Birth, Marriage, & Death Index

Musser Public Library’s Birth, Marriage, & Death searchable Index covers births, marriages, obituaries, and death notices that have appeared in the Muscatine (city) newspapers since 1840 to present day. These papers may be found in the newspaper microfilm collection at the library. Many dedicated volunteers have worked for years to develop this Index, and the Library would like to thank them for their efforts!

Last Name First Name Type Date of Paper Page # Date of Event
Taber Emma W M 29-Dec-1876 28-Dec-1876
Taber Henry M 21-Dec-1905 31-Oct-1905
Taber Henry Daniel B 30-Dec-1935 16-Jul-1935
Taber Lucy A M 8-Dec-1859 6-Dec-1859
Taber Mary Jane D 19-Mar-1864
Tabler J B M 8-Dec-1910 10-Oct-1910
Tabor Andrew Douglas Jr M 17-Jan-1987 25-Apr-1986
Tabor Billie Sue D 28-Jan-2006 18-Feb-2005
Tabor Charles D D 16-Dec-1909 23-Apr-1909
Tabor Ernest Dale M 23-Jan-1999 12-Mar-1998
Tabor Ernest Dale M 30-Jan-2007 22-Jul-2006
Tabor Frances B M 29-Jan-2000 12-Nov-1999
Tabor Nathan D 28-May-1900 10-May-1900
Tabor Tacy S D 30-Dec-1916 3-Jul-1916
Tabor Martha J M 28-Jan-1984 23-Jul-1983
Tabue Alfred E D 24-Jan-1998 23-Apr-1997
Tacito John Howard M 30-Dec-1965 18-Aug-1965
Tack Henry C 'Hank' D 11-Mar-2008 26-Feb-2008
Tack Henry C 'Hank' D 26-Feb-2008 11-Mar-2008
Tack Tami M 13-Mar-1972
Tackenberg Grace E D 27-Jan-1979 14-Jul-1978
Tackenberg Herman D 30-Dec-1954 11-Aug-1954
Tackenberg Jeffrey D 7-Jul-1972
Tackett Cody M 31-Oct-2001 p8a 6-Oct-2001
Tacks Fred Henry D 29-Dec-1961 24-Jul-1961
Tade Frances (Mathey) D 3-Apr-2007 31-Mar-2007
Tade Jeffrey Klon M 29-Jan-1994 2-Apr-1993
Tadewald Amelia D 29-Dec-1939 3-Sep-1939
Tadewald Ann Elizabeth B 29-Dec-1950 28-Sep-1950
Tadewald Anna M M 3-May-1900 2-May-1900
Tadewald Ernest D 31-Jan-1976 11-Nov-1975
Tadewald Helen (Miss) M 20-Dec-1906 5-Jul-1906
Tadewald Helen J D 28-Jan-1984 22-Aug-1983
Tadewald Herman G D 30-Dec-1938 15-Nov-1938
Tadewald Herman H M 20-Dec-1906 24-Oct-1906
Tadewald Mildred M 27-Jul-1901 24-Jul-1901
Tadewald Thomas Joseph B 30-Dec-1946 28-Feb-1946
Tadewald William Edward B 30-Dec-1955 6-Sep-1955
Tadlock M Heith M 30-Dec-1938 18-Jun-1938
Taets Albert V M 29-Dec-1939 9-Dec-1939
Taets Albert Valentine M 30-Dec-1933 17-May-1933
Taets Tyler Eugene B 29-Jan-2000 6-May-1999
Tafolla Petra R M 26-Jan-1980 20-Jun-1979
Tafolla Petra R M 26-Jan-1980 20-Jun-1979
Taft Daniel M 29-Nov-1867 p1 28-Nov-1867
Taft David James M 24-Jan-1998 1-Oct-1997
Taft Harriet Ida M 30-Dec-1940 12-Jun-1940
Taft James H D 1-Jun-1883 6-May-1883
Taggue Frank D 19-Jun-1972
Taggue Frank M 16-Dec-1909 5-Oct-1909
Tague Eric Anthony B 15-Aug-1977
Tait Rosina D 29-Jan-2000 14-Oct-1999
Tait Rosina D 15-Oct-1999 p5a 14-Oct-1999
Takyi Dzifa Adzo M 29-Jan-1983 4-Jun-1982
Talbert Fredonia Jean M 30-Dec-1964 5-Feb-1964
Talbert Julia Elizabeth D 30-Dec-1952 24-Feb-1952
Talbot Alexis Lynn B 23-Jan-1999 28-Oct-1998
Talbot Frank D M 30-Dec-1938 27-Feb-1938
Talbot Jane V M 30-Dec-1938 1-Jul-1938
Talbot Marie Robin M 28-Jan-2006 25-Feb-2005
Talbot Penelope Frances M 30-Dec-1966 18-Mar-1966
Talbot Ross Hunter M 29-Jan-2005 17-Apr-2004
Talbott Alexis Lynn B 4-Nov-1998 p5a 28-Oct-1998
Talbott Caden Lee B 27-Jan-2000 1-Aug-2000
Talbott Caden Lee B 4-Aug-2000 p5a 1-Aug-2000
Talbott Kathryn M D 26-Feb-2002 p5a 24-Feb-2002
Talbott Richard Wayne M 27-Jan-2000 5-Aug-2000
Taliant Thomas B D 2-Mar-1890
Talkington Ada D 17-Oct-1984 16-Oct-1984
Talkington Ada D 19-Oct-1984 16-Oct-1984
Talkington Alice D 9-Dec-1998 p5a 8-Dec-1998
Talkington Alice F D 23-Jan-1999 8-Dec-1998
Talkington Arthur D D 9-Jul-2002 p5a 3-Jul-2002
Talkington Arthur LeRoy D 30-Dec-1942 25-Jan-1942
Talkington BettyM D 15-Jun-1998 p5a 13-Jun-1998
Talkington Brett Alan M 29-Jan-1994 23-Sep-1993
Talkington Clarence E M 30-Dec-1943 31-Jan-1943
Talkington Dione Renee B 30-Dec-1966 27-Feb-1966
Talkington Harold LeRoy M 30-Dec-1965 5-Aug-1965
Talkington Kathleen Sue B 28-Dec-1945 6-Oct-1945
Talkington Kathleen Sue M 30-Dec-1965 26-Jun-1965
Talkington Linda Louise B 30-Dec-1952 31-Aug-1952
Talkington Linda Louise B 30-Dec-1952 31-Aug-1952
Talkington Linda Louise M 31-Jan-1976 26-Apr-1975
Talkington Natalie Bret B 24-Jan-1998 18-Dec-1997
Talkington Natalie Brett B 20-Dec-1997 p5a 18-Dec-1997
Talkington Paul Edward B 30-Dec-1943 28-Sep-1943
Talkington Roxe Ann B 30-Dec-1947 3-Sep-1947
Talkington Roxe Ann M 30-Dec-1965 4-Sep-1965
Talkington Sally Jo B 30-Dec-1943 1-Dec-1943
Tallant Katie D 22-Mar-1881 22-Mar-1881
Talley Thomas P D 29-Dec-1944 11-Jan-1944
Tallman Beulah Mary Gerot D 16-Oct-2000 p5a 14-Oct-2000
Tallman Roy Raymond M 30-Dec-1969 3-Jul-1969
Tamblin Doris D 23-May-2007 21-May-2007
Tamez Jeannette B 26-Jan-1991 5-Jan-1990
Tamisea Edward C M 13-Jan-1897 10-Jan-1897
Tamisiea Roberta M 1-Jan-1908 15-May-1907
Tammen Carol M 29-Dec-1961 15-Jan-1961
Tammen Todd D 30-Dec-1969 11-Jun-1969
Tammenga Chris D 17-Jan-1987 23-Jul-1986
Tammenga Chris D 24-Jul-1986
Tammenga Chris, Jr M 30-Dec-1941 5-Jan-1941
Tammenga Jerry L M 27-Jan-1979 10-Jun-1978
Tammenga Jerry Lee B 30-Dec-1943 5-Oct-1943
Tammenga Katie D 30-Dec-1943 23-Jan-1943
Tammenga Leslie M 30-Dec-1954 18-Nov-1954
Tammenga Tena M 30-Dec-1938 22-Oct-1938
Tammenga Troy Lee B 30-Dec-1968 18-Feb-1968
Tammenga Jerry Lee M 30-Dec-1964 28-Jun-1964
Tamoreux Audrey Pearl M 31-Jan-1976 16-Aug-1975
Tana Jennifer Dawn B 26-Jan-1980 13-Jul-1979
Tanbour Yazan Emad B 18-Apr-2000 p5a 10-Apr-2000
Tanbour Yazan Emadeddin B 27-Jan-2000 10-Apr-2000
Tandelius Anna (Miss) M 20-Dec-1906 17-Oct-1906
Tandy Paul C D 4-Nov-2002 p5a 1-Nov-2002
Tandy Paul Clifford D 25-Jan-2003 1-Nov-2002
Tandy Paula M M 19-Jan-1985 22-Sep-1984
Tandy Ray Rufus D 30-Dec-1968 29-Jan-1968
Taney Alexander D 6-Jan-1879 p4 3-Jan-1879
Tangeman Marjorie M 30-Dec-1938 23-Jul-1938
Tangen Allan V D 12-Jan-2002 p5a 11-Jan-2002
Tangen Earl Richard D 18-Jan-1986 1-Jul-1985
Tangen Herman A D 30-Dec-1949 22-Apr-1949
Tangen Lois (Gruemmer) D 29-Jul-2008 26-Jul-2008
Tangen Meta Ella D 9-Sep-1977
Tank Aaron J B 19-Jan-1985 26-Apr-1984
Tank Chris David D 28-Dec-1951 11-Jun-1951
Tank Henry David M 2-Nov-1920
Tank Janelle M D 17-Jan-1987 27-Feb-1986
Tank Janelle Marie D 28-Feb-1986
Tank Jeffrey Jay M 30-Jan-1993 11-Apr-1992
Tank Wilbur E M 29-Dec-1939 11-Feb-1939
Tannahill James D 15-Apr-1863 24-Feb-1863
Tanner Dorothy Mae M 30-Dec-1940 18-Jul-1940
Tanner Gavin Jay M 13-Oct-1999 p4c 1-Jan-1999
Tanner Opal Florence D 4-Feb-1977
Tanneyhill MD D 17-Dec-1869 p4 14-Dec-1869
Tansey Edgar E D 17-May-1900 16-May-1900
Tansey Harley M 21-Dec-1905 20-Sep-1905
Tansey Jessie A D 1-Jan-1912 7-Feb-1911
Tansey Jessie A D 7-Feb-1911
Tantlinger Adelia M 11-Oct-1883 p2 3-Oct-1883
Tapia Alexis Anthony Vargas B 28-Jan-1995 24-Nov-1994
Tapia Cesar M 26-Jan-1991 13-Nov-1990
Tapia Eliseo M 26-Jan-2002 27-Mar-2001
Tapia Elsa Ann B 18-Jan-1986 14-Jun-1985
Tapia Fermin M 23-Jan-1992 15-Jul-1991
Tapia Flor Giselle B 29-Jan-2000 28-Jul-1999
Tapia Janelle B 25-Jan-2003 2-Mar-2002
Tapia Javan B 1-May-1996
Tapia Jonathan Alexis B 29-Jan-2000 4-Apr-1999
Tapia Ruben,Jr B 24-Feb-1995 p5a 14-Feb-1995
Tapia Javan D 24-Jun-1996
Tapley Priscilla M 30-Dec-1938 19-Jul-1938
Tappan Cheryl Kay B 30-Dec-1947 N 24-Oct-1947
Tappe Anna,Mrs M 21-May-1895 19-May-1895
Tappe Chas M 7-Jan-1870 11-Dec-1869
Tappe Infant Daughter D 15-Nov-1878 p4 14-Nov-1878
Tappe William A D 30-Dec-1932 18-Feb-1932
Tapper Archie A M 30-Dec-1938 16-Apr-1938
Tar George R D 30-Nov-1869 20-Nov-1869
Tarks EA,Mrs D 1-Jan-1913 6-Jul-1912
Tarleton Mr D 30-Dec-1932 19-Jun-1932
Tarpey M F M 17-Dec-1908 10-Nov-1908
Tarpy Michale Francis, "Mike" D 30-Dec-1954 23-May-1954
Tarpy Twin Girls B 30-Apr-1891 p3
Tarr Amanda Leffler D 30-Dec-1949 28-Nov-1949
Tarr George R M 10-Oct-1866 4-Oct-1866
Tarr Ralph E M 1-Jan-1913 20-Nov-1912
Tarr Samuel D 29-Jul-1867 p1 27-Jul-1867
Tarr Samuel G D 30-Dec-1953 8-Apr-1953
Tarr Sarah D 14-Jul-1876 13-Jul-1876
Tarrant Nellie M 29-Dec-1939 13-Jun-1939
Tarrant Vernon Eugene M 31-Jan-1976 1-Jun-1975
Tarrence Linda M 24-Jan-1998 4-Jan-1997
Tarv John D 28-Nov-1924
Tarver Betty Sue B 29-Dec-1950 8-Mar-1950
Tarver Judith Ann B 30-Dec-1947 27-Jun-1947
Tarver Warren W M 30-Dec-1946 28-Sep-1946
Taschner Pauline D 30-Dec-1938 24-Nov-1938
Taschner Pauline D 24-Nov-1938
Tasker Henry P M 19-Jan-1985 17-Nov-1984
Tasker Michelle Leigh B 30-Dec-1969 11-Jun-1969
Tasser Henry M 29-Dec-1884 27-Dec-1884
Tate Abigail Elyse B 27-Jan-2000 8-Apr-2000
Tate Alexander J M 19-Jan-1985 17-Nov-1984
Tate Clifford D 7-Aug-1972 p16
Tate Clifford D 9-Aug-1972 p13
Tate Clifford D 5-Aug-1972 p12
Tate David Christopher Junior B 31-Jan-2009 p4f 23-Oct-2008
Tate John Allen & Robert Clay B 30-Dec-1969 10-May-1969
Tate Keanan B 30-Dec-1957 6-Mar-1957
Tate Krystan Jeannene B 29-Jan-1994 5-Mar-1993
Tate Madelyn Cristine B 23-Jan-1999 16-Jun-1998
Tate Madelyn Cristine B 19-Jun-1998 p5a 16-Jun-1998
Tate Mark E M 19-Jan-1985 25-Jun-1984
Tate Maxine Cecelia D 27-Jan-2000 26-Mar-2000
Tate Maxine Cecelia D 28-Mar-2000 p5a 26-Mar-2000
Tate Michael Glenn B 30-Dec-1954 8-Oct-1954
Tate Monica Cynthia B 29-Dec-1961 16-Feb-1961
Tate Willard Wayne B 30-Dec-1964 12-Aug-1964
Tate Willard Wayne D 30-Dec-1964 12-Aug-1964
Tate William Deane D 8-Sep-1999 p5a 7-Sep-1999
Tatge Helen E D 10-Dec-2003 p5a 9-Dec-2003
Tatge Helen Elnora D 31-Jan-2004 9-Dec-2003
Tatge John G D 28-Jan-1984 30-Nov-1983
Tatlock EW M 13-Nov-1867 p4 9-Nov-1867
Tatum Benjamin Josiah B 29-Jan-1983 17-Jul-1982
Tatum Henry C M 17-Feb-1872 p4 13-Feb-1872
Tatum Lawrie,Rev D 24-Jan-1900 21-Jan-1900
Taube Alfred E D 24-Apr-1997 p5a 23-Apr-1997
Taube Jamie M 1-Aug-1998 p7a 16-May-1998
