Grossheim Photographic Index

The Oscar Grossheim Collection consists of over 55,000 glass plate negatives taken from approximately the late 1890’s to the early 1940’s and includes stunning portraits of local citizens as well as critically important local scenes and landscapes. Over 4,000 images from the Grossheim Collection have been digitally archived and uploaded to the Upper Mississippi Valley Digital Image Archive, where they can be viewed.

On this page you will find a searchable database that lists all known entries in Oscar Grossheim’s logbooks. While we cannot guarantee that all entries will have a corresponding negative (some have been lost or damaged beyond repair over the past 100+ years), we will do our best to locate the requested item.

Please keep in mind that the images listed here are not necessarily available for viewing, but must be retrieved and scanned by staff in order to view them. To see if any of the images in this database are available to view, please contact the library directly.

Last Name First Name Address & Notes Plate # Date
I O O F Group 18524 16-Mar-1913
I O O F Parade 18580 26-Apr-1913
Ice A City 5727 26-Feb-1904
Ice Fern & Velma 4990 22-Aug-1903
Ice Velma 4989 22-Aug-1903
Ice Cutting Machine 8534 8-Feb-1906
Idle Alma 218 East 5th St. 29268 7-Aug-1924
Idle Baby Nichols, Ia 4958 11-Aug-1903
Idle E V & wife Nichols, Ia 4375 2-Mar-1903
Idle E V (2 children) Nichols IA 10506 19-Oct-1907
Idle E V Baby Nichols 9335 27-Sep-1906
Idle E V (2 children) Nichols, Ia 25883 11-Sep-1919
Idle F B (family group - 50th Anniv) Letts, Ia 20690 17-Apr-1915
Idle Harley (Mrs) & children Nichols IA 10581 6-Nov-1907
Igorrote Grp 11420 5-Aug-1908
Igorrote Grp 11421 5-Aug-1908
Igorrote Village 11424 5-Aug-1908
Ijans Lucile 540 18-Dec-1900
Ikelman Gertrude (group of 3) 26171 6-Dec-1919
Illian Edna Stockton, Ia 29948 24-Sep-1925
Illian Edna (Rural Grad) % William Illian, Stockton Iowa 28025 26-Jul-1922
Illian Leilla % Ratcliff Café 32162 16-Jul-1929
Illian Verna Stockton, Ia 26621 18-Jun-1920
Illian Verna % William Illian, Stockton Iowa 28840 28-Nov-1923
Illinois Farm Wagon 232 1902
Illinois Levee High water 1893 1917
Imhoff Carl Muscatine RR #4 15522 19-Dec-1911
Imhoff Clarence Muscatine Route 5 30561 25-Sep-1926
Imhoff Ellen & boy also boy alone Mus R 4 32271 19-Oct-1929
Imhoff Frank (Mrs) (copy of couple) Muscatine Route 4 30354 14-Apr-1926
Imhoff Lyle %Mrs Joseph Gibbs 30207 9-Jan-1926
Imhoff Lyle % Carl Imhoff Muscatine R 4 Box 29 33502 20-May-1932
Imin Jack grp 1750 2-Dec-1901
Inandt Roy & bride 1538 Grant St. 24683 1-Aug-1918
Indian Agent Group E F Hoag copy 32233 1-Jun-1929
Indian Group Leston 9120 24-Jun-1906
Indian Party at Sawyer 8803 12-May-1906
Indiana Truck Corp View of Mr Bell's truck 26375 20-Feb-1920
Ineichen Charlie 5877 19-Mar-1904
Ineichen Geo (Mrs) Minneapolis, Minn 18381 9-Jan-1913
Ineichen Helen 3820 1902
