Historical and Architectural Survey of the Colver Street Neighborhood in Muscatine

The Architectural and Historical Survey of the “Colver Street” neighborhood conducted in 2012-2013 is part of a phased program to identify, evaluate, register, and protect the cultural resources of Muscatine by the Muscatine Historic Preservation Commission. The Colver Street neighborhood was defined as the properties along Colver Street from Isett Avenue to Oak Street. Research was conducted to develop a historic context for this neighborhood and evaluate its significance within the framework of two historic contexts completed in 2008: 19th Century Residential and Neighborhood Development and 20th Century Residential and Neighborhood Development. These historic contexts were utilized to evaluate the historic resources identified during the Colver Street survey project. The final report is available for download here, with the appendices available for separate download here.* A map of the survey area and site numbers is found here.*

A total of 43 properties in the Colver Street neighborhood were surveyed as part of this project. Properties typically consisted of a house or the combination of a house and historic outbuildings. Overall, there were 42 houses, 23 detached garages, and one commercial building (historically the Muscatine Broom Factory) identified in this neighborhood for a total of 66 resources. Iowa Site Inventory forms were not filled out for each property within the scope of this survey project, but a summary page on each property with a photograph was included in Appendix A. The neighborhood was evaluated for its potential eligibility as a historic district for future listing on the National Register of Historic Places, and individual properties were evaluated for their potential to contribute to this historic district. Through this survey, the potential Colver Street Historic District was identified that includes 43 surveyed properties, with approximately 51 contributing buildings and 15 non-contributing buildings.

The Muscatine Historic Preservation Commission hired Rebecca Lawin McCarley, Architectural Historian with SPARK Consulting in Davenport, in 2012 to conduct the survey project. Funding for this project was provided by the Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust, Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine, HNI Corporation, and Friends of Muscatine Historic Preservation.

Colver Street Survey Report – Report Only

Colver Street Survey Report – Appendices

Colver Street Survey Map