Birth, Marriage, & Death Index

Musser Public Library’s Birth, Marriage, & Death searchable Index covers births, marriages, obituaries, and death notices that have appeared in the Muscatine (city) newspapers since 1840 to present day. These papers may be found in the newspaper microfilm collection at the library. Many dedicated volunteers have worked for years to develop this Index, and the Library would like to thank them for their efforts!

Last Name First Name Type Date of Paper Page # Date of Event
Raab Anna M 2-Sep-1876 31-Aug-1876
Raab Dorothy Elizabeth D 18-Oct-1999 16-Oct-1999
Raabe Mark S M 18-Jan-1986 5-Jul-1985
Raap Laverna (Kleppe) D 7-May-2007 5-May-2007
Rabbit Ellen D 3-Jan-1890 3-Jan-1890
Rabbit Michael D 3-Apr-1891 2-Apr-1891
Rabbit Patrick D 16-Dec-1909 1-Jan-1909
Rabbitt Mary Hartman D 30-Dec-1943 13-Nov-1943
Rabbitt William O M 8-Dec-1910 16-Feb-1910
Rabe Adrian D 10-May-1999 8-May-1999
Rabe Albred D 29-Jan-1973 1-May-1972
Rabe Arnold C M 29-Dec-1938 3-Oct-1938
Rabe Copeland M 15-Jul-1861 2-Jul-1861
Rabe Edwin Stanton D 29-Dec-1938 21-Feb-1938
Rabe Emma K D 22-Jan-1972 23-Apr-1971
Rabe Leila M M 21-Dec-1905 1-Jun-1905
Rabe Lillian D 22-Feb-2000 21-Feb-2000
Rabe Lillian Garnet D 27-Jan-2000 21-Feb-2000
Rabe Louise Marie M 29-Dec-1962 2-Sep-1962
Rabe Lucy Mrs D 30-Dec-1948 27-Jan-1948
Rabe Vivian Violet M 29-Dec-1934 29-Oct-1934
Rabe William F D 30-Dec-1941 20-Jan-1941
Rabedeaux Avis M 30-Dec-1933 20-Jun-1933
Rabedeaux Bruce Wesley B 30-Dec-1955 27-Sep-1955
Rabedeaux Bruce Wesley M 26-Jan-1991 4-Aug-1990
Rabedeaux Clyde R D 30-Dec-1942 23-Nov-1942
Rabedeaux Girl B 31-Dec-1913 8-Jul-1913
Rabedeaux Lisa Lou Ann B 30-Dec-1935 26-Oct-1935
Rabedeaux M Mrs D 20-Dec-1906 10-May-1906
Rabedeaux Martin D 2 Juan 1937
Rabedeaux Merle Milo D 29-Dec-1956 13-Jun-1956
Rabedeaux Neal Robert B 28-Dec-1951 3-Apr-1951
Rabedeaux Orren M D 30-Dec-1941 8-Feb-1941
Rabedeaux Rene Diane B 30-Dec-1952 17-Nov-1952
Rabedeaux Wesley R D 3-Jun-1996 3-Jun-1996
Rabedeaux Wesley R M 29-Dec-1950 18-Jun-1950
Rabenold Edgar M 12-Mar-1902
Rabenold Edgar Adam D 30-Dec-1952 13-May-1952
Rabenold Marie Christina M 5-Jan-2000 14-Aug-1999
Raber Wilmina C M 1-Jan-1908 3-Jul-1907
Rabitt Agnes M M 1-Jan-1908 10-Sep-1907
Rabitt Thomas D 11-Feb-1896 3-Feb-1896
Rabs Doris M 1-Jul-1871 8-Jun-1871
Raby Marsha L M 30-Jan-1982 28-Mar-1981
Racey Clyde James D 20-Aug-2007 18-Aug-2007
Racey Gloria D 18-Jan-1986 11-Nov-1985
Rachels Francis Marion D 30-Dec-1964 25-Apr-1964
Rachels Gladys Evelyn M 30-Dec-1964 30-Nov-1964
Racher Raluca Miora M 29-Jan-1994 2-Jan-1993
Rachid Saad Elarab M 27-Jan-2000 7-Sep-2000
Racine Lillian Rosemond M 5-Jun-1920
Rada Carmen Elizabeth D 4-Jul-1997 3-Jul-1997
Rada Christopher Steven B 18-Jan-1986 13-Jan-1985
Rada Claudia M 29-Jan-2000 12-Feb-1999
Rada Claudia M 28-Jan-2006 4-Jun-2005
Rada Elias David B 18-Mar-1997 16-Mar-1997
Rada Elias David B 24-Jan-1998 16-Apr-1997
Rada Gayle L D 18-Dec-2003 16-Dec-2003
Rada Gayle Louise D 31-Jan-2004 16-Dec-2003
Rada George E D 30-Dec-1955 27-Mar-1955
Rada Janet Kay B 29-Dec-1950 8-Apr-1950
Rada Jose David M 31-Jan-2009 pg 5f 14-Feb-2008
Rada Leatha (Mrs) M 29-Dec-1956 5-Jan-1956
Rada Lee Anne B 29-Dec-1962 13-May-1962
Rada Leonard S M 28-Jan-1984 18-Jun-1983
Rada Leonard Steven B 30-Dec-1955 23-Jan-1955
Rada Maira Elisa M 26-Jan-2008 p2f 20-Feb-2007
Rada Marcela M 26-Jan-1991 30-Apr-1990
Rada Mary D 29-Jan-2008 27-Jan-2008
Rada Mary M 28-Dec-1951 14-Dec-1951
Rada Melissa Ann M 29-Jan-2000 7-Oct-1999
Rada Omar F B 21-Jan-2000 15-Jan-2000
Rada Omar Feleciano B 27-Jan-2000 15-Jan-2000
Rada Paulette Louise B 30-Dec-1948 13-Apr-1948
Rada Paulette Louise M 29-Dec-1967 18-Nov-1967
Rada Robert Allan B 30-Dec-1953 24-Apr-1953
Rada Robert Harry D 11-Dec-2002 10-Dec-2002
Rada Robert Harry D 25-Jan-2003 10-Dec-2002
Rada Roberto S M 19-Jan-1985 27-Aug-1984
Rada Rudy Lexani B 31-Jan-2004 2-Sep-2003
Rada Rudy O B 30-Jan-1982 8-Dec-1981
Rada Rudy O M 31-Jan-2004 26-Apr-2003
Rada Ruth M 30-Jan-2007 21-Nov-2006
Rada Sarah Lynne B 30-Dec-1964 22-Jul-1964
Rada Sharon Lynn B 29-Dec-1950 8-Jul-1950
Rada Simon,Jr M 23-Jan-1988 15-Jan-1987
Rada Teodoro Narciso M 28-Jan-1995 19-Sep-1994
Rada Victoria M 29-Jan-1983 20-Jun-1982
Rada Walter Franklin B 30-Dec-1933 22-Jan-1933
Radant William Fred M 30-Dec-1952 30-Aug-1952
Radcliffe Leona Maude M 29-Dec-1938 26-Feb-1938
Radcliffe Son B 23-Apr-1891 22-Apr-1891
Raddi Annie E D 29-Jan-1983 29-Jan-1982
Raddi Carl Albert D 15-Feb-1975 7-Nov-1974
RadebAugh Earl M 31-Dec-1913 24-Sep-1913
RadebAugh J Earl D 30-Dec-1955 2-Sep-1955
RadebAugh Jacob Earl M 16-Dec-1909 6-Jan-1909
Radebaugh Lulu I D 29-Dec-1961 20-Mar-1961
RadebAugh W L M 1-Jan-1908 19-Mar-1907
RadebAugh Waldo Lee D 30-Dec-1940 18-Mar-1940
Radech Dorothy Jean M 30-Dec-1940 14-Nov-1940
Radel Hallie J D 24-Dec-1984
Rademacher Anna Walz D 29-Sep-2004
Rademacher Bernice C M 30-Dec-1940 25-Feb-1940
Rader Fred A D 30-Dec-1965 13-Mar-1965
Rader Girl B 4-Mar-1902
Rader Grace M 30-Dec-1964 14-Mar-1964
Rader Harold, Jr D 7-Jan-1972 6-Jan-1972
Rader Leonard Lawernce,IV B 31-Jan-2009 p2f 7-Jun-2008
Rader Mildred (Turek) D 17-Mar-2008 15-Mar-2008
Rader Mildred (Turek) D 15-Mar-2008 17-Mar-2008
Rader Opal May M 30-Dec-1940 15-Feb-1940
Rader Rex L D 23-Dec-1999 22-Oct-1999
Radford Nedra M D 9-Feb-1996
Radisch Henry M 8-Oct-1881
Radke Cassondra Jean B 22-Sep-1995 18-Sep-1995
Radke Corie Lee M 29-Jan-2000 26-Mar-1999
Radke Herman Henry M 30-Dec-1968 7-Jun-1968
Radke Kay Lynn M 15-Feb-1975 10-Aug-1974
Radke Martin Henry D 30-Dec-1963 22-Oct-1963
Radke Merlin A M 30-Dec-1954 10-Aug-1954
Radloff Carl L D 30-Dec-1943 14-Mar-1943
Radloff Paul, Rev D 30-Dec-1954 22-Dec-1954
Radokowitch Matthews D 9-Jun-1922
Radosevich Jennie M 24-Nov-2004 19-Jun-2004
Radtke Adrienne M 27-Jun-2001 9-Sep-2000
Radtke Adrienne Michelle B 28-Jan-1978 30-Aug-1977
Radtke Adrienne Michelle M 27-Jan-2000 2-Sep-2000
Radtke Brian Martin B 26-Jan-1980 8-Oct-1979
Radtke Herbert Elmer M 30-Dec-1940 6-Nov-1940
Radtke Martin A, Sr D 21-Feb-1996 20-Feb-1996
Radtke Natalie E B 19-Jan-1985 15-Nov-1984
Radulet Alexandru Cristian M 31-Jan-2004 4-Sep-2003
Radulovich Bernice (Schurk) D 30-Sep-2008 14-Sep-2008
Rae Ivan Patrick M 26-Jan-2002 23-Jun-2001
Rae Violet Elizabeth B 30-Dec-1936
Raethz Caroline D 16-Dec-1909 15-Jun-1909
Raethz Erna D 30-Dec-1937 22-Jan-1937
Raethz Ernest D 18-Feb-1929 17-Feb-1929
Raethz Genvevieve B D 30-Sep-1997 28-Sep-1997
Raethz Herman D 30-Dec-1941 22-Jun-1941
Raethz Iva Mae M 18-Feb-1920
Raethz Louise E D 30-Dec-1949 27-Oct-1949
Raethz Myrtle (Mrs) D 29-Dec-1956 30-Mar-1956
Raethz Wilhelmina H D 29-Dec-1938 27-Oct-1938
Raff A K (Capt) City Recorder D 17-Dec-1903 30-Oct-1903
Raff AK B 17-Nov-1883
Raff Daughter B 21-Nov-1883 20-Nov-1883
Raff Nellie D 8-Feb-1894 8-Feb-1894
Rafferty Florence M 8-Dec-1910 5-Mar-1910
Raffety Maynard L M 30-Dec-1953 7-Dec-1953
Ragan CJ M 6-Jan-1891
Ragan Francis D 30-Dec-1966 13-Jun-1966
Ragan Katelyn Elizabeth B 27-Jan-2000 29-Oct-2000
Ragan Katelyn Elizabeth B 1-Nov-2000 29-Oct-2000
Ragan Lee C M 30-Jan-1982 14-Feb-1981
Ragan Randy Jay M 27-Jan-2000 13-May-2000
Ragan Steven Allan M 23-Jan-1992 30-Jun-1991
Rage Scott Christian B 29-Dec-1967 21-Nov-1967
Ragel David Nova D 29-Dec-1961 22-Aug-1961
Rager Allen M 8-Jul-2004
Ragland Sylvia Etta M 29-Dec-1938 22-Feb-1938
Ragsdale Lucy Mrs M 31-Dec-1913 2-Apr-1913
Rahdley Lois Elaine M 28-Dec-1945 6-May-1945
Rahfeldt Darla M 29-Jan-1973 12-Jun-1972
Rahlf Bethany Lila B 2-Nov-1995 30-Oct-1995
Rahlf Dorothy L D 15-Nov-2001 14-Nov-2001
Rahlf Dorothy Louisa D 26-Jan-2002 14-Nov-2001
Rahlf Gary Emiel B 29-Dec-1944 11-Oct-1944
Rahlf Henry M 29-Dec-1950 19-Nov-1950
Rahlf Henry Sr D 22-Jan-1972 21-Jul-1971
Rahlf Margaret M M 29-Dec-1950 24-Jun-1950
Rahlf Mary Elizabeth M 27-Jan-2000 15-Apr-2000
Rahlf Robert Edward B 30-Dec-1943 7-Dec-1943
Rahlf Robert Edward M 29-Dec-1967 26-Aug-1967
Rahlf Ronald Henry B 30-Dec-1943 5-Jan-1943
Rahlf Steven Lee B 30-Dec-1965 22-Jan-1965
Rahlf Steven Lee M 29-Jan-2000 26-Feb-1999
Rahlf Wayne H M 30-Jan-1982 28-Mar-1981
Rahm Lowell M M 29-Dec-1962 24-Oct-1962
Rahm Charles D 11-Mar-1920
Rahmiller Fred E M 29-Dec-1938 3-Sep-1938
Rahmiller Harmon D 29-Dec-1950 3-Oct-1950
Rahmiller Jessie Josephine D 30-Dec-1968 24-Feb-1968
Rahmiller Mary Kathryn B 30-Dec-1942 15-Jan-1942
Rahn Fred A M 30-Dec-1916 9-Feb-1916
Rahn Imogene Bubbitt D 30-Dec-1932 14-Sep-1932
Rahn Minnie M 7-Sep-1895 17-Oct-1895
Rahn Russell M 30-Dec-1940 9-Sep-1940
Rahn Thomas W D 29-Jan-1983 7-May-1982
Rahr John G M 30-Dec-1946 12-Oct-1946
Rai Herman D 21-Jun-1893
Rainbow Albert W D 19-Jul-1894 10-Jul-1894
Rainbow Betha A D 31-Dec-1931 30-Jul-1931
Rainbow Coraline H D 22-Dec-1870 22-dec-1870
Rainbow Everett M 21-Nov-1922
Rainbow Harry John D 30-Dec-1953 25-Jan-1953
Rainbow Lee N D 30-Dec-1964 25-Jun-1964
Rainbow Osmond M 17-Mar-1875 16-Mar-1875
Rainer Charles Emmett B 30-Dec-1939 11-Mar-1939
Rainer Laura S M 26-Jan-1980 21-Jul-1979
Raines Archie D 30-Dec-1966 17-Jun-1966
Raines Leyton R M 19-Feb-1873 19-Feb-1873
Raines Murney D 30-Dec-1966 4-Apr-1966
Raines Rubie E D 8-Sep-1890
Raines Samuel D 29-Dec-1934 22-Sep-1934
Raines Thomas M 16-Dec-1909 29-May-1909
Rainey Gary Lee B 29-Dec-1938 28-Aug-1938
Rainey Kenneth Ray B 30-Dec-1933 26-Sep-1933
Rainey Robert M 30-Dec-1952 12-Nov-1952
Rains Charles M 21-Dec-1905 5-Apr-1905
Rainsager Christian M 6-Dec-1877 6-Dec-1877
Raintin Molly Mainda M 23-Jan-1992 8-Aug-1991
Rairden Emma Elizabeth M 29-Dec-1967 11-Nov-1967
Rairdon Raymond A D 30-Dec-1941 26-Nov-1941
Raisbeck Adam M 2-Jul-2003 6-Jun-2003
Raisbeck Adam Eugene M 31-Jan-2004 6-Jun-2003
Raker Charles H M 4-Jan-1901 3-Jan-1901
Rakes Stella D 29-Dec-1934 21-Sep-1934
Rakestraw Pearl Mrs M 29-Dec-1938 11-Jun-1938
Rakow John Horton B 29-Dec-1934 21-Aug-1934
Raley Haley Marie B 31-Jan-2009 p3f 15-Aug-2008
Ralfs Arthur D 29-Jan-2005 25-Nov-2004
Ralfs Brian V D 23-Jan-1988 23-Nov-1987
Ralfs Kimberly A M 28-Jan-1979
Ralfs Stella E D 7-Jun-1995 6-Jun-1995
Ralfs Steven Harry M 30-Dec-1966 15-Jan-1966
Ralls Albert A M 1-Jan-1912 12-Jan-1911
Ralls Donald R D 24-Aug-2007 22-Aug-2007
Ralls Jason A M 23-Jan-1999 4-Jul-1998
Ralls Joshua D B 19-Jan-1985 2-Feb-1984
Ralls Joshua Daniel M 30-Jan-2007 17-Mar-2006
Ralston Debra Jeanne M 23-Jan-1992 14-Jun-1991
Ralston Debra L D 31-May-2003 29-May-2003
Ralston James D 30-Dec-1964 14-Apr-1964
Ralston Steven Ray D 9-Jan-2008 20-Dec-2007
Ramaley Robert M 14-Jun-1995 3-Jun-1995
Ramberger Lois Jean B 30-Dec-1935 6-Oct-1935
Rambo E Ona M 30-Dec-1940 21-Sep-1940
Rambo Forrest D 29-Dec-1956 19-Jan-1956
Rambo Marvin Monroe D 30-Dec-1937 30-Nov-1937
Rambo Rolla M 30-Dec-1937 6-Oct-1937
Rambs James M 6-Dec-1872 22-Nov-1872
Ramer Angie M 26-Sep-2001 9-Jun-2001
Ramer Beverly Ann B 30-Dec-1952 23-Sep-1952
Ramer Bradley Alan B 30-Dec-1966 11-Feb-1966
Ramer Bradley Alan M 1-Mar-1995 17-Dec-1994
Ramer Chester Lee Jr M 29-Dec-1956 17-Jan-1956
Ramer Chester Lee, Sr D 15-Feb-1975 26-Jun-1974
Ramer Chloe Michelle B 29-Jan-2005 10-Feb-2004
Ramer Christa Marie M 31-Jan-2009 pg 6f 12-Jul-2008
Ramer Debra J M 18-Jan-1986 8-Feb-1985
Ramer Debra Jo B 29-Dec-1956 3-Jan-1956
Ramer Donald Leo D 7-May-2007 4-May-2007
Ramer Douglas Allen B 30-Dec-1946 27-Mar-1946
Ramer Douglas Allen,III B 26-Jan-2008 p8e 22-Oct-2007
Ramer Emma Cline D 30-Dec-1942 13-Sep-1942
Ramer Frances M M 29-Dec-1938 2-Sep-1938
Ramer Frank E M 29-Dec-1938 30-Aug-1938
Ramer Harry Gail D 15-Feb-1975 24-Feb-1974
Ramer Infant B 25-Apr-1995 20-Apr-1995
Ramer Jacqueline Kay B 30-Dec-1947 1-Jun-1947
Ramer Katherine Hill D 30-Dec-1965 8-Feb-1965
Ramer Kenneth Alan D 29-Jan-2000 27-May-1999
Ramer Kenneth Alan M 22-Jan-1972 29-Aug-1971
Ramer Kenneth Allen B 29-Dec-1950 20-Nov-1950
Ramer Laura S M 26-Jan-1980 21-Jul-1979
Ramer Lexi Marie B 31-Jan-2009 p4f 15-Dec-2008
Ramer Linda Kay M 29-Dec-1967 22-Jul-1967
Ramer Lucille M 29-Dec-1934 16-Jun-1934
Ramer Lyle D 5-Mar-1999 4-Mar-1999
Ramer Lyle Keith D 29-Jan-2000 4-Mar-1999
Ramer Max Duane M 30-Dec-1969 24-Jul-1969
Ramer Merle D 14-Feb-1994 13-Feb-1994
Ramer Millie Worley D 9-Jan-1928
Ramer Randy A M 18-Jan-1986 30-Mar-1985
Ramer Randy Allen M 29-Jan-1994 12-Jul-1993
Ramer Rhonda Lynn M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 19-May-2007
Ramer Ruth Mabel D 29-Dec-1944 23-Nov-1944
Ramer Ryan Adams M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 19-May-2007
Ramer Susan Frances D 30-Dec-1942 22-Jun-1942
Ramer Timothy Lee B 29-Dec-1962 9-Feb-1962
Ramer Timothy Lee B 23-Jun-1998 21-Jun-1998
Ramer Timothy Lee B 23-Jan-1999 21-Jun-1998
Ramer Timothy Lee M 23-Jan-1992 23-Nov-1991
Rames Joyce Ann B 30-Dec-1933 2-Sep-1933
Ramey Codey Allen B 29-Jan-1994 9-Dec-1993
Ramey Harlan D 28-Jan-1979
Ramey Mackenzie Marie B 23-Jan-1999 22-Apr-1998
Ramey Mackenzie May B 27-Apr-1998 22-Apr-1998
Ramey Mary A D 30-Dec-1933 24-Oct-1933
Ramey Mr M 17-Oct-1883 11-Oct-1883
Ramey Norman Jerry M 29-Jan-1994 22-Jun-1993
Ramierz Ilias Inrique B 31-Jan-2009 p2f 11-Jan-2008
Raminez Isabel Helen B 30-Dec-1942 10-Sep-1942
Ramirez Abel Alejandro B 26-Jan-1991 10-Jul-1990
Ramirez Adrian Knerr B 29-Jan-2005 29-Sep-2004
Ramirez Anthony J M 23-Jan-1988 15-Aug-1987
Ramirez Anthony James M 3-Feb-2006 20-Jan-2006
Ramirez Anthony James M 30-Jan-2007 20-Jan-2006
Ramirez Arthur Jaime B 30-Dec-1946 18-Aug-1946
Ramirez Arthur James M 29-Jan-1994 21-May-1993
Ramirez Brandon Mitchel B 15-Feb-1975 26-Sep-1974
Ramirez Carlos M 15-Feb-1975 26-Jan-1974
Ramirez Cencer Rey B 28-Jan-2006 3-Mar-2005
Ramirez Christopher Lee B 28-Nov-1996 27-Nov-1996
Ramirez Cindy M 24-Jan-1998 10-Mar-1997
Ramirez Connie Belen M 29-Jan-1994 13-Sep-1993
Ramirez Darryl D 19-Dec-1998 17-Dec-1998
Ramirez Diego Alejandro B 24-Jan-1998 22-Apr-1997
Ramirez Dora Bertha Vaklivia M 29-Jun-2004
Ramirez Dora Bertha Valdivia M 29-Jan-2005 15-May-2004
Ramirez Dorothy Marie D 17-Nov-1999 15-Nov-1999
Ramirez Earl LeRoy B 22-Jan-1972 6-Sep-1971
Ramirez Earl Leroy M 29-Jan-1994 16-Jul-1993
Ramirez Enrique Jr B 30-Jan-1993 2-Oct-1992
Ramirez Enrique Meza M 30-Jan-1993 1-Feb-1992
Ramirez Enrique Miguel B 26-Jan-2002 4-Jan-2001
Ramirez Erasmo Alvarado M 29-Jan-1994 24-Sep-1993
Ramirez Erasmo Alvarado M 24-Jan-1998 15-Mar-1997
Ramirez Evelyn R M 19-Jan-1985 15-Sep-1984
Ramirez Favian Emmaumuel B 24-Oct-1998 19-Oct-1998
Ramirez Florence R D 17-Jan-1987 14-Jul-1986
Ramirez Francisca S M 30-Jan-1982 24-Jul-1981
Ramirez Geanna Christine B 22-Jan-1972 31-Jul-1971
Ramirez Gonsalo S M 30-Jan-1982 30-Dec-1981
Ramirez Gregory M 29-Dec-1962 7-Mar-1962
Ramirez Griselda Cardoza M 24-Jan-1998 1-Mar-1997
Ramirez Guadalupe M 28-Jan-1995 19-Sep-1994
Ramirez Gumaro D 22-Mar-1985
Ramirez Herbert Paul B 30-Dec-1941 15-Sep-1941
Ramirez Herbert R D 29-Jan-1994 26-Aug-1993
Ramirez Herbert Raoul M 29-Dec-1962 15-Sep-1962
Ramirez Herbert Raoul M 30-Dec-1964 25-Jan-1964
Ramirez Hilario D 30-Dec-1936
Ramirez Ignacio M 24-Jan-1998 7-Jun-1997
Ramirez Ignacio Zapien M 26-Jan-2002 5-Oct-2001
Ramirez John J M 31-Jan-1981 19-May-1980
Ramirez John J M 18-Jan-1986 23-Nov-1985
Ramirez John Joe M 29-Jan-1994 22-Oct-1993
Ramirez Jose Daniel G M 26-Jan-2002 27-Dec-2001
Ramirez Jose Guadlupe M 24-Jan-1998 29-Aug-1997
Ramirez Jose Juan M 26-Jan-1991 30-Mar-1990
Ramirez Juan M 24-Jan-1998 25-Sep-1997
Ramirez Juan Miguel B 25-Jan-2003 29-Aug-2002
Ramirez Juan Silva M 31-Jan-1976 24-Oct-1975
Ramirez Julissa B 24-Jan-1998 16-Aug-1997
Ramirez Keara Bonito [infant] D 21-Jan-2008 19-Jan-2008
Ramirez Kelly A M 18-Jan-1986 28-Sep-1985
Ramirez Leonardo Valedez M 23-Jan-1992 20-Sep-1991
Ramirez Letticia M 17-Jan-1987 31-Dec-1986
Ramirez Lisa A M 31-Jan-1981 19-May-1980
Ramirez Lolita Dolores D 30-Jan-1993 17-Nov-1992
Ramirez Lucia Isabel B 30-Dec-1966 1-Aug-1966
Ramirez Lucio M 29-Jan-1983 7-May-1982
Ramirez Lucio Jr B 28-Jan-1984 7-Jan-1983
Ramirez Marcos Leonardo B 31-Jan-2009 p2f 21-Dec-2007
Ramirez Maria Cella Perez M 24-Jan-1998 15-Mar-1997
Ramirez Mark Engenio B 19-Apr-1996
Ramirez Martha Veronica M 28-Jan-1995 26-Sep-1994
Ramirez Mary Ann M 28-Jan-1995 7-Oct-1994
Ramirez Mary LaWonna B 30-Dec-1949 22-Dec-1949
Ramirez Mauricio B 24-Jan-1998 26-Sep-1997
Ramirez Melinda Lou M 29-Jan-1994 22-Oct-1993
Ramirez Mercedes M 18-Jan-1986 17-Sep-1985
Ramirez Michelle Marie M 23-Jan-1999 5-May-1998
Ramirez Miguel Roberto B 18-Feb-1997 13-Feb-1997
Ramirez Miguel Roberto B 24-Jan-1998 13-Feb-1997
Ramirez Mindy Ann B 23-Jan-1988 10-Oct-1987
Ramirez Nila Sky B 31-Jan-2009 p2f 5-Jan-2008
Ramirez Oralia M 29-Dec-1967 1-Oct-1967
Ramirez Pamela M M 26-Jan-2002 14-Feb-2001
Ramirez Raymond Anthony III B 31-Jan-2004 24-Mar-2003
Ramirez Raymond Anthony, III B 10-Apr-2003 24-Mar-2003
Ramirez Raymond Ray M 31-Jan-1976 7-Jun-1975
Ramirez Raymond Ray M 17-Jan-1987 23-Aug-1986
Ramirez Raymond Ray Jr M 29-Jan-2000 25-Sep-1999
Ramirez Rogelio Torres M 31-Jan-1976 19-Dec-1975
Ramirez Romero Robert M 22-Jan-1972 4-Jun-1971
Ramirez Sylvia M 29-Jan-1994 18-Aug-1993
Ramirez Tina Marie D 30-Dec-1970 17-Jan-1970
Ramirez Lupe Martine M 30-Dec-1968 15-Mar-1968
Ramm August D 30-Dec-1957 9-Sep-1957
Ramm Emma D 30-Dec-1955 3-Apr-1955
Ramm Norma M D 16-Jul-2002 15-Jul-2002
Ramm Norma M D 25-Jan-2003 15-Jul-2002
Ramos Adrian Steven III B 28-Jan-1995 15-Mar-1994
Ramos Adrian Steven, III B 26-Mar-1994 15-Mar-1994
Ramos Alejandro Betancourt B 24-Jan-1998 5-May-1997
Ramos Alonza M 30-Dec-1939 25-Feb-1939
Ramos Ana Silvia M 29-Jan-2005 23-Nov-2004
Ramos Ari Liz B 30-Jul-1998 27-Jul-1998
Ramos Ari Liz B 23-Jan-1999 27-Jul-1998
Ramos Chalee Marie B 25-Jan-2003 29-Nov-2002
Ramos Emma Kathy B 28-Jan-2006 14-Jul-2005
Ramos Jamos B 31-Jan-1981 20-Jul-1980
Ramos Jessica Teresa B 28-Jan-1995 26-May-1994
Ramos Jorge M 31-Jan-1976 4-Oct-1975
Ramos Jose L M 18-Jan-1986 13-Sep-1985
Ramos Karen D 20-Dec-2004 17-Dec-2004
Ramos Lucia M 26-Jan-1991 31-Oct-1990
Ramos Maria Angela M 26-Jan-1991 24-Sep-1990
Ramos Maria Elena B 26-Jan-2002 7-Sep-2001
Ramos Maria Marcela D 4-Dec-1995 30-Nov-1995
Ramos Miguel G M 31-Jan-1981 8-Sep-1980
Ramos Paula D 13-Dec-2006 12-Dec-2006
Ramos Paula M 29-Dec-1961 22-Sep-1961
Ramos Peter Michael M 29-Jan-1994 25-Oct-1993
Ramos Ramon R M 30-Jan-1982 22-Jun-1981
Ramos Rebeca M 23-Jan-1992 2-Aug-1991
Ramos Reynaldo Morante Jr M 25-Jan-2003 20-Sep-2002
Ramos Roberto Fermin M 28-Jan-1995 15-Apr-1994
Ramos Rosendo M 30-Jan-2007 24-Nov-2006
Ramos Rosendo Ramos, Jr B 28-Jan-1979
Ramos Salvador B M 29-Jan-1983 10-Dec-1982
Ramos Steven B 31-Jan-1981 14-Mar-1980
Ramos Venesa Kayla B 8-Aug-1995 3-Aug-1995
Ramos Wanda Ivelise Colon M 31-Jan-2004 28-Feb-2003
Ramos-Arce Ana Luz M 31-Jan-2009 pg 6f 9-May-2008
Ramrez Anthony James B 30-Dec-1964 18-Jul-1964
Ramriez John James B 31-Jan-1976 31-Jan-1975
Ramriez Miguel A M 30-Jan-1982 10-Jul-1981
Ramriez Rosa Linda B 29-Jan-1983 11-Oct-1982
Ramriez Tessa Marie B 28-Jan-2006 24-Mar-2005
Ramsay Nancy M 10-Feb-1860 9-Feb-1860
Ramsayer Clyde W D 30-Dec-1932 7-Aug-1932
Ramsdale Theodore Dudley B 30-Dec-1933 2-Apr-1933
Ramsdell Brittany Nichole M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 1-Sep-2007
Ramsdell Cynthia Lynn B 30-Dec-1957 24-Feb-1957
Ramsdell Harry D D 23-Jan-1988 17-Aug-1987
Ramsdell Jerry Carl B 30-Dec-1936
Ramsdell Jerry Carl D 15-Feb-1975 3-Nov-1974
Ramsdell Jonathan Stewart B 30-Dec-1954 6-Jul-1954
Ramsdell Laverda B 30-Dec-1935 6-Oct-1935
Ramsdell Lester William D 30-Dec-1964 17-Nov-1964
Ramsdell Lester William & Loren Ray B 30-Dec-1964 16-Nov-1964
Ramsdell Linda S M 28-Jan-1978 25-Jun-1977
Ramsdell Loren Ray D 30-Dec-1964 17-Nov-1964
Ramsdell Ted D M 30-Dec-1954 28-Aug-1954
Ramsdell Tiffanie Frances M 25-Jan-2003 18-May-2002
Ramsdell Tiffanie Frances M 29-Jan-2003 18-May-2002
Ramsdell William Ray M 23-Jan-1999 26-Sep-1998
Ramsden Jacob Hogan B 26-Jan-1980 25-Jan-1979
Ramsden John Thomas B 29-Dec-1950 1-Sep-1950
Ramsden Margaret A D 28-Jan-1984 17-Jun-1983
Ramser Aricka Ann B 6-Feb-2003 31-Jan-2003
Ramser Aricka Ann B 31-Jan-2004 31-Jan-2003
Ramser Ashleigh Sue B 28-Jan-2006 30-Sep-2005
Ramser Leigh Ann M 15-Jan-2003 12-Oct-2002
Ramser Leigh Ann M 25-Jan-2003 12-Oct-2002
Ramser Michael Scott M 20-Jun-2001 17-Feb-2001
Ramsey Brenda Lee M 22-Jan-1972 27-Aug-1971
Ramsey Clarence E D 30-Dec-1941 28-Jan-1941
Ramsey Claude A Jr D 30-Jan-1982 18-Aug-1981
Ramsey Dean M 30-Dec-1939 9-Dec-1939
Ramsey Gregory Paul M 23-Jan-1992 25-Oct-1991
Ramsey James Durand D 9-Mar-2000 8-Mar-2000
Ramsey JD M 30-Dec-1935 7-Sep-1935
Ramsey June M (Mrs) M 29-Dec-1956 4-Aug-1956
Ramsey Maggie M 2-Jan-1873 30-Dec-1872
Ramsey Margaret M 29-Dec-1934 26-Mar-1934
Ramsey R M 26-Sep-1866 25-Sep-1866
Ramsey Richard Keith D 28-Jun-2003 27-Jun-2003
Ramsey Roena R D 18-Dec-2007 17-Dec-2007
Ramsey Sarah Ann M 27-Jan-2000 1-Sep-2000
Ramsey Stewart Floyd D 30-Dec-1969 19-Jul-1969
Ramsey Travis Scot M 8-Jan-2002 29-Jun-2002
Ramsey Walter Reeve, Jr M 29-Dec-1934 21-Dec-1934
Ramsey William D 29-Sep-2008 27-Sep-2008
Ramseyer Anna Mae D 29-Jan-1973 8-May-1972
Ramseyer Clyde William D 28-Jan-1978 2-Aug-1977
Ramseyer Clyde, Jr D 30-Dec-1932 7-Aug-1932
Ramseyer Gary Clark B 29-Dec-1934 18-Oct-1934
Ramseyer Jeanne F M 30-Dec-1941 21-Oct-1941
Ramseyer Margaret M 30-Dec-1939 11-Jun-1939
Ranbarger Helen M 30-Dec-1940 8-Dec-1940
Ranbarger William D 30-Dec-1948 10-Oct-1948
Ranberger Angelia D M 28-Jan-1984 17-Feb-1983
Ranberger Betty Ann B 30-Dec-1932 21-Jan-1932
Ranberger Brandon Don B 25-Feb-1997 19-Feb-1997
Ranberger Brandon Don B 24-Jan-1998 19-Feb-1997
Ranberger Connie Elizabeth B 30-Dec-1954 26-Jan-1954
Ranberger Connie Elizabeth M 31-Jan-1976 19-Apr-1975
Ranberger Connie R M 19-Jan-1985 24-Aug-1984
Ranberger Corey Gene B 22-Jan-1972 25-Jun-1971
Ranberger Deborah M 29-Jan-1973 10-May-1972
Ranberger Deborah Marguerite B 30-Dec-1955 3-Oct-1955
Ranberger Dennis Lee B 30-Dec-1942 27-Jun-1942
Ranberger Dennis Lee D 30-Dec-1955 21-Apr-1955
Ranberger Frank D 30-Dec-1941 30-Jan-1941
Ranberger Harvey M D 20-Feb-2002 19-Feb-2002
Ranberger Harvey M D 25-Jan-2003 19-Feb-2002
Ranberger Jayne Ann M 28-Jan-2006 10-Jul-2005
Ranberger Lois Jean M 30-Dec-1955 21-May-1955
Ranberger Pamela Jeanne M 30-Dec-1966 17-Jul-1966
Ranberger Robert Jay II B 29-Dec-1962 2-Aug-1962
Ranberger Ron D 5-Dec-2007 30-Nov-2007
Ranberger Ronnie G D 6-Nov-2007 20-Nov-2007
Ranberger Ronnie Gene M 29-Dec-1961 20-May-1961
Ranberger Steven John B 30-Dec-1966 22-Oct-1966
Ranberger Steven John M 29-Jan-1994 21-Jun-1993
Ranberger Steven John M 23-Jan-1999 29-Sep-1998
Ranberger Tammy Jeane B 29-Dec-1962 10-Jan-1962
Ranberger Tricia Pauline B 30-Dec-1949 23-Nov-1949
Ranberger Veronica Howard M 30-Dec-1953 20-Dec-1952
Rancipher Andrew H D 5-Oct-1863 12-Sep-1863
Rancipher Angie M 19-Apr-1875 22-Mar-1875
Ranck Bennett William B 1-Apr-2004 26-Feb-2004
Ranck Jackson Gray B 1-Apr-2004 26-Feb-2004
Ranck John M 11-Jan-1999 17-Oct-1998
Rand Maggie H M 2-Dec-1867 27-Nov-1867
Randal Charles D 22-May-1996 21-May-1996
Randall Clarence Glene D 22-Dec-2008 19-Dec-2008
Randall E M D 21-Dec-1905 11-Sep-1905
Randall Elizabeth Ellen M 30-Dec-1941 31-Jul-1941
Randall Ernest Eugene Jr M 31-Jan-1976 11-Nov-1975
Randall Lucy M 3-Sep-1868 19-Aug-1868
Randall Margaret Marian M 30-Dec-1940 8-Jul-1940
Randall Margaret N D 28-Jan-1979
Randall Margery Jeanne M 30-Dec-1949 8-Mar-1949
Randall Marion Dean M 28-Dec-1945 22-Jun-1945
Randall Martha Elizabeth D 29-Dec-1950 14-Mar-1950
Randall Mary E D 4-Sep-2000 2-Sep-2000
Randall Orville E M 1-Jan-1913 4-Jun-1912
Randall Richard Keith B 29-Dec-1962 23-Apr-1962
Randall Roy H M 30-Dec-1933 25-Sep-1933
Randall Shirley Anne M 28-Dec-1945 22-Dec-1945
Randall Son B 29-Jan-1973 11-Apr-1972
Randall Viola Florence D 28-Jan-1978 12-Feb-1977
Randall Virginia 'Jean' D 25-May-2007 23-May-2007
Randall William Dempsey D 30-Dec-1952 12-Aug-1952
Randelman Benjamin Davis D 1-Jan-1912 31-Jan-1911
Randelman Clifford M 30-Dec-1939 15-Oct-1939
Randelman Emma P D 29-Dec-1961 9-Jun-1961
Randleman Christopher David M 28-Jan-2006 6-Aug-2005
Randleman Clifford Michael B 30-Dec-1942 5-Jul-1942
Randleman Clyde M 2-Oct-1896 30-Sep-1896
Randleman Clyde W D 29-Dec-1961 25-Nov-1961
Randleman David R D 31-Dec-1931 1-Jan-1931
Randleman Douglas Craig B 28-Dec-1951 6-Aug-1951
Randleman Douglas Craig M 15-Feb-1975 29-Jun-1974
Randleman Edwin F D 30-Dec-1948 26-Sep-1948
Randleman Edwin F M 11-Dec-1890 10-Dec-1890
Randleman Elizabeth A M 24-Dec-1997 16-Aug-1997
Randleman Elizabeth Ann B 30-Dec-1957 1-May-1957
Randleman Elizabeth C D 17-Jan-2000 14-Jan-2000
Randleman Elizabeth C D 27-Jan-2000 14-Jan-2000
Randleman Emma Louise D 30-Dec-1953 6-Jan-1953
Randleman FG D 20-Jan-1920