Ineichen Helen 9033 4-Jul-1906
Ineichen Helen 18165 10-Nov-1912
Ineichen Helen & Irine 9930 12-May-1907
Ineichen Helen D 9928 12-May-1907
Ineichen Irene 13865 16-Jun-1910
Ineichen Irene 15040 18-Jun-1911
Ineichen Irene 18177 17-Nov-1912
Ineichen Irine 9929 12-May-1907
Ineichen J (Mrs) 13866 16-Jun-1910
Ineichen J (Mrs) (Child) City 5112 10-May-1900
Ineichen J (Mrs) (Daughter) City 5113 10-May-1900
Ineichen Leo City 5384 26-Oct-1903
Ineichen Leo (MHS Graduate) 9979 1-Jun-1907
Ineichen Mr 9575 15-Dec-1906
Ingham Alice 320 East 9th City 1519 2-Nov-1901
Ingham Alice 1519 2-Nov-1901
Ingham E H (Mrs) (Little Girl) Harper Iowa 28714 18-Sep-1923
Ingham E P 317 13-Oct-1900
Ingham E P 789 1-Apr-1901
Ingham Ed P 5022 1-Sep-1903
Ingham Edward P. (Atty.) 21253 9-Nov-1915
Ingham H A (Mr & Mrs) Keosauqua, Ia 5278 10-Sep-1903
Ingham H A (Mrs) 5277 10-Sep-1903
Ingham Hardy A (Rev) Keosauqua, Ia 5276 10-Sep-1903
Ingham Latham (Rev) 824 Bank St Keota, Ia 5356 29-Sep-1903
Inghram Kitty West Liberty Ia 13072 4-Nov-1909
Inghram May West Liberty Ia 13071 4-Nov-1909
Inglebritson T 1709 Washington St Louis Mo 32035 9-Apr-1929
Ingraham Ellsworth (Mrs) (Lura M) 217 East 2nd 26297 14-Jan-1920
Ingraham Ellsworth (Mrs) (Lura M) & 3 dau. 26294 14-Jan-1920
Ingraham Ellsworth C (flowers) 26085 22-Nov-1919
Ingraham Lelia 7604 9-Apr-1905
Ingraham Mrs (3 children) 11468 20-Aug-1908
Ingraham Vivian Letts, Ia 24619 19-Jul-1918
Innes Clayton 224 Iowa Avenue 33475 23-Apr-1932
Interior of German Church 6737 21-May-1904
Interior of M E Church City 2724 23-Oct-1897
Intersection Iowa Ave & 2nd St 18212 26-Nov-1912
Iowa 11th Reg City 70 1903
Iowa 33rd Reg 39 1903
Iowa 35th Reg 240 1903
Iowa 7th Reg 238 1903
Iowa Avenue at Second St F no date
Iowa Avenue at Second St Looking up Iowa Avenue ZZ no date
Iowa Booster Group at Commercial Club 19634 5-May-1914
Iowa Cemetery Co Inc 34825 31-May-1936
Iowa Culvert Co Silo roof 22710 8-Dec-1916
Iowa Culvert Co Vault 22743 13-Dec-1916
Iowa Culvert Co Watering trough 22711 8-Dec-1916
Iowa Culvert Co 22550 16-Nov-1916
Iowa National Guard Camp 54th Regiment 9092 1906
Iowa Pearl Button Co Cedar Chest with buttons 33216 5-Nov-1931
Iowa Sheet Metal Co Acetylene Plant after fire 32121 5-Jun-1929
Iowa Sheet Metal Co copy of Insurance Policies 34307 3-Jan-1935
Iowa State University Banquet Hotel Commercial 10787 3-Jan-1908
Iowa Telephone Co Office and Wires on 2nd St 14718 4-Mar-1911
Iowa Telephone Co Ex & Int 18222 28-Nov-1912
Iowa Telephone Co Wires in tree Plate destroyed 23412 5-Aug-1917
Ireland W B (Rev & Mrs) 5330 14-Sep-1903
Ireland W B (Rev) Drakeville, Ia 5307 12-Sep-1903
Ireman Minnie & Vera 6525 7-May-1904
Irey J H 7075 25-Sep-1904
Irey M B (Mrs) grp West Liberty, Ia 5621 29-Dec-1903
Irvin EH (2 children) 10249 17-Aug-1907
Irwin A (Flower Wreath) City 4986 24-Mar-1900
Irwin Anna & Daisy Pine Mills Ia 2934 12-Feb-1898
Irwin Anna (baby) Muscatine Route 1 29697 24-Mar-1925