Taube Jamie Lynn B 27-Jan-1979 11-Jul-1978
Taube Jamie Lynn M 23-Jan-1999 16-May-1998
Taube Rebecca Rae B 30-Jan-1982 28-Dec-1981
Tavarez Ana Soledad M 23-Jan-1999 30-Jan-1998
Tavarez Carolos Mario M 30-Jan-1993 3-Feb-1992
Tavener Gilbert D 25-Jul-2001 p5a 25-Jul-2001
Tavener Gilbert D 26-Jul-2001 p5a 25-Jul-2001
Tavener Gilbert Frank D 26-Jan-2002 25-Jul-2001
Taylor A LeGrand M 29-Aug-1867 p1 29-Aug-1867
Taylor Abbie M 7-Mar-1899 7-Mar-1899
Taylor Ada B M 19-Oct-1876 19-Oct-1876
Taylor Ada B M 1-Nov-1876 19-Oct-1876
Taylor Albert Henry M 30-Dec-1940 8-Dec-1940
Taylor Aletta Anna D 30-Dec-1946 12-Sep-1946
Taylor Alice D 1-Nov-2002 p5a 30-Oct-2002
Taylor Allen Wayne M 17-Jan-1987 16-Aug-1986
Taylor Amy (Mrs) M 29-Dec-1939 21-Sep-1939
Taylor Aritha Bee M 29-Dec-1967 4-Nov-1967
Taylor Artha Bee B 30-Dec-1946 22-Aug-1946
Taylor Austin Lee B 24-Jan-1998 17-Jul-1997
Taylor Austin Lee B 19-Jul-1997 p5a 17-Jul-1997
Taylor Beatrice,Mrs D 8-May-1972
Taylor Ben Michael M 26-Jan-2002 27-Aug-2001
Taylor Benjamin Michael B 26-Feb-1977
Taylor Bettie L (Thompson) D 23-Jul-2007 21-Jul-2007
Taylor Betty N M 23-Jan-1988 25-Dec-1987
Taylor BF M 17-May-1876 16-May-1876
Taylor Billie Joe M 29-Jan-2005 13-Oct-2004
Taylor Bobbie J M 29-Jan-1983 17-Mar-1982
Taylor Brian S B 19-Jan-1985 5-Aug-1984
Taylor C E M 1-Jan-1912 29-May-1911
Taylor Carol J M 4-Apr-1977
Taylor Cody Wayne B 29-Jan-1983 30-Apr-1982
Taylor Cordia James B 30-Dec-1937 4-Oct-1937
Taylor CS D 29-Mar-1922
Taylor Dana Lee B 29-Dec-1962 16-Jul-1962
Taylor Dana Wilson B 5-Jan-1963
Taylor Darlene (Gillette) D 12-Nov-2006 15-Nov-2006
Taylor David Anthony B 30-Dec-1957 24-Oct-1957
Taylor David Roy M 29-Dec-1939 5-Nov-1939
Taylor Delia M M 5-Oct-1887
Taylor Delia M M 6-Oct-1887
Taylor Denise Ann B 30-Dec-1947 1-Jul-1947
Taylor Denise Ann M 29-Dec-1962 17-Sep-1962
Taylor Dennis M M 25-Jun-1980 14-Jun-1980
Taylor Dennis Max M 31-Jan-1976 5-Jul-1975
Taylor Dollie D 30-Dec-1970 11-Jan-1970
Taylor Donald Allen B 28-Dec-1945 17-Apr-1945
Taylor Donald O'Reilly B 31-Jan-1976 17-Aug-1975
Taylor Donna M 30-Dec-1955 12-Mar-1955
Taylor Doris D 12-Jan-2004 p5a 12-Jan-2004
Taylor Doris D 13-Jan-2004 p5a 12-Jan-2004
Taylor Dorothy E D 26-Jan-1980 30-Apr-1979
Taylor Douglas A M 31-Jan-1981 12-Apr-1980
Taylor Douglas Arthur B 29-Dec-1961 24-Sep-1961
Taylor Duane E M 23-Jan-1988 3-Jul-1987
Taylor Duane Edward B 30-Dec-1969 10-Feb-1969
Taylor Ed, Mrs D 30-Dec-1954 12-Jun-1954
Taylor Edwin L D 30-Dec-1932 13-Mar-1932
Taylor Edwin L D 30-Dec-1932 31-Mar-1932
Taylor Effie Cunningham D 30-Dec-1946 11-Dec-1946
Taylor Elba D 17-Jan-1972
Taylor Elba, "Breezy" D 17-Mar-1972 16-Mar-1972
Taylor Eldon P D 2-Dec-2006 1-Dec-2006
Taylor Elizabeth Ann D 5-Jul-2007 2-Jul-2007
Taylor Elizabeth C D 30-Dec-1965 1-Mar-1965
Taylor Elizabeth, Mrs M 30-Dec-1954 8-May-1954
Taylor Eugene Allen B 30-Dec-1955 5-Feb-1955
Taylor Eugene Allen M 31-Jan-1976 6-Oct-1975
Taylor Eva M 29-Dec-1939 10-Nov-1939
Taylor Evelyn D 18-Sep-2001 p5a 17-Sep-2001
Taylor Evelyn D 19-Sep-2001 p5a 17-Sep-2001
Taylor Evelyn Irene D 26-Jan-2002 17-Sep-2001
Taylor Faith A M 23-Jan-1988 28-Dec-1987
Taylor Frances M 30-Dec-1953 17-Apr-1953
Taylor Frank L D 26-Jan-1980 6-Nov-1979
Taylor Gabriel M 24-Jul-1998 p6a 25-Apr-1998
Taylor Gabriel Caleb M 23-Jan-1999 25-Apr-1998
Taylor Gabriel Caleb M 31-Jan-2004 15-Feb-2003
Taylor Gaige Thomas B 23-Jan-1999 25-Aug-1998
Taylor Gaige Thomas B 27-Aug-1998 p5a 25-Aug-1998
Taylor Galyla M D 29-Jan-1994 14-Jun-1993
Taylor Gary B M 23-Jan-1988 26-Mar-1987
Taylor Gayla Kaylee B 4-Sep-1997 p5a 29-Aug-1997
Taylor Gayla Kayleen B 24-Jan-1998 29-Aug-1997
Taylor Geo S M 4-Oct-1900 3-Oct-1900
Taylor George Dewey D 26-Jan-1980 14-May-1979
Taylor George E M 30-Dec-1938 12-Jan-1938
Taylor George Marian M 30-Dec-1966 23-Apr-1966
Taylor George Marion B 30-Dec-1942 23-Jul-1942
Taylor George O D 8-Oct-1996 p5a 30-Sep-1996
Taylor George S D 30-Dec-1942 8-Jul-1942
Taylor Gladysethel M 30-Dec-1936 11-Jun-1936
Taylor Gretchen Marguerite D 29-Jan-1994 18-Jan-1993
Taylor GW M 29-Sep-1891 p4 28-Sep-1891
Taylor Harold Leo B 30-Dec-1946 2-Jan-1946
Taylor Harriet,Mrs D 19-Dec-1898 18-Dec-1898
Taylor Haylee Alexis B 31-May-1995 p5a 25-May-1995
Taylor Helen G M 1-Jan-1913 12-Nov-1912
Taylor Helen Marjorie M 30-Dec-1941 19-Feb-1941
Taylor Herbert Clifford B 11-Nov-1934
Taylor Ian Patrick B 25-Jan-2003 27-Feb-2002
Taylor Ian Patrick B 4-Mar-2002 p5a 27-Feb-2002
Taylor Ida M D 24-Aug-1995 p5a 23-Aug-1995
Taylor Ina Mae M 30-Dec-1936 4-Jul-1936
Taylor Iola Virginia M 30-Dec-1955 16-Jul-1955
Taylor Isabel C D 26-Jan-2002 20-Sep-2001
Taylor Isabel C D 21-Sep-2001 p5a 20-Sep-2001
Taylor Isabelle D 2-Feb-1928
Taylor James M 17-Dec-1908 13-May-1908
Taylor James M 20-Feb-1866 19-Feb-1866
Taylor James Ernest B 30-Dec-1935 20-Oct-1935
Taylor James Raymond B 30-Dec-1964 15-Sep-1964
Taylor James Raymond M 29-Jan-1994 12-Apr-1993
Taylor Jamie Linn M 25-Jan-2003 10-Sep-2002
Taylor Jane Elizabeth B 30-Dec-1941 11-Dec-1941
Taylor Janeen Rae M 28-Jan-1995 17-Jun-1994
Taylor Jason Michael B 23-Jan-1992 27-Aug-1991
Taylor JD M 1-May-1883 3-Apr-1883
Taylor Jeanette Marie B 30-Dec-1953 22-Oct-1953
Taylor Jennifer Susanne B 30-Dec-1969 17-May-1969
Taylor Jennifer Suzanne M 26-Jan-1991 14-Sep-1990
Taylor Jennifer Suzanne M 28-Jan-1995 27-Aug-1994
Taylor John D 30-Dec-1943 14-Jul-1943
Taylor John M 16-Oct-1856 6-Oct-1856
Taylor John George D 30-Dec-1964 23-May-1964
Taylor John L M 27-Apr-1891 p4
Taylor John Lee M 8-Dec-1910 22-Aug-1910
Taylor John Reilley M 31-Jan-1976 8-Feb-1975
Taylor John W D 30-Dec-1969 9-Mar-1969
Taylor John W M 1-Oct-1866 23-Sep-1866
Taylor Jol Ranay M 25-Jan-2003 1-Oct-2002
Taylor Jordan Lynn B 28-Jan-2006 16-Jun-2005
Taylor Joseph D 29-Dec-1939 10-Apr-1939
Taylor Joseph D 10-Apr-1939
Taylor Joyce Eileen B 30-Dec-1947 4-Nov-1947
Taylor Joye Mildred D 24-Apr-2000 p5a 22-Apr-2000
Taylor Judith Anne B 28-Dec-1945 24-May-1945
Taylor June M 29-Dec-1939 30-Jun-1939
Taylor Justin Gene M 28-Jan-2006 1-Mar-2005
Taylor Kamryn Elizabeth B 6-Aug-2007 p5a 25-Jul-2007
Taylor Kathryn Elaine B 30-Dec-1948 2-Aug-1948
Taylor Kathryn Elaine B 2-Aug-1948
Taylor Kristin Elizabeth B 29-Dec-1967 5-Oct-1967
Taylor L D M 1-Jan-1912 25-Feb-1911
Taylor Lance Allen B 30-Dec-1968 19-Mar-1968
Taylor Laura A D 30-Dec-1916 17-Aug-1916
Taylor Laura I M 8-Dec-1910 2-Feb-1910
Taylor LaVerta M 30-Dec-1952 17-Jul-1952
Taylor Lela P D 24-May-2000 p5a 22-May-2000
Taylor Lela Permelia D 27-Jan-2000 22-May-2000
Taylor Lent M 29-Dec-1950 7-Oct-1950
Taylor LeRoy D 6-Dec-1972 p10
Taylor LeRoy D 7-Dec-1972 p20
Taylor LeRoy D 9-Dec-1972 p12
Taylor LeRoy W D 29-Dec-1972 6-Dec-1972
Taylor LeRoy W M 30-Dec-1938 16-Nov-1938
Taylor Lester L D 30-Jul-1984 27-Jul-1984
Taylor Lester L D 31-Jul-1984 27-Jul-1984
Taylor Lester L, Jr M 26-Jan-1980 6-Nov-1979
Taylor Lester L,Jr M 26-Jan-1980 6-Nov-1979
Taylor Lester Luther B 30-Dec-1943 27-Apr-1943
Taylor Lester Luther M 28-Jan-2006 4-Mar-2005
Taylor Lester Luther III M 17-Jan-1987 10-Jun-1986
Taylor Levina M 1-Jul-1872 28-Jun-1872
Taylor Levina M 8-Jul-1872 28-Jun-1872
Taylor Linda Christen B 29-Dec-1967 11-Jan-1967
Taylor Linda Christen B 11-Jan-1967
Taylor Lisa Ann M 26-Jan-1991 24-Aug-1990
Taylor Lisa Ann M 27-Jan-2000 26-May-2000
Taylor Lloyd D D 30-Dec-1954 26-Jun-1954
Taylor Lola L D 29-Jan-2000 24-Aug-1999
Taylor Lucy B D 4-Nov-1895 3-Nov-1895
Taylor Lucy B (Mrs) D 3-Nov-1889
Taylor Lyle James M 1-Mar-1928 1-Mar-1928
Taylor Mamie D 29-Dec-1897 28-Dec-1897
Taylor Margaret Hester B 29-Dec-1939 29-Aug-1939
Taylor Margaret Jane D 30-Dec-1938 22-Oct-1938
Taylor Marguerite D 29-Apr-2008 28-Apr-2008
Taylor Marie Ann M 29-Jan-2005 10-Jan-2004
Taylor Marie E D 29-Jan-2005 19-Oct-2004
Taylor Marie Louise B 4-Jul-1933
Taylor Mark D 30-Dec-1955 1-Jul-1955
Taylor Mark Omri D 27-Aug-2003 p5a 26-Aug-2003
Taylor Martha D 31-Jan-1981 5-May-1980
Taylor Martha H D 4-Sep-1997 p5a 3-Aug-1997
Taylor Mary D 30-Dec-1932 14-Oct-1932
Taylor Mary Belle D 15-May-1947
Taylor Mary Belle (Mrs) D 30-Dec-1947 15-May-1947
Taylor Mary Clark D 30-Dec-1942 20-Nov-1942
Taylor Mary Elizabeth M 26-Jan-2007 p2f 29-Dec-2006
Taylor Mary Josephine D 2-Mar-1998 p5a 28-Feb-1998
Taylor Mary K D 21-Dec-2007 16-Dec-2007
Taylor Mary L M 31-Jan-1981 12-Sep-1980
Taylor Maxine H D 29-Jan-2005 5-Apr-2004
Taylor Maxine H, nee Grings D 6-Apr-2004 5-Apr-2004
Taylor Micchell Marie M 25-Jan-2003 20-Apr-2002
Taylor Michael D 31-Dec-2003 p5a 27-Dec-2003
Taylor Michael D 30-Dec-2003 p5a 27-Dec-2003
Taylor Michael Robert B 15-Feb-1974 29-Apr-1974
Taylor Michael Robert M 25-Jan-2003 6-Apr-2002
Taylor Mildred M 1-Jan-1913 18-Sep-1912
Taylor Milton M D 21-Jun-2000 p5a 20-Jun-2000
Taylor Milton M "Babe" D 27-Jan-2000 20-Jun-2000
Taylor Milton N M 30-Dec-1941 23-Feb-1941
Taylor Myrtle M 1-Jan-1908 18-Dec-1907
Taylor Nancy Kay B 30-Dec-1942 7-Apr-1942
Taylor Naomi Ruth M 28-Jan-2006 14-May-2005
Taylor Natalia Maria B 31-Jan-2004 24-Feb-2003
Taylor Neil Charles B 18-Jan-1986 21-Mar-1985
Taylor Nellie I M 21-Feb-1898
Taylor Nicole Lea B 31-Jan-1981 22-Jul-1980
Taylor Nora D 30-Dec-1966 16-Feb-1966
Taylor Norval M 30-Dec-1937 10-Apr-1937
Taylor Olen Young D 20-Apr-1984 14-Apr-1984
Taylor Patricia Ann M 30-Dec-1957 24-May-1957
Taylor Patrick M M 28-Jan-1984 11-Feb-1983
Taylor Patrick Michael M 28-Jan-2006 28-Feb-2005
Taylor Permelia A M 26-Dec-1872 25-Dec-1872
Taylor Permelia A M 2-Jan-1873 25-Dec-1872
Taylor Perry D 30-Dec-1969 8-Jan-1969
Taylor Perry A D 27-Sep-1999 p5a 25-Sep-1999
Taylor Perry A Jr D 29-Jan-2000 25-Sep-1999
Taylor Perry Arthur, Jr M 30-Dec-1955 28-Sep-1955