Randleman Floyd W D 30-Aug-1892 25-Aug-1892
Randleman George W D 30-Dec-1943 11-Mar-1943
Randleman Hubert D 23-Jul-1901 23-Jul-1901
Randleman Hunter Mathew B 26-Sep-2001 17-Sep-2001
Randleman Ida M 3-Apr-1883
Randleman Ivan D 21-Dec-1905 22-Oct-1905
Randleman Leota M 1-Jan-1912 28-Sep-1911
Randleman Lizzie B M 22-Sep-1882 20-Sep-1882
Randleman Lizzie Miller D 29-Dec-1934 24-Aug-1934
Randleman Margaret Vanatta D 1-Jan-1913 29-Dec-1912
Randleman Mary M 13-Jan-1854 5-Jan-1854
Randleman Mary M D 31-Dec-1931 27-Dec-1931
Randleman MM, Mrs D 1-Mar-1902 27-Feb-1902
Randleman R D Mrs D 1-Jan-1913 30-Dec-1912
Randleman Raymond D 22-Jan-1972 9-Feb-1971
Randleman Steven Jon B 30-Dec-1946 19-Nov-1946
Randleman Thomas M M 26-Jan-1980 9-Jun-1979
Randleman Thomas M M 26-Jan-1980 9-Jun-1979
Randleman Thomas Michael B 30-Dec-1955 20-Jul-1955
Randleman WH M 14-Dec-1888 13-Dec-1888
Randleman William Henry D 30-Dec-1932 1-Aug-1932
Randleman William S M 28-Jan-1979
Randleman Sarah May D 23-Jan-1992 17-Nov-1991
Randles Infant D 29-Dec-1934 4-Jan-1934
Randles Infant Son D 29-Dec-1934 4-Jan-1934
Randles Lillie May D 30-Dec-1940 7-Aug-1940
Randles Willard Paul B 30-Dec-1935 20-Dec-1935
Randol Connie J D 13-Jun-2000 11-Jun-2000
Randoll Barbara M 30-Dec-1955 9-Jul-1955
Randoll Debra L M 19-Jan-1985 26-Jan-1984
Randoll Debra Lynn B 30-Dec-1964 25-Aug-1964
Randoll Dorothy Mae D 23-Jan-1988 22-Oct-1987
Randoll Gary Dean M 25-Jan-2003 31-Aug-2002
Randoll Kiley Marie B 31-Jan-2004 13-Sep-2003
Randoll Marilyn L M 30-Dec-1955 7-Oct-1955
Randolph BF M 10-Jul-1891 30-Jun-1891
Randolph Florence M D 28-Jan-2006 6-Feb-2005
Randolph George P D 27-Aug-2001 25-Aug-2001
Randolph George P D 26-Jan-2002 25-Aug-2001
Randolph Kristin Kae M 29-Jan-1994 7-Dec-1993
Randolph Margaret M 30-Dec-1916 1-May-1916
Randolph Matthias D 20-Dec-1906 30-Oct-1906
Randolph Mildred Katherine D 1-Jul-2002 29-Jun-2002
Randolph Mildred Katherine D 25-Jan-2003 29-Jun-2002
Randolph Nora M 17-Dec-1908 7-Jul-1908
Randolph Otis Franklin D 28-Dec-1945 7-Oct-1945
Randolph Pearl E M 1-Jan-1908 30-Jul-1907
Randolph Zachary Tyler B 4-Dec-1997 30-Nov-1997
Randolph Zachary Tyler B 24-Jan-1998 30-Nov-1997
Random Hannah D 16-Dec-1909 17-Apr-1909
Randon Jonathan B 24-Jan-1998 20-May-1997
Rands George D 30-Dec-1949 30-Oct-1949
Rands George, Mrs D 30-Dec-1932 14-Oct-1932
Ranes Bertha Matilda D 30-Dec-1966 23-May-1966
Ranes Earnest Milton D 28-Jan-1979
Ranes Girl B 31-Dec-1929 28-Jun-1929
Ranes James David B 29-Dec-1944 21-Aug-1944
Ranes James David D 29-Dec-1944 1-Sep-1944
Ranes John Maurice B 29-Dec-1950 23-Oct-1950
Ranes Nellie M 30-Dec-1953 19-Jun-1953
Ranes Nellie May B 30-Dec-1935 18-Jun-1935
Ranes William Wayne B 29-Dec-1944 21-Aug-1944
Range Adolph C D 26-Jan-1991 11-Feb-1990
Range Charles M 8-Feb-1894 8-Feb-1894
Range Conrad Fred D 30-Dec-1948 21-Jan-1948
Range Emma Meyer D 30-Dec-1947 18-Feb-1947
Range Fred M 1-Feb-1898
Range Mabel N D 20-Oct-2000 19-Oct-2000
Range Mabel Nona D 27-Jan-2000 19-Oct-2000
Rangel Adelaida B M 30-Jan-1982 1-May-1981
Rangel Alma Delia M 30-Jan-1993 25-Sep-1992
Rangel Angelina Jeschelle B 25-Jan-2003 11-Mar-2002
Rangel Arnulfo M 29-Jan-1994 23-Apr-1993
Rangel Benito, Jr B 1-Feb-1994
Rangel Cecilia Mariela B 28-Jan-2006 10-Nov-2005
Rangel Celdonio D 25-Jan-2003 13-Mar-2002
Rangel Celedonio D 14-Mar-2002 13-Mar-2002
Rangel Cynthia B 14-Jan-1999 14-Jan-1999
Rangel Cynthia B 29-Jan-2000 14-Jan-1999
Rangel Jacob Israel B 31-Jan-2009 p2f 21-Feb-2008
Rangel Jesus M 29-Jan-1994 4-Jun-1993
Rangel Joel Barron Jr M 23-Jan-1992 26-Oct-1991
Rangel Jorge M 28-Jan-1978 28-May-1977
Rangel Jose Luis M 24-Jan-1998 6-Jan-1997
Rangel Lovell Rey B 29-Jan-2005 3-Feb-2004
Rangel Marco A M 27-Mar-2002 23-Feb-2003
Rangel Marco Antonio M 25-Jan-2003 23-Feb-2002
Rangel Maria D 5-Jul-1999 3-Jul-1999
Rangel Maria Aurora D 29-Jan-2000 3-Jul-1999
Rangel Mateo B 26-Oct-2000 10-Oct-2000
Rangel Mateo Joel B 27-Jan-2000 10-Oct-2000
Rangel Migel B 29-Dec-1967 1-Apr-1967
Rangel Miguel M 29-Jan-1994 14-Jun-1993
Rangel Miguel Raul B 23-Jan-1999 14-Jan-1998
Rangel Miguel Raul, Jr B 20-Jan-1998
Rangel Mika Gretchyn B 24-Jan-1998 18-Nov-1997
Rangel Nicole Lynn M 31-Jan-2004 19-Sep-2003
Rangel Rosanna M 15-Feb-1975 1-Feb-1974
Rangel Valentin M 28-Jan-1995 22-Oct-1994
Rangel Virginia D 30-Jan-1993 15-Nov-1992
Rangel Whitley Kay B 21-Apr-1998 18-Apr-1998
Rangel Whitley Kay B 23-Jan-1999 18-Apr-1998
Rank Frederick William M 20-Oct-1898
Rank Henry M 1-May-1868 23-Apr-1868
Rank Jacob M 7-Jan-1870 13-Dec-1869
Rank Maggie M 1-Feb-1871 4-Jan-1871
Ranke Maura D 28-Nov-1984 27-Nov-1984
Ranke Maura M 30-Dec-1952 20-Dec-1952
Ranke W H Arthur M 1-Jan-1913 19-Oct-1912
Ranker Mary J Mrs D 13-Mar-1923
Rankin Annette Van D 21-Dec-1905 9-Jan-1905
Rankin Burris M 22-Jan-1885 21-Jan-1885
Rankin Burris B D 25-Sep-1903
Rankin Burris B M 3-May-1875 29-Apr-1875
Rankin Charles M D 8-Dec-1910 12-Jan-1910
Rankin Cidney (Miss) D 28-Dec-1945 12-Nov-1945
Rankin Diane Kay B 30-Dec-1942 13-Jan-1942
Rankin Edward M 17-Dec-1908 1-Aug-1908
Rankin Elizabeth M 7-Apr-1875 17-Mar-1875
Rankin Emma Adelle M 12-Oct-1893 11-Oct-1893
Rankin J W M 1-Jan-1912 30-Sep-1911
Rankin James M 23-Jul-1877 22-Aug-1877
Rankin JB B 5-Jul-1883
Rankin Job M 4-Apr-1877 28-Mar-1877
Rankin Job W D 14-Mar-1923
Rankin Mary M 26-Jan-1877 25-Jan-1877
Rankin Minnie D 29-Dec-1962 9-Oct-1962
Rankin NJ, Mrs D 9-Aug-1873 7-Aug-1873
Rankin Robert M 2-Jul-1877 2-Jul-1877
Rankin Sarah D 6-Oct-1873 28-Sep-1873
Rankins Albert F D 30-Dec-1969 5-Dec-1969
Rankins Cyril E D 27-Jan-2000 4-Jan-2000
Rankins Cyril Elwood D 5-Jan-2000 4-Jan-2000
Rankins Diane Kay M 29-Dec-1961 30-Sep-1961
Rankins Gail E D 9-Dec-1996 7-Dec-1996
Rankins Helen R D 29-Jan-1994 8-Oct-1993
Rankins Hester D 19-Apr-1892
Rankins James L D 30-Dec-1954 2-Mar-1954
Rankins Judith Ann M 29-Dec-1967 12-Aug-1967
Rankins Kenneth LeRoy D 24-Oct-1996 23-Oct-1996
Rankins Kenneth LeRoy M 30-Dec-1940 9-Feb-1940
Rankins Kierra Leigh B 7-May-1997 1-May-1997
Rankins Lonnie L D 18-Sep-2001 6-Sep-2001
Rankins Margaret D 31-Jan-1976 4-Nov-1975
Rankins Mary Ann M 22-Jan-1972 2-Apr-1971
Rankins Mary Ann B 30-Dec-1952 6-Feb-1952
Rankins Mary Elizabeth D 29-Dec-1950 19-Jul-1950
Rankins Michael M 15-Jun-1996 25-May-1996
Rankins Nettie B M 1-Jan-1908 12-Jan-1907
Rankins Pete W D 28-Jan-1978 17-Nov-1977
Rankins Robert M D 30-Dec-1968 11-Nov-1968
Rankins Robert T D 29-Jan-1973 26-Jul-1972
Rankins Ruby D 18-Jan-1986 8-Apr-1985
Rankins Sylvia D 30-Dec-1957 11-Feb-1957
Rann Barbara Ann B 30-Dec-1936 12-Nov-1936
Rann Barbara Ann D 30-Dec-1955 12-Apr-1955
Rann Erma Berniece M 30-Dec-1941 31-May-1941
Rann Fred G D 30-Dec-1954 15-Jul-1954
Rann Fred G M 1-Jan-1912 4-Apr-1911
Rann Louise D D 21-Oct-2008 19-Oct-2008
Rann Louise D M 30-Dec-1942 6-Apr-1942
Rann Lyle R M 29-Dec-1934 14-Mar-1934
Rann Nellie M 30-Dec-1936 8-Dec-1936
Rann Ralph R M 30-Dec-1933 14-Jun-1933
Rann Ralph Robert D 30-Dec-1948 10-Mar-1948
Rann William D 20-Dec-1906 3-Oct-1906
Rann Wm F M 19-Feb-1903 18-Feb-1903
Ranney Clara A D 1-Jan-2007 29-Dec-2006
Ranshaw George D M 30-Dec-1946 6-Oct-1946
Ransom Deborah Lynn B 30-Dec-1965 4-Jan-1965
Ransom Dennis Michael B 30-Dec-1968 23-Sep-1968
Ransom Harry O M 21-Dec-1895 19-Dec-1895
Ransom Jeanie M 16-Dec-1909 12-Jan-1909
Ransom John RD M 6-Jan-1928
Ransom Nancy J D 18-Jan-1986 15-Apr-1985
Ransom Russell Cleal M 30-Dec-1939 3-Dec-1939
Ransom Thomas W M 22-Jan-1972 21-Nov-1971
Ransome Joseph W M 8-Nov-1877 5-Nov-1877
Ranson Judene M M 30-Jan-1982 22-Aug-1981
Ranson Kenneth F M 30-Dec-1946 26-Nov-1946
Ranson William Scott B 22-Jan-1972 7-Apr-1971
Ranum Sue A (Havenhill) D 23-Jun-2008 19-Jun-2008
Rao Arka B 30-Jul-1996
Rapp Bertha D 31-Dec-1913 21-Jul-1913
Rapp Emma M 1-Jan-1908 27-Mar-1907
Rapp John D 30-Dec-1937 12-Jun-1937
Rapp Katherina Kampf D 7-Dec-1922
Rapp Paul, Jr M 30-Dec-1916 14-Aug-1916
Rapp Paul, Mrs D 11-Dec-1922
Raseley Susan M 6-Jan-1870
Rasely Hattie E M 7-Jul-1870 14-Dec-1869
Rasenfield Anna D 28-Jan-1978 2-Mar-1977
Rasey Grace D 30-Dec-1936
Raskam Alberdina D 30-Dec-1936
Rasler Blanche I M 30-Dec-1933 15-Sep-1933
Rasler Thelma Mae M 30-Dec-1946 20-Feb-1946
Rasley George R M 16-Dec-1909 23-Oct-1909
Rasley Guy O D 30-Dec-1948 8-Feb-1948
Rasmussan Oscar Arthur D 23-Jan-1999 8-Jul-1998
Rasmussen James V M 30-Dec-1940 3-May-1940
Rasmussen Jane B D 25-Feb-2004 22-Feb-2004
Rasmussen Jeffrey A M 18-Jan-1986 22-Jun-1985
Rasmussen Kylan Byrn B 29-Dec-1962 13-Feb-1962
Rasmussen Leo, Mrs D 29-Jan-1973 14-Jul-1972
Rasmussen Oscar D 8-Jul-1998 8-Jul-1998
Rasmussen Oscar Arthur M 30-Dec-1966 13-Aug-1966
Rasmussen Paul D D 30-Oct-1995 29-Oct-1995
Rasmussen Rena M 29-Jan-1973 3-Jul-1972
Rasmussen Reuben D D 18-Jan-1986 20-May-1985
Rasmussen Rhonda Sue M 15-Feb-1975 26-Oct-1974
Rasmussen Rita J M 26-Jan-1980 8-Dec-1979
Rasmussen Rita J M 26-Jan-1980 8-Dec-1979
Rasmussen Russell D M 28-Jan-1984 20-Aug-1983
Rasmussen Ruth Mabel M 29-Jan-1973 12-Dec-1972
Rasmussen William M 29-Dec-1938 16-Feb-1938
Rassler Larry M 19-Nov-2003 28-Jun-2003
Rasso Betty Ann B 30-Dec-1936
Rasso Joseph Phillip B 29-Dec-1938 3-Jan-1938
Rasso Thomas B 30-Dec-1940 7-Mar-1940
Ratcliff Beth Ann M 13-Oct-1999 10-Jul-1999
Ratcliff Beth Ann M 29-Jan-2000 10-Jul-1999
Ratcliff Bruce L D 22-Apr-2002 21-Apr-2002
Ratcliff Bruce l D 25-Jan-2003 21-Apr-2002
Ratcliff Bruce L M 30-Dec-1942 9-Jan-1942
Ratcliff Elizabeth Ann M 15-Feb-1975 9-Nov-1974
Ratcliff Elizabeth Ann B 28-Dec-1951 7-Nov-1951
Ratcliff Ellamae D 15-Feb-2003 13-Feb-2003
Ratcliff Ellamae D 31-Jan-2004 13-Feb-2003
Ratcliff Harry J D 30-Dec-1942 15-Nov-1942
Ratcliff Harry J M 30-Nov-1920
Ratcliff Hazel May M 1-Jan-1908 22-May-1907
Ratcliff John Mrs D 1-Jan-1908 6-Mar-1907
Ratcliff John P M 16-Dec-1909 29-Apr-1909
Ratcliff Maude D 10-Mar-1922
Ratcliff Nicholas Harry M 17-Jan-1987 22-Nov-1986
Ratcliff Nicklas Harry B 30-Dec-1947 5-Mar-1947
Ratcliff Patricia D 13-Mar-2007 12-Mar-2007
Ratcliff Robert Fisk B 30-Dec-1949 12-Feb-1949
Ratel Frank L, Sr, Mrs D 30-Dec-1953 31-May-1953
Ratel Glen Owen B 29-Dec-1944 21-Jan-1944
Ratel Joseph A D 29-Jan-1994 23-Nov-1993
Ratel Karen Kay B 30-Dec-1942 25-Aug-1942
Ratel Mary Edith M 30-Dec-1941 20-Mar-1941
Ratel Reba (Eis) D 21-Apr-2008 18-Apr-2008
Ratel Reba A D 19-Apr-2008 18-Apr-2008
Rath Barbara Lynn B 30-Dec-1949 16-Nov-1949
Rath Barbara Lynn D 30-Dec-1949 21-Nov-1949
Rath Clara D 31-Jan-1976 27-Jan-1975
Rath David Robert B 29-Dec-1934 24-Oct-1934
Rath Francis L M 30-Dec-1946 27-Jul-1946
Rath Francis Lee D 28-Jun-1984 28-Jun-1984
Rath Ida M D 17-Jan-1987 30-Apr-1986
Rath John (Mrs) D 29-Dec-1956 16-Mar-1956
Rath John, Mrs D 1-Jan-1908 6-Mar-1907
Rath Leigh Ann M 29-Jan-1994 24-Nov-1993
Rath Marc Alan M 24-Jan-1998 19-Apr-1997
Rath Nita Marie D 20-Sep-2001 19-Sep-2001
Rath Robert L M 29-Dec-1962 24-Mar-1962
Rathbun Mark Allen M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 22-Jun-2007
Rathburn Frank Edward M 29-Dec-1956 26-Oct-1956
Rathburn Joan B 30-Dec-1933 9-Nov-1933
Rathburn Joann Jean M 30-Dec-1953 11-Apr-1953
Rathburn Norman Lee M 22-Jan-1972 27-Jan-1971
Rathert Fredericka D 29-Dec-1962 26-Nov-1962
Rathfon Geo M 8-Oct-1869 4-Sep-1869
Rathie Lizzie B M 31-Jan-1866 30-Jan-1866
Rathien Ronald Lee M 30-Jan-1993 15-Feb-1992
Rathjean Elmer E M 29-Dec-1938 19-May-1938
Rathjean Leon Lloyd M 30-Dec-1969 4-Oct-1969
Rathjen Adeline D 10-Jul-2008 9-Jul-2008
Rathjen Alan John D 30-Dec-1965 18-Feb-1965
Rathjen Albert B D 30-Dec-1964 23-Oct-1964
Rathjen Alice M 24-Feb-1928 22-Feb-1928
Rathjen Allison Marie B 22-May-1998 18-May-1998
Rathjen Allison marie B 23-Jan-1999 18-May-1998
Rathjen Alvena D 30-Dec-1964 23-Nov-1964
Rathjen Bridget M 23-May-2001 6-Jan-2001
Rathjen Bridget Doreen B 26-Jan-1980 20-Nov-1979
Rathjen Debra Marie M 29-Jan-1994 16-Aug-1993
Rathjen Dorothy E D 28-Jan-1984 23-Mar-1983
Rathjen Elaine Iris B 30-Dec-1952 23-Sep-1952
Rathjen Elly D 16-Oct-2008 27-Sep-2008
Rathjen Emily Sue B 27-Jan-2000 1-Feb-2000
Rathjen Eugene Henry B 29-Dec-1950 7-Feb-1950
Rathjen Gene Norman M 22-Jan-1972 27-Nov-1971
Rathjen Louis D 31-Jan-1976 29-Oct-1975
Rathjen Louis Albert B 30-Dec-1948 5-Jun-1948
Rathjen Marie M 29-Dec-1938 17-Dec-1938
Rathjen Neola (Miss) M 21-Jan-1929 13-Jan-1929
Rathjen Ron M 6-Oct-1996 27-Jul-1996
Rathjen Samantha Ann B 9-Jul-1996
Rathjen Shona Marie M 29-Jan-2000 9-Oct-1999
Rathjen Verna I D 2-Oct-2001 1-Oct-2001
Rathjen Vernon J M 30-Dec-1943 14-Aug-1943
Rathmel Bobbi D 23-May-2008 21-May-2008
Rathmel Bobbi D 21-May-2008 23-May-2008
Rathmeyer Charles D 30-Dec-1963 4-Nov-1963
Rathowski Leonard D 19-Nov-2004 17-Nov-2004
Rathz Caroline D 30-Jan-1899 29-Jan-1899
Rathz Wm M 10-Nov-1893 9-Nov-1893
Ratke Sally Ann M 28-Dec-1945 18-Aug-1945
Ratkowski Leonard M 28-Dec-1945 11-Nov-1945
Rats Helen M 4-Dec-1922
Raub Alice M 30-Dec-1954 27-Mar-1954
Raub Arthur D 16-Dec-1909 19-Aug-1909
Raub Arthur M 22-Dec-1883 19-Dec-1883
Raub Arthur B M 28-Dec-1945 15-Nov-1945
Raub Arthur Bradley D 28-Jan-1995 17-Jul-1994
Raub Clarence A D 30-Jan-1982 22-Mar-1981
Raub Deanna M 29-Jan-1973 19-Sep-1972
Raub Deanna L M 29-Jan-1983 16-Jan-1982
Raub Deanne Lynn B 30-Dec-1949 25-Jul-1949
Raub Deborah Kay M 17-Jan-1987 24-May-1986
Raub Gertrude B M 1-Jan-1913 7-Feb-1912
Raub Helen Ethel D 28-Jan-1979
Raub Mary Alice B 30-Dec-1933 20-Aug-1933
Raub Mrs D 20-Dec-1906 8-May-1906
Raub Ronald M 29-Jan-1973 12-Jun-1972
Raub Sarah D 23-Aug-1897 15-Aug-1897
Rauberger Bessie V M 31-Dec-1913 10-Sep-1913
Rauberger F M 31-Dec-1913 2-Jun-1913
Rauch Boy B 31-Dec-1929 25-Aug-1929
Rauch Clara D 28-Dec-1951 25-Dec-1951
Rauch Donna M M 30-Jan-1982 18-Jul-1981
Rauch Edmunda D 22-Jul-1997 22-Jul-1997
Rauch Edmunda D 24-Jan-1998 22-Jul-1997
Rauch Elsa May D 12-May-2008 9-May-2008
Rauch Elsa May D 9-May-2008 12-May-2008
Rauch Esther B D 31-Jan-1981 25-Dec-1980
Rauch Geraldine M D 4-May-1922
Rauch Joe M 30-Dec-1953 5-Oct-1953
Rauch Joe W M 19-Jan-1985 16-Jun-1984
Rauch Joseph Walter B 30-Dec-1954 23-Jul-1954
Rauch Joseph Walter D 29-Jan-1994 14-Oct-1993
Rauch Mamie M 8-Dec-1910 29-Jun-1910
Rauch Mary Ann M 17-Jan-1987 1-Sep-1986
Rauch Mary Ann M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 25-Jan-2007
Rauch Mary Jo Anne B 30-Dec-1946 15-Oct-1946
Rauch Nancy Louise B 29-Dec-1956 26-Aug-1956
Rauch Patrica I M 25-Nov-1996 25-Oct-1996
Rauch Paul Jackman D 26-Jan-1980 2-Jul-1979
Rauch Robert E M 30-Dec-1939 22-May-1939
Rauch Robert Edward D 22-Jan-1972 11-Aug-1971
Rauch Robert Gary B 29-Dec-1950 10-Mar-1950
Rauch Ruth C M 28-Dec-1945 11-Nov-1945
Rauch Walter G M 11-Aug-1920
Rauch Walter Gustave D 29-Dec-1962 20-Oct-1962
Rauch Walter, Mrs D 8-Aug-1922
Rauch Wetona Leona (Miss) M 30-Dec-1943 3-Dec-1943
Rauchenberger Lynda Jean B 30-Dec-1941 28-Nov-1941
Rauenbuehler Andrew Dietrich B 23-Jan-1992 28-May-1991
Rauenbuehler Anna Rose B 24-Jan-1998 31-Jul-1997
Rauenbuehler Daughter B 9-Dec-2000 6-Dec-2000
Rauenbuehler Luke Carl B 28-Jan-1995 22-Sep-1994
Rauenbuehler Mark C M 23-Jan-1988 16-Oct-1987
Rauenbuehler Therese Michelle B 27-Jan-2000 6-Dec-2000
Rauerdink Alice D 31-Dec-1913 13-Jun-1913
Raupe Clara M M 16-Dec-1909 4-Oct-1909
Raupe George D 2-Jul-1886 30-Jun-1886
Raupe George, Mrs D 17-Jul-1885 16-Jul-1885
Raupe Louise M 21-Dec-1905 17-Jul-1905
Raurdink Sena M 3-Oct-1876 6-Sep-1876
Rausch Betty Louise D 28-Jan-1979
Rausch Della D 30-Dec-1932 16-Oct-1932
Rausch George D 30-Dec-1953 7-Jan-1953
Rausch Helena D 29-Dec-1950 24-Apr-1950
Rausch Iris D 4-Apr-2008 2-Apr-2008
Rausch Jewel Grace D 12-Jun-1922
Rausch Maggie M 1-Mar-1881 17-Feb-1881
Rausch Mildred M 30-Dec-1939 6-Jul-1939
Rausch Minnie D 26-Dec-1987 25-Dec-1987
Rausch Randi Leigh B 30-Dec-1949 22-May-1949
Rausch Terri Leigh B 30-Dec-1953 7-Mar-1953
Rauschenberger Bruce D 29-Dec-1934 4-Jan-1934
Rauschenberger Bruce W D 29-Dec-1934 4-Jan-1934
Rauschenberger Joel M 16-Aug-1972
Rauschenberger Joel R M 31-Jan-1981 11-Oct-1980
Rauschenberger Mart D 3-Jan-1996 2-Jan-1996
Rauschenberger Mary E M 5-Jul-`895 3-Jul-1895
Rauschenberger Richard S M 30-Dec-1936 14-Nov-1936
Rauschenberger William Wayne B 30-Dec-1937 1-Sep-1937
Raushenberger Austin James B 28-Jan-1995 14-Nov-1994
Raushenberger Bruce W B 29-Dec-1934 3-Jan-1934
Raushenberger David L M 19-Jan-1985 3-Aug-1984
Raushenberger Diane Kay M 29-Dec-1967 14-Apr-1967
Raushenberger Doris M 30-Dec-1946 2-Mar-1946
Raushenberger Doris I (Reed) D 15-Oct-2007 13-Oct-2007
Raushenberger Dorothy D 29-Dec-2007 28-Dec-2007
Raushenberger Dorothy A M 23-Jan-1988 21-Nov-1987
Raushenberger Dru Ann B 30-Dec-1954 6-Jan-1954
Raushenberger Elmer Warren D 28-Dec-1945 12-Apr-1945
Raushenberger Jack M 28-Dec-1945 9-Feb-1945
Raushenberger Jacob Clarence D 28-Dec-1945 6-Aug-1945
Raushenberger Jennie D 29-Jan-1994 17-May-1993
Raushenberger John Samuel B 30-Dec-1947 22-Aug-1947
Raushenberger Joseph James B 29-Jan-1983 29-Jun-1982
Raushenberger Juanita D 28-Jan-1984 14-Aug-1983
Raushenberger Laken Renee B 23-Jan-1992 19-Sep-1991
Raushenberger Luanna Faye B 30-Dec-1949 1-Nov-1949
Raushenberger Mark M 30-Dec-1941 14-Feb-1941
Raushenberger Martha Lavina Stett D 29-Dec-1934 11-Aug-1934
Raushenberger Maude Rose Mcclean D 30-Dec-1964 17-Mar-1964
Raushenberger Michael James M 23-Jan-1992 2-May-1991
Raushenberger Pamela Kay B 28-Dec-1945 14-Nov-1945
Raushenberger Patricia Ann M 30-Dec-1966 22-Jan-1966
Raushenberger Richard A D 29-Jan-1983 3-Mar-1982
Raushenberger Steven Wayne M 23-Jan-1999 16-May-1998
Raushenberger Suzanne Kay B 30-Dec-1947 7-Oct-1947
Raushenberger Thomas Michael B 30-Dec-1954 19-Mar-1954
Raushenberger William M 29-Dec-1961 30-Sep-1961
Raushenberger Willis W D 30-Dec-1957 6-Sep-1957
Raveling Kathy Jo M 25-Jan-2003 7-Sep-2002
Raveling Keith D 11-Dec-1998 10-Dec-1998
Raveling Keith Henry D 23-Jan-1999 10-Dec-1998
Ravenscraft Adam John B 28-Jan-1979
Ravenscraft Daisy M M 31-Jan-1981 23-Jun-1980
Ravenscraft Daisy M M 23-Jan-1988 23-Oct-1987
Ravenscraft Daisy Marie D 30-Dec-1953 16-May-1953
Ravenscraft David L M 30-Jan-1982 5-May-1981
Ravenscraft David Lee B 30-Dec-1953 8-Aug-1953
Ravenscraft Ella May B 29-Dec-1962 29-Nov-1962
Ravenscraft Janet Irene B 30-Dec-1964 7-Oct-1964
Ravenscraft John Thomas D 29-Dec-1950 16-Jul-1950
Ravenscraft John Thomas M 22-Jan-1972 26-Dec-1970
Ravenscraft Kathleen Mae M 29-Dec-1967 28-Oct-1967
Ravenscraft Kathleen May B 29-Dec-1950 4-Jul-1950
Ravenscraft Misty Dawn B 31-Jan-1976 30-Jul-1975
Ravenscraft Myrtle (Blanchard) D 3-Nov-2006 2-Nov-2006
Ravenscraft Samuel T M 28-Jan-1984 13-Aug-1983
Ravenscraft Walter Norton D 7-Jan-2000 25-Dec-1999
Ravenscraft Zachery Thomas B 23-Jul-1996 20-Jul-1996
Ravenscroft Mildred M 29-Dec-1938 8-Jan-1938
Raverty James Edward Jr M 26-Jan-2002 12-Jan-2001
Rawhauser Darrel Edward B 30-Dec-1946 6-Dec-1946
Rawhouser Glenda Lee B 30-Dec-1949 14-Jan-1949
Rawhouser Glenda Lee D 30-Dec-1949 18-Jan-1949
Rawhouser Mildred Elizabeth D 29-Jan-1994 19-Oct-1993
Rawland Helen L D 30-Dec-1966 14-Nov-1966
Rawlin Lester D 30-Jan-1890 29-Jan-1890
Rawlings Michael Robert M 1-Sep-1999 2-Oct-1998
Rawlinson Edard J D 29-Jan-2000 10-Mar-1999
Rawson Charlene Marie M 28-Jan-2006 22-Apr-2005
Rawson Kate Helen D 4-Mar-1871 3-Mar-1871
Rawson Mary E M 20-Mar-1874 18-Mar-1874
Rawson TS M 5-Jun-1852 4-Jun-1852
Ray Albert L M 20-Dec-1906 17-Oct-1906
Ray Andrew D 6-Aug-1861
Ray Audrey M 30-Dec-1953 27-Oct-1953
Ray Bernice D D 17-Jan-1987 24-Oct-1986
Ray Brenda Sue M 17-Jan-1987 6-Sep-1986
Ray Burdett L M 29-Dec-1950 23-Apr-1950
Ray Cody D 5-Feb-2008 3-Feb-2008
Ray Cody D D 6-Feb-2008 3-Feb-2008
Ray Cynthia Sue B 30-Dec-1946 17-Aug-1946
Ray Eugene F D 5-Jun-2008 4-Jun-2008
Ray Eugene F,III M 23-Jan-1988 9-Feb-1987
Ray Fred L D 30-Dec-1955 28-Apr-1955
Ray Fred L M 30-Dec-1904 17-Dec-1904
Ray Gertrude E D 28-Jan-1979
Ray Gloria M 30-Dec-1952 29-Jan-1952
Ray Gloria Ann B 30-Dec-1935 20-Jul-1935
Ray Harry Ralph D 30-Dec-1943 15-Feb-1943
Ray Iris M 30-Dec-1953 27-Jun-1953
Ray Iris, Mrs M 30-Dec-1954 3-Jun-1954
Ray Ivan Lee D 27-Feb-1984 25-Feb-1984
Ray Ivan Lee M 30-Dec-1933 29-Sep-1933
Ray J Vern D 18-Jan-1986 3-Oct-1985
Ray Jack C M 30-Dec-1955 10-Mar-1955
Ray Jack Clifford B 29-Dec-1934 15-Apr-1934
Ray James D 8-Sep-1998 5-Sep-1998
Ray June Marie B 30-Dec-1942 18-Aug-1942
Ray JW D 1-Mar-1902 28-Feb-1902
Ray Kay Lynn B 30-Dec-1942 12-Jun-1942
Ray Kay Lynn M 29-Dec-1962 5-Aug-1962
Ray Larry Norman B 30-Dec-1946 9-Apr-1946
Ray Lee Anne Christine B 30-Dec-1964 15-Nov-1964
Ray Lee Douglas B 29-Dec-1944 30-Jan-1944
Ray Lillie May M 22-Feb-1883 21-Feb-1883
Ray Lynette Elaine M 23-Jan-1992 18-Sep-1991
Ray Lysle L D 28-Jan-1984 8-Jun-1983
Ray Madeline R D 26-Jan-1980 24-May-1979
Ray Madison Rose B 23-Jan-1999 28-Mar-1998
Ray Margaret D 30-Dec-1942 27-Mar-1942
Ray Marilyn L M 28-Jan-1979
Ray Martha Pearl D 30-Dec-1953 29-Apr-1953
Ray Mary Ann D 16-Dec-1909 30-Apr-1909
Ray Michael Lee M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 30-Jun-2007
Ray Michelle Lynn B 30-Dec-1970 10-Feb-1970
Ray Nannie A D 29-Dec-1934 8-Oct-1934
ray Randy L D 23-Jan-1992 12-Feb-1991
Ray Randy L M 28-Jan-1978 28-Aug-1977
Ray Randy Lee B 30-Dec-1957 24-Jul-1957
Ray Richard Dean B 28-Dec-1945 23-Jan-1945
Ray Robert L M 28-Feb-1883 16-Feb-1883
Ray Shawn Thomas B 28-Jan-1979
Ray Son B 29-Jan-1973 1-May-1972
Ray Tanner D 5-Feb-2008 3-Feb-2008
Ray Tanner Michael D 6-Feb-2008 3-Feb-2008
Ray Theo R D 28-Aug-2000 25-Aug-2000
Ray Timothy Curtis M 24-Jan-1998 9-Aug-1997
Ray Wm M 10-Mar-1862 5-Mar-1862
Ray Lysle L M 29-Dec-1938 9-Jul-1938
Raya Jose L M 26-Jan-1980 14-Aug-1979
Raya Jose L M 26-Jan-1980 14-Aug-1979
Raya Narario M 19-Jan-1985 25-May-1984
Rayburn Jean Alan M 23-Jan-1999 4-Jul-1998
Rayburn Robert M 30-Nov-1877 29-Nov-1877
Rayburn Son B 25-Aug-1881
Rayburn William D 30-Jan-1928 29-Jan-1928
Rayhill Charles B, Rev D 30-Dec-1954 10-Oct-1954
Ray-Johnson Alexazander Michael B 29-Jan-2005 20-Nov-2004
Ray-Johnson Kaylee Elizabeth B 31-Jan-2004 13-May-2003
Rayles Kandiss Marie D 3-Oct-2000 20-Sep-2000
Raymer Linda K B 30-Dec-1947 30-Jul-1947
Raymon Serenna Lyn B 23-Jan-1992 4-Sep-1991
Raymond Augusta B M 12-Oct-1867 10-Oct-1867
Raymond Carol M M 30-Dec-1933 8-May-1933
Raymond Clint Jay B 29-Jan-1983 7-Aug-1982
Raymond Clint Jay M 26-Jan-2002 21-Jul-2001
Raymond George D 31-Jan-1976 15-Mar-1975
Raymond Hazel D (Ayers) D 8-Dec-2006 7-Dec-2006
Raymond Hazel D (Ayers) D 11-Dec-2006 7-Dec-2006
Raymond Jana Kaitlyn B 26-Jan-2002 11-Apr-2001
Raymond Kathleen M M 28-Jan-1984 29-Dec-1983
Raymond Louise Mary Susan M 31-Jan-1976 21-Jun-1975
Raymond Marion 'Jake' D 24-Jul-2008 22-Jul-2008
Raymond Marion 'Jake' D 25-Jul-2008 22-Jul-2008
Raymond Marv M 29-Sep-2004 17-Aug-2004
Raymond Marvin Lee D 27-Jan-2000 22-Nov-2000
Raymond Marvin Lee D 23-Nov-2000 22-Nov-2000
Raymond Marvin Roy M 29-Jan-2005 17-Jul-2004
Raymond Rachel Elizabeth B 28-Jan-2006 5-Dec-2005
Raymond Robert Douglas M 29-Jan-2000 16-Apr-1999
Raymond Terry Lee M 27-Jan-2000 3-Jun-2000
Rayner Emma E M 27-Jan-1860 24-Jan-1860
Rayner Frances D 2-May-1998 1-May-1998
Rayner Maynard George B 30-Dec-1935 9-Jun-1935
Raynolds Alta D 30-Dec-1966 21-Apr-1966
Raynor JM D 15-Jul-1880
Reaber Otis D 30-Dec-1941 25-Jan-1941
Read Gladys B D 26-Jan-2002 26-Apr-2001
Read Tara Christine B 15-Feb-1975 16-Dec-1974
Reader Katie M 16-Dec-1909 10-Feb-1909
Reading Isaiah Joel B 6-Oct-1998 5-Oct-1998
Reading Isaiah Joel B 23-Jan-1999 5-Oct-1998
Reading Mary H M 29-Jan-2000 18-Mar-1999
Reading William Beamon B 30-Dec-1969 19-Dec-1969
Ready Albert P M 30-Dec-1940 8-Nov-1940
Reagan Edna Iola M 1-Jan-1908 22-May-1907
Reak Clara M 16-Apr-1902 16-Apr-1902
Ream Mattie M 4-Apr-1871 13-Mar-1871
Reames Abner E M 21-Dec-1905 27-Apr-1905
Reames Abner Ernest D 28-Dec-1945 1-May-1945
Reames Henrietta Fick D 30-Dec-1960 31-Aug-1960
Reaney Edith Minerva D 30-Dec-1963 29-Jul-1963
Reaney John D 22-Mar-2000 21-Mar-2000
Reaney John Charles M 23-Jan-1992 21-Dec-1991
Reaney Margaret Mae D 7-Aug-2003 4-Aug-2003
Reaney Robert M 16-Dec-1909 20-Jan-1909
Reaney Sarah Purkington D 9-May-1903 8-May-1903
Reany Thos M 8-Nov-1883 1-Nov-1883
Reany John Roger M 29-Dec-1956 4-Feb-1956
Reardon Joan (Reardon) D 3-Dec-2007 29-Nov-2007
Reason Cain B 31-Jan-1981 19-Feb-1980
Reason Carrie A B 19-Jan-1985 22-Mar-1984
Reason Charles Vincent B 30-Dec-1954 15-Apr-1954
Reason Diane Lynn B 30-Dec-1957 21-Jul-1957
Reason Larry Eugene B 30-Dec-1953 8-Jun-1953
Reason Laurence M 30-Dec-1968 8-Sep-1968
Reason Laurene Joyce B 30-Dec-1949 31-May-1949
Reason Lawrence J B 28-Dec-1945 30-Jul-1945
Reason Melonie L M 31-Jan-1981 15-Mar-1980
Reason Rickey Lee B 30-Dec-1955 15-Dec-1954
Reason Steven Paul B 30-Dec-1952 21-Apr-1952
Reasor Edward J M 30-Dec-1939 18-Feb-1939
