Jan-1992 26-Jul-1991
Palomin Cindy B 29-Jan-1983 19-Sep-1982
Palquist Elizabeth D 31-Dec-1931 16-Jan-1931
Paltz Girl B 31-Dec-1913 20-Jun-1913
Palutis David Matthew M 23-Jan-1999 3-Oct-1998
Pameticky Darrin Lee B 30-Dec-1968 16-Aug-1968
Pameticky Elmer Lee D 15-Nov-2006 7-Nov-2006
Pamperien Cheryl Rae D 13-Mar-1998 11-Mar-1998
Pandratz Rudolph M 30-Dec-1954 14-Aug-1954
Pane Floyd J M 29-Dec-1939 21-Oct-1939
Pangborn Edd D 31-Jan-1976 14-Sep-1975
Pangborn Pauline M D 23-Jan-1999 7-Aug-1998
Pani Leonard Stanford M 30-Dec-1946 28-Jul-1946
Pankey Heather Rachele M 26-Jan-2002 23-Jun-2001
Panknin Emil A M 30-Dec-1937 4-Sep-1937
Panko Barbara Ann B 29-Dec-1950 20-Jul-1950
Panko Barbara Ann M 26-Dec-1972 22-Dec-1972
Panko Infant D 30-Dec-1949 24-Feb-1949
Panko Janet H D 18-Dec-2000 17-Dec-2000
Panko Kathleen Alice B 30-Dec-1952 15-Feb-1952
Panko Mary Helen B 30-Dec-1948 20-Jan-1948
Panko Son D 30-Dec-1949 24-Feb-1949
Panko William D 6-Jan-2005 4-Jan-2005
Panko William C M 30-Dec-1946 7-Aug-1946
Panko William Clyde B 30-Dec-1949 24-Feb-1949
Panko William Clyde D 28-Jan-2006 4-Jan-2005
Panko William John B 30-Dec-1953 5-Jun-1953
Pankratz Arthur S M 30-Dec-1940 24-Oct-1940
Pankratz Esther M D 28-Jan-2006 8-Mar-2005
Pankratz Lonna Louise B 28-Dec-1945 10-Apr-1945
Pankratz Ronald B 30-Dec-1941 3-May-1941
Pankratz Rudolph D 16-Aug-1984 16-Aug-1984
Pankratz Rudolph M 30-Dec-1936 24-Apr-1936
Pankratz Rudolph M 30-Dec-1954 14-Aug-1954
Pankratz Wilhelm M 29-Dec-1938 23-Feb-1938
Pannebaker Rebecca Ann M 31-Jan-2004 26-Oct-2003
Pansan Edward W M 31-Dec-1913 9-Oct-1913
Panson Zachary Ralph B 31-Jan-1976 5-Mar-1975
Pantel Alice Louise Lowe Ingersoll D 25-Mar-2003 24-Mar-2003
Pantel Annie L D 29-Dec-1944 2-Apr-1944
Pantel August M 3-Apr-1883 19-Mar-1883
Pantel August F D 30-Dec-1946 20-Mar-1946
Pantel Bertha I D 28-Jan-1979
Pantel Carol Ann B 30-Dec-1942 24-Aug-1942
Pantel Clark Wayne B 30-Dec-1942 3-Feb-1942
Pantel Clifford L D 26-Jan-1991 15-Mar-1990
Pantel Clifford Lloyd M 30-Dec-1936 28-Jun-1936
Pantel Daisy M M 1-Jan-1913 26-Jun-1912
Pantel Donald L D 30-Apr-2001 28-Apr-2001
Pantel Donald Leroy D 26-Jan-2002 28-Apr-2001
Pantel Edward J M 1-Jan-1908 20-Feb-1907
Pantel Edward John D 30-Dec-1968 5-Nov-1968
Pantel Emma Holtz D 30-Dec-1949 4-Mar-1949
Pantel Emmil M 16-Dec-1909 23-Jan-1909
Pantel Esther D 30-Dec-1952 10-Aug-1952
Pantel France D 29-Dec-1944 7-Feb-1944
Pantel Frank Louis D 28-Jan-1978 12-May-1977
Pantel George D 30-Dec-1947 12-Feb-1947
Pantel Glen E M 30-Dec-1935 25-Sep-1935
Pantel Glen Edward D 23-Jan-1992 16-Feb-1991
Pantel Harold V D 23-Jan-1988 10-Oct-1987
Pantel Herman M 11-Apr-1898
Pantel Ivy B M 1-Jan-1913 7-Nov-1912
Pantel Jean Marie B 30-Dec-1949 4-Sep-1949
Pantel John D 28-Jan-1899 27-Jan-1899
Pantel Leigh A D 12-Jan-1985
Pantel Lillie May D 30-Dec-1968 21-Apr-1968
Pantel Lloyd C M 29-Dec-1956 21-Feb-1956
Pantel Lloyd Charles B 30-Dec-1937 10-Jan-1937
Pantel Minnie D 30-Dec-1946 17-Apr-1946
Pantel Minnie M 31-Oct-1890 16-Oct-1890
Pantel Minnie M 22-Dec-1922
Pantel Minnie C D 23-Jun-1920
Pantel Nina M D 24-Apr-2001 23-Apr-2001
Pantel Nina Mae D 26-Jan-2002 23-Apr-2001
Pantel Orpha A D 28-Jan-1984 19-Feb-1983
Pantel Wilhelmine Christine D 30-Dec-1932 26-Apr-1932
Pantel William M 2-Nov-1880 19-Oct-1880
Pantel William C J D 30-Dec-1969 4-Dec-1969
Pantel William Charles Frederick D 30-Dec-1933 12-May-1933
Pantel William L D 30-Dec-1933 6-Sep-1933
Pantel Wm C M 16-Feb-1899 16-Feb-1899
Panther Cecil D 23-Jan-1988 8-Apr-1987
Panther Laura M 29-Dec-1938 6-Dec-1938
Panther Lori Ann B 29-Dec-1961 9-Mar-1961
Panther Maurice D 13-Apr-1996 8-Apr-1996
Panther Mida D 30-Dec-1953 18-Feb-1953
Panther Pamela M 29-Jan-1973 29-Mar-1972
Panther Pamela Joan B 30-Dec-1953 10-Apr-1953
Panther Timothy M M 28-Jan-1978 4-Jun-1977
Panther Timothy Marc B 29-Dec-1950 5-Feb-1950
Pantier Brian Lee M 25-Jan-2003 27-Apr-2002
Pape Denis Mary B 30-Dec-1964 2-Jul-1964
Pape Dianna Lynn B 29-Dec-1967 25-Aug-1967
Pape Kathleen Louise M 30-Dec-1969 1-Jun-1969
Pape Mary Irene D 29-Jan-1994 29-Oct-1993
Pape Oran H D 30-Dec-1936
Pape Richard M 29-Jan-1973 5-Dec-1972
Pape Richard Raymond B 30-Dec-1933 27-Jan-1933
Pape Tillie D 8-Nov-1881
Papenthein LE M 29-Feb-1928 11-Feb-1928
Paper Beth Christine M 28-Jan-1995 8-Oct-1994
Paper Edna L D 25-Oct-2000 23-Oct-2000
Paper Joyce A M 30-Dec-1957 30-Jul-1957
Paper Julie A M 30-Jan-1982 11-Apr-1981
Paper Kenneth William B 30-Dec-1942 5-Jun-1942
Paper Kim L M 28-Jan-1979
Paper Lynn Carol M 15-Feb-1975 10-Aug-1974
Paper Viola A D 18-Jan-1985
Papes Alfred M 21-Jan-1929
Papes Etta M 19-May-1892 17-May-1892
Pappas John Chisto M 30-Dec-1969 30-Aug-1969
Pappas Mary Kay M 27 Seo 1996 24-Aug-1996
Parades Elizabeth B 23-Jan-1992 25-Oct-1991
Parcel Margaret M D 26-Jan-2002 14-Jan-2001
Parchart Brian Keith B 29-Dec-1956 20-Jul-1956
Parchert Alan Wade M 28-Jan-1995 25-Aug-1994
Parchert Brett Michael B 29-Dec-1967 25-Apr-1967
Parchert Carl A D 30-Dec-1955 17-Jun-1955
Parchert Darcee Tanis B 28-Jan-1995 30-Sep-1994
Parchert Daryl Ralph B 30-Dec-1949 2-Aug-1949
Parchert Emma L M 16-Mar-1900 14-Mar-1900
Parchert Floyd D 23-Jan-1988 11-Aug-1987
Parchert James Richard B 30-Dec-1963 9-Oct-1963
Parchert Joan Christine M 28-Jan-1995 25-Aug-1994
Parchert Louisa M D 30-Dec-1955 21-Feb-1955
Parchert Richard Alan B 30-Dec-1954 11-May-1954
Parchert Sherri Dawn B 29-Dec-1961 27-Mar-1961
Parchert Tylen Jakes B 25-Apr-1996 21-Apr-1996
Parchert William F D 28-Dec-1945 26-Apr-1945
Parchert William Frederick B 29-Dec-1962 27-May-1962
Parchet Darren Eugene B 30-Dec-1960 11-Jan-1960
Pardee Anna, Mrs M 19-Mar-1902
Pardee Beverly A D 18-Jan-1986 2-Jul-1985
Parden Marguerite R M 28-Jan-1978 9-May-1977
Pardie Delmar Earl D 26-Jun-1997 24-Jun-1997
Pardie Diana Lynn M 27-Jan-2000 4-Feb-2000
Pardie Gertrude (Nickle) D 4-Jun-2008 3-Jun-2008
Pardie Jay R M 19-Jan-1985 14-Apr-1984
Pardie Leslie William D 15-Feb-1975 13-Jan-1974
Pardie Mildred M D 30-Jan-1982 21-Mar-1981
Pardie Patricia Lynn B 30-Dec-1955 23-Aug-1955
Paredes Alyssa Faith B 31-Jan-2009 p2f 16-Jan-2008
Paredes Jose Rafel M 23-Jan-1992 12-Apr-1991
Paredes Maria De Lourdes Sigala M 31-Jan-2009 pg 7f 5-Sep-2008
Parent Dominick Alexander B 11-Apr-2003 31-Mar-2003
Parent Dominick Alexander B 31-Jan-2004 31-Mar-2003
Parent Michelle D 16-Jan-1984 15-Jan-1984
Parent Michelle L M 19-Jan-1985 21-Apr-1984
Parent Thomas Simon B 29-Dec-1956 14-Jul-1956
Parent Thomas Simon D 30-Dec-1960 2-Oct-1960
Parham Clara V M 3 Feb-1875
Parham FE, Mrs D 30-Dec-1955 26-Aug-1955
Parham Frank E M 27-Nov-1896 25-Nov-1896
Parham George B M 21-May-1884 19-Mar-1884
Parham Marinda May Dolerhide D 29-Jul-1886 27-Jul-1886
Parham Marvin L M 29-Jan-1983 20-Sep-1982
Parham Ovida M D 20-May-1885 17-May-1885
Parham Theodore T M 14-Mar-1862
Parington Helen M 30-Dec-1933 4-Sep-1933
Paris Alisha Lynae B 29-Jan-1983 9-May-1982
Paris Chance Mikel B 26-Jan-1991 15-Mar-1990
Paris Earl D 28-Feb-1928 18-Feb-1928
Paris Levi Stewart B 17-Jan-1987 11-May-1986
Paris Lorene D 26-May-2008 25-May-2008
Paris Lorene D 25-May-2008 26-May-2008
Paris Shane Carson B 28-Jan-1984 23-Nov-1983
Paris Steven B 30-Dec-1955 12-Sep-1955
Paris Donald D 27-Dec-2004 24-Dec-2004
Paris Ernest L M 31-Jan-1981 17-May-1980
Paris James William D 4-Mar-1996 2-Mar-1996
Paris John D 30-Dec-1932 11-Aug-1932
Paris John D 30-Dec-1932 11-Aug-1932
Paris Josephine J D 5-Sep-1984 4-Sep-1984
Paris Kira Lee B 8-Dec-1998 3-Dec-1998
Paris Rachael Anna Close D 29-Dec-1944 3-Jan-1944
Paris Shada Lynn B 31-Jan-1981 11-Dec-1980
Paris Theodore D 29-Jan-1973 11-Sep-1972
Paris Timothy Victor M 22-Jan-1972 12-Jun-1971
Parish Arthur D D 30-Dec-1964 11-Aug-1964
Parish B Dean D 24-Sep-2008 23-Sep-2008
Parish B. Dean D 25-Sep-2008 23-Sep-2008
Parish Bea Madge M 29-Dec-1956 30-Jun-1956
Parish Clara (Miss) M 15-Mar-1929 15-Mar-1929
Parish Floy N D 29-Jan-1983 4-Jun-1982
Parish Kira Lee B 23-Jan-1999 3-Dec-1998
Parish Michele Ann B 29-Dec-1950 7-Feb-1950
Parish Paul Edward B 30-Dec-1954 26-Jul-1954
Parish Tanis Sue M 31-Jan-1976 19-Sep-1975
Parish Timothy Victor B 28-Dec-1951 7-Oct-1951
Parizek Carrie M 5-Dec-2001 20-Oct-2001
Parizek Dorothy F (Sterner) D 15-Oct-2008 14-Oct-2008
Parizek E Marlene D 27-Sep-1999 26-Sep-1999
Parizek Edith Marlene D 29-Jan-2000 26-Sep-1999
Parizek Gilbert J M 30-Dec-1969 15-Feb-1969
Parizek Kirt D M 26-Jan-1980 23-Mar-1979
Parizek Kirt D M 26-Jan-1980 24-Mar-1979
Parizek LeRoy K, Lee D 23-Jan-1988 31-Dec-1987
Parizek Myrtle E D 24-Sep-1997 23-Sep-1997
Parizell LeRoy Kenneth M 30-Dec-1953 14-Jul-1953
Park Albert H D 30-Dec-1955 21-Oct-1955
Park Charles Edward D 30-Dec-1960 24-Apr-1960
Park Clyde D 30-Jan-1982 23-Feb-1981
Park David Charles B 29-Dec-1956 13-Nov-1956
Park Ethel (Baker) D 5-May-2007 4-May-2007
Park Floyd M 30-Dec-1952 6-Jun-1952
Park Gladys M 30-Dec-1937 6-Nov-1937
Park James M 16-Oct-1890
Park James M 4-Apr-1871 13-Mar-1871
Park Mary Kathryn M 30-Dec-1937 25-Nov-1937
Park Mary Leona D 29-Apr-1998 27-Apr-1998
Park Mary Leona D 23-Jan-1999 27-Apr-1998
Park Merritt Allen B 30-Dec-1952 14-Feb-1952
Park Nathaniel Jacob B 15-May-1998 6-May-1998
Park Nathaniel Jacob B 23-Jan-1999 6-May-1998
Park Penelope M 29-Jan-1973 13-Nov-1972
Park Randall W M 28-Jan-1984 23-Nov-1983
Park Viola D 28-Jan-1984 13-Apr-1983
Park Penelope Ann B 30-Dec-1955 19-Jul-1955
Parker Albert D 30-Dec-1953 18-May-1953
Parker Alice B M 27-Feb-1901 27-Feb-1901
Parker Arnold Leroy B 28-Dec-1945 4-Apr-1945
Parker Audrey J M 30-Dec-1935 16-Feb-1935
Parker Betty M 30-Dec-1946 14-Dec-1946
Parker Brennen Jacob B 8-May-1999 29-Apr-1999
Parker Brennen Jacob B 29-Jan-2000 29-Apr-1999
Parker Celeste Maxine B 26-Jan-2002 29-Oct-2001
Parker Charles Norwood M 30-Dec-1965 24-Apr-1965
Parker Cicero Herbert D 30-Dec-1937 12-Jun-1937
Parker Cora Elizabeth D 29-Dec-1962 22-Jul-1962
Parker Daniel Christopher M 26-Jan-2002 25-Jul-2001
Parker Daughter B 13-Nov-1922 13-Nov-1922
Parker David S M 12-Dec-1866 11-Dec-1866
Parker Debra Lynn B 30-Dec-1953 19-Feb-1953
Parker Donna Maxine D 1-Mar-2004 1-Mar-2004
Parker Donna Maxine D 29-Jan-2005 1-Mar-2004
Parker Douglas D M 2-Aug-1999 20-Mar-1999
Parker Eda Mae M 19-Feb-1902 19-Feb-1902
Parker Ethel M M 30-Dec-1941 14-Jan-1941
Parker Etta M 1-Jan-1908 27-Aug-1907
Parker Francis W, Col D 3-Mar-1902 2-Mar-1902
Parker Frank B M 2-Jan-1873 1-Jan-1873
Parker FT M 27-Feb-1901 27-Feb-1901
Parker Golda M 30-Dec-1937 18-Dec-1937
Parker Hattie E D 29-Dec-1956 14-Jul-1956
Parker Ida H D 1-Jan-1912 25-Mar-1911
Parker Ida H (Mrs) D 1-Jan-1912 25-Mar-1911
Parker Ira D 30-Jan-1982 15-May-1981
Parker Jacob Edward M 23-Jan-1999 7-Aug-1998
Parker James H D 8-Mar-2007 5-Mar-2007
Parker Jameson Jacob Scott B 22-Nov-2003 31-Oct-2003
Parker Jameson Jacob Scott B 31-Jan-2004 31-Oct-2003
Parker John S M 30-Dec-1936 15-May-1936
Parker Joseph Elwood D 29-Dec-1939 8-Mar-1939
Parker Joseph Leon M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 1-Sep-2007
Parker Kathryn V D 17-Jan-1987 24-Jan-1986
Parker Kay Lynn M 23-Jan-1992 27-Oct-1991
Parker LaFayette D 5-Dec-1865 16-Oct-1865
Parker Leona May M 23-Nov-1922
Parker Marian Gertrude D 11-Oct-2003 9-Oct-2003
Parker Mary Louise M 31-Jan-1976 21-Feb-1975
Parker Minnie A M 29-Oct-1892 29-Oct-1872
Parker Morgan D 28-Jan-1995 15-Nov-1994
Parker Myisha May M 26-Jan-2002 23-Jun-2001
Parker Nancy Kay B 29-Dec-1950 4-Jan-1950
Parker Nancy Kay M 22-Jan-1972 10-Jul-1971
Parker Orma D 22-Dec-2007 20-Dec-2007
Parker Orma D 24-Dec-2007 20-Dec-2007
Parker Otto M 1-Jan-1913 17-Apr-1912
Parker Otto (Jr) M 30-Dec-1946 5-May-1946
Parker Phyllis M D 24-Jul-2008 22-Jul-2008
Parker Robert M 11-Oct-1871
Parker Ronald Max B 30-Dec-1948 3-Aug-1948
Parker Roxie Ann D 30-Dec-1964 11-Jan-1964
Parker Ruth H M 26-dec-1868 25-Dec-1868
Parker Samantha Jo B 26-Jan-1991 23-Sep-1990
Parker Samuel M 12-Sep-1862 9-Sep-1862
Parker Sandra Kristine B 29-Jan-1994 25-Mar-1993
Parker Sandra Sue B 30-Dec-1969 3-Dec-1969
Parker Sarah D 30-Dec-1937 24-Nov-1937
Parker Steven K M 23-Jan-1988 29-Aug-1987
Parker Susanna D 24-Sep-1884 20-Sep-1884
Parker Thomas D 29-Dec-1939 14-Aug-1939
Parker Thomas B M 2-Mar-1901 28-Feb-1901
Parker Thos F M 2-Nov-1871 6-Oct-1871
Parker Wayland B M 24-May-1871 23-May-1871
Parkes Barbara Jean M 31-Jan-2009 pg 6f 17-May-2008
Parkes Betty Jean M 29-Dec-1956 24-Oct-1956
Parkes Joshua Kilpatrick B 28-Jan-2006 10-May-2005
Parkes Larry Dean M 17-Jan-1987 3-Feb-1986
Parkes Levi Ray B 26-Feb-2004 20-Feb-2004
Parkes Levi Ray B 29-Jan-2005 20-Feb-2004
Parkes Penny S D 7-May-2001 6-May-2001
Parkes Penny Sue D 26-Jan-2002 6-May-2001
Parkes Shirley Jean D 31-Aug-2000 29-Aug-2000
Parkhill Alexander L M 5-Mar-1869 14-Feb-1869
Parkhill Kate M 17-Feb-1866 14-Feb-1866
Parkhurst Cecil D 31-Mar-1999 30-Mar-1999
Parkhurst Dretha Joyce M 22-Jan-1972 6-Jun-1971
Parkhurst James Edward M 30-Dec-1943 14-Nov-1943
Parkhurst James Ellis, Jr B 30-Dec-1933 13-Oct-1933
Parkhurst Michael Leroy M 22-Jan-1972 19-Dec-1970
Parkhurst Orma L D 30-Jul-1995 27-Jul-1995
Parkin Emma D 30-Dec-1955 8-Nov-1955
Parkin Ida Jones D 6-Feb-1928 3-Feb-1928
Parkin Lizzie May M 8-Nov-1883 1-Nov-1883
Parkin Sallie M 8-Nov-1883 1-Nov-1883
Parkin William Russel D 30-Dec-1932 4-Apr-1932
Parkins Mary D 18-Feb-1865 15-Feb-1865
Parkins William D 23-Nov-1893 18-Nov-1893
Parkinson FG, Rev D 21-Jun-1898 20-Jun-1898
Parkinson Sallie D 9-Apr-1819 7-Apr-1890
Parkinson Violet L D 25-Nov-2002 23-Nov-2002
Parks Benjamin Lee B 28-Jan-1995 19-Jun-1994
Parks Benjamin Lee B 25-Jun-1994 p5a 19-Jun-1994
Parks Carroll V M 30-Dec-1955 1-Jun-1955
Parks Douglas Scott B 30-Dec-1953 1-May-1953
Parks Duane Dean M 29-Dec-1962 13-Jan-1962
Parks E A (Mrs) D 1-Jan-1913 6-Jul-1912
Parks Eva, nee Potter D 20-Feb-1928 19-Feb-1928
Parks Genevieve D 30-Jan-1993 29-Aug-1992
Parks George D 13-Jan-1892 12-Nov-1892
Parks George Oaks M 28-Dec-1945 24-Apr-1945
Parks Helen C D 30-Jan-1993 22-Aug-1992
Parks Horatio D 14-Dec-1864 22-Nov-1864
Parks Jane M 11-Oct-1867 10-Oct-1867
Parks John F M 19-Dec-1890 17-Dec-1890
Parks John Finney D 30-Dec-1943 12-Nov-1943
Parks John Lee B 30-Dec-1949 11-Nov-1949
Parks Larry D M 26-Jan-1980 26-Jul-1979
Parks Larry D M 26-Jan-1980 26-Jul-1979
Parks Louise J M 19-Sep-1880 16-Sep-1880
Parks Margaret Lela D 26-Jan-1991 10-Apr-1990
Parks Mary Bacon D 30-Dec-1953 25-Dec-1953
Parks Mary I D 17-Jan-1987 29-Aug-1986
Parks Mary Lou B 30-Dec-1948 5-Nov-1948
Parks Sam M 30-Dec-1935 22-Jun-1935
Parks Son B 30-Dec-1947 14-Dec-1947
Parks Theresa M M 31-Jan-1981 14-Jun-1980
Parks Timothy Charles B 9-Nov-1999 3-Nov-1999
Parks Timothy Charles B 29-Jan-2000 3-Nov-1999
Parks Violet Mae M 30-Dec-1954 3-Sep-1954
Parks William Marshall B 29-Dec-1950 13-Dec-1950
Parler John R, Jr M 28-Jan-1979
Parmalee AG, Mrs D 1-Jan-1912 22-Mar-1911
Parmalee Elizabeth D 2-Jun-1883 2-Jun-1883
Parmalee J M M 31-Dec-1889 13-Dec-1889
Parmalee James C D 15-May-1906
Parmalee Mary M 14-Jan-1879 9-Jan-1879
Parmelee Anna B D 8-Dec-1910 25-Mar-1910
Parmelee Clara Elizabeth D 30-Dec-1946 25-Jan-1946
Parmelee Ella C M 24-Nov-1879 23-Dec-1879
Parmelee Esther Hoyt M 22-Oct-1897 21-Oct-1897
Parmelee Frank Albert D 30-Dec-1946 16-Dec-1946
Parmelee H E D 1-Jan-1912 22-Mar-1911
Parmelee Ida M M 22-Feb-1884 21-Feb-1884
Parmelee J C D 20-Dec-1906 16-May-1906
Parmelee James H D 30-Dec-1953 17-Jan-1953
Parmelee Robert H M 30-Dec-1916 1-Sep-1916
Parmenter Benjamin Andrew B 15-Mar-2001 2-Mar-2001
Parmer Doris D 21-Dec-1998 20-Dec-1998
Parmer Ephraim M 7-Oct-1854 1-Oct-1854
Parmer Fannie L M 19-Nov-1868 18-Nov-1868
Parmer Mrs M 16-Dec-1869
Parmer Stuart D 7-Feb-1851 25-Jan-1851
Parnel Jean Ellen M 30-Dec-1966 1-Mar-1966
Parnell Elsie F M 28-Jan-1984 10-Sep-1983
Parnert Wm M 5-Jan-1872 29-Dec-1871
Parr Hattie M 5-Oct-1876 5-Oct-1876
Parr Henry Lee D 20-Aug-1881
Parr Marie M 11-Jan-1870
Parr Walter Donald M 29-Jan-2005 13-Feb-2004
Parradee Margaret V (Mrs) M 30-Dec-1957 28-Jun-1957
Parrish Arle E D 30-Dec-1968 8-Aug-1968
Parrish Bea Maye B 30-Dec-1936 12-Sep-1936
Parrish Earl M 30-Dec-1937 2-Oct-1937
Parrish Gerald E D 17-Jan-1987 1-Sep-1986
Parrish Gerald Estes B 29-Dec-1938 11-Oct-1938
Parrish Gertrude Louise D 30-Oct-1996
Parrish Gregory Scott M 17-Jan-1987 30-Jul-1986
Parrish H W M 21-Dec-1905 25-Oct-1905
Parrish Julian Benjamin B 31-Jan-2009 p2f 4-Feb-2008
Parrish Kalissta Dawn B 26-Jan-2008 p8a 16-Nov-2007
Parrish Lee Estes M 17-Jan-1987 10-May-1986
Parrish Scott Howell M 30-Dec-1969 1-Jun-1969
Parrish Walter D 15-Jul-2002 14-Jul-2002
Parrott Arthur L D 30-Dec-1948 6-May-1948
Parrott Courtney Marshall M 16-Mar-2006 25-Feb-2006
Parrott Courtney Marshall M 30-Jan-2007 25-Feb-2006
Parrott Estella M 9-Jun-1920
Parrott Lance Marshall M 24-Jan-1998 21-Jun-1997
Parrott Malea Sue B 25-Jan-2003 24-Nov-2002
Parrott Matthew James M 29-Jan-2000 24-Apr-1999
Parrott Ralph L M 28-Jan-1984 30-Apr-1983
Parrow Kenny earl M 25-Jan-2003 10-Nov-2002
Parrow Kenny Earl M 2-Feb-2006 29-Dec-2005
Parrow Kenny Earl M 30-Jan-2007 29-Dec-2005
Parrow Wardine D 3-Apr-2003 31-Mar-2003
Parrow Wardine D 31-Jan-2004 31-Mar-2003
Parry Carrie M M 21-Dec-1895 19-Oct-1895
Parry Donna Kay M 30-Dec-1968 13-Aug-1968
Parry Harry C D 31-Jan-1981 18-Apr-1980
Parry Isabella M 17-Sep-1862
Parry Janice Lea M 30-Dec-1968 31-May-1968
Parry John A M 1-May-1872 1-Apr-1872
Parry Lydia K D 23-Feb-1882
Parry Lyle Herbert M 22-Jan-1972 24-Oct-1971
Parry Rebecca A M 19-Jan-1985 6-May-1984
Parry Rebecca A M 5-Apr-1995 18-Mar-1995
Parry Sarah H M 5-May-1859 5-May-1859
Parry Travis Landon B 15-Feb-1975 25-Mar-1974
Parry Vernon H D 8-Feb-1995 7-Feb-1995
Parson Aryka Lynn B 24-Jan-1998 7-Feb-1997
Parson Deborah S M 18-Jan-1986 27-Jul-1985
Parson Martha M 2-Nov-1871
Parson Phoebe C M 1-May-1872 26-Apr-1872
Parson Sarah D 2-Nov-1895 30-Oct-1895
Parsons Aryka Lynn B 11-Mar-1997 7-Mar-1997
Parsons Bernard Pierce D 28-Apr-2000 27-Apr-2000
Parsons Burton D 16-Apr-1998 14-Apr-1998
Parsons Burton Michael B 30-Dec-1954 5-Dec-1954
Parsons Danny Ray B 30-Dec-1955 6-Nov-1955
Parsons Edward D 30-Dec-1932 24-Oct-1932
Parsons Emiline M 5-Dec-1867 3-Dec-1867
Parsons Frances M 30-Dec-1946 9-Jun-1946
Parsons Gary Douglas B 29-Dec-1961 22-Nov-1961
Parsons Geoffrey Lambert B 28-Dec-1951 25-Mar-1951
Parsons Helen M D 23-Jan-1999 7-Mar-1998
Parsons Hilaire R M 1-Jan-1913 17-Mar-1912
Parsons Jos E M 14-Sep-1876 7-Sep-1876
Parsons Joseph E D 2-Jan-1890 27-Dec-1890
Parsons Laura E M 21-Dec-1905 31-Jan-1905
Parsons Lena M 18-Jan-1898 17-Jan-1898
Parsons Leslie S D 30-Dec-1954 5-Feb-1954
Parsons Lois F D 29-Dec-1962 31-Jul-1962
Parsons Loretta Faye M 28-Jan-2006 1-Jul-2005
Parsons Louie E D 30-Dec-1954 10-Jul-1954
Parsons Louis M 29-Dec-1938 11-Feb-1938
Parsons Lucy R D 30-Dec-1943 26-Jul-1943
Parsons Mary M 8-Jan-1869
Parsons Mary Addie M 27-Dec-1865 25-Dec-1865
Parsons Merlin K M 18-Jan-1986 5-Apr-1985
Parsons Mrs D 1-Mar-1894
Parsons Nita D 20-Jun-1998 19-Jun-1998
Parsons NM M 1-Aug-1876 11-Jul-1876
Parsons Pearl M 5-Jun-1902 5-Jun-1902
Parsons Randy Lee B 30-Dec-1957 6-Jun-1957
Parsons Ryan Keith B 23-Jan-1992 22-Aug-1991
Parsons Sarah E D 21-Dec-1905 29-Jan-1905
Parsons Stella M 12-Nov-1896 11-Nov-1896
Parsons Thomas Eugene B 30-Dec-1952 11-Jun-1952
Parsons Thompson D 3-May-1902
Parsons TJ M 22-Jan-1883 17-Jan-1883
Parsons Tristen Andrew B 20-Sep-2000 6-Sep-2000
Parsons Tristen Andrew B 27-Jan-2000 6-Sep-2000
Partain Dale M 29-Jul-1996 24-Apr-1996
Partida Armando Z D 23-Jan-1992 19-Mar-1991
Partida Roberto Moreno M 26-Jan-2008 p5f 2-Nov-2007
Partington Connie Elaine B 30-Dec-1949 31-Mar-1949
Partington Delbert Dwayne B 30-Dec-1957 29-Apr-1957
Partington Edna Mae D 20-May-2002 18-May-2002
Partington Marlene B 29-Dec-1944 13-Nov-1944
Partington Martin Royce B 29-Dec-1956 27-Jul-1956
Partington Melvin E M 30-Dec-1946 20-Apr-1946
Partington Melvin Eugene D 2-Jul-1997 1-Jul-1997
Partington Melvin Eugene D 24-Jan-1998 1-Jul-1997
Partington Merna M 30-Dec-1954 22-Oct-1954
Partington Neva M 24-Nov-1922
Partington Orrel D M 3-Nov-1922 30-Oct-1922
Partington Pamela Kay B 29-Dec-1950 7-Feb-1950
Partington Reena Ann B 30-Dec-1952 26-Aug-1952
Partington Ronald Eugene M 31-Jan-1976 22-Aug-1975
Partington Ruby Marcella B 30-Dec-1955 11-Oct-1955
Partington Sandra Kay B 30-Dec-1947 16-Feb-1947
Partington Sharon Lynn B 30-Dec-1954 19-Mar-1954
Partington Wendy K M 19-Jan-1985 28-Sep-1984
Partington Lori A M 18-Jan-1986 29-Jul-1985
Partridge Christy R M 28-Jan-1984 30-Dec-1983
Partridge EB M 3-Dec-1869 2-Nov-1869
Partridge Elisha Benjamin D 25-Sep-1906
Partridge Hannah M 14-Sep-1869 13-Sep-1864
Partridge Kenneth L M 28-Jan-1978 9-Jul-1977
Partridge Samuel D 29-Dec-1950 15-Jun-1950
Partridge Sanford D 30-Dec-1957 11-Apr-1957
Parvin Abbott Williams D 23-Mar-1868 22-Mar-1868
Parvin Adelia D 29-Dec-1939 26-Jul-1939
Parvin Adella D 29-Dec-1939 26-Jul-1939
Parvin Bathsheba H D 17-Aug-1850 4-Aug-1850
Parvin Boy B 31-Dec-1913 27-Aug-1913
Parvin Charles M M 17-May-1888 16-May-1888
Parvin Charles, Mrs D 25-Oct-1922
Parvin Clara Effie D 28-Dec-1859 28-Dec-1859
Parvin Daniel J D 26-Feb-1880 24-Feb-1880
Parvin Daniel J M 13-Apr-1860 12-Apr-1860
Parvin Daniel J M 16-Mar-1868 15-Mar-1868
Parvin Glen D M 31-Dec-1913 22-Jan-1913
Parvin Glenn, Mrs D 30-Dec-1953 16-Apr-1953
Parvin Hannah D 10-Mar-1882
Parvin Hannah Dunham D 3-Oct-1859 2-Oct-1859
Parvin Hannah Jane M 7-Oct-1854 1-Oct-1854
Parvin Harriet N D 17-Aug-1850 13-Aug-1850
Parvin HM M 19-Apr-1871 9-Apr-1871
Parvin Ida M M 2-Aug-1862 30-Jul-1862
Parvin John A M 28-May-1866 22-May-1866
Parvin John A M 16-Jul-1860 5-Jul-1860
Parvin Josiah D 7-Aug-1879 7-Aug-1879
Parvin Josiah NB M 31-Aug-1860 40-Aug-1860
Parvin Laura F M 8-Feb-1891 5-Feb-1891
Parvin Laura V D 11`-Sep-1875 10-Sep-1875
Parvin Lydia K D 8-Sep-1874 4-Sep-1874
Parvin Martha D 13-May-1902
Parvin Mary M 3-Jan-1868 1-Jan-1868
Parvin Mary L D 16-May-1865 15-May-1865
Parvin Sarah Ann D 7-Dec-1866 6-Dec-1866
Parvin Sarah Elizabeth D 26-Feb-1920
