Grossheim Photographic Index

The Oscar Grossheim Collection consists of over 55,000 glass plate negatives taken from approximately the late 1890’s to the early 1940’s and includes stunning portraits of local citizens as well as critically important local scenes and landscapes. Over 4,000 images from the Grossheim Collection have been digitally archived and uploaded to the Upper Mississippi Valley Digital Image Archive, where they can be viewed.

On this page you will find a searchable database that lists all known entries in Oscar Grossheim’s logbooks. While we cannot guarantee that all entries will have a corresponding negative (some have been lost or damaged beyond repair over the past 100+ years), we will do our best to locate the requested item.

Please keep in mind that the images listed here are not necessarily available for viewing, but must be retrieved and scanned by staff in order to view them. To see if any of the images in this database are available to view, please contact the library directly.

Last Name First Name Address & Notes Plate # Date
Quandt 11947 28-Dec-1908
Quandt Carl 11007 12-Apr-1908
Quandt Edith Musc Bus College 10048 18-Jun-1907
Quandt Edith 10173 22-Jul-1907
Quandt Elmer 6630 13-May-1904
Quandt Elmer 6741 21-May-1904
Quandt Ernest City 3102 8-May-1898
Quandt Leona 22530 8-Nov-1916
Quandt Margaret 22577 18-Nov-1916
Quandt Margaret 24947 12-Oct-1918
Quandt Otto (Copy) 18541 1-Apr-1913
Quandt Roy & Bride 24683 1-Aug-1918
Quandt Roy E - Battery C 23422 25-Jun-1917
Quandt Wm 6989 28-Aug-1904
Quandt Wm 6990 28-Aug-1904
Quertermons Roy 357 30-Oct-1900
Quimby Nina Nichols, Iowa 27307 17-May-1921
Quimby Nina & Emma 8130 24-Mar-1904
Quimby Nina & Emma Nichols, Iowa 8130 24-Oct-1905
Quinn J F (group of 7) 11921 24-Dec-1908
Quinn John (3 children) Answorth, Iowa 15993 22-Jun-1912
Quinn Leona 19711 14-Jun-1914
Quinn M (Mrs) 508 4-Apr-1900
Quinn M (Mrs) (Copy of Hattie Nierel) 13130 25-Nov-1909
Quinn M B (Mrs) (child) 19724 16-Jun-1914
Quinn Mark 1277 24-Aug-1900
Quinn Newton and Friends 12588 8-Jul-1909
Quinn Percival 5685 2-Feb-1904
Quinn R L and Lady Columbus Jct Ia 13640 11-Apr-1910
Quinn R T (Group of 3) Columbus Jct Iowa 24563 2-Jul-1918