Reaves Edna M, Mrs M 30-Dec-1933 26-Dec-1933
Reavis Frances Mae D 17-Feb-1997 15-Feb-1997
Reavis Frances Mae D 24-Jan-1998 15-Feb-1997
Reay Alvin J D 30-Dec-1936
Reay Anna M D 28-Dec-1951 30-Aug-1951
Reay Elizabeth J D 31-Dec-1931 2-Dec-1931
Reay John B M 3-Feb-1875 3-Feb-1875
Reay Myrtle C M 8-Dec-1910 26-Jan-1910
Reay William M 1-Jan-1908 15-Jul-1907
Reay William D D 30-Dec-1948 7-Jun-1948
Rebal Ronald J M 29-Dec-1967 13-Jun-1967
Rebald Francisca M 9-Aug-1875
Rebehen Charles H D 14-Jun-1920
Rebehen Emma C D 30-Dec-1965 14-Sep-1965
Rebehen Henry C D 29-Dec-1944 25-Sep-1944
Rebehn Caroline Falk D 17-Nov-1922
Rebelski Boy B 31-Dec-1889 1-Nov-1889
Rebelsky Charles M D 16-Dec-1909 29-Oct-1909
Rebelsky Clyde F D 30-Dec-1966 27-Jun-1966
Rebelsky Elmer X D 30-Dec-1955 2-Aug-1955
Rebelsky Erma M D 27-Jan-2000 18-Apr-2000
Rebelsky Erma M D 19-Apr-2000 18-Apr-2000
Rebelsky Fred R D 30-Dec-1969 28-Jan-1969
Rebelsky Fred R, Mrs D 30-Dec-1957 22-Feb-1957
Rebelsky Jannette Carol B 30-Dec-1937 19-Oct-1937
Rebelsky Rita M 30-Dec-1954 18-Jun-1954
Rebelsky Rita Rae B 30-Dec-1936 25-Sep-1936
Rebelsky Rose D 30-Dec-1953 2-May-1953
Rebenar Alvina M 29-Dec-1938 27-Jul-1938
Rebin Herman M 30-Dec-1937 12-Aug-1937
Rebmann David Roy B 30-Dec-1966 15-Aug-1966
Rechenberger Charles LeRoy B 30-Dec-1942 3-May-1942
Rechenberger Cora Ann D 29-Jan-1983 1-Jan-1982
Rechenberger William J M 8-Dec-1910 20-Apr-1910
Rechenberger William J M 11-Mar-1890
Rechenberger William J D 30-Dec-1949 20-Aug-1949
Rechenberger William John M 30-Dec-1937 30-Jan-1937
Rechkemmer Curtis Steven B 30-Dec-1953 26-May-1953
Rechkemmer Denise M M 31-Jan-1981 20-Mar-1980
Rechman Janet Lea Vogt D 30-Dec-1969 3-Nov-1969
Rechtenberger Katherine Marie M 29-Dec-1962 14-Jun-1962
Rechterfertig Louis Townsend M 24-Jan-1998 19-Apr-1997
Rechterman Edward H D 30-Dec-1953 19-Dec-1953
Rechterman Edward H, Mrs D 30-Dec-1954 19-Dec-1953
Rechtermann James M M 29-Jan-1983 30-Oct-1982
Rechtfertig Karen jean M 23-Jan-1999 4-Apr-1998
Rechtfertig Lisa Marie M 29-Jan-1994 5-Apr-1993
Reck Son B 7-Nov-1884
Reckard Adam D 1-Nov-1883 23-Aug-1883
Reckards Michael Shane B 15-Feb-1975 16-Sep-1974
Recker claire Louise B 25-Jan-2003 23-Jun-2002
Recker Jamie John M 26-Jan-2002 14-Jul-2001
Recker Nolan James B 31-Jan-2004 5-Dec-2003
Reckers Stephanie Marie M 24-Jan-1998 21-Jan-1997
Recketts Jennie (Miss) M 20-Dec-1906 16-Oct-1906
Reckheim Fred M 31-Aug-1920
Reckhemmer Alvin D 9-Oct-1984 8-Oct-1984
Reckler Otto D 29-Dec-1967 30-Oct-1967
Reckner Ray F M 28-Jan-1978 2-May-1977
Reckner Raymond Frederick Jr D 28-Jan-2006 6-Jul-2005
Reckner Shirley Jo (McBee) D 3-Mar-2008 1-Mar-2008
Reckner Shirley Jo (McBee) D 1-Mar-2008 3-Mar-2008
Record Marion D 11-May-1878 11-May-1878
Record Robert Franklin Jr M 29-Jan-2005 4-Jan-2004
Rector Anne Marie M 17-Jan-1987 23-Aug-1986
Rector Eryn Nicole B 28-Jan-1995 4-Sep-1994
Rector James Bryan B 30-Dec-1957 8-Aug-1957
Rector Jeanette E D 23-Jan-1988 19-Jan-1987
Rector Jerry Lee B 30-Dec-1952 19-Feb-1952
Rector Judy Lynn B 29-Dec-1956 29-Jul-1956
Rector Leland T M 30-Dec-1955 21-Feb-1955
Rector Rosie J (Coulter) D 18-Dec-2006 16-Dec-2006
Rector Scott Robert M 17-Jan-1987 23-Aug-1986
Rector Susan M M 19-Jan-1985 25-Feb-1984
Rector Susan Marie B 29-Dec-1962 18-Sep-1962
Rector James B M 28-Jan-1978 29-Jan-1977
Rector Judy Lynn M 15-Feb-1975 17-Aug-1974
Rector Lonas M D 17-Jun-1996 14-Jun-1996
Rector Scott Robert B 30-Dec-1963 13-Oct-1963
Rector Son B 30-Mar-1922
Redd Truevinia M 26-Jan-1980 1-Mar-1979
Redd Boy B 31-Dec-1913 11-Aug-1913
Reddell Joan Marie M 29-Jan-2000 28-May-1999
Reddick Anthony Scott M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 27-May-2007
Reddick Arthur Henry M 30-Dec-1939 15-Jul-1939
Reddick Brandon Scott B 26-Jan-1991 1-May-1990
Reddick Brian Andrew M 26-Jan-1991 3-Dec-1990
Reddick Catherine Lynn M 29-Jan-2005 19-Mar-2004
Reddick Charles E D 30-Dec-1953 26-Aug-1953
Reddick David W D 30-Dec-1955 18-Feb-1955
Reddick Debra Jean B 30-Dec-1963 27-Mar-1963
Reddick Debra Lynn B 30-Dec-1955 7-Jul-1955
Reddick Della May D 30-Dec-1954 29-Dec-1953
Reddick Fred Merrett B 30-Dec-1935 31-Aug-1935
Reddick Freda D 30-Jan-1982 31-Mar-1981
Reddick Freddie M D 30-Jan-1993 3-Apr-1992
Reddick George Washington D 30-Dec-1948 3-Apr-1948
Reddick Georgie E D 29-Jan-1983 27-Mar-1982
Reddick Girl B 31-Dec-1913 17-Jun-1913
Reddick Harlan Garrison M 29-Dec-1956 28-Apr-1956
Reddick Infant D 31-Dec-1913 20-Jun-1913
Reddick Irene M D 29-Jan-1983 30-Apr-1982
Reddick Jean A D 29-Jan-1973 27-Jan-1972
Reddick Jennifer Shay Elizabeth B 27-Jan-2000 24-Aug-2000
Reddick Jessica Marie Charlene B 8-Feb-1997 3-Feb-1997
Reddick Jessica Marie Charlene B 24-Jan-1998 3-Feb-1997
Reddick Josephine May B 30-Dec-1947 5-Oct-1947
Reddick Josephine May M 30-Dec-1969 10-May-1969
Reddick Keith Allen B 30-Dec-1969 30-Dec-1969
Reddick Keith Allen M 28-Jan-1995 20-Aug-1994
Reddick Krysten Nicole B 29-Jan-1994 13-Oct-1993
Reddick Lyle W D 18-Jan-1986 11-Feb-1985
Reddick Lysle W M 29-Dec-1934 24-Dec-1934
Reddick Manda Casey B 28-Jan-1984 3-Sep-1983
Reddick Marcella Jean M 30-Dec-1943 9-Oct-1943
Reddick Marvin Dale M 30-Dec-1965 30-Oct-1965
Reddick Michelle Pauline M 27-Jan-2000 3-Mar-2000
Reddick Pearl D 31-Jan-1981 29-Jun-1980
Reddick Rebecca (Mrs) M 30-Dec-1957 18-May-1957
Reddick Rena J D 30-Dec-1968 12-Feb-1968
Reddick Ricky LaVern D 29-Dec-1962 23-Jan-1962
Reddick Ricky LaVerne B 29-Dec-1961 13-Nov-1961
Reddick Rosalie J M 30-Jan-1982 7-Nov-1981
Reddick Rosalie June B 30-Dec-1948 13-Oct-1948
Reddick Violet M D 16-Jan-2007 15-Jan-2007
Reddick Violet M D 17-Jan-2007 15-Jan-2007
Reddick Violet Marie B 29-Dec-1938 21-Oct-1938
Reddick W H N M 21-Dec-1905 31-Jan-1905
Reddick William Dale B 30-Dec-1966 23-Apr-1966
Reddick William Dale M 26-Jan-2008 p5f 27-Oct-2007
Reddick William H D 17-Dec-1903 7-Nov-1903
Reddick William H M 30-Dec-1935 6-Jul-1935
Reddick William H, Jr D 30-Dec-1940 9-Apr-1940
Reddick William Henry D 30-Dec-1963 9-May-1963
Reddin Patrick Charles M 30-Dec-1953 20-Aug-1953
Redding Jared Michael B 28-Jan-1984 10-Jul-1983
Reddington John D 24-Nov-1904 7-Jan-1904
Reddington Mary E M 4-Oct-1892 4-Oct-1892
Reddish Larry Frederick B 30-Dec-1943 6-Jan-1943
Reddish Larry Frederick B 30-Dec-1943 6-Jan-1943
Reddish Tarry Douglas B 30-Dec-1943 6-Jan-1943
Reddish Tarry Douglas B 30-Dec-1943 6-Jan-1943
Redell Dona M 30-Dec-1941 1-Mar-1941
Redfern Jean M 30-Dec-1940 7-Sep-1940
Redfield Mary Jane M 29-Sep-1899 26-Sep-1899
Reding Alfred H D 30-Jan-1982 3-Sep-1981
Reding Josephine D 30-Dec-1953 17-Jul-1953
Redinger Jean M 29-Jan-1973 10-Jul-1972
Redix Millard Russell D 15-Feb-1975 15-Jan-1974
Redlin Mary L M 30-Jan-1982 20-Jul-1981
Redman Alice M 31-May-1889 9-May-1889
Redman Clarence C M 1-Jan-1913 28-Oct-1912
Redman Dorothy Wilma M 30-Dec-1942 29-May-1942
Redman Frances Marcia M 29-Dec-1934 15-Sep-1934
Redman Frank D 29-Jan-1973 13-Mar-1972
Redman Girl B 31-Dec-1913 14-Jul-1913
Redman Hubert Lee B 30-Dec-1936 27-Sep-1936
Redman Izola May D 28-Jan-1978 16-Jul-1977
Redman John D 22-May-1876 22-May-1876
Redman Michael, Mrs D 26-Oct-1881 24-Oct-1881
Redman Patrick M 13-Apr-1875 13-Apr-1875
Redman Samuel D 30-Dec-1936
Redman Virginia Ruth M 30-Dec-1935 5-Aug-1935
Redman Wilma D 29-Jan-1973 17-Sep-1972
Redman Wilma Holcomb D 18-Sep-1972
Redmon Biven M 30-Dec-1939 1-Apr-1939
Redmon Lynn Edwin D 30-Dec-1999 28-Dec-1999
Redmon Norma Jean B 29-Dec-1938 20-Jun-1938
Redmond Bertie L M 30-Dec-1946 30-May-1946
Redmond Catherine D 12-Mar-1888 11-Mar-1888
Redmond Destini Nicole B 2-Oct-2007 p7a 1-Oct-2007
Redmond Jimmie Charles M 30-Dec-1966 30-Jul-1966
Redmond John D 14-apr-1876
Redmond Patrick D 17-Jun-1864
Redmond Warren H M 29-Dec-1961 17-Mar-1961
Redmour Wanda Joan D 8-May-1998 19-Apr-1998
Redpath Thomas M 29-Oct-1876 28-Oct-1876
Ree Morris, Rev D 15-Feb-1875 6-Feb-1875
Reece David M 17-Nov-1860 11-Nov-1860
Reece Edna M M 30-Dec-1916 29-Apr-1916
Reece Fannie D 29-Oct-1864 20-Oct-1864
Reece Florence Hoefflin D 18-Jan-1986 11-Oct-1985
Reece Henry D 13-Jan-1865 6-Jan-1865
Reece Ivan D 18-Jan-1986 7-Dec-1985
Reece NL, Mrs D 31-Dec-1883 30-Dec-1883
Reece Susan D 7-Jun-1867
Reece Vera L D 22-Oct-1996 21-Oct-1996
Reed Aaron Paul B 28-Jan-1984 24-Sep-1983
Reed Abbie M 20-Oct-1866 15-Oct-1866
Reed Ada Laura D 5-Sep-2002 2-Sep-2002
Reed Ada Laura D 25-Jan-2003 2-Sep-2002
Reed Albert D 30-Dec-1939 25-Jan-1939
Reed Alexis Lynn B 5-Aug-1997 30-Jul-1997
Reed Alexis Lynn B 24-Jan-1998 30-Jul-1997
Reed Alice H M 22-Nov-1865 21-Nov-1865
Reed Alice I D 12-Jul-1897 11-Jul-1897
Reed Alicia Marie M 31-Jan-2004 20-Dec-2003
Reed Allen D 30-Dec-1947 11-Jun-1947
Reed Allen D M 28-Jan-1984 5-Aug-1983
Reed Allen DeWayne B 29-Dec-1962 16-Apr-1962
Reed Anita E D 31-Jan-1981 6-Jan-1980
Reed Anita Louise B 30-Dec-1965 18-Aug-1965
Reed Anita Louise M 17-Jan-1987 26-Nov-1986
Reed Anita Louise M 30-Jan-2007 31-Oct-2006
Reed Ann Irene D 28-Jan-2006 21-Nov-2005
Reed Annabel L D 28-Jan-1995 12-Oct-1994
Reed Arnold L D 21-May-1997 20-May-1997
Reed Arnold Leroy M 30-Dec-1939 17-Aug-1939
Reed Art W Mrs D 1-Jan-1908 20-Nov-1907
Reed Art W, Mrs D 1-Jan-1908 20-Nov-1907
Reed Beatrice Irene D 14-Jul-1997 12-Jul-1997
Reed Beatrice Irene D 24-Jan-1998 12-Jul-1997
Reed Bertha A D 16-Dec-1995 16-Dec-1995
Reed Bertha M D 31-Dec-1931 31-Aug-1931
Reed Bertha Verlee (Ashby) D 2-Jul-2007 30-Jun-2007
Reed Betty Jean D 21-Sep-2002 8-Sep-2002
Reed Betty Lee B 28-Dec-1945 19-Aug-1945
Reed Betty Lee M 30-Dec-1968 11-May-1968
Reed Betty R D 9-Mar-1995 8-Mar-1995
Reed Beverly Ann B 28-Dec-1945 20-Mar-1945
Reed Beverly Darlene B 29-Dec-1950 16-Mar-1950
Reed Bradley Edward B 30-Dec-1964 27-Jun-1964
Reed Brian Kent B 29-Dec-1961 6-May-1961
Reed Brigham M 11-Dec-1865
Reed Carol Marie B 28-Dec-1951 10-Dec-1951
Reed Caroline K M 28-Jan-1984 25-Jun-1983
Reed Carrie Opal D 1-Aug-1898 29-Jul-1893
Reed Chance Michael B 24-Jan-1996 17-Jan-1996
Reed Chandler Heath B 29-Jan-2005 24-Sep-2004
Reed Charles D 1-Jan-1908 25-Aug-1907
Reed Charles M 30-Dec-1939 20-Sep-1939
Reed Charles D 1-Jan-1908 25-Aug-1907
Reed Charles (Infant Twin) D 1-Jan-1913 24-Jan-1912
Reed Charles E D 30-Dec-1948 6-Mar-1948
Reed Charles Wayne B 30-Dec-1935 25-Apr-1935
Reed Chelsea Gail B 18-Jan-1986 24-Sep-1985
Reed Clair M 30-Dec-1952 29-Jan-1952
Reed Clair E D 30-Dec-1964 28-Feb-1964
Reed Claire B 29-Dec-1934 3-Dec-1934
Reed Clarence Leroy B 28-Dec-1945 15-May-1945
Reed Clarence Leroy D 30-Dec-1960 29-Mar-1960
Reed Clayton laVerne B 30-Dec-1949 7-Feb-1949
Reed Clayton LaVerne M 29-Dec-1967 25-Mar-1967
Reed Cleda Johnson D 22-Apr-1999 20-Sep-1999
Reed Clifford F D 28-Jan-1979
Reed Cornelia R M 9-Nov-1868 8-Nov-1868
Reed Dale Clayton M 30-Dec-1946 3-Jul-1946
Reed Dana Renee M 28-Jan-1995 5-Feb-1994
Reed Daniel Clinton B 30-Dec-1965 26-Apr-1965
Reed Daniel Clinton M 26-Jan-1991 22-Sep-1990
Reed Danny Dwight B 30-Dec-1946 5-Aug-1946
Reed Danny P M 28-Jan-1978 22-Oct-1977
Reed Daughter B 31-Dec-1930 2-Apr-1930
Reed Daughter B 29-Dec-1938 5-Dec-1938
Reed Dave D 30-Dec-1946 24-Oct-1946
Reed David H M 31-Jan-1981 9-Feb-1980
Reed David Howard B 30-Dec-1947 29-Jun-1947
Reed David Howard B 29 Feb 1947
Reed David L M 28-Jan-1979
Reed David Sean B 30-Dec-1968 21-Aug-1968
Reed David Sean M 23-Jan-1992 23-Feb-1991
Reed Debra L M 29-Jan-1983 14-May-1982
Reed Debra Lynne B 30-Dec-1955 19-Jul-1955
Reed Dee Ann B 30-Dec-1943 28-Aug-1943
Reed Delphine D 15-Apr-1994 14-Apr-1994
Reed Dennis DeWayne B 30-Dec-1969 11-Sep-1969
Reed Derek Clinton B 6-Jul-1995 13-Jun-1995
Reed Donald Eliza D 29-Jan-1994 26-Apr-1993
Reed Donald Roy M 29-Dec-1967 21-Oct-1967
Reed Doris I M 30-Dec-1941 14-Feb-1941
Reed Doris Isabelle D 15-Oct-2007 13-Oct-2007
Reed Dyanna K M 30-Jan-1982 10-Jul-1981
Reed Ed E D 30-Dec-1954 8-Sep-1954
Reed Edna Pearl B 30-Dec-1947 17-Mar-1947
Reed Edward M 20-Dec-1906 6-Jun-1906
Reed Edward Charles B 30-Dec-1940 5-Dec-1940
Reed Elizabeth D 3-Mar-1903 1-Mar-1903
Reed Elizabeth E D 30-Dec-1933 20-Dec-1933
Reed Elizabeth June B 15-Jan-1996 13-Jan-1996
Reed Ella M 16-Aug-1878 12-Aug-1878
Reed Ella I M 16-Feb-1882 8-Feb-1882
Reed Elmer E D 29-Dec-1967 6-Sep-1967
Reed Elza L D 31-Jul-2002 31-Jul-2002
Reed Elza Laverne D 25-Jan-2003 30-Jul-2002
Reed Emma Lenzen B 23-Jun-2001 25-May-2001
Reed Enos H M 1-May-1868 30-Apr-1868
Reed Eric Robert M 15-Feb-1975 11-Dec-1974
Reed Evalyn D 20-apr-1891
Reed Frances Lucille B 30-Dec-1937 26-Jul-1937
Reed Frank D 6-Jun-1865 3-Jun-1865
Reed Fred D 28-Dec-1951 30-Oct-1951
Reed Fred D 3-Sep-1997 2-Sep-1997
Reed Fred D 24-Jan-1998 2-Sep-1997
Reed Fred M 6-Jul-1895 2-Jul-1895
Reed Fred Ervin B 29-Dec-1934 25-Jul-1934
Reed Fred Ervin D 30-Dec-1969 16-Aug-1969
Reed Fred Ervin M 20-Feb-1928 19-Feb-1928
Reed G Raymond D 30-Dec-1954 29-Apr-1954
Reed Garry Wayne B 30-Dec-1936
Reed Gary Eugene M 29-Dec-1962 9-May-1962
Reed Geneva M 6-Oct-1882 4-Oct-1882
Reed Genevieve R D 28-Dec-2001 27-Dec-2001
Reed Georgie Alvena B 30-Dec-1941 10-Apr-1941
Reed Gerald Wayne B 30-Dec-1937 28-Jan-1937
Reed Gerald Wayne D 30-Dec-1940 11-Jan-1940
Reed Gertrude M D 30-Dec-1964 20-Sep-1964
Reed Gertrude M M 28-Dec-1945 22-Nov-1945
Reed Gilbert N D 29-Jan-1973 15-Nov-1972
Reed Girl B 31-Dec-1929 7-Sep-1929
Reed Glen E M 30-Dec-1935 10-Sep-1935
Reed Gloria A M 18-Jan-1986 8-Feb-1985
Reed Grace M 30-Dec-1936 18-Dec-1936
Reed Hannah M 17-May-1844 5-May-1844
Reed Harriett Elaine M 30-Dec-1957 16-Feb-1957
Reed Harry Paul D 30-Dec-1963 8-Sep-1963
Reed Hiram B M 6-Mar-1872 6-Mar-1872
Reed Hugh D 24-Nov-1904 26-Apr-1904
Reed Ille Deatte B 29-Dec-1938 2-Sep-1938
Reed Infant Son D 29-Dec-1882
Reed Irene D 22-Jul-2004
Reed Irene Beverlin D 29-Jan-2005 20-Jul-2004
Reed Jack Nathan B 30-Dec-1932 4-Nov-1932
Reed Jackie M 22-Nov-1972
Reed Jacob Porter B 23-Jan-1988 9-Feb-1987
Reed Jacob, Mrs D 4-Feb-1901 3-Feb-1901
Reed Jacqueline Ruth B 30-Dec-1952 16-Jun-1952
Reed Janice M M 30-Dec-1953 9-Oct-1953
Reed JB D 15-Jun-1896 13-Jun-1896
Reed Jeff M 12-Jul-2000 27-May-2000
Reed Jeffrey C M 30-Jan-1982 20-Jun-1981
Reed Jennifer Jayne B 30-Dec-1963 20-Jan-1963
Reed Jill A M 28-Jan-1979
Reed Jodie Lynn M 29-Jan-1994 21-Jun-1993
Reed John D M 30-Dec-1916 29-May-1916
Reed John H M 21-Dec-1905 28-Jun-1905
Reed John T D 20-Dec-1894 19-Dec-1894
Reed Josiah S D 30-Dec-1947 21-May-1947
Reed Joyce A M 28-Jan-1979
Reed Joyce A M 18-Jan-1986 27-Apr-1985
Reed Joyce A M 30-Dec-1957 1-Jun-1957
Reed Joyce Ann B 30-Dec-1939 18-Nov-1939
Reed Judy Elaine B 30-Dec-1948 28-Mar-1948
Reed Julia D 30-Dec-1954 23-Feb-1954
Reed Julie Ruth B 29-Dec-1962 4-Oct-1962
Reed Julius Emil B 30-Dec-1955 6-May-1955
Reed Karen Jo B 30-Dec-1937 24-Oct-1937
Reed Karl John M 28-Jan-2006 22-Feb-2005
Reed Kathryn Esther D 15-Feb-1975 30-Dec-1974
Reed Kayleen Sue B 28-Dec-1951 1-Sep-1951
Reed Kileigh Marie B 27-Jan-2000 25-Apr-2000
Reed Kileigh Marie B 28-Apr-2000 25-Apr-2000
Reed Kolby Robert B 16-Nov-1996 10-Nov-1996
Reed Kraig M 11-Dec-2002 17-Aug-2002
Reed Kraig Thomas B 28-Jan-1979
Reed Larry L D 20-Dec-2000 18-Dec-2000
Reed Laura Elaine M 29-Jan-2000 3-Jul-1999
Reed LaVerne M 29-Dec-1938 24-Dec-1938
Reed Lemuel M 29-Feb-1876 26-Feb-1876
Reed Leonidas V M 6-May-1875 6-May-1875
Reed Linda K M 19-Jan-1985 29-Jun-1984
Reed Linda Kay M 31-Jan-1976 21-Jun-1975
Reed Linda Roberta B 30-Dec-1954 5-Dec-1953
Reed Lindsey J B 19-Jan-1985 19-Mar-1984
Reed Lizzie M 27-Feb-1884 26-Feb-1884
Reed Lorena D 12-Jan-1900 11-Jan-1900
Reed Lory ann B 29-Dec-1962 24-Aug-1962
Reed Lory Ann M 29-Jan-1994 24-Aug-1993
Reed Louisa M 16-Dec-1909 21-Jul-1909
Reed Louisa M M 8-Dec-1875
Reed Lovia D 31-Jan-1976 25-Jul-1975
Reed Lucille Virginia D 20-Nov-2000 18-Nov-2000
Reed Lucinda Kay B 30-Dec-1952 23-Aug-1952
Reed Lucy D 30-Dec-1936
Reed Lyle H M 29-Dec-1938 27-Sep-1938
Reed Mabel Catterson D 30-Dec-1947 12-Sep-1947
Reed Marcia Ann B 30-Dec-1949 15-Jun-1949
Reed Margaret Louise D 30-Dec-1936
Reed Maria, Mrs M 29-apr-1880
Reed Marion Robert, Jr B 30-Dec-1957 31-Jan-1957
Reed Marjorie Ann B 30-Dec-1946 22-Jun-1946
Reed Martha A D 29-Jan-2005 9-Dec-2004
Reed Martha Elizabeth D 30-Dec-1932 27-Nov-1932
Reed Martha J M 16-Nov-1882 14-Nov-1882
Reed Mary D 29-Dec-1950 20-Nov-1950
Reed Mary D 2-Apr-1889 28-Mar-1889
Reed Mary A D 30-Dec-1940 10-Nov-1940
Reed Mary E M 8-Mar-1889 7-Mar-1889
Reed Mary Eileen B 28-Dec-1951 8-May-1951
Reed Mary Elizabeth B 28-Dec-1945 28-Nov-1945
Reed Mary Elizabeth D 30-Dec-1941 6-Jul-1941
Reed Mary Ellen B 30-Dec-1939 6-Jun-1939
Reed Mary Ida D 10-Jul-2007 8-Jul-2007
Reed Mary Olive D 22-Jan-1972 8-May-1971
Reed mary Sue B 29-Dec-1950 14-Aug-1950
Reed Matilda M 29-Aug-1867 29-Aug-1867
Reed Maud G M 14-Jan-1903 14-Jan-1903
Reed Maurice D 30-Apr-2007 29-Apr-2007
Reed Melinda Sue B 29-Jan-1973 9-May-1972
Reed Meredith D 31-Jan-1976 13-Aug-1975
Reed Merlyn E D 30-Jan-1982 21-Jan-1981
Reed Michael L M 26-Jan-1980 17-Nov-1979
Reed Michael L M 26-Jan-1980 17-Nov-1979
Reed Michael Leland D 23-Jan-1992 28-Oct-1991
Reed Michael Wayne B 30-Dec-1946 23-Oct-1946
Reed Michelle K M 26-Jan-1980 10-Nov-1979
Reed Michelle K M 26-Jan-1980 10-Nov-1979
Reed Michelle Renee M 26-Jan-1991 20-Oct-1990
Reed Mildred M 30-Dec-1941 25-Jan-1941
Reed Mildred E D 15-Jan-2003 14-Jan-2003
Reed Mildred G D 15-Sep-1997 13-Sep-1997
Reed Monica B 29-Dec-1967 8-Sep-1967
Reed Monica Lynn M 29-Jan-1994 26-Mar-1993
Reed NA, Jr M 4-Nov-1874 3-Nov-1874
Reed Nancy M 21-Apr-1896 15-Apr-1896
Reed Nancy Ann B 28-Dec-1945 18-Feb-1945
Reed Nancy E M 28-Jan-1978 11-Jun-1977
Reed Nancy Elizabeth B 30-Dec-1955 30-Mar-1955
Reed Nancy J M 26-Dec-1867 25-dec-1867
Reed Nancy L M 29-Dec-1956 8-Sep-1956
Reed Nancy Lee B 30-Dec-1940 15-Feb-1940
Reed Nina I D 24-May-1994 23-May-1994
Reed Nina Lucille D 28-Jan-1995 23-May-1994
Reed Oscar A D 30-Dec-1943 16-Mar-1943
Reed Oscar Amos M 16-Dec-1909 12-Oct-1909
Reed Otis C M 30-Dec-1936 21-Nov-1936
Reed Otis Chaney D 29-Dec-1938 6-Sep-1938
Reed Otis Gideon M 30-Dec-1964 27-Oct-1964
Reed Pamela Kay M 26-Jan-1991 27-Jul-1990
Reed Patricia J M 28-Jan-1978 22-Jan-1977
Reed Patricia Joanne B 29-Jan-1973 27-Jun-1972
Reed Patricia Joanne M 26-Jan-1991 2-Jun-1990
Reed Patty J M 28-Jan-1984 25-Jul-1983
Reed Paul A M 30-Dec-1939 25-Feb-1939
Reed Paul Lee B 29-Dec-1938 20-Mar-1938
Reed Perry D 29-Dec-1934 19-Jun-1934
Reed Phoebe Blake D 30-Dec-1953 3-Mar-1953
Reed Rhonda Rnee B 30-Dec-1969 2-May-1969
Reed Richard F M 30-Dec-1953 28-Feb-1953
Reed Richard Francis B 30-Dec-1935 5-Sep-1935
Reed Richard Francis D 30-Dec-1966 5-Feb-1966
Reed Richard G D 29-Jan-2005 26-Oct-2004
Reed Richard Gale B 30-Dec-1954 3-Oct-1954
Reed Rickey J M 28-Jan-1984 9-May-1983
Reed Robbie Wayne B 30-Dec-1969 2-May-1969
Reed Robert Eugene B 30-Dec-1953 13-Aug-1953
Reed Robert J D 23-Jan-1988 17-Feb-1987
Reed Robert L M 29-Dec-1956 20-Oct-1956
Reed Rodney Allen B 30-Dec-1957 24-Jul-1957
Reed Ronald Allen B 30-Dec-1965 18-Feb-1965
Reed Ronald Allen M 29-Jan-1994 10-May-1993
Reed Royd R D 29-Jan-1973 12-Jun-1972
Reed Ruby A D 4-Jul-1996 3-Jul-1996
Reed Ruby A Lawrence D 3-Jul-1996
Reed Russell D 18-Jan-1986 20-Feb-1985
Reed Ruth Roberta M 30-Dec-1946 7-Mar-1946
Reed Samuel Perry M 5-Feb-1864 4-Dec-1863
Reed Sandra J M 30-Jan-1982 14-Mar-1981
Reed Sandra Jean B 30-Dec-1953 28-Aug-1953
Reed Sarah F D 30-Dec-1937 28-Feb-1937
Reed SB, Mrs D 12-Aug-1896 10-Aug-1896
Reed Sharol Lyn B 30-Dec-1943 7-Jun-1943
Reed Shawn David B 30-Jan-1982 16-Mar-1981
Reed Sherry Ann B 29-Dec-1967 8-Apr-1967
Reed Sherry Ann M 26-Jan-1991 20-Jan-1990
Reed Sherry Lee Margaret M 30-Jan-1993 14-Aug-1992
Reed Shirley Jean B 30-Dec-1933 5-Nov-1933
Reed Silvin Lawrance Jr M 23-Jan-1992 6-Sep-1991
Reed Son B 30-Dec-1947 17-Dec-1947
Reed Son B 29-Jan-1973 19-Jul-1972
Reed Steven Keith B 30-Dec-1952 8-Mar-1952
Reed Susan Carson D 17-Dec-1908 30-Jul-1908
Reed Susan Marie B 22-Jan-1972 16-Dec-1971
Reed Susan Marie M 23-Jan-1999 26-May-1998
Reed Sylvester M M 2-Mar-1876 2-Mar-1876
Reed Teagan May B 1-Sep-2007 p5a 23-Aug-2007
Reed Teresa Kay M 30-Jan-1993 23-Nov-1992
Reed Thelma M M 29-Dec-1967 9-Sep-1967
Reed Thomas Robert D 29-Dec-1944 21-Jan-1944
Reed Thomas W M 30-Dec-1940 1-Jun-1940
Reed Thos N M 7-Feb-1885 7-Feb-1885
Reed Tiffany Renee B 30-Jan-1982 10-Apr-1981
Reed Tina L M 28-Jan-1984 27-Aug-1983
Reed Tracy Ann M 28-Jan-2006 24-May-2005
Reed Travis Lee B 17-Jan-1987 12-Apr-1986
Reed Treadrick D 19-Dec-2006 16-Dec-2006
Reed Uriel R D 17-Jan-1987 20-Oct-1986
Reed Uriel Russel M 15-Feb-1975 16-Mar-1974
Reed Victoria Renee B 25-Nov-1999 3-Nov-1999
Reed Violetta M M 1-Jan-1912 8-Aug-1911
Reed Walter Clifford D 30-Dec-1965 8-Mar-1965
Reed Wayne D 18-Nov-1998 18-Nov-1998
Reed Wayne E D 23-Jan-1999 18-Nov-1998
Reed William D 31-Dec-1889 17-May-1889
Reed William Delena D 30-Dec-1964 24-Jan-1964
Reed Zachary Daniel B 2-Dec-1997 24-Nov-1997
Reed Zane Austin B 16-Feb-2005 2-Feb-2005
Reed Zane Austin B 28-Jan-2006 2-Feb-2005
Reed Zelma (Hathaway) D 25-Aug-2008 22-Aug-2008
Reed Arthur E D 30-Dec-1952 30-Apr-1952
Reed Danny Paul B 30-Dec-1955 19-Jan-1955
Reed Donald R D 28-Dec-1945 4-Oct-1945
Reed Shirley M 30-Dec-1952 4-Oct-1952
Reed Silvin L Sr D 26-Jan-1991 19-Aug-1990
Reed Blaine D M 30-Dec-1940 9-Sep-1940
Reed Fred Jr D 30-Dec-1954 4-Apr-1954
Reeder Almira L, Mrs M 28-Aug-1865 26-Aug-1865
Reeder Elizabeth A M 6-Oct-1863 3-Oct-1863
Reeder Esther B M 31-Oct-1890 23-Oct-1890
Reeder Frederick L D 31-Jan-1902 31-Jan-1902
Reeder Geo M, Dr D 7-Jun-1876
Reeder Geo, Dr D 30-Jun-1862 29-Jun-1862
Reeder George M 30-Dec-1886
Reeder Gladys D 24-Dec-2007 22-Dec-2007
Reeder Gladys (Wells) D 26-Dec-2007 22-Dec-2007
Reeder Hezckiah D 2-Dec-1880
Reeder Maggie J M 6-Feb-1879 5-Feb-1879
Reeder Mary E M 30-Dec-1940 23-Jul-1940
Reeder Michael Lynn M 17-Jan-1987 31-May-1986
Reeder Minnie M 23-Jan-1895
Reeder Mrs D 11-Feb-1901 10-Feb-1901
Reeder Nellie O M 28-Oct-1880 27-Oct-1880
Reeder Ralph M 29-Dec-1950 31-Mar-1950
Reeder Rebecca Jane D 30-Dec-1936
Reeder William Herron D 1-Jan-1912 24-Jan-1911
Reedy Bessie Ellen M 30-Dec-1939 5-Jun-1939
Reedy Gail A Sr D 26-Jan-1991 23-Mar-1990
Reedy Gail E Jr M 29-Dec-1962 20-May-1962
Reedy Gary Wayne B 29-Dec-1944 20-Nov-1944
Reedy George Ernest D 30-Dec-1954 2-Dec-1954
Reedy Michael Wayne B 30-Dec-1949 10-Aug-1949
Reedy Vickie Illene B 30-Dec-1947 17-Jun-1947
Reedy Walter C "Chant" D 30-Dec-1954 10-Jan-1954
Reell Rickie Joe B 30-Dec-1953 9-May-1953
Reep Anna D M 3-Jun-1890
Rees Carole Jean B 29-Dec-1944 7-Feb-1944
Rees Cheryl Ann B 29-Dec-1944 7-Feb-1944
Rees David Rowland D 13-Mar-1985
Rees Effie Edna Twinman D 30-Dec-1937 29-Apr-1937
Rees Evan Morgan D 9-Jul-1996 7-Jul-1996
Rees Henry L D 22-Feb-1985
Rees John A D 13-Sep-1899 7-Sep-1899
Rees John Humphreys D 30-Dec-1963 6-Jun-1963
Rees Margaret D 28-Dec-1945 21-Apr-1945
Rees Ruth D 15-Dec-1984 14-Dec-1984
Rees Sherry D 15-Jun-2000 14-Jun-2000
Rees Thomas Carlyle D 22-Mar-1997 19-Mar-1997
Rees Tony Gregg B 30-Dec-1948 6-Jun-1948
Rees Viola Kay M 30-Dec-1966 26-Feb-1966
Rees John Kenneth D 30-Dec-1942 24-Apr-1942
Reese Anna B M 12-Sep-1878 11-Sep-1878
Reese Daughter B 29-Jan-1973 2-Jun-1972
Reese Fredia M 1-Jan-1912 27-Mar-1911
Reese Gerald Laverne M 25-Jan-2003 19-Jan-2002
Reese Harriet Elaine B 30-Dec-1941 5-May-1941
Reese James L, Mrs D 30-Dec-1955 6-May-1955
Reese John H D 29-Dec-1967 11-Mar-1967
Reese Lorena R D 15-Apr-1994 12-Apr-1994
Reese Mary E M 27-Dec-1869 24-Dec-1869
Reese Mary J M 18-Jan-1986 15-Sep-1985
Reese Mitchell Wesley M 26-Jan-2008 p2f 18-Apr-2007
Reese Scott Allen B 30-Dec-1966 12-Sep-1966
Reese Son B 29-Jan-1973 1-Jun-1972
Reese Stacy Lorena M 5-Aug-1996 27-Jul-1996
Reese Teri L M 23-Jan-1988 25-Jul-1987
Reese Walter W D 8-Feb-2008 6-Feb-2008
Reese Walter William M 22-Jan-1972 24-Apr-1971
Reeser William Charles D 30-Dec-1969 24-Mar-1969
Reesink Albert D 30-Dec-1955 24-Nov-1955
Reesink Anna Gertrude M 21-Feb-1899 15-Feb-1899
Reesink B Mrs D 1-Jan-1908 25-Mar-1907
Reesink B, Mrs D 1-Jan-1908 23-Mar-1907
Reesink Benjamin M 26-May-1882
Reesink Benjamin D 16-Jan-1929
Reesink Bernadina, Mrs M 29-Nov-1882 28-Nov-1882
Reesink Bessie B M 8-Dec-1910 16-May-1910
Reesink Carole Jeanne B 28-Dec-1945 31-Jan-1945
Reesink Carrie L M 26-Mar-1886 24-Mar-1886
Reesink Charles M 1-Dec-1883 28 Nov-1883
Reesink Charles H D 30-Dec-1937 22-Nov-1937
Reesink Diane Marie B 30-Dec-1942 18-Nov-1942
Reesink Donna Eileen B 30-Dec-1947 25-Feb-1947
Reesink Donna Eileen M 30-Dec-1968 18-Aug-1968
Reesink George W D 3-Mar-1890
Reesink George W M 30-Dec-1941 13-Mar-1941
Reesink George Wilbur D 16-Nov-1999 15-Nov-1999
Reesink George Wilbur D 29-Jan-2000 15-Nov-1999
Reesink Gertrude M 17-Dec-1908 21-Oct-1908