Parvin Son B 24-Feb-1868 22-Feb-1868
Parvin Sophronia H Allyn D 1-Jan-1913 30-Oct-1912
Parvin Sophronia Hulda (Mrs) D 1-Jan-1913 26-Oct-1912
Parvin Theo S D 28-Jun-1901 28-Jun-1901
Parvin Theodore S M 19-May-1843 17-May-1843
Parvin Thomas S D 28-Apr-1902 16-Apr-1902
Parvin Thomas Simon M 11-Aug-1860 9-Aug-1860
Parvin Tillie A M 28-Aug-1865 27-Aug-1865
Parvin TS, Mrs D 20-Nov-1896
Parvin William D 13-dec-1882
Parvin William, Mr/Mrs M 10-Dec-1869
Paschal Harry Lee D 30-Dec-1965 8-Jun-1965
Paschen Chas M 10-Feb-1883 8-Feb-1883
Paschen Geo W M 14-Sep-1900 5-Sep-1900
Paschke Bernard G D 20-Nov-1984 20-Nov-1984
Paschke Clara L D 18-Jan-1994 18-Jan-1994
Paschke Clara L D 28-Jan-1995 18-Jan-1994
Pasdach Cora M 17-Dec-1908 9-Sep-1908
Pasdach Cynthia Jean B 30-Dec-1957 16-Sep-1957
Pasdach Donald W M 19-Jan-1985 31-Aug-1984
Pasdach Donald Wayne B 29-Dec-1944 17-Sep-1944
Pasdach Emma Jane M 28-Dec-1945 7-Jan-1945
Pasdach Eugene D 31-Jan-1976 7-Sep-1975
Pasdach Gerald John B 30-Dec-1937 27-Jan-1937
Pasdach James Ray B 30-Dec-1954 22-Jan-1954
Pasdach Kenneth Eugene M 30-Dec-1968 14-Oct-1968
Pasdach Michael William B 30-Dec-1942 6-Jul-1942
Pasdach Michael William D 30-Dec-1942 5-Aug-1942
Pasdach Norma J (Wetzel) D 15-Nov-2008 14-Nov-2008
Pasdach Rebecca Sue B 29-Jan-1973 15-Apr-1972
Pasdach Rosa M M 30-Dec-1916 30-Sep-1916
Pasdach Shirley M 30-Dec-1955 11-Mar-1955
Pasdach Tracy Lee M 29-Jan-2005 13-Mar-2004
Pasdach Vinnie M D 26-Jan-1991 22-Mar-1990
Pasdach William C D 30-Dec-1940 26-Mar-1940
Pasdaeh Eugene Elmer B 29-Dec-1938 6-Jun-1938
Pashkin Peggy A M 28-Jan-1984 23-Sep-1983
Pasillas Lucy Aida Gonzalez M 28-Jan-2006 3-Sep-2005
Pasker Kelsey Rae B 30-Jan-1993 4-Dec-1992
Pasker Luci Leahan M 27-Jan-2000 21-Jan-2000
Pasker Paul Damion M 28-Jan-1995 9-Apr-1994
Pasker Paul Damion M 29-Jan-2000 18-Jun-1999
Pasowicz Florence F M 29-Dec-1939 1-Jul-1939
Passer Jessie B D 30-Dec-1941 13-Feb-1941
Passini Florence (Mrs) M 29-Dec-1938 9-Oct-1938
Passini Gus M 30-Dec-1940 16-Sep-1940
Passmore Donna Fae M 30-Dec-1954 27-Oct-1954
Passmore Dwight Richard M 29-Dec-1962 23-May-1962
Passmore Emma Chasteen D 30-Dec-1957 10-Oct-1957
Passmore Fred D 28-Jan-1984 18-Feb-1983
Passmore Ira D 27-Nov-1926
Passmore John (Mrs) D 31-Dec-1889 16-Nov-1889
Passmore John Harrison D 30-Dec-1941 4-Oct-1941
Passmore Lois Irene D 27-Jan-2000 29-Jan-2000
Passmore Mamie E M 1-Jan-1908 24-Jan-1907
Passmore Marie Odette M 30-Dec-1942 18-Oct-1942
Passmore Mary Lee M 17-Jan-1987 10-Aug-1986
Passmore Sandra JoAnn D 18-Aug-2008 15-Aug-2008
Passmore Sharla J M 26-Jan-1980 11-Aug-1979
Passmore Sharla J M 26-Jan-1980 11-Aug-1979
Passmore Agnes M 10-Jun-1920
Passmore Avril JoAnn M 22-Jan-1972 5-Nov-1971
Passmore Bessie May M 5-Mar-1920
Passmore Chet D 25-Nov-1995 24-Nov-1995
Passmore Dalton D 16-Jan-1999 9-Jan-1999
Passmore Donna Fae B 29-Dec-1934 5-Jan-1934
Passmore Dwight Richard B 30-Dec-1932 20-Sep-1932
Passmore John, Mrs D 18-Nov-1889
Passmore Karen K M 31-Dec-1930 23-Aug-1930
Passmore Libbie D 21-Nov-1889
Passmore Lois D 31-Jan-2000 29-Jan-2000
Passmore Violet Ann D 19-Apr-1984 18-Apr-1984
Passmore Wm M 6-Mar-1873 18-Feb-1873
Pasvogal Fritz D 15-Feb-1975 3-Sep-1974
Pasvogal Karen Ann D 14-Apr-1997 13-Apr-1997
Pasvogal Karen Ann D 24-Jan-1998 13-Apr-1997
Pasvogal Leda Helen D 28-Jan-1979
Pasvogel Matthew Douglas M 29-Jan-2005 31-Jul-2004
Pasvogel Mervin M 29-Jan-1973 13-Mar-1972
Pasvogel Mervin Lee B 30-Dec-1946 2-Nov-1946
Pasvogel Mervin Lee M 23-Jan-1999 10-Jul-1998
Patarozzi Drew G M 30-Jan-1982 5-Jun-1981
Patch Kevin Wayne B 30-Dec-1965 16-Aug-1965
Patch Leroy William M 29-Dec-1939 16-Mar-1939
Patch Pearl M 11-Dec-1889 4-Dec-1889
Patch Virginia Alberta M 30-Dec-1941 6-Jan-1941
Patchett John Earl M 30-Dec-1969 22-Mar-1969
Patchett Roy M D 12-May-1997 11-May-1997
Patchett Roy M D 24-Jan-1998 11-May-1997
Pate Anna J D 31-Dec-1931 17-Nov-1931
Pate Carl D 11-Nov-1902
Pate Ellen K M 28-Jan-1984 2-Oct-1983
Pate Emmeline M D 30-Dec-1955 12-Jan-1955
Pate Hannah D 29-Dec-1938 5-Jan-1938
Pate Hannah (Mrs) D 29-Dec-1938 5-Jan-1938
Pate Ida M D 30-Dec-1932 29-Nov-1932
Pate Louise (Mrs) D 29-Dec-1956 25-Feb-1956
Pate Mary Addie M 1-May-1872 3-Apr-1872
Patel Apury A B 16-Jul-1996 13-Jul-1996
Patel Manaesh Ashwin M 26-Jan-1991 12-Apr-1990
Patel Swapnaban Bhikhabhai M 26-Jan-1991 12-Apr-1990
Pates Wilhelmina D 30-Jan-1899 29-Jan-1899
Patez Mary Henrietta D 28-Dec-1951 3-Mar-1951
Patino Daniel Adam B 16-Jul-1996 12-Jul-1996
Patino Emmanda Lynn M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 30-Jun-2007
Patino Eric Alexander B 23-Jan-1999 13-Oct-1998
Patino Eric Alexander V 17-Oct-1998 13-Oct-1998
Patino isabella Marie B 25-Jan-2003 18-Oct-2002
Patino Marissa Christine B 26-Jan-1991 15-Dec-1990
Patino Sergio Adan M 29-Jan-2005 18-Sep-2004
Patmont Lewis H D 29-Dec-1938 4-Jan-1938
Patnode Ellishia Ann B 31-Jan-1981 6-Dec-1980
Patnos Carl L M 29-Dec-1939 21-Oct-1939
Paton Gladys M 30-Dec-1940 4-May-1940
Patrich CA, Mrs D 7-Feb-1922
Patrick Brian David M 27-Apr-2007 p6a 17-Mar-2007
Patrick Camilla D 2-Jan-1890 30-Dec-1890
Patrick Carolyn Frances B 30-Dec-1941 23-Oct-1941
Patrick Charles A D 31-Dec-1931 23-Feb-1931
Patrick Charles C D 6-Aug-1900 3-Aug-1900
Patrick Elizabeth D 21-Dec-1905 9-Feb-1905
Patrick Elizabeth Long D 10-Feb-1905
Patrick George S D 30-Dec-1933 22-Feb-1933
Patrick Joseph D 18-Nov-2004 16-Nov-2004
Patrick Joseph James B 26-Jan-2008 p7e 27-Dec-2006
Patrick Sue A M 8-Dec-1898 7-Dec-1898
Patrick Tyler Lee B 31-Jan-2009 p2f 22-Jan-2008
Patridge Elisha D 20-Dec-1906 26-Sep-1906
Patrino Emmanda Lynn B 23-Jan-1988 13-Jun-1987
Patrizek Mitchell T D 17-Jan-1987 20-Aug-1986
Patronagio Frank M 30-Dec-1940 23-Jul-1940
Patrtzek Myrtle Ella D 24-Jan-1998 23-Sep-1997
Patsakos Peter D 8-Nov-2003 30-Oct-2003
Pattarozzi Dominic M 29-Dec-1939 5-Dec-1939
Patten Barbara (Mrs) M 29-Dec-1956 17-Apr-1956
Patten Florence D 27-Aug-2004 24-Aug-2004
Patten Florence Vianana D 29-Jan-2005 24-Aug-2004
Patten James Sanders D 1-Jan-1913 15-Dec-1912
Patten John Robert M 29-Jan-1994 5-Mar-1993
Patten Logan James B 7-Apr-1998 4-Apr-1998
Patten Mabel Jackson D 1-Jan-1908 17-Aug-1907
Patten Malissa Ann M 23-Jan-1999 22-Aug-1998
Patten Rosa S M 22-Sep-1890
Patten Sarah A Neidig D 5-Nov-1902
Patten Sarah Marie B 30-Dec-1935 28-Oct-1935
Patten Wm D 15-Dec-1862 13-Dec-1862
Patterson Albert Watson D 15-Apr-1854
Patterson Amanda Dawn M 28-Jan-2006 22-Aug-2005
Patterson Amelia M 2-Jul-1880 21-Jun-1880
Patterson Amos M 4-Apr-1874 4-Apr-1874
Patterson Angel Lee B 24-Jan-1998 11-Jan-1997
Patterson Angela Kay B 30-Dec-1966 3-Nov-1966
Patterson Angela Kay D 30-Dec-1966 3-Nov-1966
Patterson Anna M 7-Jan-1884 1-Jan-1884
Patterson Arizona G D 29-Dec-1967 19-Jun-1967
Patterson Ashley Nicole M 31-Jan-2009 pg 6f 1-May-2008
Patterson Austin D 12-Sep-1879 20-Aug-1879
Patterson B Jane D 15-Jan-2003 13-Jan-2003
Patterson Benj F B 11-Sep-1880
Patterson Benjamin F M 4-Jan-1869 31-Dec-1868
Patterson Bonnie Louann B 30-Dec-1941 4-Sep-1941
Patterson Brandon Price M 31-Jan-2009 pg 6f 5-Jun-2008
Patterson Brooke Ellen M 27-Jan-2000 9-Sep-2000
Patterson Charles Edward D 30-Dec-1865 27-Nov-1865
Patterson Charles F D 2-Aug-2003 1-Aug-2003
Patterson Charles F D 31-Jan-2004 1-Aug-2003
Patterson Charlotte Ann M 30-Dec-1953 13-Jun-1953
Patterson Clarice Nolene D 29-Dec-1967 5-Apr-1967
Patterson Constance Mae B 30-Dec-1943 10-Dec-1943
Patterson Darla A M 30-Jan-1982 18-Jul-1981
Patterson Daughter B 1-Oct-1880 11-Sep-1880
Patterson David P M 4-Oct-1888 3-Oct-1888
Patterson Deborah M 1-Dec-1854 26-Nov-1854
Patterson Dewey D 26-Jan-1980 10-Apr-1979
Patterson Donna Mae D 26-Jan-2002 22-Jul-2001
Patterson Donna Maxine D 24-Jul-2001 22-Jul-2001
Patterson Earl B D 26-Jan-1980 2-Apr-1979
Patterson Earl B M 31-Dec-1913 10-May-1913
Patterson Eldon Wayne B 29-Dec-1967 28-Mar-1967
Patterson Elizabeth D 1-Jan-1912 17-Aug-1911
Patterson Elsie Butz D 29-Dec-1938 10-May-1938
Patterson Elsie Butz D 29-Dec-1938 10-May-1938
Patterson Eunice D Barker D 23-Sep-1997 20-Sep-1997
Patterson Fannie L D 30-Dec-1933 9-May-1933
Patterson Fern Alforetta M 29-Dec-1938 13-Aug-1938
Patterson Florence D 30-Dec-1968 6-Apr-1968
Patterson Florence Ellis D 22-Feb-1996 22-Feb-1996
Patterson Frankie M 31-Dec-1889 31-Jan-1889
Patterson George M 30-Dec-1940 16-Aug-1940
Patterson Girl B 31-Dec-1939 25-May-1929
Patterson Gladwin McKinley D 9-May-1902 8-May-1902
Patterson Glen W D 29-Jan-1973 23-May-1972
Patterson Grace Margaret M 29-Dec-1938 28-Feb-1938
Patterson Harold Eugene M 30-Dec-1953 14-Oct-1953
Patterson Harry S M 29-Dec-1938 23-Oct-1938
Patterson Hartford W M 19-Jan-1985 5-Jul-1984
Patterson Hartford W D 26-Feb-2000 24-Feb-2000
Patterson Hattie Belle D 19-Jun-1899 19-Jun-1899
Patterson Hattie J M 1-Feb-1871 20-Jan-1871
Patterson Hazel (Mrs) M 29-Dec-1938 12-Nov-1938
Patterson Henry G M 28-Jan-1978 22-Nov-1977
Patterson Ina B D 2-Jan-1998 31-Dec-1997
Patterson Infant D 15-Jan-1891 10-Jan-1891
Patterson James D 1-Dec-1880
Patterson James D 21-Oct-1880
Patterson James M 11-Dec-1889 10-Dec-1889
Patterson James M 31-Dec-1889 10-Dec-1889
Patterson James M 14-Nov-1879 13-Nov-1879
Patterson James Clifton M 31-Jan-1976 16-Aug-1975
Patterson Jeffery Jon B 30-Dec-1946 13-Jun-1946
Patterson Joan Lee B 30-Dec-1933 15-Mar-1933
Patterson Joanne Lee M 30-Dec-1952 2-Oct-1952
Patterson Julia Ann B 30-Dec-1957 30-Nov-1957
Patterson Julia Ann M 17-Jan-1987 8-Aug-1986
Patterson Karen Kay B 30-Dec-1942 4-Sep-1942
Patterson Kermil D 30-Dec-1916 10-Nov-1916
Patterson Lana Elaine B 31-Jan-2009 p4f 13-Nov-2008
Patterson Lemuel F M 21-Jun-1864 15-Jun-1864
Patterson LL M 7-Jan-1870 14-Dec-1869
Patterson Lloyd C D 28-Apr-1994 27-Apr-1994
Patterson Loren Ray B 29-Dec-1967 8-Sep-1967
Patterson Lucinda M 1-Feb-1898 3-jan-1898
Patterson Luella F D 31-Jan-1981 31-Jul-1980
Patterson Margaret M 22-Jun-1866 21-Jun-1866
Patterson Maria Sue B 29-Dec-1962 2-Jun-1962
Patterson Marilyn J M 26-Jan-1980 23-Mar-1979
Patterson Marilyn J M 26-Jan-1980 23-Mar-1979
Patterson Marshall Rudalph B 19-Dec-2000 14-Dec-2000
Patterson Mary A M 2-Jun-1871 8-May-1871
Patterson Mary Jane B 30-Dec-1963 7-Feb-1963
Patterson Michael Milton B 30-Dec-1942 17-Mar-1942
Patterson Mollie E M 1-Mar-1881 22-Feb-1881
Patterson Morgan D 27-Dec-2004 23-Dec-2004
Patterson Pana M 8-Dec-1882 6-Dec-1882
Patterson Patricia Ann D 30-Dec-1933 6-Mar-1933
Patterson Patricia Anne M 28-Jan-1995 1-Dec-1994
Patterson Phillip John B 30-Dec-1968 7-Jun-1968
Patterson Phillip Wilbur M 29-Dec-1961 13-Nov-1961
Patterson Rachael D 9-Sep-1862 5-Sep-1862
Patterson Randall D 29-Jan-1973 22-May-1972
Patterson Randall Eugene B 30-Dec-1954 4-Nov-1954
Patterson Rebecca M M 26-Jan-1980 17-Nov-1979
Patterson Rebecca M M 26-Jan-1980 17-Nov-1979
Patterson RH, Esq D 2-Dec-1863 30-Nov-1863
Patterson Richard Earl M 22-Jan-1972 24-Dec-1970
Patterson Richard Scott B 29-Dec-1961 16-Nov-1961
Patterson Robert D 24-Jan-1928
Patterson Ronald Ray B 30-Dec-1943 10-Dec-1943
Patterson Ronald Ray M 29-Dec-1962 10-Apr-1962
Patterson Roxann Rae B 30-Dec-1963 10-May-1963
Patterson Sally Jean B 30-Dec-1966 5-Jun-1966
Patterson Samantha Lee M 27-Jan-2000 15-Jun-2000
Patterson Samuel Michael B 29-Jan-2000 23-Jul-1999
Patterson Sarah E D 16-Apr-1888 13-Apr-1888
Patterson Scott D 1-Apr-1883 31-Mar-1883
Patterson Shelly L M 18-Jan-1986 1-Nov-1985
Patterson Susan Marie M 26-Jan-1991 18-Oct-1990
Patterson Theodore W M 10-Oct-1872 10-Oct-1872
Patterson Violetmae June D 27-Dec-2002 25-Dec-2002
Patterson Viviana Price B 31-Jan-2009 p4f 13-Nov-2008
Patterson Warren Earl D 20-Mar-2003 18-Mar-2003
Patterson Wilbur C D 18-Jan-1986 14-Aug-1985
Patterson William Ira M 29-Dec-1939 27-Mar-1939
Patterson William J M 29-Jan-1983 11-Sep-1982
Patterson William Joseph B 30-Dec-1957 8-Aug-1957
Patterson Wilma A D 2-Mar-1994 1-Mar-1994
Patterson Wilma A D 28-Jan-1995 1-Mar-1994
Patterson Wm M 10-Feb-1865 7-Feb-1865
Patton Eubert M 3-Dec-1869 22-Nov-2022
Patton Laura P M 31-Dec-1913 22-Nov-1913
Patton Margaret A M 30-Dec-1957 1-May-1957
Patton May D 30-Dec-1953 22-Feb-1953
Patton Patricia Ann B 30-Dec-1960 18-Feb-1960
Patton Susan Kay B 30-Dec-1963 7-Apr-1963
Patton Thomas Murray B 30-Dec-1954 21-Sep-1954
Patzel Ruth leanna B 28-Dec-1945 12-Jan-1945
Pau Matilda D 31-Jan-1976 23-Sep-1975
Paul Adam F D 28-Dec-1945 27-Jan-1945
Paul Albert F D 30-Dec-1933 27-Apr-1933
Paul Alice L D 26-Mar-1998 26-Mar-1998
Paul Alice L D 23-Jan-1999 26-Mar-1998
Paul Anna M 1-Feb-1900 29-Jan-1900
Paul Anna M 1-Apr-1920
Paul Arthur C D 30-Dec-1955 17-Feb-1955
Paul August Lebarecht D 2-May-1903 23-Apr-1903
Paul Augusta Johanna M 9-Apr-1869 2-Mar-1869
Paul Austin Jay B 26-Jan-2002 16-Sep-2001
Paul Bert F M 29-Dec-1962 6-Sep-1962
Paul Beverly Joan B 30-Dec-1935 22-Sep-1935
Paul Beverly Joan M 29-Jan-1994 14-Jul-1993
Paul Beverly Joan M 30-Dec-1955 28-May-1955
Paul Boy B 31-Dec-1939 7-Feb-1929
Paul Brett D 29-Apr-1999 27-Apr-1999
Paul CA M 18-Dec-1889 17-Dec-1889
Paul Caleb Joseph B 16-Jun-2000 28-May-2000
Paul Caleb Joseph B 27-Jan-2000 28-May-2000
Paul Carios Zaviar B 1-Jul-1997 27-Jun-1997
Paul Caroline M 2-Jul-1862 28-Jun-1862
Paul Charles Adam D 30-Dec-1969 29-Jan-1969
Paul Charles August D 30-Dec-1947 7-Jul-1947
Paul Clara M 30-Apr-1880 22-Apr-1880
Paul Clifford Albert Sr D 29-Dec-1967 23-Nov-1967
Paul Darrin Lynn M 26-Jan-1991 24-Nov-1990
Paul Denise L M 28-Jan-1984 7-May-1983
Paul Diana E M 19-Jan-1985 18-Aug-1984
Paul Diana P M 23-Jan-1999 5-May-1998
Paul Donald Harry B 30-Dec-1940 31-May-1940
Paul Donald Harry B 30-Dec-1940 31-May-1940
Paul Donald Harry M 30-Dec-1965 22-Aug-1965
Paul Dorothy K M 28-Jan-1984 23-Dec-1983
Paul Dwayne D M 18-Jan-1986 15-Mar-1985
Paul Dwayne D M 23-Jan-1988 17-Dec-1987
Paul Edward, Mrs D 31-May-1890
Paul Elizabeth (Mrs) M 20-Dec-1906 6-Feb-1906
Paul Elmer E M 31-Dec-1913 2-Sep-1913
Paul Emma M D 29-Dec-1961 19-Sep-1961
Paul Emmaline Miller D 30-Dec-1932 13-Apr-1932
Paul Enoch M 30-Dec-1937 6-Nov-1937
Paul Ephraim W D 29-Jul-1856 28-Jul-1856
Paul Evyline Helen D 14-Mar-2000 13-Mar-2000
Paul Evyline Helen D 27-Jan-2000 13-Mar-2000
Paul Fannie Etta D 28-Dec-1951 4-Aug-1951
Paul Flora D 22-Jan-1972 5-Feb-1971
Paul Florence Margaret D 10-Jul-2000 7-Jul-2000
Paul Florence Margaret D 27-Jan-2000 7-Jul-2000
Paul Frank August D 30-Jan-1993 22-Feb-1992
Paul Fred Phillip D 28-Dec-1951 5-Oct-1951
Paul Garry L M 26-Jan-1980 29-Jun-1979
Paul Garry L M 28-Jan-1984 23-Dec-1983
Paul Garry L M 23-Jan-1988 26-Sep-1987
Paul Garry P M 26-Jan-1980 29-Jun-1979
Paul Gary LaVerne B 29-Dec-1944 2-Jun-1944
Paul Gilbert D 22-Jan-1972 13-Dec-1970
Paul Gladys M 30-Dec-1964 23-May-1964
Paul Gladys T M 29-Dec-1938 2-Apr-1938
Paul Glenn W D 28-Jan-1984 27-Dec-1983
Paul Gloria M 29-Jan-1973 26-Sep-1972
Paul Gloria Jean B 29-Dec-1950 21-Nov-1950
Paul Grace Margaret D 26-Jan-1991 27-Aug-1990
Paul Harold William D 29-Dec-1967 13-Nov-1967
Paul Hazel M 26-Jan-1980 5-Jul-1979
Paul Hazel T M 26-Jan-1980 5-Jul-1979
Paul Heather Marie B 23-Jan-1999 3-Jan-1998
Paul Henry D 30-Dec-1970 16-Mar-1970
Paul Henry L M 1-Jan-1908 2-Apr-1907
Paul Henry William D 30-Dec-1947 31-May-1947
Paul Ike Steven B 31-Jan-1981 17-Nov-1980
Paul Ina Fae M 29-Dec-1934 6-Jun-1934
Paul Jacob Francis B 23-Jan-1988 7-Sep-1987
Paul James H M 28-Jan-1984 22-Oct-1983
Paul James L M 19-Jan-1985 16-Jun-1984
Paul James Lee M 29-Dec-1967 22-Oct-1967
Paul Jeffrey Allen M 17-Jan-1987 14-Jun-1986
Paul Jeffrey Allen M 23-Jan-1999 22-Aug-1998
Paul Jeffrey Allen M 30-Jan-2007 20-May-2006
Paul Jessica Jill M 24-Jan-1998 2-Sep-1997
Paul John Gottleib D 25-Apr-1881
Paul Joseph David B 26-Jan-1991 4-May-1990
Paul Joshua Caleb B 29-Jan-2000 11-Jun-1999
Paul Kajsa Jane B 25-Mar-1995 16-Mar-1995
Paul Karen Birgit B 29-Dec-1961 21-Nov-1961
Paul Kathleen Mae M 15-Feb-1975 15-Jun-1974
Paul Kelly LeAnn D 7-Jun-1997 4-Jun-1997
Paul Kensley Nicole B 17-Jan-2008 p5a 31-Dec-2007
Paul Kevin Leroy M 23-Jan-1992 6-Sep-1991
Paul Larry S M 26-Jan-1980 22-Jun-1979
Paul Larry S M 26-Jan-1980 22-Jun-1979
Paul Larry Steven M 30-Dec-1968 10-Aug-1968
Paul Leo F, Col D 30-Dec-1957 2-Oct-1957
Paul Leonard L M 29-Dec-1956 25-Jun-1956
Paul Linda Deane B 30-Dec-1949 9-Apr-1949
Paul Linda S M 28-Jan-1978 17-Sep-1977
Paul Louise D 31-Dec-1931 30-Dec-1931
Paul Luall M D 30-Jan-1993 23-Nov-1992
Paul Lyall M M 30-Dec-1936 26-Jul-1936
Paul Mabel Mary M 1-Jan-1912 26-Jun-1911
Paul Mable M M 23-Aug-1999 23-Aug-1999
Paul Madison Lynn B 12-Oct-1995 9-Oct-1995
Paul Malinda D 31-Jul-1984 31-Jul-1984
Paul Margaret Mae M 30-Dec-1965 14-Feb-1965
Paul Michael G M 26-Jan-1980 12-Jan-1979
Paul Michael G M 26-Jan-1980 12-Jan-1979
Paul Michael Glenn B 28-Dec-1951 25-Jun-1951
Paul Michael Glenn M 31-Jan-1976 9-Aug-1975
Paul Moritz M 18-Dec-1889 17-Dec-1889
Paul Moritz M 31-Dec-1889 17-Dec-1889
Paul Nancy Elaine B 30-Dec-1949 31-Oct-1949
Paul Nancy Elaine M 22-Jan-1972 1-May-1971
Paul Nicole Marie B 28-Jan-1978 15-Mar-1977
Paul Philip Fred D 2-Aug-1972
Paul Phillip, Mrs D 30-Dec-1957 15-Jun-1957
Paul Phyllis E M 28-Jan-1984 2-Sep-1983
Paul Ray Ernest D 29-Dec-1967 17-May-1967
Paul Raymond A M 30-Dec-1940 16-May-1940
Paul Richard V D 29-Aug-2002 28-Aug-2002
Paul Ruth A M 29-Dec-1938 17-Dec-1938
Paul Rylie Nikole B 27-Jun-2000 20-Jun-2000
Paul Rylie Nikole B 27-Jan-2000 20-Jun-2000
Paul Sam M 18-Sep-2002 3-Aug-2002
Paul Samuel Martin M 25-Jan-2003 3-Aug-2002
Paul Sandra Kay B 30-Dec-1941 9-Aug-1941
Paul Sandra Kay M 29-Dec-1962 3-Feb-1962
Paul Shannon M 20-Jun-1995 26-May-1995
Paul Shannon D M 31-Jan-1981 20-Jul-1980
Paul Shannon David M 29-Jan-2000 28-May-1999
Paul Sharon Kay B 30-Dec-1943 20-Apr-1943
Paul Shirley J D 7-Jan-2004 6-Jan-2004
Paul Son B 1-Feb-1883
Paul Son B 7-Aug-1884
Paul Steven M 31-Jan-2004 8-Aug-2003
Paul Susan Kay B 28-Dec-1951 21-Dec-1951
Paul Tina Marie M 23-Jan-1999 28-Nov-1998
Paul Travis Joseph B 31-Jan-2009 p3f 9-Sep-2008
Paul Trevor Michael B 26-Jan-2002 23-Jul-2001
Paul Violet M 29-Dec-1939 8-Sep-1939
Paul Vivian May M 30-Dec-1943 5-May-1943
Paul Walter A D 28-Jan-1979
Paul Walter LeRoy B 30-Dec-1937 20-Apr-1937
Paul Waneta Vivian M 29-Dec-1939 11-Feb-1939
Paul Wilbur F D 16-May-2008 15-May-2008
Paul Wilbur F D 15-May-2008 16-May-2008
Paul Wilbur F M 30-Dec-1946 1-Jun-1946
Paul C A M 31-Dec-1889 17-Dec-1889
Paul James H,II B 19-Jan-1985 11-Oct-1984
Paul Deborah L M 30-Jan-1982 25-Jul-1981
Paul Kate G M 1-Jan-1913 5-Jun-1912
Paul Richard Victor D 25-Jan-2003 28-Aug-2002
Paul Sabrina Lee B 24-Jan-1998 19-Aug-1997
Paul Shirley J D 29-Jan-2005 6-Jan-2004
Paul Steven Levern M 24-Jan-1998 12-Jun-1997
Paula Tonya Christina M 29-Jan-2005 30-Nov-2004
Paulding Thelma (Agan) D 12-Feb-2007 10-Feb-2007
Paulette Jessie G D 29-Jan-1973 22-May-1972
Paulette Marilyn Mildred M 15-Feb-1975 8-Jun-1974
Pauley Anne Marie Manthey D 30-Dec-1946 3-Mar-1946
Pauley Daughter B 31-Dec-1930 3-Sep-1930
Pauley Lloyd Guy M 29-Dec-1938 15-Jul-1938
Pauley Lois Marlene B 30-Dec-1935 28-Jan-1935
Pauley Son B 29-Jan-1973 31-Jan-1972
Pauli Daniel A M 1-Jan-1913 24-Jan-1912
Paulin Hiram N M 3-Jan-1859 1-Jan-1859
Paulin Isaac M 10-May-1873 10-May-1873
Paullin Oscar E M 13-Jul-1895 2-May-1895
Paullins Jess T D 30-Dec-1947 17-Aug-1947
Paullins Nina Mae D 14-Mar-1901 8-Mar-1901
Paullins Orpha Gladys D 15-Feb-1975 28-Jan-1974
Paullins Ross Beik D 30-Dec-1968 30-Mar-1968
Paulowitch Boy B 31-Dec-1913 13-Mar-1913
Pauls Walter M 30-Dec-1942 11-Mar-1942
Paulsen Anna Catherine M 23-Dec-1882 22-Dec-1882
Paulsen Bart D M 19-Jan-1985 6-Oct-1984
Paulsen Billy D M 29-Dec-1950 20-May-1950
Paulsen Clara Mae D 31-Jan-1985
Paulsen Dale Erwin B 28-Dec-1951 18-Jan-1951
Paulsen Dorothy W D 28-Jan-2006 28-Jan-2005
Paulsen Eldon G D 25-Jan-2003 30-Mar-2002
Paulsen Eldon G D 1-Apr-2002 30 Mar 200
Paulsen Halie LeAnn B 29-Jan-1994 16-Feb-1993
Paulsen Henry D 29-Jan-1994 21-Oct-1993
Paulsen Howard H D 13-Jun-1994 12-Jun-1994
Paulsen Howard H D 28-Jan-1995 13-Jun-1994
Paulsen Kayla B M 18-Jan-1986 22-Jun-1985
Paulsen Kendra M M 30-Jan-1982 28-Nov-1981
Paulsen Lloyd D 28-Dec-1984 26-Dec-1984
Paulsen Loetta Mae D 17-Dec-2007 13-Dec-2007
Paulsen Loys Margaret D 24-Jan-1998 14-Sep-1997
Paulsen Loys Margaret M 15-Sep-1997 14-Sep-1997
Paulsen Lynne S M 23-Jan-1988 11-Oct-1987
Paulsen Milo Howard M 31-Jan-1976 7-Sep-1975
Paulsen Myron C M 31-Jan-1981 6-Jun-1980
Paulsen Pauline D 29-Dec-1956 4-Oct-1956
Paulsen Teresa Kay M 30-Jan-2007 26-Jun-2006
Paulsen Viola D 30-Oct-1995 27-Oct-1995
Paulson Catherine D 29-Dec-1956 26-Mar-1956
Paulson Ellen L (Pickett) D 24-Mar-2008 22-Mar-2008
Paulson Ellen L (Pickett) D 22-Mar-2008 24-Mar-2008
Paulson Julius P D 30-Dec-1969 19-Apr-1969
Paulson PP M 21-Mar-1902
Paulson Roxalyn M 29-Jan-1973 15-Aug-1972
Paulson Vernon Millard D 28-Jan-2006 16-Aug-2005
Pauly John A D 30-Dec-1953 3-Oct-1953
Pauly Lyda AC M 30-Dec-1916 14-Aug-1916
Pauly Marie A M 22-May-1901 21-May-1901
Pauly Mildred D 24-May-2000 23-May-2000
Pauly Rita J M 30-Dec-1946 26-Nov-1946
Paustian A M 13-Mar-1996 14-Feb-1996
Paustian Adolf D 29-Jan-1973 28-Jul-1972
Paustian AL D 30-Dec-1932 9-Aug-1932
Paustian Alice R (Miss) M 3-Jan-1929
Paustian Alvin L D 13-Mar-1995 11-Mar-1995
Paustian Bernice D 1-Jul-2004
Paustian Bernice Emma D 18-Feb-1929 16-Feb-1929
Paustian Christian M 10-Nov-1922 9-Nov-1922
Paustian Christian JH D 30-Dec-1957 14-Jul-1957
Paustian Gladys S D 30-Oct-1995 27-Oct-1995
Paustian James A D 12-Jun-2003 11-Jun-2003
Paustian John L D 30-Dec-1954 19-Jan-1954
Paustian Lanora D 30-Dec-1965 31-Oct-1965
Paustian Leone M 30-Dec-1936 12-Dec-1936
Paustian Mae Elizabeth D 9-Jan-2004 7-Jan-2004
Paustian Rose D 2-Oct-1972
Paustian Son B 19-May-1884
Paustin Darold L M 29-Dec-1939 1-Jul-1939
Pavey Kendra M 1-Sep-2004 12-Jun-2004
Paxson Edna M D 18-Jan-1986 18-Nov-1985
Paxton Alice Ann B 30-Dec-1933 24-Dec-1933
Paxton Anna Iris D 29-Dec-1950 11-Aug-1950
Paxton Clare Gene M 30-Dec-1966 8-Jul-1966
Paxton Clare W D 29-Jan-1994 26-Oct-1993