Taylor Randy LeRoy B 30-Dec-1952 14-Jan-1952
Taylor Raymond M 30-Dec-1954 8-May-1954
Taylor Rebecca Jean M 27-Jan-2000 7-Oct-2000
Taylor Robert D 9-Dec-1998 p5a 7-Dec-1998
Taylor Robert M 20-Dec-1906 14-Mar-1906
Taylor Robert Dougherty D 29-Dec-1956 23-Oct-1956
Taylor Robert L M 29-Dec-1950 8-Oct-1950
Taylor Robert Lee M 30-Dec-1969 25-Jan-1969
Taylor Robert R D 6-Dec-2006 5-Dec-2006
Taylor Robert R M 29-Jan-1983 5-Mar-1982
Taylor RoJeana M 4-Dec-2002 p6a 1-Nov-2002
Taylor Ronald D M 18-Jan-1986 9-Nov-1985
Taylor Ronald Dan M 29-Dec-1967 23-Oct-1967
Taylor Rose Lisette M 28-Jan-2006 6-Aug-2005
Taylor Rosetta M 30-Dec-1953 18-Mar-1953
Taylor Ruby M 29-Dec-1939 21-Oct-1939
Taylor Russell M 30-Dec-1940 1-Sep-1940
Taylor Ruth M 29-Dec-1939 11-Nov-1939
Taylor Ruth G M 26-Jan-1980 11-Aug-1979
Taylor Ruth G M 26-Jan-1980 11-Aug-1979
Taylor Sallie Lee B 29-Dec-1944 7-May-1944
Taylor Samuel D 2-Aug-1900 25-Jul-1900
Taylor Sandra Louise B 30-Dec-1942 30-Jul-1942
Taylor Sandra Louise M 29-Dec-1962 14-Jan-1962
Taylor Sarah M 15-Nov-1899 p4 14-Nov-1899
Taylor Scot Howard B 26-Jan-1991 12-Jun-1990
Taylor Shawn Paul B 29-Dec-1967 10-Feb-1967
Taylor Shawn Paul D 28-Jan-2006 5-Apr-2005
Taylor Shawn Paul M 26-Jan-2002 16-Jun-2001
Taylor Sherman William D 30-Dec-1955 1-Feb-1955
Taylor Sheyla Joan B 30-Dec-1952 18-Mar-1952
Taylor Son B 28-Dec-1951 12-Jul-1951
Taylor Sonya Renee B 31-Jan-1976 11-May-1975
Taylor Sonya Renee M 29-Jan-2000 30-Oct-1999
Taylor Sonya Renee M 16-Feb-2000 p3c 30-Oct-1999
Taylor Stephanie Arlene B 30-Dec-1969 20-Aug-1969
Taylor Susannah M 27-Apr-1861 26-Apr-1861
Taylor Suzanne Marie B 28-Dec-1945 12-Feb-1945
Taylor Suzanne Marie M 30-Dec-1965 31-Jul-1965
Taylor Sylvia M 30-Dec-1937 20-Jan-1937
Taylor Tammy sue M 24-Jan-1998 30-May-1997
Taylor Terrance E Terry D 1-Sep-2003 p5a 30-Aug-2003
Taylor Thomas G,Dr D 11-Nov-1887
Taylor Timothy Mark B 30-Dec-1949 12-May-1949
Taylor Timothy Mark M 22-Jan-1972 14-Aug-1971
Taylor Timothy Mark M 23-Jan-1992 6-Apr-1991
Taylor Todd M M 18-Jan-1986 7-Sep-1985
Taylor Twila Leah M 29-Dec-1956 20-Dec-1956
Taylor Valla M 30-Dec-1957 19-Oct-1957
Taylor Valla June B 30-Dec-1938 8-Sep-1938
Taylor Verla Mae D 17-Jan-1987 16-Dec-1986
Taylor Walter E D 18-Jun-1984 14-Jun-1984
Taylor Waylon D 24-Jun-2008 20-Jun-2008
Taylor WG D 27-Jun-1890
Taylor William J M 30-Dec-1937 29-Sep-1937
Taylor Mark Omri "Bum" D 31-Jan-2004 26-Aug-2003
Taylor Terrance Eugene D 31-Jan-2004 30-Aug-2003
Tcaciuc Daniel S D 3-May-2002 p5a 2-May-2002
Tcaciuc Daniel S D 4-May-2002 p5a 2-May-2002
Tcaciuc Sebastian Danut D 25-Jan-2003 2-May-2002
Tdewald Robert W D 30-Dec-1968 10-Aug-1968
Te Strake Joan Margaret M 30-Dec-1954 12-Nov-1954
Te Strake Mary (Miss) M 20-Dec-1906 10-Oct-1906
Te Strake Minnie M 31-Dec-1913 18-Dec-1913
Teadford Sarah Jane M 2-Apr-1864 31-Mar-1864
Teague Crotis Jr M 30-Dec-1966 20-Aug-1966
Teague Jack Ray Douglas D 26-Jan-1991 21-Jan-1990
Teague Jonica Rae M 31-Jan-2004 11-Dec-2003
Teague Vernie M 30-Dec-1937 4-Oct-1937
Teas Mary Lou B 30-Dec-1935 29-Apr-1935
Teasdale Delbert Lewis D 29-Dec-1950 19-Jul-1950
Tebbetts Albert,Mrs D 1-Jan-1908 9-Dec-1907
Tebbetts Bethany M 7-May-1869 6-Apr-1869
Tebbetts Charles E M 30-Jul-1879 p4 30-Jul-1879
Tebow Bertha E M 1-Nov-1900 31-Oct-1900
Tebow James Oury D 16-Dec-1909 22-Apr-1909
Tebow Maytie M 11-Mar-1896
Tebow Emma M 23-Aug-1865 22-Aug-1865
Techau James M 29-Dec-1956 28-Jan-1956
Tedeman Lizzie D 14-Aug-1886
Tedford Homer M 1-Jan-1912 30-Mar-1911
Tedrow Ann K M 19-Jan-1996 p7a 30-Sep-1995
Tedrow Ann Kay B 30-Dec-1969 8-Feb-1969
Tedrow James Robert B 22-Jan-1972 26-May-1971
Tedrow James Robert M 29-Jan-1994 23-Apr-1993
Tedrow James Robert M 31-Jan-2004 21-Nov-2003
Tedrow Mark Stephen M 29-Nov-1974
Tee Lisa Marie M 5-Jun-1996 p5a 30-Mar-1996
Tee John D 30-Dec-1932 11-Jan-1932
Teece Catherine (Mrs) M 30-Dec-1938 20-Aug-1938
Teed Alisa M 26-Apr-2000 p4c 11-Mar-2000
Teed Daniel Charles B 23-Jan-1988 11-Dec-1987
Teed John Nathan M 30-Jan-2007 17-Jun-2006
Teegan Richard F M 30-Dec-1952 7-Aug-1952
Teel Bobby Eugene D 10-Sep-2003 p5a 9-Sep-2003
Teel Brenda Lynn M 30-Jan-2007 1-Jul-2006
Teel Carl Orville D 30-Dec-1954 6-Apr-1954
Teel Carolyn Joyce M 30-Dec-1969 6-Jun-1969
Teel Emma D 30-Dec-1955 24-Mar-1955
Teel Irene M 30-Dec-1941 2-Feb-1941
Teel Marilyn M 19-Jun-1972
Teel McQuade Franklin B 26-Jan-1991 1-Jun-1990
Teel Ronald Edwin M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 28-Sep-2007
Teel Steven R D 25-Apr-2007 22-Apr-2007
Teele James Henry D 18-Jan-1986 9-Sep-1985
Teele Maxine E D 18-Mar-1977
Teeter Edna Mae D 28-Jan-1995 2-Jun-1994
Teeters Lizzie,Mrs D 1-Jan-1908 7-Dec-1907
Teeters Louise D 11-Feb-1901 10-Feb-1901
Teeters Louise D 11-Feb-1901 10-Feb-1901
Teets Emma C D 29-Dec-1961 4-Apr-1961
Teets Henry D 7-Nov-1878 p4
Teets Ninetta D 30-Dec-1940 28-Feb-1940
Teets William D 9-Jul-1879
Tegl Joseph J M 30-Dec-1938 14-May-1938
Teichmiller Andrew H D 30-Dec-1955 26-Feb-1955
Teichmiller Dorothy Ellen M 29-Dec-1934 27-Oct-1934
Teichmiller Elizabeth D 9-Aug-1920
Teichmiller Helen M 30-Dec-1943 14-Jul-1943
Teichmiller Henry D 15-Apr-1895 14-Apr-1895
Teigeler Fredrick W D 30-Dec-1952 20-May-1952
Teik Debra Ann B 25-Mar-1977
Teike T,Mrs D 1-Nov-1867 31-Oct-1867
Teisch George D 30-Dec-1942 14-Dec-1942
Teising Rudolph M 30-Dec-1941 6-Mar-1941
Teitsch Curtis G D 26-Jan-1980 17-Nov-1979
Teitsch Elizabeth D 21-Dec-1905 3-Nov-1905
Teitsch Fred D 28-Dec-1945 25-Nov-1945
Teitsch Geo M 30-Aug-1883 8-Aug-1883
Teitsch Henry D 28-Dec-1945 22-Apr-1945
Teitsworth Grace D 13-Jun-1996 p5a 13-Jun-1996
Teitsworth Grace D 14-Jun-1996 p5a 13-Jun-1996
Teitsworth Robert Levi B 26-Jan-1991 15-Apr-1990
Tejada Roxana Marbiel M 30-Jan-2007 15-Apr-2006
Tejano Ricardo Robert M 17-Jan-1987 23-May-1986
Teler Newell L M 29-Dec-1939 4-Feb-1939
Telle Matthew William B 27-Jan-1979 10-Mar-1978
Teller Joseph M 22-Dec-1873 p4 21-Dec-1873
Tellez Maria Elizabeth B 17-Mar-1998 p5a 12-Mar-1993
Tellez Maria Elizabeth B 23-Jan-1999 12-Mar-1998
Tellin Vernita R M 30-Dec-1946 1-Nov-1946
Telsrow Chase Edward B 28-Jan-1984 19-Jan-1983
Telsrow Daniel John B 29-Dec-1956 27-Oct-1956
Telsrow Deanna M 5-Jul-1972
Telsrow Diana Lynn B 30-Dec-1966 23-Aug-1966
Telsrow Harold James B 30-Dec-1955 15-Feb-1955
Telsrow Herbert C D 23-Jan-1988 16-Feb-1987
Telsrow Hertha M D 26-Jan-2002 9-Nov-2001
Telsrow Hertha M D 12-Nov-2001 p5a 9-Nov-2001
Telsrow Jacqueline J D 17-Jan-1987 19-Aug-1986
Telsrow Jo Ann B 30-Dec-1953 12-Oct-1953
Telsrow Patricia Susan B 29-Dec-1961 2-Nov-1961
Telsrow Robert Samuel B 30-Dec-1965 21-May-1965
Telsrow Sally Ann M 29-Jan-2005 24-Jul-2004
Telsrow William Allen D 22-Nov-1967
Tempel Cynthia Rae M 25-Jan-2003 30-Mar-2002
Tempel Cynthia Rae M 23-Oct-2002 p6a 30-Mar-2002
Temple Adeline M 17-Jan-1882 17-Jan-1882
Temple Adeline M 18-Jan-1882 17-Jan-1882
Temple Adeline M 27-Jan-1882 17-Jan-1882
Temple Albert Dean B 8-Apr-1933
Temple Carrie D 18-Jan-1986 15-Mar-1985
Temple Charles Wesley D 30-Dec-1941 9-Aug-1941
Temple Cora M 2-Sep-1880 p4 2-Sep-1880
Temple Debora Anne B 30-Dec-1955 4-May-1955
Temple Frances M M 30-Jan-1982 11-Apr-1981
Temple Gary Virgil B 30-Dec-1942 14-Feb-1942
Temple George D D 2-Jun-1972
Temple Gregory Leon B 30-Dec-1949 15-Dec-1949
Temple Harold W M 29-Dec-1934 25-Aug-1934
Temple Infant Son B 30-Dec-1936 15-Dec-1936
Temple Ira L M 31-Dec-1913 21-Oct-1913
Temple Jerry Virgil B 30-Dec-1942 14-Feb-1942
Temple Jesse Austin D 30-Dec-1960 7-Aug-1960
Temple JF,Mrs D 23-Nov-1922 p8
Temple Karrie Ann B 29-Jan-1983 28-Oct-1982
Temple Kathryn Lee B 29-Jan-1994 4-Jun-1993
Temple Letty Ruty D 23-Jan-1988 9-Jul-1987
Temple Linda Annette B 30-Dec-1942 28-May-1942
Temple Linda Annette M 29-Dec-1961 16-Jun-1961
Temple Patricia Dianne M 30-Dec-1969 27-Sep-1969
Temple Patricia Mae B 30-Dec-1942 23-May-1942
Temple Richard D D 26-Jan-1980 3-Oct-1979
Temple Richard Donald B 28-Dec-1945 27-Jun-1945
Temple Ronald Lee B 30-Dec-1940 21-Mar-1940
Temple Ronald William B 30-Dec-1952 3-Apr-1952
Temple Stephen Thomas B 30-Dec-1946 28-Jun-1946
Temple Stephen Thomas M 30-Dec-1966 13-Mar-1966
Temple Timothy Walker B 28-Dec-1951 25-Jul-1951
Temple Verna Babbitt D 29-Jan-1994 4-May-1993
Temple William Robert D 8-Jun-2002 p5a 6-Jun-2002
Temple Jr Ira D 31-Oct-2008 30-Oct-2008
Templeman Agatha M D 30-Apr-2001 p5a 28-Apr-2001
Templeman Agatha Mildred D 26-Jan-2002 28-Apr-2001
Templeman Angela Marie B 30-Dec-1969 5-Jan-1969
Templeman Angela Marie M 23-Jan-1992 20-Jun-1991
Templeman Carl D 22-Jan-1972 29-Jan-1971
Templeman Charles D 30-Jan-1982 13-Jan-1981
Templeman Charles L M 17-Dec-1908 6-Feb-1908
Templeman Dorothy B D 12-Oct-2007 11-Oct-2007
Templeman Gladys D 28-Jun-2004
Templeman Harold Jerome B 30-Dec-1936 19-Jul-1936
Templeman Harold L D 2-May-1996 p5a 2-May-1996
Templeman Harold L D 3-May-1996 p5a 2-May-1996
Templeman Harold L M 30-Dec-1936 15-Feb-1936
Templeman Irene M 30-Dec-1955 8-Jun-1955
Templeman Iva Luella D 29-Dec-1950 31-Jan-1950
Templeman Jerry D 17-Jan-1998 p5a 16-Jan-1998
Templeman Lori Lynn B 30-Dec-1965 20-Nov-1965
Templeman Lori Lynn M 17-Jan-1987 21-Jul-1986
Templeman MA D 30-Dec-1932 30-Aug-1932
Templeman Marion Julia D 30-Dec-1968 17-Oct-1968
Templeman Mary Ann B 30-Dec-1953 10-Jan-1953
Templeman Mary Elizabeth B 29-Dec-1967 12-Feb-1967
Templeman Mary Judith B 30-Dec-1935 8-Jul-1935
Templeman Mary Judith M 30-Dec-1957 15-Aug-1957
Templeman Milo William D 30-Jan-1977
Templeman Myrtle E D 30-Dec-1960 7-Aug-1960
Templeman Myrtle Meredith D 30-Dec-1947 13-Nov-1947
Templeman Myrtle Meredith D 13-Nov-1947
Templeman Nancy Ellen M 30-Dec-1953 9-Apr-1953