Reesink Girl B 31-Dec-1913 26-Feb-1913
Reesink GJ B 6-Jul-1883
Reesink GJ D 30-Jan-1899 29-Jan-1899
Reesink Hannah M 12-Mar-1866 9-Mar-1866
Reesink Jennie D 28-Dec-1951 19-Oct-1951
Reesink Jennie D 27-May-2008 23-May-2008
Reesink Jennie D 23-May-2008 27-May-2008
Reesink John H D 15-Apr-1865 14-Apr-1865
Reesink John Walter B 29-Dec-1950 30-Apr-1950
Reesink John William D 30-Dec-1947 11-Jun-1947
Reesink Kate G D 28-Dec-1945 10-Oct-1945
Reesink Mark Christopher M 31-Jan-2009 pg 7f 2-Aug-2008
Reesink Mary D 14-Jul-1920
Reesink Ray (Mrs) D 29-Dec-1956 21-Feb-1956
Reesink Raymond W D 29-Dec-1962 22-May-1962
Reesink Raymond W M 29-Dec-1934 22-Jul-1934
Reesink Walter M 30-Dec-1941 29-Oct-1941
Reesink Walter R D 29-Dec-1961 29-Jun-1961
Reesink William D 30-Dec-1969 17-Mar-1969
Reesink William M 1-Jan-1908 31-Dec-1907
Reesink William G M 26-Jan-1980 22-Dec-1979
Reesink William G M 26-Jan-1980 22-Dec-1979
Reeve Deborah Ruth D 5-May-2003 4-May-2003
Reeve Deborah Ruth D 31-Jan-2004 4-May-2003
Reeve Dorothy E M 30-Dec-1939 9-Oct-1939
Reeve Elizabeth Virginia M 29-Dec-1938 19-Feb-1938
Reeve Madeline Margurite M 30-Dec-1939 2-Jun-1939
Reeves Aaron M 29-Dec-1950 25-Mar-1950
Reeves Alexis Kaye B 28-Jan-2006 28-Jul-2005
Reeves Alice D 3-Feb-1996 28-Jan-1996
Reeves Alvin Arno D 30-Jan-1993 27-Nov-1992
Reeves Alvin Arnold M 29-Dec-1938 11-Oct-1938
Reeves Andrew Jackson D 31-Dec-1931 28-Nov-1931
Reeves Caitlin Ann B 16-Dec-2003 9-Dec-2003
Reeves Caitlin Ann B 31-Jan-2004 9-Dec-2003
Reeves Christine D 29-Jun-1998 28-Jun-1998
Reeves Christine Sue B 30-Dec-1965 23-Jul-1965
Reeves Christine Sue D 23-Jan-1999 28-Jun-1998
Reeves Clayton Robert Harry B 30-Dec-1935 24-Jul-1935
Reeves Clifton H M 30-Dec-1936 24-Aug-1936
Reeves Craig Allen B 30-Dec-1953 1-Jul-1953
Reeves Craig Allen M 31-Jan-1976 26-Apr-1975
Reeves Darrell Wayne B 30-Dec-1941 6-Jun-1941
Reeves Deanna Lynn M 25-Jan-2003 18-Jul-2002
Reeves Delores, Tudy D 23-Jan-1988 10-Jun-1987
Reeves Dennis L M 29-Jan-1983 29-Oct-1982
Reeves Dennis Lee B 30-Dec-1946 7-May-1946
Reeves Dorothy M 29-Dec-1950 11-Feb-1950
Reeves Dorothy M D 29-Jan-2000 17-Mar-1999
Reeves Dottie Ann B 30-Dec-1968 6-Jul-1968
Reeves Dottie Ann M 29-Jan-2005 5-Jun-2004
Reeves Dottie Ann M 23-Jun-2004
Reeves Elizabeth D 16-Dec-2006 15-Dec-2006
Reeves Ella M 2-Sep-1873 31-Aug-1873
Reeves Ellen M 1-Jan-1908 30-Dec-1907
Reeves Elmer C M 10-Mar-1900 9-Mar-1900
Reeves Elmer C M 31-Dec-1913 26-Aug-1913
Reeves Emma M 17-Dec-1908 3-Feb-1908
Reeves Ernest D 30-Dec-1957 29-Sep-1957
Reeves Eulalia M 6-Jun-1888 6-Jun-1888
Reeves Fannie M D 30-Dec-1941 15-Apr-1941
Reeves Faye D 30-Dec-1969 19-Jul-1969
Reeves Floyd D 13-Nov-1984 12-Nov-1984
Reeves Floyd E M 7-Sep-1920
Reeves Frances LeRoy D 30-Dec-1966 10-Jul-1966
Reeves Francis L M 21-Dec-1905 22-Feb-1905
Reeves Gary Lane B 30-Dec-1953 21-Jan-1953
Reeves Girl B 3-Jan-1901
Reeves Grace M 17-Dec-1908 1-Apr-1908
Reeves Gregory James D 29-Jan-1973 15-Jun-1972
Reeves Harold R Jr D 23-Jan-1999 26-Apr-1998
Reeves Harold R, Jr D 27-Apr-1998 26-Apr-1998
Reeves Harold Richard B 30-Dec-1948 29-Sep-1948
Reeves Harold Richard M 30-Dec-1968 29-Jul-1968
Reeves Harry Emmet D 21-Nov-1878 21-Nov-1878
Reeves Harry L D 30-Dec-1952 10-May-1952
Reeves Harry L M 21-Dec-1905 3-May-1905
Reeves Holly LeAnn B 17-Jan-1987 15-Dec-1986
Reeves Ivy B 18-Dec-1884
Reeves Jackie Lee B 30-Dec-1968 23-Aug-1968
Reeves Jacob Ernest M 26-Jan-2002 31-Oct-2001
Reeves John Wilbert D 5-Jul-1920
Reeves Judith Madeliene B 30-Dec-1936 28-Sep-1936
Reeves Katherine Elizabeth B 29-Dec-1950 1-Sep-1950
Reeves Katherine Elizabeth M 15-Feb-1975 26-Jan-1974
Reeves Leslie Jane M 25-Jan-2003 31-Aug-2002
Reeves Linda Sue M 17-Jan-1987 7-Nov-1986
Reeves Louis D 19-Apr-1882
Reeves Lydia Erilla M 5-Oct-1899 4-Oct-1899
Reeves Mae D 31-Jan-1981 24-Nov-1980
Reeves Mark E M 28-Jan-1978 1-Jul-1977
Reeves Michael M 23-Jan-1999 20-Nov-1998
Reeves Michael David B 28-Dec-1945 5-Dec-1945
Reeves Michael L M 28-Jan-1978 14-May-1977
Reeves Michael L M 18-Jan-1986 29-Mar-1985
Reeves Michael LeRoy B 30-Dec-1965 14-Feb-1965
Reeves Michael Lynn B 30-Dec-1955 3-Feb-1955
Reeves Myrtle Edith D 27-Jan-2000 20-Feb-2000
Reeves Myrtle Edith D 21-Feb-2000 20-Feb-2000
Reeves Nina P M 1-Jan-1913 16-Oct-1912
Reeves Ollie D 16-Aug-1898
Reeves Orville L D 18-Jan-1986 1-Jul-1985
Reeves Orville L M 30-Dec-1939 26-Feb-1939
Reeves Otho M 8-Feb-1902 6-Feb-1902
Reeves Sandra Marie B 30-Dec-1966 29-Mar-1966
Reeves Sandra Marie M 17-Jan-1987 30-May-1986
Reeves Scott Wayne B 29-Dec-1962 30-Jun-1962
Reeves Scott Wayne M 17-Jan-1987 3-Jul-1986
Reeves Shawna M 27-Nov-1996 25-Nov-1996
Reeves Sherry Ann B 30-Dec-1948 13-Jun-1948
Reeves Sherry Ann M 29-Dec-1967 2-Apr-1967
Reeves Steven E M 18-Jan-1986 26-Oct-1985
Reeves Steven Ernest M 31-Jan-1976 28-Jun-1975
Reeves Steven Wayne M 26-Jan-2002 15-Sep-2001
Reeves Susie D 30-Dec-1953 13-Mar-1953
Reeves Sylvia Irene D 30-Oct-1996
Reeves Terry Lee Harvey B 30-Dec-1940 10-Oct-1940
Reeves Thomas Louis D 30-Dec-1955 3-Apr-1955
Reeves Twins B 19-Feb-1891
Reeves Van D 30-Jan-1903
Reeves Van Meter D 30-Dec-1965 17-May-1965
Reeves Van V D 26-Apr-1872 25-Apr-1872
Reeves William Mrs D 20-Dec-1906 22-Nov-1906
Reeves William Rale D 22-Jan-1972 19-Oct-1971
Reeves Steven Ernest B 28-Dec-1951 27-Dec-1951
Reff James K M 28-Jan-1978 28-May-1977
Reffett Sid Shannon D 20-Mar-2004 17-Mar-2004
Regalado Ivan Negrete B 26-Jan-2002 9-Jul-2001
Regan Benjamin D 30-Dec-1939 28-Oct-1939
Regan Daughter B 3-Sep-1883 6-Sep-1883
Regan Mary D 29-Dec-1891 29-Dec-1891
Regan Wm A M 30-Dec-1916 17-Mar-1916
Regarty Shawna Kay M 17-Jan-1987 14-Jun-1986
Regenetter Verda D 3-Nov-1998 2-Nov-1998
Regenitter George Eugene M 15-Feb-1975 30-Nov-1974
Regenitter Lysle Aubrey B 30-Dec-1949 26-Mar-1949
Regenitter Rick Eric B 29-Dec-1967 19-Sep-1967
Regennitter Allen George D 6-Oct-1997 4-Oct-1997
Regennitter Bertha Sophia D 28-Jan-2006 26-Feb-2005
Regennitter Bryan M 26-Nov-2003 28-Jun-2003
Regennitter Bryan Robert M 31-Jan-2004 28-Jun-2003
Regennitter Creighton Lee Gerald B 18-Feb-2003 21-Jan-2003
Regennitter Creighton Lee Gerald B 31-Jan-2004 21-Jan-2003
Regennitter Dorothy D 21-Jan-2002 18-Jan-2002
Regennitter Erika Ann B 18-Jan-1986 12-Jan-1985
Regennitter Erma Joyce D 11-Apr-2002 9-Apr-2002
Regennitter George Eugene B 30-Dec-1952 5-Dec-1952
Regennitter George Eugene M 17-Jan-1987 19-Jul-1986
Regennitter Jerry D 2-Dec-2008 1-Dec-2008
Regennitter Karen Fae B 30-Dec-1947 7-Jan-1947
Regennitter Kenneth Roy D 28-Jan-2006 30-Mar-2005
Regennitter Kevin L M 23-Jan-1988 7-Nov-1987
Regennitter Kim A M 28-Jan-1984 9-Apr-1983
Regennitter Leo Josef B 4-Feb-2008 p5a 2-Dec-2009
Regennitter Louie H D 30-Dec-1957 7-Feb-1957
Regennitter Mae (Mohr) D 26-Dec-2007 22-Dec-2007
Regennitter Marilyn Arlene B 29-Dec-1934 16-Jul-1934
Regennitter Misty Ann B 3-Sep-1997 27-Aug-1997
Regennitter Nathan Eugene M 25-Jan-2003 14-Sep-2002
Regennitter Norman D D 27-Sep-2003 25-Sep-2003
Regennitter Roger Leroy M 30-Dec-1965 12-Jun-1965
Regennitter Shane River B 17-Jan-1987 27-Jun-1986
Regennitter Vernon J D 18-Mar-2000 16-Mar-2000
Regenos Mark Anthony M 25-Jan-2003 31-Oct-2002
Regenos Teresa M D 18-Oct-2003 16-Oct-2003
Regenos Teresa May D 31-Jan-2004 16-Oct-2003
Reger Chris D 19-Aug-1901 16-Aug-1901
Reger Christine M 23-Jan-1888
Reger Frieda I D 18-Jan-1986 16-Apr-1985
Reger Gary Wayne B 30-Dec-1948 17-Mar-1948
Reger Girl B 31-Dec-1889 18-Dec-1889
Reger Jacob M 28-Sep-1895 25-Sep-1895
Reger Joseph M 21-Jun-1900 20-Jun-1900
Reger Louis C M 31-Dec-1913 2-Sep-1913
Reger William J M 30-Dec-1939 21-Apr-1939
Reggle Ila M 30-Dec-1952 12-Nov-1952
Reginitter Ernest E D 2-Apr-1985
Reginnitter Lovell M M 30-Dec-1942 18-Jul-1942
Reginnitter Misty Ann B 24-Jan-1998 27-Aug-1997
Regner Mary D 30-Apr-1984 24-Apr-1984
Regnier Charles Francis D 30-Dec-1942 20-Jan-1942
Regnier Louis D 30-Dec-1933 10-Sep-1933
Reha Adeline D 4-Aug-2003 3-Aug-2003
Reha Joe M 4-Feb-1902
Rehbehm Charles F D 29-Dec-1938 25-Apr-1938
Rehbehn Emma Dorothy D 30-Dec-1966 18-Apr-1966
Rehbehn Faith Anita M 29-Dec-1950 8-Oct-1950
Rehbehn George Mrs D 30-Dec-1954 8-Feb-1954
Rehbehn Grace D 17-Jan-1987 15-Apr-1986
Rehbehn Henning D 30-Dec-1916 1-Jan-1916
Rehbehn Henning C D 29-Dec-1956 1-Jan-1956
Rehbehn Herman P H M 21-Dec-1905 16-Feb-1905
Rehbehn Herman P H D 30-Dec-1954 11-Nov-1954
Rehbehn John W D 23-Jan-1992 10-Oct-1991
Rehbehn Julius J D 30-Dec-1954 18-May-1954
Rehbehn Linda Lou B 30-Dec-1943 18-Dec-1943
Rehbehn Michael L M 29-Dec-1962 18-Feb-1962
Rehbehn Michael Lee B 30-Dec-1941 25-Jun-1941
Rehbehn Nora M 1-Jan-1908 4-Dec-1907
Rehbein David Wayne B 30-Dec-1952 17-Apr-1952
Rehbein Helen M 21-Dec-1905 7-Nov-1905
Rehbein Mary Louisa D 30-Dec-1965 29-Nov-1965
Rehbein Richard Dean B 29-Dec-1950 25-Sep-1950
Rehbein Rose D 29-Dec-1876 28-Dec-1876
Rehder Elfrieda M M 30-Dec-1940 10-Dec-1940
Rehfuss Paulette M 29-Jan-1973 19-Jun-1972
Rehmel Amelia D 30-Dec-1941 6-Jul-1941
Rehmel Glen M 14-Nov-1899
Rehmel Hugh Everett D 30-Dec-1942 1-Oct-1942
Rehmel Jesse U D 30-Dec-1955 2-Apr-1955
Rehmke Robert T D 21-Jan-2004 19-Jan-2004
Rehn Teresa Ann B 30-Dec-1966 21-Apr-1966
Rehr Louis M 5-Apr-1920
Rehr Rosa S D 26-Jan-1980 12-Feb-1979
Rehwaldt Helen (Welch) D 29-Feb-2008 28-Feb-2008
Rehwaldt Pauline M 30-Dec-1953 30-Jan-1953
Rehwaldt Siegmund Andrew D 30-Dec-1948 22-May-1948
Rehwoldt Caroline D 30-Dec-1955 21-Jan-1955
Rehwoldt John Michael B 30-Dec-1942 5-Oct-1942
Reich James A M 30-Dec-1942 20-Mar-1942
Reichart Delphine R M 30-Dec-1940 18-Oct-1940
Reichart Greta D 9-Jun-1999 4-Jun-1999
Reichart Jean C M 30-Dec-1940 4-Oct-1940
Reichenbach Pauline D 29-Oct-1859 28-Oct-1859
Reichert Alan B M 23-Jan-1988 28-Feb-1987
Reichert Alan Bruce B 30-Dec-1965 11-Feb-1965
Reichert Alexander James B 27-Jan-2000 14-Mar-2000
Reichert Alexzander James B 18-Mar-2000 14-Mar-2000
Reichert Annette Marie D 29-Jan-2005 27-Mar-2004
Reichert Austin Metchell B 18-Aug-1998 12-Aug-1998
Reichert Austin Mitchell B 23-Jan-1999 12-Aug-1998
Reichert Bruce D M 27-Jan-2000 13-Aug-2000
Reichert Bruce DeWayne B 28-Jan-1978 9-May-1977
Reichert Cathy Elaine M 30-Dec-1969 17-Oct-1969
Reichert Chara D 29-Dec-1962 5-Jul-1962
Reichert Christaffer Thomas B 25-Jan-2003 21-Jan-2002
Reichert Christina Amykay B 29-Dec-1967 6-Sep-1967
Reichert Colton John B 26-Jan-1991 11-Jun-1990
Reichert Craig A B 19-Jan-1985 11-Dec-1984
Reichert Danny C M 30-Jan-1982 10-Oct-1981
Reichert Danny C M 23-Jan-1988 8-Nov-1987
Reichert Darren Louis M 30-Jan-1993 5-Sep-1992
Reichert Darren Louis M 17-Dec-2005 9-Dec-2005
Reichert Darren Louis M 28-Jan-2006 9-Dec-2005
Reichert David W M 30-Jan-1982 28-Mar-1981
Reichert David Wayne B 30-Dec-1954 13-Apr-1954
Reichert Dona Mae D 30-Dec-1937 29-Aug-1937
Reichert Donna Mae B 30-Dec-1933 19-Mar-1933
Reichert Drake Donald B 31-Jan-2009 p4f 18-Oct-2008
Reichert Dustin Jack B 18-Nov-1995 13-Nov-1995
Reichert Elaine F D 13-Mar-1985
Reichert Elmer Karl B 30-Dec-1943 27-Sep-1943
Reichert Elmer Karl M 30-Dec-1965 28-Feb-1965
Reichert Elmer T D 28-Jan-2006 21-May-2005
Reichert Florence Lucille D 30-Dec-1965 20-Jul-1965
Reichert Gary Lee B 29-Dec-1962 24-Aug-1962
Reichert Gary Lee M 17-Jan-1987 27-Sep-1986
Reichert Gertrude J D 17-Sep-2008 15-Sep-2008
Reichert Gertrude Jeanetta M 30-Dec-1939 20-Jun-1939
Reichert Herbert F D 15-Feb-1975 13-Jun-1974
Reichert Hope Olivia B 12-Aug-2002 7-Aug-2002
Reichert Hope Olivia B 25-Jan-2003 7-Aug-2002
Reichert Jackie Dean B 30-Dec-1936 5-Oct-1936
Reichert Jacob Dean B 28-Jan-1984 13-Jan-1983
Reichert Jamie Lynne B 30-Jan-1982 23-Sep-1981
Reichert Jean C D 16-Jan-2007 12-Jan-2007
Reichert Jeffrey D M 30-Jan-1982 1-May-1981
Reichert Jerry Gale B 30-Dec-1942 14-Nov-1942
Reichert Justine Emma Augusta B 23-Jan-1992 4-Mar-1991
Reichert Kae Lynn M 29-Jan-2000 19-Nov-1999
Reichert Karen Sue B 29-Dec-1956 22-Jul-1956
Reichert Karen Sue M 31-Jan-1976 26-Sep-1975
Reichert Karl M 5-Mar-1891 4-Mar-1891
Reichert Kelly J M 18-Jan-1986 26-Oct-1985
Reichert Kenneth W M 28-Jan-1984 17-Sep-1983
Reichert Kevin Alfred M 26-Jan-1991 16-Nov-1990
Reichert Mabel J D 27-Jan-2000 25-Nov-2000
Reichert Mabel J D 29-Nov-2000 25-Nov-2000
Reichert Mabel Louise B 30-Dec-1941 21-Feb-1941
Reichert Mabel Louise M 30-Dec-1968 14-Apr-1968
Reichert Melissa Sue B 29-Dec-1967 4-Aug-1967
Reichert Mitchell Edwin M 29-Jan-2000 11-Sep-1999
Reichert Nancy K M 31-Jan-1981 1-Mar-1980
Reichert Nancy Kay B 29-Dec-1962 16-May-1962
Reichert Nathan Karl M 26-Jan-2002 1-Dec-2001
Reichert Oliver D 27-Nov-1928
Reichert Pamela Ann M 31-Jan-2004 4-Oct-2003
Reichert Patricia Ann B 30-Dec-1932 1-Jan-1932
Reichert Paul Gary B 30-Dec-1940 6-Feb-1940
Reichert Richard D, Sr D 10-Apr-2001 10-Apr-2001
Reichert Richard DeWayne M 22-Jan-1972 31-Oct-1971
Reichert Richard DeWayne M 17-Jan-1987 9-Aug-1986
Reichert Richard DeWayne Jr B 28-Dec-1951 14-Sep-1951
Reichert Richard DeWayne Sr D 26-Jan-2002 10-Apr-2001
Reichert Rickey R M 19-Jan-1984 23-Dec-1985
Reichert Rickey Ross B 30-Dec-1953 9-Aug-1953
Reichert Ronald R M 30-Dec-1953 17-Jan-1953
Reichert Ronald Ross Jr B 29-Dec-1962 29-Jun-1962
Reichert Sandra L M 29-Dec-1956 12-Apr-1956
Reichert Sara Beth M 24-Apr-1997 28-Mar-1997
Reichert Shawn Allen B 30-Jan-1982 15-Nov-1981
Reichert Shawn Allen M 28-Jan-2006 27-Aug-2005
Reichert Son B 31-Dec-1930 8-Oct-1930
Reichert Stephen Martin B 30-Dec-1954 3-May-1954
Reichert Tabitha Marie B 28-Jan-1978 20-Aug-1977
Reichert Thomas Robert M 29-Jan-2000 17-Jul-1999
Reichert Toni L M 30-Jan-1982 20-Jun-1981
Reichert Toni Lynn B 29-Dec-1961 17-May-1961
Reichert Tyrel James B 23-Jan-1988 16-Jul-1987
Reichert Wilma F D 28-Jan-1984 14-May-1983
Reichert Cathy Elaine B 30-Dec-1949 5-Aug-1949
Reichert Dorothy E M 29-Dec-1938 22-Feb-1938
Reichert Vera Louise M 29-Dec-1938 8-Mar-1938
Reichkoff Emma D 20-Feb-1902
Reichley ME M 1-Oct-1872 20-Sep-1872
Reichstein Dwight M 30-Dec-1943 11-Dec-1943
Reichstein Dwight D 20-Apr-2001 11-Apr-2001
Reichstein Patricia Kay B 30-Dec-1946 13-Aug-1946
Reichstein Patricia Kay M 30-Dec-1964 21-Aug-1964
Reichstein Rebecca Linn B 28-Dec-1951 3-Feb-1951
Reichstein Rebecca Linn M 15-Feb-1975 20-Apr-1974
Reid Abigail B 30-Dec-1954 25-Aug-1954
Reid Abigail M 29-Jan-1973 12-Sep-1972
Reid Alice Ann B 30-Dec-1946 22-Sep-1946
Reid Amyrra Bryma B 28-Jan-2006 9-Feb-2005
Reid Anna M 31-Dec-1872 30-Dec-1872
Reid Anna May D 11-Oct-1999 7-Oct-1999
Reid Bernard E D 31-Dec-1931 19-Nov-1931
Reid Bernece Elizabeth (Miss) M 30-Dec-1943 12-Dec-1943
Reid Catherine E M 31-Jan-1981 28-Sep-1980
Reid Catherine Elaine B 29-Dec-1962 13-Jul-1962
Reid Charlotte B 30-Dec-1941 24-Oct-1941
Reid Christal Lynn B 28-Dec-1951 20-Nov-1951
Reid Christina Marie M 29-Jan-2005 25-Nov-2004
Reid Clara Ada D 23-Jan-1992 25-Jul-1991
Reid Connie Belen M 28-Jan-2006 7-Mar-2005
Reid Dallas M M 29-Jan-1983 19-May-1982
Reid Dallas Michael B 30-Dec-1948 5-Apr-1948
Reid David L M 26-Jan-1980 15-Jul-1979
Reid David L M 26-Jan-1980 15-Jul-1979
Reid David Lane B 30-Dec-1953 30-Jul-1953
Reid David Shane M 23-Jan-1999 3-Apr-1998
Reid David Thomas D 30-Dec-1965 12-Jul-1965
Reid Denis R M 30-Jan-1982 23-Jan-1981
Reid Denis Steven B 30-Dec-1952 1-Feb-1952
Reid Dorothy D M 30-Dec-1935 4-Dec-1935
Reid Eric Eugene B 26-Jan-1980 29-May-1979
Reid Erline M 30-Dec-1952 13-Sep-1952
Reid Fannie B D 30-Dec-1968 26-Mar-1968
Reid George A D 30-Dec-1937 18-Feb-1937
Reid Georgia May M 30-Dec-1964 13-Jan-1964
Reid Gertrude Mae D 28-Jan-1979
Reid Harvey D 17-Jan-1987 22-Apr-1986
Reid Holly Sue M 31-Jan-2009 pg 7f 23-Aug-2008
Reid Illa Deatte M 30-Dec-1957 7-Sep-1957
Reid Irene B 29-Dec-1944 31-Jul-1944
Reid James H D 17-Jul-1995 16-Jul-1995
Reid James Michael D 29-Jan-2005 2-May-2004
Reid Jane M M 30-Dec-1965 10-Feb-1965
Reid Janet Marie B 30-Dec-1947 14-May-1947
Reid Janice Lucille B 30-Dec-1937 14-Aug-1937
Reid Jeffery Allen M 27-Jan-2000 27-May-2000
Reid Jeffrey Allen B 28-Jan-1978 15-Mar-1977
Reid John M 28-Dec-1863 24-dec-1863
Reid John A D 18-Jan-1928
Reid John David B 29-Dec-1934 7-May-1934
Reid John F M 2-Aug-1880 21-Jul-1880
Reid Joseph Mark B 30-Dec-1954 5-Oct-1954
Reid Joseph Mark M 31-Jan-1976 30-Aug-1975
Reid Judith Ann B 30-Dec-1949 26-Jan-1949
Reid Judy M and Jane M B 28-Dec-1945 15-Oct-1945
Reid Karen P M 18-Jan-1986 25-May-1985
Reid Kelly D M 19-Jan-1985 7-Jul-1984
Reid Lane M 4-Jan-2006 6-Dec-2005
Reid Lewis R M 30-Dec-1916 2-Jun-1916
Reid Lisa Marie B 26-Jan-1980 26-Oct-1979
Reid LR D 30-Dec-1932 26-Oct-1932
Reid Lyle Bruce B 29-Dec-1950 27-Jan-1950
Reid Marion D 23-Sep-1998 21-Sep-1998
Reid Marlene Marie M 30-Jan-1993 25-Jul-1992
Reid Mary Lavon B 30-Dec-1942 3-Sep-1942
Reid Mary Lavon M 30-Dec-1964 24-Oct-1964
Reid Mary Winifred D 30-Dec-1957 1-Aug-1957
Reid Mayne, Capt D 25-Oct-1883 22-Oct-1883
Reid Melvin L D 2-May-2000 29-Apr-2000
Reid Melvin L M 19-Jan-1985 12-May-1984
Reid Melvin Lester B 30-Dec-1937 16-Jun-1937
Reid Merlin Creel D 30-Dec-1948 5-Feb-1948
Reid Nancy Ann M 22-Jan-1972 18-Dec-1971
Reid Nellie McGill D 30-Dec-1942 24-May-1942
Reid Orville T D 29-Jan-1983 14-Aug-1982
Reid Orville T Jr M 29-Dec-1961 10-Sep-1961
Reid Orville Thomas B 30-Dec-1942 16-Feb-1942
Reid Patrick Lee B 30-Dec-1969 23-Oct-1969
Reid Paul Wayne M 23-Jan-1999 18-Dec-1998
Reid Ralph M 30-Dec-1965 1-Aug-1965
Reid Randy Craig B 30-Dec-1953 24-Feb-1953
Reid Richard D 13-Jan-2005 11-Jan-2005
Reid Richard DeWayne B 30-Dec-1943 14-Aug-1943
Reid Richard Raymond D 23-Jan-1988 12-May-1987
Reid Rodney Alan B 30-Dec-1965 20-Nov-1965
Reid Ronald Dean B 30-Dec-1952 25-Jul-1952
Reid Ronald Dean B 30-Dec-1952 25-Oct-1952
Reid Rosalie (Johnson) D 15-Nov-2007 13-Nov-2007
Reid Rosalie A D 24-Jun-2008 18-Jun-2008
Reid Rosalie Ann B 30-Dec-1940 2-Jun-1940
Reid Ruth Alice D 29-Jan-1994 18-Dec-1992
Reid Sandra D 26-Aug-1996 23-Aug-1996
Reid Sandra June M 15-Feb-1975 16-Nov-1974
Reid Sarah D 6-Nov-1877 1-Nov-1877
Reid Tammy L M 19-Jan-1985 7-Dec-1984
Reid Teresa M M 28-Jan-1984 31-May-1983
Reid Teresa May B 29-Dec-1962 30-Aug-1962
Reid Thomas Robert B 29-Dec-1944 19-Jan-1944
Reid Vicki M 4-Jan-2006 6-Dec-2005
Reid Wilber M 30-Dec-1964 13-Jan-1964
Reid Wilbur B 30-Dec-1940 26-Nov-1940
Reid Wilbur S M 18-Jan-1986 8-Mar-1985
Reid Wilbur Scott B 30-Dec-1964 7-Sep-1964
Reid Wilbur Scott B 30-Dec-1964 7-Sep-1964
Reid Wilbur Scott M 29-Jan-1994 13-Sep-1993
Reid William G M 21-Dec-1905 18-Oct-1905
Reid William Harvey D 30-Dec-1943 9-Sep-1943
Reid William Johnson D 30-Dec-1937 14-Jan-1937
Reid Wilma Jean M 30-Dec-1957 23-Feb-1957
Reid Wm M 7-Jul-1865 5-Jul-1865
Reid Judy M M 30-Dec-1966 9-Apr-1966
Reidel Juliana M 3-Dec-1869
Reier Helen D 28-Sep-1998 26-Sep-1998
Reier Helen marie D 23-Jan-1999 26-Sep-1998
Reier James E D 16-May-2002 15-May-2002
Reier Mary Helen M 29-Dec-1967 5-Aug-1967
Reier Walter H D 9-Nov-1995 8-Nov-1995
Reier Walter H M 30-Dec-1940 14-Jun-1940
Reif Anne E D 18-May-2002 16-May-2002
Reif Floyd Daniel D 31-Dec-2003 29-Dec-2003
Reif Grace L (Obermann) D 18-Sep-2008 16-Sep-2008
Reifert Alexandra Kay B 19-May-1998 5-Oct-1998
Reifert Amelia Hope D 30-Dec-1964 16-Jan-1964
Reifert Amy Louise B 30-Dec-1966 17-Nov-1966
Reifert Benjamin G M 30-Jan-1982 14-Jun-1981
Reifert Carolyn A M 28-Jan-1979
Reifert Charles William B 30-Dec-1941 30-Nov-1941
Reifert Charles William B 30-Dec-1965 25-Sep-1965
Reifert Charles Wm "Bill" D 26-Jan-1991 23-Oct-1990
Reifert Charlotte June M 24-Jan-1998 3-Jul-1997
Reifert Cleve Leroy M 17-Jan-1987 14-Feb-1986
Reifert Cory Robert D 30-Dec-1955 17-Dec-1955
Reifert Cynthia Eve B 30-Dec-1957 3-Nov-1957
Reifert Cynthias Eve M 26-Jan-1991 30-Dec-1990
Reifert Daniel Rollin B 30-Dec-1969 29-Jul-1969
Reifert Darrin Lee B 30-Dec-1965 6-Jun-1965
Reifert Doyle Jay B 29-Dec-1962 27-Apr-1962
Reifert Edward Durrell B 29-Dec-1938 10-Feb-1938
Reifert Emily B 31-Jan-1981 18-Feb-1980
Reifert Gerald I D 27-Apr-1998 24-Apr-1998
Reifert Gerald I "Pete" D 23-Jan-1999 24-Apr-1998
Reifert Gerald Ivan Jr B 29-Dec-1956 4-Oct-1956
Reifert Glenn D D 3-Jun-1996 31-May-1996
Reifert Jack LeMar B 30-Dec-1935 13-Jul-1935
Reifert Jacquin Eva B 24-May-2001 19-May-2001
Reifert James Perry B 30-Dec-1946 27-Jun-1946
Reifert James Perry B 30-Dec-1966 6-May-1966
Reifert Jane Ellen B 29-Dec-1962 16-Oct-1962
Reifert Jo Ann Susan B 29-Dec-1950 7-Apr-1950
Reifert Jody L M 19-Jan-1985 18-Aug-1984
Reifert Jody Lynn B 29-Dec-1962 20-Aug-1962
Reifert John Durrel D 30-Dec-1964 7-Feb-1964
Reifert John R D 31-Jan-1981 13-Sep-1980
Reifert Kathy Sue B 30-Dec-1955 15-Jul-1955
Reifert Kristina Kathleen B 30-Dec-1968 22-Apr-1968
Reifert Kristina Kathleen M 17-Jan-1987 22-Aug-1986
Reifert Kristina Kathleen M 31-Jan-2004 14-Feb-2003
Reifert Kyle William B 30-Dec-1953 29-Jan-1953
Reifert Kyle William M 31-Jan-1976 5-Apr-1975
Reifert Lynn Maxine B 28-Dec-1951 24-Apr-1951
Reifert Lynn Maxine M 31-Jan-1976 9-Aug-1975
Reifert Michael Anthony M 17-Jan-1987 23-Dec-1986
Reifert Nicholas Allen B 17-Jan-1987 15-Jan-1986
Reifert Patricia A M 23-Jan-1988 7-Aug-1987
Reifert Patricia Ann B 30-Dec-1964 1-Nov-1964
Reifert Perle G D 30-Dec-1953 4-Nov-1953
Reifert Richard A M 19-Jan-1985 26-May-1984
Reifert Ronald M 30-Dec-1964 23-May-1964
Reifert Ronald Eugene B 30-Dec-1940 6-Mar-1940
Reifert Ryan M 9-Aug-2000 16-Jun-2000
Reifert Ryan William M 27-Jan-2000 16-Jun-2000
Reifert Susan Elizabeth B 30-Dec-1969 27-Jan-1969
Reifert Thomas Lee B 30-Dec-1968 28-Apr-1968
Reifert Todd B M 19-Jan-1985 3-Mar-1984
Reifert Todd Brian B 29-Dec-1961 22-Jun-1961
Reifert Trent Justin B 30-Dec-1964 6-Oct-1964
Reifert Viola Wilma D 23-Jan-1988 9-Mar-1987
Reiff Paul Michael M 23-Jan-1992 11-Jul-1991
Reighard Evelyn D 27-Nov-2006 25-Nov-2006
Reighard Glen W M 30-Dec-1943 17-May-1943
Reightenauer Katherine D 30-Dec-1937 23-Dec-1937
Reightenour Frank R D 19-Jan-1998 17-Jan-1998
Reightenour Frank R D 23-Jan-1999 17-Jan-1998
Reightenover Helen M D 30-Dec-1942 28-Feb-1942
Reightnouer Fred D 26-Jan-1980 14-Oct-1979
Reightnouer Fred C D 30-Jan-1982 9-Apr-1981
Reightnouer Karen Elene B 30-Dec-1943 6-Feb-1943
Reightnour Grace Pauline B 30-Dec-1946 21-Aug-1946
Reigsager Girl B 31-Dec-1913 23-Sep-1913
Reihm Robert Frederick M 30-Dec-1939 14-Jan-1939
Reiker Lorraine E M 30-Dec-1939 6-Feb-1939
Reikers William D M 28-Jan-1979
Reiland Alma Katherine D 31-Dec-2001 29-Dec-2001
Reiland Arthur D 18-Jan-1986 11-Jun-1985
Reiland August M 30-Dec-1946 30-Apr-1946
Reiland Cecilia M 29-Dec-1950 3-Feb-1950
Reiland Dorothy D 31-Aug-1998 29-Aug-1998
Reiland Dorothy Marie D 23-Jan-1999 29-Aug-1998
Reiland George Lester D 28-Jan-1995 29-Sep-1994
Reiland Mary Ella M 30-Dec-1935 8-Apr-1935
Reiland Michael M 9-Feb-2000 18-Sep-1999
Reiland Michael K M 29-Jan-2000 18-Sep-1999
Reiland Mycah Lynn B 10-May-2002 30-Apr-2002
Reiland Mycah Lynn B 25-Jan-2003 30-Apr-2002
Reiland Robert Kenneth B 30-Dec-1932 3-Jun-1932
Reiland Seth Walker B 31-Jan-2009 p2f 10-Jan-2007
Reiling Florence M 29-Dec-1950 27-Jan-1950
Reiling Linda McCabe M 10-May-1997 4-Apr-1997
Reilly Edward D 28-Aug-1899 24-Aug-1899
Reilly Keith D 30-Dec-1998 27-Nov-1998
Reilly Robert W D 12-Jul-1999 11-Jul-1999
Reilly Ross A M 22-Nov-1887
Reiman Benny W D 16-Jun-1998 15-Jun-1998
Reiman John William D 29-Dec-1950 21-Apr-1950
Reiman Lester W D 19-Nov-2008 18-Nov-2008
Reiman Tammy Sue M 28-Jan-1995 16-Jul-1994
Reimann Patrick Everett B 16-Aug-1995 9-Aug-1995
Reimenschneider Helena M 15-Jun-1885 11-Jun-1885
Reimer Charles James B 25-Sep-1999 30-Aug-1999
Reimer Janet M 13-Apr-1995 4-Nov-1994
Reimer Joan Ann M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 18-Aug-2007
Reimer Karl Jacob D 28-Jan-2006 1-Apr-2005
Reimer Kristina Marie M 26-Jan-1991 16-Nov-1990
Reimer Louise TM D 22-Feb-1996 22-Feb-1996
Reimer Selna Marie B 3-Oct-1995 28-Sep-1995
Reimer Stella Mae D 29-Dec-1962 6-Jul-1962
Reimers Adolph D 30-Dec-1954 24-Sep-1954
Reimers Amber Dawn M 28-Jan-1995 17-Sep-1994
Reimers Amelia M 30-Dec-1946 19-Oct-1946
Reimers Andrea L B 19-Jan-1985 27-Aug-1984
Reimers Andrea Louise M 29-Jan-2005 28-May-2004
Reimers Andrea Louise M 23-Jun-2004
Reimers Anita S M 30-Jan-1982 19-Jun-1981
Reimers Anita S M 19-Jan-1985 8-Sep-1984
Reimers Anita S Hendrickson M 29-Jan-1983 17-Sep-1982
Reimers Benjamin L M 28-Jan-1984 5-Jun-1983
Reimers Carol J M 30-Dec-1957 6-Jul-1957
Reimers Christina Kay B 15-Feb-1975 6-Jul-1974
Reimers Christina Kay M 29-Jan-1994 26-Aug-1993
Reimers Danielle Gray B 30-Jan-1993 6-Feb-1992
Reimers Daughter B 30-Dec-1939 23-Nov-1939
Reimers Dennis Eugene B 22-Jan-1972 2-Jul-1971
Reimers Dennis Eugene M 29-Dec-1967 3-Jul-1967
Reimers Dorothy Mary D 30-Dec-1957 23-Aug-1957
Reimers Edward A D 8-Nov-1995 5-Nov-1995