Paxton Darla Jo B 29-Dec-1956 27-Aug-1956
Paxton Darla Jo M 15-Feb-1975 7-Sep-1974
Paxton Deborah K M 19-Jan-1985 16-Jun-1984
Paxton Deborah Kay M 26-Jan-1991 11-Aug-1990
Paxton Janet Gail M 30-Dec-1968 1-Jun-1968
Paxton Kenneth I D 28-Jan-1979
Paxton Laurie L M 28-Jan-1984 2-Jul-1983
Paxton Lavina A M 17-Feb-1869 11-Feb-1869
Paxton Phillip N D 29-Jan-1983 12-May-1982
Paxton Richard B M 30-Dec-1952 2-Jul-1952
Paxton Robert Scott B 30-Dec-1957 3-May-1957
Paxton SB, Dr D 30-Dec-1932 3-Feb-1932
Paxton Tamaera Lea M 29-Jan-1994 19-Oct-1993
Paxton Tamara Lea B 29-Dec-1967 6-Jan-1967
Paylightner Ellen M 30-Dec-1935 21-Sep-1935
Payne Bernice D 5-Nov-1997 4-Nov-1997
Payne Beverly Ann M 30-Dec-1957 6-Jun-1957
Payne Breanna Rose B 15-Jul-1996
Payne Christopher Matthew M 27-Jan-2000 28-Jan-2000
Payne Colby Austin B 30-Dec-1966 22-Feb-1966
Payne Darlene D 3-Feb-2004 2-Feb-2004
Payne Daughter B 30-Jan-1982 23-May-1981
Payne Edward E M 29-Oct-1872 29-Oct-1872
Payne Elizabeth Lee B 29-Jan-2005 29-Sep-2004
Payne Emily Nicole B 5-Nov-2001 18-Oct-2001
Payne Emily Nicole B 26-Jan-2002 18-Oct-2001
Payne Eric William D 23-Jan-1992 3-Jan-1991
Payne Erin M 5-Jan-2005 24-Nov-2004
Payne Eugene D 30-Dec-1948 15-Mar-1948
Payne Gene B 30-Dec-1948 15-Mar-1948
Payne George B D 30-Dec-1932 16-Mar-1932
Payne Jacqueline L M 28-Jan-1978 12-Dec-1977
Payne Jeffery Glenn B 29-Dec-1962 1-Jun-1962
Payne Joshua Jay M 31-Jan-2009 pg 7f 18-Oct-2008
Payne Joyce Ann B 29-Dec-1939 22-Feb-1939
Payne Judy Cleora B 29-Dec-1944 20-Oct-1944
Payne Judy Cleora M 30-Dec-1964 4-Jan-1964
Payne Julie Marie B 30-Dec-1966 17-Oct-1966
Payne JW M 3-Jan-1883
Payne Larry Jay M 10-Jan-1972 8-Jan-1972
Payne Leanna L M 18-Jan-1986 7-Sep-1985
Payne Margaret A M 1-Jan-1913 14-Feb-1912
Payne Nellie M 12-Feb-1896 11-Feb-1896
Payne Nina B D 13-Dec-2001 9-Dec-2001
Payne Noble V M 30-Dec-1937 19-Jun-1937
Payne Rebecca Ann B 29-Dec-1962 18-Feb-1962
Payne Rebecca Ann M 28-Jan-1984 21-May-1983
Payne Richard Arthur B 30-Dec-1953 10-Jul-1953
Payne Robert Charles B 30-Dec-1964 23-May-1964
Payne Robert F M 15-Apr-1880
Payne Ronald Wayne B 30-Dec-1940 7-Sep-1940
Payne Scott Alan B 30-Dec-1965 5-May-1965
Payne Sharon Kay B 30-Dec-1943 10-Oct-1943
Payne Sylvia Dorothy B 28-Dec-1951 5-Jun-1951
Payne Teresa F M 28-Jan-1979
Payne Troy William B 30-Dec-1969 29-Apr-1969
Payne Troy William M 28-Jan-1995 22-Oct-1994
Payne Virginia M 29-Dec-1939 30-Nov-1939
Payne William H D 28-Dec-1951 19-Mar-1951
Payne William Herbert B 30-Dec-1942 6-Apr-1942
Payne William Lee M 17-Jan-1987 26-Apr-1986
Paysen Richard L D 28-Jan-1995 18-Sep-1994
Payton Clifton M 30-Dec-1940 7-Oct-1940
Payton James D 24-Feb-1898
Payton James Joseph D 25-Nov-2002 23-Nov-2002
Payton James Thomas D 30-Dec-1942 27-Apr-1942
Payton John Paul B 29-Dec-1934 2-Oct-1934
Payton Joseph M M 30-Dec-1936 23-Jun-1936
Payton Keith E M 26-Jan-1980 3-Mar-1979
Payton Keith E M 26-Jan-1980 3-Mar-1979
Payton Kendra D B 19-Jan-1985 15-Jun-1984
Payton Kendra Dawn M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 5-Aug-2007
Payton M E M 20-Dec-1906 1-Oct-1906
Payton Olive M 8-Dec-1910 19-Jan-1910
Payton Tara Lynn B 26-Jan-1980 22-Sep-1979
Paz Jose Rodriguez M 20-Mar-2007 9-Mar-2007
Paz Omar David B 25-Jan-2003 14-Nov-2002
Paz-Ayala Ruben B 29-Jan-2000 20-Jun-1999
Pazdorski Mary D 1-Feb-1890 14-Nov-1889
Peach Raymond H M 29-Dec-1939 9-Sep-1939
Peachey Tyler James B 18-Jan-1986 17-Jun-1985
Peacock A E M 17-Dec-1908 30-Mar-1908
Peak Allen Lee B 30-Dec-1946 16-Apr-1946
Peak Anthony Robert James B 23-Jan-1999 8-May-1998
Peak Anthony Robert James B 15-May-1998 8-May-1998
Peak Cory Jacob B 18-Jan-1986 10-Sep-1985
Peak David Charles B 29-Dec-1962 6-Feb-1962
Peak Doris M 30-Dec-1943 29-Sep-1943
Peak Jennifer Megan M 28-Jan-1978 15-Feb-1977
Peak Jennifer Megan M 26-Jan-2002 13-Oct-2001
Peak June Rose D 2-Oct-2001 30-Sep-2001
Peak June Rose D 26-Jan-2002 30-Sep-2001
Peak Kelly Renae B 31-Jan-1981 6-Jul-1980
Peak Melodie Kay Rose B 28-May-1997 23-May-1997
Peak Melodie Kay Rose B 24-Jan-1998 23-May-1997
Peak Opal M D 27-Sep-1999 25-Sep-1999
Peak Opal M D 29-Jan-2000 25-Sep-1999
Peak Philip B D 23-Jan-1988 11-Jun-1987
Peak Phillip Wayne B 30-Dec-1943 23-Jan-1943
Peak Robert Ray D 15-Feb-1975 6-Apr-1974
Peak Thelma M D 2-Aug-2007 20-May-2007
Peak Timothy Robert B 29-Dec-1967 27-Nov-1967
Peak Trey Philip B 26-Jan-1991 23-Mar-1990
Peak Viola M D 27-Dec-1995 26-Dec-1995
Peak Whitney Sue B 18-Jan-1986 15-Oct-1985
Peake Sarah Ethel D 29-Dec-1944 7-Jan-1944
Pealer Champ M 30-Dec-1937 18-Nov-1937
Pearce Daughter B 1-Dec-1880
Pearce George B M 24-Sep-1875 23-Sep-1875
Pearce Jon Robert M 30-Dec-1969 21-Jun-1969
Pearce Mary M M 1-Jan-1908 7-Mar-1907
Pearce Mrs D 6-Feb-1891 6-Feb-1891
Pearce Nellie May M 7-Feb-1895
Pearl Adam Keith B 15-Feb-1975 6-Nov-1974
Pearl Thomas M 16-Dec-1909 2-Jun-1909
Pearlman Bessie (Grant) D 14-May-2008 12-May-2008
Pearlman Bessie (Grant) D 12-May-2008 14-May-2008
Pearlman Ervin D 31-Dec-1913 21-Jan-1913
Pearlman Israel D 30-Dec-1953 25-Apr-1953
Pearlman Jack L, Dr D 12-Dec-1997 11-Dec-1997
Pearlman Joyce Eileen B 30-Dec-1947 22-Jun-1947
Pearlman Karen Lynn B 30-Dec-1949 14-Jan-1949
Pearlman Mattie Isascson D 30-Dec-1957 14-Jan-1957
Pearlman Nancy Sue B 28-Dec-1951 24-Feb-1951
Pearlman Nancy Sue M 31-Jan-1976 6-Jul-1975
Pearsall Elizabeth Charlene Mae B 28-Jan-1995 18-Nov-1994
Pearsall LaTasha Mae B 29-Jan-1994 17-Apr-1993
Pearsall Rodney Randall M 23-Jan-1992 14-Feb-1991
Pearsall Violet Marie M 29-Jan-2000 30-Apr-1999
Pearson Albanus D 30-Dec-1932 12-Apr-1932
Pearson Beulah Ursela M 30-Dec-1937 29-Jul-1937
Pearson Charles A D 30-Dec-1957 8-Jun-1957
Pearson Charles Vernon B 29-Dec-1939 12-Mar-1939
Pearson Christine M 29-Jan-1973 1-Apr-1972
Pearson Clayton, Rev D 30-Dec-1932 29-May-1932
Pearson Decorah D 30-Dec-1932 14-May-1932
Pearson Emily Denea M 29-Jan-2005 11-Jun-2004
Pearson Emily Denea M 23-Jun-2004
Pearson Harriet D 17-Dec-1880 15-Dec-1880
Pearson Ida D 29-Dec-1934 7-Jan-1934
Pearson Janet Susan M 28-Jun-1996 8-Jun-1996
Pearson Jean M 7-Mar-1994 14-Feb-1994
Pearson Jerry Keith M 31-Jan-1976 28-Apr-1975
Pearson Joseph D 25-Jun-1897 25-Jun-1897
Pearson Joyce Ann M 15-Feb-1975 25-Apr-1974
Pearson Judith J M 30-Dec-1957 29-Apr-1957
Pearson Karen Lynn M 31-Jan-1976 11-Jan-1975
Pearson Lila M D 20-Dec-2000 18-Dec-2000
Pearson Mary D 31-Oct-1998 29-Oct-1998
Pearson Mary M 14-Feb-1902 12-Feb-1902
Pearson Mary Fogg D 30-Jan-1903 22-Jan-1903
Pearson Nettie (Mrs) D 30-Dec-1946 13-Jan-1946
Pearson Ona D 17-Jan-1987 15-Apr-1986
Pearson Orpha L D 13-Jun-2001 13-Jun-2001
Pearson Paul Clelland M 30-Dec-1941 14-Jun-1941
Pearson Richard Fritz B 30-Dec-1932 6-Feb-1932
Pearson Richard Fritz D 29-Dec-1956 10-Aug-1956
Pearson Robert Charles M 30-Dec-1965 28-Aug-1965
Pearson Robert Roy, Jr B 30-Dec-1947 24-May-1947
Pearson Roy D 31-Jan-1976 28-Aug-1975
Pearson Roy C M 30-Dec-1940 20-Jan-1940
Pearson S D 30-Dec-1940 30-Sep-1940
Pearson Son B 29-Dec-1938 13-Dec-1938
Pearson Susan (Mrs) D 1-Jan-1912 19-Jul-1911
Pearson William D 1-Jun-2001 31-May-2001
Pearson William M 1-Jan-1913 18-Dec-1912
Peart Roger Warren B 28-Dec-1951 13-Sep-1951
Peart Theodore Robert B 30-Dec-1949 27-Jul-1949
Pease Elizabeth B D 2-Aug-1877 25-Jul-1877
Pease Lucy E M 18-Nov-1878 13-Nov-1878
Pease Robert Leroy B 29-Dec-1967 5-Sep-1967
Pease Sherman M D 31-Dec-1913 14-Sep-1913
Pease Sherman M M 11-Oct-1878 9-Oct-1878
Peasgood John I M 8-Dec-1910 29-Sep-1910
Peaslee Nathanael Adam B 26-Jan-1980 28-Sep-1979
Peasley Albert M 1-Sep-1881 27-Aug-1881
Peasley Alice M M 10-Oct-1891 7-oct-1891
Peasley Annie E D 5-Feb-1869
Peasley Betsy Worth D 26-Mar-1881
Peasley Charles L D 16-Dec-1909 28-Apr-1909
Peasley Charles L D 2-Jun-1896 1-Jun-1896
Peasley Elizabeth D 17-Dec-1908 29-May-1908
Peasley Elizabeth M 2-Apr-1879 29-Mar-1879
Peasley Enoch D 13-May-1866 2-May-1866
Peasley Henry G D 14-Nov-1889
Peasley Leslie W M 5-Oct-1876 3-Oct-1876
Peasley Lou M 30-Dec-1970 25-Mar-1970
Peasley Phebe Ann M 14-Oct-1873 13-Oct-1873
Peasley Samuel D 22-Sep-1858 19-Sep-1868
Peasley Sarah Jane D 6-Mar-1861 25-Feb-1861
Peasley Watson H D 3-Mar-1871
Peasley William Samuel D 8-Dec-1910 28-Sep-1910
Peatel Shiv Jay B 30-Jan-1993 20-Apr-1992
Peavey Ada M (Mrs) M 30-Dec-1943 12-Jul-1943
Peavey Richard T M 30-Dec-1943 12-Jul-1943
Peavier Earl Lee M 30-Dec-1941 16-Jan-1941
Peavy Anna D 31-Jan-1981 22-Oct-1980
Peavy Dallas David B 21-Apr-1995 19-Apr-1995
Pecaj Arta M 30-Jan-2007 4-Aug-2006
Pecaj Lek D 6-Oct-2008 5-Oct-2008
Pecaj Lek D 7-Oct-2008 5-Oct-2008
Pecina Luis De Leon M 31-Jan-2009 pg 6f 2-May-2008
Peck A Raymond D 3-Jan-2005 2-Jan-2005
Peck Amarilla Huster D 30-Dec-1942 3-Apr-1942
Peck Amarilla V Hunter D 30-Dec-1942 3-Apr-1942
Peck Bessie Esther D 29-Dec-1934 28-Jun-1934
Peck Boy B 31-Dec-1913 22-Apr-1913
Peck Bradly M 28-Jan-2004 2-Aug-2003
Peck Charles Edward D 30-Dec-1955 16-Nov-1955
Peck Clement J D 6-Nov-1984 5-Nov-1984
Peck Constantine M M 30-Aug-1844 11-Aug-1844
Peck Donald D 13-Sep-2004 10-Sep-2004
Peck DW M 3-Jun-1854
Peck Elmer H M 1-Jan-1912 10-Oct-1911
Peck Emily Renee M 26-Jan-2008 p5f 6-Oct-2007
Peck George W D 29-Dec-1956 11-May-1956
Peck George W M 31-Dec-1913 11-Jun-1913
Peck Georgie G M 30-Dec-1936 28-Nov-1936
Peck Girl B 31-Dec-1889 23-Dec-1889
Peck Helen Louise D 30-May-1996 28-May-1996
Peck Henry D 27-Sep-1895 26-Sep-1895
Peck Henry D 26-Sep-1895
Peck Henry M 19-Nov-1869 18-Nov-1869
Peck J Dewey D 23-Jan-1988 30-Nov-1987
Peck John C M 30-Dec-1940 15-Sep-1940
Peck John F M 9-Apr-1869 30-Mar-1869
Peck John M M 14-Nov-1895
Peck Julia D 6-Sep-2004 3-Sep-2004
Peck Julia B D 29-Jan-2005 3-Sep-2004
Peck Karen M M 26-Jan-1980 30-Jun-1979
Peck Karen M M 26-Jan-1980 30-Jun-1979
Peck Linda Jean B 30-Dec-1949 4-Dec-1949
Peck Mabel W D 26-Sep-1984 25-Sep-1984
Peck Margaret Ann M 8-Oct-1869 4-Oct-1869
Peck Marie Elizabeth D 5-Apr-2001 2-Apr-2001
Peck Marquit V D 29-Dec-1938 20-May-1938
Peck Martha Margaret D 30-Dec-1960 20-May-1960
Peck Mary M 6-Jul-1875
Peck Mary (Mrs) M 14-Nov-1895
Peck Mary C M 5-Apr-1890
Peck Mary Elizabeth B 28-Dec-1951 28-Mar-1951
Peck Mary Wilma D 23-Apr-2001 20-Apr-2001
Peck Mernon W M 30-Dec-1946 1-Nov-1946
Peck Mernon Wesley Jr D 29-Jan-2005 7-Sep-2004
Peck Mernon Wesley Jr M 23-Jan-1992 28-Sep-1991
Peck Mernon, Jr D 8-Sep-2004 7-Sep-2004
Peck Michael L M 26-Jan-1980 25-May-1979
Peck Michael L M 26-Jan-1980 25-May-1979
Peck Michelle Toni M 29-Jan-1994 12-May-1993
Peck Myles Brandon M 26-Jan-2008 p2f 30-Dec-2006
Peck Nathalee Darlene M 28-Dec-1945 26-Aug-1945
Peck Nellie Mae D 30-Dec-1968 16-Jun-1968
Peck Otis M 20-Dec-1906 21-Feb-1906
Peck Ralph D 30-Dec-1960 12-Feb-1960
Peck Rebecca Ann B 30-Dec-1954 24-Jul-1954
Peck Richard Lee M 30-Dec-1957 23-Mar-1957
Peck Robert Owen M 22-Jan-1972 2-Oct-1971
Peck Robert Owen M 17-Jan-1987 25-Oct-1986
Peck Roy O M 29-Dec-1938 21-Feb-1938
Peck Sanford R D 30-Dec-1940 13-Jul-1940
Peck Shirley M 17-Oct-2001 17-Sep-2001
Peck Thomas M 29-Jan-1973 18-Sep-1972
Peck Timothy D 1-Sep-1972
Peck Tricia J M 6-Jun-1996 12-Apr-1996
Peck Wilbur M 30-Dec-1957 4-May-1957
Peck William F D 15-Oct-1887
Peck William S D 16-Dec-1909 11-May-1909
Peck Wm H D 31-Mar-1866 27-Oct-1865
Peck Wm H M 27-Nov-1897 24-Nov-1897
Peck Zella J D 7-Jan-2003 6-Jan-2003
Peckenschneider Albert D 31-Jan-1976 8-Aug-1975
Peckenschneider Ella D 15-Feb-1975 15-Feb-1974
Peckenschneider Lois E D 28-May-2007 25-May-2007
Peckenschneider Mildred D 6-Jul-1984 6-Jul-1984
Peckenschneider Raymond C D 7-Feb-1995 6-Feb-1995
Peckman Anna D 1-Jan-1912 30-Jul-1911
Peden Anita D 9-Jun-1999 4-Jun-1999
Peden Daughter B 29-Jan-1973 21-Jul-1972
Peden George A D 2-Jan-1997 30-Dec-1996
Peden William Allen M 22-Jan-1972 27-Oct-1971
Pedersen Anders D 17-Feb-1972
Pedersen Delmar Gene M 30-Dec-1965 1-Aug-1965
Pedersen Donna Lou M 30-Dec-1968 14-Sep-1968
Pedersen Erik J M 17-Apr-2002 20-Oct-2001
Pedersen George Chris D 30-Dec-1957 29-Aug-1957
Pedersen Gordon H D 15-Jun-1995 28-May-1995
Pedersen Harold D 11-Nov-2002 10-Nov-2002
Pedersen Harriet Elise D 28-Jan-1978 15-Nov-1977
Pedersen Jerry Raymond D 29-Jan-1994 8-May-1993
Pedersen Jocelyn D 2-Aug-2004
Pedersen Judy K M 26-Jan-1980 5-May-1979
Pedersen Judy K M 26-Jan-1980 5-May-1979
Pedersen Katrina Elizabeth B 19-Feb-1994 13-Feb-1994
Pedersen Kelli Gean M 31-Jan-2004 11-Oct-2003
Pedersen Kristen Leigh M 27-Jan-2000 1-Jul-2000
Pedersen Kristen Leigh M 31-Jan-2009 pg 6f 7-Jun-2008
Pedersen Madeline Elaine B 23-Jan-1999 20-Jan-1998
Pedersen Marie D 5-May-2007 3-May-2007
Pedersen Marjorie D 7-May-2003 6-May-2003
Pedersen Sedsel Marie M 24-Oct-1887 24-Oct-1887
Pedersen Son B 29-Jan-1973 28-Jan-1972
Pedersen-Schell Mallery Ashton B 12-Sep-1996 9-Sep-1996
Pederson Dennis Arthur B 30-Dec-1949 23-Feb-1949
Pederson Derek Merle B 17-Jan-1987 1-Apr-1986
Pederson Donald Everett M 30-Dec-1969 28-Oct-1969
Pederson Eric Mitchell B 30-Dec-1954 27-Aug-1954
Pederson Gary Scott B 30-Dec-1952 10-Jul-1952
Pederson Gary Scott B 30-Dec-1952 10-Oct-1952
Pederson Grace D D 29-Dec-1961 5-Apr-1961
Pederson Jerry Raymond M 30-Dec-1969 18-Oct-1969
Pederson Kristen Dale B 28-Dec-1951 30-Apr-1951
Pederson Sally Joann B 28-Dec-1951 13-Jan-1951
Pedeski Annie O (Mrs) D 29-Dec-1956 13-Feb-1956
Pedigo Charles D 29-Jan-1973 1-Oct-1972
Pedigo Charles E D 3-Oct-1972
Pedigo Gertrude D 29-Dec-1938 4-Aug-1938
Pedigo L M M 30-Dec-1916 28-Feb-1916
Pedraza Jasmin Elizabeth Moreno B 25-Jan-2003 4-Oct-2002
Pedrick David James B 26-Jan-1991 8-Oct-1990
Peeden Albert Freeman D 30-Dec-1960 29-Aug-1960
Peek Olive Louvine D 8-Apr-1996 6-Apr-1996
Peeks Frederick Norman B 30-Dec-1949 2-Sep-1949
Peeks Maurine D 24-Aug-2004 20-Aug-2004
Peeks Melanie Mae B 30-Dec-1948 9-Mar-1948
Peeks Melanie Mae M 29-Dec-1967 11-Jun-1967
Peeks Norman F D 29-Jan-1983 20-Apr-1982
Peeks Pamela Jeanne B 30-Dec-1946 11-Aug-1946
Peeples Zula M 29-Dec-1939 19-Jan-1939
Peers Charles Edward D 30-Dec-1964 5-Jan-1964
Peeters Anne Louise D 29-Jan-2000 6-Sep-1999
Peeters Charles Addison D 30-Dec-1941 23-Dec-1941
Peeters Susan K M 18-Jan-1986 1-Jun-1985
Peetz Albert Carl D 30-Dec-1936
Peetz Bertha D 29-Dec-1944 27-Apr-1944
Peetz Betty M M 30-Dec-1946 18-Apr-1946
Peetz Emil D 30-Dec-1942 21-Nov-1942
Peetz Emil A M 30-Dec-1940 6-Jan-1940
Peetz Frank C D 30-Dec-1949 26-Oct-1949
Peetz Hazel D 9-Jul-1984 9-Jul-1984
Peetz William Frederick D 30-Dec-1963 30-Aug-1963
Pefernow Child D 1-Dec-1869 30-Nov-1869
Pegatti Linda M 30-Dec-1940 21-Sep-1940
Pegey Paul C D 30-Dec-1947 1-Dec-1947
Pegley Henry T D 30-Dec-1941 26-Sep-1941
Pegump William D 29-Dec-1944 1-Dec-1944
Peiffer Eugene Richard M 30-Dec-1954 5-Nov-1954
Peiffer Jeanette D 30-Dec-1932 18-Feb-1932
Peiffer Nicholas J, Rt Rev Msgr D 30-Dec-1957 29-Jul-1957
Peiffer Paul Dana D 16-Dec-1909 31-Jan-1909
Peiffer Wm R M 2-Mar-1898
Peine Jenna Linn B 31-Jan-2009 p2f 18-Jan-2008
Peine Jessica D 17-Dec-1998 15-Dec-1998
Peine Jessica Faye B 29-Jan-1994 29-Jan-1993
Peine Joshua Aaron B 28-Jan-1979
Peine Joshua Aaron M 27-Jan-2000 14-Feb-2000
Peine Joshua Aaron M 30-Jan-2007 16-Jun-2006
Peine Lawrence Eugene M 25-Jan-2003 2-Aug-2002
Peine Samantha Souix B 28-Jan-1995 18-Sep-1994
Peine Son B 18-Aug-2000 13-Aug-2000
Peine Cooper James B 29-Jan-2005 15-Sep-2004
Peiper Nicholas P M 23-Jan-1988 10-Jul-1987
Peipert Leona A M 29-Dec-1934 17-Jan-1934
Peirce Allison Renee B 28-Jul-1998 23-Jul-1998
Peirce Allison Renee B 23-Jan-1999 23-Jul-1998
Peirce Andrew B 17-Jan-2007 20-Oct-2006
Peirce Jon M M 26-Jan-1980 24-Feb-1979
Peirce Jon M M 26-Jan-1980 24-Feb-1979
Peirce Jon Melvin B 29-Dec-1956 3-Nov-1956
Peirce Marvel D 31-Jan-1976 29-Jan-1975
Peirce Mathew Jon M 30-Jan-2007 24-Jun-2006
Peirce Maxismus Marion Jay B 26-Feb-2002 21-Feb-2002
Peirce Maxismus Marion Jay B 25-Jan-2003 21-Feb-2002
Peirce Robert W, Dr D 11-Nov-1997 7-Nov-1997
Peirce Terri Lynn M 27-Jan-2000 14-Feb-2000
Peirce Timothy Jay M 31-Jan-2004 21-Jun-2003
Peisner Eugene O, Dr D 18-Jan-1986 27-Mar-1985
Peitsch Mary M M 21-Dec-1905 7-Jun-1905
Peitzmeier August A D 10-Sep-1996 9-Sep-1996
Pekios Robin R M 23-Jan-1988 30-May-1987
Pelham Alexander M 18-Jan-1986 5-Jun-1985
Pelletier George E M 30-Dec-1941 19-Mar-1941
Pellett Faith Susan B 29-Dec-1961 13-Mar-1961
Pellino John F M 29-Dec-1939 29-Apr-1939
Pelszynski Theresa M 29-Dec-1939 18-Mar-1939
Peltman Mary Elizabeth D 29-Dec-1950 17-Feb-1950
Peltom Warren M M 30-Dec-1935 30-Dec-1935
Pelton Albert Clark M 29-Dec-1938 3-May-1938
Pelton Celia D 17-Feb-1902 17-Feb-1902
Pelton Christopher Allen B 31-Jan-1976 6-Feb-1975
Pelton Christopher Allen M 29-Jan-2000 26-Jun-1999
Pelton Clara M 1-Jan-1913 31-Dec-1912
Pelton Clara Mae M 16-Apr-1902 16-Apr-1902
Pelton Cynthia Kay B 30-Dec-1949 14-Feb-1949
Pelton Cynthia Kay M 30-Dec-1968 20-Jan-1968
Pelton Darlene Elizabeth D 18-Jan-1996 14-Jan-1996
Pelton Daughter B 21-Oct-1922
Pelton Debra Irene B 30-Dec-1955 10-May-1955
Pelton Devin Christopher B 12-Jan-1999 10-Jan-1999
Pelton Devin Christopher B 29-Jan-2000 10-Jan-1999
Pelton Diane Kay B 30-Dec-1946 17-Mar-1946
Pelton Douglas John B 28-Dec-1951 4-Jul-1951
Pelton Douglas John M 22-Jan-1972 14-Feb-1971
Pelton Dulcie L D 30-Dec-1953 11-Sep-1953
Pelton Edith M 2-Jan-1873
Pelton Ella M 2-Jan-1879 1-Jan-1879
Pelton Gertrude E D 18-Jan-1986 7-Oct-1985
Pelton Girl B 31-Dec-1939 1-Aug-1929
Pelton Gregory Alan B 30-Dec-1953 21-Jun-1953
Pelton Irvin D 7-Jan-1878 5-Jan-1878
Pelton Jane Michele B 30-Dec-1953 9-Aug-1953
Pelton Janet Susan M 29-Jan-1973 24-Oct-1972
Pelton Jessica Lynn B 22-Jan-1972 7-May-1971
Pelton Jessica Lynn M 23-Jan-1992 9-Mar-1991
Pelton Kenneth LeRoy M 30-Dec-1946 1-Aug-1946
Pelton LL D 18-Apr-1877 17-Mar-1877
Pelton Morgan Paige B 8-Aug-2002 23-Jul-2002
Pelton Morgan Paige B 25-Jan-2003 23-Jul-2002
Pelton Nellie M 18-Oct-1900 17-Oct-1900
Pelton Noreen M 30-Dec-1946 1-Jun-1946
Pelton Robert William B 30-Dec-1948 5-Jan-1948
Pelton Rose E M 31-Dec-1913 15-Jan-1913
Pelton Roy E D 29-Jan-1983 24-Feb-1982
Pelton William Arthur D 30-Dec-1953 29-Oct-1953
Peltz Matthew Edward B 30-Dec-1965 10-Sep-1965
Pelzer Anna Kathleen B 8-Dec-1995 5-Dec-1995
Pelzer Daniel John B 29-Jan-1994 2-Oct-1993
Pelzer Danielle Joan B 9-Jan-1996 28-Dec-1995
Pelzer Mark E M 29-Jan-1983 13-Mar-1982
Pelzer Marry Catherine M 30-Dec-1955 2-Apr-1955
Pelzer Trisha Brooke M 31-Jan-2009 pg 6f 5-Jul-2008
Pemble Frank I M 22-Oct-1881 20-Oct-1881
Pena Aaron Jordan B 29-Jan-1994 22-Jun-1993
Pena Adamarys B 29-Jan-2000 6-Nov-1999
Pena Carmen P M 29-Dec-1962 14-Sep-1962
Pena Claudia Patricia M 20-Mar-2006 3-Mar-2006
Pena Claudia Patricia M 30-Jan-2007 3-Mar-2006
Pena Edna Lulu M 28-Jan-1995 25-Nov-1994
Pena Ernesto M M 28-Jan-1984 28-Dec-1983
Pena Eudelia Gongora D 26-Jan-1991 20-Aug-1990
Pena Eudelia Marie B 23-Jan-1992 8-Aug-1991
Pena Hector Jr B 25-Jan-2003 11-Sep-2002
Pena Isaac B 26-Jan-1991 22-Dec-1990
Pena Jeronimo G D 29-Jan-2005 12-Sep-2004
Pena Jose Rafael M 30-Jan-1993 13-Aug-1992
Pena Miguel Antonio B 31-Jan-2009 p2f 24-Feb-2008
Pena Ricardo B 26-Jan-2002 27-Nov-2001
Pena Santiago B 26-Jan-2008 p8e 2-Oct-2007
Pena Serapio B 29-Jan-1994 27-Dec-1993
Pena Adamarvs B 10-Nov-1999 6-Nov-1999
Pena Genora M 29-Dec-1950 25-Nov-1950
Pena Jeronimo D 14-Sep-2004 12-Sep-2004
Pena Jose E M 28-Jan-1979
Pena Lucinda D 23-Jan-1992 22-Oct-1991
Pence Barry Douglas M 23-Jan-1999 19-Sep-1998
Pence Bob D 15-Oct-2001 12-Oct-2001
Pence Charles H D 30-Dec-1947 5-Nov-1947
Pence Edwin Tully B 30-Dec-1942 19-Jul-1942
Pence Forrest D 24-Jul-2001 22-Jul-2001
Pence Mallory Maxine B 24-Nov-1999 15-Nov-1999
Pence Mallory Maxine B 29-Jan-2000 15-Nov-1999
Pence Montana Nicole B 28-Jan-1995 6-Sep-1994
Pence Morgan Kellee M 26-Jan-2008 p5f 5-Oct-2007
Pence Nellie E D 29-Dec-1961 22-Nov-1961
Pence Nina M D 29-Dec-1961 19-Jul-1961
Pence Orville Byers, Sr D 15-Jan-2003 13-Jan-2003
Pence Shirley D 2-Jul-1999 30-Jul-1999
Pence Joseph D 31-Jan-1981 6-Feb-1980
Pencil Myra Joan M 23-Jan-1992 20-May-1991
Pencil Patricia (Kallaus) D 8-May-2007 6-May-2007
Pendell Betty Jean D 28-Jan-1978 11-Mar-1977
Pendell Elmer D M 28-Jan-1979
Pendell Elmer Dallas D 14-Nov-1997 13-Nov-1997
Pendergas Anna D 30-Dec-1955 26-Dec-1955
Pendergast James M 2-Jan-1890
Penderson Dennis W M 31-Jan-1981 17-May-1980
Penderson Mary A M 26-Jan-1980 23-Jan-1979
Penderson Mary A M 26-Jan-1980 23-Jan-1979
Penderson Michelle M 20-Oct-2001
Penderson Michelle Lee M 26-Jan-2002 20-Oct-2001
Penderson Morgan Nicole B 29-Jan-1983 21-Apr-1982
Penderson Raymond D 22-Jan-1972 15-Jan-1971
Penderson Raymond Eugene B 30-Dec-1948 6-Mar-1948
Penderson Shawn Michael D 26-Jan-1980 5-Mar-1979
Penderson Tona D 8-Jan-2001 6-Jan-2001
Penderson Tona Dale D 26-Jan-2002 6-Jan-2001
Pendleton George D 21-Apr-1999 15-Apr-1999
Pendleton Jerry Loren M 23-Jan-1999 16-May-1998
Pendleton Patrick Ryan B 24-Aug-2000 14-Aug-2000
Pendleton Shanon Albertson M 23-Dec-1997 22-Nov-1997
Penelerick Dulcie Mary D 17-Feb-1996 15-Feb-1996
Peniston Adalia 'Della' D 16-Dec-2006 18-Dec-2006
Peniston Allona Ann Doreen B 31-Jan-2009 p4f 16-Oct-2008
Peniston Bridget Jean B 25-Jun-1996 21-Jun-1996
Peniston Debra Doreen B 30-Dec-1965 17-Mar-1965
Peniston Dorothy M D 28-Jan-1984 8-Feb-1983
Peniston Earnest O D 1-Dec-2007 29-Nov-2007
Peniston Ernest O M 28-Jan-1984 7-Oct-1983
Peniston Eugene G M 30-Dec-1954 30-Apr-1954
Peniston Eugene G M 30-Dec-1954 30-Apr-1954
Peniston Howard Ernie Jr M 25-Jan-2003 2-Apr-2002
Peniston James M M 19-Jan-1985 21-Jul-1984
Peniston James Milton M 29-Jan-2000 20-Sep-1999
Peniston Jerry Lee D 13-Jan-1972 12-Jan-1972
Peniston John Lewis B 29-Dec-1962 14-Nov-1962
Peniston Regina Ann B 30-Dec-1952 3-Dec-1952
Peniston Robert L D 22-Jan-1972 24-Oct-1971
Peniston Robert Leroy B 29-Dec-1956 8-May-1956
Peniston Samantha TauLee B 23-Jan-1999 20-Feb-1998
Peniston Shaley Lanntae B 29-Jan-2000 12-Nov-1999
Peniston Sonya Jean B 18-Jan-1986 24-May-1985
Penland Ashley Lynn B 29-Jan-2005 20-May-2004
Penland Gregory Allen M 31-Jan-2004 22-Jun-2003