Templeman Ozelle D 8-Jul-1998 p5a 7-Jul-1998
Templeman Ozelle K D 23-Jan-1999 7-Jul-1998
Templeman William M 21-Dec-1905 8-Apr-1905
Templeman William A D 30-Dec-1963 13-Mar-1963
Templeman William Harold D 28-Jan-2006 23-Mar-2005
Templeman William Harold M 29-Dec-1961 25-Feb-1961
Templeman William Milo B 30-Dec-1949 6-Jan-1949
Templeman William Milo D 30-Dec-1968 24-Feb-1968
Templemann Bertha M 16-Dec-1909 29-Nov-1909
Templemann Nancy Ellen B 30-Mar-1934
Templeton Alice M 25-Jan-1883 p1 17-Jan-1883
Templeton Michael M 22-Mar-2006 7-Jan-2006
Templeton Michael Patrick M 3-Feb-2006 7-Jan-2006
Templeton Michael Patrick M 30-Jan-2007 7-Jan-2006
Templin Emelie (Mrs) D 29-Dec-1956 25-Mar-1956
Templin Paul A M 30-Dec-1940 9-Oct-1940
Tempus Anna Mae D 23-Jun-1994 p5a 4-Jun-1994
Tempus Sharon D 23-Jan-1988 23-Apr-1987
Ten Eick J W M 1-Jan-1913 29-Jun-1912
Tenley Lillyan Maye D 1-Aug-2002 p5a 31-Jul-2002
Tennant Lloyd D 30-Dec-1952 13-May-1952
Tennant Samuel McKibben B 1-Feb-1928 1-Feb-1928
Tennell Debra L M 26-Jan-1980 19-May-1979
Tennell Debra L M 26-Jan-1980 19-May-1979
Tennell Debra Lynn B 29-Dec-1956 30-Nov-1956
Tennell Eva I M 29-Jan-1983 11-Sep-1982
Tennell Tamara J M 3-Jun-1977
Tenney Clara C M 3-Apr-1883 8-Mar-1883
Tenney Clara C M 3-Apr-1883 8-Mar-1883
Tennison Virginia M 30-Dec-1936 13-Mar-1936
Tennyson James W D 30-Dec-1936 1-Mar-1936
Tennyson Janet Kay B 30-Dec-1968 30-Nov-1968
Tennyson Wanda C D 31-Dec-1931 24-Nov-1931
Tenold Gerine D 5-Dec-2001 p5a 4-Dec-2001
Tenold Gerine D 6-Dec-2001 p5a 4-Dec-2001
Tenold Gerine Vernette D 26-Jan-2002 4-Dec-2001
Tenold Vern D 28-Jan-1984 22-Jul-1983
TePas Marie P M 30-Dec-1937 24-Dec-1937
Tepoal Harmon M 2-Nov-1880 p4 13-Oct-1880
Teraberry David Glen B 30-Dec-1949 6-May-1949
Teraberry David Glen M 30-Dec-1969 30-Aug-1969
Teraberry Glen, Jr M 30-Dec-1941 11-Oct-1941
Teraberry Jean (Dement) D 7-Dec-2007 5-Dec-2007
Teraberry Kathleen M M 23-Jan-1988 20-Jun-1987
Teraberry Kathleen Marie B 28-Dec-1951 15-Oct-1951
Teraberry Kathleen Marie M 22-Jan-1972 5-Dec-1970
Teraberry Margaret Ann B 28-Dec-1945 7-May-1945
Teraberry Mary Elizabeth B 30-Dec-1948 13-Feb-1948
Teraberry Mary Elizabeth D 30-Dec-1948 13-Feb-1948
Teraberry Norma Jean D 6-Nov-2007 5-Dec-2007
Teraberry Rebekah Michelle M 29-Jan-2000 14-Aug-1999
Teraberry Steven K M 23-Jun-1977
Teraberry Steven Kirk B 30-Dec-1954 8-Oct-1954
Teran David D 7-Apr-1998 p5a 6-Apr-1998
Teran David M 23-Jan-1992 23-Nov-1991
Teran Tamya Lynn B 29-Jan-2005 1-Dec-2004
Terhune Della F D 18-Jul-2003 p5a 17-Jul-2003
Terhune Della F D 19-Jul-2003 p5a 17-Jul-2003
Terhune Herman C D 24-Jan-1998 30-Oct-1997
Terhune Herman C D 1-Nov-1997 p5a 30-Oct-1997
Terhune Jeffrey L M 19-Jan-1985 13-Oct-1984
Terhune Jeffrey Lowell M 29-Jan-1994 18-Oct-1993
Terhune Lowell Carlton D 29-Jan-1994 6-Jul-1993
Terhune Patricia Ann M 30-Dec-1964 10-Jul-1964
Terhune Patsy J (Heick) D 12-Aug-2008 10-Aug-2008
Terhune Tacia M 31-May-1996 p6a 20-May-1996
Terhune Trista Markay B 22-Jan-1972 15-Nov-1971
Terhune Trista Markay M 26-Jan-1991 5-Jan-1990
TerMaate Dora D 30-Dec-1932 27-May-1932
Ternaath Anna (Mrs) D 5-Jan-1929
Terpen James D 5-Feb-1885 p2 20-Jan-1995
Terpenning Charles Wilfred M 30-Jan-2007 14-Sep-2006
Terpenning Chloe Elizabeth B 25-Jan-2003 8-Oct-2002
Terpenning Chloe Elizabeth B 17-Oct-2002 8-Oct-2002
Terpenning Jason Daniel M 24-Jan-1998 14-Jun-1997
Terpenning Jessica Elizabeth B 30-Jan-1982 21-Sep-1981
Terpenning Julia Jean D 27-Jan-2000 1-Feb-2000
Terpenning Julie J D 2-Feb-2000 p5a 1-Feb-2000
Terpenning Kim M 12-Feb-1997 p6a 28-Sep-1996
Terpenning Pamela Sue M 19-Feb-1974
Terpenning Philip Eugene M 30-Dec-1969 8-Feb-1969
Terpenning Philip Eugene M 31-Jan-1976 18-Oct-1975
Terpenning Trey Allen B 28-Jan-2006 12-Sep-2005
Terpenning Virginia Catherine D 21-Dec-2001 p5a 20-Dec-2001
Terraberry Michalle Jean M 29-Dec-1961 16-Jun-1961
Terranova Johanna M 27-Jan-2000 13-Aug-2000
Terrel James M 4-Sep-1871 30-Aug-1871
Terrell Ralph L M 30-Dec-1935 10-Jul-1935
Terrey William L M 14-Feb-1972 p6
Terril Douglas Floyd B 28-Dec-1951 4-Jul-1951
Terrill Amy S M 23-Jan-1999 27-Jul-1998
Terrill Bessie M D 23-Jan-1999 11-Mar-1998
Terrill Bessie M D 12-Mar-1998 p5a 11-Mar-1998
Terrill Bessie M D 13-Mar-1998 p5a 11-Mar-1998
Terrill Beverly Ann B 30-Dec-1953 4-Aug-1953
Terrill Birdie D 29-Dec-1962 19-May-1962
Terrill Bonnie Lou M 30-Dec-1969 29-Sep-1969
Terrill Bonnie Lou, (twin) B 30-Dec-1953 14-Feb-1953
Terrill Byrna Dean M 29-Dec-1962 14-Jul-1962
Terrill Carolyn May B 28-Dec-1945 25-Oct-1945
Terrill Charles L M 27-Jan-1979 19-Aug-1978
Terrill Clara Rosetta M 28-Dec-1945 3-Nov-1945
Terrill Cory Lee B 30-Dec-1970 18-Mar-1970
Terrill Courtney Sue B 26-Jan-1991 29-Jul-1990
Terrill Dallas Patrick B 23-Jan-1988 17-Oct-1987
Terrill Daniel D 16-Sep-2008 6-Sep-2008
Terrill Debra Pearl B 30-Dec-1968 29-Jun-1968
Terrill Dennis Dwayne B 29-Dec-1956 30-Aug-1956
Terrill Donna Rae D 13-May-1977
Terrill Elizabeth Marie B 20-Mar-1996 p5a 12-Mar-1996
Terrill Elmer Clarence D 31-Jan-2004 16-May-2003
Terrill Ethel I M 29-Dec-1934 8-Dec-1934
Terrill Felicitas D 17-Jan-1987 13-Apr-1986
Terrill Felicitas D 15-Apr-1986
Terrill Fern D 5-Nov-2003 p5a 4-Nov-2003
Terrill Fern A D 31-Jan-2004 4-Nov-2003
Terrill Floyd R D 28-Mar-2007 26-Mar-2007
Terrill Frank D 30-Dec-1957 27-Jan-1957
Terrill Gary John B 14-Mar-1942
Terrill Gary Jon B 30-Dec-1942 14-Mar-1942
Terrill George W D 30-Dec-1949 11-Nov-1949
Terrill Glenda Kay B 28-Dec-1951 11-Jul-1951
Terrill Hannah Marie B 24-Jan-1998 10-Aug-1997
Terrill Hannah Marie B 14-Aug-1997 p5a 10-Aug-1997
Terrill Infant Daughter B 25-Jul-1972
Terrill Jacey Christiene M 27-Jan-2000 25-Nov-2000
Terrill Jordan Tate B 23-Jan-1988 23-Feb-1988
Terrill Judy Kay B 30-Dec-1948 3-Sep-1948
Terrill Kandis Sue B 29-Dec-1956 4-Sep-1956
Terrill Kathi L M 28-Jan-1984 5-Feb-1983
Terrill Kathy Jeanne B 30-Dec-1947 12-May-1947
Terrill Kathy Jeanne B 12-May-1947
Terrill Kathy Jeanne M 30-Dec-1964 26-Sep-1964
Terrill Kathy Lynn M 30-Jan-1993 28-Feb-1992
Terrill Katie Maxine B 23-Jan-1988 26-Jul-1987
Terrill Kenneth D 27-Jan-1999 p5a 25-Jan-1999
Terrill Kenneth Wayne B 30-Dec-1948 20-Jan-1948
Terrill Larry D 17-Mar-2008 15-Mar-2008
Terrill Larry D 15-Mar-2008 17-Mar-2008
Terrill Linda Rue B 30-Dec-1943 8-Jun-1943
Terrill Mamie M M 30-Dec-1941 10-Mar-1941
Terrill Margaret D 10-May-2007 10-May-2007
Terrill Margaret Renae B 29-Jan-1994 5-Apr-1993
Terrill Marjorie Pearl M 28-Dec-1945 15-Dec-1945
Terrill Martha J D 12-Apr-1997 p5a 11-Apr-1997
Terrill Martin R M 19-Jan-1985 12-Oct-1984
Terrill Martin Ray B 7-Feb-1963
Terrill Martin Ray M 26-Jan-2002 11-Aug-2001
Terrill Mary Ellen M 30-Dec-1936 21-Nov-1936
Terrill Matthew Larry B 30-Dec-1965 19-Nov-1965
Terrill Michelle Diane B 30-Dec-1969 15-Apr-1969
Terrill Michelle Diane M 23-Jan-1992 27-Nov-1991
Terrill Nancy Joan B 30-Dec-1954 29-Dec-1954
Terrill Patricia June B 30-Dec-1947 3-Jun-1947
Terrill Patricia June B 3-Jun-1947
Terrill Patricia June M 30-Dec-1966 19-Feb-1966
Terrill Pearl Mae D 22-Jan-1972 22-Dec-1971
Terrill Raine Devon B 17-Jan-1987 19-Jul-1986
Terrill Ralph Clinton D 13-Sep-2001 p5a 11-Sep-2001
Terrill Ray 'Jack' D 6-Apr-2007 5-Apr-2007
Terrill Richard Earl B 30-Dec-1968 5-Jun-1968
Terrill Robert W M 30-Dec-1940 7-Jun-1940
Terrill Robert Wesley D 13-May-1977
Terrill Rodney Alan B 30-Dec-1965 12-Mar-1965
Terrill Rodney Alan M 30-Jan-1993 16-May-1992
Terrill Rolland R D 23-Jan-1992 28-May-1991
Terrill Ronald E M 4-Jun-1977
Terrill Ronald Earl B 30-Dec-1952 13-Mar-1952
Terrill Ronald Eugene, (twin) B 30-Dec-1953 14-Feb-1953
Terrill Russell H M 30-Dec-1941 26-Mar-1941
Terrill Sharon Kay B 30-Dec-1947 7-Apr-1947
Terrill Sharon Kay B 7-Apr-1947
Terrill Sharon Kay M 30-Dec-1965 16-Oct-1965
Terrill Shirley J D 4-Jun-2001 p5a 2-Jun-2001
Terrill Stephen Carig D 31-Jan-1976 21-Jan-1975
Terrill Steven Lee B 28-Dec-1951 7-Feb-1951
Terrill Susan Gail B 30-Dec-1949 15-Aug-1949
Terrill Susan Gail M 30-Dec-1968 27-Jan-1968
Terrill Tammy Elaine B 30-Dec-1966 7-May-1966
Terrill Tate F M 30-Jan-1982 5-Oct-1981
Terrill Tate Frank B 29-Dec-1961 2-May-1961
Terrill Thomas D 16-Apr-1999 p5a 15-Apr-1999
Terrill Thomas E D 11-Dec-1920
Terrill Tommy George B 30-Dec-1949 12-Nov-1949
Terrill Vicky Gilbert B 18-Jun-1948
Terrill Vicky Gilberta B 30-Dec-1948 19-Jun-1948
Terrill Walter Francis D 30-Jan-1993 11-Apr-1992
Terrill Walter Frank D 24-Jan-1998 30-Mar-1997
Terrill Walter Frank D 31-Mar-1997 p5a 30-Mar-1997
Terrill Wendy LuAnn B 30-Dec-1964 5-Jun-1964
Terrill Wilma Pauline B 30-Dec-1937 16-Aug-1937
Terrill Wilma Pauline B 16-Aug-1937
Terrones Manuel Solo Jr M 31-Jan-1976 25-Jul-1975
Terry AH,Mr M 26-Dec-1868 p1 23-Dec-1868
Terry AH,Mr M 8-Jan-1869 23-Dec-1868
Terry Albert M 10-Oct-1879 p4 10-Oct-1879
Terry Allen Dean D 29-Dec-1961 13-May-1961
Terry Amy M D 18-Jan-1986 1-Jul-1985
Terry Angela M M 19-Jan-1985 2-Nov-1984
Terry Annie M 30-Jun-1881 p4 29-Jun-1881
Terry Baby Boy D 29-Dec-1961 13-Oct-1961
Terry Bernard D M 30-Dec-1952 29-Dec-1952
Terry Bernice E M 30-Dec-1940 20-Feb-1940
Terry Bertha P D 29-Dec-1950 1-May-1950
Terry Betty Jane D 31-Jan-2004 2-Sep-2003
Terry Betty Jane D 3-Sep-2003 p5a 2-Sep-2003
Terry Betty Jane D 4-Sep-2003 p5a 2-Sep-2003
Terry Bonna Jean B 30-Dec-1943 10-Feb-1943
Terry Boy B 31-Dec-1929 10-Jun-1929
Terry Brenda Joyce B 13-Jul-1948
Terry Brenda Joyce D 30-Dec-1948 14-Jul-1948
Terry Chance Jamison M 31-Jan-2009 pg 7f 8-Aug-2008
Terry Charles Horton D 16-Dec-1909 5-Jan-1909
Terry Charles Louis D 30-Dec-1969 15-Oct-1969
Terry Charlotte M 30-Dec-1937 29-Oct-1937
Terry Constance M 30-Dec-1970 23-Mar-1970