Reimers Edward Theodore M 30-Dec-1939 28-Jan-1939
Reimers Eleanor B D 19-Apr-1994 18-Apr-1994
Reimers Eleanor R D 28-Jan-1995 18-Apr-1994
Reimers Florence O D 19-Apr-2002 18-Apr-2002
Reimers Florence O D 25-Jan-2003 18-Apr-2002
Reimers George L M 9-Aug-2000 30-Jun-2000
Reimers George Lewis M 27-Jan-2000 30-Jun-2000
Reimers Gracie Helen B 5-Feb-2004 20-Jan-2004
Reimers Gracie Helen B 29-Jan-2005 20-Jan-2004
Reimers Henry J D 30-Dec-1964 27-Sep-1964
Reimers James M 29-Jan-1973 5-Jul-1972
Reimers Jane M 29-Jan-1973 6-Mar-1972
Reimers Jergen D 25-Jul-1886
Reimers Jerry Lynn B 29-Dec-1944 12-Mar-1944
Reimers Jolean Kay M 31-Jan-2004 28-Aug-2003
Reimers Kaelyn Louise B 6-Oct-2008 p5a 8-Sep-2008
Reimers Kenneth Edward M 29-Dec-1967 7-Oct-1967
Reimers Kevin D 30-Dec-1954 17-Jun-1954
Reimers LaRue Adelia M 29-Dec-1967 14-Oct-1967
Reimers LaRue Adella B 29-Dec-1944 24-Sep-1944
Reimers Laura M M 26-Jan-1980 14-Apr-1979
Reimers Laura M M 26-Jan-1980 14-Apr-1979
Reimers Mark L D 2-Aug-2007 1-Aug-2007
Reimers Mark L D 3-Aug-2007 1-Aug-2007
Reimers Mark L M 28-Jan-1978 3-Sep-1977
Reimers Mark L M 19-Jan-1985 21-Apr-1984
Reimers Mary D 28-Jan-1978 9-Apr-1977
Reimers Mary E D 26-May-1892 25-May-1892
Reimers Mathilda D 30-Dec-1946 11-Jun-1946
Reimers Matthew Thomas M 29-Jan-2000 3-Apr-1999
Reimers Melissa L B 19-Jan-1985 22-Oct-1984
Reimers Myra Ann B 30-Dec-1952 5-Jul-1952
Reimers Myra Ann B 30-Dec-1952 5-Oct-1952
Reimers Raymond K D 27-Dec-1984 26-Dec-1984
Reimers Raymond K D 18-Jan-1986 2-Jan-1985
Reimers Raymond Keith B 30-Dec-1932 26-Jul-1932
Reimers Raymond Lester D 26-Jan-1980 13-May-1979
Reimers Richard L M 29-Jan-1983 22-May-1982
Reimers Richard Lee Roy Jr M 26-Jan-2002 13-Jul-2001
Reimers Richard Leroy B 30-Dec-1953 31-Aug-1953
Reimers Rudolph John D 22-Jan-1972 15-Aug-1971
Reimers Sheri Lynn M 23-Jan-1999 3-Oct-1998
Reimers Susan K M 23-Jan-1988 5-Sep-1987
Reimers Tabatha Mae M 26-Jan-2002 26-May-2001
Reimers Tina M M 18-Jan-1986 1-Jun-1985
Reimers Tina Marie B 30-Dec-1968 7-Oct-1968
Reimers Trisha Lynn B 23-Jan-1992 25-Dec-1991
Reimers Virginia P M 30-Dec-1953 1-Aug-1953
Reimers Virginia Pearl B 30-Dec-1935 5-Oct-1935
Reimers William, Mrs D 30-Dec-1932 21-Dec-1932
Reimier Hugh Alexander D 30-Dec-1943 8-Jan-1943
Reimund Stanley L M 29-Jan-1983 14-Aug-1982
Reinbrecht Amalie E D 30-Dec-1953 29-Jan-1953
Reinbrecht Lloyd D 21-Feb-1985
Reinbrecht Orville A D 30-Dec-1953 12-Nov-1953
Reindk Jospeh B 30-Dec-1935 23-Feb-1935
Reindl David H M 30-Dec-1941 25-Jul-1941
Reindl David Hugo D 9-Nov-1995 7-Nov-1995
Reindl Francis B 30-Dec-1937 28-May-1937
Reindl Francis D 30-Dec-1937 29-May-1937
Reindl Joseph D D 29-Dec-1967 25-Jul-1967
Reindl Joseph John B 30-Dec-1933 28-Aug-1933
Reindl Margaret D 31-Jan-1976 22-Nov-1975
Reindl Mary Alice B 30-Dec-1937 1-May-1937
Reindl Norma Jean B 30-Dec-1932 3-Jan-1932
Reindl Stephanie Elizabeth D 5-Aug-2003 3-Aug-2003
Reineck Ella B M 29-Oct-1872
Reinecke August M 27-Jan-1881 26-Jan-1881
Reinecke Elizabeth D 30-Dec-1916 15-Jun-1916
Reinecke Henry M 30-Dec-1937 2-Dec-1937
Reinecke Henry A D 30-Dec-1916 22-Mar-1916
Reinecke Henry W D 30-Dec-1946 15-May-1946
Reineke Henry D 21 -Jul-1881
Reineke Isabella M 15-Sep-1891 5-Sep-1891
Reinemund Ernst Christian D 30-Dec-1942 27-Jan-1942
Reinemund Henry E, Rev M 7-Feb-1882 3-Feb-1882
Reinemund Lucy D 28-Dec-1951 30-Jun-1951
Reinemund Robert M 30-Dec-1954 18-Jun-1954
Reinemund Son B 1-Feb-1883
Reiner Alan Scott B 31-Jan-1976 21-Aug-1975
Reiner Bennett Paul B 29-Jan-1994 29-May-1993
Reiner Christopher Williams B 25-Jul-2001 4-Jul-2001
Reiner Daniel Bruce B 8-Mar-1999 3-Mar-1999
Reiner Edwin L D 31-Jan-1981 7-Jan-1980
Reiner Genette M M 29-Jan-1983 28-May-1982
Reiner Nancy (Peterson) D 25-Jun-2008 23-Jun-2008
Reiner Samuel D 25-Feb-1862
Reiner Stephen Shane B 31-Jan-1976 21-Jan-1975
Reiner Vernon Lee B 30-Dec-1940 13-Aug-1940
Reinert John H M 18-Apr-1899 18-Apr-1899
Reinert Martin M 1-Jun-1883 12-May-1883
Reinfert Gerald Ivan B 30-Dec-1933 17-Oct-1933
Reinhardt Anna Katherine D 30-Dec-1966 26-Sep-1966
Reinhardt Charles D 30-Dec-1969 12-Apr-1969
Reinhardt Desiree Nicole B 31-Jan-2004 11-Jun-2003
Reinhardt George D 31-Jan-1976 20-Oct-1975
Reinhardt Linda Jo B 30-Dec-1947 30-May-1947
Reinhardt Linda Jo M 30-Dec-1965 23-Jan-1965
Reinhardt Pamela Elaine M 26-Jan-1991 23-Jun-1990
Reinhardt Penny Rema M 15-Feb-1975 28-Aug-1974
Reinhardt Richard J D 26-Jan-1991 20-Feb-1990
Reinhardt Richard J M 30-Dec-1952 20-Nov-1952
Reinhardt Richard J M 30-Dec-1952 20-Dec-1952
Reinhardt Sandra (Passmore) D 18-Aug-2008 15-Aug-2008
Reinhart Bertha D 30-Dec-1936 30-Jan-1936
Reinhart Christine L M 29-Jan-1983 9-Jan-1982
Reinhart Clara M 4-Mar-1901 3-Mar-1901
Reinhart Ferdinand D 15-Oct-1892 14-Oct-1892
Reinhart Helen M 31-Dec-1913 4-Feb-1913
Reinhart Jane Marie B 29-Dec-1944 12-Mar-1944
Reinhart John T D 28-Dec-1945 7-Aug-1945
Reinhart John, Mrs D 17-Mar-1896 17-Mar-1896
Reinhart William M 1-Oct-1860 27-Sep-1860
Reinhart William Edward M 30-Dec-1952 3-Jul-1952
Reinhold Donna Kay B 30-Dec-1943 9-Nov-1943
Reinier Angela Sue M 23-Jan-1999 14-Feb-1998
Reinier Austin Reed B 28-Sep-1999 20-Sep-1999
Reinier Austin Reed B 29-Jan-2000 20-Sep-1999
Reinier Barbara Ann M 23-Jan-1992 3-Jul-1991
Reinier Belle D 22-Jan-1972 31-Dec-1970
Reinier Bennett Paul D 2-Sep-2003 2-Sep-2003
Reinier Bennett Paul D 31-Jan-2004 2-Sep-2003
Reinier Cara Milette M 29-Jan-1994 24-May-1993
Reinier Christopher W D 29-Jan-1983 27-Oct-1982
Reinier Christopher Wayne B 30-Jan-1982 2-Jun-1981
Reinier Christopher William B 26-Jan-2002 4-Jul-2001
Reinier Cindy L B 19-Jan-1985 5-Apr-1984
Reinier Cynthia Kay B 30-Dec-1964 6-Nov-1964
Reinier Daniel Bruce B 29-Jan-2000 3-Mar-1999
Reinier Daughter B 29-Jan-1973 13-Jul-1972
Reinier Dennis Gene B 28-Dec-1945 11-Jul-1945
Reinier Donald Bruce M 23-Jan-1999 2-Jun-1998
Reinier Donald L M 23-Jan-1988 16-May-1987
Reinier Donald Leroy B 30-Dec-1946 31-Oct-1946
Reinier Donald Leroy D 30-Dec-1946 5-Nov-1946
Reinier Edna P D 23-Jan-1988 22-Dec-1987
Reinier Edwin Francis B 30-Dec-1957 16-Jul-1957
Reinier Elmer Edwin D 28-Dec-1945 19-Nov-1945
Reinier Emily Kay B 23-Jan-1992 15-Jan-1991
Reinier Evelyn M M 27-Jan-2000 3-Nov-2000
Reinier Evelyn May B 30-Dec-1965 10-Sep-1965
Reinier Florence M 30-Dec-1953 30-Jul-1953
Reinier Francis L M 29-Dec-1956 7-Jun-1956
Reinier Francis V M 28-Dec-1945 18-Jun-1945
Reinier Gary Allen M 30-Jan-2007 30-Nov-2006
Reinier Gary Allen B 18-Jan-1986 28-May-1985
Reinier Gary L, Jr M 19-Jan-1985 7-Feb-1984
Reinier Gary L, Sr M 19-Jan-1985 18-Feb-1984
Reinier Gary Lee B 30-Dec-1943 12-Nov-1943
Reinier Gary Lee Jr B 29-Dec-1967 29-Jan-1967
Reinier Gary Lee Jr M 26-Jan-1991 5-Aug-1990
Reinier Genette Mary B 30-Dec-1965 22-Mar-1965
Reinier Gerald Allen D 29-Dec-1962 13-Nov-1962
Reinier Gilbert I D 28-Jan-1995 24-Feb-1994
Reinier Grace JoAnn D 22-Jan-2001 20-Jan-2001
Reinier Ilo thomas D 30-Dec-1960 27-Mar-1960
Reinier Jane M 29-Dec-1938 5-Feb-1938
Reinier Jason Matthew B 29-Jan-2005 19-Jan-2004
Reinier Jason Matthew Eric B 23-Jan-2004 19-Jan-2004
Reinier Jayme Loretta B 26-Jan-2008 p7e 17-Jul-2007
Reinier Jeffrey Leonard B 30-Dec-1964 19-May-1964
Reinier Julie Ann B 30-Dec-1968 22-Feb-1968
Reinier Justin Reed M 23-Jan-1999 25-Oct-1998
Reinier Kayla Chloe B 26-Jan-1991 26-Aug-1990
Reinier Keelin Elizabeth B 31-Jan-2009 p2f 26-Dec-2007
Reinier Kyleigh Loriann B 31-Jan-2009 p2f 16-May-2008
Reinier Marie Broadston D 30-Dec-1947 27-Sep-1947
Reinier Michael Edward B 30-Dec-1968 7-Jun-1968
Reinier Michael Edward M 28-Jan-1995 4-Apr-1994
Reinier Michele A M 18-Jan-1986 22-Jun-1985
Reinier Robert Richard B 29-Dec-1938 2-Jul-1938
Reinier Rose Marie and Barbara Ann B 30-Dec-1968 3-Mar-1968
Reinier Samuel Lee B 27-Jan-2000 24-Jan-2000
Reinier Samuel Lee B 28-Jan-2000 24-Jan-2000
Reinier Sandra Jo B 30-Dec-1942 28-Mar-1942
Reinier Stefanie Gene M 26-Jan-2002 25-Mar-2001
Reinier Stephen Craig B 30-Dec-1947 11-Jul-1947
Reinier Stephen Shane M 17-May-1995 28-Apr-1995
Reinier Stephen Shane M 26-Jan-2002 7-Jul-2001
Reinier Steven Lee D 29-Jan-1973 13-Jul-1972
Reinier Tammy Lyn M 29-Jan-1994 22-Oct-1993
Reinier Tasha Jane B 26-Jan-1980 26-Dec-1979
Reinier Terrill D M 23-Jan-1988 21-Nov-1987
Reinier Terrill Dean B 29-Dec-1944 3-Apr-1944
Reinier Terrill Dean D 27-Jan-2000 15-Feb-2000
Reinier Terrill Dean D 16-Feb-2000 15-Feb-2000
Reinier Terrill Dean M 22-Jan-1972 4-Dec-1971
Reinier Terry Jolene M 29-Jan-1994 27-Dec-1993
Reinier Thomas James Desman B 26-Jan-2002 7-Feb-2001
Reinier Thomas Ray B 30-Dec-1947 24-Aug-1947
Reinier Virginia Ann B 30-Dec-1942 12-Apr-1942
Reinig Frank W M 18-Jan-1986 21-Jun-1985
Reinkie William D 17-Mar-1920
Reinking Lilly M 30-Dec-1936 9-Dec-1936
Reinnert Ethel D D 30-Dec-1963 17-Mar-1963
Reinnert Peter A D 23-Nov-1903
Reinoehl Ella Kaye B 28-Jan-2006 3-Mar-2005
Reinoehl Jaden Dale B 26-Jan-2002 17-Dec-2001
Reinsaeger Bessie M 21-Dec-1905 19-Oct-1905
Reinsaeger Elwood Glen M 29-Dec-1934 24-Oct-1934
Reinsager Ann T D 30-Dec-1949 7-May-1949
Reinsager Elwood Glen D 30-Dec-1965 10-Aug-1965
Reinsager Florence M 31-Dec-1913 30-Apr-1913
Reinsager Fred H D 30-Dec-1969 19-Feb-1969
Reinsager Fred H M 1-Jan-1908 19-Jun-1907
Reinsager George Lyle D 5-Apr-1994 3-Apr-1994
Reinsager George Lyle D 28-Jan-1995 4-Apr-1994
Reinsager Gus D 29-Jan-1983 8-Jan-1982
Reinsager Gus M 1-Jan-1912 1-Jun-1911
Reinsager Harry C M 30-Dec-1937 21-Jun-1937
Reinsager Helen M M 30-Dec-1941 14-Feb-1941
Reinsager James L M 29-Dec-1961 7-Jan-1961
Reinsager James Lyle B 30-Dec-1940 19-Feb-1940
Reinsager LeMoyne David D 28-Jan-1995 22-Oct-1994
Reinsager Lila D 28-Jan-1978 13-Sep-1977
Reinsager Louise D 30-Dec-1936
Reinsager Lucile H (Thompson) D 13-Oct-2008 11-Oct-2008
Reinsager Lulu M 16-Dec-1909 7-Jun-1909
Reinsager Lyle M 30-Dec-1936 19-Dec-1936
Reinsager Mark Lee B 29-Dec-1962 4-May-1962
Reinsager Mary D 22-Jan-1972 9-Jan-1971
Reinsager Mary Jane M 30-Dec-1933 27-Sep-1933
Reinsager Michael James B 30-Dec-1965 2-Mar-1965
Reinsager Robert Charles B 29-Dec-1950 11-Nov-1950
Reinsager Son D 5-Jul-1920
Reinsager Tamara Sue M 23-Jan-1992 14-Dec-1991
Reinsager Thomas Gary B 30-Dec-1941 11-Jun-1941
Reinsager Todd Bruce B 30-Dec-1963 21-Jan-1963
Reinsager William LaVerne B 30-Dec-1937 5-Jun-1937
Reis Mary C M 4-Jan-1869 31-Dec-1868
Reisch PM M 30-Mar-1882 23-Mar-1882
Reischauer Danielle Marie M 29-Jan-1994 23-Apr-1993
Reischauer Rosalie (Fitzgerald) D 23-Feb-2008 22-Feb-2008
Reischauer Theresa D 30-Dec-1940 20-Jan-1940
Reisen Andrew Alan B 27-Jan-2000 24-May-2000
Reisen Andrew Alan B 15-Jun-2000 24-May-2000
Reisen Christopher Matthew B 26-Jan-1991 7-Oct-1990
Reisen Cynthia Lee M 17-Jan-1987 17-Jan-1986
Reisen Cynthia Lee M 30-Jan-2007 28-Apr-2006
Reisen Debra Rae M 26-Jan-1991 17-Sep-1990
Reisen Michael Alan M 29-Jan-2005 6-Aug-2004
Reisen Ronald E M 28-Jan-1984 21-May-1983
Reiss Anna Marie M 9-Feb-1888
Reiss Isabella Alice (Mrs) M 30-Dec-1957 7-Jun-1957
Reist Bryan Steven B 26-Jan-1991 27-Jul-1990
Reist Charles M D 15-Sep-1997 12-Sep-1997
Reist Charles M D 24-Jan-1998 12-Sep-1997
Reist Charles M M 29-Dec-1950 28-Jun-1950
Reist David Raymond B 22-Jan-1972 23-Aug-1971
Reist Douglas C M 28-Jan-1984 21-Oct-1983
Reist Douglas Charles B 28-Dec-1951 12-Oct-1951
Reist Emily C D 14-Apr-2008 13-Apr-2008
Reist Emily C (VanGent) D 15-Apr-2008 13-Apr-2008
Reist Herman L Jr D 28-Jan-1995 9-Oct-1994
Reist Herman Leslie D 30-Dec-1960 29-Sep-1960
Reist Jeffrey C M 30-Jan-1982 8-Aug-1981
Reist Kathryn D 10-Sep-1984 8-Sep-1984
Reist Mary Ida (Reed) D 10-Jul-2007 8-Jul-2007
Reist Raymond Leslie B 28-Dec-1945 5-Mar-1945
Reist Scott William B 17-Jan-1987 13-Sep-1986
Reist Steven W M 26-Jan-1980 22-Sep-1979
Reist Steven W M 26-Jan-1980 22-Sep-1979
Reist Steven William B 30-Dec-1954 14-May-1954
Reist Thomas Logan B 18-Apr-1996 19-Mar-1996
Reister Adam, Capt D 5-May-1862 1-May-1862
Reister Claude M 30-Jan-1928
Reister Mary M 13-Feb-1901 13-Feb-1901
Reitel Lizzie Dorothea D 30-Dec-1968 20-Feb-1968
Reiter Lillian D 30-Jun-2004
Reiter Sarah J M 6-Jul-1867 2-Jul-1867
Reiter WS M 5-Jul-1869 3-Jul-1869
Reittinger Kristin Dawn M 23-Jun-1997 24-May-1997
Reittinger Scott A M 28-Feb-1997 26-Oct-1996
Reitz Clara Cleste B 26-Jan-1991 26-Apr-1990
Reizer Doug B M 29-Jan-1983 13-Aug-1982
Rejahl WJ M 22-Jan-1902 20-Jan-1902
Rellihan Kristine M 26-Feb-2003 9-Nov-2002
Relling Linda McCabe M 24-Jan-1998 4-Apr-1997
Remaly James Michael M 29-Dec-1967 13-Jun-1967
Rembold Curtis Dean D 30-Dec-1954 20-Dec-1954
Rembold Ewald W D 17-Aug-1984 15-Aug-1984
Rembold Herbert M 30-Dec-1952 9-Feb-1952
Rembold Jettie I M 29-Dec-1950 23-Apr-1950
Remery Barbara J M 29-Dec-1961 2-Jul-1961
ReMey Howard M M 24-Dec-1873
ReMey Mary E D 16-Dec-1984
Remick Joseph M 24-Sep-1891 23-Sep-1891
Remick Mariia A M 3-Nov-1999 19-Aug-1999
Remley Darlene Elaine M 30-Jan-1993 11-Jul-1992
Remley Keith F D 28-Jan-1984 8-May-1983
Remley Marlowe Merritt M 28-Dec-1951 5-Dec-1951
Remmers Siebert D 29-Dec-1950 16-Nov-1950
Remour Brian James B 17-Feb-2006 15-Feb-2006
Rempfer Rebecca D 28-Jan-1984 3-Dec-1983
Remrey Petrea M 30-Dec-1937 11-Sep-1937
Remseyer Clyde W M 30-Dec-1916 3-May-1916
Renae-Perez Alisha B 29-Jan-2000 15-Nov-1999
Renaud David Leroy D 16-Jan-2008 12-Jan-2008
Rendall John Ballard, Dr D 29-Dec-1934 12-Mar-1934
Render John, Rev M 1 Apr 1859 29-Mar-1859
Rendleman William Stephen B 30-Dec-1953 10-Oct-1953
Rendom Henry M 8-Mar-1899 7-Mar-1899
Rendon Javier B 23-Jan-1992 22-May-1991
Rendon Roberto M 26-Jan-1991 27-Oct-1990
Rendon Roberto Meza M 25-Jan-2003 10-May-2002
Rendon Sonia Alicia M 4-Mar-2003 1-Mar-2003
Rendon Sonia Alicia M 31-Jan-2004 1-Mar-2003
Renes Gerald Michael B 30-Dec-1939 8-Sep-1939
Renfro Arthur Elmer M 26-Jan-2002 1-Aug-2001
Renfro Frank L D 6-Sep-1984 6-Sep-1984
Renfro Helen Jean D 29-Dec-1967 16-Nov-1967
Renfro Jeffrey Daniel B 29-Dec-1967 5-Mar-1967
Renfro Jimmy L M 19-Jan-1985 29-Jun-1984
Renfro Karen Shirfee M 28-Jan-1995 8-Jan-1994
Renfro Karen Shirlee M 29-Jan-1994 29-Dec-1993
Renfro Kelsey Rose B 8-Apr-1995 31-Mar-1995
Renfro Kelsey Rose D 5-Dec-2008 30-Nov-2008
Renfro Louise F D 29-Jan-1983 16-Oct-1982
Renfro Sharon D 3-Apr-2003 26-Mar-2003
Renfro Stephen Scott B 30-Dec-1966 22-May-1966
Renfro Tommy Ray M 30-Dec-1965 16-Oct-1965
Renkes Jennie D 29-Dec-1962 24-Feb-1962
Renner Dawn M 30-Dec-1937 25-Oct-1937
Renner Dolly M 30-Dec-1937 27-Mar-1937
Renner Henry H D 30-Dec-1949 22-Oct-1949
Renner John E D 23-Oct-2001 23-Oct-2001
Renner John E D 26-Jan-2002 23-Oct-2001
Rennie Jeanine M D 18-Jun-1996 7-Jun-1996
Renno Arthur Clarence D 30-Dec-1936
Reno Macy Janel B 26-Jan-2008 p7e 22-Jun-2007
Renshaw Hattie M 11-Jan-1898
Renshaw Ira L D 29-Dec-1950 4-May-1950
Renshaw Jacqueline Nadine B 30-Dec-1936
Renshaw Rena D 28-Jan-1978 30-Jul-1977
Renshaw Rhoena D 29-Dec-1934 2-Dec-1934
Renshaw Son B 2-Nov-1880 20-Oct-1880
Rensink Barbara Elaine B 30-Dec-1949 4-Sep-1949
Rensink Charles D D 28-Mar-1994 25-Mar-1994
Rensink Charles D D 28-Jan-1995 25-Mar-1994
Rensink Charles Denslow B 30-Dec-1946 21-Jul-1946
Rensink Charles U M 17-Dec-1908 13-Oct-1908
Rensink Charles W D 30-Dec-1965 12-Sep-1965
Rensink Christian D 17-Jun-1892 17-Jun-1892
Rensink Constance M 30-Dec-1935 30-Oct-1935
Rensink George D 30-Dec-1955 16-Aug-1955
Rensink Irene W D 8-Mar-1996 7-Mar-1996
Rensink John W D 30-Dec-1932 21-Jun-1932
Rensink Loredo M M 30-Dec-1940 31-May-1940
Rensink Maria F M 15-Jun-1894 13-Jun-1894
Rensink Mary D 30-Dec-1970 1-Mar-1970
Rensink Mary E M 28-Dec-1945 26-Sep-1945
Rensink Patricia Ann B 29-Dec-1956 18-Aug-1956
Rensink Sena M 24-Sep-1875 23-Sep-1875
Rensink William M 9-Oct-1874 8-Oct-1874
Renteria Christian Samuel B 31-Jan-2009 p3e 21-Aug-2008
Renteria Jose Luis M 30-Dec-1964 11-Oct-1964
Renteria Mario Gonzalez M 29-Jan-1983 20-Jun-1982
Rentschler Kirk A M 18-Jan-1986 18-May-1985
Repp Michele Lynn B 30-Dec-1963 19-Feb-1963
Repp Peter M 9-Aug-1875 9-Aug-1875
Repp Randall Allen B 30-Dec-1965 16-Feb-1965
Reppert Alma D 30-Dec-1939 19-Nov-1939
Reppert Edward D 30-Dec-1932 19-Dec-1932
Reppert Edward M 17-Sep-1887
Reppert Emma O D 8-Oct-1900 7-Oct-1900
Reppert Fred D 17-Dec-1903 20-Jul-1903
Reppert Margaret D 4-Jan-1901 2-Jan-1901
Repson Juliana M 11-May-1876 11-May-1876
Requejo Rossana M 28-Jan-1978 27-Nov-1977
Resa Irale B 29-Dec-1967 11-Aug-1967
Resberg Eloise L D 18-Jun-1998 17-Jun-1998
Resberg Eloise L D 23-Jan-1999 17-Jun-1998
Resberg Ronald O D 30-Jan-1982 19-May-1981
Resch Morgan Elizabeth D 18-Oct-1999 15-Oct-1999
Reschauer Emilie F D 16-Nov-2007 14-Nov-2007
Reschley Jason Allen B 29-Dec-1956 26-Jun-1956
Resendez Brenda Lee B 26-Jan-1991 25-Jul-1990
Resetich Anthony J M 29-Dec-1938 23-Feb-1938
Resetich Ross Martin M 31-Jan-2009 pg 6f 19-Jul-2008
Resley Ann D 10-Aug-1899 9-Aug-1899
Resley George D 21-Dec-1905 15-May-1905
Resley John M 28-Nov-1866 27-Nov-1866
Resnick Esther D 2-Oct-1998 1-Oct-1998
Resnick Esther Martha D 23-Jan-1999 1-Oct-1998
Resnick Frank D 17-Jan-1987 21-Jul-1986
Resnick Henry M 7-Mar-1874 5-Mar-1874
Resnick John D 29-Dec-1944 4-Dec-1944
Resnick Ludwig D 22-Jan-1972 15-Jul-1971
Resnik Clara Luedtke D 28-Dec-1951 8-Jun-1951
Resser Annetta D 30-Dec-1933 22-Jul-1933
Resser Nora M 5-Sep-1895 4-Sep-1895
Ressink William George B 30-Dec-1949 31-Mar-1949
Ressmann Sidney Anne B 30-Dec-1953 1-May-1953
Restivo Peter Anthony M 29-Jan-2000 14-Aug-1999
Restrepo Eileen M 19-Jan-1985 29-Dec-1984
Reta Bernardo L M 27-Jan-2000 27-Dec-2000
Reth Cynthia Anne B 31-Jan-2004 1-Jan-2003
Reth Darrion Michael B 1-Oct-1999 24-Sep-1999
Reth Darrion Michael B 29-Jan-2000 24-Sep-1999
Rethamel Mark D 27-Jul-2004
Rethamel Sandi Kay M 24-Jan-1998 9-Aug-1997
Retherford Amy Nicole B 28-Jan-1978 24-Aug-1977
Retherford Boy B 31-Dec-1929 1-Jun-1929
Retherford Bradley Lester B 29-Dec-1961 13-May-1961
Retherford Brenda Lee B 30-Dec-1964 8-Sep-1964
Retherford Brenda Lee & Bruce Lee B 30-Dec-1964 8-Sep-1964
Retherford Bruce Lee B 30-Dec-1964 8-Sep-1964
Retherford Bryce William B 23-Jan-1988 20-Nov-1987
Retherford Dixie Lee M 28-May-1950
Retherford Douglas Clyde B 30-Dec-1957 10-Jan-1957
Retherford Jill A M 28-Jan-1978 17-Sep-1977
Retherford John G D 30-Dec-1968 30-Mar-1968
Retherford Lizzie M 24-Sep-1891
Retherford Lyle Laverne D 3-Sep-1996 30-Aug-1996
Retherford Mary D 29-Jan-1973 22-May-1972
Retherford Paul Everett D 8-Jun-2002 6-Jun-2002
Retherford Paul Everett D 25-Jan-2003 6-Jun-2002
Retherford Rodney Ray B 29-Dec-1956 14-Feb-1956
Retherford Stephanie Dawn B 28-Jan-1978 19-Mar-1977
Retherford William Lester D 29-Dec-1962 9-Nov-1962
Retherford William Steven B 30-Dec-1954 31-May-1954
Rettberg August D 30-Dec-1965 17-Feb-1965
Retteg Ludwig D 21-Mar-1922
Rettig Bambi Lynn B 29-Dec-1956 9-Feb-1956
Rettig Berniece Cleo D 23-Oct-2008 19-Oct-2008
Rettig Christopher Erik M 27-Jan-2000 11-Nov-2000
Rettig Emery D 30-Dec-1957 10-Feb-1957
Rettig James W M 18-Jan-1986 16-Aug-1985
Rettig James Wayne B 30-Dec-1943 4-Sep-1943
Rettig John L M 30-Dec-1955 23-Feb-1955
Rettig John Louis B 30-Dec-1936
Rettig Katharina, Mrs M 22-Feb-1868 18-Feb-1868
Rettig Ludwig D 16-Dec-1909 27-Oct-1909
Rettig Sherman M 30-Dec-1939 14-Jan-1939
Rettmer Sophia D 30-Dec-1953 29-Oct-1953
Retzel Velma Marguerite M 30-Dec-1933 1-Apr-1933
Reuben Sol D 30-Dec-1937 28-Sep-1937
Reuber Sophie D 23-Jan-1988 18-Sep-1987
Reuckert Elizabeth M M 1-Jan-1912 18-Apr-1911
Reuckert Marie M 30-Dec-1939 6-Dec-1939
Reuling Charles H Mrs D 30-Dec-1954 4-Jan-1954
Reuling Ella M D 22-Feb-1972
Reuling Emma D 6-Nov-1873 4-Nov-1873
Reuling Gail M D 30-Jan-1982 28-Aug-1981
Reuling George W M 20-Dec-1906 25-Apr-1906
Reuling George William D 29-Dec-1938 10-Jan-1938
Reuling Harriett Row D 30-Dec-1937 12-Dec-1937
Reuling Helen Frink M 30-Dec-1941 13-Jun-1941
Reuling J Risley M 2-Mar-1886 1-Mar-1886
Reuling JA D 7-Nov-1898 7-Nov-1898
Reuling James Risley D 28-Dec-1945 28-Oct-1945
Reuling James Risley D 20-Oct-1999 6-Oct-1999
Reuling John Adam II D 30-Dec-1954 15-Jul-1954
Reuling Louise Lazette D 6-Oct-1882
Reuling Nellie Elizabeth D 29-Dec-1950 23-Jun-1950
Reuling Olive E D 30-Dec-1947 29-Jul-1947
Reuling Ralph E D 29-Jan-1983 22-Jan-1982
Reuling Ralph E, Mrs D 30-Dec-1953 10-Oct-1953
Reuling Ralph Ewing M 30-Dec-1954 8-Sep-1954
Reuling Sarah, nee Deemer D 27-Feb-1928 25-Feb-1928
Reusswig Catherine A M 31-Jan-1981 21-Jun-1980
Reusswig David F M 28-Jan-1978 28-May-1977
Reusswig Michael Alan M 30-Dec-1968 20-Jan-1968
Reuter Jennifer Lynn M 29-Jan-2005 31-Mar-2004
Reuter Stanley Peter M 17-Jan-1987 14-Jun-1986
Reuthenauer George D 29-Dec-1934 27-Dec-1934
Reuther Amanda Jean B 18-Jan-1986 21-Oct-1985
Reuther Barry Thomas B 29-Dec-1962 15-Aug-1962
Reutinger Charles Joseph D 26-Jan-1991 15-Sep-1990
Reutinger Leona Marie D 7-Mar-1998 5-Mar-1998
Reutinger Ramon Charles M 29-Dec-1962 21-Sep-1962
Reutzel Jennifer Elaine B 31-Jan-1981 7-Aug-1980
Reutzel Joshua D B 19-Jan-1985 19-Apr-1984
Revelez Jose Luis M 23-Jan-1992 24-May-1991
Revelez Yolanda M 26-Jan-1991 9-Jun-1990
Revell Charles D 12-Jan-1882 11-Jan-1882
Revi Connie Marie B 30-Dec-1953 1-Sep-1953
Rewaldt Charles A, Jr D 23-May-1996 20-Oct-1995
Rewerts Steven Leo M 30-Dec-1969 31-Aug-1969
Rex Ebar Monroe D 30-Dec-1965 23-Jul-1965
Rex John E D 21-Jan-1998 19-Jan-1998
Rex LeAnn M 29-Jan-1973 13-Jun-1972
Rex Mary D 25-Sep-1997 24-Sep-1997
Rex Michael B 30-Dec-1954 2-Feb-1954
Rex Neva J D 25-Jan-1997 24-Jan-1997
Rex Neva Julia D 24-Jan-1998 24-Jan-1997
Rex Russell D 27-Dec-1984 26-Dec-1984
Rexroad Addie M 16-Aug-1895 19-Aug-1895
Rexroade George D 11-Jun-1894 9-Jun-1894
Rexroade John W M 11-Feb-1899 10-Feb-1899
Rexroade W C M 8-Dec-1910 17-Oct-1910
Rexroade Willis C D 30-Dec-1936
Rexroat Elizabeth H B 19-Jan-1985 23-Oct-1984
Rexroat Ted G M 28-Jan-1984 25-May-1983
Rexroth Adolph, Jr M 16-Feb-1883 14-Feb-1883
Rexroth Allen D 7-Jun-2006 5-Jun-2008
Rexroth Amber Kay B 30-Dec-1943 31-Jul-1943
Rexroth Anna V M 31-Dec-1913 24-Jun-1913
Rexroth Charles D 7-Jun-1995 6-Jun-1995
Rexroth Charles Desmond M 30-Dec-1935 21-Dec-1935
Rexroth Cortney Jay B 30-Jan-1982 31-Oct-1981
Rexroth Dorothy Grace D 30-Dec-1941 16-Mar-1941
Rexroth Edward A M 29-Dec-1938 3-Sep-1938
Rexroth Edward Arthur D 30-Dec-1942 2-Nov-1942
Rexroth Elizabeth D 30-Dec-1932 19-Apr-1932
Rexroth Irving M 30-Dec-1953 13-Aug-1953
Rexroth Janet Rae B 28-Dec-1945 23-Jan-1945
Rexroth John J D 30-Dec-1954 14-Feb-1954
Rexroth John Jacob D 30-Dec-1954 14-Feb-1954
Rexroth Karen B 29-Dec-1938 15-Mar-1938
Rexroth Leona M 30-Dec-1939 15-Apr-1939
Rexroth Leona C D 18-Jan-1986 18-Nov-1985
Rexroth Mary L D 20-Feb-2007 18-Feb-2007
Rexroth Pearl M 25-Mar-1902
Rexroth Raymond M 30-Dec-1940 17-Aug-1940
Rexroth Raymond D 28-Jan-1984 10-Sep-1983
Rexroth Reuben M 18-Oct-1900 17-Oct-1900
Rexroth Reuben Roy D 30-Dec-1942 17-Feb-1942
Rexroth Rickey L M 31-Jan-1981 30-Aug-1980
Rexroth Rickey Lee B 30-Dec-1954 23-May-1954
Rexroth Rosemary Sylvia D 26-Jan-1991 11-Aug-1990
Rexroth Shirley M 28-Dec-1945 4-Apr-1945
Rexroth Valerie A M 28-Jan-1979
Rexroth Vance Schafer B 28-Dec-1945 23-Aug-1945
Rexroth Verda R D 5-Nov-1996 18-Oct-1996
Rexroth Violette M M 29-Dec-1938 27-May-1938
Reyburn Callen D 15-Jun-1874 7-Jun-1874
Reyburn Madison D 16-Apr-1862
Reyelts Ella D 29-Dec-1962 27-May-1962
Reyers Rene Dimas B 17-Jan-1987 11-May-1986
Reyes Aiden Sammuel B 31-Jan-2009 p2f 29-May-2008
Reyes Alexander B 29-Jan-1983 12-Jul-1982
Reyes Andrew P B 19-Jan-1985 24-Mar-1984
Reyes Angel Israel B 26-Jan-2002 27-Sep-2001
Reyes Anita B 19-Jan-1985 19-Dec-1984
Reyes Antonia Maria M 23-Jan-1999 21-Dec-1998
Reyes Bellicia Janae B 27-Jan-2000 9-May-2000
Reyes Benny Paul D 30-Dec-1941 31-Aug-1941
Reyes Brenda Gabriel B 16-Jan-2001 8-Jan-2001
Reyes Brenden Gabriel B 26-Jan-2002 8-Jan-2001
Reyes Carlos Junior B 29-Jan-2000 4-Feb-1999
Reyes Carlos, Jr B 9-Feb-1999 4-Feb-1999
Reyes Cassandra Jessica B 26-Jan-1991 11-Jun-1990
Reyes Christian Cruz B 15-Feb-2000 11-Dec-2000
Reyes Conrad,Jr B 23-Jan-1988 30-Jun-1987
Reyes Elvira M 25-Jan-2003 24-Feb-2002
Reyes Ernesto Castro M 24-Jan-1998 17-Mar-1997
Reyes Frank, Dr M 29-Jul-1920
Reyes German B 28-Jan-1984 15-Jun-1983
Reyes German M 31-Jan-2004 4-Nov-2003
Reyes German Panson Jr M 26-Jan-2002 21-Dec-2001
Reyes Guadalupe Marie D 7-Jan-2000 19-Dec-1999
Reyes Guadelupe B 29-Dec-1956 15-Sep-1956
Reyes Jenna Alexandra B 23-Jan-1992 26-Aug-1991
Reyes Joe M M 30-Dec-1966 30-Sep-1966
Reyes Jose M, Jr D 29-Jan-1973 22-Aug-1972
Reyes Juan D 6-Apr-1984 1-Apr-1984
Reyes Lizeth M 10-Mar-2007 24-Feb-2007
Reyes Manuel Jr D 27-Jan-2000 6-Jun-2000
Reyes Manuel, Jr D 8-Jun-2000 6-Jun-2000
Reyes Margie Arlene M 23-Jan-1999 21-Jul-1998
Reyes Mark Allen B 26-Jan-1980 2-Apr-1979