Penna Albert Della D 29-Dec-1956 20-Jul-1956
Penna Michael B 29-Dec-1950 28-Sep-1950
Penna Shirlee Della B 28-Dec-1945 20-Oct-1945
Penna Tina Lynn M 23-Jan-1992 14-Jun-1991
Pennell Frank M 6-May-1863 5-May-1863
Pennell George I Miles D 20-Aug-1872 19-Aug-1872
Pennell James M D 26-Sep-1876 15-Sep-1876
Penner Clair Leslie M 31-Jan-1976 26-Jul-1975
Penney Josephine M 16-Dec-1909 14-Jan-1909
Penningroth Raymond Dow M 29-Dec-1956 1-Jun-1956
Pennington Allyson Kay B 25-Jan-1996 11-Jan-1996
Pennington Donna Louise M 31-Jan-1976 4-Aug-1975
Pennington Minerva D 2-Dec-2002 30-Nov-2002
Pennington William Paul, Jr B 7-Feb-1997 15-Jan-1997
Penniston Adalia May B 28-Dec-1951 27-Feb-1951
Penniston Earnest Oscar Jr B 29-Dec-1950 25-Apr-1950
Penniston Howard Ernie B 29-Dec-1950 9-Oct-1950
Penniston Perry M 16-Oct-1995 7-Oct-1995
Penniston Perry Alan B 29-Dec-1956 30-Aug-1956
Pennock Gladys L M 30-Dec-1933 17-Apr-1933
Pennock Kenneth D M 30-Dec-1937 25-Sep-1937
Pennock Myrl W M 30-Dec-1935 16-Aug-1935
Pennock Raymond Myrl M 17-Jan-1987 22-Sep-1986
Pennock William Cozad B 29-Dec-1967 31-Oct-1967
Pennuto Frank R D 29-Jan-1994 21-May-1993
Penny Frederick S M 31-Dec-1913 15-Dec-1913
Penrod Mae M 1-Jan-1913 11-Oct-1912
Penrose Lewis M 6-Jul-1871 4-Jul-1871
Penrose Mary Louvae M 29-Dec-1938 11-Feb-1938
Pense Delphine M 29-Dec-1939 9-Dec-1939
Pentecost Gene Alfred B 30-Dec-1949 29-Sep-1949
Pentzel Isabel McGeehon D 30-Dec-1964 2-May-1964
Pentzer Emma M 5-Jan-1872 13-Dec-1871
Pentzer F S M 31-Dec-1889 30-Dec-1889
Pentzer Fred D 30-Dec-1943 27-Dec-1943
Pentzer Fred D 27-Dec-1943
Pentzer Jacob L M 1-Jan-1912 29-Nov-1911
Pentzer Jennie M 29-Jun-1874 24-Jun-1874
Pentzer Martha C D 31-Dec-1913 16-Aug-1913
Pentzer William D 27-Jul-1900 26-Jul-1900
Penzofer Penny Marie M 24-Jan-1998 28-Jun-1997
Pepin Lawrence Ellsworth B 29-Dec-1934 2-Nov-1934
Peppel Darlene D 11-Aug-2004
Peppel Darlene M M 28-Jan-1978 22-Oct-1977
Peppel Darlene Mae D 29-Jan-2005 10-Aug-2004
Peppel Doris M D 23-Jan-1992 14-Jan-1991
Peppel Forest G D 30-Dec-1966 4-May-1966
Peppel George S D 22-Jan-1972 16-Aug-1971
Peppel James E M 30-Dec-1955 13-Apr-1955
Peppel James R M 1-Jan-1908 12-Jan-1907
Peppel Jannelle Hazel May B 29-Dec-1950 31-Jan-1950
Peppel Jerry Lane B 29-Dec-1961 15-Mar-1961
Peppel Joyce Jean M 29-Dec-1956 28-Apr-1956
Peppel Mary Ellen D 29-Dec-1961 30-May-1961
Peppel Patricia R M 28-Jan-1978 28-Aug-1977
Peppel Patricia Rae B 28-Dec-1951 23-May-1951
Peppel Robert D 28-Jan-2006 9-Oct-2005
Peppel Robert L M 29-Dec-1956 2-Jun-1956
Peppel Robert L M 28-Jan-1978 22-Oct-1977
Peppel Robert Scott B 29-Dec-1962 11-Jun-1962
Peppel Robert Scott M 27-Jan-2000 4-Nov-2000
Peppel Rosella Mae B 30-Dec-1957 17-Feb-1957
Peppel Shelby L M 23-Jan-1988 31-Mar-1987
Peppel Shelby Lynn B 29-Dec-1967 3-Jun-1967
Pepper Minnie T M 1-Sep-1863 27-Aug-1863
Pepper Norma Mae D 12-Jan-2002 10-Jan-2002
Pepper Wallace E M 29-Dec-1939 30-Sep-1939
Peppers Abbie D 30-Dec-1957 5-Jan-1957
Peppers Benjamin D 1-Jan-1908 16-Oct-1907
Peppers EB M 7-Mar-1899 7-Mar-1899
Peppers John B M 30-Dec-1880 30-Dec-1880
Peppers Susan E M 16-Jul-1866 16-Jul-1866
Peppers Thomas Joseph B 30-Dec-1949 2-Aug-1949
Peppers William, Mrs D 30-Dec-1957 27-Feb-1957
Pepsin Frank E M 30-Dec-1933 16-Apr-1933
Perales Artemio Jesus B 26-Jan-2008 p7e 4-May-2007
Perales Elena B 28-Jan-1978 16-Oct-1977
Perales Elena M 31-Jan-2004 23-May-2003
Perales Elida B 31-Jan-1976 16-Dec-1975
Perales Elizabeth B 31-Jan-1976 22-Jan-1975
Perales Joaquin Esai B 26-Jan-2002 15-Dec-2001
Perales Juan B 26-Jan-1980 16-Nov-1979
Perales Juan Aguilar M 30-Jan-2007 19-Aug-2006
Perales Olivia Cyrene Sywassink B 12-Aug-2002 19-Jul-2002
Perales Olivia Cyrene Sywassink B 25-Jan-2003 19-Jul-2002
Perales Oscar Gomez B 26-Jan-1980 20-Jun-1979
Perales Patricia Solis M 27-Jan-2000 14-Dec-2000
Perales Pedro Solis M 31-Jan-1976 21-Jan-1975
Perales Pedro, Jr B 31-Jan-1981 4-Mar-1980
Perales Rolando A M 23-Jan-1999 23-May-1998
Perales Rolando Santiago B 23-Jan-1999 20-Jan-1999
Perales Rolando Santiago B 29-Jan-2000 20-Jan-1999
Perales Savanna Rose B 26-Jan-2002 17-Aug-2001
Perales Sebastian Rene B 27-Sep-1997 24-Sep-1997
Perales Sebastian Rene B 24-Jan-1998 24-Sep-1997
Perales Son B 29-Jan-1973 15-May-1972
Perales Victoria D 10-Jul-1998 9-Jul-1998
Perales Victoria D 23-Jan-1999 9-Jul-1998
Perales-Castillo Alicia Mati Anna B 26-Jan-2002 22-Dec-2001
Peralez Mary Esmeralda B 31-Jan-1976 22-Feb-1975
Peralta Elizabeth D 3-Feb-2003 31-Jan-2003
Percell Keith D M 28-Jan-1979
Perceval Berdina D 30-Dec-1933 8-Jan-1933
Percy Patsy Lou B 30-Dec-1936 31-Oct-1936
Perdue Barbara D 29-Jan-1983 28-Feb-1982
Perdue Charles R D 18-Jan-1986 22-Apr-1985
Perdue Clarence A M 28-Jan-1978 8-Sep-1977
Perdue Clarence Albert D 28-Jan-1979
Perdue Elizabeth D 30-Dec-1969 30-Apr-1969
Perdue Lee Roy D 28-Jan-1979
Perdue Lita Jo B 30-Dec-1963 14-Feb-1963
Perdue Robert Allen B 30-Dec-1947 20-Apr-1947
Perera Donald Allen M 30-Dec-1969 21-Dec-1969
Perez Alisha Renae B 18-Nov-1999 15-Nov-1999
Perez Ana Lilia B 29-Jan-2000 15-Jun-1999
Perez Antonia Garcia D 3-Jan-2000 29-Dec-1999
Perez Arnold D 29-Dec-2008 26-Dec-2008
Perez Arnold M 29-Jan-1994 13-Aug-1993
Perez Benito D 30-Dec-1966 4-Sep-1966
Perez Daisy Margarita B 27-Jan-2000 21-Jan-2000
Perez Dora M 24-Jan-1998 25-Aug-1997
Perez Efrain M 18-Jan-1986 1-Oct-1985
Perez Elizabeth M 26-Jan-1991 17-Mar-1990
Perez German Perez B 30-Jan-1982 26-Sep-1981
Perez Gloria Ann B 30-Jan-1982 13-Sep-1981
Perez Infant D 31-Jan-1981 22-Feb-1980
Perez Infant Child D 31-Jan-1981 22-Feb-1980
Perez Isabel Esparanza B 28-Jan-2006 4-Apr-2005
Perez Jasmin B 31-Jan-2009 p2f 16-Jan-2008
Perez Jenna Paige B 25-Jan-2003 25-May-2002
Perez Jesus Jr M 29-Jan-2000 7-Oct-1999
Perez Jonas Andrew B 31-Jan-2004 30-Jun-2003
Perez Jorge Guadalupe B 16-Dec-1997 12-Dec-1997
Perez Jorge Guadalupe B 24-Jan-1998 12-Dec-1997
Perez Jose Alfredo B 29-Jan-2005 28-Aug-2004
Perez Jose F M 19-Jan-1985 3-May-1984
Perez Jose Martin M 28-Jan-2006 10-Apr-2005
Perez Juan J M 30-Jan-1982 6-May-1981
Perez Lillian Ann M 17-Dec-2005 12-Dec-2005
Perez Lillian Ann M 28-Jan-2006 12-Dec-2005
Perez Magdalena Garza B 29-Dec-1961 5-Jun-1961
Perez Maria Del Carman M 26-Jan-1980 19-Jun-1979
Perez Maria Del Carmen M 26-Jan-1980 19-Jun-1979
Perez Maricela M 23-Jan-1999 4-Dec-1998
Perez Melissa B 18-Jan-1986 5-Sep-1985
Perez Mike Fidencio B 1 Jaul 1997 28-Jun-1997
Perez Mike Fidencio Jr B 24-Jan-1998 28-Jun-1997
Perez Mirta Maria M 22-Jan-1972 29-Aug-1971
Perez Priscilla Moncerar B 31-Jan-2009 p3f 1-Sep-2008
Perez Ramon M 24-Jan-1998 26-Apr-1997
Perez Rosa Linda M 26-Jan-1991 22-Oct-1990
Perez Santiago D 9-Mar-1994 7-Mar-1994
Perez Santiago D 9-Mar-1994 7-Mar-1994
Perez Santiago D 28-Jan-1995 7-Mar-1994
Perez Santiago M 23-Jan-1999 9-Jan-1998
Perez Santos M 29-Jan-1994 12-Jul-1993
Perez Sonia M 26-Jan-2002 29-Mar-2001
Perez Tomas Valdivia M 28-Jan-1995 9-May-1994
Perez Viola NMN M 17-Jan-1987 29-Dec-1986
Perez Yolanda Anita M 25-Jan-2003 28-Jul-2002
Perezek Leslie C D 20-Aug-2002 19-Aug-2002
Pereznegron Camila Alejandra B 31-Jan-2009 p3f 8-Aug-2008
Pereznegron Jose Guadalupe M 26-Jan-2008 p5f 16-Nov-2007
Pergande Cynthia L M 31-Jan-1981 16-May-1980
Perigo Fred M D 30-Dec-1953 3-Feb-1953
Perigo Mary Josephine M 30-Dec-1940 9-Nov-1940
Perin John D 23-Jan-1866 21-Jan-1866
Perin Rachel D 13-Jun-1866 11-Jun-1866
Periog Lawrence J D 30-Dec-1940 18-Jun-1940
Perisho Mark G M 28-Jan-1979
Perisho Ruth D D 11-May-1994 10-May-1994
Perisho Vern Guy D 12-Apr-2001 11-Apr-2001
Perisho Vern Guy D 26-Jan-2002 11-Apr-2001
Perkey Howard E M 29-Dec-1938 2-Apr-1938
Perkins Adeline Ann B 30-Dec-1942 19-Jul-1942
Perkins Agnes M D 29-Jan-1983 18-Jan-1982
Perkins Albert A M 4-Oct-1869 30-Sep-1869
Perkins Allen D 4-Sep-2001 2-Sep-2001
Perkins Allen Morton D 26-Jan-2002 3-Sep-2001
Perkins Allen Morton M 29-Dec-1956 30-Jun-1956
Perkins Barbara Jean D 29-Dec-1944 15-Apr-1944
Perkins Brian Neal B 30-Dec-1957 4-Sep-1957
Perkins Brinkley D 1-Jan-1908 6-Nov-1907
Perkins Bryna Lyn M 24-Jan-1998 23-Aug-1997
Perkins Carrie Lynn B 30-Dec-1969 11-Nov-1969
Perkins Charles M 3-Dec-1943 27-Nov-1943
Perkins Charles Bert M 30-Dec-1952 10-Jun-1952
Perkins Child D 16-Mar-1882
Perkins Chiristopher John M 11-Feb-1998 2-Aug-1997
Perkins Christina William B 31-Jan-2009 p4f 27-Oct-2008
Perkins Cindy C M 31-Jan-1981 18-Oct-1980
Perkins Clarence Edward B 29-Dec-1950 7-Feb-1950
Perkins Clarence Howard D 30-Dec-1948 16-Aug-1948
Perkins Corine Ann B 30-Dec-1942 13-Feb-1942
Perkins Daniel Merle M 30-Jan-2007 31-Aug-2006
Perkins David Morton B 28-Dec-1951 17-Jun-1951
Perkins Delia Elizabeth D 30-Dec-1941 20-Sep-1941
Perkins DeWitt N D 30-Dec-1963 24-Nov-1963
Perkins Frank H D 21-Jan-1864 20-Jan-1864
Perkins Franklin M 11-Aug-1874 11-Aug-1874
Perkins Harry Trimble D 14-Sep-1877 10-Sep-1877
Perkins Henry M 8-Nov-1861 7-Nov-1861
Perkins Irene D 15-Apr-1999 13-Apr-1999
Perkins James Roger B 30-Dec-1957 2-Jan-1957
Perkins Joyce Lucille M 30-Dec-1957 26-Oct-1957
Perkins Katie Walton D 18-May-1878 16-May-1878
Perkins Larry Ray D 15-Feb-2002 13-Feb-2002
Perkins Laura D 29-Jan-2000 13-Aug-1999
Perkins Laura D 16-Aug-1999 13-Aug-1999
Perkins Leslie James D 9-Oct-2003 8-Oct-2003
Perkins Lester A D 29-Jan-1973 18-Mar-1972
Perkins Lillie NS M 17-Oct-1874 16-Oct-1874
Perkins Linda Kay B 29-Dec-1944 1-Nov-1944
Perkins Linda Kay D 28-Jan-1979
Perkins Lucille Joyce B 30-Dec-1937 16-Nov-1937
Perkins Mary Jane B 30-Dec-1963 11-Jan-1963
Perkins Morton Wiley B 30-Dec-1949 7-Sep-1949
Perkins Morton Wiley (Jr) D 30-Dec-1949 12-Sep-1949
Perkins Nancy D 23-Jan-1988 12-Oct-1987
Perkins Nancy E D 30-Dec-1968 27-Sep-1968
Perkins Nellie Cass D 30-Dec-1942 25-Nov-1942
Perkins Pearl B D 8-Dec-1972
Perkins Pearl E D 29-Jan-1973 8-Dec-1972
Perkins Robert Miles D 28-Dec-1945 18-Sep-1945
Perkins Ruth Ann B 29-Dec-1962 4-Oct-1962
Perkins Stuart Lysle B 30-Dec-1954 24-Apr-1954
Perkins Tanner Wayne Eugene B 12-Sep-2001 4-Sep-2001
Perkins Tom M 9-Apr-2003 19-Oct-2003
Perkins Tommy M 29-Dec-1961 26-Jan-1961
Perkins Wiley M M 2-Aug-1920
Perkins WR M 26-Dec-1872 25-Dec-1872
Perley David Roger M 31-Jan-2004 30-Aug-2003
Perley Nicholas Dean B 23-Jan-1992 17-May-1991
Perrin Jonathan Michael M 31-Jan-2004 24-Oct-2003
Perrin Karen K M 28-Jan-1984 17-Mar-1983
Perrin Riley Michael B 25-Jan-2003 24-Feb-2002
Perrin Russell T M 26-Jan-1980 25-Aug-1979
Perrin Russell T M 26-Jan-1980 25-Aug-1979
Perrin Wyatt Lee B 28-Jan-2006 17-Nov-2005
Perrott Jazlyn Veronica B 2-Oct-2007 p7a 27-Sep-2007
Perrott Nathan Douglas M 31-Jan-2009 pg 6f 19-Apr-2008
Perry Anderson D 30-Dec-1953 30-Aug-1953
Perry B F D 1-Jan-1913 29-Nov-1912
Perry Beverly M 29-Dec-1956 10-Nov-1956
Perry BF, Mrs D 12-Jul-1880
Perry Burdette M 17-Dec-1908 25-Jun-1908
Perry Caroline D 14-Mar-1903 5-Mar-1903
Perry Charlie B D 7-Jul-1874 6-Jul-1874
Perry Clara E D 27-May-1876
Perry Clara T D 17-Jan-1987 16-Jan-1986
Perry Cynthia D M 28-Jan-1978 23-Dec-1977
Perry Danny Wayne M 30-Jan-1993 24-Apr-1992
Perry Daughter B 29-Jan-1973 4-May-1972
Perry Dinah L M 30-Dec-1952 6-Feb-1952
Perry Douglas Andrew M 26-Jan-1991 23-Jun-1990
Perry Etta Zatilla M 9-Aug-1891 1-Aug-1891
Perry Eugene P M 3-Apr-1867 2-Apr-1867
Perry Frances A M 20-Nov-1885 19-Nov-1885
Perry Francis M 9-Jun-1843 8-Jun-1843
Perry Frankey D 7-Aug-1858
Perry Helen D 29-Jun-2004
Perry Henry M 21-Oct-1862 16-Oct-1862
Perry Henry M 24-Sep-1869 18-Sep-1869
Perry Hetty A M 20-May-1842 10-May-1842
Perry John D 30-Jan-1982 22-Jun-1981
Perry John M 29-Dec-1967 26-Jan-1967
Perry Leah C D 26-May-1873 25-May-1873
Perry Louise D 29-Jan-1973 24-Jan-1972
Perry Louise, nee Coast D 24-Jan-1972 23-Jan-1972
Perry Margaret A D 12-Jul-1880
Perry Mitchelle F M 18-Jan-1986 24-Oct-1985
Perry Neva M 8-Dec-1910 1-Feb-1910
Perry Orpha M D 17-Aug-1875 17-Aug-1875
Perry Richard Andrew M 25-Jan-2003 15-Jun-2002
Perry Sherman D 20-Mar-1895 19-Mar-1895
Perry Sophia D 22-Nov-1884
Perry Susanna Lynn B 29-Dec-1962 6-Oct-1962
Perry Sylvia Louise M 29-Dec-1967 24-Jun-1967
Perry William Allen M 13-Mar-1902
Perry William Pettis, Mrs D 30-Dec-1957 20-Nov-1957
Perry Wilma D M 29-Dec-1939 15-Jan-1939
Perry WS M 29-Dec-1865 28-Dec-1865
Perry Irma Aleen D 28-Jan-1995 15-Oct-1994
Perryman Jane Ellen M 15-Feb-1975 15-Sep-1974
Perryman Laurie D 8-Jul-1998 2-May-1998
Perryman Laurie A D 8-May-1998 30-Apr-1998
Perryman Norma Jean M 28-Jan-1995 15-Apr-1994
Pershing Andrew B 22-Jan-1980
Pershing Matthew Reid B 28-Jan-1984 6-Jan-1983
Pershing Matthew Reid D 16-May-1984 16-May-1984
Pershke Anna D 29-Dec-1934 28-Aug-1934
Pershke Fred D 29-Dec-1962 14-May-1962
Pershke Fred M 29-Dec-1939 27-May-1939
Pershke Helen Ann B 29-Dec-1939 28-Jul-1939
Pershy Daisy Bell D 1-Sep-1997 31-Aug-1997
Pershy Daisy Bell D 24-Jan-1998 31-Aug-1997
Pershy Franklin Delano M 29-Dec-1967 14-Oct-1967
Pershy John F M 18-Jan-1986 14-Sep-1985
Pershy John Frederick M 30-Jan-1993 16-May-1992
Pershy John Fredrick M 24-Jan-1998 17-Jan-1997
Persico Alma E M 30-Dec-1940 26-Jun-1940
Persinger Glen HE M 30-Dec-1916 22-Nov-1916
Person Jerry D 18-Oct-2007 4-Sep-2007
Person Susie D 18-Jan-1986 12-Aug-1985
Personne Helen (Mrs) M 29-Dec-1939 9-Aug-1939
Personne Lillian M 29-Dec-1939 23-Sep-1939
Persons Edna R M 3-Aug-1900 2-Aug-1900
Peschel Kim Alan B 29-Dec-1956 20-Jan-1956
Peschel Kim Alan D 29-Dec-1956 25-Jan-1956
Pesina Lucinda M 27-Apr-2007 p6a 4-Jun-2007
Pesina Demarco Adrian D 5-Oct-2000 4-Oct-2000
Pesina Demarco Adrian D 27-Jan-2000 4-Oct-2000
Pesina Elva Letisia B 30-Jan-1982 1-Sep-1981
Pesina Elva Letisia M 26-Jan-2002 7-Jul-2001
Pesina Jesus B 31-Jan-1981 6-Apr-1980
Pesina jesus Pedro M 29-Jan-2005 16-Oct-2004
Pesina Leyah Marie B 26-Jan-2008 p8e 29-Aug-2007
Pesina Maricela M 31-Jan-2004 18-Apr-2003
Pesina Marta Alicia Cardenas B 29-Jan-1983 13-Dec-1982
Pesina Nadine Celeste B 31-Jan-2009 p2f 15-Jan-2008
Pesina Pedro B 31-Jan-1981 6-Apr-1980
Pesina Pedro D 14 Fev 1994 13-Feb-1994
Pesina Raquel Linda M 29-Jan-1994 25-Oct-1993
Pesina Ariselia Susana B 17-Jan-1987 5-Mar-1986
Pesina Daniel B 17-Jan-1987 14-Jan-1986
Pesina Maria M 28-Jan-2006 13-Oct-2005
Pesina Pedro D 28-Jan-1995 13-Feb-1994
Pestka Sheri Dawn M 26-Jan-2002 17-Aug-2001
Pestle James Aaron M 17-Mar-2004 23-Dec-2003
Pestle James Aaron M 31-Jan-2004 23-Dec-2003
Pestle Jayden Robert B 31-Jan-2009 p3f 27-Jul-2008
Pestle-Chavez Toni Del M 25-Jan-2003 7-Jun-2002
Pete David Maurice M 17-Jan-1987 11-Oct-1986
Petel Celine Madeleine Raymonda M 29-Jan-2005 22-Oct-2004
Peterman John M D 29-Jan-1973 16-Oct-1972
Peters Adam Scott B 28-Jan-1979
Peters Albert Edwin D 30-Dec-1954 20-Jan-1954
Peters Alfred D 31-Aug-2007 29-Aug-2007
Peters Alice C D 25-Apr-2002 24-Apr-2002
Peters Alice R D 6-Aug-1997 5-Aug-1997
Peters Alice R D 24-Jan-1998 5-Aug-1997
Peters Anna D 30-Dec-1933 4-Jan-1933
Peters Ardyth M 29-Dec-1962 27-Oct-1962
Peters Ardyth Helen B 29-Dec-1938 27-Oct-1938
Peters Barbara J M 30-Dec-1942 25-Jan-1942
Peters Benjamin Allan M 29-Jan-2000 29-Jul-2000
Peters Benjamin Allen M 27-Jan-2000 29-Jul-2000
Peters Benjamin E D 29-Jan-1983 3-Sep-1982
Peters Benjamin E M 30-Dec-1943 8-Aug-1943
Peters Bonnie Lou B 30-Dec-1941 18-Jun-1941
Peters Brian James M 26-Jan-2008 p2f 14-Apr-2007
Peters Bruce F D 23-Jan-1988 26-Dec-1987
Peters C Loran D 16-Aug-2008 4-Aug-2008
Peters Charlotte J D 2-May-2003 2-May-2003
Peters Charlotte J D 31-Jan-2004 2-May-2003
Peters Chelsea Ann B 23-Jan-1988 14-Aug-1987
Peters Cheryl Kay B 30-Dec-1947 30-May-1947
Peters Cheryl Kay M 30-Dec-1965 8-May-1965
Peters Chrystopher Michael John B 23-Jan-1992 17-Nov-1991
Peters Cleo Eugene B 29-Dec-1938 2-Jul-1938
Peters Corrine E D 19-Nov-2007 18-Nov-2007
Peters Daniel J M 28-Jan-1984 16-May-1983
Peters Danyelle Lee B 26-Jan-1991 14-Feb-1990
Peters Daughter B 29-Jan-1973 30-Mar-1972
Peters David D 8-Mar-1999 6-Mar-1999
Peters David M 16-Aug-1895 11-Aug-1895
Peters David Joseph D 29-Jan-2000 6-Mar-1999
Peters Dorothy A M 26-Jan-1980 17-Nov-1979
Peters Dorothy A M 26-Jan-1980 17-Nov-1979
Peters Eida N D 30-Dec-1942 23-Jun-1942
Peters Elizabeth J D 17-Jan-1987 15-Mar-1986
Peters Elizabeth L, Bette D 18-Jan-1986 30-May-1985
Peters Ellen Caroline D 28-Jan-1979
Peters Ellis D 29-Jan-1973 22-Aug-1972
Peters Emery Preston D 29-Dec-1944 26-Mar-1944
Peters Eric Garard B 30-Dec-1952 14-Nov-1952
Peters Erma (Orman) D 11-Jan-2008 8-Jan-2008
Peters Eva M M 8-Dec-1910 17-Oct-1910
Peters Evan Scott B 29-Jan-1994 4-May-1993
Peters Evelyn D 24-Dec-1999 23-Dec-1999
Peters Florence D 30-Dec-1965 9-Nov-1965
Peters Francis Leona B 30-Dec-1940 27-Aug-1940
Peters Fred M 30-Dec-1936 27-Jun-1936
Peters Gary A D 16-Apr-2008 14-Apr-2008
Peters Gary A M 18-Jan-1986 3-Jul-1985
Peters Gary Alan B 28-Dec-1951 27-Mar-1951
Peters George A D 13-Jan-1998 13-Jan-1998
Peters Hans M M 22-Apr-1896 21-apr-1896
Peters Harold C D 28-Jan-1978 23-Feb-1977
Peters Harold E D 26-Jan-2001 25-Jan-2001
Peters Helen J D 23-May-1995 21-May-1995
Peters Jeanne Faunell B 30-Dec-1948 13-Jan-1948
Peters Jeanne Fauniel M 29-Dec-1967 24-Jun-1967
Peters Jennifer Elizabeth B 28-Jan-1984 22-Aug-1983
Peters Jennifer Elizabeth M 30-Jan-2007 23-Sep-2006
Peters Jimm Diane B 29-Dec-1956 11-Sep-1956
Peters JL D 30-Dec-1955 20-Jan-1955
Peters Jo Ann D 22-Oct-2001 21-Oct-2001
Peters John M 29-Jan-1973 3-Jul-1972
Peters John Lee B 29-Dec-1944 13-Mar-1944
Peters John Lee M 29-Dec-1967 27-Aug-1967
Peters John Thomas B 30-Dec-1965 10-Sep-1965
Peters Joyce Marie B 30-Dec-1935 11-May-1935
Peters Joyce Maryland B 30-Dec-1936
Peters Judith M 29-Jan-1973 28-Aug-1972
Peters Judith Ann B 30-Dec-1953 21-Mar-1953
Peters Judy Lea B 30-Dec-1940 3-Jul-1940
Peters July Lea B 30-Dec-1940 3-Jul-1940
Peters Kathrin M 1-Jan-1913 26-Oct-1912
Peters Kathryn D 29-Dec-1967 7-Jan-1967
Peters Kelsey Ann B 5-Apr-1997 2-Apr-1997
Peters Kelsey Ann B 24-Jan-1998 2-Apr-1997
Peters Larissa Janete M 30-Jan-1993 27-Sep-1992
Peters Lawrence D 28-Jan-1979
Peters Lewis M 30-Dec-1953 13-Jul-1953
Peters Linda Sue B 30-Dec-1954 30-Dec-1953
Peters Linda Sue M 31-Jan-1976 2-Jul-1975
Peters Loran M 30-Dec-1935 24-Dec-1935
Peters Lynn R M 26-Jan-1980 15-Dec-1979
Peters Lynn R M 26-Jan-1980 15-Dec-1979
Peters Lynn Robert M 23-Jan-1992 12-Sep-1991
Peters Mackenzie Ann M 31-Jan-2009 pg 7f 20-Sep-2008
Peters Madeline Faith D 30-Dec-1932 25-Dec-1932
Peters Marilyn Ann B 30-Dec-1937 3-Sep-1937
Peters Mark Alan B 30-Dec-1957 29-Jun-1957
Peters Mark Alan D 31-May-2003 30-May-2003
Peters Mark Allen D 31-Jan-2004 30-May-2003
Peters Martha J D 1-May-1995 28-Apr-1995
Peters Marvin D 28-Jan-1979
Peters Mary D 28-Dec-1951 3-Oct-1951
Peters Melissa Elizabeth B 31-Jan-1981 3-Aug-1980
Peters Michael Alan B 30-Dec-1949 7-Jun-1949
Peters Michele Joy B 28-Jan-1978 28-Apr-1977
Peters Mildred M 17-Dec-1908 23-Jun-1908
Peters Minnie D D 4-Jan-1994 3-Jan-1994
Peters Myron M 30-Dec-1936 14-Mar-1936
Peters Myron Sunday D 29-Dec-1967 4-Apr-1967
Peters Nancy Lynn B 28-Dec-1945 12-Dec-1945
Peters Nancy Lynn M 30-Dec-1966 2-Jul-1966
Peters Priscilla (Hauch) D 30-Nov-2006 5-Dec-2006
Peters R Lewis D 5-Nov-1996 4-Nov-1996
Peters Rachel Mary B 31-Jan-1976 4-Jul-1975
Peters Ray Lewis B 30-Dec-1941 19-Feb-1941
Peters Richard E D 3-Dec-2006 5-Dec-2006
Peters Rick Keith M 27-Jan-2000 19-Aug-2000
Peters Rickey Keith B 30-Dec-1947 1-Oct-1947
Peters Robert E M 30-Dec-1955 26-Mar-1955
Peters Robert L D 30-Dec-1954 18-Dec-1954
Peters Russell Leroy B 29-Dec-1938 5-Jan-1938
Peters Sheila Jane B 30-Dec-1940 16-Jan-1940
Peters Shelley Renee B 29-Dec-1962 29-May-1962
Peters Sherman A M 28-Dec-1945 25-Jun-1945
Peters Susan Mary M 29-Dec-1967 24-Jun-1967
Peters Tommy Robert B 29-Dec-1956 17-Mar-1956
Peters Wayne James M 30-Dec-1957 16-Mar-1957
Peters Wilhelmina I M 22-Jun-1920
Peters William D 5-Jan-2002 4-Jan-2002
Peters Bruce Alan M 17-Jan-1987 25-Jan-1986
Peters Dorothy M 30-Dec-1953 2-Jul-1953
Peters Jo Ann D 26-Jan-2002 21-Oct-2001
Peters John Thomas M 26-Jan-1991 20-Apr-1990
Peters Louella J M 30-Dec-1941 15-May-1941
Peters Louis D 28-Jan-1984 23-Mar-1983
Peters Lynne Diane M 30-Jan-1993 5-Jul-1992
Peters Michael Wayne B 30-Dec-1968 30-Jul-1968
Peters Peter L D 30-Dec-1957 6-Nov-1957
Peters Rickey Keith M 30-Dec-1969 2-Aug-1969
Peters Timothy Lee M 17-Jan-1987 30-Aug-1986
Peters Adolph M 30-Dec-1937 25-Oct-1937
Peters Bruce Frederick B 30-Dec-1954 9-Sep-1954
Peters Carole Louise B 30-Dec-1946 26-Nov-1946
Peters George A D 23-Jan-1999 13-Jan-1998
Peters Jessica Lee B 31-Jan-1976 12-Feb-1975
Peters John Wayne B 28-Dec-1945 31-Oct-1945
Peters Marilyn Ann B 30-Dec-1966 7-May-1966
Peters Robert Ernest M 25-Jan-2003 2-Nov-2002
Peters W T M 20-Dec-1906 28-Feb-1906
Petersberger Hattie C D 29-Dec-1961 17-Apr-1961
Petersburg harold E D 26-Jan-2002 25-Jan-2001
Petersburg Jessica Irene M 26-Jan-2002 1-Sep-2001
Peterschmidt Elizabeth Marie B 30-Dec-1966 30-Mar-1966
Peterschmidt John Bernard M 30-Dec-1965 10-Jun-1965
Peterschmidt Mr M 4-Jun-1869 30-May-1869
Peterschmidt Rose Marie B 29-Dec-1967 16-Jun-1967
Petersdorf Henry William D 29-Dec-1962 3-Mar-1962
Petersen A A (Dr) D 3-Feb-1920
Petersen AA M 16-Dec-1909 24-Nov-1909
Petersen Adelia D 30-Dec-1949 2-Mar-1949
Petersen Alberta (Hemingway) D 12-Mar-2007 10-Mar-2007
Petersen Alfred D 30-Dec-1954 30-Jan-1954
Petersen Alma M D 30-Aug-1984 30-Aug-1984
Petersen Amy Sue B 22-Jan-1972 19-Oct-1971
Petersen Amy Sue M 31-Jan-2004 21-Jun-2003
Petersen Andrew David B 31-Jan-2009 p2f 13-Jan-2008
Petersen Angela Hayden B 22-Jan-1972 8-Dec-1971
Petersen Angela Hayden M 30-Jan-1993 24-Jul-1992
Petersen Angela Sue B 30-Dec-1970 11-Jan-1970
Petersen Ann Christine B 29-Dec-1950 25-Dec-1950
Petersen Anna Mae D 30-Dec-1964 20-Aug-1964
Petersen Arnold A D 29-Jan-1973 11-Dec-1972
Petersen Arnold A D 11-Dec-1972 12-Dec-1972
Petersen Arthur M 29-Dec-1938 22-Oct-1938
Petersen Arthur M D 21-Mar-2002 19-Mar-2002
Petersen Astrid (Sorensen) D 5-Apr-2008 31-Mar-2008