Terry Constance Marie B 30-Dec-1949 6-Aug-1949
Terry Daniel M M 2-Aug-1895 31-Jul-1895
Terry Danielle Joan M 31-Jan-2004 27-Sep-2003
Terry Deborah D 25-Jul-2008 23-Jul-2008
Terry Deborah Leons B 30-Dec-1955 1-Sep-1955
Terry Delores M M 30-Dec-1946 15-Nov-1946
Terry Dennis R M 31-Jan-1981 18-Oct-1980
Terry Dennis Raymond B 29-Dec-1956 8-Jan-1956
Terry Dennis Wayne B 30-Dec-1947 24-Jan-1947
Terry Dennis Wayne B 24-Jan-1947
Terry Dennis Wayne M 29-Dec-1967 19-May-1967
Terry Dezirae Rose B 26-Jan-2002 30-Nov-2001
Terry Diana L M 28-Jan-1984 15-Jul-1983
Terry Dorothy M M 27-Jan-1979 17-Jun-1978
Terry Earl G D 31-Dec-1931 3-May-1931
Terry Eb D 17-Dec-1897 17-Dec-1897
Terry Edna D 13-Jul-1890
Terry Edward B D 30-Dec-1957 8-Sep-1957
Terry Elizabeth D 31-Dec-1889 7-Feb-1889
Terry Elizabeth M 8-Dec-1910 12-Feb-1910
Terry Elnora Kemble D 30-Dec-1953 18-Jan-1953
Terry Elsie Mae B 25-Jul-1933
Terry Elsie Mae M 30-Dec-1952 5-Jan-1952
Terry Emma M 22-Feb-1881 p4
Terry Emri Michelle B 26-Jan-2008 p8e 20-Nov-2007
Terry Ethel M 1-Jan-1912 1-Mar-1911
Terry Etta Mae D 15-May-1995 p5a 14-May-1995
Terry Fern D 30-Dec-1965 13-Nov-1965
Terry Fern D 13-Nov-1965
Terry Florence D 30-Dec-1957 8-Aug-1957
Terry Fred Eugene M 30-Dec-1952 26-Jul-1952
Terry Frederick N M 1-Jan-1913 16-Apr-1912
Terry Gary Dean B 30-Dec-1952 26-Dec-1952
Terry Gary Dean M 30-Dec-1969 31-Dec-1969
Terry Gary Dean M 29-Jan-1994 28-Oct-1993
Terry Gary Dean Jr M 31-Jan-2004 5-Jul-2003
Terry Georgia (Miss) M 31-Dec-1889 26-Sep-1889
Terry Girl B 31-Dec-1889 5-Dec-1889
Terry Grace L M 30-Dec-1935 27-May-1935
Terry Grace Louise B 30-Oct-2003 p5a 2-Oct-2003
Terry Gregory Lee B 28-Dec-1951 1-Feb-1951
Terry Harrison C D 29-Dec-1944 23-Jun-1944
Terry Hazel A M 21-Jun-1920
Terry Helen K M 1-Jan-1913 16-Oct-1912
Terry Helen,Mrs D 5-Aug-1872 1-Aug-1872
Terry Irene M M 29-Dec-1939 15-Oct-1939
Terry J C D 22-Jan-1972 6-Jun-1971
Terry Jacob Dennis B 27-Jan-2000 26-Aug-2000
Terry Jacob Dennis B 31-Aug-2000 p5a 26-Aug-2000
Terry James Cooper B 23-Jan-1999 10-Aug-1998
Terry James Cooper B 13-Aug-1998 p5a 10-Aug-1998
Terry Jane M D 16-Dec-1909 1-Mar-1909
Terry Jeannette M 30-Dec-1941 31-May-1941
Terry John R M 4-Jan-1882 p1 3-Jan-1882
Terry Johnny B 31-Jan-1981 6-Apr-1980
Terry Joseph Allen M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 4-Aug-2007
Terry Josephine L,Mrs D 1-Feb-1895 31-Jan-1895
Terry Kathy Jo B 29-Dec-1956 7-Jun-1956
Terry Kathy Jo M 21-Jun-1974
Terry Kenneth A D 30-Jan-1982 25-Jan-1981
Terry Kevin R M 27-May-1977
Terry Kevin Roy B 30-Dec-1957 16-Feb-1957
Terry Lauren D D 23-Jan-1992 27-Dec-1991
Terry Lauren Dean B 30-Dec-1932 21-Nov-1932
Terry Lee D 30-Dec-1966 19-Nov-1966
Terry Lee M 1-Jan-1912 21-Jun-1911
Terry Lemuel Orvil M 20-Jul-1974
Terry Linda Jean B 29-Dec-1950 13-Oct-1950
Terry Linda Jean M 30-Dec-1969 7-Jun-1969
Terry Linda Kay B 30-Dec-1953 14-Jun-1953
Terry Lisa M M 26-Jan-1980 1-Mar-1979
Terry Lisa M M 28-Jan-1984 23-Sep-1983
Terry Lisa M M 26-Jan-1980 1-Mar-1979
Terry Lisa Marie B 18-Feb-1963
Terry Luella (Mrs) M 31-Dec-1913 2-Apr-1913
Terry Lydia D 8-Dec-1910 4-Mar-1910
Terry Marie Elizabeth B 29-Dec-1950 29-Oct-1950
Terry Marie Elizabeth M 30-Dec-1968 1-Sep-1968
Terry Mary E M 24-Jul-1866 22-Jul-1866
Terry Mary J M 31-Jan-1981 2-May-1980
Terry Mary Louisa M 23-Nov-1888 23-Nov-1888
Terry Mary M D 7-Dec-1893
Terry Michael Wayne B 30-Dec-1947 24-Jun-1947
Terry Michael Wayne D 30-Dec-1947 25-Jun-1947
Terry Michael Wayne D 25-Jun-1947
Terry Michelle S B 19-Jan-1985 26-May-1984
Terry Molly Ann B 15-Feb-1974 7-Feb-1974
Terry Molly Ann M 27-Jan-2000 3-Jun-2000
Terry Myah Marie B 26-Jan-1991 17-Dec-1990
Terry Natasha Maxine B 18-Jan-1986 19-Oct-1985
Terry Nathaniel Quinn B 14-Oct-1977
Terry Nora Elizabeth D 30-Dec-1963 2-Feb-1963
Terry Orange S D 1-Jan-1912 16-Dec-1911
Terry OS M 17-Nov-1863
Terry OS,Infant D 22-Feb-1867 p1 22-Feb-1867
Terry Pamela Belle B 30-Dec-1955 2-May-1955
Terry Patricia A M 27-Jan-1979 3-Jun-1978
Terry Patricia Ann B 30-Dec-1955 2-May-1955
Terry Paul A D 19-Apr-2008 18-Apr-2008
Terry Paul Elaine B 28-Dec-1945 1-Aug-1945
Terry Paul James B 30-Dec-1969 27-Apr-1969
Terry Pearl Mildred D 23-Jan-1988 4-Dec-1987
Terry Randy Eugene B 30-Dec-1969 25-Mar-1969
Terry Randy Eugene M 26-Jan-1991 4-May-1990
Terry RC D 30-Nov-1900 29-Nov-1900
Terry Richard Everett D 28-Jan-2006 16-Sep-2005
Terry Robert Charles M 30-Dec-1957 4-Feb-1957
Terry Ron H M 26-Jan-1980 1-Jun-1979
Terry Ron H M 26-Jan-1980 1-Jun-1979
Terry Ronald Harmson B 30-Dec-1949 6-Apr-1949
Terry Ronald Harrison M 30-Dec-1968 31-Aug-1968
Terry Rose M 3-Oct-1876 19-Sep-1876
Terry Russell Baker M 30-Dec-1937 3-Jul-1937
Terry Ruth Evelyn M 30-Dec-1936 26-Nov-1936
Terry Sarah A M 25-Nov-1853 17-Nov-1853
Terry Sherwood Edward B 28-Dec-1951 12-Nov-1951
Terry Sherwood W D 8-Jan-2007 6-Jan-2007
Terry Sidney F D 25-Jan-2003 9-Jun-2002
Terry Sidney F D 10-Jun-2002 p5a 9-Jun-2002
Terry Sidney F M 18-Jan-1986 14-Dec-1985
Terry Sidney Frederick M 30-Dec-1935 23-Dec-1935
Terry Sidney Fredrick B 29-Dec-1961 13-Oct-1961
Terry Sidney L M 29-Jan-1983 25-Sep-1982
Terry Sidney L M 23-Jan-1988 1-Aug-1987
Terry Sidney LeMoyne B 30-Dec-1954 2-Jan-1954
Terry Summer Leigh M 27-Jan-2000 8-Sep-2000
Terry Vesta C M 7-Nov-1862 16-Oct-1862
Terry Wilbur Willis D 29-Dec-1962 9-Sep-1962
Terry William D 11-May-1888 11-May-1888
Terry William Henry D 28-Dec-1951 8-Jan-1951
Terry Brenda Joyce B 30-Dec-1948 13-Jul-1948
Terry Connie J M 29-Jan-2000 28-Aug-1999
Terry Grace Louise B 31-Jan-2004 2-Oct-2003
Terry Lillian Belle D 28-Dec-1951 16-Dec-1951
Terry Lillian Belle D 28-Dec-1951 16-Dec-1951
Terry Myah Marie M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 6-Aug-2007
Terry Ronald Harrison M 28-Jan-2006 17-Jun-2005
Tersteeg Nicole Marie M 28-Jan-2006 23-Sep-2005
Tertipes Lucille Elaine M 29-Dec-1939 28-Apr-1939
Terwilleger Beth Ann M 31-Jan-1976 16-Aug-1975
Tesch Jewel Bea M 22-Jan-1972 10-Jul-1971
Tesch Reuben M 30-Dec-1943 12-Dec-1943
Teske Louise M 30-Dec-1916 9-Nov-1916
Tesman Amiel D 30-Dec-1943 19-Jul-1943
Tesman Hugo Peter D 30-Dec-1941 30-Sep-1941
Tessieni Joseph M 29-Dec-1961 1-Jul-1961
TeStrake Abraham D 20-Aug-1895 19-Aug-1895
TeStrake Abraham D 26-Aug-1895 19-Aug-1895
TeStrake Bernard Kenneth B 30-Dec-1942 17-Aug-1942
TeStrake Bertha D 30-Dec-1954 5-May-1954
TeStrake Beulah M D 30-Dec-1968 28-Aug-1968
TeStrake Cameron Allen B 29-Jan-2000 3-Jun-1999
TeStrake Carol Sue B 30-Dec-1941 4-Apr-1941
TeStrake Charles J D 29-Dec-1961 5-Feb-1961
TeStrake Charles J M 8-Dec-1910 1-Mar-1910
TeStrake Charles Norman D 30-Dec-1957 18-Jul-1957
TeStrake Charles Norman M 30-Dec-1937 21-Feb-1937
TeStrake Charlotta Jane B 30-Dec-1948 18-Jan-1948
TeStrake Clifford M 30-Dec-1937 25-Nov-1937
TeStrake Clifford Clyde D 28-Jan-2006 23-Sep-2005
TeStrake Conner John B 30-Jan-1993 30-May-1992
TeStrake Creed Keith B 31-Jan-2004 25-Jan-2003
TeStrake Creed Kenneth B 18-Feb-2003 p5a 25-Jan-2003
TeStrake Diane B 11-Sep-1934
TeStrake Donald Lee B 29-Dec-1944 25-Oct-1944
TeStrake Elmer D 28-Jan-1984 20-May-1983
TeStrake Frank A D 31-Jan-1981 20-Aug-1980
TeStrake Gertrude D 10-Jan-2007 9-Jan-2007
TeStrake Hannah D 30-Dec-1932 29-Jan-1932
TeStrake Harold W D 26-Jan-2002 11-Feb-2001
TeStrake Harold W D 12-Feb-2001 p5a 11-Feb-2001
TeStrake Harold William M 29-Dec-1934 5-Jul-1934
TeStrake Harvey D M 30-Dec-1940 13-Mar-1940
TeStrake Helen B M 30-Dec-1933 25-Dec-1933
TeStrake Holly E M 26-Jan-1980 21-Apr-1979
TeStrake Holly E M 26-Jan-1980 21-Apr-1979
TeStrake Holly Elizabeth B 30-Dec-1955 1-Jan-1955
TeStrake James Herbert B 30-Dec-1940 14-Jun-1940
TeStrake Joan Margaret B 30-Dec-1936 13-Jun-1936
TeStrake Joan Margaret B 13-Jun-1936
TeStrake John D 8-Jan-1972
TeStrake John M 20-Dec-1906 18-Apr-1906
TeStrake John A M 3-Sep-1898 31-Aug-1898
TeStrake John Albert B 30-Dec-1937 7-Feb-1937
TeStrake John Albert D 30-Dec-1938 26-Feb-1938
TeStrake John Albert D 26-Feb-1938
TeStrake John W M 30-Dec-1933 3-Aug-1933
TeStrake John W, Bill D 8-Jan-1972 8-Jan-1972
TeStrake John William D 30-Dec-1936 22-Feb-1936
TeStrake Jolene Ann B 2-Sep-1938
TeStrake Jon M 9-Sep-1997 p6a 9-Aug-1997
TeStrake Jon Eric M 24-Jan-1998 9-Aug-1997
TeStrake Jon M B 19-Jan-1985 11-Sep-1984
TeStrake Julie Marie B 29-Feb-1960
TeStrake Julie Marie B 30-Feb-1960
TeStrake Julie Marie M 17-Jan-1987 31-May-1986
TeStrake Kathy Jane B 28-Dec-1945 17-Mar-1945
TeStrake Kathy Jane M 29-Dec-1967 10-Jun-1967
TeStrake Kenneth C M 30-Dec-1954 15-Sep-1954
TeStrake Kevin John B 29-Dec-1962 3-Aug-1962
TeStrake Kevin John M 23-Jan-1992 27-Apr-1991
TeStrake Lela Ellen D 15-Feb-1974 25-Nov-1974
TeStrake Lynn M 26-Sep-2001 p6a 23-Jun-2001
TeStrake Lynn Ellen B 29-Dec-1961 22-Sep-1961
TeStrake Mark Jon B 29-Dec-1956 24-Apr-1956
TeStrake Mary Jo B 30-Dec-1941 6-Oct-1941
TeStrake Matthew Jon B 30-Dec-1968 23-Oct-1968
TeStrake Matthew Jon M 18-Nov-1997 p6a 26-Sep-1997
TeStrake Melissa Leigh M 31-Jan-2004 8-Mar-2003
TeStrake Mia Jo B 27-Feb-1977
TeStrake Michael Clifford B 30-Dec-1953 31-Aug-1953
TeStrake Myron John B 30-Dec-1938 2-Jun-1938
TeStrake Norman M 7-Sep-1949
TeStrake Ralph M 12-Sep-1949
TeStrake Ralph H D 31-Jan-1981 12-Aug-1980
TeStrake Ralph H M 30-Dec-1936 3-Jul-1936
TeStrake Sherilyn Helen B 29-Dec-1950 7-Aug-1950
TeStrake Sheryl Ann B 29-Dec-1956 13-Jul-1956
TeStrake Steven John B 30-Dec-1946 3-Jul-1946
TeStrake Tamara Sue M 1-May-1995 p5a 15-Apr-1995
TeStrake Tara M 6-Nov-2002 p6a 14-Sep-2002
TeStrake Tara Carmen B 26-Jan-1980 30-Jun-1979
TeStrake Tara Carmen M 25-Jan-2003 14-Sep-2002
TeStrake Velma D 29-Dec-1961 21-May-1961
TeStrake Viola Mae D 23-Jan-1988 3-Sep-1987