Reyes Mayra Isabel M 27-Jan-2000 1-Jul-2000
Reyes Michael Raymond M 30-Dec-1965 16-Jan-1965
Reyes Mirna Angelica M 29-Jan-2000 23-Aug-1999
Reyes Nick C M 30-Dec-1957 12-Jan-1957
Reyes Nickolas Cone M 30-Dec-1969 17-Nov-1969
Reyes Orlando B 17-Jan-1987 19-Jul-1986
Reyes Raul Villagrana M 25-Jan-2003 9-Aug-2002
Reyes Rebecca M 30-Jan-1993 2-Apr-1992
Reyes Reina Alexi B 26-Jan-2002 16-Apr-2001
Reyes Reyden Jesus B 31-Jan-2009 p2f 29-May-2008
Reyes Romon Joseph B 26-Jan-1991 5-Jun-1990
Reyes Tehya Guadalupe B 25-Jan-2003 12-Dec-2002
Reyes Xavier Sincere B 29-Jan-2005 24-Jun-2004
Reyes-Enriquez Anthony Ray B 11-Jul-1997 9-Jul-1997
Reyes-Enriquez Anthony Ray B 24-Jan-1998 9-Jul-1997
Reyes-Laslo Antonia Marie M 30-Jan-2007 22-Jun-2006
Reyhons Judith A M 23-Jan-1988 10-Oct-1987
Reyna Alice Cruz M 28-Jan-2006 3-Feb-2005
Reyna Allia Nachelle B 29-Jan-2005 29-Jan-2004
Reyna Belen M 30-Dec-1936 20-Nov-1936
Reyna Carly Renae B 28-Jan-2006 14-Oct-2005
Reyna Darren Maxamiliano B 26-Jan-2008 p8e 20-Nov-2007
Reyna Elyse Danielle B 31-Jan-2004 5-Jan-2003
Reyna Lenora Jade B 27-Jan-1998 24-Jan-1998
Reyna Mary (Salazar) D 9-Apr-2007 6-Apr-2007
Reyna Odlton B 28-Jan-1984 25-Oct-1983
Reyna Reginold Javier B 29-Jan-2000 11-Aug-1999
Reyna Senora Jade B 23-Jan-1999 24-Jan-1998
Reyna Sylvia Marie B 26-Jan-2002 13-Apr-2001
Reyndolds Anna D 30-Dec-1966 11-Aug-1966
Reyner Arthur Leroy D 17-Apr-2000 14-Apr-2000
Reynolds Aaron D 18-Aug-1922
Reynolds Aaron Jason B 15-Feb-1975 19-Aug-1974
Reynolds Aaron Jason M 28-Jan-1995 15-Oct-1994
Reynolds Abby Michelle B 31-Jan-2004 28-Aug-2003
Reynolds Achilles D 31-Dec-1931 26-Jan-1931
Reynolds Achilles M 2-Nov-1895 7-Nov-1895
Reynolds Adda Lenore D 30-Dec-1957 5-Apr-1957
Reynolds Addie M 1-Jan-1913 1-Oct-1912
Reynolds AH D 30-Dec-1932 29-Jan-1932
Reynolds Alber, Jr D 30-Dec-1936
Reynolds Albert D 30-Dec-1968 14-May-1968
Reynolds Albert L D 23-Jan-1988 30-Oct-1987
Reynolds Alfred D 30-Dec-1937 2-Apr-1937
Reynolds Alice D 30-Dec-1970 7-Jan-1970
Reynolds Angela Renee B 15-Feb-1975 10-Dec-1974
Reynolds Anita Louise M 30-Dec-1965 23-Oct-1965
Reynolds Anita Susan M 26-Jan-1991 9-Nov-1990
Reynolds Ann Elizabeth M 29-Jan-1973 22-Jan-1972
Reynolds Anna Marie M 30-Dec-1870 29-Dec-1870
Reynolds Anthony Clyde B 29-Dec-1950 24-Apr-1950
Reynolds Anthony Craig B 29-Dec-1950 9-May-1950
Reynolds Arthur M 30-Dec-1953 16-May-1953
Reynolds Arthur G D 21-Aug-2007 18-Aug-2007
Reynolds Arthur G M 26-Jan-1980 26-Jan-1979
Reynolds Arthur G M 26-Jan-1980 26-Jan-1979
Reynolds Arthur Gene M 22-Jan-1972 13-Nov-1971
Reynolds Arthur Gene Jr B 29-Dec-1950 5-Oct-1950
Reynolds Barbara Lynn B 30-Dec-1955 5-Apr-1955
Reynolds BD M 11-Nov-1896 11-Nov-1896
Reynolds Belle D 8-Dec-1884
Reynolds Betty Ann D 15-Feb-2001 14-Feb-2001
Reynolds Betty Ann D 26-Jan-2002 14-Feb-2001
Reynolds Betty Jane M 30-Dec-1940 24-Sep-1940
Reynolds Betty Lynne B 30-Dec-1947 17-Jan-1947
Reynolds Boy B 31-Dec-1929 11-Feb-1929
Reynolds Bradley D M 19-Jan-1985 13-May-1984
Reynolds Brian Edward B 29-Dec-1967 30-Aug-1967
Reynolds Britney Joan B 21-Jan-2000 14-Jan-2000
Reynolds Bryan Scott B 15-Feb-1975 11-Jun-1974
Reynolds Bryan Scott M 24-Jan-1998 24-May-1997
Reynolds Bryan Scott M 31-Jan-2009 pg 5f 16-Feb-2008
Reynolds Bryon James D 30-Dec-1968 24-Aug-1968
Reynolds C P M 21-Dec-1905 15-Jul-1905
Reynolds Carl Wayne D 15-Feb-1975 22-May-1974
Reynolds Carol Ann (Evans) D 19-Nov-2007 18-Nov-2007
Reynolds Cecil E D 29-Jan-2005 2-Jan-2004
Reynolds Cecil Eugene B 30-Dec-1933 24-Jul-1933
Reynolds Cecil Maurice D 27-Jan-2000 10-Oct-2000
Reynolds Cecil R D 2-Jan-2004 2-Jan-2004
Reynolds Charles D 17-Nov-1862 4-Nov-1862
Reynolds Charles E M 16-Dec-1909 5-Feb-1909
Reynolds Charles P D 27-Sep-1902
Reynolds Charles W D 13-Feb-1900 12-Feb-1900
Reynolds Charley E M 30-Dec-1941 20-Jan-1941
Reynolds Christopher John B 17-Jan-1987 14-Jan-1986
Reynolds Clara M 11-Jul-1865
Reynolds Clara Rosie D 14-Mar-2008 13-Mar-2008
Reynolds Clara Rosie D 13-Mar-2008 14-Mar-2008
Reynolds Clara Rosie (Kallenberger) D 15-Mar-2008 13-Mar-2008
Reynolds Clara Rosie (Kallenberger) D 13-Mar-2008 15-Mar-2008
Reynolds Clyde M 30-Dec-1939 8-Nov-1939
Reynolds Clyde O D 17-Jan-1987 24-Feb-1986
Reynolds Connor Scott B 11-Mar-1998 5-Mar-1998
Reynolds Connor Scott B 23-Jan-1999 5-Mar-1998
Reynolds Cora D 30-Dec-1954 16-Mar-1954
Reynolds Cora Ruth B 31-Jan-2004 4-Nov-2003
Reynolds Craig Swart D 18-Jan-1986 16-Apr-1985
Reynolds Cyril Rexford D 19-Feb-2001 17-Feb-2001
Reynolds Cyril Rexford D 26-Jan-2002 17-Feb-2001
Reynolds Dallas M 29-Dec-1950 5-Oct-1950
Reynolds Dallas Miller D 22-Jan-1972 28-May-1971
Reynolds David A D 19-Nov-2008 17-Nov-2008
Reynolds David Alan B 30-Dec-1957 25-Sep-1957
Reynolds David Alan D 20-Nov-1997 18-Nov-1997
Reynolds David Alsop D 1-Jan-1908 16-Oct-1907
Reynolds David Alsop D 1-Jan-1908 26-Oct-1907
Reynolds David W M 28-Jan-1978 21-May-1977
Reynolds David Wesley B 30-Dec-1955 29-Aug-1955
Reynolds Debra Deon M 30-Dec-1969 9-Aug-1969
Reynolds Debra Ilene B 29-Dec-1956 9-Jul-1956
Reynolds Debra Sue B 29-Dec-1956 15-Apr-1956
Reynolds Diana D M 30-Jan-1982 5-May-1981
Reynolds Diana D M 19-Jan-1985 20-Jan-1984
Reynolds Diana Dawn B 30-Dec-1964 18-Sep-1964
Reynolds Donald J M 28-Jan-1984 18-Mar-1983
Reynolds Donald J M 19-Jan-1985 8-Sep-1984
Reynolds Donald Lyle B 30-Dec-1937 22-Jun-1937
Reynolds Dorothy A D 30-Dec-1953 18-Mar-1953
Reynolds Douglas D D 23-Aug-1864 20-Aug-1864
Reynolds Dr L, Mrs D 6-Jan-1890
Reynolds E Mrs D 20-Dec-1906 6-Jun-1906
Reynolds Edwin F M 1-Jan-1912 22-Feb-1911
Reynolds Eleanor M 23-Jan-1928
Reynolds Eli D 1-Jan-1912 22-Oct-1911
Reynolds Elizabeth D 1-Jan-1912 22-Dec-1911
Reynolds Elizabeth Ann D 30-Dec-1942 14-Nov-1942
Reynolds Elizabeth Ann D 30-Dec-1942 14-Nov-1942
Reynolds Elizabeth C M 2-Jan-1873 28-Dec-1872
Reynolds Elizabeth R, Mrs M 30-Dec-1953 19-Aug-1953
Reynolds Ella L M 19-Nov-1873 18-Nov-1873
Reynolds Elsie Anna M 8-Dec-1910 9-Mar-1910
Reynolds Emma Estelle D 30-Dec-1943 12-Aug-1943
Reynolds Emma F M 1-Jan-1913 25-May-1912
Reynolds Esther (Beach) D 15-Sep-2008 13-Sep-2008
Reynolds Faye M 30-Dec-1937 3-Nov-1937
Reynolds Florence D 25-Jan-2000 24-Jan-2000
Reynolds Florence I D 27-Jan-2000 24-Jan-2000
Reynolds Frank Kimball D 26-Sep-1864 24-Sep-1864
Reynolds Frank Thomas M 23-Jan-1992 15-Jun-1991
Reynolds Fred Vincent D 17-Dec-1908 31-Jul-1908
Reynolds Frieda A D 23-Jan-1988 15-Jun-1987
Reynolds Gary M D 19-Mar-1998 17-Mar-1998
Reynolds Gary Mark D 23-Jan-1999 17-Mar-1998
Reynolds George A D 30-Dec-1966 1-Apr-1966
Reynolds Georgia Vera M 29-Dec-1938 25-Jun-1938
Reynolds Georgie Estella D 30-Dec-1942 13-Jul-1942
Reynolds Gertrude A M 2-Apr-1894 30-Mar-1894
Reynolds Hanna Elizabeth M 30-Dec-1946 30-Mar-1946
Reynolds Hannah H D 23-Jan-1988 4-Nov-1987
Reynolds Harley D M 18-Jan-1986 7-Sep-1985
Reynolds Harley Dean B 30-Dec-1960 19-Feb-1960
Reynolds Harriet D 29-Jun-1871 29-Jun-1871
Reynolds Hazel D M 31-Dec-1913 26-Nov-1913
Reynolds Henry C M 4-Jun-1869 24-May-1869
Reynolds Hiram D 22-Aug-1867 21-Aug-1867
Reynolds Ida D 30-Dec-1955 2-Aug-1955
Reynolds Ida Mae (Mrs) D 29-Dec-1956 13-Jun-1956
Reynolds Ira N D 30-Dec-1937 12-Feb-1937
Reynolds James M 23-Jul-1866 19-Jul-1866
Reynolds James A D 22-Aug-1995 30-Jul-1995
Reynolds James Elder D 30-Dec-1942 27-Aug-1942
Reynolds James Leroy B 30-Dec-1946 7-Sep-1946
Reynolds James Leroy M 30-Dec-1968 15-Jul-1968
Reynolds James Lyle M 27-Mar-1901 27-Feb-1901
Reynolds James Richard B 30-Dec-1953 16-Sep-1953
Reynolds Jane D 16-Jun-1879 16-Jun-1879
Reynolds Janice E Martin M 29-Jan-1983 29-Oct-1982
Reynolds Jason Michael B 23-Jan-1992 24-Mar-1991
Reynolds JD D 25-Jan-1896
Reynolds Jeannene Kay M 30-Dec-1968 26-Jul-1968
Reynolds Joann B 29-Dec-1938 2-Dec-1938
Reynolds Joanna D 30-Dec-1937 8-Feb-1937
Reynolds Joanna D 30-Dec-1947 8-Feb-1947
Reynolds Joseph D 24-Feb-1891
Reynolds Joseph L D 29-Dec-1950 5-Nov-1950
Reynolds Joyce M 29-Dec-1950 9-Jun-1950
Reynolds Joyce Verlee B 30-Dec-1932 1-May-1932
Reynolds Julie B 31-Jan-1981 14-Feb-1980
Reynolds Justice Hawk B 31-Jan-2009 p3f 27-Aug-2008
Reynolds Katherine Amber B 29-Jan-1994 22-Feb-1993
Reynolds Katherine Marie B 29-Jan-1983 14-Dec-1982
Reynolds Kathy Joan B 30-Dec-1957 7-Mar-1957
Reynolds Laura Harfleigh D 15-Feb-1937 14-Feb-1937
Reynolds Laureen Kay B 30-Dec-1964 17-May-1964
Reynolds Lekeisha Michale B 4-Jul-1996 1-Jul-1996
Reynolds Lettice D 30-Dec-1957 30-Aug-1957
Reynolds Linda K B 30-Dec-1952 3-May-1952
Reynolds Lori D 3-Mar-2008 1-Mar-2008
Reynolds Lori D 1-Mar-2008 3-Mar-2008
Reynolds Lorinda Michaelle B 22-Jan-1972 21-Jul-1971
Reynolds Lorna May B 30-Dec-1935 2-Sep-1935
Reynolds Louise M 30-Dec-1953 16-May-1953
Reynolds Louise Lorraine D 20-Sep-2001 18-Sep-2001
Reynolds Louise Lorraine D 26-Jan-2002 18-Sep-2001
Reynolds Lucille D 17-Jan-1987 30-May-1986
Reynolds Lucy, Mrs M 2-Jun-1865 1-Jun-1865
Reynolds Madalyn Ann B 23-Jan-1988 1-May-1987
Reynolds Madison Ozanne B 27-Jul-2001 17-Jul-2001
Reynolds Mamie E M 1-Jan-1908 13-Aug-1907
Reynolds Margaret Ann D 29-Dec-1944 10-May-1944
Reynolds Mary Ellen M 29-Dec-1938 5-May-1938
Reynolds Maude M 16-Nov-1920
Reynolds Michael Scott B 29-Dec-1962 1-Aug-1962
Reynolds Mindy Sue M 28-Jan-1995 4-Nov-1994
Reynolds Minnie D 28-Dec-1951 31-Jan-1951
Reynolds Myrtle D 30-Dec-1955 21-Dec-1955
Reynolds Myrtle Mae D 4-Mar-1998 2-Mar-1998
Reynolds Nancy M M 13-Sep-1872 13-Sep-1872
Reynolds Nathaniel Brys B 27-Jan-2000 17-Feb-2000
Reynolds Nathaniel Brys B 23-Feb-2000 17-Feb-2000
Reynolds Nellie Lohr D 30-Dec-1941 2-Dec-1941
Reynolds Nellie M M 1-Jan-1913 11-Aug-1912
Reynolds Nicole Diane M 31-Jan-2009 pg 7f 6-Sep-2008
Reynolds Nina D 29-May-1999 27-May-1999
Reynolds O E M 31-Dec-1913 25-Jan-1913
Reynolds Oliver E D 30-Dec-1937 14-Mar-1937
Reynolds Omer D 30-Dec-1946 17-Jul-1946
Reynolds Orin F, Mrs D 30-Dec-1954 26-May-1954
Reynolds Oszetta Bernice M 28-Jan-1920
Reynolds P D 30-Dec-1933 2-Mar-1933
Reynolds Pat D 7-Apr-1881
Reynolds Patricia G D 30-Dec-1964 25-May-1964
Reynolds Paul D 28-Jan-1995 22-Feb-1994
Reynolds Pauline M 30-Dec-1942 7-Jan-1942
Reynolds Pauline Mabel M 30-Dec-1942 8-Feb-1942
Reynolds Polly D 12-Jan-1900 11-Jan-1900
Reynolds Ralph M 29-Dec-1938 7-Jan-1938
Reynolds Ralph W D 26-Jan-1991 28-Nov-1990
Reynolds Randy Ray B 30-Dec-1964 21-Feb-1964
Reynolds Raphael M 8-Dec-1910 18-Feb-1910
Reynolds Richard Lauren B 30-Dec-1947 12-Sep-1947
Reynolds Richard Lauren B 12 Sep `947
Reynolds Richard R M 28-Jan-1984 3-Jun-1983
Reynolds Richard Robert B 30-Dec-1953 31-Mar-1953
Reynolds Richard W D 28-Jan-1984 21-Dec-1983
Reynolds Richard Wayne B 30-Dec-1932 2-Jul-1932
Reynolds Richard Wayne M 30-Dec-1955 6-Sep-1955
Reynolds Robert M 7-Dec-1922
Reynolds Robert J D 19-Dec-2003 18-Dec-2003
Reynolds Robert M D 29-Dec-1956 22-Jul-1956
Reynolds Rodney J M 28-Jan-1978 29-Apr-1977
Reynolds Rodney John B 28-Dec-1951 1-Feb-1951
Reynolds Rodney Keith B 30-Dec-1963 30-Jan-1963
Reynolds Ronald R M 30-Dec-1953 28-Mar-1953
Reynolds Ross M 9-Jan-1903 8-Jan-1903
Reynolds Ruby M 30-Dec-1933 2-Sep-1933
Reynolds Russell Edward B 30-Dec-1948 27-Oct-1948
Reynolds Scarlet Dawn B 30-Dec-1948 16-Sep-1948
Reynolds Sheila Fae B 30-Dec-1954 15-Jan-1954
Reynolds Sheldon D M 25-Oct-1895 24-Oct-1895
Reynolds Shelley E M 30-Jan-1982 2-May-1981
Reynolds Shelley Elizabeth B 29-Dec-1961 12-Jun-1961
Reynolds Son B 29-Jan-1973 28-Mar-1972
Reynolds Son B 29-Jan-1973 12-May-1972
Reynolds Sophia Marie D 12-May-1997 11-May-1997
Reynolds Stephanie Ann B 30-Dec-1969 8-Dec-1969
Reynolds Stepven James B 22-Jan-1972 15-May-1971
Reynolds Steven Austin B 30-May-1998 23-May-1998
Reynolds Steven Austin B 23-Jan-1999 23-May-1998
Reynolds Taylor Rae B 15-May-1999 8-May-1999
Reynolds Taylor Rae B 29-Jan-2000 8-May-1999
Reynolds Teddy Alan B 30-Dec-1955 9-Aug-1955
Reynolds Teddy Alan Jr M 28-Jan-1995 20-Aug-1994
Reynolds Teddy Alan Jr M 31-Jan-2009 pg 6f 7-Jun-2008
Reynolds Teresa Renee B 29-Dec-1961 16-Feb-1961
Reynolds Terry M M 29-Jan-1983 11-Sep-1982
Reynolds Theresa J M 26-Jan-1980 1-Nov-1979
Reynolds Theresa J M 26-Jan-1980 1-Nov-1979
Reynolds Theresa Joy B 29-Dec-1962 15-Oct-1962
Reynolds Theresa Joy B 29-Dec-1962 15-Oct-1962
Reynolds Thomas Corwin D 30-Dec-1946 23-Aug-1946
Reynolds Tia Marie B 15-Mar-1995 7-Mar-1995
Reynolds Vincent D 1-Jan-1912 22-Aug-1911
Reynolds Walter E D 30-Jan-1982 26-Jun-1981
Reynolds Warren D 29-Jan-1973 16-May-1972
Reynolds Wayne D 10-Dec-1920
Reynolds Wendy Gale B 30-Dec-1966 18-Apr-1966
Reynolds Wm M 11-Nov-1854 7-Nov-1853
Reynolds Wm M 3-May-1866 3-May-1866
Reynolds Wm C M 1-Oct-1872 9-Sep-1872
Reynolds Arthur G M 30-Jan-1982 20-Nov-1981
Reynolds Charles Eugene D 30-Dec-1949 22-Feb-1949
Reynolds Clyde Oliver M 28-Dec-1945 3-Nov-1945
Reynolds Jeannene Kay B 30-Dec-1949 28-Jul-1949
Reynolds Jennie B D 30-Jan-1982 25-Apr-1981
Reynolds Nola M 17-Dec-1908 28-Feb-1908
Reynolds Pearl E M 17-Dec-1908 15-Feb-1908
Reynolds Robert J D 31-Jan-2004 18-Dec-2003
Reynolds Russell O M 29-Dec-1938 28-May-1938
Reynolds-Clester Taelyn Renae B 26-Jan-2008 p8e 9-Aug-2007
Reynoso Juan Gabriel M 31-Jan-2004 24-Nov-2003
Reynoso Lucia Munoz D 25-Jan-2003 20-Jan-2002
Reys Lucha M 28-Jan-1979
Reznicek Anna M 30-Dec-1916 11-Oct-1916
Reznicek Benjamin James B 28-Jul-1998 24-Jul-1998
Reznicek Benjamin James B 23-Jan-1999 24-Jul-1998
Rhanor Mildred Odetta M 30-Dec-1933 25-Dec-1933
Rhimer Denette Claudine M 24-Jan-1998 7-Apr-1997
Rhinehart Dianne M 29-Jan-1973 21-Aug-1972
Rhoad Son B 3-Dec-1884
Rhoades Fred Howard D 30-Dec-1936
Rhoades Vera M 29-Dec-1938 7-Jun-1938
Rhoads Alma Ellen M 30-Dec-1935 27-Nov-1935
Rhoads Benjamin F D 30-Dec-1947 17-Mar-1947
Rhoads BF, Mrs D 27-Jun-1922
Rhoads Etta M D 30-Dec-1960 25-Feb-1960
Rhoads Karen Marie M 28-Jan-2006 28-May-2005
Rhoads William A D 30-Dec-1948 5-Feb-1948
Rhode Daughter B 29-Jan-1973 10-Mar-1972
Rhode Hannah D 21-Dec-1905 14-Apr-1905
Rhode Herman William D 29-Dec-1962 27-Jan-1962
Rhode Jacquelin M 29-Dec-1961 22-Jul-1961
Rhode Margo Jean B 30-Dec-1954 10-Jan-1954
Rhode Marion David D 30-Dec-1969 17-Mar-1969
Rhode Mary D 21-Dec-1905 12-May-1905
Rhode Minnie M 21-Dec-1905 4-Oct-1905
Rhode Richard D 28-Jul-1997 28-Jul-1997
Rhode Susan Lynn B 30-Dec-1965 19-Oct-1965
Rhode Richard D 24-Jan-1998 28-Jul-1997
Rhoders Joseph L,Jr B 19-Jan-1985 12-Apr-1984
Rhodes Amber Marie B 28-Jan-1984 17-Aug-1983
Rhodes Angela Sue M 20-Mar-2006 3-Mar-2006
Rhodes Angela Sue M 30-Jan-2007 3-Mar-2006
Rhodes Angie Berntheisel D 7-Feb-1928 6-Feb-1928
Rhodes Bud Ray Jr B 29-Dec-1967 16-Jul-1967
Rhodes Caroline D 24-Nov-1904 20-Jan-1904
Rhodes Charles D 26-Jun-1998 24-Jun-1998
Rhodes Charles Harry B 30-Dec-1947 23-Oct-1947
Rhodes Charles Harry D 30-Dec-1940 19-Sep-1940
Rhodes Chester H M 19-Jan-1985 10-Apr-1984
Rhodes Chester H M 28-Jan-1979
Rhodes Chester Harold B 28-Dec-1951 12-Apr-1951
Rhodes Chester Harold D 23-Jan-1992 3-Nov-1991
Rhodes Clark E M 1-Jan-1908 1-Jun-1907
Rhodes Clifford R M 30-Dec-1955 16-Jul-1955
Rhodes Clifford Ray D 24-Jan-1998 7-Oct-1997
Rhodes Clifford Ray, Sr D 8-Oct-1997 7-Oct-1997
Rhodes Clifford Roy Jr B 29-Dec-1967 21-Jul-1967
Rhodes Deborah Lynn M 23-Jan-1992 14-Jun-1991
Rhodes Delbert Orin D 21-Jun-1881 13-Jun-1881
Rhodes Denise Louise B 30-Dec-1969 4-Feb-1969
Rhodes Dennis Dean B 30-Dec-1953 7-Nov-1953
Rhodes Derrick Dodd B 29-Dec-1962 18-Feb-1962
Rhodes Destany Hope M 24-Jan-1998 17-May-1997
Rhodes Dorothy Evelyn B 29-Dec-1956 23-Sep-1956
Rhodes Draydon Lee B 20-Jun-2008 p5a 4-Jun-2008
Rhodes Erika L B 19-Jan-1985 31-May-1984
Rhodes Erika Lynn M 29-Jan-2005 4-Mar-2004
Rhodes Floyd K D 30-Jan-1993 4-Feb-1992
Rhodes Glen D 4-Nov-2003 3-Nov-2003
Rhodes Glen Arthur D 31-Jan-2004 3-Nov-2003
Rhodes Glenn Arthur, Jr B 26-Jan-1980 15-Nov-1979
Rhodes Hattie D 29-Jan-1973 29-Feb-1972
Rhodes Howard Dean M 30-Dec-1952 11-Oct-1952
Rhodes James A D 20-Jul-1987
Rhodes James Mrs D 17-Dec-1903 27-Mar-1903
Rhodes James, Mrs D 28-Mar-1903 27-Mar-1903
Rhodes Jeffy S M 29-Jan-1983 4-Dec-1982
Rhodes Jessie B D 30-Dec-1932 9-Oct-1932
Rhodes John C M 29-Jan-1983 3-Aug-1982
Rhodes Joseph L M 28-Jan-1984 19-Feb-1983
Rhodes Joseph Lee B 30-Dec-1947 17-Feb-1947
Rhodes Joseph Lee Jr M 30-Jan-2007 16-Sep-2006
Rhodes Julie A M 23-Jan-1988 29-Aug-1987
Rhodes LC M 30-Dec-1936 2-Sep-1936
Rhodes Lewis Cole D 30-Dec-1941 7-Apr-1941
Rhodes Linda M D 28-Jan-1984 2-Sep-1983
Rhodes Lucille D 21-Aug-1972
Rhodes Mae M 23-Jan-1901 2-Jan-1901
Rhodes Margo J M 28-Jan-1984 30-Apr-1983
Rhodes Marguerite Leora M 30-Dec-1936 31-Jan-1936
Rhodes Marion M 30-Dec-1953 9-May-1953
Rhodes Marion Irene B 30-Dec-1953 11-Aug-1953
Rhodes Melody L M 18-Jan-1986 7-Dec-1985
Rhodes Nancy D 24-Jan-1890
Rhodes Nathaniel H D 16-Feb-1906
Rhodes Odetta E M 30-Dec-1946 2-Aug-1946
Rhodes Oscar A D 29-Jan-1994 18-Oct-1993
Rhodes Pamela Lynn B 30-Dec-1953 16-Jun-1953
Rhodes Pamela S M 28-Jan-1978 7-Apr-1977
Rhodes Patricia Evonne B 30-Dec-1954 4-Nov-1954
Rhodes Paul Roberts B 29-Dec-1961 10-May-1961
Rhodes Perry Allen B 29-Dec-1956 17-Nov-1956
Rhodes Phyllis D 25-Jan-2003 26-Sep-2002
Rhodes Phyllis K Barry D 27-Sep-2002 26-Sep-2002
Rhodes R H D 20-Dec-1906 16-Feb-1906
Rhodes Rhonda Renee B 30-Dec-1953 25-Jun-1953
Rhodes Roger M 30-Dec-1952 3-Jul-1952
Rhodes Roger Allen D 7-Apr-2007 3-Apr-2007
Rhodes Ruth M 30-Dec-1952 26-Jul-1952
Rhodes Sherri Lynn B 30-Dec-1966 15-May-1966
Rhodes Steven Aaron Jr M 23-Jan-1999 14-Feb-1998
Rhodes Steven Michael B 13-Aug-1996 5-Aug-1996
Rhodes Terrie Lynn M 29-Jan-1994 4-Jun-1993
Rhodes Thomas N D 13-Aug-1924
Rhodes Trudy Rae B 29-Dec-1961 17-Feb-1961
Rhodes Trudy Rae M 17-Jan-1987 3-May-1986
Rhodes Truman D 5-Aug-1999 4-Aug-1999
Rhodes Truman D 29-Jan-2000 4-Aug-1999
Rhodes Vickie Marlene B 29-Dec-1956 21-Apr-1956
Rhodes Vickie Marlene M 31-Jan-1976 7-Jun-1975
Rhodes Victoria Rae D 30-Jan-1993 16-Jan-1992
Rhodes Virginia Mae B 30-Dec-1954 28-Jul-1954
Rhodes William A M 1-Jan-1908 7-Aug-1907
Rhody Janet Kathryn B 30-Dec-1939 14-Feb-1939
Rhone Christopher Charles M 23-Jan-1999 15-Dec-1998
Rhone Connor MacLeod B 27-Jan-2000 19-Oct-2000
Rhone Connor MacLeod B 26-Oct-2000 19-Oct-2000
Rhone Loki Marduk B 28-Jun-2003 18-Jun-2003
Rhone Lokl Marduk B 31-Jan-2004 18-Jun-2003
Rhud Stephen Douglas M 31-Jan-1976 7-Mar-1975
Rhude Carol Lynn M 22-Jan-1972 6-Mar-1971
Rhum Josephine D 1-Jan-1912 23-Sep-1911
Rhum Josephine D 1-Jan-1912 23-Sep-1911
Rhum Maggie D 1-Jan-1912 23-Sep-1911
Rhyner Margaret Swift D 6-Feb-1928 4-Feb-1928
Rhyner Mary E M 16-Mar-1892
Ribak Frank, Jr D 16-Dec-1909 11-Apr-1909
Ribak John M 2-May-1888
Ribak John Ferdinand D 30-Dec-1947 2-Jan-1947
Ribak Mary D 4-Oct-1897 2-Oct-1897
Ribak Rose D 1-Jan-1908 25-Sep-1907
Ribak Rose D 1-Jan-1908 25-Sep-1907
Ribar Deborah G M 20-Feb-2003 14-Feb-1903
Ribar Deborah Gail M 31-Jan-2004 14-Feb-2003
Ribbink Abraham D 9-Apr-1900 8-Apr-1900
Ribbink Anna D 30-Dec-1957 23-Feb-1957
Ribbink Anna M 30-Dec-1936 31-Mar-1936
Ribbink Anna M 4-Oct-1900 4-Oct-1900
Ribbink Anna Mrs D 30-Dec-1948 10-Oct-1948
Ribbink Darrah Reese B 29-Jan-2005 27-Oct-2004
Ribbink Drayven Warrick B 26-Jan-2002 23-Oct-2001
Ribbink Edward D 30-Dec-1949 18-May-1949
Ribbink Henry J M 3-Dec-1897 1-Dec-1897
Ribbink Jane Leah M 23-Jan-1999 18-Jul-1998
Ribbink Jennie M 23-Aug-1877 22-Aug-1877
Ribbink Jerry M 30-Dec-1968 9-Mar-1968
Ribbink Jessie M 28-Jan-1995 17-Dec-1994
Ribbink John H D 17-Aug-1894 17-Aug-1894
Ribbink Joleen Marie B 28-Jan-1978 10-Nov-1977
Ribbink Julie Ann B 22-Jan-1972 5-Nov-1971
Ribbink Julie Ann M 26-Jan-1991 5-Nov-1990
Ribbink Kirsten Beverly M 26-Jan-2008 p5f 29-Sep-2007
Ribbink Kord Raymond B 26-Jan-2002 23-Oct-2001
Ribbink Kristen Beverly B 18-Jan-1986 20-Feb-1985
Ribbink Larry M 30-Dec-1970 6-Feb-1970
Ribbink Larry M 29-Jan-2000 25-Apr-1999
Ribbink Lee Raymond M 15-Oct-2003 19-Sep-2003
Ribbink Lee Raymond M 31-Jan-2004 19-Sep-2003
Ribbink Lizzie M 27-Feb-1891 2-Mar-1891
Ribbink Louisa M 26-May-1881 25-May-1881
Ribbink Mary D 1-Jan-1912 25-Mar-1911
Ribbink Mary Elizabeth B 9-Jul-1996 4-Jul-1996
Ribbink Mary Jo D 17-Jul-1995 16-Jul-1995
Ribbink Minnie M 5-Feb-1885 4-Feb-1885
Ribbink Mya Anne B 10-Aug-1999 30-Jul-1999
Ribbink Mya Anne B 29-Jan-2000 30-Jul-1999
Ribbink Raymond Earl B 30-Dec-1946 29-Oct-1946
Ribbink Raymond Earl M 30-Dec-1969 6-Jun-1969
Ribbink Robert A D 16-Nov-1995 15-Nov-1995
Ribbink Robert Addison B 23-Jan-1999 4-Sep-1998
Ribbink Robert E D 29-Jan-1994 15-Sep-1993
Ribbink Robert E M 18-Jan-1986 23-Mar-1985
Ribbink Sylvia May M 8-Dec-1910 19-Feb-1910
Ribbink Traci Joanne B 28-Jan-1978 11-Oct-1977
Ribbink Traci Joanne M 23-Jan-1999 1-Apr-1998
Ribbink Violet M 4-Aug-1920
Ribbink Warren Scott M 23-Jan-1999 31-Jul-1998
Ribbink William D 30-Dec-1932 10-Feb-1932
Ribbink William M 4-Dec-1922
Riberts Christine Stephenie B 30-Dec-1965 20-Jan-1965
Ribler Jacob M 10-Apr-1852 6-Apr-1852
Rice Albert D 22-Feb-1899 21-Feb-1899
Rice Albert M 1-Oct-1880 7-Sep-1880
Rice Alice M 15-Nov-1877 11-Nov-1877
Rice Amy Alsadie D 30-Dec-1960 14-Nov-1960
Rice Arthur Ray B 30-Dec-1940 9-Apr-1940
Rice Benjamin Colton B 29-Jan-2000 17-Jun-1999
Rice Carrie M M 8-Sep-1887 7-Sep-1887
Rice Charles T D 25-Jan-1984 25-Jan-1984
Rice Clarence Carl D 30-Dec-1964 19-Nov-1964
Rice Clifford E D 29-Dec-1934 23-Oct-1934
Rice Cora M 18-Jan-1894 16-Jan-1894
Rice Dail E M 26-Jan-1980 23-Feb-1979
Rice Dail E M 26-Jan-1980 23-Feb-1979
Rice Douglas R M 7-Jun-1997 3-May-1997
Rice Douglas Ralph M 24-Jan-1998 3-May-1997
Rice Elizabeth D 30-Dec-1893 30-Dec-1893
Rice Elizabeth M 2-Jan-1867 31-dec-1866
Rice Emily Marie B 4-Sep-1996
Rice Emma L D 8-Feb-1902 7-Feb-1902
Rice Emma T D 29-Dec-1967 29-Aug-1967
Rice Esther Marie B 18-Jan-1986 19-Feb-1985
Rice Frank W D 19-Sep-1887
Rice Harriett Rebecca D 30-Dec-1936
Rice Harriett Stupp D 21-Dec-1905 14-Aug-1905
Rice Helen Louise D 29-Jan-1973 18-Feb-1972
Rice Howard L M 24-Feb-1898
Rice J R D 1-Jan-1908 18-Sep-1907
Rice James Herchel D 30-Dec-1968 9-Sep-1968
Rice Jason Donald M 31-Jan-2009 pg 7f 27-Sep-2008
Rice Jennie E D 30-Dec-1937 12-Jun-1937
Rice Jennifer L B 19-Jan-1985 22-Sep-1984
Rice Jolene Renee M 23-Jan-1992 20-Apr-1991
Rice Josie M 30-Nov-1895 27-Nov-1895
Rice JR D 1-Jan-1908 18-Sep-1907
Rice Judith Ann B 30-Dec-1943 1-Aug-1943
Rice Kimberly Rae D 24-Oct-1996 21-Oct-1996
Rice Madelyn Nicole B 25-Sep-2002 6-Sep-2002
Rice Madelyn Nicole B 25-Jan-2003 6-Sep-2002
Rice Mary Anna D 7-Jul-1890
Rice Mary Annie B 29-Dec-1944 9-Aug-1944
Rice Mary Elizabeth M 29-Dec-1938 8-Apr-1938
Rice Mary Elsie D 17-Apr-1900 14-Apr-1900
Rice Maryland V D 28-Jul-2003 26-Jul-2003
Rice Maryland Virginia D 31-Jan-2004 26-Jul-2003
Rice Mayclair G D 16-Dec-1909 1-Nov-1909
Rice Milton D 8-Dec-1910 29-Aug-1910
Rice Nicholas Sterling B 7-Mar-1998 1-Mar-1998
Rice Nicholas Sterling B 23-Jan-1999 1-Mar-1998
Rice Raze B M 30-Dec-1954 9-Apr-1954
Rice Regetta Marie D 30-Dec-1965 22-Jan-1965
Rice Rhythm Christopher B 2-Apr-1998 30-Mar-1998
Rice Robert E D 29-Jan-1973 15-Aug-1972
Rice Shelly Jean M 17-Jan-1987 11-Apr-1986
Rice Wilson D 30-Dec-1939 27-Sep-1939
Rice Wilson M 5-Mar-1891 4-Mar-1891
Riceman Ronda L M 30-Dec-1940 17-Jul-1940
Rich Donald M 30-Dec-1940 2-Nov-1940
Rich James Lee B 30-Dec-1954 19-Sep-1954
Rich Roletta M 30-Dec-1941 12-Jan-1941
Richard Cheryl Marie B 30-Dec-1970 4-Jan-1970
Richard Chester A D 29-Jan-1983 10-Sep-1982
Richard Clarence William D 27-Feb-1928 26-Feb-1928
Richard Edna Ivy D 30-Dec-1965 13-Apr-1965
Richard Ida Mae M 30-Dec-1946 31-Aug-1946
Richard Mary Ann B 30-Dec-1936
Richard Mary Buthmen D 17-Dec-1908 25-Oct-1908
Richard Mary Eloise D 28-Jan-2006 12-Nov-2005
Richard Phyliss Carol B 30-Dec-1939 16-Jun-1939
Richard Ruth D 30-Dec-1969 22-Aug-1969
Richard Albert L M 20-Dec-1906 15-Oct-1906
Richard Charles Erdman D 30-Dec-1941 25-Jun-1941
Richard Mary Ann M 29-Dec-1961 5-Jan-1961
Richards Adalade M 27-Jan-1854 19-Jan-1854
Richards Albert L D 30-Dec-1963 16-Feb-1963
Richards Albert Lee M 29-Dec-1934 21-Oct-1934
Richards Amanda M 12-Feb-1869
Richards Anna Jane D 7-Apr-1881 24-Mar-1881
Richards Anna Magdaline D 29-Dec-1961 17-Feb-1961
Richards Ardella M 9-Nov-1892 8-Nov-1892
Richards Beth Ann B 30-Dec-1948 13-Apr-1948
Richards Catherine M 17-Nov-1873 17-Nov-1873
Richards CG M 15-Mar-1895 7-Mar-1895
Richards Christiana M M 1-Jul-1871 26-Jun-1871
Richards Clara M 30-Dec-1940 27-Mar-1940
Richards Clarence R D 29-Dec-1944 13-Jun-1944
Richards Clarence W M 1-Jan-1913 6-Jun-1912
Richards Connie M M 30-Jan-1982 6-Mar-1981
Richards Cynthia Sue B 30-Dec-1946 18-Jul-1946
Richards Daniel Moore B 29-Dec-1944 31-May-1944
Richards Daughter B 29-Jan-1973 12-Jan-1972
Richards Daughter B 31-Dec-1880
Richards Delbert Leo M 29-Dec-1961 8-Apr-1961