Irwin Antone (Boy) City 4985 24-Mar-1900
Irwin Bernice 30022 14-Nov-1925
Irwin Bessie & Roy Shires 11303 2-Jul-1908
Irwin Bessie (Miss) 11245 24-Jun-1908
Irwin Bessie (Miss) R 8 11302 2-Jul-1908
Irwin C H (Baby) Fairport 9199 16-Aug-1906
Irwin C H (Mrs )(2 Children) M-R7 14206 21-Sep-1910
Irwin C H (Baby) Fairport, Ia 18131 28-Oct-1912
Irwin Charles Pine Mills Ia 2905 28-Jan-1898
Irwin Charles H (baby) Fairport, Ia 25795 11-Aug-1919
Irwin Chas H (Mr & Mrs) Fairport, Iowa 7455 16-Mar-1905
Irwin Chas H (Mrs) & baby R 7 11538 8-Sep-1908
Irwin Chas H - baby Fairport, Iowa 21435 8-Dec-1915
Irwin Daisy & baby 5144 10-Oct-1903
Irwin Dorothy 34584 30-Nov-1935
Irwin Elsie 34519 31-Aug-1935
Irwin Glen (Mrs) (Baby) Muscatine R 1 32203 15-Aug-1929
Irwin Grace 12649 29-Jul-1909
Irwin Ida Fairport, Iowa 25377 15-Feb-1919
Irwin J A 5617 28-Dec-1903
Irwin J A (Mrs) Baby Muscatine 9419 20-Oct-1906
Irwin J A & bride 20114 21-Oct-1914
Irwin Jack 1750 23-Dec-1901
Irwin James B Fairport, Iowa 7190 29-Nov-1904
Irwin James L Pine Mills Ia 3395 16-Aug-1898
Irwin Jessie (Mrs) 24025 18-Jan-1918
Irwin John (3 children) New Boston, Ill 25835 27-Aug-1919
Irwin John (Mrs) (Boy) Mus- R 2 12555 26-Jun-1909
Irwin John (Mrs)(baby) 1502 Park Ave 25028 3-Nov-1918
Irwin John (Mrs) & two sisters 21006 4-Sep-1915
Irwin John A - group 21032 11-Sep-1915
Irwin Lewis & Bride Fairport, Iowa 27173 2-Mar-1921
Irwin Lewis (little girl) Fairport, Iowa 29520 12-Dec-1924
Irwin Louis (Baby) Fairport Iowa R 1 28677 20-Aug-1923
Irwin Mary 113 West 4th 30071 25-Nov-1925
Irwin Miss & baby 20951 12-Aug-1915
Irwin Mrs (Copy of Mother) 14581 3-Jan-1911
Irwin Nellie - child 24024 18-Jan-1918
Irwin Nellie (copies of child) 25153 5-Dec-1918
Irwin Nola & sister Joy IL 9997 4-Jun-1907
Irwin Nora Muscatine Route 8 Box 67 20113 21-Oct-1914
Irwin Nora Route 8 22617 25-Nov-1916
Irwin O B (Baby) Muscatine R 5 28293 9-Dec-1922
Irwin Thomas D. - Battery C 23424 25-Jun-1917
Irwin Virgil & Bride 24090 7-Feb-1918
Irwin Virgil (Baby) Muscatine R 4 32193 13-Aug-1929
Irwin Virgil (little girl) Muscatine Route 4 29756 25-Apr-1925
Irwin Virgil (Mrs) Muscatine Route 4 27624 26-Nov-1921
Irwin Virgil (Mrs) (Baby & Aunt)) Muscatine R 3 28003 15-Jul-1922
Irwin Walter & Bride 35346 6-Feb-1938
Isaacson Lucille 800 East 5th 30179 15-Dec-1925
Iseminger Opal Ainsworth, Ia 24349 11-May-1918
Iserhott Elmer H Wilton Jct., Ia 34690 5-Apr-1936
Iserhott Raymond (wedding) Wilton Jct., Ia 34946 9-Dec-1936
Iserhott Raymond H (confirmation) Wilton Jct., Ia 30976 1-May-1927
Isett Ave Bridge %City Engineer 18210 26-Nov-1912
Iska Verlenty (corpse) 23667 7-Oct-1917
Isted G R (Mrs) City 5140 24-May-1900
Isted M (Miss) City 3380 11-Aug-1898
Isted Margaret (Miss) City 3147 1-Jun-1898
Iues Jesse (Mrs) (Boy) 33124 12-Aug-1931
Ivandt Elmer 6630 13-May-1904
Ivandt Wm 6989 28-Aug-1904
Ivandt Wm 6990 28-Aug-1904
Ivy Girls 4803 12-Jun-1903