TeStrake Virginia M 29-Dec-1950 16-Jun-1950
TeStrake Walter D 17-Jan-1987 22-Sep-1986
TeStrake Walter Abraham B 21-Mar-1937
TeStrake Winona M M 30-Dec-1953 25-Jul-1953
TeStrake Winona Mae (Mrs) M 29-Dec-1956 3-Aug-1956
Tetmeyer Edgar M 30-Dec-1936 20-Dec-1936
Tetmeyer Robert L M 31-Jan-1981 18-Oct-1980
Tetmeyer Rudolph D 30-Dec-1948 23-Dec-1948
Tetrich Helen D 21-Dec-1905 18-Mar-1905
Tetrick Carol Kay M 30-Dec-1964 23-Aug-1964
Tetrick Carole Kay B 30-Dec-1942 26-Apr-1942
Tetrick Elizabeth Skye B 30-Jan-1993 12-Jul-1992
Tetrick Eric Grover M 23-Jan-1992 20-May-1991
Tetrick Eric Groves B 29-Dec-1962 30-Sep-1962
Tetrick Eva M D 15-Jan-1997 p5a 14-Jan-1997
Tetrick Eva M D 16-Jan-1997 p5a 14-Jan-1997
Tetrick Genevieve L D 20-Sep-1999 p5a 18-Sep-1999
Tetrick Genevieve Lorraine D 29-Jan-2000 18-Sep-1999
Tetrick Hayden Gregg B 30-Dec-1965 7-Aug-1965
Tetrick Hazel I (Mrs) M 29-Dec-1956 7-Jul-1956
Tetrick Hazle 'Hade' D 9-May-2007 8-May-2007
Tetrick James Loren B 30-Dec-1943 23-Jul-1943
Tetrick Jean Dale B 30-Dec-1947 8-Jan-1947
Tetrick Jean Dale B 8-Jan-1947
Tetrick Jean Dale M 30-Dec-1969 31-May-1969
Tetrick Joyce Linn B 30-Dec-1949 28-Mar-1949
Tetrick Kim Elaine B 29-Dec-1944 8-Jul-1944
Tetrick Kim Elaine M 30-Dec-1966 3-Sep-1966
Tetrick Loren L D 21-Aug-1995 p5a 20-Aug-1995
Tetrick Loren L D 22-Aug-1995 p5a 20-Aug-1995
Tetrick Yvonne L M 26-Jan-1980 17-Mar-1979
Tetrick Yvonne L M 26-Jan-1980 17-Mar-1979
Tetrow Margaret M 21-Dec-1905 24-May-1905
Tetzloff Reinhold M 1-Jan-1913 2-Mar-1912
Teufel Anna C M 20-Apr-1898
Teufel John M 31-Dec-1870 17-Dec-1870
Teufel John H D 29-Dec-1962 27-Feb-1962
Teufel Otto M 17-Dec-1908 26-May-1908
Teutel John B 1-Dec-1880 p4
Teutla Hector M 29-Jan-1983 31-Aug-1982
Tevis George Fredrick D 27-Nov-2000 p5a 25-Nov-2000
Tevizo Carla Angela M 28-Jan-2006 7-May-2005
Tevoert John D 30-Dec-1954 19-Jan-1954
TeVort Terese M 1-Jan-1908 30-Jan-1907
Tewksberry Fannie M 27-Jan-1881 26-Jan-1881
Tewksberry Frank D 30-Dec-1952 1-Apr-1952
Tewksberry Josephene E D 1-Oct-1879 p4
Tewksburry Infant Child D 18-Nov-1890
Tewksbury Byron M D 30-Dec-1957 16-Jun-1957
Tewksbury Charles E M 8-Oct-1869 p1 7-Oct-1869
Tewksbury Charles E M 15-Oct-1869 7-Oct-1869
Tewksbury Dora E D 22-Mar-1960
Tewksbury Elizabeth Hare,Mrs D 3-Dec-1887 p2
Tewksbury Lidah D 29-Dec-1961 26-Feb-1961
Tewksbury Merrill H D 30-Dec-1936 14-Sep-1936
Tewksbury Simeon B 1-Dec-1880 p4 ??-Nov-1880
Textor Diane Louise B 30-Dec-1947 23-Aug-1947
Tezak William T M 30-Dec-1941 22-Feb-1941
Thacker James D 26-Jul-2004
Thacker James A D 29-Jan-2005 23-Jul-2004
Thacker Rhonda L M 23-Jan-1988 20-Jun-1987
Thacker Robert S D 28-Jan-1995 20-Dec-1994
Thalacker Debra Lynn D 27-Feb-2001 p5a 18-Feb-2001
Thalacker Victor Paul B 30-Dec-1941 22-Apr-1941
Thalenhorst C (Rev) D 20-Dec-1906 23-Apr-1906
Thamp Fred Geddes D 22-Jan-1972 3-Mar-1971
Thanes Ruth Ann M 20-Apr-1869 p1 19-Apr-1869
Thanes Ruth Ann M 23-Apr-1869 p3 19-Apr-1869
Thar Elsie M 1-Jan-1912 10-Oct-1911
Tharen Carma Rose B 30-Dec-1935 5-Nov-1935
Thares Ruth Ann M 20-Apr-1869 p1 19-Apr-1869
Thares Ruth Ann M 23-Apr-1869 p3 19-Apr-1869
Tharp Ali Morgan B 27-Jan-2000 2-May-2000
Tharp Ali Morgan B 11-May-2000 p5a 2-May-2000
Tharp Amy Lee B 31-Jan-1981 22-Aug-1980
Tharp Amy Lynn M 29-Jan-1994 8-Jan-1993
Tharp Anna Kristine B 29-Dec-1950 3-Jun-1950
Tharp Arthur D 12-Dec-1995 p5a 12-Dec-1995
Tharp Arthur D 14-Dec-1995 p5a 12-Dec-1995
Tharp Arthur M 30-Dec-1936 25-Apr-1936
Tharp Beverly M 29-Dec-1939 8-Dec-1939
Tharp Beverly Jean B 30-Dec-1942 29-Jun-1942
Tharp D Margaret D 26-Aug-1999 p5a 25-Jan-1999
Tharp D Margaret D 27-Aug-1999 p5a 25-Jan-1999
Tharp Dan M 6-Jun-1996 p6a 30-Mar-1996
Tharp Daniel Lee M 29-Jan-2000 18-Jun-1999
Tharp Daughter B 28-Dec-1951 26-Jul-1951
Tharp Dennis Lee B 29-Dec-1944 6-Jun-1944
Tharp Dennis Lee M 30-Dec-1968 3-Feb-1968
Tharp Elva Jane B 30-Dec-1940 26-Sep-1940
Tharp Elva Janet M 29-Dec-1961 16-Sep-1961
Tharp Eva E D 7-Nov-2001 p5a 5-Nov-2001
Tharp Eva Emmline D 26-Jan-2002 5-Nov-2001
Tharp Franklin Earl B 30-Dec-1949 4-May-1949
Tharp Garey Thomas M 30-Dec-1965 19-Jun-1965
Tharp Garry Thomas B 30-Dec-1946 11-Apr-1946
Tharp Grace Irene B 29-Jan-2005 5-Nov-2004
Tharp Ida Mary M 21-Feb-1883 p2 21-Feb-1883
Tharp Ida Mary M 28-Feb-1883 21-Feb-1883
Tharp Infant Daughter B 17-Feb-1902 13-Feb-1902
Tharp Irene M 30-Dec-1933 20-Dec-1933
Tharp James Edward B 28-Dec-1945 23-Feb-1945
Tharp Jason Edward B 15-Feb-1974 9-Jan-1974
Tharp Jennifer Marie M 28-Jan-2006 21-May-2005
Tharp Jennifer Marie M 28-Jan-2006 2-Jul-2005
Tharp Lee D 5-Nov-1947
Tharp Lee D 30-Dec-1947 5-Nov-1947
Tharp Linnie D 14-Oct-2000 p5a 12-Oct-2000
Tharp Linnie May D 27-Jan-2000 12-Oct-2000
Tharp Louis D 28-Jan-1984 3-Feb-1983
Tharp Lyle E,Jr B 19-Jan-1985 13-Jul-1984
Tharp Margaret D 29-Jan-2000 25-Aug-1999
Tharp Matthew Alan B 26-Jan-1980 3-Apr-1979
Tharp Matthew Alan M 28-Jan-2006 22-Aug-2005
Tharp Maxine M 29-Dec-1939 28-Jun-1939
Tharp Melanie Marie M 29-Jan-2005 31-Jul-2004
Tharp Melissa M 20-Aug-1998 p6a 26-Jun-1998
Tharp Melissa Jo M 23-Jan-1999 26-Jun-1998
Tharp Myra D 12-Oct-1972 p9
Tharp Orin D 30-Jan-1996 p5a 29-Jan-1996
Tharp Orin D 31-Jan-1996 p5a 29-Jan-1996
Tharp Regina Renee B 31-Jan-1981 19-Aug-1980
Tharp Regina Renee M 25-Jan-2003 23-Sep-2002
Tharp Richard M 30-Dec-1957 1-May-1957
Tharp Richard Dennis B 30-Dec-1969 3-Oct-1969
Tharp Richard, Mrs D 30-Dec-1953 10-Sep-1953
Tharp Steven Eugene B 29-Dec-1950 5-Aug-1950
Tharp Susiella D 29-Dec-1967 18-Apr-1967
Tharp Thomas D 30-Jan-1993 18-Jul-1992
Tharp Thomas M M 28-Jan-2004 p7a 5-Jul-2003
Tharp Thomas Milton D 26-Jun-1984 25-Jun-1984
Tharp Thomas Milton D 30-Jun-1984 25-Jun-1984
Tharp Valma L D 29-Jan-1994 17-Sep-1993
Tharp Viola E D 25-Jan-2003 16-Jan-2002
Tharp Viola E D 17-Jan-2002 p5a 16-Jan-2002
Tharp Viola E D 18-Jan-2002 p5a 16-Jan-2002
Tharren Anton D 15-Jul-1884 15-Jul-1884
Thatcher Lorena W D 28-Dec-1945 17-Apr-1945
Thatcher Willam F D 31-Dec-1931 25-Mar-1931
Thauren Albert C M 30-Dec-1952 29-Jul-1952
Thauren Carma Rose M 30-Dec-1953 17-Oct-1953
Thauren Elma O M 29-Dec-1950 11-Feb-1950
Thauren F H M 17-Dec-1908 18-Feb-1908
Thauren Frank Joseph D 15-Feb-1974 4-Mar-1974
Thauren George Adam D 30-Dec-1946 2-Mar-1946
Thauren Helena Grelle D 24-May-1886 23-May-1886
Thauren Henry M 4-Nov-1890
Thauren Henry M 1-Dec-1890 4-Nov-1890
Thauren Margaret Arlene B 30-Dec-1952 4-Jul-1952
Thauren Margaret Arlene B 30-Dec-1952 4-Oct-1952
Thauren Margaret Mary D 30-Dec-1947 27-Nov-1947
Thauren Margaret Mary D 27-Nov-1947
Thauren Mary E M 30-Dec-1933 2-Oct-1933
Thauren Michael Thomas B 29-Dec-1950 3-Aug-1950
Thauren Michael Thomas D 29-Dec-1962 8-Feb-1962
Thauren Viola D 28-Feb-1984 27-Feb-1984
Thauren Viola D 2-Mar-1984 27-Feb-1984
Thauren Anna D D 23-Jan-1920
Thaurn Frank D 28-Apr-1937
Thayer Eloise M 20-Dec-1906 25-Apr-1906
Thayer George M D 13-Jul-1995 p5a 13-Jul-1995
Thayer George M M 30-Dec-1933 27-Sep-1933
Thayer Jeannie A M 9-Feb-1860 8-Feb-1860
Thayer Judith Ann B 30-Dec-1942 8-Apr-1942
Thayer Judith Ann M 29-Dec-1962 20-Jan-1962
Thayer Lud,Capt D 27-Jul-1864
Thayer Nancy Kay B 30-Dec-1937 30-Jul-1937
Thayer Nancy Kay B 30-Jul-1937
Thayer Wm A D 5-Jan-1877 12-Apr-1876
Thede Albert D 29-Dec-1961 26-Feb-1961
Thede Amelia D 30-Dec-1943 20-May-1943
Thede Anna D 30-Dec-1966 16-Jun-1966
Thede Bernice Marie D 23-Jan-1992 2-May-1991
Thede Brad William B 29-Dec-1962 5-Nov-1962
Thede Bruce Kevin B 30-Dec-1957 19-May-1957
Thede Clarinda M M 30-Dec-1916 2-Jun-1916
Thede Darrell M 30-Dec-1964 13-Jun-1964
Thede Darrell Dean B 30-Dec-1941 29-Jan-1941
Thede George F D 28-Dec-1951 16-Jul-1951
Thede Harry D 15-Jun-1995 p5a 14-Jun-1995
Thede Harry Jurgen M 29-Dec-1934 31-Jan-1934
Thede Henry D 29-Dec-1944 4-Jan-1944
Thede Henry D 28-Dec-1951 16-Jan-1951
Thede Hermann P D 30-Dec-1969 11-Feb-1969
Thede Infant Daughter B 30-Nov-1930
Thede J J M 17-Dec-1908 5-Mar-1908
Thede Jimmy D M 19-Jan-1985 24-Aug-1984
Thede Lawrence Lee B 7-May-1937
Thede Leroy L D 9-Aug-1995 p5a 7-Aug-1995
Thede Leroy Louis M 29-Dec-1934 7-Mar-1934
Thede Leslie Duane B 30-Dec-1948 14-Aug-1948
Thede Lorna H D 25-Jan-2003 24-Jan-2002
Thede Lorna H D 26-Jan-2002 p5a 24-Jan-2002
Thede Mark Alan M 30-Jan-1993 18-Sep-1992
Thede Mary D 23-Jan-1988 2-Jan-1987
Thede Matilda Magaret D 29-Dec-1962 7-May-1962
Thede Mildred M D 26-Feb-1986
Thede Milroy G D 26-Jan-1991 12-Jun-1990
Thede Ralph,Mrs D 21-Feb-1972 p9
Thede Robert Bruce B 30-Dec-1947 26-Jan-1947
Thede Robert Bruce B 26-Jan-1947
Thede Vernon D 23-Jan-1988 13-Apr-1987
Thede Vernon M M 30-Dec-1943 10-Mar-1943
Thede Warren Robert B 28-Dec-1945 14-Jun-1945
Thede Wayne Leslie B 28-Dec-1945 14-Jun-1945
Thede Rudolph A D 30-Dec-1966 27-Mar-1966
Thee Chris M M 30-Dec-1916 11-Apr-1916
Theel Donald Otto M 30-Dec-1940 15-Feb-1940
Theer Florence Eleanor M 30-Dec-1965 9-Jul-1965
Theibert Lori L M 31-Jan-1981 28-Jun-1980
Theibert Lori L M 31-Jan-1981 28-Jun-1980
Their Peter J,Rev M 16-Jun-1900 14-Jun-1900
Theiss Edward William D 26-Jan-1991 29-Apr-1990
Theiss Wilmer H M 30-Dec-1936 20-Dec-1936
Theobald Andra Britte M 17-Dec-1997 p6a 24-May-1997
Theobald Audrey D 24-Jan-1998 10-Jun-1997
Theobald Audrey D 11-Jun-1997 p1a 10-Jun-1997
Theobald Audrey D 12-Jun-1997 p5a 10-Jun-1997
Theobald August D 30-Dec-1964 14-Oct-1964
Theobald Carl M 29-Dec-1950 7-Oct-1950
Theobald Carla J M 5-Feb-1977
Theobald Clarence A M 30-Dec-1938 24-Jun-1938
Theobald Craig Allen B 30-Dec-1955 4-Jul-1955
Theobald Cynthia K M 27-Jan-1979 2-Jul-1978
Theobald David Craig B 26-Jan-1980 30-Mar-1979
Theobald Deborah Kay M 29-Jan-2005 26-Jun-2004
Theobald Deborah Kay M 13-Jul-2004