Petersen August Soeke D 23-Mar-1996 21-Mar-1996
Petersen Augusta R D 30-Dec-1960 29-Apr-1960
Petersen Austin Carl B 30-Jan-1993 23-Jan-1992
Petersen Bernice M D 30-Jan-1982 28-Sep-1981
Petersen Brenton Allen B 23-Jan-1999 30-Sep-1998
Petersen Brett M 24 Seo 1998 26-Jul-1996
Petersen Brian Keith B 29-Dec-1967 19-Mar-1967
Petersen Brittany M 28-Jan-2006 8-Oct-2005
Petersen Brittany Ann B 28-Jan-1984 2-Jan-1983
Petersen Carl D 8-Mar-1927
Petersen Carolyn M 29-Dec-1962 18-Feb-1962
Petersen Christian D 8-Feb-1929 7-Feb-1929
Petersen Clara D 30-Dec-1966 29-Oct-1966
Petersen Clifford A D 12-Jan-2001 11-Jan-2001
Petersen Clifford M D 11-Jul-2007 10-Jul-2007
Petersen Connie Sue M 22-Jan-1972 12-Jun-1971
Petersen Craig A D 17-Jan-1987 28-Sep-1986
Petersen Dalton Joseph B 7-Sep-1999 30-Aug-1999
Petersen Dalton Joseph B 29-Jan-2000 30-Aug-1999
Petersen Daniel M 29-Jan-1973 21-Aug-1972
Petersen Danielle Jean M 29-Jan-2005 19-Jun-2004
Petersen Danielle Jean M 14-Jul-2004
Petersen David D M 28-Jan-1978 4-Feb-1977
Petersen David Dean B 28-Dec-1945 24-Jan-1945
Petersen David Dean M 29-Dec-1967 11-Mar-1967
Petersen David Henry B 30-Dec-1946 22-Feb-1946
Petersen David Henry M 30-Dec-1969 24-May-1969
Petersen Dennis Paul B 29-Dec-1950 21-Dec-1950
Petersen Dianne Elvina B 30-Dec-1957 22-Feb-1957
Petersen Donald A M 28-Jan-1984 25-Jun-1983
Petersen Donald C D 26-Jan-1991 24-Sep-1990
Petersen Donald L M 28-Jan-1979
Petersen Dorothy C D 9-Apr-2001 8-Apr-2001
Petersen Douglas Neil B 30-Dec-1955 28-Mar-1955
Petersen Douglas Neil M 23-Jan-1992 10-May-1991
Petersen Douglas W M 25-Jun-1980 21-Jun-1980
Petersen Dwayne Arthur M 29-Dec-1961 24-Nov-1961
Petersen Earl E D 30-Jan-1982 5-May-1981
Petersen Earl E M 30-Dec-1941 28-May-1941
Petersen Edwin Harry M 30-Dec-1941 20-Jun-1941
Petersen Emily Jane B 23-Jan-1992 18-Apr-1991
Petersen Eric D D 28-Jan-1984 12-Aug-1983
Petersen Ernest M 29-Dec-1939 16-Dec-1939
Petersen Ernest W D 6-Sep-2002 5-Sep-2002
Petersen Erwin D 6-Jan-1994 4-Jan-1994
Petersen Fallon Grace Fickenscher B 31-Jan-2004 15-Mar-2003
Petersen Fallon Grau Fickenscher B 10-Apr-2003 15-Mar-2003
Petersen Florence D 29-Jan-1973 13-Oct-1972
Petersen Florence M 1-Mar-1929 27-Feb-1929
Petersen Florence D 29-Jan-1973 13-Oct-1972
Petersen Floyd D 9-Nov-2002 8-Nov-2002
Petersen Floyd Albert D 25-Jan-2003 8-Nov-2002
Petersen Frances Patricia B 30-Dec-1949 17-Mar-1949
Petersen Frances Patricia M 22-Jan-1972 7-Mar-1971
Petersen Frank (Mrs) D 23-Aug-1924
Petersen Fred, Mrs D 30-Dec-1916 20-Jul-1916
Petersen Frederick R M 30-Jan-1982 3-Jan-1981
Petersen Harold V D 6-Jan-2001 5-Jan-2001
Petersen Harry W D 30-Jan-1982 6-Dec-1981
Petersen Helen D 15-Feb-1975 5-Mar-1974
Petersen Helen Jean M 29-Dec-1962 8-Jul-1962
Petersen Henry D 29-Dec-1938 30-Jan-1938
Petersen Henry William M 29-Dec-1939 5-Feb-1939
Petersen Hunter William B 27-Jan-1998 21-Jan-1998
Petersen Hunter William B 23-Jan-1999 21-Jan-1998
Petersen IH D 27-Dec-2003 24-Dec-2003
Petersen Jacob Thomas B 27-Jan-2000 9-Feb-2000
Petersen James Ernest M 30-Dec-1964 1-Nov-1964
Petersen Jane Lavonne M 29-Dec-1967 29-Jul-1967
Petersen Janet Lee B 30-Dec-1947 16-May-1947
Petersen Janet Lee M 30-Dec-1965 12-Jun-1965
Petersen Janet Louise M 29-Dec-1956 4-Oct-1956
Petersen Jean Ann M 26-Jan-1991 30-Nov-1990
Petersen Jean M M 30-Dec-1946 29-Jan-1946
Petersen Jeanette Louise B 30-Dec-1937 7-Jun-1937
Petersen Jeanne Kathleen D 18-Jul-2001 16-Jul-2001
Petersen Jens Alan B 28-Jan-1995 2-Feb-1994
Petersen Joe Paul M 29-Jan-2005 27-Mar-2004
Petersen John D 22-Jan-1972 18-Feb-1971
Petersen John Alan D 5-Jul-1996 4-Jul-1996
Petersen John C M 1-Jan-1908 5-Jun-1907
Petersen John Christ D 29-Dec-1934 2-May-1934
Petersen John E D 30-Dec-1932 22-Dec-1932
Petersen John S, Judge D 23-Jan-1988 13-Jan-1987
Petersen Joseph Robert B 29-Dec-1967 21-Feb-1967
Petersen Joseph Robert M 23-Jan-1999 10-Oct-1998
Petersen Joseph William B 28-Jan-1995 12-May-1994
Petersen Joshua Douglas M 28-Jul-2004 5-Jun-2004
Petersen Joy G D 15-Feb-1975 13-Apr-1974
Petersen Joyce Elaine B 30-Dec-1943 21-Apr-1943
Petersen Judith Ann B 30-Dec-1947 13-Dec-1947
Petersen Judy A M 28-Jan-1979
Petersen Judy Ann B 30-Dec-1957 5-May-1957
Petersen Judy Ann M 17-Jan-1987 12-Dec-1986
Petersen Judy Ann Moss M 31-Jan-2004 22-May-2003
Petersen Kali B 28-Mar-2000 24-Mar-2000
Petersen Kali janet B 27-Jan-2000 24-Mar-2000
Petersen Karie Elizabeth M 29-Jan-2000 13-Jun-1999
Petersen Katharine M M 1-Jan-1913 28-Feb-1912
Petersen Kathie L M 26-Jan-1980 10-Nov-1979
Petersen Kathie L M 26-Jan-1980 10-Nov-1979
Petersen Kathleen Virginia D 23-Jan-1999 15-Nov-1998
Petersen Katie Beth M 31-Jan-2009 pg 7f 30-Aug-2008
Petersen Katrina Renee M 31-Jan-2004 11-Dec-2003
Petersen Kenneth A M 30-Dec-1936 15-Sep-1936
Petersen Kirk Alan M 26-Jan-1991 14-Apr-1990
Petersen Kirk Allen B 30-Dec-1952 21-Aug-1952
Petersen Kristina M 12-Sep-2001 12-May-2001
Petersen Laverne F M 30-Dec-1954 24-Apr-1954
Petersen Leann Rene M 27-Jan-2000 9-Jun-2000
Petersen Leroy H D 27-Oct-2001 24-Oct-2001
Petersen Lester Clarence M 30-Dec-1968 3-May-1968
Petersen Linda Jones D 27 Seo 1996 24-Sep-1996
Petersen Lisa M 18-Sep-2002 3-Aug-2002
Petersen Lisa Jane M 25-Jan-2003 3-Aug-2002
Petersen Lizzie M 7-Aug-1899 6-Aug-1899
Petersen Luella Dorothy D 6-Feb-2001 5-Feb-2001
Petersen Lynne Marie B 30-Dec-1964 12-May-1964
Petersen Mabel C M 30-Dec-1941 26-May-1941
Petersen Mads J M 10-Nov-1887
Petersen Mae G D 11-Sep-1972
Petersen Mae Gertrude D 29-Jan-1973 10-Sep-1972
Petersen Margarete D 29-Dec-1938 27-May-1938
Petersen Marguerite (Mrs) D 6-Feb-1920
Petersen Marilyn (Johnston) D 10-Sep-2008 8-Sep-2008
Petersen Mark Alan M 17-Jan-1987 28-Jul-1986
Petersen Martha D 29-Jan-1973 27-May-1972
Petersen Max Floyd B 23-Jan-1988 27-Sep-1987
Petersen Maxine M 29-Dec-1939 12-Dec-1939
Petersen Maxwell John B 30-Dec-1946 21-Apr-1946
Petersen Mendy Lynn B 30-Dec-1968 27-Feb-1968
Petersen Mendy Lynn M 29-Jan-2000 10-Sep-1999
Petersen Merlin Carl M 30-Dec-1965 13-Jun-1965
Petersen Mira Kate and Lea Grace B 26-Jan-1991 14-Mar-1990
Petersen Monte Edwin B 30-Dec-1949 22-Jan-1949
Petersen Nathan Eugene M 31-Jan-2004 25-Nov-2003
Petersen Nicholas Robert B 3-Feb-1998 1-Feb-1998
Petersen Nicholes Robert B 23-Jan-1999 1-Feb-1998
Petersen Olga (Mrs) M 29-Dec-1939 23-Jan-1939
Petersen Pamela S M 30-Jan-1982 3-Oct-1981
Petersen Patricia Ann B 30-Dec-1943 26-Mar-1943
Petersen Patricia Ann M 30-Dec-1965 12-Jun-1965
Petersen Patty Marie M 30-Jan-1993 15-May-1992
Petersen Paul G M 30-Dec-1941 16-May-1941
Petersen Paula Ann B 30-Dec-1946 5-Dec-1946
Petersen Rachel Kay M 26-Jan-1991 29-Sep-1990
Petersen Rebecca Jane M 23-Jan-1992 12-Oct-1991
Petersen Richard D 26-Jan-1980 21-Oct-1979
Petersen Richard D 30-Dec-1932 17-Apr-1932
Petersen Richard F D 30-Dec-1960 5-Mar-1960
Petersen Richard G M 23-Jan-1988 16-May-1987
Petersen Richard Karl B 30-Dec-1933 1-Jul-1933
Petersen Richard William M 5-Jan-2005 25-Dec-2001
Petersen Richard William M 29-Jan-2005 25-Dec-2004
Petersen Rita May Louise D 30-Dec-1949 13-Aug-1949
Petersen Robert D 20-Dec-1906 31-Jul-1906
Petersen Robert C D 28-Jan-2006 2-Jun-2005
Petersen Robert Earl B 30-Dec-1943 12-Jul-1943
Petersen Robert Earl M 30-Dec-1965 20-Mar-1965
Petersen Ronald L M 29-Dec-1961 6-May-1961
Petersen Ruby D 30-Dec-1966 27-Nov-1966
Petersen Ruth A Smith D 19-Oct-1999 15-Oct-1999
Petersen Ruth Edna M 30-Dec-1946 9-Nov-1946
Petersen Sally Jonita B 30-Dec-1954 10-Mar-1954
Petersen Sarah Ann B 28-Jan-1984 25-Aug-1983
Petersen Scott Lee M 28-Jan-2006 27-Oct-2005
Petersen Siegfried D 6-Nov-2003 4-Nov-2001
Petersen Skye Marissa Lea B 27-Jan-1998 21-Jan-1998
Petersen Skye Marissa Lea B 23-Jan-1999 21-Jan-1998
Petersen Son B 29-Jan-1973 24-Feb-1972
Petersen Son B 29-Jan-1973 28-Feb-1972
Petersen Stephen Joan B 30-Dec-1949 6-May-1949
Petersen Steven Lee B 30-Dec-1949 27-Oct-1949
Petersen Susan Kay M 15-Feb-1975 2-Nov-1974
Petersen Taryn Alisabeth B 11-Jan-1994 6-Jan-1994
Petersen Taryn Alisabeth B 28-Jan-1995 6-Jan-1994
Petersen Ted Michael D 3-Apr-2008 2-Apr-2008
Petersen Thomas M 29-Jan-1973 11-Dec-1972
Petersen Twyla D 26-Nov-2007 25-Nov-2007
Petersen Twyla (Schreurs) D 6-Nov-2007 25-Nov-2007
Petersen Twyla S D 5-Dec-2007 25-Nov-2007
Petersen Uraina Jean B 28-Dec-1945 2-Jan-1945
Petersen Velma L D 25-Jan-2003 17-Aug-2002
Petersen Velma L D 19-Aug-2002 17-Aug-2003
Petersen Vera D 28-Jan-1978 26-Jun-1977
Petersen Victor Vernon B 30-Dec-1933 17-Feb-1933
Petersen Violet F D 28-Jan-2006 3-May-2005
Petersen Wade A M 30-Jan-1982 1-Nov-1981
Petersen Walter A M 16-Dec-1922
Petersen Wilbert M D 19-Dec-1997 18-Dec-1997
Petersen Will A M 1-Jan-1908 16-Oct-1907
Petersen William L M 26-Jan-1980 5-May-1979
Petersen William L M 26-Jan-1980 5-May-1979
Peterson A Patricia M 30-Dec-1957 13-Jun-1957
Peterson Abigail Nicole B 23-Jan-1992 7-Feb-1991
Peterson Abner M 30-Dec-1937 3-Sep-1937
Peterson AC D 30-Dec-1953 31-Mar-1953
Peterson Agnes C M 28-Dec-1945 16-May-1945
Peterson Alfred M 30-Dec-1916 2-May-1916
Peterson Alice D 31-Dec-1931 1-Apr-1931
Peterson Alice M 30-Dec-1946 17-Mar-1946
Peterson Andrea Lynn M 29-Jan-2000 21-Aug-1999
Peterson Angel Lynn B 5-Sep-1995 3-Sep-1995
Peterson Angela Renea M 26-Jan-1991 27-Oct-1990
Peterson Anna K M 19-Jan-1985 12-May-1984
Peterson August D 31-Dec-1931 11-Apr-1931
Peterson Austin Lewis B 18-Jul-1995 13-Sep-1995
Peterson Austin William B 3-Sep-1997 29-Aug-1997
Peterson Austin William B 24-Jan-1998 29-Aug-1997
Peterson Bailey Catherine B 19-Nov-1997 10-Nov-1997
Peterson Bailey Catherine B 24-Jan-1998 10-Nov-1997
Peterson Betty Louise M 30-Dec-1940 2-Apr-1940
Peterson Billy Gene B 30-Dec-1949 11-Mar-1949
Peterson Billy Gene D 28-Jan-2006 5-Apr-2005
Peterson Billy Gene M 30-Dec-1969 27-Sep-1969
Peterson Brenton Allen B 2-Oct-1998 30-Sep-1998
Peterson Carl D 11-Feb-1999 10-Feb-1999
Peterson Carl M 30-Dec-1916 2-May-1916
Peterson Carl Anthony B 30-Dec-1953 14-Apr-1953
Peterson Carl Anthony M 31-Jan-1976 13-Sep-1975
Peterson Carl W D 26-Mar-1996 25-Mar-1996
Peterson Carol Ann B 30-Dec-1947 8-May-1947
Peterson Carol Louise B 30-Dec-1947 15-May-1947
Peterson Carol Louise M 29-Dec-1967 16-Sep-1967
Peterson Carol Marie B 30-Dec-1946 21-Oct-1946
Peterson Carolyn Kay B 30-Dec-1942 3-Apr-1942
Peterson Carolyn Kay B 30-Dec-1942 3-Apr-1942
Peterson Catherine (Mrs) M 29-Dec-1938 10-Sep-1938
Peterson Cherry Lynn B 29-Dec-1950 18-Jun-1950
Peterson Christopher Thomas M 29-Jan-1994 12-May-1993
Peterson Clinton Allen B 30-Dec-1946 31-Oct-1946
Peterson Clinton Allen M 29-Dec-1938 25-Jul-1938
Peterson Clinton Allen M 22-Jan-1972 13-Aug-1971
Peterson CM, Mac D 23-Jan-1988 9-Jul-1987
Peterson Connie Sue B 30-Dec-1949 1-May-1949
Peterson Corie Richard M 23-Jan-1999 20-Nov-1998
Peterson Crystall Lynn B 18-Jan-1986 26-Nov-1985
Peterson Dakota Scott B 21-Sep-1996 17-Sep-1996
Peterson Darin Earl B 30-Dec-1969 11-Oct-1969
Peterson Darrell Wayne B 15-Feb-1975 13-Apr-1974
Peterson Daughter B 31-Dec-1930 25-Aug-1930
Peterson Daughter B 10-Jan-1972
Peterson Daughter B 29-Jan-1973 29-Jul-1972
Peterson Daughter B 15-Jan-1885
Peterson David D M 29-Jan-1973 26-Jun-1972
Peterson David E M 26-Jan-1980 27-Aug-1979
Peterson David E M 26-Jan-1980 27-Aug-1979
Peterson Debra K M 23-Jan-1988 16-May-1987
Peterson Debra Lynn M 29-Jan-2000 22-Oct-1999
Peterson Dee A M 29-Jan-1983 21-May-1982
Peterson Dennis George B 28-Dec-1945 15-Jul-1945
Peterson Dennis George M 24-Jan-1998 18-Oct-1997
Peterson Diane Kay B 29-Dec-1950 31-Mar-1950
Peterson Diane Kay M 30-Dec-1968 14-Sep-1968
Peterson Donavan James B 9-Jul-1996 5-Jul-1996
Peterson Doris M D 12-Oct-1999 11-Oct-1999
Peterson Dorothy M 30-Dec-1940 31-Oct-1940
Peterson Dorothy L M 30-Dec-1941 15-Mar-1941
Peterson Dreyran Jay B 29-Jan-2000 29-Jul-1999
Peterson Dreyvan Jay B 10-Aug-1999 28-Jul-1999
Peterson Edna (Mrs) M 29-Dec-1938 27-Aug-1938
Peterson Edna G M 29-Dec-1939 1-May-1939
Peterson Elene Allen B 30-Dec-1943 14-Aug-1943
Peterson Elizabeth Bell B 29-Dec-1939 21-Feb-1939
Peterson Ella M 24-Mar-1893
Peterson Ellen Andrea D 30-Dec-1941 4-Jul-1941
Peterson Emery Mae B 31-Jan-2009 p2f 6-Dec-2007
Peterson Eric Karl B 31-Jan-1976 16-Mar-1975
Peterson Eric Karl M 29-Jul-1996 28-Jun-1996
Peterson Eva L, Mrs M 30-Dec-1954 14-Aug-1954
Peterson Eward Oscar D 15-Feb-1975 22-Dec-1974
Peterson F C M 21-Dec-1905 12-Oct-1905
Peterson Frances W M 30-Dec-1946 30-Jun-1946
Peterson Fred D 31-Dec-1931 26-Nov-1931
Peterson Fred J D 5-Jan-1920
Peterson Frederick M 31-Dec-1882
Peterson Gary T M 26-Jan-1980 22-Jun-1979
Peterson Gary T M 26-Jan-1980 22-Jun-1979
Peterson Gary Thomas M 30-Dec-1968 10-Aug-1968
Peterson George S M 29-Dec-1938 14-May-1938
Peterson Glenn Albert M 30-Dec-1952 5-Mar-1952
Peterson Grace D 30-Dec-1957 4-Oct-1957
Peterson Harold Albert D 30-Dec-1969 17-Nov-1969
Peterson Harold E M 30-Dec-1937 14-Feb-1937
Peterson Helen Ann M 1-Apr-1876 4-Mar-1876
Peterson Helen Clair D 28-Jan-1978 17-Oct-1977
Peterson Helen Louise B 30-Dec-1940 8-Mar-1940
Peterson Herbert M 30-Dec-1940 1-Nov-1940
Peterson Hilda T D 30-Dec-1943 2-Feb-1943
Peterson Hilda W D 20-Aug-2003 18-Aug-2003
Peterson Hilda W D 31-Jan-2004 18-Aug-2003
Peterson James Robert John Jr M 28-Jan-1995 2-Dec-1994
Peterson James Walter B 31-Jan-1976 27-Jan-1975
Peterson Janice M M 26-Jan-1980 2-Nov-1979
Peterson Janice M M 26-Jan-1980 2-Nov-1979
Peterson Jeffery Craig B 30-Dec-1965 11-Oct-1965
Peterson Jeffrey Scott M 23-Jan-1999 22-May-1998
Peterson Jennie M 8-Oct-1869 28-Sep-1869
Peterson Jens Alan B 12-Feb-1994 2-Feb-1994
Peterson John A M 28-Jan-1979
Peterson John W D 29-Oct-2001 25-Oct-2001
Peterson Jonas C D 30-Dec-1940 3-Mar-1940
Peterson Josephine Ann B 18-Jan-1986 7-Aug-1985
Peterson Joyce M 29-Jan-1973 15-Jun-1972
Peterson Julia K M 31-Jan-1981 22-Oct-1980
Peterson Julie Ann B 30-Dec-1969 1-Dec-1969
Peterson Kaitlyn Nicole B 29-Jan-2000 6-May-1999
Peterson Katie Anne B 26-Jan-1980 5-Nov-1979
Peterson Kayla Stepanie Marie Eva B 14-Jul-1999 24-Jun-1999
Peterson Kayla Stephanie Marie Eva B 29-Jan-2000 24-Jun-1999
Peterson Kenneth Harry M 29-Dec-1938 16-Sep-1938
Peterson Kermit Leroy B 30-Dec-1964 14-Oct-1964
Peterson Kim Kurtis B 30-Dec-1953 26-Nov-1953
Peterson Kurt Shawn B 30-Dec-1965 6-Jul-1965
Peterson Kurt Shawn M 23-Jan-1992 28-Dec-1991
Peterson Laverne D 24-Dec-2008 21-Dec-2008
Peterson Lena E D 3-Feb-1997 1-Feb-1997
Peterson Leonard Charles, Jr B 30-Dec-1952 12-Sep-1952
Peterson Leonard Charles, Jr M 22-Jan-1972 25-Sep-1971
Peterson Linda Sue B 30-Dec-1948 21-Jun-1948
Peterson Lora Peter M 21-Dec-1905 2-Nov-1905
Peterson Loretta Dott M 23-Jan-1992 24-Jan-1991
Peterson Lori Lynn B 30-Dec-1955 24-Apr-1955
Peterson Louise D 14-Oct-1998 10-Oct-1998
Peterson Lucy M D 28-Jan-1984 20-Feb-1983
Peterson Lynda Ray M 22-Jan-1972 26-May-1971
Peterson Lynn F M 29-Dec-1962 14-Jun-1962
Peterson Mae Cecilia D 28-Sep-2001 25-Sep-2001
Peterson Maline E M 1-Jan-1912 16-Jan-1911
Peterson Margaret Ann M 30-Dec-1965 1-May-1965
Peterson Marie E D 29-Dec-1934 4-Jun-1934
Peterson Mark W M 29-Jan-1983 18-Jun-1982
Peterson Mary Beth B 29-Dec-1961 17-May-1961
Peterson Mary E M 1-Jan-1912 8-Mar-1911
Peterson Mary Ellen M 30-Dec-1943 1-Jun-1943
Peterson Mary Ellen M 30-Jan-1993 1-Aug-1992
Peterson Mary L M 29-Jan-1973 17-Nov-1972
Peterson Matthew Thomas B 30-Jan-1982 30-Mar-1981
Peterson Matthew Thomas Jr B 25-Jan-2003 24-Jun-2002
Peterson Melinda Rose B 23-Jan-1988 8-Nov-1987
Peterson Michael LaVerne B 29-Dec-1950 10-Jul-1950
Peterson Michael Paul M 31-Jan-2009 pg 7f 2-Aug-2008
Peterson Michael Shane B 15-Feb-1975 31-Jul-1974
Peterson MN B 6-Oct-1883
Peterson Mollie Lou B 30-Dec-1955 16-Jun-1955
Peterson Morgan Reins B 3-Nov-1997 30-Oct-1997
Peterson Morgan Reins B 24-Jan-1998 30-Oct-1997
Peterson Nancy Irene B 30-Dec-1941 20-Nov-1941
Peterson Nancy Lynn B 30-Dec-1969 27-Nov-1969
Peterson Nicholas P D 1-Sep-2008 30-Aug-2008
Peterson Orpha V D 25-Apr-2000 24-Apr-2000
Peterson Oscar D 29-Jan-1973 19-Jun-1972
Peterson Oscar D 28-Dec-1945 1-Jan-1945
Peterson Pamela Jo B 30-Dec-1953 21-Apr-1953
Peterson Pamela K M 30-Jan-1982 15-Apr-1981
Peterson Patricia Ann M 29-Jan-2000 26-Dec-1999
Peterson Patricia Colleen B 30-Dec-1946 29-Oct-1946
Peterson Paul M M 29-Jan-2000 17-Mar-1999
Peterson Pete M 17-Dec-1908 29-Jun-1908
Peterson Peter M 31-dec-1883 29-Dec-1883
Peterson Peter M 31-Dec-1883 29-Dec-1883
Peterson Peyton Scott B 28-Jan-1995 15-Dec-1994
Peterson Phillip J D 29-Jan-2005 13-Dec-2004
Peterson Phillis Louise M 27-Jan-2000 4-Nov-2000
Peterson Phillis Louise M 29-Jan-2005 25-Sep-2004
Peterson Phyllis E D 11-Nov-1985
Peterson Phyllis J M 30-Dec-1940 5-Aug-1940
Peterson Rachael D 12-Mar-1892
Peterson Ralph, Jr D 18-Aug-1984 17-Aug-1984
Peterson Ramona Harriet D 29-Dec-1967 19-Jun-1967
Peterson Ramona Harriett B 30-Dec-1948 13-Aug-1948
Peterson Ramona Harriett M 30-Dec-1937 25-Aug-1937
Peterson Randall William B 30-Dec-1955 10-Jan-1955
Peterson Randy Joe B 30-Dec-1968 5-Nov-1968
Peterson Randy Joe D 30-Dec-1969 16-Mar-1969
Peterson Raymond Curtis B 30-Dec-1955 20-Jan-1955
Peterson Raymond Curtis M 30-Dec-1953 24-Feb-1953
Peterson Rebecca M 29-Jan-1973 24-Apr-1972
Peterson Richard C M 28-Jan-1978 19-Mar-1977
Peterson Richard Charles M 15-Feb-1975 22-Jun-1974
Peterson Richard Charles M 17-Jan-1987 7-Jun-1986
Peterson Richard K M 29-Dec-1961 10-Jun-1961
Peterson Richard L D 30-Jan-1982 15-Jul-1981
Peterson Robert E, Jr M 19-Jan-1985 7-Feb-1984
Peterson Robert Eugene M 29-Dec-1967 21-Jan-1967
Peterson Robert Terry M 30-Dec-1969 26-May-1969
Peterson Roberta J M 19-Jan-1985 8-Dec-1984
Peterson Sarah Roberta B 29-Jan-1983 29-Sep-1982
Peterson Scott Eugne M 24-Jan-1998 4-Oct-1997
Peterson Sethanne M 1-Oct-2003 16-Aug-2003
Peterson Shantel Louise Elizabeth B 28-Jan-1979
Peterson Shantel Louise Elizabeth M 27-Jan-2000 14-Feb-2000
Peterson Shantel Louise Elizabeth M 31-Jan-2004 12-Dec-2003
Peterson Sheena Verlee B 8-Feb-1994 30-Jan-1994
Peterson Sheena Verlee B 28-Jan-1995 30-Jan-1994
Peterson Son B 29-Jan-1973 30-Jun-1972
Peterson Stanley M 15-Feb-1975 19-Oct-1974
Peterson Stanley H D 19-Aug-1999 19-Aug-1999
Peterson Stanley H D 29-Jan-2000 19-Aug-1999
Peterson Steven D M 19-Jan-1985 22-Sep-1984
Peterson Steven Warren B 30-Dec-1954 17-Aug-1954
Peterson Swen M 27-Oct-1868 26 Oct-1868
Peterson Ted Michael B 30-Dec-1953 1-Jul-1953
Peterson Terry Lee M 22-Jan-1972 5-Mar-1971
Peterson Theron William B 28-Dec-1951 3-Mar-1951
Peterson Theron William D 28-Dec-1951 3-Mar-1951
Peterson Thomas C M 19-Jan-1985 7-Jul-1984
Peterson Thomas Charles B 30-Dec-1947 15-Feb-1947
Peterson Thomas M D 29-Sep-2008 26-Sep-2008
Peterson Thomas Martin B 30-Dec-1957 25-May-1957
Peterson Thomas Martin M 23-Jan-1992 27-Apr-1991
Peterson Timothy Allen M 23-Jan-1999 21-Jul-1998
Peterson Tyler Jordan B 7 Feb 19996 1-Feb-1996
Peterson Virginia D 16-Nov-1998 15-Nov-1998
Peterson William Charles D 17-Nov-2000 17-Oct-2000
Peterson William Charles M 28-Dec-1945 21-Dec-1945
Peterson William Ernest B 29-Dec-1939 10-Jun-1939
Peterson William Gene M 28-Jan-1995 26-Aug-1994
Peterson William L D 29-Dec-1962 2-Mar-1962
Peterson William Royce M 30-Dec-1969 10-May-1969
Peterson William Vincent B 28-May-1994 20-May-1994
Peterson William Vincent B 28-Jan-1995 20-May-1994
Peterson Zachary Robert B 23-Jan-1988 1-Sep-1987
Peterson Zebula B 31-Jan-1981 7-Mar-1980
Peterson Carol J M 18-Jan-1986 16-Aug-1985
Peterson-Reiner Nancy Irene D 25-Jun-2008 23-Jun-2008
Petewiz Charles D 1-Jan-1913 25-Nov-1912
Petitt Angela Kay M 24-Jan-1998 10-Mar-1997
Petitt Charise Lynn B 28-Jan-1984 29-Apr-1983
Petitti Anthony Edward B 29-Jan-1983 12-Sep-1982
Petko Roger M 30-Dec-1940 7-Sep-1940
Petkumas Patricia Ann M 30-Dec-1954 3-Jul-1954
Petkunas Anthony D 24-Jun-2003 22-Jun-2003
Petkunas Myrtle R D 6-Jul-2002 4-Jul-2002
Petree Shirley Lucile M 28-Jan-1995 12-Nov-1994
Petrehn Dianne Carol B 29-Dec-1961 21-May-1961
Petresen Clifford A D 26-Jan-2002 11-Jan-2001
Petrey Ralph A M 30-Dec-1940 27-Jul-1940
Petrie Mickey D 13-Mar-1996 10-Mar-1996
Petrike Hannah M 24-Nov-1866 22-Nov-1866
Petrikin Alexander D 24-Jun-1863 22-Jun-1863
Petrikin Verna Jean M 22-Jan-1972 12-Jun-1971
Petrosky Michael D 29-Dec-1967 29-Nov-1967
Petrow Paula L M 23-Jan-1988 30-Dec-1987
Petrson Jacob Glenn B 23-Jan-1992 13-Sep-1991
Petru Dora E D 10-Oct-2001 9-Dec-2001
Petru Dorothy D 8-May-1984 7-May-1984
Petru Gilbert D 30-Dec-1957 13-Oct-1957
Petru Harley V D 28-Jan-1984 26-Oct-1983
Petru Helen D 16-Mar-2007 14-Mar-2007
Petru Helen M M 29-Dec-1938 15-Sep-1938
Petry Robert Ray B 13-Apr-1996 8-Apr-1996
Petsel Clayton C D 30-Dec-1957 30-Oct-1957
Petsel DeWayne D 2-Dec-1999 1-Dec-1999
Petsel George Robert D 24-Jul-2000 22-Jul-2000
Petsel Robert Clayton D 16-Jul-2002 15-Jul-2002
Petsel Teresa L M 31-Jan-1981 18-Oct-1980
Petterson Lola Mae M 30-Dec-1966 30-Apr-1966
Petterson Robert Paul M 29-Dec-1956 6-Oct-1956
Pettey Donald Lee B 30-Dec-1935 31-Jan-1935
Pettibone Frances E D 7-Jan-1853 25-Dec-1852
Pettibone Giles D 3-Nov-1877 24-Oct-1877
Pettibone Giles M 26-Mar-1841 23-Mar-1841
Pettibone Harriet Elise M 21-Aug-1862 20-Aug-1862
Pettie Albert M 29-Dec-1956 7-Apr-1956
Pettit Anna Mae D 30-Dec-1941 29-Nov-1941
Pettit Brian A M 30-Jan-1982 12-Jun-1981
Pettit Caroline (Mrs) M 29-Dec-1938 25-May-1938
Pettit Charles M M 29-Jan-1983 27-Aug-1982
Pettit David K M 25-Sep-1884 25-Sep-1884
Pettit David K M 3-Jan-1876 3-Jan-1876
Pettit Devin Duane B 30-Dec-1968 7-Oct-1968
Pettit Henry W M 24-May-1862 20-May-1862
Pettit Katryna LeAnn B 31-Jan-1981 29-Aug-1980
Pettit Linda L M 28-Jan-1978 23-Apr-1977
Pettit Samuel W D 30-Dec-1937 22-Feb-1937
Pettit Sylvia Oletta D 3-Apr-1984 27-Mar-1984
Pettit Thomas Duane B 29-Dec-1934 1-Apr-1934
Pettit Thomas Duane, III B 30-Dec-1953 19-May-1953
Pettit Vernon B M 28-Jan-1978 23-Dec-1977
Pettit Vernon Burdette M 30-Dec-1968 22-Mar-1968
Pettit William E D 23-Jan-1988 7-Jan-1987
Pettite Benjamin M 10-Aug-1865 9-Aug-1865