Richards Devolue M 4-Jan-1868 31-Dec-1867
Richards Dixie Lee B 29-Dec-1938 7-Feb-1938
Richards Donald Morris D 22-Jan-1972 29-Oct-1971
Richards Dorothy M M 30-Dec-1933 24-Sep-1933
Richards Duane George D 4-Jul-2000 3-Jul-2000
Richards Edith M M 1-Jan-1913 3-Apr-1912
Richards Edna D 22-Jan-1972 13-Jan-1971
Richards Elmer W M 30-Dec-1953 3-Nov-1953
Richards Emma M M 1-Jan-1913 30-Oct-1912
Richards Ethel D 4-Jan-1972 2-Jan-1972
Richards Evelyn Louise D 29-Jan-1994 15-Sep-1993
Richards Everett M D 18-Jan-1986 2-Jan-1985
Richards F A M 17-Dec-1908 28-Oct-1908
Richards Francis A D 30-Dec-1933 19-Oct-1933
Richards G W D 1-Jan-1908 24-Mar-1907
Richards Gene F M 18-Jan-1986 10-Aug-1985
Richards Gene Farris M 22-Jan-1972 20-Mar-1971
Richards Glenn D 18-Jan-1986 11-Dec-1985
Richards Helen E M 1-Jan-1913 3-Jul-1912
Richards Herbert D 29-Dec-1938 22-Aug-1938
Richards Jerald P B 29-Dec-1950 21-Aug-1950
Richards John D 1-Dec-1997 30-Nov-1997
Richards John D M 16-Apr-1864 14-Apr-1864
Richards Lee L D 29-Dec-1938 6-Apr-1938
Richards Lee L Mrs D 30-Dec-1939 14-Aug-1939
Richards Lewis R M 29-Sep-1876 29-Sep-1876
Richards Lewyn C M 30-Dec-1952 11-Sep-1952
Richards Lillian D 30-Dec-1936
Richards Mabel Bell D 28-Jan-1978 1-Dec-1977
Richards Margaret M 21-Sep-1895
Richards Mary Mrs D 3-Jan-1924
Richards Megan Danielle M 29-Jan-2005 11-Dec-2004
Richards Michelle Marie M 19-Mar-1996 18-Nov-1995
Richards Minnie C M 30-Jul-1897
Richards Nellie E M 17-Jan-1893 16-Jan-1893
Richards Nichole Arlien M 8-Dec-1999 6-Nov-1999
Richards Nichole Arliene M 23-Jan-1992 13-Jul-1991
Richards Reuphena M 30-Dec-1936 23-Apr-1936
Richards Richard M 23-Mar-1864 21-Mar-1864
Richards Robert D 30-Dec-1955 19-Oct-1955
Richards Robert M 31-Dec-1930 11-Oct-1930
Richards Robert James B 30-Dec-1936
Richards Rudolf D 1-Nov-1869 1-Nov-1869
Richards Ruth D 31-Jan-1981 31-Oct-1980
Richards Scott Hugh B 30-Dec-1953 17-Sep-1953
Richards Son B 24-Feb-1898
Richards Stella M 26-Jan-1929
Richards Tabitha T M 1-Nov-1869 24-Oct-1869
Richards Ted Eugene B 30-Dec-1952 27-Oct-1952
Richards Thomas D 25-May-1898 24-May-1898
Richards Vickie Elaine M 25-Jan-2003 22-Feb-2002
Richards Walter William D 28-Dec-1945 24-Feb-1945
Richards William C D 1-Jan-1912 15-Mar-1911
Richards William Charles D 1-Jan-1912 16-Mar-1911
Richards William G M 1-Jan-1913 19-Jun-1912
Richards Dorothea Stiehl D 28-Dec-1951 18-May-1951
Richards Geoffrey Milton B 28-Dec-1951 24-Jul-1951
Richards Jacqueline Robin M 29-Jan-2000 17-Apr-1999
Richards John Mark D 28-Dec-1951 24-Jul-1951
Richards John T "Jack" D 24-Jan-1998 30-Nov-1997
Richards Leota H M 30-Dec-1954 27-Mar-1954
Richards Carlton M M 1-Jan-1912 25-Oct-1911
Richards Harry M D 30-Dec-1949 28-Apr-1949
Richards Janice Lea M 30-Dec-1953 14-Aug-1953
Richards Lance Geoffrey M 30-Jan-2007 19-Aug-2006
Richards Thomas Noah B 31-Jan-1976 13-Apr-1975
Richardson Amanda Jean B 29-Jan-1994 15-Feb-1993
Richardson Anita M 30-Dec-1946 16-Feb-1946
Richardson Anna Martha D 30-Dec-1936
Richardson Barbara Anne B 29-Dec-1944 4-Jun-1944
Richardson Barbara Anne D 29-Dec-1944 19-Jun-1944
Richardson Barbara Jean B 30-Dec-1949 17-Jan-1949
Richardson Barbara Lee B 26-Jan-1980 17-Dec-1979
Richardson Barry Keith Jr M 30-Jan-2007 22-Apr-2006
Richardson Benjamin D 14-Sep-1920
Richardson Bessie M 1-Jan-1913 25-Sep-1912
Richardson Beth E M 28-Jan-1978 2-Sep-1977
Richardson Bill M 29-Dec-1938 10-Dec-1938
Richardson Boy B 31-Dec-1913 4-Apr-1913
Richardson Brenda Lee M 30-Jan-2007 30-Sep-2006
Richardson Bruce D M 30-Dec-1946 7-Jan-1946
Richardson Cary S M 30-Jan-1982 6-Nov-1981
Richardson Cary Scott B 29-Dec-1961 30-Nov-1961
Richardson Clara Ellen D 28-Jan-1995 29-Dec-1994
Richardson Clara Rose M 30-Dec-1937 15-Sep-1937
Richardson Clarence F D 30-Dec-1943 13-Aug-1943
Richardson Clarence H M 1-Jan-1913 12-Sep-1912
Richardson Claude Bedford D 30-Jun-1922
Richardson Claude E M 31-Dec-1913 3-Dec-1913
Richardson Clayton M D 23-Jan-1988 22-Jun-1987
Richardson Clifford J D 29-Dec-1956 16-Apr-1956
Richardson Dakota William B 30-Dec-1995 27-Dec-1995
Richardson Dana Sue B 30-Dec-1966 7-Mar-1966
Richardson Darin Michael B 30-Dec-1966 17-Apr-1966
Richardson Daryl A M 19-Jan-1985 10-Dec-1984
Richardson David Nelson D 9-Jul-1898
Richardson Deborah Kay B 30-Dec-1952 22-Jan-1952
Richardson Deborah Kay D 30-Dec-1954 25-Mar-1954
Richardson Destiny Lynn M 30-Jan-2007 20-Aug-2006
Richardson Dorothy Jean M 29-Dec-1956 9-Mar-1956
Richardson Dwain M 30-Dec-1937 22-Sep-1937
Richardson Edna V D 30-Aug-1999 26-Aug-1999
Richardson Edna V D 29-Jan-2000 26-Aug-1999
Richardson Edward D 12-Aug-1854
Richardson Eliza Ann D 17-Mar-1892
Richardson Elizabeth Lea B 17-Sep-2001 8-Sep-2001
Richardson Elizabeth Lea B 26-Jan-2002 8-Sep-2001
Richardson Emma M 5-Jan-1870 30-Dec-1869
Richardson Frank L D 6-Mar-1984 26-Feb-1984
Richardson Frederick A M 30-Dec-1943 27-Jun-1943
Richardson Gary Lee M 22-Jan-1972 16-Dec-1971
Richardson George A D 7-Sep-1895 6-Sep-1895
Richardson Glenn T D 9-Apr-1984 8-Apr-1984
Richardson Grace S M 10-Feb-1897 9-Feb-1897
Richardson Harriet L D 31-Dec-1931 26-Feb-1931
Richardson Harry John M 29-Dec-1938 2-Jul-1938
Richardson Hazel B D 26-Jan-1980 18-Oct-1979
Richardson Hazel Hortense M 29-Dec-1938 16-Sep-1938
Richardson Helen Louise D 22-Jan-1994 21-Jan-1994
Richardson Helen Louise D 28-Jan-1995 21-Jan-1994
Richardson Hermina M 1-Jan-1912 2-Aug-1911
Richardson Holly Lynn D 4-Jan-1985
Richardson J Wm M 1-Mar-1881 15-Feb-1881
Richardson James Bud B 30-Dec-1936
Richardson James C M 30-Dec-1946 16-Feb-1946
Richardson James H M 30-Dec-1954 6-Nov-1954
Richardson James W M 31-Dec-1913 12-Jun-1913
Richardson Jane M 8-Oct-1869 5-Sep-1869
Richardson Janet L M 23-Jan-1988 18-Dec-1987
Richardson Jason D 31-Jan-1976 23-Jan-1975
Richardson Jeannie D 24-Feb-1999 23-Feb-1999
Richardson Jennifer Lynn M 27-Jan-2000 17-Oct-2000
Richardson Jessica Lynne B 26-Jan-1991 4-Mar-1990
Richardson Jill Amy M 29-Jan-2000 23-Mar-1999
Richardson John D 23-Jan-1903 22-Jan-1903
Richardson John W D 30-Dec-1960 3-Apr-1960
Richardson John William B 30-Dec-1937 6-Aug-1937
Richardson Jon D 17-Dec-2003 14-Dec-2003
Richardson Jonathan Robert B 31-Jan-1976 12-Mar-1975
Richardson Jonathan Robert M 23-Jan-1999 14-Feb-1998
Richardson Joseph D 2-Sep-1869 2-Sep-1869
Richardson Joseph W D 4-Mar-1865 27-Feb-1865
Richardson Joshua M 23-Oct-1871 17-Oct-1871
Richardson Kenneth D D 23-Jan-1992 7-Feb-1991
Richardson Kenneth Everett M 30-Dec-1937 20-Jul-1937
Richardson Kristen Kae B 29-Dec-1967 14-Aug-1967
Richardson Larry Dean B 30-Dec-1943 29-Jan-1943
Richardson Larry Dean M 29-Jan-1994 28-Jul-1993
Richardson Larry Dean M 29-Jan-2005 11-Dec-2004
Richardson Larry James B 30-Dec-1942 10-Mar-1942
Richardson Larry Wayne M 30-Dec-1965 14-Feb-1965
Richardson Lawrence W M 28-Jan-1984 1-Jul-1983
Richardson Leota Ann M 30-Dec-1939 15-Nov-1939
Richardson Lou Ann B 30-Dec-1953 11-Jun-1953
Richardson Lucille E D 26-Jan-1980 3-Jan-1979
Richardson Marie D 27-Sep-1883 23-Sep-1883
Richardson Marie Mecklenberg D 26-Jun-2001 12-Mar-2001
Richardson Martha A M 20-dec-1867 19-Dec-1867
Richardson Marvina C M 23-Jan-1988 24-Jul-1987
Richardson Mary M 2-Jun-1868
Richardson Mary E M 18-May-1867 16-May 1867
Richardson Matthew Lawrence B 20-Jan-2005 14-Jan-2005
Richardson Michael Duane B 28-Dec-1951 11-Jan-1951
Richardson Michelle Diane B 30-Dec-1964 11-Oct-1964
Richardson Mildred M 30-Dec-1936 17-May-1936
Richardson Minnie H (Miss) M 20-Dec-1906 16-Oct-1906
Richardson Nellie Eva D 29-Dec-1944 11-Sep-1944
Richardson Ollie B M 1-Jan-1908 6-Aug-1907
Richardson Pamela Jean M 29-Jan-2000 3-Dec-1999
Richardson Patricia Lynn M 26-Jan-2002 30-Jun-2001
Richardson Patsy Jean B 30-Dec-1940 11-Mar-1940
Richardson Peggy Jean M 26-Jan-2002 26-May-2001
Richardson Peggy Sue M 31-Jan-2004 18-Oct-2003
Richardson Rachel D 7-Oct-1863 2-Oct-1863
Richardson Rebecca Jane D 30-Dec-1941 5-Mar-1941
Richardson Richard Donald B 29-Dec-1934 9-Oct-1934
Richardson Robert Eugene B 30-Dec-1946 4-Aug-1946
Richardson Robert Eugene M 30-Jan-1993 15-May-1992
Richardson Roger D D 25-Sep-2008 23-Sep-2008
Richardson Roger D D 27-Sep-2008 23-Sep-2008
Richardson Roger Dale M 31-Jan-1976 21-Jun-1975
Richardson Ronald James B 30-Dec-1936
Richardson Ruth D 29-Jan-1973 14-Jul-1972
Richardson S Estella D 5-May-1997 4-May-1997
Richardson S Estella D 24-Jan-1998 4-May-1997
Richardson SE, Mrs M 4-Nov-1874 3-Nov-1874
Richardson Sharon Kay B 30-Dec-1949 7-Sep-1949
Richardson Sharon Kay M 30-Dec-1968 20-Jan-1968
Richardson Sharon Lucille B 30-Dec-1932 8-Nov-1932
Richardson Sheila Sue M 30-Dec-1968 4-Jan-1968
Richardson Son B 5-Mar-1928 4-Mar-1928
Richardson Steven Allen M 24-Jan-1998 7-Nov-1997
Richardson T R M 30-Dec-1916 20-Jun-1916
Richardson Terry Lee B 29-Dec-1956 11-Nov-1956
Richardson Theodore L M 30-Dec-1953 20-Jun-1953
Richardson Thomas C M 14-Dec-1876 10-Dec-1876
Richardson Thomas Earl B 30-Dec-1943 30-Mar-1943
Richardson Todd George B 30-Dec-1935 14-Apr-1935
Richardson Tonya Toni D 7-Jul-1997 5-Jul-1997
Richardson Tonya Toni D 24-Jan-1998 5-Jul-1997
Richardson Tyson Michael B 30-Jan-1993 2-Jan-1992
Richardson Victoria Lee B 15-Apr-1997 11-Apr-1997
Richardson Victoria Lee B 24-Jan-1998 11-Apr-1997
Richardson Walter D 29-Dec-1967 8-Apr-1967
Richardson Wendy Michelle M 31-Jan-2004 31-Oct-2003
Richardson Wilbur H D 28-Jan-1978 25-Jul-1977
Richardson William D 2-Jan-1895 28-Dec-1894
Richardson William A M 29-Dec-1950 11-Mar-1950
Richardson-Hart Raymond D 17-Dec-2003 14-Dec-2003
Richart Hattie E D 10-Jul-1878 4-Jul-1878
Richenburger Chas D 23-Nov-1895 17-Nov-1895
Richer Irma, Mrs M 30-Dec-1954 15-Jan-1954
Richerl Francis Robert B 29-Dec-1961 30-Nov-1961
Richert Darren Louis B 30-Dec-1968 2-Jun-1968
Richey Clinton Howard D 26-Jan-1980 25-Feb-1979
Richey Frank A D 30-Dec-1932 5-Dec-1932
Richey Robert D M 30-Dec-1937 23-Mar-1937
Richheim Christofer Michael B 22-Jan-1972 8-Aug-1971
Richie Boy B 16-Jun-1898
Richie Ella McQuesten D 30-Dec-1953 27-Jan-1953
Richie Elwood J D 29-Dec-1944 1-May-1944
Richie Elwood J M 31-Dec-1889 25-Sep-1889
Richie Frankie D 30-Aug-1877 30-Aug-1877
Richie George M 3-Jan-1901 2-Jan-1901
Richie Lena M M 30-Dec-1916 11-Mar-1916
Richie Minnie (Mrs) D 29-Dec-1956 12-Jun-1956
Richie William H M 24-Apr-1895 23-apr-1895
Richie Willie Grant D 26-Sep-1864 24-Sep-1864
Richie Wm S M 16-Aug-1862 14-Aug-1862
Richie WS D 15-Nov-1899
Richie WS, Mrs D 24-Nov-1904 25-Aug-1904
Richie George Wilson D 30-Dec-1943 13-Jan-1943
Richison L, Mrs D 27 Sep 1883
Richkheim Fred W D 30-Dec-1969 13-Jan-1969
Richlefs Donald Edward B 30-Dec-1932 20-Jan-1932
Richlen Daniel E M 18-Aug-2004 10-Jul-2004
Richler Leona M 30-Dec-1942 27-Sep-1942
Richley John G D 29-Dec-1938 8-Mar-1938
Richley John G D 29-Dec-1938 8-Mar-1938
Richley John Harold D 28-Dec-1951 19-Jun-1951
Richley Lutie Mae M 8-Dec-1910 8-Jun-1910
Richley Minnie M Mrs D 30-Dec-1947 14-Jul-1947
Richman AB D 17-Jun-1869 6-Jun-1869
Richman Abram D 31-Dec-1889 6-May-1889
Richman Abram D 7-May-1889 6-May-1889
Richman Abram M 15-Sep-1859
Richman Charles D 30-Dec-1939 11-Apr-1939
Richman Clayton S (Captain) D 17-Dec-1903 31-Oct-1903
Richman Clinton D 21-Dec-1905 18-Apr-1905
Richman DC D 26-Jan-1899 25-Jan-1899
Richman E Frank M 30-Sep-1865 26-Sep-1865
Richman Evert D 29-Dec-1934 7-Feb-1934
Richman Evert Frank D 29-Dec-1934 7-Feb-1934
Richman Ida L D 31-Dec-1920
Richman Irving B D 29-Dec-1938 6-Dec-1938
Richman J Scott D 17-Dec-1908 17-May-1908
Richman John B M 12-Aug-1853 11-Aug-1853
Richman Keith Allan B 30-Dec-1955 15-Jan-1955
Richman Kenneth Lynn B 30-Dec-1942 26-Jun-1942
Richman Lewis F M 21-Dec-1870
Richman Linda Sue B 30-Dec-1953 19-Sep-1953
Richman Lucille E D 10-May-1996 8-May-1996
Richman M Ella D 9-Dec-1863
Richman Mary D 6-Mar-1873 6-Mar-1873
Richman Mary D 24-Jan-1840
Richman Mary B M 1-Jan-1908 21-May-1907
Richman Mary H D 24-Jan-1846 10-Jan-1846
Richman Mindy Marie M 28-Jan-2006 18-Jun-2005
Richman Norma D 30-Dec-1955 16-Apr-1955
Richman Sandra Ann B 30-Dec-1940 26-Jan-1940
Richman Willis W D 16-Mar-2002 14-Mar-2002
Richmann Elizabeth D 9-Feb-1995 8-Feb-1995
Richmeyer Nettie A M 7-Jan-1880 4-Jan-1880
Richmiller Karin A M 30-Jan-1982 24-Jul-1981
Richmond Cheryl Kay M 30-Dec-1965 10-Apr-1965
Richmond Cynthia R M 28-Jan-1978 18-Jun-1977
Richmond Dana Lynn B 28-Jan-1995 3-May-1994
Richmond Delores Stuart M 30-Dec-1939 1-Jun-1939
Richmond Frances O, Mrs D 29-Dec-1938 26-Dec-1938
Richmond Lewis M 30-Dec-1964 27-Jun-1964
Richmond Lewis M 30-Dec-1969 13-Apr-1969
Richmond Lisa A M 19-Jan-1985 4-May-1984
Richmond Lisa Ann B 30-Dec-1964 15-Aug-1964
Richmond Lisa Jo B 29-Jan-1973 10-Apr-1972
Richmond Ralph D 10-Oct-1996
Richmond Randal Ralph B 29-Dec-1962 29-Oct-1962
Richmond Randy Ralph M 30-Jan-1993 22-Aug-1992
Richmond Scott Michael M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 16-Jun-2007
Richmond Stephanie Kay M 31-Jan-2009 pg 6f 17-May-2008
Richmond Virginia M 29-Dec-1938 13-Mar-1938
Richs James M 1-Jan-1912 22-Sep-1911
Richtarik Kristina Louise M 31-Jan-2004 27-Sep-2003
Richten Raymond E M 29-Dec-1956 23-Jun-1956
Richter Alfred H D 28-Dec-1996 26-Dec-1996
Richter Almira M 1-Feb-1883 3-jan-1883
Richter Babbets M 3-Oct-1876
Richter Ellen D 28-Jun-2001 26-Jun-2001
Richter Franz D 26-Jun-1928
Richter George D 30-Dec-1955 25-Nov-1955
Richter Helen Marie M 30-Dec-1940 17-Jun-1940
Richter Jaelynn B 28-Apr-1995 28-Apr-1995
Richter JM, Mrs D 21-Nov-1902
Richter Johanna M D 21-Nov-1902
Richter Joseph D 26-Jul-1876 24-Jul-1876
Richter Joseph M 20-Dec-1906 15-Mar-1906
Richter Joseph M 1-May-1871 10-Apr-1871
Richter Joseph A D 17-Jan-1987 9-Oct-1986
Richter Joseph Eugene B 29-Jan-1983 31-Oct-1982
Richter Laurie E D 11-Sep-1872 11- Sep-1872
Richter LaVaughn D 24-Jan-1998 21-Jan-1997
Richter LaVAugn D 22-Jan-1997 21-Jan-1997
Richter Leola Dolores M 29-Dec-1967 10-Mar-1967
Richter Lillian D 15-Feb-1975 27-Jul-1974
Richter Michelle Suzette B 30-Dec-1969 20-Dec-1969
Richter Mildred Johanna M 30-Dec-1940 6-Nov-1940
Richter Nellie M D 28-Jan-1984 8-Jan-1983
Richter Raymond E D 3-Mar-2003 1-Mar-2003
Richter Sherry Lynn D 30-Dec-1964 27-Jun-1964
Richters Herman D 31-Jan-1976 22-Apr-1975
Richters Maria D 30-Dec-1970 2-Mar-1970
Richtsmeier Debra S M 29-Jan-1983 14-Aug-1982
Richwine Mary M D 17-Jan-1994 16-Jan-1994
Rick Anna M D 29-Dec-1961 14-Apr-1961
Rick Carly Mae B 26-Jan-2008 p7e 1-May-2007
Rick Easley, Mrs D 29-Dec-1934 10-Nov-1934
Rick Ethan Ryan B 28-Jan-2006 22-Jun-2005
Rick George D 31-Mar-2008 30-Mar-2008
Rick George D 30-Mar-2008 31-Mar-2008
Rick George Edward M 25-Jan-2003 26-Apr-2002
Rick George Edward Jr M 29-Jan-2005 13-Oct-2004
Rick George Elwood D 1-Apr-2008 30-Mar-2008
Rick George Elwood D 3-Apr-2008 30-Mar-2008
Rick Hazel E D 2-Oct-2008 30-Sep-2008
Rick Jacob Elijah B 1-Feb-2002 16-Jan-2002
Rick Jason Troy B 28-Jan-1978 17-Nov-1977
Rick Juanita Mae D 29-Jan-1994 26-Oct-1993
Rick Larry james D 30-Dec-1968 20-Nov-1968
Rick Lauren Arnold M 29-Dec-1934 15-Nov-1934
Rick Lori Jean D 28-Jan-2006 14-Oct-2005
Rick Lori Jean M 25-Jan-2003 26-Feb-2002
Rick Nathan Allen B 30-Jan-1993 23-Jul-1992
Rick Ron Allen M 23-Jan-1992 21-Jun-1991
Rick Fred R M 1-Jan-1913 14-Dec-1912
Rick George Edward B 30-Dec-1948 24-Mar-1948
Rick Hazel Elnora M 30-Dec-1937 5-Jun-1937
Rick Jennifer Leigh M 26-Jan-1991 5-Oct-1990
Rickard Adam D 24-Aug-1883 23-Aug-1883
Rickard Betty D 14-Sep-1999 13-Sep-1999
Rickard Bobbie Jo Ann M 30-Jan-2007 9-Sep-2006
Rickard Emma R M 3-Oct-1894
Rickard Eva Elizabeth M 31-Dec-1884
Rickard Son B 27-Mar-1902
Rickard Susanah M 5-Mar-1869
Ricke Donald Wallace M 29-Dec-1967 29-May-1967
Ricker Amy Jo M 29-Jan-1994 19-Feb-1993
Ricker Jacob, Mrs D 4-Feb-1902 2-Feb-1902
Rickerl James G M 30-Dec-1955 5-Jul-1955
Rickerl Raymond D 4-Dec-1996 2-Dec-1996
Rickers Donna Kaye M 23-Jan-1992 21-Sep-1991
Rickers Kenneth E M 28-Jan-1984 8-Oct-1983
Rickerson Charles N D 30-Dec-1946 19-May-1946
Rickerson Estella D 26-Jan-1980 20-May-1979
Rickerson Oscar Tate D 30-Dec-1969 29-Mar-1969
Rickertsen Nathan Berhardt M 31-Jan-2004 21-May-2003
Rickets Amanda Caroline M 20-Aug-1868
Rickets Walter Lewis M 30-Dec-1940 10-Feb-1940
Ricketts Aaron B B 19-Jan-1985 16-Jan-1984
Ricketts Alan Craig B 30-Dec-1953 1-Mar-1953
Ricketts Anna June D 30-Dec-1933 24-Aug-1933
Ricketts Annetta M 29-Dec-1956 5-Oct-1956
Ricketts Annis Jeanette M 30-Dec-1939 16-Jan-1939
Ricketts Anthony D 22-Nov-1900 20-Nov-1900
Ricketts Anthony Lewis D 1-Mar-1996 29-Feb-1996
Ricketts Barbara Jeanne B 30-Dec-1940 10-Sep-1940
Ricketts Betty Jean B 28-Dec-1951 21-May-1951
Ricketts Betty Jean M 30-Dec-1968 4-Oct-1968
Ricketts Charles A D 29-Jan-1973 1-Dec-1972
Ricketts Charles Gordon D 29-Dec-1962 25-Sep-1962
Ricketts Charles Gordon, Jr B 29-Dec-1944 20-Sep-1944
Ricketts Clarabelle D 27-Jan-2007 25-Jan-2007
Ricketts Clarabelle Ruby B 30-Dec-1933 24-Mar-1933
Ricketts Clarence E M 29-Dec-1934 3-Feb-1934
Ricketts Dacada Storm B 14-Feb-1996 9-Feb-1996
Ricketts Danna C M 8-Oct-1869 7-Oct-1869
Ricketts Danny L D 20-Dec-2007 10-Dec-2007
Ricketts Danny Layne B 28-Dec-1951 16-May-1951
Ricketts Danny Layne M 30-Dec-1969 1-Nov-1969
Ricketts David Allen B 30-Dec-1969 29-Jan-1969
Ricketts Dixie Lee B 30-Dec-1941 10-Aug-1941
Ricketts Dorthy May D 17-May-1995 16-May-1995
Ricketts Esther D 11-Sep-2000 9-Sep-2000
Ricketts Everett Eugene B 30-Dec-1937 31-May-1937
Ricketts Faye F M 17-Dec-1908 16-May-1908
Ricketts Florence E D 26-Jan-1991 1-Jul-1990
Ricketts Floyd D M 8-Dec-1910 15-Feb-1910
Ricketts Floyd Drury D 30-Dec-1969 31-May-1969
Ricketts Gary Wayne B 29-Dec-1950 8-Aug-1950
Ricketts George R M 30-Dec-1935 13-Sep-1935
Ricketts Georgia Jo Ann B 29-Dec-1956 27-Aug-1956
Ricketts Girl B 31-Dec-1929 13-Jul-1929
Ricketts Gordon E M 1-Jan-1913 4-Sep-1912
Ricketts Gordon Ernest D 30-Dec-1968 15-Feb-1968
Ricketts Harlo B D 28-Jan-2006 1-Feb-2005
Ricketts HW D 14-Aug-1857
Ricketts Jade Leann Marie B 23-Jan-1999 17-Feb-1998
Ricketts Jade Leann Marie B 25-Feb-1998 19-Feb-1998
Ricketts James Robert B 28-Dec-1945 21-May-1945
Ricketts Jerry Andrew B 30-Dec-1949 23-Apr-1949
Ricketts Jerry Andrew M 30-Dec-1969 11-Apr-1969
Ricketts Jessie Iola M 30-Dec-1935 9-Feb-1935
Ricketts Joe Lewis D 28-Dec-1951 10-Jul-1951
Ricketts Johnnie Ralph B 30-Dec-1946 7-Nov-1946
Ricketts Joyce Marie B 30-Dec-1942 8-Oct-1942
Ricketts Kathleen Mae B 30-Dec-1948 13-Feb-1948
Ricketts Kathleen Mae M 30-Dec-1968 10-Aug-1968
Ricketts Kathrine D 30-Dec-1966 5-Jan-1966
Ricketts Kenneth W D 9-Apr-2001 7-Apr-2001
Ricketts Leory D 30-Dec-1949 2-Jun-1949
Ricketts LeRoy B 30-Dec-1949 18-Mar-1949
Ricketts Linda Lee B 29-Dec-1950 30-Jun-1950
Ricketts Linda Lee M 29-Dec-1967 16-Sep-1967
Ricketts Lonnie Ernest B 30-Dec-1943 12-Mar-1943
Ricketts Marian Eunice M 29-Dec-1938 27-Feb-1938
Ricketts Mark Andrew M 11-Nov-1997 30-Aug-1997
Ricketts Mark Andrew M 24-Jan-1998 30-Aug-1997
Ricketts Maxine Laverne B 30-Dec-1941 12-Jan-1941
Ricketts Melanie Ann B 29-Dec-1956 3-Nov-1956
Ricketts Mildred M 30-Dec-1943 10-Jul-1943
Ricketts Milford Lawrence B 30-Dec-1941 6-Dec-1941
Ricketts Nadine Lorraine M 30-Dec-1968 29-Mar-1968
Ricketts Nancy Joan B 29-Dec-1938 12-Oct-1938
Ricketts Newton D 15-Feb-1902 14-Feb-1902
Ricketts Nodean Lorraine B 30-Dec-1949 26-Feb-1949
Ricketts Rachael Ann D 30-Dec-1942 9-Dec-1942
Ricketts Rachel Ann B 30-Dec-1942 23-Sep-1942
Ricketts Randall Scott B 22-Jan-1972 24-Nov-1971
Ricketts RF M 1-Dec-1880 2-Nov-1880
Ricketts Richard Bruce B 30-Dec-1946 13-Dec-1946
Ricketts Robert A D 30-Dec-1965 6-Feb-1965
Ricketts Robert DeWayne B 30-Dec-1970 23-Feb-1970
Ricketts Ronald C D 12-Jan-2004 10-Jan-2004
Ricketts Ronald Charles B 30-Dec-1937 3-Jul-1937
Ricketts Ronald Charles D 29-Jan-2005 10-Jan-2004
Ricketts Ronald E D 19-Apr-2001 18-Apr-2001
Ricketts Ronald Eugene B 30-Dec-1969 1-Dec-1969
Ricketts Rose Ann B 29-Dec-1938 10-Dec-1938
Ricketts Rose Ann M 29-Dec-1956 23-Aug-1956
Ricketts Roxie May B 30-Dec-1954 14-May-1954
Ricketts Roxie May M 30-Dec-1969 5-Dec-1969
Ricketts Rufus M 17-Dec-1908 3-Mar-1908
Ricketts Son B 31-Dec-1930 27-Sep-1930
Ricketts Son B 30-Dec-1947 26-Dec-1947
Ricketts Sue E M 5-Sep-1871 4-Sep-1871
Ricketts Theodore M 30-Dec-1954 12-Oct-1954
Ricketts Todd Andrew B 30-Dec-1966 13-Feb-1966
Ricketts Tracy Elizabeth B 17-Jan-1987 26-Jan-1986
Ricketts Violet D 16-Nov-2004 14-Nov-2004
Ricketts Walter D 21-Oct-1998 20-Oct-1998
Rickey Aaron John B 26-Jan-1991 5-Jan-1990
Rickey Anita Susan M 28-Jan-1995 4-Feb-1994
Rickey Audra Kay D 11-Dec-1995 9-Dec-1995
Rickey Austin Daniel B 31-Jan-2009 p2f 16-Jan-2008
Rickey Barbara Mae B 30-Dec-1953 26-Oct-1953
Rickey Beau Alen B 31-Jan-2009 p4f 10-Nov-2008
Rickey Bonnie Jean B 28-Jan-1978 21-Oct-1977
Rickey Brenda Sue B 30-Dec-1969 8-Jul-1969
Rickey Brenda Sue M 17-Jan-1987 10-Aug-1986
Rickey Charles H M 28-Jan-1978 11-Nov-1977
Rickey Colleen Maria B 30-Dec-1957 8-Oct-1957
Rickey Collen M M 28-Jan-1979
Rickey Cynthia M 26-Jan-1980 31-Mar-1979
Rickey Cynthia K M 26-Jan-1980 31-Mar-1979
Rickey Cynthia Sue B 30-Dec-1957 10-Feb-1957
Rickey Daniel A M 26-Jan-1980 20-Jul-1979
Rickey Daniel A M 26-Jan-1980 20-Jul-1979
Rickey Daniel Alan B 29-Dec-1961 10-May-1961
Rickey David Roy B 28-Dec-1951 27-Mar-1951
Rickey David Roy M 30-Dec-1969 24-May-1969
Rickey David Roy Jr B 30-Dec-1970 14-Feb-1970
Rickey David Roy Jr M 29-Jan-2000 22-May-1999
Rickey David Roy Sr M 26-Jan-1991 9-Nov-1990
Rickey Delos G D 19-Feb-2003 19-Feb-2003
Rickey Delos G D 31-Jan-2004 19-Feb-2003
Rickey Drake Charles B 29-Dec-1999 20-Dec-1999
Rickey Evelyn Mariella D 29-Jan-2005 1-Dec-2004
Rickey Francis Arthur D 30-Dec-1964 7-May-1964
Rickey George D 31-Dec-1889 24-Dec-1889
Rickey Gertrude P D 4-Apr-2001 3-Apr-2001
Rickey Gertrude P D 26-Jan-2002 3-Apr-2001
Rickey Hunter Drake B 25-Jan-2003 1-Jan-2002
Rickey Infant D 8-Dec-1910 14-Apr-1910
Rickey Jacob Elijah B 25-Jan-2003 16-Jan-2002
Rickey Jacob Warren B 29-Jan-1983 8-Aug-1982
Rickey Jacob Warren M 28-Jan-2006 22-Oct-2005
Rickey James J D 24-Apr-1998 24-Apr-1998
Rickey James J D 23-Jan-1999 24-Apr-1998
Rickey Jamie Lee B 30-Jan-1982 6-May-1981
Rickey Jarrad David D 11-Dec-1995 9 Sec 1995
Rickey John Matthew B 29-Jan-1983 8-Aug-1982
Rickey Joshua Alen B 29-Jan-1983 8-Aug-1982
Rickey Joshua Alen M 30-Jan-2007 26-Aug-2006
Rickey Joslynn Pearl B 26-Jan-2008 p7e 16-Jul-2007
Rickey Kristin B 31-Jan-1981 27-Feb-1980
Rickey Linda Yvonne M 29-Dec-1967 6-Aug-1967
Rickey Louise M M 26-Jan-1980 1-Sep-1979
Rickey Louise M M 26-Jan-1980 1-Sep-1979
Rickey Michael James M 30-Dec-1969 2-Jan-1969
Rickey Michael Markham B 30-Dec-1969 17-Sep-1969
Rickey Pamela Lynn B 30-Dec-1969 27-Jun-1969
Rickey Pamela Lynn M 21-Oct-1995 23-Sep-1995
Rickey Patricia Diana B 30-Dec-1952 7-Jun-1952
Rickey Robert Dean B 22-Jan-1972 15-May-1971
Rickey Shawn Michelle M 23-Jan-1999 21-Aug-1998
Rickey Talisa Marie D 11-Dec-1995 9-Dec-1995
Rickey Tammy Kay B 30-Dec-1968 21-Apr-1968
Rickey Tony R M 28-Jan-1978 6-Aug-1977
Rickey Tony Ray M 30-Dec-1966 26-Feb-1966
Rickey Tony Ray M 31-Jan-1976 4-Oct-1975
Rickey Viola Kay M 28-Jan-1995 3-Sep-1994
Rickey Duane Allen M 30-Dec-1968 16-Oct-1968
Rickgauer Sandra Kay M 31-Jan-2004 31-Jan-2003
Rickheim Alex James D 8-Nov-1984 7-Nov-1984
Rickheim Brett Michael D 27-Jun-1997 25-Jun-1997
Rickheim Chris Emile D 28-Oct-1996 27-Oct-1996
Rickheim Chris Emile D 27-Oct-1996
Rickheim Christofer Michael M 26-Jan-1991 1-Sep-1990
Rickheim Daryl Ann B 30-Dec-1970 5-Feb-1970
Rickheim Ethel D 31-Jan-1976 10-Jun-1975
Rickheim Everett William B 30-Dec-1949 13-Apr-1949
Rickheim Everett William JR B 22-Jan-1972 15-Dec-1970
Rickheim Fred W M 30-Dec-1933 13-Aug-1933
Rickheim Gust D 30-Dec-1957 23-Oct-1957
Rickheim Pamela S M 18-Jan-1986 15-Apr-1985
Rickheim Pamela Sue B 29-Dec-1967 21-Aug-1967
Rickheim Rachel Renee B 31-Jan-1981 24-Sep-1980
Rickheim Rachel Renee M 24-Jan-1998 24-Sep-1997
Rickheim Rose D 30-Dec-1936
Rickheim Rosemary Rena B 30-Dec-1946 19-Mar-1946
Rickheim Son B 29-Jan-1973 4-Jul-1972
Rickheim Tara Marie M 29-Jan-1994 3-Feb-1993
Rickheim Terri Lynn B 28-Jan-1979
Rickheim Thomas Lee B 29-Dec-1950 22-Mar-1950
Rickheim Thomas Lee M 30-Dec-1969 28-Feb-1969
Rickheim Violet Lavera D 29-Jan-1994 6-Feb-1993
Rickhein Chris M 30-Dec-1937 28-Mar-1937
Rickhoff Florence M 8-Dec-1910 1-Jun-1910
Rickhoff Lillian M 31-Dec-1913 18-Jun-1913
Rickhoff Louisa Dipple Rohs D 5-Mar-1928 3-Mar-1928
Ricklefs Darlene M 30-Dec-1955 29-Oct-1955
Ricklefs Desiree Verlee B 29-Dec-1956 27-Mar-1956
Ricklefs Donald D 31-Mar-2007 30-Mar-2007
Ricklefs Douglas John B 22-Jan-1972 17-Feb-1971
Ricklefs Hayden Allen B 3-Sep-1997 28-Aug-1997
Ricklefs Hayden Allen B 24-Jan-1998 28-Aug-1997