Theobald Deloris J D 24-Dec-2003 p5a 23-Dec-2003
Theobald Deloris Juanita D 31-Jan-2004 23-Dec-2003
Theobald Dennis Lee M 27-Jan-2000 25-Mar-2000
Theobald Donald D 11-Jun-1997 p1a 10-Jun-1997
Theobald Donald D 12-Jun-1997 p5a 10-Jun-1997
Theobald Donald Wayne D 24-Jan-1998 10-Jun-1997
Theobald Doris Lorraine M 30-Dec-1953 24-Apr-1953
Theobald Edward W D 30-Dec-1938 2-Feb-1938
Theobald Edward W D 2-Feb-1938
Theobald Edwin D 17-Feb-2004 p5a 17-Feb-2004
Theobald Edwin C D 29-Jan-2005 17-Feb-2004
Theobald Elise M 30-Dec-1943 1-Dec-1943
Theobald Emily Kay B 29-Jan-1983 23-Jul-1982
Theobald Emily Kay M 29-Jan-2005 7-Aug-2004
Theobald Gary J M 31-Jan-1981 27-Sep-1980
Theobald Girl B 31-Dec-1929 27-Nov-1929
Theobald Helen D 10-Feb-1960
Theobald Herman C, Jr M 30-Dec-1953 15-Jun-1953
Theobald Infant Son B 26-Dec-1930
Theobald Jacob J B 19-Jan-1985 15-Mar-1984
Theobald James Dean M 26-Jan-1991 11-Aug-1990
Theobald Jane Kay B 28-Jan-1995 27-Mar-1994
Theobald John F M 29-Jan-1983 28-Aug-1982
Theobald John Frederick B 29-Dec-1962 20-May-1962
Theobald Julie Kay M 31-Jan-2004 5-Apr-2003
Theobald Julie Kaye B 30-Jan-1982 18-Jun-1981
Theobald Julie Kaye M 20-Aug-2003 p9a 5-Apr-2003
Theobald Marie Irene D 30-Dec-1966 2-Apr-1966
Theobald Michael Ray B 30-Dec-1955 24-Apr-1955
Theobald Michael Ray M 1-Jun-1974
Theobald Phillip C M 30-Dec-1940 19-Sep-1940
Theobald Ruth D 26-Jan-1980 23-May-1979
Theobald Steven James B 30-Dec-1954 15-May-1954
Theobald Teresa M 12-May-1995 p7a 4-Mar-1995
Theobald Teresa Jean B 30-Dec-1968 9-Nov-1968
Theobald William Frederick D 26-Jan-1980 23-May-1979
Theobald Wm M 5-Oct-1891 p4 2-Oct-1891
Theodore Gary Jay B 29-Dec-1956 14-Sep-1956
Theophilius William (Judge) D 23-Nov-1922
Theophilus William,Judge D 25-Nov-1922 p7
Theophilus William,Judge D 23-Nov-1922 p8
Therion Mary Louise D 30-Dec-1964 8-Sep-1964
Thernes John D 30-Dec-1936 17-Sep-1936
Thess Herman D 30-Dec-1955 16-May-1955
Thess Kenneth D 27-Oct-1986
Thess Kenneth D 17-Jan-1987 26-Oct-1986
Thess Ruby A D 17-Apr-1995 p5a 14-Apr-1995
Thess Vera M D 29-Jan-1983 12-Jan-1982
Theunick Michael Wayne B 30-Dec-1946 17-Jun-1946
Thi Pom Ca M 30-Jan-1982 20-Nov-1981
Thie Brian Scott M 23-Jan-1999 4-Apr-1998
Thiede Jeffrey Shane M 23-Jan-1999 23-May-1998
Thieg William E M 30-Dec-1940 19-Sep-1940
Thieker Edard L D 28-Jan-1984 2-May-1983
Thieker Esther N M 30-Dec-1937 27-Jun-1937
Thieker Fern D D 23-Jan-1992 29-Apr-1991
Thieker Hulda M 29-Dec-1934 30-Sep-1934
Thieker Infant Son B 20-Nov-1930
Thieker Johnny Joe B 30-Dec-1952 16-Feb-1952
Thieker Kristine Sue B 30-Dec-1953 25-Jun-1953
Thieker Louis D 30-Dec-1916 11-Oct-1916
Thieker Michael Edward B 30-Dec-1955 27-Sep-1955
Thieker Michael Edward M 17-Jan-1987 13-Dec-1986
Thieker Shirley A D 19-Dec-2008 18-Dec-2008
Thieker Sophia D 22-Jan-1972 21-Jan-1971
Thiel Matthew D 30-Dec-1932 14-Nov-1932
Thiel Peter J,Rev M 16-Jun-1900 14-Jun-1900
Thiel Scott L M 18-Jan-1986 1-Jun-1985
Thielbert Eugene R D 5-Jun-2008 3-Jun-2008
Thielman Karl B 28-Jan-1984 12-Apr-1983
Thielman Spencer B 31-Jan-1981 11-Aug-1980
Thien Lloyd Robert D 30-Jan-1993 8-Jan-1992
Thiering Calvin W D 21-Nov-2003 p5a 19-Nov-2003
Thiering Gertrude Bernice D 21-Jan-1997 p5a 19-Jan-1997
Thiering Gertrude Bernice D 22-Jan-1997 p5a 19-Jan-1997
Thiering Wayne E D 15-Dec-2000 p5a 14-Dec-2000
Thiering Wayne E D 18-Dec-2000 p5a 14-Dec-2000
Thiering William C D 30-Dec-1954 2-Nov-1954
Thies Marion Ruth D 28-Jan-2006 7-Dec-2005
Thiesen H C M 20-Dec-1906 21-May-1906
Thiesen Mary (Mrs) D 30-Jan-1930
Thiesen Mary A D 16-Dec-1909 16-Jan-1909
Thiessen Celia D 26-Feb-1890
Thiessen Herman D 30-Dec-1932 25-Nov-1932
Thirtyacre Adell D 4-Sep-1995 p5a 3-Sep-1995
Thirtyacre Beverly Ann B 29-Dec-1950 20-Feb-1950
Thirtyacre Boyd D 16-Mar-1972
Thirtyacre David M 15-May-2002 p7a 25-Feb-2002
Thirtyacre David Dean B 30-Dec-1969 12-Dec-1969
Thirtyacre Fern Foster D 29-Dec-1934 1-Aug-1934
Thirtyacre Frances Julia B 28-Dec-1945 17-Apr-1945
Thirtyacre Frederick Willis B 30-Dec-1941 14-Dec-1941
Thirtyacre Frederick Willis M 29-Dec-1967 27-Aug-1967
Thirtyacre Greta Dean B 29-Dec-1939 31-Jan-1939
Thirtyacre Jack M 30-Dec-1970 9-Mar-1970
Thirtyacre Jack Maynard B 30-Dec-1949 2-Aug-1949
Thirtyacre Jenna M 7-Feb-2007 14-Oct-2006
Thirtyacre Jill Suanne M 23-Jan-1992 26-Apr-1991
Thirtyacre Jill Suzanne B 22-Jan-1972 26-Jan-1971
Thirtyacre John D 5-Jun-1999 p5a 4-Jun-1999
Thirtyacre John Lawrence D 29-Jan-2000 4-Jun-1999
Thirtyacre Judith JoAnn B 30-Dec-1941 14-Aug-1941
Thirtyacre Julie Ann B 30-Jan-1982 31-Dec-1981
Thirtyacre Kristi M 26-Apr-2000 p4c 4-Sep-1999
Thirtyacre Linda Jane B 30-Dec-1943 10-Nov-1943
Thirtyacre Maynard D 30-Dec-1968 14-Mar-1968
Thirtyacre Norma Jean B 30-Dec-1947 6-Sep-1947
Thirtyacre Ora E M 1-Jan-1912 16-Jan-1911
Thirtyacre Ruth Mary B 29-Dec-1939 22-Aug-1939
Thirtyacre Sadie (Mrs) M 1-Jan-1912 20-Sep-1911
Thirtyacre Susan D 29-Dec-1944 16-Sep-1944
Thobura Anna M 1-Jan-1912 11-Mar-1911
Thode Ella (Mrs) M 30-Dec-1938 2-Mar-1938
Thode Martha Todd (Davis) D 16-Dec-2006 15-Dec-2006
Thoelke August F M 1-Jan-1913 21-Dec-1912
Thoeming Alvena D 18-Jan-1986 11-Oct-1985
Thoeming Dorothy M 30-Dec-1937 1-Sep-1937
Thoeming Tillie Minnie D 12-May-2000 p5a 11-May-2000
Thoene Amanda H D 18-Dec-1972 p3 15-Dec-1972
Thoene Walter JA D 30-Dec-1963 22-Nov-1963
Thoerner Eric Allan B 30-Dec-1964 7-Oct-1964
Thoerner Marlene M D 15-Jul-2003 p5a 13-Jul-2003
Thom Wm C M 9-Sep-1892 7-Sep-1892
Thoma George W D 30-Dec-1953 16-Nov-1953
Thoman Martha M D 28-Jan-1995 24-Apr-1994
Thomann Mildred (Metz) D 10-Oct-2008 9-Oct-2008
Thomann Mildred C D 9-Oct-2008 9-Oct-2008
Thomas Aaron Landon B 14-Jan-2000 p5a 1-Jan-2000
Thomas Allen Roberston B 30-Dec-1949 4-Aug-1949
Thomas Alma J D 29-Jan-2005 4-Mar-2004
Thomas Alma J D 5-Mar-2004 p5a 4-Mar-2004
Thomas Alma J D 6-Mar-2004 p5a 4-Mar-2004
Thomas Alyssa Mae B 28-Jan-1995 31-Jan-1994
Thomas Amanda Lynne M 31-Jan-2009 pg 7f 29-Aug-2008
Thomas Anita Mae M 8-Jun-1974
Thomas Anna D 29-Dec-1962 28-Oct-1962
Thomas Anne D 15-Feb-1974 18-Jun-1974
Thomas Annie D 21-Jul-1870 p4 20-Jul-1878
Thomas Annie L D 5-Nov-1863
Thomas Arlene Grace B 30-Dec-1941 4-Aug-1941
Thomas Arlene, Mrs M 30-Dec-1953 17-Oct-1953
Thomas Arthur J D 30-Dec-1946 7-May-1946
Thomas Arthur Lloyd D 3-Nov-2007 2-Nov-2007
Thomas Austin Brady B 4-Feb-1995 p5a 28-Dec-1995
Thomas Benjamin Franklin D 30-Dec-1936 21-Jan-1936
Thomas Bert M 30-Dec-1965 13-Mar-1965
Thomas Bertha A M 30-Dec-1938 16-Apr-1938
Thomas Bethany Jo M 26-Jan-2008 p5f 20-Oct-2007
Thomas Betty D 19-Nov-2002 p5a 17-Nov-2002
Thomas Beverly B M 30-Dec-1946 26-May-1946
Thomas Blanche D 31-Jan-1981 30-Jul-1980
Thomas Bonnee LuAnn M 17-Jan-1987 5-Sep-1986
Thomas Boy B 31-Dec-1929 6-Mar-1929
Thomas Boy B 31-Dec-1929 3-May-1929
Thomas Brenda Sue B 30-Dec-1949 14-Sep-1949
Thomas Brenda Sue M 30-Dec-1964 22-Nov-1964
Thomas Brian David B 30-Dec-1965 24-Sep-1965
Thomas Brian David M 17-Jan-1987 2-Aug-1986
Thomas Brian O'Dell B 29-Dec-1962 17-Jun-1962
Thomas Bruce DeWayne B 30-Dec-1955 19-Apr-1955
Thomas Bruce LeRoy B 30-Dec-1953 13-Aug-1953
Thomas Carl C D 11-May-1984
Thomas Carl W Jr M 30-Jan-1982 1-May-1981
Thomas Carol M 24-Jan-1972
Thomas Carol Ann M 28-Jan-2006 17-Sep-2005
Thomas Carol Lynn B 30-Dec-1949 8-Aug-1949
Thomas Carol Lynn M 24-Jan-1972 22-Jan-1972
Thomas Cassandra Dawn M 24-Jan-1998 22-Aug-1997
Thomas Charles E D 17-Jan-1987 15-Mar-1986
Thomas Charles E D 17-Mar-1986
Thomas Charles E M 30-Dec-1936 12-Sep-1936
Thomas Charles M D 17-Jan-1987 3-Mar-1986
Thomas Charles Ray D 25-Apr-1996 p5a 23-Apr-1996
Thomas Cherie Lea B 30-Dec-1955 15-Mar-1955
Thomas Christine Nicole M 25-Jan-2003 7-Sep-2002
Thomas Clarence L D 23-Jan-1988 28-Jul-1987
Thomas Cole Michael B 24-Jan-1998 13-Nov-1997
Thomas Cole Michael B 19-Nov-1997 p5a 13-Nov-1997
Thomas Cora E M 14-Oct-1891 p4 14-Oct-1891
Thomas Cora J (Mrs) D 29-Dec-1956 15-Mar-1956
Thomas Cynthia Marie B 30-Dec-1953 13-Nov-1953
Thomas D Kenneth D 14-Feb-2007 12-Feb-2007
Thomas Dale Robert B 30-Dec-1954 23-May-1954
Thomas Darin Scott B 29-Dec-1967 29-Jan-1967
Thomas Darin Scott B 29-Nov-1967
Thomas Darin Scott M 30-Jan-2007 10-Jun-2006
Thomas Deane Crescent B 31-Jan-2009 p3f 3-Sep-2008
Thomas Delbert Allen D 24-Jul-2004
Thomas Diane Lynne B 29-Dec-1950 22-Jan-1950
Thomas Doris Ellen B 30-Dec-1940 25-Sep-1940
Thomas Doris May D 29-Jan-2005 1-Nov-2004
Thomas Dorothy (Raushenberger) D 29-Dec-2007 28-Dec-2007
Thomas Dorothy Ann D 24-Mar-2003 p5a 23-Mar-2003
Thomas Dorothy Ann D 25-Mar-2003 p5a 23-Mar-2003
Thomas Dorothy Jean M 30-Dec-1938 13-Apr-1938
Thomas Duane M 30-Dec-1943 29-Sep-1943
Thomas Duane Elmer D 29-Jan-2005 23-Oct-2004
Thomas Edward D 30-Mar-1922
Thomas Edward M 18-Mar-1901 18-Mar-1901
Thomas Elisabeth (Nies) D 6-Nov-2008 3-Nov-2008
Thomas Elizabeth D 24-May-1920
Thomas Elizabeth M 8-Jan-1866 3-Jan-1866
Thomas Elizabeth Loos (Nies) D 5-Nov-2008 3-Nov-2008
Thomas Ellis D 27-Mar-1949
Thomas Ellis Raymond D 30-Dec-1949 23-Mar-1949
Thomas Emery H M 10-Jun-1898 9-Jun-1898
Thomas Emma A D 29-Dec-1956 30-Nov-1956
Thomas Emma E,Mrs D 28-Dec-1972 p13 27-Dec-1972
Thomas Emma S M 1-Jan-1913 4-Dec-1912
Thomas Eric M 9-Jan-1998 p6a 8-Nov-1997
Thomas Eva Emma M 12-Aug-1897 11-Aug-1897
Thomas Eva Johnson D 30-Dec-1946 8-Dec-1946
Thomas Eva Noll D 30-Dec-1955 6-Jul-1955
Thomas Florence A M 1-Jan-1912 23-Jun-1911
Thomas Florence Elizabeth D 10-Aug-1977
Thomas Frances L D 15-Apr-2002 p5a 12-Apr-2002
Thomas Frank M 1-Mar-1899 27-Feb-1899
Thomas Freda D 17-Jan-1987 6-Oct-1986
Thomas Freda D 7-Oct-1986
Thomas Freda (Mrs) M 29-Dec-1939 9-Apr-1939