Pettitt Allen Thomas B 28-Dec-1951 9-Jan-1951
Pettitt Benjamin Allen M 25-Jan-2003 24-Aug-2002
Pettitt Cheyeanne Kimberly B 26-Jan-2008 p8e 6-Nov-2007
Pettitt Kenneth M 28-Dec-1945 4-Feb-1945
Pettitt Kenneth Clarence B 30-Dec-1947 4-Sep-1947
Pettitt Lillian E M 30-Dec-1952 7-Jun-1952
Pettitt Mindy Sue M 26-Jan-2008 p2f 19-Jan-2007
Pettitt Paula Kay B 30-Dec-1952 14-May-1952
Pettitt Paula Kay B 30-Dec-1952 14-May-1952
Pettitt Thomas D M 12-Jan-1980
Pettitt Thomas Dewey D 29-Dec-1961 4-Aug-1961
Pettitt Thomas Duane Jr D 28-Jan-1995 24-Nov-1994
Pettitt Thomas Duane,III M 26-Jan-2008 p5f 14-Dec-2007
Pettitt Velma P D 17-Jan-1987 4-Jan-1986
Petty Ada May D 30-Dec-1949 24-Mar-1949
Petty Ann Monica D 7-Jun-1999 28-Dec-1998
Petty Asa, Mrs D 2-Jun-1882 27-May-1882
Petty Benjamin Kyle D 22-Nov-1999 19-Nov-1999
Petty Darlene Gay B 30-Dec-1937 30-Nov-1937
Petty Donald D 30-Dec-1936
Petty Donna June B 30-Dec-1936 23-Nov-1936
Petty Evelyn L (Malcom) D 30-May-2008 28-May-2008
Petty Evelyn L (Malcom) D 28-May-2008 30-May-2008
Petty Evelyn Louise D 29-May-2008 28-May-2008
Petty Evelyn Louise D 28-May-2008 29-May-2008
Petty Harold Earl M 29-Dec-1938 22-Oct-1938
Petty James D M 31-Jan-1981 26-Jan-1980
Petty Joseph R D 30-Jan-1993 6-Oct-1992
Petty Lori K M 28-Jan-1984 3-Nov-1983
Petty Lucille D 28-Jan-1984 21-Apr-1983
Petty Marjorie J M 28-Jan-1978 1-Sep-1977
Petty Mary Susan M 31-Jan-1976 23-Aug-1975
Petty Randy J M 23-Jan-1988 4-Apr-1987
Petty Richard James B 30-Dec-1932 7-Nov-1932
Petty Robert T D 4-Apr-1998 27-Mar-1998
Petty Son B 31-Dec-1930 10-Apr-1930
Petty Stephany Sue M 28-Jan-2006 2-Oct-2005
Petty William L M 26-Jan-1980 7-Dec-1979
Petty William L M 26-Jan-1980 7-Dec-1979
Petty Dennis Gene B 30-Dec-1933 28-Nov-1933
Petty Hazel Mae D 17-Oct-2002 16-Oct-2002
Petty Joseiah M 27-Jan-1866 24-Jan-1866
Petty Mary Bell D 22-Dec-1860 15-Dec-1860
Petty Son B 31-Dec-1930 28-Aug-1930
Pevder Scott Brian B 29-Dec-1962 28-Jul-1962
Pewther John D 24-Aug-1998 23-Aug-1998
Peyerel Daughter B 31-Dec-1930 22-Jun-1930
Peyerel Marilyn Gertrude B 30-Dec-1932 6-Nov-1932
Peyerl Francis Richard M 30-Dec-1941 11-Sep-1941
Peyerl Frank D 29-Jan-1983 21-Oct-1982
Peyerl Marcella M 30-Dec-1942 5-May-1942
Peyerl Marilyn G M 30-Dec-1952 31-Jul-1952
Peyerl Michael Francis B 30-Dec-1942 18-Oct-1942
Peyerl Nellie Bertha D 29-Dec-1961 26-May-1961
Peyton Lenora M 29-Dec-1950 12-Apr-1950
Peyton Mary Jane M 1-Nov-1869 23-Oct-1869
Peyton MC M 6-Oct-1896 5-Oct-1896
Peyton PC D 8-Nov-1922 8-Nov-1922
Peyton Philip D 9-Mar-1874 28-Feb-1874
Pfalzgraf George D 30-Dec-1936
Pfanku Aimee Sue M 29-Jan-2000 2-Oct-1999
Pfanku Bette J M 18-Jan-1986 23-May-1985
Pfau Albert M 20-Dec-1906 29-Aug-1906
Pfeifer Delores N M 29-Dec-1939 24-Jan-1939
Pfeiffer Carl D 30-Dec-1955 18-Dec-1955
Pfeiffer Carlton E M 30-Dec-1942 25-Apr-1942
Pfeiffer Frank H M 22-Sep-1920
Pfeiffer Gertrude M 22-Feb-1893
Pfeiffer June M 31-Dec-1913 17-Feb-1913
Pfeiffer June E D 24-Nov-1893 23-Nov-1893
Pfeiffer Marie D 15-Feb-1975 3-May-1974
Pfeiffer Marsha Jean B 29-Dec-1944 9-Apr-1944
Pfeiffer Michael M 7-Dec-1895 4-Dec-1895
Pfeiffer Michael D 1-Jan-1908 12-Dec-1907
Pfeiffer Mildred I M 28-Jan-1978 18-Feb-1977
Pfeiffer Milo M 30-Dec-1933 20-Jun-1933
Pfeiffer Minnie Iva M 8-Dec-1910 15-Sep-1910
Pfeiffer Robert M M 8-Dec-1910 18-Oct-1910
Pfeiffer Sylvia M D 23-Jan-1988 12-Oct-1987
Pfeiffer Theresa L D 29-Jan-2005 3-Apr-2004
Pfeiffer Twin Sons B 25-Nov-1893 25-Nov-1893
Pfeiffer Walter L M 31-Dec-1913 27-Jun-1913
Pfeifle Max Raymond-Gillette B 27-Jan-2000 28-Apr-2000
Pfff Harriet M 20-Feb-1880 17-Feb-1880
Pfister Donald Leroy M 30-Dec-1968 1-Jun-1968
Pfister Kevin D M 28-Jan-1984 12-Mar-1983
Pfortner Caroline D 29-Dec-1950 2-Apr-1950
Pfrimmer Georgia M 19-Dec-1922
Pfund CC M 2-Jun-1871 2-May-1871
Pfundstein Gerald B D 18-Jan-1986 20-Feb-1985
Pfundstein Reta D 22-Jul-2004
Phan Mai Ngoc-thi M 29-Jan-2005 29-Mar-2004
Phanthalangsy Bruce D 17-Jan-1987 7-Mar-1986
Phanthalangsy Sengdao M 18-Jan-1986 15-Mar-1985
Phares Paul M 30-Dec-1937 17-Apr-1937
Phares Wilda (Lindley) D 13-Feb-2007 1-Feb-2007
Pharr Mischelle M 31-Oct-1995 3-Sep-1995
Pharres Charles W D 4-Jan-1892
Phelan Leroy H M 29-Dec-1934 9-Mar-1934
Phelan William Lawrence M 15-Feb-1975 15-Jun-1974
Phelps Angela M 19-Aug-1994 14-May-1994
Phelps Anna Mae B 30-Dec-1942 21-May-1942
Phelps Annabelle M 30-Dec-1968 2-Jun-1968
Phelps April L M 23-Jan-1988 8-Aug-1987
Phelps Atala D 30-Dec-1932 13-Oct-1932
Phelps Barbara M 29-Jan-1973 25-Apr-1972
Phelps Barbara Jo B 29-Dec-1956 7-Apr-1956
Phelps Barbara Jo M 15-Feb-1975 2-Feb-1974
Phelps Barbara Marie B 30-Dec-1952 18-Jun-1952
Phelps Carl Edwin D 30-Dec-1963 29-Aug-1963
Phelps Cindy Sue M 27-Jan-2000 19-Apr-2000
Phelps Clark L D 19-Jul-1851 17-Jul-1851
Phelps Clayton James B 18-Jan-1986 9-Apr-1985
Phelps Cloyd Dean M 30-Dec-1966 22-Apr-1966
Phelps Clude D 2-Nov-1874 1-Nov-1874
Phelps Courtney Suzanne B 23-Jan-1988 6-May-1987
Phelps Cynthia Ann B 30-Dec-1954 17-Jun-1954
Phelps Daniel J M 26-Jan-1980 20-Oct-1979
Phelps Daniel J M 26-Jan-1980 20-Oct-1979
Phelps Daughter B 31-Dec-1930 2-Sep-1930
Phelps David Leland M 25-Jan-2003 4-May-2002
Phelps David S M 23-Jan-1988 25-Jul-1987
Phelps David Scott B 30-Dec-1955 14-May-1955
Phelps Debbie Jean B 30-Dec-1954 20-Apr-1954
Phelps Diane Kay M 17-Jan-1987 29-Apr-1986
Phelps Donald G M 30-Dec-1952 12-Nov-1952
Phelps Donald G M 30-Dec-1952 12-Dec-1952
Phelps Donald Gene B 29-Dec-1934 21-Mar-1934
Phelps Donald Gene D 28-Jan-1979
Phelps Donald Terry B 29-Dec-1956 22-Jul-1956
Phelps Dorothy Jean D 29-Jan-1994 11-Aug-1993
Phelps Douglas G M 28-Jan-1979
Phelps Douglas Terry M 30-Jan-1993 22-Feb-1992
Phelps Dylan Thomas B 24-Mar-2000 20-Mar-2000
Phelps Dylan Thomas B 27-Jan-2000 20-Mar-2000
Phelps Elgin C D 30-Dec-1960 4-May-1960
Phelps Emma Kay B 29-Jan-2005 30-May-2004
Phelps Ethel Imogene D 31-Jan-2000 30-Jan-2000
Phelps Eveline B, Mrs M 7-Apr-1854
Phelps Everett D 29-Jan-1973 6-Oct-1972
Phelps Everett D 6-Oct-1972
Phelps Everett M 16-Dec-1909 20-Nov-1909
Phelps Faye Anne M 30-Dec-1964 1-Nov-1964
Phelps Fiora Ann D 10-Feb-1859 8-Feb-1859
Phelps Flora M M 24-Dec-1885 23-Dec-1885
Phelps Florence P D 17-Dec-1880 17-Dec-1880
Phelps Fred D 27-Apr-1900 27-Apr-1900
Phelps Gertie (Mrs) D 29-Dec-1956 18-Jun-1956
Phelps Gilbert Henry D 30-Dec-1955 19-Nov-1955
Phelps Glen A M 23-Feb-1928 22-Feb-1928
Phelps Grace M 29-Dec-1950 21-Oct-1950
Phelps HC D 30-Dec-1963 17-Sep-1963
Phelps Helen Marguerite D 30-Dec-1964 31-Mar-1964
Phelps Jacob Douglas B 30-Jan-1982 23-Oct-1981
Phelps Jacob Douglas M 26-Jan-2002 22-Jun-2001
Phelps James Donald M 26-Jan-2002 7-Apr-2001
Phelps James W M 30-Jan-1982 3-Oct-1981
Phelps Janet Lee D 28-Jan-1978 19-Mar-1977
Phelps JE D 30-Dec-1937 16-Dec-1937
Phelps Jennifer B 31-Jan-1981 12-Mar-1980
Phelps Jerry E M 30-Dec-1952 2-Jul-1952
Phelps Jerry E M 30-Dec-1952 2-Jul-1952
Phelps Joe E D 30-Jan-1993 16-Nov-1992
Phelps Joe E M 30-Dec-1942 9-Dec-1942
Phelps John D 30-Dec-1963 21-Mar-1963
Phelps Joshua Thomas B 26-Jan-1980 21-Sep-1979
Phelps Joshua Thomas M 27-Jan-2000 21-Jun-2000
Phelps Karen D 10-Jul-1998 9-Jul-1998
Phelps Kathy Ann B 30-Dec-1954 1-Jun-1954
Phelps Keith Duane D 9-Mar-2001 6-Mar-2001
Phelps Laura A D 28-Jan-1984 8-May-1983
Phelps Laura June B 30-Dec-1940 30-Jun-1940
Phelps Lauri A M 19-Jan-1985 10-May-1984
Phelps Leonard A M 30-Dec-1936 21-Jan-1936
Phelps Lila Louise B 28-Dec-1945 25-Feb-1945
Phelps Linda Sue B 30-Dec-1953 1-Apr-1953
Phelps Lorenzo M 17-Oct-1874 16-Oct-1874
Phelps Lorri Marie M 15-Feb-1975 16-Jun-1974
Phelps Luann G M 28-Jan-1979
Phelps Luann Gail B 30-Dec-1954 4-Dec-1953
Phelps Lydia M 11-Apr-1895 5-Apr-1895
Phelps Margaret E D 16-Dec-1909 4-Jun-1909
Phelps Marie Ella M 30-Dec-1964 3-Oct-1964
Phelps Marilyn Kay D 23-Dec-2008 21-Dec-2008
Phelps Marvin J D 29-Dec-1961 18-Mar-1961
Phelps Mary D 18-Sep-1900 18-Sep-1900
Phelps Mary Ann D 15-Feb-1975 3-Jan-1974
Phelps Mary D M 18-Sep-1887 18-Sep-1887
Phelps Mary Virginia B 30-Dec-1937 8-Apr-1937
Phelps Maude A M 30-Dec-1916 27-Nov-1916
Phelps Max Russell D 27-Sep-2004 26-Sep-2004
Phelps Michael M B 30-Dec-1955 5-Feb-1955
Phelps Mildred D 26-Jan-1980 7-Nov-1979
Phelps Nettie N D 29-Dec-1944 20-Jul-1944
Phelps Ozro M 4-Mar-1853 1-Mar-1853
Phelps Pascalena P D 12-Jun-1880
Phelps Patricia Ann B 30-Dec-1932 10-Sep-1932
Phelps Phillip D 31-Jan-1976 21-Jun-1975
Phelps Quentin Jacob B 26-Sep-2001 13-Sep-2001
Phelps Quentin Jacob B 26-Jan-2002 13-Sep-2001
Phelps Rebecca Ilene B 28-Dec-1945 3-Aug-1945
Phelps Rhoda A M 1-Aug-1876
Phelps Rocke Clem M 23-Jan-1992 8-Jul-1991
Phelps Rosie L (Mrs) D 1-Jan-1913 18-Apr-1912
Phelps Roy J, II B 30-Dec-1953 2-May-1953
Phelps Sarah D 30-Dec-1940 18-Aug-1940
Phelps Scott A M 19-Jan-1985 10-May-1984
Phelps Scott Allen B 30-Dec-1957 30-Jun-1957
Phelps Shasta Marie B 17-Jan-1987 20-Aug-1986
Phelps Son B 31-Dec-1930 23-Aug-1930
Phelps Stephen C M 19-Jan-1985 28-Sep-1984
Phelps Susan Lynne B 30-Dec-1963 15-Feb-1963
Phelps Tammy L M 18-Jan-1986 1-Nov-1985
Phelps Tammy L M 23-Jan-1988 14-Feb-1987
Phelps Thomas D M 28-Jan-1984 13-Aug-1983
Phelps Thomas Dana B 29-Dec-1962 3-May-1962
Phelps Trisha Leeann B 30-Jan-1982 6-Oct-1981
Phelps Wesley James M 30-Dec-1955 11-Feb-1955
Phelps Will C M 10-Sep-1890
Phelps William H D 23-Jan-1988 30-May-1987
Phelps William M M 26-Jan-1980 13-Oct-1979
Phelps William M M 26-Jan-1980 13-Oct-1979
Phelps William Michael M 28-Jan-1995 30-Jul-1994
Philbrick Elenor D 4-Aug-1887
Philgreen E Edward M 30-Dec-1954 5-Jun-1954
Philgreen E Edward (Rev) D 12-Nov-2006 13-Nov-2006
Phililps Sandra Ellen B 30-Dec-1966 17-May-1966
Philip Denise Lynn M 24-Jan-1998 1-Oct-1997
Philips Emily Roxanne B 29-Jan-1994 18-Jan-1993
Philips Karie Renae B 17-Jan-1987 5-May-1986
Phillipi Laura E D 28-Jan-1979
Phillipps Jennie M 14-Nov-1899
Phillips Addison D 15-Feb-1975 9-Jun-1974
Phillips Adella S D 29-Dec-1934 16-Sep-1934
Phillips Agnes D 11-Jun-1984 5-Jun-1984
Phillips Agnes C D 26-Jan-1980 23-Jul-1979
Phillips Alice E M 28-Dec-1872 24-Dec-1872
Phillips Alice I M 5-Jan-1899 4-Jan-1899
Phillips Allan Ralph M 29-Dec-1956 31-Jul-1956
Phillips Allen Ralph B 30-Dec-1932 6-Oct-1932
Phillips Allison Elaine B 26-Jan-2002 8-Feb-2001
Phillips Amy Marie M 27-Jan-2000 19-May-2000
Phillips Anderson M 18-Apr-1868 16-Apr-1868
Phillips Andrew James B 17-Sep-1999 7-Sep-1999
Phillips Andrew James B 29-Jan-2000 7-Sep-1999
Phillips Angel Christine B 30-Jan-1982 28-Jun-1981
Phillips Angel Christine M 26-Jan-2008 p5f 22-Dec-2007
Phillips Anna Wigim D 18-Jan-1986 29-Apr-1985
Phillips Arthur D 22-Jan-1972 17-Jan-1971
Phillips Athena Mildred Marie B 28-Jan-2006 14-Dec-2005
Phillips Barbara Ann B 30-Dec-1970 5-Feb-1970
Phillips Barbara Elaine B 30-Dec-1942 11-Mar-1942
Phillips Barbara M B 29-Dec-1950 28-Jul-1950
Phillips Benjamin Jacob B 5-Jun-1997 1-Jun-1997
Phillips Benjamin Jacob B 24-Jan-1998 1-Jun-1997
Phillips Bernice (Hansen) D 2-Jan-2007 29-Dec-2006
Phillips Bernice L D 29-Dec-2006 30-Dec-2006
Phillips Berniece Irene D 30-Dec-1965 16-Apr-1965
Phillips Bertha Mueller D 28-Dec-1945 10-Jul-1945
Phillips Bessie D 4-Jun-1960
Phillips Bessie M M 21-Dec-1905 16-Aug-1905
Phillips Betty A M 30-Dec-1946 7-Jan-1946
Phillips Betty nancy D 30-Jan-1993 11-Aug-1992
Phillips Bonnie Louise B 30-Dec-1953 5-Aug-1953
Phillips Bonnie Louise M 26-Jan-1991 7-Oct-1990
Phillips Boy B 31-Dec-1913 3-Feb-1913
Phillips Boy B 31-Dec-1939 16-Sep-1929
Phillips Brad M 29-Jan-1973 13-Jun-1972
Phillips Bradley Jay B 30-Dec-1954 9-Jun-1954
Phillips Brenda J M 29-Jan-1983 16-Oct-1982
Phillips Brenda June B 30-Dec-1965 24-Mar-1965
Phillips Brenda M M 18-Jan-1986 28-Oct-1985
Phillips Brenda Mae M 4-Aug-2004
Phillips Brian Keith B 30-Dec-1965 20-Aug-1965
Phillips Byron Clarence B 30-Dec-1947 4-Aug-1947
Phillips Cael Jeffrey B 20-Dec-2005 27-Nov-2005
Phillips Cael Jeffrey B 28-Jan-2006 27-Nov-2005
Phillips Carl F D 21-Mar-2001 20-Mar-2001
Phillips Carl F "Fritz" D 26-Jan-2002 20-Mar-2001
Phillips Carl Fred M 30-Dec-1941 31-May-1941
Phillips Carl J D 28-Jan-1979
Phillips Carl M D 30-Dec-1964 23-Jan-1964
Phillips Carla S M 28-Jan-1984 12-Feb-1983
Phillips Carla Sue B 30-Dec-1948 25-Jun-1948
Phillips Carla Sue B 30-Dec-1965 12-Jun-1965
Phillips Carla Sue M 30-Dec-1966 20-Feb-1966
Phillips Carol Ruth B 28-Dec-1945 14-Dec-1945
Phillips Carol Ruth M 30-Dec-1965 12-Jun-1965
Phillips Carrisa Marie B 21-Nov-2003 15-Nov-2003
Phillips Carrisa Marie B 31-Jan-2004 15-Nov-2003
Phillips Carter Lewis B 31-Jan-2004 9-Nov-2003
Phillips Catherine Elizabeth M 27-Jan-2000 19-May-2000
Phillips Cathy Lea B 31-Jan-1976 3-Jun-1975
Phillips Cathy Lea M 31-Jan-2004 23-Aug-2003
Phillips Cecile A M 16-Dec-1909 7-Sep-1909
Phillips Chad Edward M 30-Jan-1993 15-Aug-1992
Phillips Charles M 29-Dec-1939 29-Apr-1939
Phillips Charles M 23-Jan-1903 21-Jan-1903
Phillips Charles A M 29-Jan-1983 23-May-1982
Phillips Charles Arthur D 28-Jan-2006 12-Oct-2005
Phillips Charles Burton D 29-Dec-1962 18-Jul-1962
Phillips Charles William D 30-Dec-1953 17-Apr-1953
Phillips Cheryl Marie B 30-Dec-1940 23-Nov-1940
Phillips Christina L M 29-Jan-1983 3-Aug-1982
Phillips Clair Ellen D 30-Dec-1946 1-Aug-1946
Phillips Clara M 1-Jan-1908 8-Apr-1907
Phillips Clarence M D 29-Jan-1983 14-May-1982
Phillips Clarence P M 29-Jan-1983 22-May-1982
Phillips Clarence P, Dr D 6-Apr-1994 6-Apr-1994
Phillips Clarence Payne D 28-Jan-1995 6-Apr-1994
Phillips Clarence Payne (Dr) M 27-Dec-1922
Phillips Corey Leethon B 29-Dec-1967 28-Jun-1967
Phillips Corey Leethon M 23-Jan-1992 2-Jun-1991
Phillips Cory Scott B 30-Jan-1982 5-Apr-1981
Phillips Dalton D 17-Aug-1999 17-Aug-1999
Phillips Dalton Fred D 29-Jan-2000 16-Aug-1999
Phillips Daniel Ben B 28-Jan-1984 13-Oct-1983
Phillips Danney LeRoy M 22-Jan-1972 6-Jun-1971
Phillips Danny Leroy B 30-Dec-1946 5-Nov-1946
Phillips Darlene M 30-Dec-1946 13-Feb-1946
Phillips Daughter B 29-Jan-1973 3-Jul-1972
Phillips Daughter B 9-Jun-1922
Phillips Daughter D 7-Aug-1891 4-Aug-1891
Phillips David Harlan B 30-Dec-1943 19-Nov-1943
Phillips David Harlen M 30-Dec-1964 6-Sep-1964
Phillips David Mark M 30-Jan-2007 25-Nov-2006
Phillips David Mark M 24-Jan-2007 25-Nov-2006
Phillips David Wayne B 29-Dec-1962 24-Sep-1962
Phillips David Wayne M 17-Jan-1987 8-Aug-1986
Phillips Deann Zoleta B 29-Dec-1956 18-May-1956
Phillips Deborah Sue B 28-Dec-1951 5-Sep-1951
Phillips Debra A M 28-Jan-1978 21-May-1977
Phillips Debra Ann B 29-Dec-1956 12-Jun-1956
Phillips Delbert E D 7-Nov-2000 5-Nov-2000
Phillips Delores June B 29-Dec-1938 16-Jun-1938
Phillips Dennis Michael B 30-Dec-1954 3-Mar-1954
Phillips Derek M B 19-Jan-1985 17-Nov-1984
Phillips Diana Kay B 30-Dec-1949 25-Jul-1949
Phillips Dorothy Mae M 30-Dec-1937 6-Nov-1937
Phillips Edna E D 30-Jan-1982 24-Mar-1981
Phillips Edwin Harold D 29-Jan-1973 7-Feb-1972
Phillips Ellis Jr D 27-Jan-2000 14-Jul-2000
Phillips Ellis, Jr D 14-Jul-2000 14-Jul-2000
Phillips Elsie D 29-Jan-1973 7-Apr-1972
Phillips Elsie Ann D 30-Dec-1969 22-Apr-1969
Phillips Elvin Taylor B 25-Jan-1922
Phillips Emery A M 30-Dec-1936 23-Sep-1936
Phillips Emma M 14-Sep-1895 10-Sep-1895
Phillips Ernest L M 28-Jan-1979
Phillips Ernest Levi B 28-Dec-1951 11-Jan-1951
Phillips Ernest Levi D 24-Jan-1998 14-Oct-1997
Phillips Ernest Levi III M 29-Jan-1994 21-Apr-1993
Phillips Ernest Levi III M 23-Jan-1999 9-Oct-1998
Phillips Ernest Levi IV B 28-Jan-1995 27-Jan-1994
Phillips Ernest Levi Jr M 30-Dec-1969 22-Jun-1969
Phillips Ernest Levi, IV B 3-Feb-1994 27-Jan-1993
Phillips Ernest, Sr D 15-Oct-1997 14-Oct-1997
Phillips Ethel D 18-Jan-1984 17-Jan-1984
Phillips Etta M 22-Nov-1886 22-Nov-1886
Phillips Evelyn E D 22-Mar-2002 21-Mar-2002
Phillips Evelyn R M 30-Dec-1940 12-Dec-1940
Phillips Fletia M M 30-Dec-1916 4-Oct-1916
Phillips Florence D 30-Dec-1940 6-Dec-1940
Phillips Floyd M 30-Dec-1936 30-May-1936
Phillips Floyd M 28-Dec-1945 14-Jul-1945
Phillips Floyd E D 23-Jan-1988 31-Dec-1987
Phillips Francis M M 28-Dec-1895 24-Dec-1894
Phillips Francis Marion D 4-Mar-1920
Phillips Frank H M 1-Jun-1876 18-May-1876
Phillips Fred M 20-Dec-1906 17-Jan-1906
Phillips Gary M 28-Jan-1984 10-Sep-1983
Phillips George D 2-Jan-1907 1-Jan-1907
Phillips George P D 29-Jan-1973 7-Feb-1972
Phillips Girl B 31-Dec-1939 1-Jan-1929
Phillips Girl B 31-Dec-1939 5-May-1929
Phillips Grace D 29-Dec-1967 18-Sep-1967
Phillips Gwendolyn M 30-Dec-1935 6-Jun-1935
Phillips Harlan D 12-May-1999 30-Apr-1999
Phillips Harlan M 30-Dec-1937 6-Oct-1937
Phillips Harlan Arthur D 30-Dec-1943 2-Jul-1943
Phillips Harlan Samuel D 29-Jan-2000 30-Apr-1999
Phillips Harold Brand D 29-Dec-1944 28-Mar-1944
Phillips Harry M 1-Jan-1908 1-Jul-1907
Phillips Harry O D 29-Jan-1973 10-Apr-1972
Phillips Henry B D 29-Dec-1938 22-Oct-1938
Phillips Herbert LeRoy "Mike" D 29-Dec-1956 21-Aug-1956
Phillips Homer I M 30-Dec-1946 10-Mar-1946
Phillips Hylan M 30-Dec-1946 18-Apr-1946
Phillips Ian Alexander B 22-Jan-1972 20-Dec-1970
Phillips Ida J (Carter) D 14-Dec-2006 16-Dec-2006
Phillips Isabelle (Mrs) D 30-Dec-1948 3-May-1948
Phillips Jacob D D 17-Jan-1987 26-Apr-1986
Phillips Jacob Dean B 17-Jan-1987 1-Mar-1986
Phillips Jacqueline K M 19-Jan-1985 20-Oct-1984
Phillips Jacqueline Kay B 29-Dec-1950 4-Feb-1950
Phillips James M 29-Dec-1938 8-Jul-1938
Phillips James A D 28-Jul-1995 26-Jul-1995
Phillips James Dean M 29-Jan-2000 14-Feb-1999
Phillips James Dean M 29-Jan-2000 4-May-1999
Phillips James Ellis B 29-Dec-1939 1-Feb-1939
Phillips James Ellis Jr B 29-Dec-1961 24-Nov-1961
Phillips James Ephriam D 30-Dec-1969 24-Jan-1969
Phillips James G D 6-Feb-2001 5-Feb-2001
Phillips James G D 26-Jan-2002 5-Feb-2001
Phillips James K M 23-Jan-1988 5-Sep-1987
Phillips James Kelly M 28-Jan-1995 19-Mar-1994
Phillips James Lynn B 31-Jan-1976 2-Dec-1975
Phillips James P D 30-Dec-1936
Phillips James W M 1-Jul-1872 29-Jun-1872
Phillips Jane Ellen M 29-Dec-1961 15-Nov-1961
Phillips Janice L M 26-Jan-1980 22-Jan-1979
Phillips Janice L M 26-Jan-1980 22-Jan-1979
Phillips Janice Rochelle B 30-Dec-1942 25-Feb-1942
Phillips Janice Rosemary M 30-Dec-1966 23-Jul-1966
Phillips Jason Christopher M 30-Jan-2007 28-Oct-2006
Phillips Jayme Lee M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 23-Jun-2007
Phillips Jeanne Deane B 30-Dec-1949 5-Apr-1949
Phillips Jeannie Leola M 29-Dec-1938 2-Jul-1938
Phillips Jeffrey Robert B 31-Jan-1981 1-Nov-1980
Phillips Jennifer June M 27-Jan-2000 22-Apr-2000
Phillips Jesse James River B 25-Jan-2003 27-Feb-2002
Phillips Jessie D 30-Dec-1932 14-Oct-1932
Phillips Jessie P M 1-Jan-1908 17-Oct-1907
Phillips Joan Elizabeth B 28-Dec-1945 18-Feb-1945
Phillips Jody Lynn M 17-Jan-1987 12-Sep-1986
Phillips Joey L D 30-Jan-1982 23-Jan-1981
Phillips Joey Lee B 30-Dec-1957 23-Oct-1957
Phillips John D 8-Jul-1901 8-Jun-1901
Phillips John D 11-Mar-1895 7-Mar-1895
Phillips John M 11-Feb-1928 28-Jan-1928
Phillips John D 30-Dec-1933 15-Jul-1933
Phillips John L D 31-Jan-1981 22-Mar-1980
Phillips John W D 1-Jan-1913 24-Sep-1912
Phillips John W M 2-Jan-1883 1-Jan-1883
Phillips John William B 30-Dec-1955 16-Jan-1955
Phillips John William M 30-Dec-1952 21-Jun-1952
Phillips John, Capt D 28-Oct-1871 25-Oct-1871
Phillips John, Jr M 23-Dec-1859 22-Dec-1859
Phillips Joseph A D 30-Dec-1952 16-Aug-1952
Phillips Joseph A M 29-Dec-1888 27-Dec-1888
Phillips Joseph Audra D 21-Apr-1920
Phillips Josephine D 22-Jan-1972 25-Dec-1970
Phillips Joy Beatrice B 31-Jan-1976 9-Apr-1975
Phillips Juanita M 30-Dec-1946 23-Jun-1946
Phillips Juanita Anna Cochran D 18-Jan-2002 17-Jan-2002
Phillips Juanita P M 30-Jan-1982 29-Dec-1981
Phillips June D 23-Dec-1922
Phillips June M D 29-Nov-1995 19-Nov-1995
Phillips Karen Su M 30-Dec-1966 19-Feb-1966
Phillips Karen Sue B 30-Dec-1947 7-Jul-1947
Phillips Katherine M M 30-Dec-1935 6-Jan-1935
Phillips Kathy Ann B 29-Dec-1950 12-Jun-1950
Phillips Katie Ann B 5-Dec-1996 4-Dec-1996
Phillips Kay Lynn M 26-Feb-2003 20-Feb-2003
Phillips Kay Lynn M 31-Jan-2004 20-Feb-2003
Phillips Kelly Ann M 31-Jan-2004 24-Jan-2003
Phillips Kelly C D 29-Dec-1961 27-Jun-1961
Phillips Kendra Lynn B 29-Jan-2000 24-Mar-1999
Phillips Kenneth M 28-Dec-1945 14-Apr-1945
Phillips Kenneth M 30-Dec-1957 31-Aug-1957
Phillips Kenneth Edward D 30-Dec-1960 27-Sep-1960
Phillips Kenneth Everett D 28-Jan-1978 25-Mar-1977
Phillips Kenneth Laverne M 29-Dec-1938 2-Jul-1938
Phillips Kerry Lee B 30-Jan-1982 3-May-1981
Phillips Kevin Lee B 30-Dec-1954 24-Apr-1954
Phillips Kimberly Dawn M 26-Jan-2002 1-Sep-2001
Phillips Kimberly Kay M 30-Jan-1993 14-Feb-1992
Phillips Kimberly Ruth B 5-Feb-1994 2-Feb-1994
Phillips Kimberly Ruth B 28-Jan-1995 2-Feb-1994
Phillips Larrry Gene B 30-Dec-1932 28-May-1932
Phillips Larry Eleston B 29-Dec-1950 29-Nov-1950
Phillips Larry Eliston M 15-Feb-1975 13-Jul-1974
Phillips Larry G M 30-Dec-1955 9-Jul-1955
Phillips Larry Lee B 29-Dec-1944 22-Apr-1944
Phillips Laura M 30-Dec-1946 7-Jun-1946
Phillips Laura M M 30-Dec-1886
Phillips Lee Wayne Glenn B 30-Dec-1933 17-Jan-1933
Phillips Leethon M 29-Dec-1938 29-Jun-1938
Phillips Leonard M 30-Dec-1946 21-Apr-1946
Phillips Leonard Francis B 30-Dec-1947 17-Oct-1947
Phillips Leonard Francis M 15-Feb-1975 12-Oct-1974
Phillips Leonard Francis,Jr D 4-Dec-2003 2-Dec-2003
Phillips Linda Lee B 30-Dec-1943 22-Oct-1943
Phillips Lisa Ann M 24-Jan-1998 13-Sep-1997
Phillips Lisa D M 28-Jan-1984 18-Jun-1983
Phillips Lisa Marie M 17-Jan-1987 13-Sep-1986
Phillips Lizzie C M 11-Jul-1866
Phillips Lloyd D 12-Sep-1998 10-Sep-1998
Phillips Lori Marie M 30-Jan-2007 19-Aug-2006
Phillips Loui M 28-Jun-1877 27-Jun-1877
Phillips Louise Ann B 30-Dec-1942 27-Jan-1942
Phillips Lucinda (Mrs) D 30-Dec-1946 31-Mar-1946
Phillips Lydie Pearl B 29-Dec-1956 20-Jun-1956
Phillips Mabel Fern D 30-Jan-1993 21-Nov-1992
Phillips Maddi Lyn B 29-Jan-1994 14-Sep-1993
Phillips Margaret J M 18-Mar-1902
Phillips Marjorie Ann M 29-Dec-1938 16-Feb-1938
Phillips Mark A M 31-Jan-1981 21-Feb-1980
Phillips Mark A M 18-Jan-1986 5-Jul-1985
Phillips Mark Allan B 29-Dec-1962 21-Jun-1962