Ricklefs Kensley Kay B 12-Jun-1995 7-Jun-1995
Ricklefs Richard M 30-Dec-1954 24-Nov-1954
Ricklefs Rodney Richard B 30-Dec-1957 8-Sep-1957
Ricklefs Rodney Richard M 10-May-1997 4-Apr-1997
Ricklefs Rodney Richard M 24-Jan-1998 4-Apr-1997
Ricklefs Salena Marie B 24-Jan-1998 1-Nov-1997
Ricklefs Son B 31-Dec-1930 13-Jun-1930
Ricks H, Mrs D 7-Apr-1898
Riddele Kathryn LouAnn M 30-Dec-1954 3-Jul-1954
Riddick Kristen J M 6-Mar-2002 12-Jan-2002
Riddle Arthur Bert D 30-Dec-1948 16-Jul-1948
Riddle Edith F M 1-Jan-1913 10-Apr-1912
Riddle Edward M 1-Oct-1880 1-Sep-1880
Riddle Edward A D 22-Jan-1972 4-May-1971
Riddle Francis Lee D 18-Aug-1886
Riddle Genevieve P M 29-Dec-1938 8-May-1938
Riddle Gertaline D 31-Dec-1913 22-Apr-1913
Riddle Harriet Hawk D 30-Dec-1936
Riddle Harry W D 30-Dec-1964 23-Jun-1964
Riddle Harry W M 30-Dec-1941 6-Jan-1941
Riddle Leonard P M 30-Dec-1939 1-May-1939
Riddle Ora Alice D 30-Dec-1957 12-Sep-1957
Riddle Ruby M 30-Dec-1933 30-Jan-1933
Riddle Shirrell D 30-Dec-1969 17-Jan-1969
Riddle Steven Merl B 29-Dec-1962 25-Feb-1962
Riddle Virginia Alberta D 30-Dec-1966 18-Apr-1966
Riddle WW, Dr D 11-Jun-1880
Riddle WW, Dr M 25-Sep-1879 24-Sep-1879
Riddles Maude Frances M 1-Jan-1908 6-Feb-1907
Ridehour Forrest E M 30-Dec-1940 18-Apr-1940
Ridenauer Dee Anna Renea B 30-Dec-1957 17-Apr-1957
Ridenauer Ronald Dean M 29-Dec-1961 18-Feb-1961
Ridenaur Virgil Floyd M 30-Dec-1939 6-May-1939
Ridenou Sondra Kay B 29-Dec-1956 11-May-1956
Ridenour Audrey Yvonne B 30-Dec-1935 11-Nov-1935
Ridenour Betty Lenore B 30-Dec-1933 23-May-1933
Ridenour Brandon Levi B 30-Oct-1996 25-Oct-1996
Ridenour Cecil James B 29-Dec-1934 26-Apr-1934
Ridenour Charleyne Armenta B 30-Dec-1936 30-Oct-1936
Ridenour Daisy M 31-Dec-1913 3-Mar-1913
Ridenour Deeanna Renea M 15-Feb-1975 2-Aug-1974
Ridenour Donald D M 30-Dec-1937 25-Dec-1937
Ridenour Donald Daniel D 28-Jan-2006 20-Aug-2005
Ridenour Doral Leroy B 29-Dec-1934 13-Apr-1934
Ridenour Edna D 7-Oct-2003 6-Oct-2003
Ridenour Edwin L D 6-Jun-1994 5-Jun-1994
Ridenour Emma M 29-Oct-1881
Ridenour Florence Leslie B 30-Dec-1933 24-Feb-1933
Ridenour Forrest D 21-Nov-1995 20-Nov-1995
Ridenour Fred D 29-Jan-1973 17-Nov-1972
Ridenour Fred D 29-Jan-1973 15-Nov-1972
Ridenour Frederick William M 29-Dec-1967 25-Nov-1967
Ridenour Fredia Elizabeth D 6-Jun-2001 5-Jun-2001
Ridenour Fredia Elizabeth D 26-Jan-2002 5-Jun-2001
Ridenour Grace mae D 30-Dec-1968 31-Jan-1968
Ridenour Harold F D 1-Jan-2007 30-Dec-2006
Ridenour Inez Victoria D 30-Dec-1966 28-Apr-1966
Ridenour Jeanetta D 30-Dec-1947 12-Feb-1947
Ridenour Jennifer Nikole B 15-Feb-1975 23-Aug-1974
Ridenour Jessika Viann B 20-Jun-1995 16-Jun-1995
Ridenour Joyce A M 30-Jan-1982 9-May-1981
Ridenour Lela M M 30-Dec-1936 29-Oct-1936
Ridenour Leroy D 29-Dec-1934 16-Apr-1934
Ridenour Leslie Charles B 30-Dec-1946 4-Jan-1946
Ridenour Leslie D M 31-Jan-1981 14-Jun-1980
Ridenour Leslie DeWayne B 30-Dec-1954 16-Nov-1954
Ridenour Leslie DeWayne M 15-Feb-1975 25-Apr-1974
Ridenour Leslie DeWayne M 17-Jan-1987 31-Dec-1986
Ridenour Madelyn D 20-Oct-1999 19-Oct-1999
Ridenour Madelyn Lucille D 29-Jan-2000 19-Oct-1999
Ridenour Margaret D 24-Aug-1998 21-Aug-1998
Ridenour Marilyn Marie M 30-Dec-1968 30-Oct-1968
Ridenour Mark Lee B 18-Jan-1986 30-Oct-1985
Ridenour Marlyn D 30-Dec-1942 12-Dec-1942
Ridenour Martha E D 16-Jul-2001 14-Jul-2001
Ridenour Martha Elaine D 26-Jan-2002 14-Jul-2001
Ridenour Marzella D 22-Jan-1972 6-Jan-1971
Ridenour Michael B 30-Dec-1940 23-Oct-1940
Ridenour Nancy Kay M 30-Dec-1966 20-Aug-1966
Ridenour Orville D M 30-Dec-1953 24-Jul-1953
Ridenour Orville Dewain B 30-Dec-1936 25-Mar-1936
Ridenour Richard Dewain B 28-Dec-1945 13-Jun-1945
Ridenour Rick D M 19-Jan-1985 22-Dec-1984
Ridenour Rickey Daniel B 29-Dec-1962 12-Oct-1962
Ridenour Ronald D 15-Jan-2007 14-Jan-2007
Ridenour Ronald D D 16-Jan-2007 14-Jan-2007
Ridenour Ronald Dean B 30-Dec-1942 20-Mar-1942
Ridenour Sharon Marie M 29-Dec-1962 20-May-1962
Ridenour Steven William B 29-Dec-1956 5-Aug-1956
Ridenour Terri Marie M 30-Jan-1993 12-Sep-1992
Ridenour Tonya Almada B 30-Dec-1970 23-Jan-1970
Ridenour Tonya Almeda M 23-Jan-1992 24-May-1991
Ridenour Tracy Lynn B 22-Jan-1972 12-Oct-1971
Ridenour Troy Edwin B 30-Dec-1965 16-Feb-1965
Ridenour Violet Ann D 24-May-1996 23-May-1996
Ridenour W D M 1-Jan-1908 27-Aug-1907
Ridenour W W M 1-Jan-1913 17-Jan-1912
Ridenour Walter W D 28-Jan-1979
Rider Clara M 14-Jun-1894 13-Jun-1894
Rider Clinton O M 2-Jan-1873 28-Dec-1872
Rider Cyrus W M 7-Jan-1870
Rider Ella M 30-Sep-1868 29-Sep-1868
Rider Harriet E M 4-Apr-1861 2-Apr-1861
Rider JJ D 7-Jan-1871
Rider John B D 25-Jul-1902
Rider John Herold D 19-Oct-1871 17-Oct-1871
Rider John J M 29-Jun-1866 28-Jun-1866
Rider John L M 31-Jan-1981 31-May-1980
Rider John L M 31-Jan-1981 31-May-1980
Rider Mary B M 30-Sep-1868 29-Sep-1868
Rider Maysen Scott B 31-Dec-2002 27-Dec-2002
Rider Nicole Prix B 31-Jan-2004 24-Mar-2003
Rider Susan E M 28-Feb-1860 23-Feb-1860
Rider Tracy Dee M 26-Jan-1991 16-Jul-1990
Rider Virginia E M 20-Dec-1861 18-Dec-1861
Rider W H D 20-Apr-1923
Ridernour Andrea Kay B 30-Dec-1941 10-Dec-1941
Ridge Evelyn M D 28-Jan-1995 29-Sep-1994
Ridge Harold D 28-Jan-1978 29-May-1977
Ridge Nellie D 31-Jan-1976 3-Jul-1975
Ridge Nicole Susanne B 29-Jan-1973 14-Feb-1972
Ridge Paul G D 21-Nov-1998 19-Nov-1998
Ridge Paul Thomas B 30-Dec-1942 23-Jul-1942
Ridge Randy David B 30-Dec-1947 30-Jul-1947
Ridge Randy David M 30-Dec-1968 25-Aug-1968
Ridge Randy David M 31-Jan-2009 pg 7f 11-Oct-2008
Ridge Roy T D 30-Dec-1964 24-Oct-1964
Ridge Sharon Kay B 30-Dec-1940 30-Jan-1940
Ridge Stephen Eugene B 28-Dec-1951 18-Sep-1951
Ridgeway Ernest Glenn M 17-Jan-1987 26-Nov-1986
Ridgeway Laura D 18-Dec-1874 14-Dec-1874
Ridgeway Ralph Melvin D 30-Dec-1939 31-May-1939
Ridgway John W M 25-Dec-1865 23-Dec-1865
Ridgway Rebecca M 11-Sep-1879 11-Sep-1879
Ridinger Charles F M 28-Jan-1978 8-Jul-1977
Ridinger David Allen D 28-Dec-1951 10-Jun-1951
Ridinger Joan Louise B 30-Dec-1955 30-Jan-1955
Ridinger John Dean B 29-Dec-1961 20-Nov-1961
Ridneour Ena Almeda M 30-Dec-1965 15-May-1965
Ridsinger Barbara Lynn M 22-Jan-1972 28-Jan-1971
Riechert Jacqueline Louise B 18-Jan-1986 7-Jul-1985
Rieck Anna Barbara (Mrs) D 29-Dec-1956 19-Oct-1956
Rieck Dana Ann M 26-Jan-1991 31-Mar-1990
Rieck Herman M 17-Sep-1880 15-Sep-1880
Riecke Daughter B 31-Dec-1930 9-Nov-1930
Ried Karen Ruth B 30-Dec-1939 20-Jan-1939
Ried Timothy Allen M 27-Jan-2000 8-Jul-2000
Riede Leoma L D 18-Jan-1986 7-Nov-1985
Riedel Dennis R M 30-Jan-1982 11-Jul-1981
Riedel Dennis W M 28-Jan-1978 17-Dec-1977
Riedel Sarah E B 19-Jan-1985 20-Apr-1984
Riedesel Margaret M 30-Dec-1936 12-Apr-1936
Riedl Christopher J M 23-Jan-1988 23-Sep-1987
Riedl Darla R M 26-Jan-1980 7-Oct-1979
Riedl Darla R M 26-Jan-1980 7-Oct-1979
Riedl Donald B D 23-Mar-2002 23-Mar-2002
Riedl Donald Benton D 25-Jan-2003 22-Mar-2002
Riedl Donna K M 20 Mr 1977
Riedl Holly Marie D 23-Jan-1988 9-Dec-1987
Riedl Kimberly Michelle M 23-Jan-1999 13-Jun-1998
Riedl Mary K D 21-May-2003 21-May-2003
Riedl Mary Katherine D 31-Jan-2004 21-May-2003
Riedl Railynn Le Bell B 29-Jan-2000 12-Apr-1999
Riedl Timothy A M 18-Jan-1986 3-Oct-1985
Riedl Timothy Allen B 29-Dec-1962 21-Mar-1962
Rieeser Daughter B 31-dec-1880
Rieff James Jay B 28-Jan-1978 5-Nov-1977
Rieff Theresa Lynn M 26-Jan-1991 4-Aug-1990
Riegal Virgil L D 15-May-1995 13-May-1995
Riegel Clarence John D 29-Dec-1961 2-Jun-1961
Riegel Clifford Lynn B 29-Dec-1950 20-Jun-1950
Riegel Gladys Irene, Mrs M 30-Dec-1954 9-Jul-1954
Riegel John G D 5-Jan-1929
Riegel Linda Kay D 26-Jan-1991 19-Dec-1990
Riegel Mildred M 30-Dec-1939 27-May-1939
Riegel Virgil L M 30-Dec-1954 9-Jul-1954
Riegel Gladys I M 29-Dec-1962 23-Mar-1962
Riegel Harry J D 30-Dec-1947 14-Jun-1947
Riegel Infant D 14-Nov-1902
Riegel John M 21-Jan-1890 19-Jan-1890
Riek Addie W D 29-Jan-1973 5-Apr-1972
Riek Anna Katherine D 30-Dec-1941 28-Feb-1941
Riek Edward B M 30-Dec-1916 12-Jan-1916
Riek Fred R M 30-Dec-1941 5-Jun-1941
Riek Gwen H D 24-Dec-1984 23-Dec-1984
Riek Herman D 16-Dec-1909 24-Apr-1909
Riek Larry James B 28-Dec-1951 21-Dec-1951
Riek William H D 30-Dec-1964 23-May-1964
Rieke Antonette Louise D 29-Jan-1994 5-Jul-1993
Rieke Charlotte J D 29-Nov-2006 28-Nov-2006
Rieke Connie Sue B 30-Dec-1954 19-Sep-1954
Rieke Delaina Dee B 30-Jan-1982 23-Jul-1981
Rieke Delaina Dee M 31-Jan-2004 12-Sep-2003
Rieke Esther M D 28-Feb-1984 27-Feb-1984
Rieke Gerald L, Sr D 13-Jan-1995 13-Jan-1995
Rieke Gerald Laverne B 30-Dec-1947 20-Jun-1947
Rieke Gerald Laverne M 22-Jan-1972 26-Feb-1971
Rieke Gertrude (Hecht) D 8-Nov-2006 6-Nov-2006
Rieke Gertrude (Hecht) D 9-Nov-2006 6-Nov-2006
Rieke James Oliver D 26-Jan-1991 3-Mar-1990
Rieke James Oliver M 22-Jan-1972 19-Dec-1970
Rieke Jesse M D 15-Feb-1975 29-Oct-1974
Rieke Kathryn Lynn B 29-Dec-1967 29-Mar-1967
Rieke Larry J M 31-Jan-1981 18-Jan-1980
Rieke Larry James B 29-Dec-1950 16-Apr-1950
Rieke Mary Anna D 30-Dec-1948 29-Feb-1948
Rieke Mary Lou B 30-Dec-1935 20-Jun-1935
Rieke Mary Lou M 30-Dec-1955 23-Nov-1955
Rieke Nina L D 30-Sep-1996 29-Sep-1996
Rieke Nina L Dalton D 29-Sep-1996
Rieke Oliver Henry D 30-Dec-1966 7-Feb-1966
Rieke Raleigh M D 30-Dec-1968 26-Mar-1968
Rieke Rena Andree B 30-Dec-1963 27-Mar-1963
Rieke Richard Eugene B 30-Dec-1954 1-Jan-1954
Rieke Richard Eugene M 31-Jan-1976 14-Feb-1975
Rieke Richard Michael B 29-Dec-1956 9-Jul-1956
Rieke Richard R M 30-Dec-1952 3-Jan-1952
Rieke Shirley Ann B 28-Dec-1945 6-Aug-1945
Rieke Shirley Ann D 28-Dec-1945 3-Nov-1945
Rieke Yvonne Marie B 29-Dec-1950 8-Feb-1950
Rieke Yvonne Marie M 30-Dec-1968 30-Oct-1968
Rieland Pearl R D 30-Dec-1933 16-Aug-1933
Riemcke Edward M D 9-Oct-1984 8-Oct-1984
Riemcke F Ethelyn M 8-Dec-1910 31-Oct-1910
Riemcke G A Mrs D 27-Mar-1927
Riemcke George August D 31-Dec-1930 10-Apr-1930
Riemcke George H D 30-Dec-1948 25-Mar-1948
Riemcke Sarah Cordelia D 30-Dec-1957 30-Jul-1957
Riemenschneider Annie M 19-Apr-1893 18-Apr-1892
Riemers William L M 19-Jan-1985 28-Dec-1984
Riemers CaCarol Joanne B 30-Dec-1939 6-Oct-1939
Riemers Janet Lee B 29-Dec-1934 25-Jul-1934
Riemeyer Adelheid D 30-Dec-1970 14-Mar-1970
Riemeyer William D 30-Dec-1964 11-Oct-1964
Rienhardt Fredrich W D 16-Feb-1920
Riepe Charles M 30-Dec-1916 12-Jan-1916
Riepe Charles S D 30-Dec-1943 17-Dec-1943
Riepe Cruzon Elizabeth M 15-Feb-1975 29-Jun-1974
Riepe John D 30-Dec-1953 11-Sep-1953
Riepe Macy Richard D 18-Jan-1986 9-May-1985
Riepe Merlin Elwood M 29-Dec-1956 27-Jun-1956
Riepe Robert E D 30-Dec-1933 3-Mar-1933
Ries Sophie K D 30-Dec-1954 19-May-1954
Riese Robert M 1-Jan-1912 1-Nov-1911
Riese Walter M 16-Dec-1909 6-Sep-1909
Riesen Paul G D 18-Aug-1887
Riesen Shelly Lorraine M 29-Jan-1994 12-Aug-1993
Riess Cynthia Diane B 28-Jan-1979
Riess McKenna Lea B 31-Jan-2004 7-Apr-2003
Riess Quinn M 19-Dec-2001 11-Aug-2001
Riess Quinn Douglas M 26-Jan-2002 11-Aug-2001
Riessen Bonita J D 13-Nov-2008 11-Nov-2008
Riessen Ella D 6-Feb-1984 5-Feb-1984
Riessen Elmer D 30-Dec-1956 7-Feb-1957
Riessen Paul M 11-Feb-1929
Riessen Paul A M 19-Jan-1985 11-Aug-1984
Riessen Rex A D 6-Sep-2008 3-Sep-2008
Riessen Rita A M 31-Jan-1981 27-Jun-1980
Riessen Russell D 12-Nov-2004 11-Nov-2004
Riessen Russell R M 28-Jan-1978 30-Jul-1977
Riessen Vera L D 20-Jan-2000 19-Jan-2000
Riessen Vera L D 27-Jan-2000 19-Jan-2000
Riessen Vera Louise D 4-Nov-2002 3-Nov-2002
Riessen Wayne E D 30-Dec-1952 22-Dec-1952
Riessert Rhonda Alice M 29-Jan-1994 8-Jan-1993
Rietherford Dallas Renee B 30-Jan-1993 22-May-1992
Rietman Margaret E M 30-Dec-1916 19-Sep-1916
Rietzke Carl D 28-Jan-1929
Riexinger Albert M 1-Jan-1912 26-Sep-1911
Riexinger Fred D 21-Apr-1997 20-Apr-1997
Riexinger Fred D 24-Jan-1998 20-Apr-1997
Riexinger Helen D 23-Jan-1988 20-Feb-1987
Riexinger Henry M M 30-Dec-1940 4-Mar-1940
Riexinger John M D 29-Dec-1934 5-Nov-1934
Riexinger Margaret C M 30-Dec-1957 20-Sep-1957
Riexinger Mervil Lillian D 29-Dec-1962 31-Oct-1962
Riexinger Steven Dean B 30-Dec-1957 8-Mar-1957
Riexinger Wendell D 23-Jan-2007 20-Jan-2007
Riexinger Wendell M 29-Dec-1950 25-Jun-1950
Riexinger Wendell D D 22-Jan-2007 20-Jan-2007
Riezer Lacy R B 19-Jan-1985 16-May-1984
Rife Angela S M 23-Jan-1988 14-Aug-1987
Rife Ann Cristine D 15-Feb-1975 17-Mar-1974
Rife Carolyn P D 31-Jan-2000 29-Jan-2000
Rife Carolyn P A D 27-Jan-2000 29-Jan-2000
Rife Charles B D 29-Jan-1983 25-Aug-1982
Rife Chris M 13-Jan-1996 16-Dec-1995
Rife Cindy Sue M 22-Jan-1972 4-Dec-1971
Rife Clyde Allen B 30-Dec-1952 2-Nov-1952
Rife Clyde Allen M 22-Jan-1972 8-Mar-1971
Rife Clyde Allen M 17-Jan-1987 24-Dec-1986
Rife Crystal Joy M 23-Jan-1999 10-Jul-1998
Rife Daren Edmund B 18-Jan-1986 13-May-1985
Rife Daughter B 29-Dec-1944 16-Dec-1944
Rife David Floyd M 28-Jan-1995 13-Aug-1994
Rife Delaney Addison B 10-Jul-1998 7-Jul-1998
Rife Dennis Lee B 30-Dec-1947 2-Aug-1947
Rife Donald Allen M 22-Jan-1972 8-May-1971
Rife Donald J D 28-Jan-1995 25-Feb-1994
Rife Ericka Lyne B 4-Nov-1998 30-Oct-1998
Rife Ericka Lyne B 23-Jan-1999 30-Oct-1998
Rife Everett John B 30-Dec-1943 10-Apr-1943
Rife Everett John D 30-Jan-1993 28-Apr-1992
Rife Everett John M 30-Dec-1942 16-Aug-1942
Rife Everett John M 22-Jan-1972 16-Jan-1971
Rife Gina Sue M 31-Jan-2004 6-Sep-2003
Rife Glen Ivan D 30-Mar-2000 28-Mar-2000
Rife Irene Viola D 27-Nov-2000 26-Nov-2000
Rife Jacob Daniel B 26-Jan-2008 p8e 22-Sep-2007
Rife James Edmen M 26-Jan-2008 p2f 2-Feb-2007
Rife Jeanne Annetta B 30-Dec-1941 3-Apr-1941
Rife Jennifer Lea M 30-Jan-2007 11-Mar-2006
Rife Jill Ann M 30-Dec-1969 23-Aug-1969
Rife John Edward B 27-Jan-2000 16-Mar-2000
Rife John Edward B 18-Mar-2000 16-Mar-2000
Rife John Everett B 30-Dec-1943 10-Apr-1943
Rife John L D 10-Oct-1996 8-Oct-1996
Rife Josephine Delilah M 31-Jan-2009 pg 7f 13-Sep-2008
Rife Kennedy Rae B 23-Jan-2008 p6a 10-Jan-2008
Rife Margaret D 2-May-1995 30-Apr-1995
Rife McKenna Theresa D 20-Oct-1997 18-Oct-1997
Rife Melissa L B 19-Jan-1985 30-Mar-1984
Rife Melvin Charles D 30-Dec-1968 26-Oct-1968
Rife Paige Lea Ann B 6-Jan-1995 30-Dec-1995
Rife Paige LeeAnn B 28-Jan-1995 30-Dec-1994
Rife Roger Earl B 30-Dec-1949 10-Jan-1949
Rife Sharon M 30-Dec-1964 4-Apr-1964
Rife Son B 12-Mar-1891
Rife Suzanne B 29-Dec-1962 13-Jan-1962
Rife Suzanne D 31-Jan-1976 14-Jun-1975
Rife Tommy D 15-Aug-2000 15-Aug-2000
Rife Tommy J M 26-Jan-1980 16-Jun-1979
Rife Tommy J M 26-Jan-1980 16-Jun-1979
Rife Vicky K M 30-Jan-1982 19-Dec-1981
Rifen Emma J M 29-Jan-1983 19-Jun-1982
Rifle Joy Lyn B 30-Dec-1949 23-Sep-1949
Rift Dirk E M 29-Jan-1983 3-Jul-1982
Rifve Margona H M 23-Jan-1988 1-Jul-1987
Rigby WT, Mrs D 24-May-1896 30-Apr-1896
Rigdon Candace Sue B 30-Dec-1968 23-Feb-1968
Rigdon Candace Sue M 26-Jan-2002 14-Dec-2001
Rigdon Carolyn C M 28-Jan-1979
Rigdon Catherine Marie M 22-Jan-1972 14-Aug-1971
Rigdon Jacqueline A M 31-Jan-1981 12-Apr-1980
Rigdon Kenneth Lester B 30-Dec-1946 22-Jul-1946
Rigdon Nealene M 30-Jan-1982 1-May-1981
Rigdon Nealene A M 19-Jan-1985 14-Sep-1984
Rigg Belle M M 22-Oct-1867 21-Oct-1867
Riggan Amanda D 26-Jan-1984 25-Jan-1984
Riggan David E B 19-Jan-1985 4-Jan-1984
Riggan Earl H D 15-Oct-2007 12-Oct-2007
Riggan Hayden David B 31-Jan-2009 p2f 5-Feb-2008
Riggan Jeffery Mchael B 29-Jan-1983 6-Aug-1982
Riggan Jeffrey Michael M 26-Jan-2008 p5f 9-Nov-2007
Riggan Lyle Wayne D 25-Mar-1994 23-Mar-1994
Riggan Lyle Wayne D 28-Jan-1995 23-Mar-1994
Riggan Ronald Dean M 30-Dec-1968 26-Oct-1968
Riggers Bertha M 30-Dec-1935 23-Feb-1935
Riggins Glen C M 1-Jan-1908 24-Jul-1907
Riggle ClaraMildred D 28-Jan-1979
Riggs Anna N D 30-Dec-1943 18-Jan-1943
Riggs Anna N Mrs D 30-Dec-1943 18-Jan-1943
Riggs Bernice D 23-Jan-1988 20-Aug-1987
Riggs Cora E M 24-Dec-1872 23-Dec-1872
Riggs Diana Lynn B 30-Dec-1948 15-Jan-1948
Riggs Dianna Lynn M 30-Dec-1968 2-Mar-1968
Riggs Dora Jane D 30-Dec-1964 5-Sep-1964
Riggs Edith M M 1-Jan-1912 25-Oct-1911
Riggs Eliza D 5-Nov-1891 4-Nov-1891
Riggs Emma E M 1-Jan-1912 14-Jun-1911
Riggs Frank B D 30-Dec-1947 29-Apr-1947
Riggs Hannah Riggs D 25-Jan-1893 25-Jan-1893
Riggs Harold Dell D 26-Jan-2002 28-Jul-2001
Riggs Harold Dell, Jr D 30-Jul-2001 28-Jul-2001
Riggs J Wilson D 19-Nov-1920
Riggs J Wilson M 24-Mar-1893
Riggs John S D 16-Oct-1897 15-Oct-1897
Riggs Lee S D 30-Dec-1963 7-Mar-1963
Riggs Lorri Jean M 30-Jan-1993 20-Jul-1992
Riggs Lorri Jean M 26-Jan-2008 p5f 4-Jan-2008
Riggs Mabel D 22-Jan-1972 14-Dec-1970
Riggs Magdalena M 18-Jun-1862 15-Jun-1862
Riggs Mariah M 28-Dec-1863 26-Dec-1863
Riggs Mark A M 31-Jan-1981 31-May-1980
Riggs Mark A M 31 May 1980
Riggs Mary M 24-Aug-1850 6-Aug-1850
Riggs MM, Mrs D 17-Feb-1902
Riggs Nettie Mrs D 30-Dec-1954 1-May-1954
Riggs Oien E D 26-Jan-1991 4-Dec-1990
Riggs Paul Arthur B 30-Dec-1954 6-May-1954
Riggs Philip D D 16-Nov-1878 7-Nov-1878
Riggs Samuel A M 16-Sep-1892 14-Sep-1892
Riggs Sophia M 24-Sep-1869 18-Sep-1869
Riggs Teresa Anne B 30-Dec-1954 20-Mar-1954
Riggs Thomas Craig B 30-Dec-1955 8-May-1955
Riggs William Isaac D 21-Feb-1863
Riggs Wm M 7-Jan-1853 6-Jan-1853
Right Mary A M 17-Feb-1866 15-Feb-1866
Right Ruhanna M 1-Feb-1871 27-Jan-1871
Rightenaur Boy B 31-Dec-1889 23-Oct-1889
Rigle Katie M 17-Dec-1908 14-Oct-1908
Rigsby David M 8-Aug-2001 11-Nov-2000
Rigsby Meredith Teresa B 28-Jun-2003 8-Jun-2003
Rijahl Mary M 1-Mar-1881 22-Feb-1881
Rile Maude M 17-Dec-1908 9-Mar-1908
Riles Adeline Calista D 29-Dec-1950 7-Dec-1950
Riles James D 30-Dec-1946 29-Jan-1946
Riles Kathleen Denise B 30-Dec-1952 29-Oct-1952
Riles Maude E M 30-Dec-1940 24-Jun-1940
Riley Abreyana Sophia B 31-Jan-2004 4-Feb-2003
Riley Annette M M 28-Jan-1984 17-Nov-1983
Riley Arena Jo M 26-Jan-1991 7-Jul-1990
Riley Arthur R D 18-Jan-1986 20-Jun-1985
Riley Asta H D 30-Dec-1933 27-May-1933
Riley Barbara Kathryn M 30-Dec-1957 27-Nov-1957
Riley Betsy Lynn B 30-Dec-1955 26-Jul-1955
Riley Brigette L B 19-Jan-1985 26-Jul-1984
Riley Brigette Lynne M 30-Jan-2007 22-Apr-2006
Riley Carter James B 26-Jan-2002 31-Oct-2001
Riley Catherine Gipple D 2-Mar-1928 1-Mar-1928
Riley Charles M 29-Dec-1961 22-Jul-1961
Riley Christine Susan B 30-Dec-1954 21-Jul-1954
Riley Colleen Sue B 30-Dec-1966 16-Sep-1966
Riley Don Vernon M 29-Dec-1962 28-Jul-1962
Riley Donald Vernon B 30-Dec-1952 8-Sep-1952
Riley Donna M M 30-Jan-1982 23-Dec-1981
Riley Dorothy B D 29-Jan-1994 2-Oct-1993
Riley Edward W V M 23-Jan-1988 30-May-1987
Riley Edward Walter B 30-Dec-1965 1-Feb-1965
Riley Emery T D 2-May-1998 30-Apr-1998
Riley Evan Helen M 29-Dec-1961 22-Jul-1961
Riley Gabriel Michael Shade B 31-Jan-2009 p4f 24-Nov-2008
Riley Gary D M 28-Jan-1978 12-Mar-1977
Riley Green L D 25-Sep-1996 24-Sep-1996
Riley Green L M 18-Apr-1996 30-Mar-1996
Riley Green Lee D 24-Sep-1996
Riley Haley Elizabeth B 25-Jan-2003 29-Nov-2002
Riley Harold C M 30-Dec-1940 16-Dec-1940
Riley Jacob David B 23-Jan-1999 31-May-1998
Riley James Edward M 30-Dec-1957 27-Nov-1957
Riley Jason D M 29-Jan-2000 25-Jul-1999
Riley Jeremiah David M 30-Jan-2007 5-Aug-2006
Riley Jesse Cowden D 28-Jan-1979
Riley Jessica Sue B 30-Dec-1954 1-Apr-1954
Riley JoAnne Kay M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 14-Jul-2007
Riley Joseph Edward M 29-Jan-1994 16-Dec-1993
Riley Joshua Aron M 30-Jan-2007 12-Aug-2006
Riley Kate D 28-Dec-1945 17-Nov-1945
Riley Kyle Scott D 28-Jan-2006 10-Aug-2005
Riley Lana Jo B 30-Dec-1968 3-Jan-1968
Riley Lori Joan B 29-Dec-1962 31-Mar-1962
Riley Lucy Elizabeth D 28 Jan 1979
Riley M June D 14-Jul-2001 13-Jul-2001
Riley Mackenzie Scott B 14-Feb-1994 10-Feb-1994
Riley Mackenzie Scott B 28-Jan-1995 10-Feb-1994
Riley Martha K M 29-Jan-1983 28-Aug-1982
Riley Mary M 1-May-1883 2-Apr-1883
Riley Mary A D 3-Aug-2001 2-Aug-2001
Riley Mary Agnes D 26-Jan-2002 2-Aug-2001
Riley Mary Ellen D 30-Dec-1966 13-Jun-1966
Riley Mary M D 27-Apr-1994 26-Apr-1994
Riley Mildred June D 26-Jan-2002 13-Jul-2001
Riley Owen Joseph B 31-Jan-2009 p2f 10-Apr-2008
Riley Pamela L M 28-Jan-1978 16-Jul-1977
Riley Patricia L M 26-Jan-1980 14-Jul-1979
Riley Patricia L M 26-Jan-1980 14-Jul-1979
Riley Penny Annette B 30-Dec-1966 1-Feb-1966
Riley Richard E D 16-May-1996 13-Apr-1995
Riley Robert D D 21-Apr-2001 19-Apr-2001
Riley Robert David D 26-Jan-2002 19-Apr-2001
Riley Robert H D 29-Dec-1961 19-Nov-1961
Riley Sarah Elizabeth D 30-Dec-1957 24-Apr-1957
Riley Sarah Marie B 29-Dec-1962 4-Jun-1962
Riley Timothy M 19-Jan-1985 17-Mar-1984
Riley Timothy M 2-Aug-1880 23-Jul-1880
Riley Timothy James Jr B 17-Jan-1987 1-Jan-1986
Riley Tommy John B 28-Jan-1984 9-May-1983
Riley Tommy L M 28-Jan-1978 22-Feb-1977
Riley Tommy L M 29-Jan-1983 19-Nov-1982
Riley Tommy Lee M 31-Jan-1976 3-Jan-1975
Riley Virgina D 16-Jan-2004 12-Jan-2004
Riley Walter Edward D 30-Dec-1963 24-Feb-1963
Riltgasser Hilda M 30-Dec-1939 2-Sep-1939
Rimeley Francis E D 16-Dec-1909 6-Mar-1909
Rimmerman Frank M 29-Dec-1938 12-Nov-1938
Rincon Willits Noel Anthony B 31-Jan-2009 p4f 26-Oct-2008
Rindels Jennifer Sue M 23-Jan-1999 10-Oct-1998
Rinderknecht Anna Katrina D 30-Dec-1947 28-Jun-1947
Rinds Geo M 30-Jan-1890 30-Jan-1890
Rinehart Myrtle M M 1-Jan-1913 31-Jan-1912
Rinehart William Lee D 30-Dec-1957 3-Mar-1957
Rineley Addie Jane D 29-Dec-1950 10-Nov-1950
Rinely Mary E D 30-Dec-1916 14-Feb-1916
Riner Henry M M 29-Feb-1876 1-Feb-1876
Riner Robert A M 30-Dec-1940 2-Mar-1940
Ring Patricia Potter M 26-Jan-2002 1-Aug-2001
Ring Son B 31-Dec-1880 13-Dec-1880
Ring Thelma D 15-Feb-1997 13-Feb-1997
Ring Virgil R M 30-Dec-1940 11-May-1940
Ringer Delpha D 12-Feb-1972
Ringer Ella M 21-Aug-1900 20-Aug-1900
Ringer Linda M 29-Jan-1973 10-Oct-1972
Ringer Sandra Jean M 27-Jan-2000 1-Jul-2000
Ringgenberg Anna Mary D 18-Jan-1986 8-Oct-1985
Ringgenberg Harland D 30-Dec-1954 1-Oct-1954
Ringgenberg Ralph D 20-Dec-1906 2-Apr-1906
Ringgenberg Ruth V M 30-Dec-1916 7-Nov-1916
Ringgernberg Lamount W D 27-May-1994 26-May-1994
Ringgernberg Linda M 29-Jan-1973 28-Mar-1972
Ringgernberg Ramond Willing D 30-Dec-1965 14-May-1965
Ringle Frank D 2-Dec-1926
Ringle Helen M M 31-Dec-1913 14-Oct-1913
Ringle Jonathon D 7-Aug-1920
Ringle Roy D 16-Mar-1888 7-Mar-1888
Ringo Troy Leon M 30-Jan-1993 3-Jul-1992
Ringstaff Theresa Ann M 17-Jan-1987 23-Sep-1986
Rininsland Bertha M 16-Dec-1909 9-Feb-1909
Rininsland Darlene L M 28-Jan-1978 8-Jul-1977
Rininsland Frank D 30-Dec-1916 20-Aug-1916
Rininsland Fred Antone D 30-Dec-1943 25-Apr-1943
Rininsland Herman D 26-Sep-1883
Rininsland Herman F D 30-Dec-1941 13-May-1941
Rininsland Herman, Mrs D 1-Jan-1908 27-Jan-1907
Rininsland John, Mrs D 30-Dec-1932 24-Aug-1932
Rininsland June K M 30-Dec-1947 2-Jun-1947
Rininsland Margaret M M 1-Jan-1913 21-Aug-1912
Rininsland Minnie D 1-Feb-1972
Rininsland Richard John D 26-Jan-2002 30-Sep-2001
Rininsland Richard John D 1-Oct-2001 30-Sep-2001
Rininsland Ruth Elizabeth D 30-Dec-1957 8-Feb-1957
Rininsland Theresa M M 30-Jan-1982 14-Jun-1981
Rinisland Kate M 25-Feb-1881
Rink Amanda M 3-Jan-1900 2-Jan-1900
Rink Chas A, Sergt D 24-Sep-1863 1-Oct-1863
Rink George D 29-Dec-1961 9-Oct-1961
Rink Nona C D 30-Dec-1969 22-Dec-1969
Rinlay Simmon Peter D 30-Dec-1940 17-Oct-1940
Rinne Louise M 30-Dec-1935 5-Mar-1935
Rinnert Barbara Ann B 30-Dec-1952 20-Mar-1952
Rinnert Caroline Drumm D 10-Aug-1972
Rinnert Catherine D 30-Jan-1913
Rinnert Connie J M 26-Jan-1980 20-Apr-1979
Rinnert Connie J M 26-Jan-1980 20-Apr-1979
Rinnert Crescentia D 30-Dec-1954 26-May-1954
Rinnert Dean M M 30-Jan-1982 10-Feb-1981
Rinnert Dean Marvin B 30-Dec-1946 8-Nov-1946
Rinnert Dennis K M 28-Jan-1979
Rinnert Dennis Keith B 30-Dec-1955 6-Jun-1955
Rinnert Donna Jean B 28-Dec-1951 5-Mar-1951
Rinnert Donna Jean D 28-Dec-1951 5-Mar-1951
Rinnert Edmond F D 8-Dec-2007 6-Dec-2007
Rinnert Edward D 27-Jul-1920
Rinnert Francis M 30-Dec-1964 23-May-1964
Rinnert Francis E D 31-Jan-1981 1-Apr-1980
Rinnert Gerald Edmond B 30-Dec-1948 13-Apr-1948
Rinnert Gladys A D 28-Jan-1995 29-Sep-1994
Rinnert Janet Diane B 29-Dec-1950 9-Mar-1950
Rinnert Janet Diane M 29-Dec-1967 18-Jun-1967
Rinnert Kenneth Lee B 29-Dec-1950 9-Oct-1950
Rinnert Marian C M 30-Dec-1939 15-Jun-1939
Rinnert Marilyn Jean B 30-Dec-1952 28-Oct-1952
Rinnert Marlyn M 29-Jan-1973 1-May-1972
Rinnert Marvin D 16-Dec-2008 15-Dec-2008
Rinnert Marvin A M 30-Dec-1946 7-Jan-1946
Rinnert Michael Scott B 30-Dec-1969 14-Aug-1969
Rinnert Michael Scott M 29-Jan-1994 6-Jul-1993
Rinnert Tanya Lynn M 30-Jan-1993 28-Nov-1992
Rinnert Taylor Marie B 4-Feb-1994 28-Jan-1994
Rinnert Taylor Marie B 28-Jan-1995 28-Jan-1994
Rinnert Teckla Nora D 28-Jan-1979
Rinnert Tristan Dean B 2-Dec-1997 22-Nov-1997
Rinnert Tristian Dean B 24-Jan-1998 22-Nov-1997
Rios Angela Marie B 29-Jan-2000 30-Mar-1999
Rios Isidro Barajas M 30-Jan-2007 11-Aug-2006
Rios Kayanna Elesa B 31-Jan-2004 23-Apr-2003
Rios Leopoldo Lopez M 29-Jan-2000