Phillips Mark D M 23-Mar-1998 4-Oct-1997
Phillips Marlene Joyce B 30-Dec-1937 30-Aug-1937
Phillips Marlene Meryl M 29-Dec-1956 26-May-1956
Phillips Martha Ann B 30-Dec-1952 12-Sep-1952
Phillips Martin M 1-Oct-1868 21-Sep-1868
Phillips Mary Beth B 30-Dec-1946 17-Nov-1946
Phillips Mary Ellen B 30-Dec-1932 14-Apr-1932
Phillips Mary Ellen D 28-Jan-2006 29-Jan-2005
Phillips Mary Hunter D 18-Mar-1898
Phillips Matilda Jane D 25-May-1920
Phillips Matthew Aaron M 31-Jan-2009 pg 5f 16-Feb-2008
Phillips Matthew Aaron B 23-Jan-1988 16-Nov-1987
Phillips Matthew James M 29-Jan-2005 18-Sep-2004
Phillips Matthew Jay B 23-Jan-1988 30-Aug-1987
Phillips Maynard A D 10-Apr-2008 8-Apr-2008
Phillips McKala Kay B 23-Jan-1999 2-Dec-1998
Phillips Megan Nicole B 27-Oct-1999 12-Oct-1999
Phillips Megan Nicole B 29-Jan-2000 12-Oct-1999
Phillips Melissa Sue B 9-Jan-1996 5-Jan-1996
Phillips Merwynee Leroy B 30-Dec-1940 26-Jun-1940
Phillips Merwynne Leroy B 30-Dec-1940 26-Jul-1940
Phillips Michael E, Jr D 29-Jan-1973 20-Mar-1972
Phillips Michael Eugene B 28-Dec-1951 27-Dec-1951
Phillips Michael Eugene M 30-Dec-1968 6-Oct-1968
Phillips Michael J B 19-Jan-1985 9-Aug-1984
Phillips Michael John M 29-Jan-2005 25-Sep-2004
Phillips Michelle L M 28-Jan-1984 3-Dec-1983
Phillips Michelle Lynn M 29-Jan-1994 8-Jun-1993
Phillips Minerva D 12-Jun-1984 10-Jun-1984
Phillips Misty Lynn B 15-Feb-1975 23-Feb-1974
Phillips Morgan Michelle B 19-Feb-1996 15-Feb-1996
Phillips Moriah Christian Lee B 5-May-2001 26-Apr-2001
Phillips Mylan M 30-Dec-1946 7-Jun-1946
Phillips Mylan S D 28-Jan-1995 6-Apr-1994
Phillips Mylan Sam D 7-Apr-1994 6-Apr-1994
Phillips Nathaniel William D 6-Jun-1994 6-Jun-1994
Phillips Nathaniel William D 28-Jan-1995 6-Jun-1994
Phillips Nellie M 8-Dec-1910 19-Mar-1910
Phillips Nena B 31-Jan-1981 1-Mar-1980
Phillips Nike George B 14-May-1996 10-May-1996
Phillips Norman L M 29-Dec-1950 28-Oct-1950
Phillips Olive E M 25-Nov-1899 26-Oct-1899
Phillips Opal D 29-Jan-1973 11-Jul-1972
Phillips Orin C D 30-Dec-1947 8-Apr-1947
Phillips Orren K M 25-Apr-1876 25Aapr-1876
Phillips Orrin C D 30-Dec-1954 22-Jul-1954
Phillips Patricia A M 28-Jan-1979
Phillips Patricia Ann M 31-Jan-1976 12-Mar-1975
Phillips Patricia Louise B 30-Dec-1953 12-Feb-1953
Phillips Patricia Pearl B 30-Dec-1941 26-Oct-1941
Phillips Patrick Isadore B 18-Feb-1928 18-Feb-1928
Phillips Paula Ann B 22-Jan-1972 13-Aug-1971
Phillips Pearl C M 1-Jan-1912 11-Nov-1911
Phillips Pearl Milton D 3-Dec-1984 2-Dec-1984
Phillips Penny Jo M 17-Jan-1987 24-May-1986
Phillips Preston B 6-Nov-1883
Phillips Rachael Elizabeth B 29-Dec-1998 26-Dec-1998
Phillips Rachel Elizabeth B 23-Jan-1999 26-Dec-1998
Phillips Ray D 15-Feb-1975 11-Aug-1974
Phillips Raymond J D 30-Dec-1966 20-May-1966
Phillips Richard M 17-Mar-1876 15-Mar-1876
Phillips Richard Robert B 30-Dec-1953 23-Apr-1953
Phillips Ricky Dean M 29-Jan-2000 8-Nov-1999
Phillips Rita M 30-Dec-1957 29-Mar-1957
Phillips Robert D 6-Mar-2007 4-Mar-2007
Phillips Robert M 30-Dec-1952 14-Oct-1952
Phillips Robert LeRoy B 29-Dec-1967 30-Jun-1967
Phillips Robert Michael B 30-Dec-1964 2-Mar-1964
Phillips Robert R D 28-Jan-1978 29-Jan-1977
Phillips Robert R M 30-Dec-1954 18-Sep-1954
Phillips Robert W D 29-Jan-1983 25-Jun-1982
Phillips Robert Wayne B 30-Dec-1940 10-Mar-1940
Phillips Robert Wayne B 30-Dec-1955 13-Jun-1955
Phillips Robert Wayne M 15-Feb-1975 29-Jun-1974
Phillips Robert Wayne M 30-Jan-1993 2-May-1992
Phillips Robin L M 29-Jan-1983 28-Aug-1982
Phillips Robin R M 18-Jan-1986 8-Nov-1985
Phillips Robin Renee M 15-Feb-1975 13-Apr-1974
Phillips Roger Dale M 31-Jan-1976 5-Apr-1975
Phillips Roger Dale M 24-Jan-1998 2-Jul-1997
Phillips Roger Dale M 29-Dec-1967 3-Jan-1967
Phillips Ronald K M 30-Dec-1957 13-Jun-1957
Phillips Rose W D 29-Dec-1950 15-Feb-1950
Phillips Roxanne M 28-Jan-1978 12-Feb-1977
Phillips Ruby D 29-Jan-1994 14-Jan-1993
Phillips Russell C M 29-Dec-1939 17-Jan-1939
Phillips Ruth M 30-Dec-1935 13-Jul-1935
Phillips Ruth (Vetter) D 20-Mar-2007 16-Mar-2007
Phillips Ruth C M 29-Dec-1950 31-Dec-1950
Phillips Samuel D 21-Dec-1905 7-Oct-1905
Phillips Samuel D 8-Oct-1905 7-Oct-1905
Phillips Samuel F D 30-Dec-1955 10-Feb-1955
Phillips Sandra Ellen M 24-Jan-1998 5-Dec-1997
Phillips Sandra Jean B 30-Dec-1949 18-May-1949
Phillips Sarah A M 12-Jun-1883 10-Jun-1883
Phillips Sarah Bell B 30-Dec-1954 1-Nov-1954
Phillips Sarah Bell M 22-Jan-1972 11-Dec-1971
Phillips Scherry Harlene B 30-Dec-1941 5-Jun-1941
Phillips Scott E M 5-Jul-1996 8-Jun-1996
Phillips Shellie A M 31-Jan-1981 14-Sep-1980
Phillips Shellie Ann B 29-Dec-1962 7-Nov-1962
Phillips Shelly Lynn M 29-Jan-2000 8-Nov-1999
Phillips Sherd D 30-Dec-1957 15-May-1957
Phillips Sherdie L, Sr D 11-Apr-2002 10-Apr-2003
Phillips Sherdie Lee Jr M 30-Dec-1957 21-Sep-1957
Phillips Sherry June M 17-Jan-1987 21-Nov-1986
Phillips Sherwood Roy D 29-Dec-1956 5-Apr-1956
Phillips Sheryl Marie D 30-Dec-1937 30-Jan-1937
Phillips Sheryl Marie D 30-Dec-1947 30-Jan-1947
Phillips Shirley J M 17-Dec-2003 19-Jul-2003
Phillips Shirley J M 31-Jan-2004 19-Jul-2003
Phillips Son B 31-Dec-1930 18-Jan-1930
Phillips Son B 31-Dec-1930 4-Feb-1930
Phillips Stacey Annette B 30-Jan-1982 1-Jun-1981
Phillips Steven D 30-Nov-2007 28-Nov-2007
Phillips Steven F M 26-Jan-1980 3-Feb-1979
Phillips Steven F M 26-Jan-1980 3-Feb-1979
Phillips Steven Frank B 30-Dec-1954 6-Mar-1954
Phillips Steven L M 28-Jan-1978 20-Aug-1977
Phillips Susan Kay B 29-Dec-1962 27-Apr-1962
Phillips Suzanne R M 30-Dec-1957 11-May-1957
Phillips Suzanne Ruth B 29-Dec-1934 22-Oct-1934
Phillips Talma Marie M 30-Dec-1940 30-Oct-1940
Phillips Tanya M 8-Aug-2001 10-Jun-2001
Phillips Ted M 29-Dec-1939 18-Nov-1939
Phillips Ted O D 29-Jan-1973 7-Feb-1972
Phillips Teresa A M 28-Jan-1978 14-May-1977
Phillips Teresa Jane M 29-Jan-2000 28-May-1999
Phillips Teresa Janette B 30-Dec-1957 24-Aug-1957
Phillips Theodore Wayne B 30-Dec-1946 18-Jul-1946
Phillips Thomas D 15-Feb-1975 22-Jun-1974
Phillips Thomas D 24-Dec-1884
Phillips Thomas Leethon M 30-Dec-1966 26-Feb-1966
Phillips Thomas P D 16-Mar-1900 12-Mar-1900
Phillips Thos M 1-Nov-1869
Phillips Tiara Lien Thi B 4-Apr-1996 1-Apr-1996
Phillips Tiffany Ann B 26-Jan-1991 17-Mar-1990
Phillips Timothy E M 19-Jan-1985 21-Apr-1984
Phillips Timothy Eugene B 30-Dec-1957 3-Oct-1957
Phillips Timothy Eugene M 30-Jan-1993 14-Feb-1992
Phillips Timothy Steven B 17-Jan-1987 25-Sep-1986
Phillips Todd Alan B 26-Jan-1980 28-Nov-1979
Phillips Toni B 3-Sep-1997 29-Aug-1997
Phillips Toni Leigh B 24-Jan-1998 29-Aug-1997
Phillips Trisha Marie B 15-Feb-1975 29-May-1974
Phillips Tyler T B 19-Jan-1985 18-Oct-1984
Phillips Tyson Lee B 23-Jan-1988 21-Jul-1987
Phillips VAughn M 30-Dec-1937 27-Mar-1937
Phillips Vera M 29-Dec-1950 2-Jun-1950
Phillips Vera M M 31-Dec-1913 20-Oct-1913
Phillips Verl G D 17-Jan-1987 24-Mar-1986
Phillips Verna Ager D 30-Jan-1993 18-Aug-1992
Phillips Vernon T D 29-Dec-1944 8-Feb-1944
Phillips Vicki D M 31-Jan-1981 12-Jul-1980
Phillips Violet J D 11-Jan-2005 9-Jan-2005
Phillips Violet Jean D 28-Jan-2006 9-Jan-2005
Phillips Violet L M 30-Dec-1933 16-Mar-1933
Phillips Virgil Lee B 30-Dec-1948 1-Feb-1948
Phillips Vonda Rae B 30-Dec-1946 15-Nov-1946
Phillips W E M 20-Dec-1906 19-Sep-1906
Phillips Wayne James M 30-Dec-1969 14-Jun-1969
Phillips Wayne LeRoy B 30-Dec-1940 23-Aug-1940
Phillips William Albert D 16-Dec-1909 11-Feb-1909
Phillips William Albert M 30-Dec-1968 26-Oct-1968
Phillips William Cullem III M 28-Jan-2006 22-Apr-2005
Phillips William J D 1-Jan-1912 27-Oct-1911
Phillips William L M 30-Jan-1982 16-May-1981
Phillips William Lee B 30-Dec-1954 26-Mar-1954
Phillips William Noel M 29-Dec-1967 19-Aug-1967
Phillips William Vaughn D 23-Jan-1992 25-Sep-1991
Phillips Wm M 8-Jan-1869 30-Dec-1868
Phillips Zackary Allen Lee B 28-Jan-2006 17-Nov-2005
Phillips Zella M M 1-Jan-1908 3-Apr-1907
Phillipson Mark Lee M 30-Jan-1993 8-Aug-1992
Philpot Ondrea Marie B 23-Jan-1992 28-Oct-1991
Philpott Anthony Scott B 29-Dec-1962 8-Jul-1962
Philpott Anthony Scott M 26-Jan-1991 21-Dec-1990
Philpott Bradley Allen M 25-Jan-2003 30-Mar-2002
Philpott Dale F D 2-Oct-1984 1-Oct-1984
Philpott Dale F M 30-Dec-1946 15-Apr-1946
Philpott Gary Leon B 29-Dec-1939 19-Mar-1939
Philpott Gus M 30-Dec-1937 9-Jul-1937
Philpott Gus Samuel D 30-Dec-1937 27-May-1937
Philpott Guss Samuel D 30-Dec-1943 30-Mar-1943
Philpott Hazel Marie D 31-Jan-1994 30-Jan-1994
Philpott Hazel Marie D 31-Jan-1994 30-Jan-1994
Philpott Hazel Marie D 28-Jan-1995 30-Jan-1994
Philpott Hettie M 30-Dec-1937 9-Jul-1937
Philpott Hettie C D 30-Dec-1943 17-Oct-1943
Philpott Hettie C (Mrs) D 30-Dec-1943 17-Oct-1943
Philpott Linda Lea B 30-Dec-1946 12-Dec-1946
Philpott Linda Lee M 30-Dec-1965 19-Sep-1965
Philpott Marie (Miss) M 6-Mar-1929 4-Mar-1929
Philpott Mindy S M 23-Jan-1988 31-Dec-1987
Philpott Mindy Sue B 30-Dec-1964 26-Aug-1964
Philpott Robert Dale B 30-Dec-1948 26-Aug-1948
Philpott Robert Dale M 30-Dec-1968 20-Sep-1968
Philpott Stone Allen B 29-Jan-1994 9-Sep-1993
Philpott Tracie Jo M 6-Feb-1997 7-Sep-1996
Philpott Tracie Jo M 30-Jan-2007 10-Mar-2006
Philpott Vicki Lynn B 29-Dec-1950 18-Sep-1950
Philpott Vicki Lynn M 30-Dec-1969 4-Jan-1969
Philpott Walter D 30-Dec-1948 23-Aug-1948
Philpott Wendy Jean B 30-Dec-1954 20-Jun-1954
Philson Kenneth Philson B 30-Dec-1943 30-Sep-1943
Phipps Faye E M 29-Dec-1939 29-Aug-1939
Phipps Peggy Anna M 29-Dec-1967 1-May-1967
Phipps Robert Eugene M 26-Jan-1991 18-Nov-1990
Phoenix Cora D 16-Dec-1909 31-Aug-1909
Phonvevichith Michael B 28-Jan-1984 19-Feb-1983
Phouapadith Amber Dawn M 23-Jan-1999 6-Jun-1998
Phouapadith Bounpanh M 30-Jan-1982 20-Nov-1981
Phouapadith Darnell Ted B 29-Jan-2000 3-Mar-1999
Picard HN, Dr D 25-Apr-2003 23-Apr-2003
Picco Joseph M 29-Dec-1939 3-Dec-1939
Pickard Keith LaVern M 30-Dec-1965 8-May-1965
Pickel Emma D 3-Mar-1885 2-Mar-1885
Pickel Jacob Dean D 3-Mar-1890
Pickel Mary Bell D 4-Apr-1890
Pickens Ann Eliza M 21-Feb-1867 20-Feb-1867
Pickens Charles H D 30-Dec-1946 6-Nov-1946
Pickens Laura Bell M 20-Dec-1906 9-May-1906
Pickens William M 3-Sep-1868 3-Sep-1868
Pickerek Hazel M 30-Dec-1940 9-Jul-1940
Pickering Albert O M 29-Dec-1939 19-Mar-1939
Pickering Charles E M 1-Dec-1880
Pickering Clara B M 28-Apr-1868
Pickering Eliza M 26-May-1859 26-May-1859
Pickering Gary Alexander M 28-Jan-2006 1-Jul-2005
Pickering Grant W M 22 Sep 204 3-Sep-2004
Pickering Louisa E M 1-Jul-1868 28-Jun-1868
Pickering Wm H D 6-Oct-1863 13-Sep-1863
Pickering Grant William M 29-Jan-2005 3-Sep-2004
Pickett Donald Wayne B 29-Dec-1938 26-Jun-1938
Pickett Ellen Louise D 24-Mar-2008 22-Mar-2008
Pickett Ellen Louise D 22-Mar-2008 24-Mar-2008
Pickett JK D 20-Dec-1898 19-Dec-1898
Pickett Laura Mae B 30-Dec-1936 16-Jul-1936
Pickett Rollie M 30-Dec-1935 31-Oct-1935
Pickett Thomas Dean B 28-Dec-1945 1-Feb-1945
Picketts George H D 28-Jan-1978 23-May-1977
Pickhart David J M 29-Feb-1872 27-Feb-1872
Pickhart William M 12-Mar-1872 29-Feb-1872
Pickrel Charles M 29-Jan-1973 6-Mar-1972
Pidgeon Kelly Rose M 26-Jan-2008 p5f 29-Sep-2007
Pidgeon Son B 30-Dec-1947 23-Dec-1947
Pidgeon Steven Ray B 29-Dec-1950 14-Jul-1950
Pieczynski Dominic J M 19-Jan-1985 17-Feb-1984
Piedra Jenny B 26-Apr-1996
Piefer Katy C M 1-Jan-1912 9-Mar-1911
Piene Lawson Matthias B 27-Jan-2000 13-Aug-2000
Pieper Carmen Nicole B 26-Jan-1991 18-Oct-1990
Pieper Dianna Louise B 30-Dec-1953 7-Jan-1953
Pieper Douglas Mark B 28-Dec-1951 22-Aug-1951
Pieper Edward D 21-Dec-1905 24-Sep-1905
Pieper Frank J D 29-Dec-1939 21-Oct-1939
Pieper Gregory B M 26-Jan-1980 2-Feb-1979
Pieper Gregory B M 26-Jan-1980 2-Feb-1979
Pieper Margaret Ruiz M 28-Jan-1995 9-Sep-1994
Pieper Mary Ann D 29-Dec-1962 24-May-1962
Pieper Nicholas Paul M 28-Jan-1995 9-Sep-1994
Piepp Wilhelmina H D 2-Feb-1920
Pierce Carmelal Jessica B 30-Jan-1982 4-Aug-1981
Pierce Charles F M 30-Dec-1946 16-Jun-1946
Pierce Charles Wayne D 25-Jan-2003 17-Apr-2002
Pierce Dorothy Genvieve M 29-Dec-1962 15-Sep-1962
Pierce James F M 30-Dec-1941 11-Jan-1941
Pierce John Darwin Jr B 30-Dec-1969 7-Feb-1969
Pierce John H M 18-Jan-1986 13-Jul-1985
Pierce LeRoy M 30-Dec-1916 4-Jan-1916
Pierce Marion R M 29-Dec-1950 1-Oct-1950
Pierce Mary K M 28-Jan-1984 1-Jul-1983
Pierce Mary S D 22-Jan-1972 7-Apr-1971
Pierce Michael Carl D 31-Aug-2007 30-Aug-2007
Pierce Michael George B 29-Dec-1950 17-Oct-1950
Pierce Nellie D 30-Dec-1957 15-Sep-1957
Pierce Pauline M 30-Dec-1946 21-Apr-1946
Pierce Pauline Kennedy (Mrs) M 29-Dec-1938 23-Feb-1938
Pierce Richard Edward B 30-Dec-1949 8-Feb-1949
Pierce Susan Mary B 29-Dec-1956 26-Oct-1956
Pierce Vada F (Mrs) M 30-Dec-1954 14-Aug-1954
Pierce Vada F, Mrs M 30-Dec-1954 14-Aug-1954
Pierce Verna A, nee Washburn D 19-Jan-1972 19-Jan-1972
Pierce Vivian Margaret M 30-Dec-1941 15-Nov-1941
Pierce Warren R M 30-Jan-1982 6-Jun-1981
Pierce William Charles D 30-Dec-1957 27-Jul-1957
Pierce William D M 30-Dec-1952 8-Jan-1952
Pierce William Harry M 23-Jan-1992 23-Nov-1991
Pierce William Robert B 30-Dec-1949 15-Aug-1949
Pierce Abigal M 30-Aug-1873 29-Aug-1873
Pierce Ada A M 24-Feb-1881
Pierce Charles Fred D 8-May-1984 8-May-1984
Pierce Charles Wayne D 18-Apr-2002 17-Apr-2002
Pierce Clarence D M 8-Oct-1888 8-Oct-1888
Pierce Ella D 13-Sep-1883 5-sep-1883
Pierce Francis L M 23-Mar-1877 7-Mar-1877
Pierce Gary S D 30-Dec-1943 15-Oct-1943
Pierce Giles O M 19-Oct-1882 18-Oct-1882
Pierce Hazel C D 29-Jan-1973 13-Sep-1972
Pierce Henry H M 29-Dec-1962 25-May-1962
Pierce James S M 6-Sep-1866 6-sep-1866
Pierce John Harold D 27-Oct-2000 24-Oct-2000
Pierce Julia S M 20-Jun-1868 10-Jun-1868
Pierce Margaret Lucille D 19-Jun-2002 18-Jun-2002
Pierce Mary D 27-Sep-1995 23-Sep-1995
Pierce Mary M M 1-Mar-1900 27-Feb-1900
Pierce Myrtle D 30-Dec-1963 2-Feb-1963
Pierce Nathan Lee M 19-Mar-1996 18-Nov-1995
Pierce Nellie May M 8-Feb-1895 7-Feb-1895
Pierce Opel L M 29-Dec-1934 20-Jan-1934
Pierce Virgil S D 6-Jul-1984 1-Jul-1984
Piercy Davida M 29-Dec-1939 3-Dec-1939
Pierr Josephine Mary M 20-Oct-1898
Pierre Yvon Francois B 28-Dec-1951 18-Mar-1951
Piersall Ada Stella D 22-Jan-1972 11-Jul-1971
Piersall Olga R D 13-Dec-1995 12-Dec-1995
Piersen Elsie (Mrs) D 20-Dec-1906 28-Oct-1906
Piersol John D 29-Dec-1939 30-Sep-1939
Piersol Mary Mathilda D 29-Dec-1934 13-Apr-1934
Pierson Albert L M 1-Jan-1908 23-Dec-1907
Pierson Alice A M 19-Jul-1877 11-Jul-1877
Pierson Amanda D 21-Dec-1905 2-Mar-1905
Pierson Charlotte W D 17-Feb-1879 17-Feb-1879
Pierson Ellen M 29-Feb-1876 9-Feb-1876
Pierson Estell Ferrell D 30-Dec-1937 8-Aug-1937
Pierson George M 28-Nov-1866 27-Nov-1866
Pierson George A D 31-Dec-1913 28-Dec-1913
Pierson HH M 2-Jan-1873 30-Dec-1872
Pierson John E M 29-Dec-1934 18-Dec-1934
Pierson Lepha B D 30-Dec-1932 1-Jun-1932
Pierson Mary S M 15-Aug-1892
Pierson Richard E D 17-Mar-1863 14-Mar-1863
Pierson Sarah M 15-Oct-1879 15-Oct-1878
Pierson Shirley Marie M 29-Dec-1967 29-May-1967
Pierson Silas C D 21-Sep-1872 21-Sep-1872
Pierson Thomas M 3-Sep-1996 25-May-1996
Pierson J M 17-Dec-1908 15-Jun-1908
Piestsch Wm M 2-Jan-1888
Pietras Thomas M 7-Aug-2002 13-Jul-2002
Pietsch Susan M M 29-Jan-1983 28-Aug-1982
Pietz John L M 29-Dec-1938 2-Sep-1938
Pifer Wm F M 17-Oct-1874 17-Sep-1874
Piggot Jesse M 1-Aug-1876 4-Jul-1876
Piggott Franklin F D 22-Jan-1972 2-Dec-1971
Piggott Hazel D 30-Dec-1969 22-Apr-1969
Piggott Sarah M 29-Jun-1865 26-Jun-1865
Pigman John Harold D 6-Apr-1874 3 Apr 1874
Pigman Mary R M 9-Oct-1861 8-Oct-1861
Pigsley Benjamin D 20-Jan-1984 20-Jan-1984
Pigsley Mable M D 28-Jan-1984 15-Jun-1983
Pigsley Michael R M 5-Apr-1995 18-Mar-1995
Pigsley Prince Charles M 29-Dec-1967 11-Mar-1967
Pigsley Teresa Ann M 30-Dec-1965 11-Jan-1965
Pike A Everett D 30-Dec-1955 2-May-1955
Pike Albert M 30-Dec-1940 13-May-1940
Pike Albert C D 26-Jan-1991 12-Feb-1990
Pike Amanda Blanche D 30-Dec-1965 20-Feb-1965
Pike Annette M 18-Oct-1892 18-Oct-1892
Pike Bertha Agatha D 30-Dec-1942 8-Jun-1942
Pike Bertha Agatha D 8-Jun-1962
Pike Camilla Lucille M 29-Dec-1962 18-Aug-1962
Pike Charles L M 21-Dec-1905 5-Sep-1905
Pike Cheryl Lynn M 31-Jan-1976 14-Feb-1975
Pike Della M 18-Mar-1891 18-Mar-1891
Pike Francis Elmer D 28-Dec-1945 28-Aug-1945
Pike Geraldine C M 30-Dec-1937 4-Feb-1937
Pike Golda M M 1-Jan-1913 3-Apr-1912
Pike Grace Stella M 29-Dec-1967 6-Jan-1967
Pike H C D 18-Feb-1929
Pike Harry D 30-Dec-1965 14-Mar-1965
Pike Ira L M 30-Dec-1916 16-Feb-1916
Pike Ira Lee D 22-Jan-1972 19-Dec-1971
Pike Kathleen Elizabeth M 29-Jan-2000 20-Aug-1999
Pike Lauren O M 30-Dec-1946 21-Aug-1946
Pike Lenore D 21-Dec-2002 20-Dec-2002
Pike Lester L D 30-Dec-1966 2-Jan-1966
Pike Lester Leroy M 30-Dec-1965 14-Oct-1965
Pike Lorna Kaye M 30-Dec-1965 19-Jun-1965
Pike Luetta Ruth M 30-Dec-1941 4-Feb-1941
Pike Marie Corey D 16-Oct-1984 9-Oct-1984
Pike Minnie D D 30-Dec-1953 27-Nov-1953
Pike Richard D M 23-Jan-1988 25-Jul-1987
Pike Robert Lester B 30-Dec-1942 14-Feb-1942
Pike Ronald M 30-Dec-1952 22-Nov-1952
Pike Ronald M 30-Dec-1952 22-Dec-1952
Pike Ronald LeMoyne B 30-Dec-1933 9-Jun-1933
Pike Rowena Marie M 30-Dec-1964 22-Aug-1964
Pike William E D 30-Dec-1957 25-May-1957
Pilcher Grayden Dennis B 17-Jan-2003 30-Dec-2002
Piler Helene P D 29-Dec-1962 5-Feb-1962
Pilgram Adam M 3-Dec-1871 18-Nov-1871
Pilgram George D 30-Dec-1953 16-Oct-1953
Pilgram Ida D 28-Jan-1984 3-Dec-1983
Pilgram Margaret C (Molis) D 17-Oct-2008 12-Oct-2008
Pilgram Mary D 30-Dec-1955 24-Dec-1955
Pilgram Viola M M 17-Dec-1908 2-Sep-1908
Pilgram Walter D 23-Jan-1988 11-Dec-1987
Pilgrim Adam, Jr M 16-Dec-1909 7-Apr-1909
Pilgrim Arthur J D 23-Jan-1999 15-May-1998
Pilgrim Arthur J, Dr D 18-May-1998 15-May-1998
Pilgrim Clarence C D 12-Feb-1972
Pilgrim Clarence, Mrs D 25-Apr-1926
Pilgrim Cora (Mrs) D 13-Oct-1926
Pilgrim Edith E M 1-Jan-1913 25-Sep-1912
Pilgrim Eliza D 9-Mar-1894 9-Mar-1894
Pilgrim Elsie (Miss) M 20-Dec-1906 17-Oct-1906
Pilgrim Ernestine D 29-Dec-1944 17-Jan-1944
Pilgrim George D 30-Dec-1916 10-Mar-1916
Pilgrim Henry M 31-Dec-1889 14-Dec-1889
Pilgrim Henry M 16-Dec-1889 15-Dec-1889
Pilgrim John D 23-May-1892 22-May-1892
Pilgrim John, Mrs D 5-Jan-1877 10-Dec-1876
Pilgrim Lizzie C M 27-Nov-1885 26-Nov-1885
Pilgrim Lucy M 1-Jan-1912 14-Jun-1911
Pilgrim Margaret E D 2-Apr-1984 2-Apr-1984
Pilgrim Matilda M 20-Dec-1906 18-Apr-1906
Pilgrim Reinhardt M 29-May-1885 28-May-1885
Pilgrim Reinhart D 29-Dec-1950 20-Apr-1950
Pilgrim Walter M 1-Apr-1920
Pilgrim Wendy Kay B 30-Dec-1953 10-Sep-1953
Pimental Janette H B 28-Jan-1984 15-Nov-1983
Pimental Jovany B 30-Jan-1993 7-May-1992
Pimentel Jessica H B 30-Jan-1982 23-Jun-1981
Pimentel Jorge Allen, Jr B 30-Dec-1995 26-Nov-1995
Pimentel Kristian Omar B 29-Jan-1983 16-Jun-1982
Pimentel Miguel B 28-Jan-1979
Pimentel Miguel H M 28-Jan-1978 14-Jul-1977
Pimentel Oliva M 29-Jan-1994 8-Jun-1993
Pimentel Emmanuel B 26-Jan-1991 2-Oct-1990
Pimentel Juan Manuel M 26-Jan-1991 22-Oct-1990
Pine David Floyd B 29-Dec-1934 8-Oct-1934
Pine Ethel G M 1-Jan-1912 8-May-1911
Pine Gordon Franklin B 30-Dec-1932 6-Feb-1932
Pine Harold D 9-Feb-2000 7-Feb-2000
Pine Irvin E M 30-Dec-1941 7-Apr-1941
Pine Lola Leona D 23-Jan-1988 31-Dec-1987
Pine Mary D 30-Oct-2003 28-Oct-2003
Pineda Cindy Martinez M 26-Jan-1991 10-Dec-1990
Pineda Guadalupe Martinez III B 28-Jan-1995 9-Jul-1994
Pineda Guadalupe Martinez Jr M 29-Jan-1994 24-Aug-1993
Pineda Lorenzo Martinez B 29-Jan-2000 30-Mar-1999
Pineda Marcos Martinez B 24-Jan-1998 24-Oct-1997
Pinefield Mary W D 21-Mar-1864
Pineiro Connie Marie B 26-Jan-1980 13-Jul-1979
Pineiro Elyssa Marie B 29-Jan-2000 23-Feb-1999
Pineiro Yaritca B 20-Feb-1997 17-Feb-1997
Pinerio Yaritza B 24-Jan-1998 17-Feb-1997
Ping Janet Charlene M 30-Dec-1954 26-Aug-1954
Ping Richard Duane D 23-Jan-1992 21-Jun-1991
Ping TE D 11-Dec-1920
Ping Thomas A M 1-Jan-1908 12-Mar-1907
Ping Vera M D 16-Nov-1984 14-Nov-1984
Pingel Spurgeon D 25-Oct-1922
Pingery Cora E. D 26-Jun-1955 27-Dec-1955
Pingery Eva Grace D 30-Dec-1955 3-Aug-1955
Pingrey Robert F D 20-Mar-1998 17-Mar-1998
Pingrey Ruthellen D 22-Jan-1972 24-Apr-1971
Pinkenburg Henry T D 29-Jan-1983 12-Jul-1982
Pinkerton Susie D 29-Jan-1983 8-Feb-1982
Pinkham Alice Ethel D 6-Apr-1882
Pinkham B Hampden M 24-Jun-1863 23-Jun-1863
Pinkham Clarkson M 10-Mar-1865 8-Mar-1865
Pinkham Edward M D 8-Dec-1920
Pinkham Ella M 16-Oct-1879 15-Oct-1879
Pinkham Fannie E M 5-Mar-1860 3-Mar-1860
Pinkham Kathelyn Nicole B 10-Nov-1999 4-Nov-1999
Pinkham Lorenzo Francis D 20-Jul-1880
Pinkham Lucy D 23-Jul-1880
Pinkham Maria M 23-Apr-1861 30-Mar-1861
Pinkstaff Rebecca M 29-Dec-1961 31-Oct-1961
Pinkstaff Robert D 8-Sep-1972
Pinkstaff Robert Gene D 29-Jan-1973 8-Sep-1972
Pinney Robert C D 30-Dec-1948 9-May-1948
Pinnow Erwin Albert M 29-Dec-1956 14-Jul-1956
Pinson Minnie D 30-Dec-1937 29-Oct-1937
Piontek Paula Rose M 30-Jan-1993 18-Jul-1992
Piotrowski Charles Stanley D 15-Aug-1996 14-Aug-1996
Piotrowski Mary L M 28-Jan-1978 23-Jun-1977
Piotrowski Nicolas John B 29-Dec-1967 7-Sep-1967
Piotrowski Nicolas John M 28-Jan-2006 22-Jan-2005
Pipe Sidney M 8-Dec-1910 27-Jun-1910
Piper Beulah D 16-Jul-2001 14-Jul-2001
Piper Florence M 30-Dec-1946 26-Nov-1946
Piper Fred M Sr D 29-Jan-1994 19-Jan-1993
Piper J Everett D 18-Jan-1986 23-Dec-1985
Piper Mary Lynn B 30-Dec-1943 3-Aug-1943
Piper Walter L M 30-Dec-1941 13-Dec-1941
Pipes Infant Daughter D 30-Dec-1954 19-Apr-1954
Pipes Nadean Fern B 30-Dec-1942 16-Sep-1942
Pipes Peter Paul B 30-Dec-1953 2-May-1953
Pippert Conrad D 29-Jan-1983 4-Aug-1982
Pippert Debra L M 29-Jan-1983 7-Aug-1982
Pippert Garry Lee B 30-Dec-1948 31-Oct-1948
Pippert Jeanine Ann B 29-Dec-1950 2-Sep-1950
Pippert Katie Katherine D 30-Dec-1957 4-Mar-1957
Pippert Kenneth C D 22-Jan-1972 5-Nov-1971
Pippert Lena M 20-Dec-1906 2-Jul-1906
Pippert Daughter B 30-Dec-1932 26-Dec-1932
Pippert Fannie E D 28-Jan-1978 25-Apr-1977
Pippins Donna J M 18-Jan-1986 10-Aug-1985
Pippins Donna Jean D 25-Mar-1996 23-Mar-1996
Pirch lloyd Edwin D 10-Jan-2002 8-Jan-2002
Pirkey Agnes M D 31-Jan-1981 18-Jul-1980
Pirkey Albert Edward D 30-Dec-1952 13-Dec-1952
Pirkey Ferdinand J D 29-Dec-1934 12-Aug-1934
Pirkey Howard E D 29-Jan-1994 4-Jan-1993
Pirkey Jack Arnold B 30-Dec-1935 6-Sep-1935
Pirkey Jack Arnold M 29-Dec-1956 12-Jun-1956
Pirkey Lucy A D 30-Dec-1940 18-Dec-1940
Pirkey Margaret Ebert D 1-Sep-1972
Pirkey Margaret Ida D 29-Jan-1973 1-Sep-1972
Pirkey William Henry D 30-Dec-1966 14-Oct-1966
Piromsri Niramoi M 26-Jan-1991 22-Dec-1990
Pirrera Anthony M 29-Jan-1973 28-Mar-1972
Pirtle Beth Ann B 30-Dec-1968 20-Sep-1968
Pirtle Connie Lynne B 30-Dec-1966 16-Jan-1966
Pirtle Homer M 30-Dec-1964 18-Apr-1964
Pirtle Loretta Lynne B 29-Dec-1967 19-May-1967
Pirtle Sharon Kay B 30-Dec-1965 4-Mar-1965
Pisarick Helen Barbara B 30-Dec-1943 29-Nov-1943
Pisarik Girl B 1-Dec-1943 29-Nov-1943
Pisch Kevin Christopher B 30-Jan-1993 17-Feb-1992
Pisch Marcus Anthony B 29-Mar-1994 21-Mar-1994
Pisch Marcus Anthony B 29-Mar-1994 21-Mar-1994
Pisch Marcus Anthony B 28-Jan-1995 21-Mar-1994
Pisch Tyler Joseph B 24-Jan-1998 24-Apr-1997
Pitcher Mary K M 30-Dec-1940 20-Jun-1940
Pitchforth Caroline D 30-Dec-1940 24-Dec-1940
Pitchforth Charles H D 29-Dec-1956 1-Dec-1956
Pitchforth Charles Herbert D 30-Dec-1941 13-Aug-1941
Pitchforth George M 20-Dec-1906 9-May-1906
Pitchforth Irene A M 30-Dec-1941 21-Feb-1941
Pitchforth Mary Elizabeth D 28-Dec-1951 23-Mar-1951
Pitchforth Sarah M 3-Dec-1890 3-Dec-1890
Pitchforth Thomas Rangeley D 20-Feb-1928 20-Feb-1928
Pitchforth TR M 1-Nov-1883 2-Oct-1883
Pitchforth Viola M D 31-Dec-1913 15-Mar-1913
Pitchforth W A M 30-Dec-1916 1-Jul-1916
Pitchforth WH M 27-May-1882 27-May-1882
Pith Sandra Kay B 30-Dec-1940 1-Mar-1940
Pitman Francis M 30-Dec-1952 6-Nov-1952
Pitman Francis M 30-Dec-1952 6-Dec-1952
Pitt Carol L M 29-Jan-1983 22-May-1982
Pitt Carrie M 22-Mar-2000 4-Sep-1999
Pitt Dixie Lynn M 17-Jan-1987 19-Jul-1986
Pitt Doris G D 24-Dec-1997 23-Dec-1997
Pitt James D 28-Nov-1996 26-Nov-1996
Pitt James Phillip D 26-Nov-1996
Pitt Ora May M 26-Dec-1894 24-Dec-1894
Pittman Dana William M 29-Jan-1994 21-Dec-1993
Pittman Dona Maureen M 30-Dec-1969 21-Jun-1969
Pittman Donald D 9-Oct-1998 9-Oct-1998
Pittman Donald Albert D 23-Jan-1999 9-Oct-1998
Pittman Donald Albert M 30-Dec-1940 23-Mar-1940
Pittman Gerald J M 30-Dec-1940 2-Mar-1940
Pittman Grace M 30-Dec-1936 29-Feb-1936
Pittman James E D 30-Dec-1953 7-Feb-1953
Pittman Jeannine Celeste M 24-Jan-1998 24-Oct-1997
Pittman Kent Douglas B 28-Dec-1951 12-Dec-1951
Pittman Melissa Ann M 24-Jul-1997 28-Jun-1997
Pittman Terry Joseph M 29-Jan-1994 19-Feb-1993
Pitts Ann Gunzenhauser D 23-Jan-1988 20-Apr-1987
Pitts NC M 2-Jan-1895 1-Jan-1895
Pitts Patsy D 28-May-2004
Pittser Elsie Marie D 23-Jan-1992 26-Sep-1991
Pitzenberger Mrs M 13-Feb-1864
Pitzer Evelyn E D 9-Oct-2002 7-Oct-2002
Pitzer Kristen Marie B 26-Jan-1980 15-Nov-1979
Pitzer Kristyn Marie M 29-Jan-2005 29-May-2004
Pitzer Kristyn Marie M 23-Jun-2004
Pitzer Larry Dale M 30-Jan-1993 14-Aug-1992
Pitzer Marlene K M 18-Jan-1986 8-Jun-1985
Pitzer Rebecca M M 29-Jan-2000 2-Aug-1999
Pitzer Sara D 31-Jan-1976 22-Sep-1975
Pitzner Evelyn Eleanora D 25-Jan-2003 7-Oct-2002
Pizano Juan Francisco M 31-Jan-2009 pg 7f 9-Oct-2008
Pl Harold W D 27-Jan-2000 6-Feb-2000
Place Mallory Kayla B 28-Sep-1996 24-Sep-1996
Place Mark A M 4-Apr-1995 24-Mar-1995
Placke Fred N M 21-Dec-1905 5-Jun-1905
Placke Wm, Jr M 29-Aug-1898
Placko Boy B 31-Dec-1913 7-Sep-1913
Plagman Otto D 29-Jan-1983 3-Jun-1982
Plagman Ricky Lavern B 30-Dec-1968 21-Jul-1968
Plagmann Margaret M 30-Dec-1940 24-Aug-1940
Plambeck William P M 30-Dec-1946 30-Jan-1946
Plambreck Betty M 30-Dec-1946 3-Sep-1946
Planine Girl B 31-Dec-1913 23-Jan-1913
Plank Alfred M 23-Nov-1922
Plank Beatrice M 30-Dec-1940 19-Oct-1940
Plank Bernice P M 30-Dec-1940 16-Dec-1940
Plank Charlene Kay B 30-Dec-1940 30-May-1940
Plank Charlene Kay M 30-Dec-1957 20-Jun-1957
Plank Chloe Jean (Child) D 28-Dec-2007 26-Dec-2007
Plank Christopherson Lee B 29-Dec-1956 29-Jul-1956
Plank Dorothy D 8-Jul-2002 6-Jul-2002
Plank Issac Wesley B 18-Apr-1996 12-Apr-1996
Plank Janice I M 29-Dec-1956 1-Jun-1956
Plank Janice Ilene B 30-Dec-1996
Plank John Edward B 30-Dec-1957 2-Aug-1957
Plank John Edward D 9-Sep-2000 7-Sep-2000
Plank Laura Ann B 30-Dec-1954 4-Oct-1954
Plank Lee E D 29-Dec-1956 7-Oct-1956
Plank Leona May D 29-Dec-1967 24-Nov-1967
Plank Lori A M 28-Jan-1978 12-Jun-1977
Plank Madison D 13-Oct-2001 11-Oct-2001
Plank Madison Rae D 26-Jan-2002 11-Oct-2001
Plank Marion Alfred D 29-Dec-1944 6-May-1944
Plank Martha Anne B 31-Jan-1976 14-Oct-1975
Plank Martha Anne M 23-Jan-1999 14-Nov-1998
Plank Marvin Eugene B 30-Dec-1955 18-Nov-1955
Plank Marvin Eugene M 15-Feb-1975 5-Oct-1974
Plank Marvin Francis B 30-Dec-1932 4-Dec-1932
Plank Mary F M 30-Dec-1916 11-Mar-1916
Plank Patrick Jay B 30-Dec-1965 9-Aug-1965
Plank Patrick Jay M 25-Jan-2003 14-Oct-2002
Plank Raymond E D 23-Jan-1988 7-May-1987
Plank Richard Eugene D 29-Dec-1961 2-Apr-1961
Plank Richard Eugene M 29-Dec-1950 21-Oct-1950
Plank Samuel Edward B 6-May-1996 3-May-1996
Plank Sandra Marie B 30-Dec-1953 11-Jul-1953
Plank Savannah Suzanne B 30-Jan-1993 10-Jul-1992
Plank Shawn Edward M 26-Jan-1991 18-Oct-1990
Plank Stephen Scott B 29-Dec-1956 26-Mar-1956
Plank Suzanne Bartenhagen M 29-Jan-1994 6-Aug-1993
Plank Thomas D 20-Dec-1996 18-Dec-1996
Plank Thomas Benjamin B 15-Apr-1998 13-Apr-1998
Plank Timothy L M 30-Jan-1982 5-Jun-1981
Plank Timothy Lee B 29-Dec-1961 2-May-1961
Planku Richard M 30-Dec-1964 3-May-1964
Plasencio Abraham III B 25-Jan-2003 12-May-2002
Plaskett Beverly Mae B 28-Dec-1951 13-Apr-1951
Plate Albina (Mrs) M 30-Dec-1943 30-Jun-1943
Plate Johanna D 20-Nov-1900
Plate John C D 31-Dec-1931 9-Aug-1931
Platner Earl, Mrs D 4-Apr-1922
Platt Alvin F M 30-Dec-1954 18-Dec-1954
Platt Amber Renate B 15-Oct-1997 8-Oct-1997
Platt Amber Renate B 24-Jan-1998 8-Oct-1997
Platt Anna Marie D 4-Sep-1995 1-Sep-1995
Platt Austin Kenneth Ivan B 12-Apr-1996 6-Apr-1996
Platt Carson Ivan B 31-Jan-2009 p2f 17-Jan-2008
Platt Claude E D 29-Dec-1938 11-Mar-1938
Platt Conrad M 1-Mar-1878 28-Feb-1878
Platt Dick Duane D 30-Dec-1954 17-Aug-1954
Platt Donald R D 30-Jul-2002 29-Jul-2002
Platt Donald Ralph D 25-Jan-2003 29-Jul-2002
Platt Elizabeth D 30-Dec-1947 10-Jun-1947
Platt Hazel D 18-Mar-1998 14-Mar-1998
Platt Hoyt W M 1-Jan-1908 5-Oct-1907
Platt James Eugene B 29-Dec-1950 22-Mar-1950
Platt John F M 1-Jun-1876
Platt Joseph N D 30-Dec-1940 14-Feb-1940
Platt Lloyd E D 31-Dec-1931 5-Jan-1931
Platt Margaret M D 18-Jan-1986 16-Dec-1985
Platt Marie D 21-Dec-1905 24-Feb-1905
Platt Marie W D 8-Feb-1898
Platt Marie Wilma D 10-Jan-1898 10-Jan-1898
Platt Mary D 6-Mar-1920
Platt Mary C D 8-Dec-1910 16-May-1910
Platt Mary E M 1-Jan-1913 14-Jun-1912
Platt Mary Grace D 30-Dec-1964 1-Aug-1964
Platt Mary J Rider D 7-May-1901 7-May-1901
Platt Michael John B 29-Dec-1950 12-Sep-1950
Platt Penelope Kay M 15-Feb-1975 16-Nov-1974
Platt Raymond D 30-Dec-1954 16-Feb-1954
Platt RB B 1-Dec-1880
Platt Thos D 31-Dec-1889 19-Aug-1889
Platt Vesta G D 30-Dec-1957 1-Sep-1957
Platt W D M 1-Jan-1913 14-Jun-1912
Platt Walter D D 31-Dec-1931 8-Nov-1931
Platt Walter D M 1-Jun-1876 10-May-1876
Platts Kari Ann M 30-Jan-2007 21-Oct-2006
Plaza Katherine Medina M 25-Jan-2003 30-Jan-2002
Pleasant Lula Mae D 18-Jan-1972 18-Jan-1972
Pledra Jose Ramiro M 24-Jan-1998 27-Apr-1997
Pleggenkuhle Austin Steven B 27-Apr-2000 18-Apr-2000
Pleggenkuhle Austin Steven B 27-Jan-2000 18-Apr-2000
Pleggenkuhle Joel Donald M 31-Jan-2004 26-Apr-2003
Pleggenkuhle Kylee Lynn B 31-Jan-2004 27-Oct-2003
Pleischman Charles D 29-Dec-1939 9-Mar-1939
Pleman John M 29-Dec-1938 13-Jun-1938
Plemmons Alice M 30-Dec-1952 7-Oct-1952
Plemmons Dustin Lee M 31-Jan-2004 2-Aug-2003
Plemmons Gerald L M 28-Jan-1979
Plemmons Gerald Lee B 30-Dec-1943 19-Apr-1943
Plemmons Jason W D 5-Jun-1995 2-Jun-1995
Plemmons Jerri L M 18-Jan-1986 5-Oct-1985
Plemmons John Leslie B 31-Jan-1976 13-Mar-1975
Plemmons Son B 29-Jan-1973 24-Jul-1972
Plemmons Thomas M 30-Dec-1952 7-Oct-1952
Plemmons Thomas D D 29-Jan-1994 5-Jun-1993
Plemmons Trisha Dawn B 30-Dec-1968 24-Sep-1968
Plemmons Trisha Dawn M 29-Jan-1994 13-Jul-1993
Plemmons Trisha Dawn M 24-Jan-1998 18-Aug-1997
Plening Henry D 21-Dec-1905 11-Aug-1905
Plepp August C F D 1-Jan-1908 9-Nov-1907
Plessey Frances M 21-Dec-1905 31-Jul-1905
Plessy Anna D 18-Jan-1986 19-Mar-1985
Plessy Della M 4-Oct-1900 3-Oct-1900
Plessy Frank J D 1-Jan-1913 19-Jan-1912
Plessy Genevieve M 30-Dec-1937 11-May-1937
Plessy Mamie D 3-Dec-1898 3-Dec-1898
Plessy Mary D 31-Dec-1913 24-May-1913
Plessy Mary Rose M 19-May-1897 18-May-1897
Plessy Minnie C M 10-Feb-1891 10-Feb-1891
Plessy Prosper D 1-Jan-1912 3-Jul-1911
Plessy Rosa M 4-Oct-1900 3-Oct-1900
Plested Miss M 24-Jan-1901 31-Dec-1900
Pletcher Janet Ann B 29-Dec-1939 19-Jan-1939
Pletcher Merle J M 29-Dec-1934 16-Jun-1934
Pletcher Thomas Scott M 28-Jan-2006 21-Jul-2005
Plett Brandon Lee M 28-Jan-2006 16-Sep-2005
Plett Brian Keith B 29-Dec-1962 29-Mar-1962
Plett Bruce F M 28-Jan-1979
Plett Charles D 30-Dec-1943 6-Oct-1943
Plett Charles M 21-Nov-1887
Plett Chloe Lizett B 30-Aug-2007 p6a 15-Aug-2007
Plett Clara Belle M 8-Dec-1910 16-May-1910
Plett Dana Rae B 30-Dec-1948 3-May-1948
Plett Darwin R M 30-Jan-1982 7-Nov-1981
Plett Darwin Ray B 29-Dec-1962 19-Mar-1962
Plett Dona Rae B 30-Dec-1948 3-May-1948
Plett Dorothy Jane D 24-Jul-2000 22-Jul-2000
Plett Edward G D 30-Dec-1954 14-May-1954
Plett Elizabeth R M 13-Sep-1892 8-Sep-1892
Plett Frank D 30-Dec-1932 25-Apr-1932
Plett GC M 31-Dec-1894 25-Dec-1894
Plett Hazel M D 17-Jan-1987 28-Jan-1986
Plett Henrietta M D 30-Dec-1968 13-Mar-1968
Plett Henry E D 29-Dec-1962 27-Oct-1962
Plett James Edward D 29-Jan-2005 1-Mar-2004
Plett James Ellis D 2-Mar-2000 1-Mar-2004
Plett James Eugene M 31-Jan-2004 13-Dec-2003
Plett John D 30-Sep-1920
Plett Kindra Kay B 30-Jan-1982 30-May-1981
Plett Larry Charles B 30-Dec-1947 7-Jun-1947
Plett Luke Brody B 20-Dec-2001 8-Dec-2001
Plett Luke Brody B 26-Jan-2002 8-Dec-2001
Plett Merle C M 30-Dec-1946 21-Jul-1946
Plett Otie M 13-Sep-1920
Plett Paul Vernon M 30-Dec-1954 3-Apr-1954
Plett Trevor Lee B 17-Jan-1987 8-Sep-1986
Plett Vicki Lee B 30-Dec-1955 16-Aug-1955
Plett Wesley V M 31-Jan-1981 5-Sep-1980
Pletzker Rachel Louise M 30-Jan-1993 12-Sep-1992
Plitt George D 2-Dec-1897 30-Nov-1897
Plitt Kate M 20-Dec-1906 17-Jan-1906
Plitt Lewis D 26-Jan-1882
Ploehn Andrew James B 29-Jan-1994 8-Sep-1993
Ploehn Henry D 30-Dec-1948 31-May-1948
Ploehn William Decker B 26-Jan-1991 12-Feb-1990
Ploen Anita Louise M 30-Dec-1964 3-Oct-1964
Ploen Brenda Sue B 28-Dec-1951 14-Jan-1951
Ploen Brenda Sue M 22-Jan-1972 17-Dec-1971
Ploen Carl (Mrs) D 29-Dec-1956 6-May-1956
Ploen Charles D 8-Jan-1999 7-Jan-1999
Ploen Henry J D 16-Oct-1995 14-Oct-1995
Ploen Judith Ann B 30-Dec-1947 5-Aug-1947
Ploen Linda Lea M 30-Dec-1969 25-Jul-1969
Ploen Linda Lee B 30-Dec-1948 24-Nov-1948
Ploen Norma E (Rusher) D 30-Jul-2007 18-Jul-2007
Ploen Steven J D 30-Dec-1968 22-Aug-1968
Ploen Vernon C D 2-Jul-2008 29-Jun-2008
Ploen Vernon Craig M 15-Feb-1975 2-Aug-1974
Ploessl Katie Jo M 31-Jan-2009 pg 7f 2-Aug-2008
Plogh Michael John B 29-Dec-1961 8-Feb-1961
Plogh Michele M M 28-Jan-1979
Plogh Roger James B 29-Dec-1962 4-Apr-1962
Plogh Roger James M 26-Jan-1991 16-Nov-1990
Ploof David Alan M 26-Jan-1991 15-Sep-1990
Ploog John C D 31-Jan-1981 12-Mar-1980
Plotts Sylvia Frances D 26-Jan-1991 1-Jul-1990
Plowman Alura Kristine B 15-Feb-1975 1-Jun-1974
Plowman Andrew David B 18-Oct-1996
Plowman Barbara A M 23-Jan-1988 21-Dec-1987
Plowman Barbara Kay B 30-Dec-1949 7-Apr-1949
Plowman Barbara L M 31-Jan-1981 16-May-1980
Plowman Beth Ann B 30-Dec-1953 2-Feb-1953
Plowman Betty D 21-Sep-2001 20-Sep-2001
Plowman Betty Arlene D 26-Jan-2002 20-Sep-2001
Plowman Bradley Michael B 24-Jan-1998 26-May-1997
Plowman Candance Dawn M 31-Jan-2009 pg 6f 3-May-2008
Plowman Carrie D D 29-Jan-1994 28-May-1993
Plowman Charles C D 30-Dec-1955 6-Jan-1955
Plowman Charles Robert D 26-Jan-1991 21-Oct-1990
Plowman Craig E M 26-Jan-1980 23-Jun-1979
Plowman Craig E M 26-Jan-1980 23-Jun-1979
Plowman Darrell Leon B 30-Dec-1955 25-Aug-1955
Plowman Darrell Leon M 15-Feb-1975 11-Jan-1974
Plowman Darrell Leon M 17-Jan-1987 13-Sep-1986
Plowman Darrell Melvin M 27-Jan-2000 15-Dec-2000
Plowman Darrell 'Skip' D 23-Jul-2007 22-Jul-2007
Plowman Darrell 'Skip' D 24-Jul-2007 22-Jul-2007
Plowman Darrian Lee B 14-Jun-2001 31-May-2001
Plowman Darrian Lee B 26-Jan-2002 31-May-2001
Plowman Daughter B 31-Dec-1930 2-Apr-1930
Plowman Dereck James B 21-Apr-2000 16-Apr-2000
Plowman Dereck James B 27-Jan-2000 16-Apr-2000
Plowman Duane Allen B 30-Dec-1963 6-Jan-1963
Plowman Duane Allen M 17-Jan-1987 25-Oct-1986
Plowman Elizabeth Ann B 30-Dec-1936
Plowman Erma M D 22-Dec-2008 19-Dec-2008
Plowman Esther Lucille B 29-Dec-1938 30-Mar-1938
Plowman Florence Catherine M 29-Dec-1962 10-May-1962
Plowman Frances Leon D 22-Jan-1972 27-Dec-1971
Plowman Gary Lee B 29-Dec-1944 4-Jun-1944
Plowman Gary Lee Jr B 30-Dec-1964 26-May-1964
Plowman Harlan Arthur D 6-Jul-1984 5-Jul-1984
Plowman Harry Charles M 30-Dec-1966 23-Jul-1966
Plowman Harry Charles B 30-Dec-1949 27-Oct-1949
Plowman Helen (Mrs) D 30-Dec-1946 22-Jan-1946
Plowman Helen Elizabeth D 30-Dec-1947 14-Nov-1947
Plowman Jane Marie B 29-Dec-1944 8-Sep-1944
Plowman Janice (Merz) D 31-Jan-2008 29-Jan-2008
Plowman Judith Diane B 30-Dec-1953 6-Mar-1953
Plowman Kevin Lee M 29-Jan-2005 21-Feb-2004
Plowman Kody Allen B 30-Jan-1993 7-Jan-1992
Plowman Larry Bruce B 28-Dec-1945 22-Aug-1945
Plowman Mandy Sue B 31-Jan-1976 21-Dec-1975
Plowman Mark Allen B 30-Dec-1970 11-Mar-1970
Plowman Mindy Lynn B 22-Jan-1972 6-Sep-1971
Plowman Nelson R D 30-Jan-1993 15-Apr-1992
Plowman Nelson R M 30-Jan-1982 14-Aug-1981
Plowman Nelson Ray B 30-Dec-1941 12-Nov-1941
Plowman Regina M M 19-Jan-1985 15-Mar-1984
Plowman Regina Mae M 23-Jan-1992 19-Oct-1991
Plowman Robert Dean B 29-Dec-1961 2-Nov-1961
Plowman Robert Dean D 29-Dec-1962 18-Sep-1962
Plowman Sheila Rae B 30-Dec-1966 5-Sep-1966
Plowman Son B 14-Jan-1928
Plowman Stefanie Dawn B 31-Jan-1976 24-Jun-1975
Plowman Steve E M 26-Jan-1980 2-Nov-1979
Plowman Steve E M 26-Jan-1980 2-Nov-1979
Plowman Steven Scott M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 6-Aug-2007
Plowman Troy Henry M 29-Jan-1994 23-Mar-1993
Plowman William Merle M 29-Dec-1962 11-Oct-1962
Plowman William Merle M 22-Jan-1972 30-Jan-1971
Plowman Zachary Lysle B 31-Jan-2004 8-Jul-2003
Ploysa Gragory W M 28-Jan-1979
Pluckhahn Lon David M 31-Jan-2004 23-Mar-2003
Plum Aaron L D 16-Dec-1909 14-Aug-1909
Plum Bertha E M 1-Jan-1913 16-Apr-1912
Plum Carolyn D 30-Dec-1963 2-Aug-1963
Plum Job D 20-Dec-1906 10-May-1906
Plum Lillian H M 21-Dec-1871 13-Dec-1871
Plum Maria S D 30-Nov-1895 30-Nov-1895
Plum Marla S (Mrs) D 30-Nov-1895
Plum Robert L D 30-Dec-1954 9-Jan-1954
Plumb Gladys Lucille M 29-Dec-1934 7-Jul-1934
Plumb Hazel B D 3-Jun-1995 1-Jun-1995
Plumb Jacab M 24-Aug-1850
Plumly Gertrude (Mrs) D 1-Jan-1912 9-Feb-1911
Plummer Amy A M 28-Jan-1979
Plummer Dale W D 15-Nov-2002 14-Nov-2002
Plummer Dale W D 25-Jan-2003 14-Nov-2002
Plummer Karla K M 30-Jan-1982 11-Jan-1981
Plummer Karla K M 23-Jan-1988 11-Jan-1987
Plummer Larry L M 30-Jan-1982 10-Oct-1981
Plummer Marjorie A D 20-Dec-2003 19-Dec-2003
Plummer Son B 11-Jan-1972
Plummer Steve M 18-Oct-2000 14-Oct-2000
PluMy Cliff E D 29-Dec-1956 24-Nov-1956
PluMy Gertrude H M 30-Dec-1916 5-Aug-1916
PluMy CW D 28-Jan-1928
PluMy Floretta M 25-Sep-1879 11-Sep-1879
PluMy Gertrude D 1-Jan-1912 9-Feb-1911
PluMy Mae Blossom M 29-Dec-1934 5-May-1934
PluMy Sarah D 5-Feb-1891 30-Jan-1891
PluMy Sylvia L D 11-Jan-1886 10-Jan-1886
Plunkett Dale A D 15-Feb-1975 23-Oct-1974
Plunkett Dinah D M 29-Jan-1983 1-Apr-1982
Plunkett Gaye Christelle M 15-Feb-1975 17-Aug-1974
Plunkett James Wendell M 30-Dec-1937 26-Nov-1937
Pluta Alex Paul M 30-Dec-1957 3-Aug-1957
Plyer Eddy Wilfred D 5-Aug-2002 4-Aug-2002
Plyer Eddy Wilfred M 17-Jan-1987 15-Feb-1986
Plyer Hazel M D 30-Jan-1982 18-Oct-1981
Plyer Wilfred W D 26-Jan-1991 27-Jul-1990
Poage Alan Lee Fern B 30-Dec-1947 2-Dec-1947
Poage Alana Lee Fern B 30-Dec-1947 2-Dec-1947
Poage Allen M 30-Dec-1953 19-Aug-1953
Poage Elizabeth Rose D 29-Dec-1961 4-May-1961
Pochter Ben, Mrs D 30-Dec-1957 21-Jun-1957
Poci Callie Jean B 31-Jan-2009 p3f 25-Aug-2008
Poci Callie Jean [infant] D 28-Aug-2008 25-Aug-2008
Poci Todd Eric M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 1-Sep-2007
Pocock Harriet M 28-Dec-1855 24-Dec-1855
Pocock Jennie G M 10-Oct-1860 6-Oct-1860
Pocock Lloyd D M 28-Sep-1867 27-Sep-1867
Pocock Nellie Priscilla D 14-May-1869 11-May-1869
Podaril Celia D 27-Nov-1999 25-Nov-1999
Podaril Cindy Lou D 7-Feb-2003 6-Feb-2003
Poddoris Glenn Harold B 30-Dec-1943 26-Jun-1943
Podrial Joe M 1-Mar-1928 27-Feb-1928
Poe Edgar A Jr M 28-Jan-1984 9-Jul-1983
Poe Hattis S Norton, Mrs M 8-May-1880 28-apr-1880
Poe Lindsay Alesta M 26-Jan-2008 p5f 9-Nov-2007
Poe Mabel M D 5-Jan-1998 3-Jan-1998
Poe Steven Clarkson D 20-Aug-2007 16-Aug-2007
Poehl Charles D 11-Dec-1883 9-Dec-1883
Poehl Leo D 10-Dec-1883 9-Dec-1883
Poehls Eleanor D 21-Dec-1905 7-Apr-1905
Poeitier Jeanne Anne D 25-Sep-1996 23-Sep-1996
Poel James Michael M 28-Jan-1995 29-Sep-1994
Poell Ruby F M 29-Dec-1939 28-Jun-1939
Poelter George D 2-May-1997 30-Apr-1997
Poelter George James M 28-Dec-1945 30-Jul-1945
Poelter Thomas George B 30-Dec-1947 27-Nov-1947
Poeltler Bradford James B 28-Dec-1951 27-Feb-1951
Poeltler Charles Michael B 30-Dec-1953 24-Nov-1953
Poff John Wesley D 28-Dec-1951 5-Apr-1951
Poff Mary Olive D 30-Dec-1954 5-Jun-1954
Poffenbarger David Keith M 30-Dec-1965 12-Feb-1965
Poffenbarger Jack LeRoy D 29-Dec-1956 13-Jun-1956
Poffenbarger Katerine D 29-Jan-1973 11-Jul-1972
Poffenbarger R Earl D 29-Mar-1999 27-Mar-1999
Pogemiller Renee Jolene B 30-Dec-1953 24-Sep-1953
Pogemiller Renee Jolene D 23-Jun-2008 22-Jun-2008
Pogemiller Rick M 29-Jan-1973 19-Jun-1972
Pogemiller Tenee Jolene D 24-Jun-2008 22-Jun-2008
Poggemiller Eric Glenn B 18-Jan-1986 9-Sep-1985
Poggemiller Kathy L M 29-Jan-1983 12-Nov-1982
Poggemiller Lucille (Dotson) D 3-May-2007 30-Apr-2007
Poggemiller Pamela Sue M 30-Dec-1969 8-Feb-1969
Poggemiller Janice C M 30-Jan-1982 16-May-1981
Poggemiller Sara Elizabeth B 30-Jan-1982 17-Mar-1981
Pogue Will C M 21-Jun-1866
Pohl Alexander Bailey B 7-Mar-1998 4-Mar-1998
Pohl Alexander Bailey B 23-Jan-1999 4-Mar-1998
Pohl Andy M 26-Jan-1996 30-Dec-1996
Pohl Ferdinand M 30-Dec-1916 4-Nov-1916
Pohl Jennifer Lynn M 23-Jan-1992 5-Jan-1991
Pohl Jon R, Sr D 26-Nov-2001 22-Nov-2001
Pohl Leif A D 28-Jan-2006 28-May-2005
Pohl Neil D 22-Dec-1998 20-Dec-1998
Pohl Scott Lee B 30-Dec-1955 25-Nov-1955
Pohlman Carl D 27-May-1902 26-May-1902
Pohlman Charles D 26-May-1902
Pohlman Chas D 31-Jan-1900 29-Jan-1900
Pohlman Fred D 22-Jan-1972 21-Jan-1971
Pohlman Violet Lucy D 26-Jan-2000 23-Jan-2000
Pohlman William C H D 30-Dec-1946 16-Feb-1946
Pohlman William Russel B 30-Dec-1932 13-Mar-1932
Pohlmann James E M 18-Jan-1986 25-Feb-1985
Pohlmann Lura D 30-Dec-1966 19-Feb-1966
Pohlmann Russell W D 22-Jan-1972 27-Nov-1971
Pohren Cindy Lynn B 29-Dec-1962 14-Oct-1962
Pohren Larry R B 19-Jan-1985 20-Feb-1984
Pohren Leigh Rae M 28-Jan-2006 3-Jun-2005
Pohren Lisa DeAnn M 29-Jan-1994 16-Aug-1993
Poindexter Elizabeth Kay M 30-Dec-1965 8-May-1965
Pointer Jamie Rene B 30-Dec-1966 23-May-1966
Pointer Kimberly Ann B 30-Dec-1964 31-Jul-1964
Pokorny Jonathon Richard B 31-Jan-1981 31-Aug-1980
Polanco Froilan M 25-Jan-2003 26-Sep-2002
Poland BJ (Mrs) M 20-Dec-1906 9-May-1906
Poland Charles M 21-Dec-1905 31-May-1905
Poland Son B 31-Dec-1930 11-Nov-1930
Poland J L M 1-Jan-1912 20-Sep-1911
Polanka Samuel D 19-Feb-1895
Polasky John Willard M 17-Jan-1987 24-May-1986
Polder Peter D 10-Dec-1883 8-Dec-1883
Polders William M 6-Jan-1890
Pole Mary A M 18-Aug-1866 18-Aug-1866
Polin Jayne M 30-Dec-1940 5-Oct-1940
Polina Albert M 29-Jan-1973 13-Nov-1972
Polina Anita M 22-Jan-1972 28-Oct-1971
Polina Anna M 19-Jan-1984 18-Feb-1984
Polina Anna M 29-Jan-1973 4-Apr-1972
Polina Antonio David B 31-Jan-1976 10-Jul-1975
Polina Damien Xavier B 14-Aug-1999 10-Aug-1999
Polina Damien Xavier B 29-Jan-2000 10-Aug-1999
Polina Edward Shawn B 29-Jan-1983 4-Apr-1982
Polina Eli B 26-Jan-1980 15-Oct-1979
Polina Marcus Joe B 18-Jan-1986 17-Sep-1985
Polina Matthew L B 19-Jan-1985 17-Apr-1984
Polina Vicenta R D 16-Oct-1995 13-Oct-1995
Polinak Helen M 30-Dec-1968 30-Jul-1968
Poling Arthur M D 25-Jan-2000 24-Jan-2000
Poling Etta O D 26-Dec-1984 25-Dec-1984
Polio Maria Marleni M 26-Jan-2002 16-Nov-2001
Pollack Hazel I D 29-Jan-1983 15-Nov-1982
Pollard Rosana M 12-Nov-1889 10-Nov-1889
Pollard Sophia M M 23-May-1894 23-May-1894
Pollescheck Daughter B 31-Dec-1930 4-Feb-1930
Pollock Alice Marie D 30-Dec-1954 7-Nov-1954
Pollock Beverlyn Jane M 29-Dec-1938 15-Jun-1938
Pollock Chancie Hobart D 29-Dec-1950 3-Feb-1950
Pollock Charles D 30-Dec-1970 20-Feb-1970
Pollock Charles W M 29-Dec-1956 10-Feb-1956
Pollock Clinton W D 29-Jan-1973 27-Nov-1972
Pollock Edna Belle M 29-Dec-1938 26-Feb-1938
Pollock Emma E M 3-Dec-1871 29-Nov-1871
Pollock Frank D 17-Dec-1903 23-Feb-1903
Pollock Jennie D 30-Dec-1955 5-Nov-1955
Pollock John Frank D 29-Dec-1944 11-May-1944
Pollock John W D 23-Nov-1897 22-Nov-1897
Pollock JW M 28-Dec-1872 24-Dec-1872
Pollock Letty Ellen D 23-Jan-1999 13-Nov-1998
Pollock Lucille D 29-Jan-1973 14-Feb-1972
Pollock Mabel D 28-Jan-1979
Pollock Rose D 30-Dec-1955 3-Jul-1955
Pollock S Glenn D 7-Mar-1984 7-Mar-1984
Pollock Sallie R M 23-Aug-1866 22-Aug-1866
Pollock Samuel D 9-May-1895 9-May-1895
Pollock Samuel D 9-May-1895
Pollock Samuel, Mrs D 8-Mar-1901 7-Mar-1901
Pollock Walter M 1-Jan-1913 12-Jun-1912
Pollow William M 5-Jan-1891 1-Jan-1891
Polman Albert F D 23-Mar-1998 21-Mar-1998
Polman Albert F M 30-Dec-1953 23-Nov-1953
Polman Albert Francis D 23-Jan-1999 21-Mar-1998
Polman Brenda E M 29-Jan-1983 5-Feb-1982
Polman Dorothea M 30-Dec-1946 28-Dec-1946
Polman Leroy Joseph B 30-Dec-1933 11-Mar-1933
Polman Louise M M