Thomas Freda Almyra B 30-Dec-1952 20-Mar-1952
Thomas Freddie L D 23-Jan-1992 29-Aug-1991
Thomas Frieda A M 28-Jan-1984 15-Oct-1983
Thomas Gary D M 17-Oct-1977
Thomas Gary D M 18-Jan-1986 11-Oct-1985
Thomas Gary Dean M 28-Jan-1995 7-Jul-1994
Thomas Gary M D 18-Feb-2003 p5a 16-Feb-2003
Thomas Gary M D 19-Feb-2003 p5a 16-Feb-2003
Thomas Gary Michael D 31-Jan-2004 16-Feb-2003
Thomas George B M 6-Jul-1891 p3 2-Jul-1891
Thomas George B M 7-Jul-1891 p3 2-Jul-1891
Thomas George L M 29-Dec-1939 16-Feb-1939
Thomas Grace L D 27-Dec-1996 p5a 24-Dec-1996
Thomas Grant Stephen B 26-Jan-2002 21-Sep-2001
Thomas Grant Stephen B 26-Sep-2001 p5a 21-Sep-2001
Thomas Gurtude E D 8-Mar-1996 p5a 7-Mar-1996
Thomas Gurtude E D 9-Mar-1996 p5a 7-Mar-1996
Thomas Gwendolyn M 30-Dec-1965 1-Oct-1965
Thomas Harriet M (Nau) D 30-Jul-2007 27-Jul-2007
Thomas Hazel I D 29-Aug-1984 28-Aug-1984
Thomas Hazel I D 1-Sep-1984 28-Aug-1984
Thomas Helen M 30-Dec-1938 16-Jul-1938
Thomas Henry L M 15-Jun-1895 12-Jun-1895
Thomas Henry L M 18-Jun-1895 12-Jun-1895
Thomas Inez I D 27-Feb-1997 p5a 26-Feb-1997
Thomas Inez Irene D 24-Jan-1998 26-Feb-1997
Thomas Inez S D 16-Jan-1985 14-Jan-1985
Thomas Infant Daughter B 7-Jul-1891 p3 27-Jun-1891
Thomas Infant Son B 21-Jul-1930
Thomas Infant Son B 27-Mar-1972
Thomas Isaac L M 1-Jan-1891
Thomas Ithel D 17-Jan-1987 7-Mar-1986
Thomas Ivory Inez D 31-Jan-2004 10-May-2003
Thomas Ivory Inez D 13-May-2003 p5a 10-May-2003
Thomas J J D 20-Dec-1906 12-Nov-1906
Thomas J June M 30-Dec-1938 8-Oct-1938
Thomas Jacqueline A M 19-Jan-1985 19-May-1984
Thomas James D 28-Dec-1945 10-Jul-1945
Thomas James D 5-Feb-1890
Thomas James Deane B 30-Dec-1937 10-Jan-1937
Thomas James J D 4-Feb-1890
Thomas James LeRoy B 30-Dec-1938 24-May-1938
Thomas Jane Moore (Mrs) D 30-Dec-1938 12-Jul-1938
Thomas Janet Elaine M 30-Dec-1968 26-Apr-1968
Thomas Janet Irene B 1-Mar-1928 28-Feb-1928
Thomas Jean R M 29-Dec-1950 6-Apr-1950
Thomas Jeffrey Lane B 29-Dec-1967 7-Oct-1967
Thomas Jerome Maynard B 28-Dec-1951 26-Jul-1951
Thomas Jerry Charles B 29-Dec-1950 31-Oct-1950
Thomas Jerry Charles M 22-Jan-1972 7-Aug-1971
Thomas Jessica Lynn B 26-Jan-1991 1-Sep-1990
Thomas JJ,Mrs D 31-Mar-1903 30-Mar-1903
Thomas Jodi Rae B 27-Jan-1979 28-Jan-1978
Thomas John G D 30-Dec-1957 29-Nov-1957
Thomas John L D 18-Jan-1986 2-Jul-1985
Thomas Joseph O D 30-Dec-1954 10-Jul-1954
Thomas Joseph Rodney B 30-Dec-1937 19-Jun-1937
Thomas Josephine M 8-Oct-1891 7-Oct-1891
Thomas Joyce Marie B 29-Dec-1944 22-Jun-1944
Thomas Judith Elaine B 30-Dec-1946 14-Apr-1946
Thomas Judith Elaine M 29-Dec-1967 20-Aug-1967
Thomas Kathryn J M 11-Jun-1977
Thomas Kathy J M 18-Jan-1986 10-Jun-1985
Thomas Kristi Jo M 31-Jan-2009 pg 7f 1-Nov-2008
Thomas LA M 27-Mar-1895 27-Mar-1895
Thomas Larry D 19-Jul-2004
Thomas Larry E M 29-Dec-1961 10-Sep-1961
Thomas Laura D 22-May-1899 21-May-1899
Thomas Laura Sharon M 23-Jan-1999 22-Sep-1998
Thomas Lawrence Wayne II B 27-Jan-1979 4-Nov-1978
Thomas Leanna D 16-Nov-2007 14-Nov-2007
Thomas Leanna (Brown) D 17-Nov-2007 14-Nov-2007
THomas Leonard B D 28-Jan-1995 22-Oct-1994
Thomas Leonard K D 28-Jan-1984 15-Oct-1983
Thomas Lester C D 31-Jan-1981 3-Jul-1980
Thomas Letetia Mae M 2-Jan-1903 25-Dec-1902
Thomas Letha M 16-Apr-1920
Thomas Lewis M 5-Nov-1869 12-Oct-1869
Thomas Lewis M 1-Nov-1869 p1 12-Oct-1869
Thomas Lewis M 5-Nov-1869 14-Oct-1869
Thomas Lewis M 1-Nov-1896 p1 14-Oct-1869
Thomas Lillian P D 28-Mar-2000 p5a 27-Mar-2000
Thomas Linda A M 26-Jan-1980 1-Aug-1979
Thomas Linda A M 26-Jan-1980 1-Aug-1979
Thomas Linda Lee B 30-Dec-1948 4-Mar-1948
Thomas Linda Lee M 30-Dec-1968 11-Aug-1968
Thomas LM M 4-Sep-1873 3-Sep-1873
Thomas Lora F M 30-Dec-1952 29-Dec-1952
Thomas Loris Elsa B 30-Dec-1941 30-Nov-1941
Thomas Lottie M, Mrs M 30-Dec-1955 20-Jun-1955
Thomas Lula Ellen D 22-Jan-1972 8-Jun-1971
Thomas Lynette D 29-Jan-2001 28-Jan-2001
Thomas Mabel D 8-Jan-1891 5-Jan-1901
Thomas Madeline Marie B 28-Nov-1995 p5a 17-Nov-1995
Thomas Mara Marie B 23-Jan-1992 11-Feb-1991
Thomas Margaret M 30-Dec-1936 28-Nov-1936
Thomas Margaret Loretta D 30-Dec-1941 28-Aug-1941
Thomas Mark Jonathan B 30-Dec-1952 30-Sep-1952
Thomas Martha York D 30-Dec-1948 27-Mar-1948
Thomas Martin M 1-Jul-1868 25-Jun-1868
Thomas Mary E M 18-Oct-1882 12-Oct-1882
Thomas Mary E M 1-Nov-1882 12-Oct-1882
Thomas Mary S D 11-Jun-1869 p4 1-Jun-1869
Thomas Mary S D 5-Jun-1869 p1 1-Jun-1869
Thomas Matthew Reveal B 30-Jan-1982 31-Jul-1981
Thomas Merle Lester D 30-Dec-1957 12-Apr-1957
Thomas Merrill Forrest D 27-Jan-1979 4-Jan-1978
Thomas Michael M 10-May-2000 p3c 18-Dec-1999
Thomas Michael M 1-Oct-2003 p6a 2-Aug-2003
Thomas Michael M 10-May-2000 pg 3c 18-Dec-1999
Thomas Michael Allen M 23-Jan-1992 28-Sep-1991
Thomas Michael Allen M 29-Jan-2000 18-Dec-1999
Thomas Michael James M 31-Jan-2004 2-Aug-2003
Thomas Nancy M 31-May-1972
Thomas Nancy Jean B 29-Dec-1944 19-Aug-1944
Thomas Nellie D 28-Dec-1951 10-Dec-1951
Thomas Nellie D 28-Dec-1951 10-Dec-1951
Thomas Nolan D 26-Dec-1998 p5a 24-Dec-1998
Thomas Norma D D 30-Jan-1982 4-Oct-1981
Thomas Olive Daugherty D 30-Dec-1955 8-Feb-1955
Thomas Paul E M 29-Jan-1983 22-May-1982
Thomas Paul Edard B 30-Dec-1952 7-Mar-1952
Thomas Paul Edward D 29-Jan-2005 21-Nov-2004
Thomas Paul Edward M 7-Sep-1974
Thomas Paul Ellsworth D 8-Apr-1977
Thomas Phoebe J M 13-Feb-1881 22-Feb-1881
Thomas Phoebe J M 1-Mar-1881 p4 22-Feb-1881
Thomas Priscilla Elaine M 31-Jan-2009 pg 6f 24-May-2008
Thomas Rainee Arianna B 27-Jan-2000 7-Jul-2000
Thomas Rainee Arianna B 13-Jul-2000 p5a 7-Jul-2000
Thomas Richard D 29-Dec-1961 31-May-1961
Thomas Richard D M 19-Jan-1985 23-Jun-1984
Thomas Richard DuWayne B 28-Dec-1951 3-May-1951
Thomas Richard E D 15-Feb-1974 24-Feb-1974
Thomas Richard Stephen Jr M 29-Jan-1994 19-Jan-1993
Thomas Robert M 1-May-1972
Thomas Robert H D 19-Apr-2002 p5a 17-Apr-1002
Thomas Robert Harry D 25-Jan-2003 17-Apr-2002
Thomas Robert Howard B 29-Dec-1939 10-Feb-1939
Thomas Robert W M 26-Jan-1980 21-Jul-1979
Thomas Robert W M 26-Jan-1980 21-Jul-1979
Thomas Robert Wayne B 30-Dec-1952 3-Apr-1952
Thomas Robert Wayne M 29-Jan-2005 10-Apr-2004
Thomas Roberta Kay B 30-Dec-1946 26-May-1946
Thomas Rodney J M 30-Dec-1933 14-Oct-1933
Thomas Rose Marie M 26-Jan-1991 7-May-1990
Thomas Rosie Lynn D 27-Jan-1979 2-Dec-1978
Thomas Roy W M 29-Dec-1950 29-Oct-1950
Thomas Roy Willis M 29-Dec-1939 16-Jan-1939
Thomas Sabrina Marie B 29-Dec-1962 16-Sep-1962
Thomas Sarah M 16-Jan-1884 16-Jan-1884
Thomas Selena Dawn B 20-Feb-1996 15-Feb-1996
Thomas Sharen A M 29-Jan-1983 21-May-1982
Thomas Sharon Kay M 29-Dec-1962 19-Jul-1962
Thomas Shermiya LeAnn B 9-Mar-2006 30-Jan-2006
Thomas Shyrell A M 26-Jan-1980 9-May-1979
Thomas Shyrell A M 26-Jan-1980 9-May-1979
Thomas Steven Michael M 31-Jan-1976 17-Oct-1975
Thomas Steven Michael M 31-Jan-2009 pg 6f 13-Jun-2008
Thomas Steven Ray B 18-Jan-1986 22-Mar-1985
Thomas Sue Lynn B 30-Dec-1955 25-Nov-1955
Thomas Susan M 5-Jan-1881 5-Jan-1881
Thomas Susan J M 5-Sep-1864 1-Sep-1864
Thomas Susan J M 5-Sep-1864 2-Sep-1864
Thomas Thomas L M 18-Jan-1986 1-Jun-1985
Thomas Timothy Williams B 30-Dec-1953 5-Oct-1953
Thomas Tommy D 1-Dec-1883 2-Oct-1883
Thomas Trenton Wayne B 31-Jan-2009 p3f 2-Sep-2008
Thomas Tylor Dean B 11-Apr-1995 p5a 8-Apr-1995
Thomas Vada Fishburn D 17-Jan-1987 12-May-1986
Thomas Verda M M 30-Sep-1920
Thomas Verne Ross D 23-Jan-1988 25-Jun-1987
Thomas Vernon D 16-Jan-1999 p5a 14-Jan-1999
Thomas Veronica Irene D 30-Dec-1949 2-Dec-1949
Thomas W M M 1-Jan-1913 19-Dec-1912
Thomas Wayne M 29-Dec-1961 15-May-1961
Thomas Wayne George B 29-Dec-1944 14-Nov-1944
Thomas Will C M 4-May-1883 p2 2-May-1883
Thomas Will C M 1-Jun-1883 2-May-1883
Thomas William M 30-Dec-1935 6-Jun-1935
Thomas William M 11-Sep-1860 6-Sep-1860
Thomas William M 16-Oct-1972 p6
Thomas William C D 2-Oct-2000 p5a 30-Sep-2000
Thomas William C D 3-Oct-2000 p5a 30-Sep-2000
Thomas William C D 11-May-1900
Thomas William Charles D 27-Jan-2000 30-Sep-2000
Thomas William Gene B 30-Dec-1935 15-Jun-1935
Thomas William J III M 18-Jan-1986 20-Dec-1985
Thomas William James D 30-Dec-1949 14-Jul-1949
Thomas William James D 30-Dec-1957 24-Mar-1957
Thomas William Keith B 29-Dec-1950 1-Nov-1950
Thomas William Keith M 31-Jan-2004 31-Dec-2003
Thomas William Minard D 10-Mar-2003 p5a 8-Mar-2003
Thomas Winifred D 14-Nov-1972 p13
Thomas Winifred D 15-Nov-1972 p10
Thomas WR M 23-Oct-1871 27-Sep-1871
Thomas WR M 25-Oct-1871 27-Sep-1871
Thomas Zachary H,Spc D 29-Jan-2004 p5a 23-Jan-2004
Thomas Zachary H,Spc D 31-Jan-2004 p1a 23-Jan-2004
Thomas Zachary Houston B 29-Jan-1983 24-Oct-1982
Thomas Zachery B 20-Jul-1996
Thomas Beth Ellen M 30-Dec-1969 19-Jul-1969
Thomas Cleo (Miss) M 31-Dec-1931 11-Sep-1931
Thomas Freda Almyra M 30-Dec-1969 8-Nov-1969
Thomas Gary Michael M 30-Dec-1969 25-Apr-1969
Thomas George B D 30-Dec-1943 8-May-1943
Thomas Ivis Gail M 30-Dec-1937 3-May-1937
Thomas Jennifer Rene M 27-Jan-2000 29-Nov-2000
Thomas John Larry M 30-Dec-1969 19-Apr-1969
Thomas Johnny Lee M 30-Dec-1968 30-Jul-1968
Thomas Larry Gene M 30-Dec-1969 8-Nov-1969
Thomas Lillian P D 27-Jan-2000 27-Mar-2000
Thomas Linda Lee M 29-Jan-1994 29-Jan-1993
Thomas Mary D 29-Dec-1962 30-Nov-1962
Thomas Melvin Dean B 29-Dec-1956 8-Oct-1956
Thomas Charles William D 30-Dec-1964 25-Aug-1964
Thomas David Lee B 30-Dec-1942 24-Sep-1942
Thomas Emily Sue B 29-Jan-1994 13-Aug-1993
Thomas Jordan Michelle B 29-Jan-1994 26-Mar-1993
Thomas Oliver W D 29-Jan-1994 2-Nov-1993
Thomas-Murillo Mercedes Lynne B 23-Jan-1999 23-Mar-1998
Thomason Burnetta M 29-Dec-1939 24-Jun-1939
Thomason Delbert Allen D 29-Jan-2005 23-Jul-2004
Thomason Delbert Allen M 30-Dec-1942 24-May-1942
Thomason Eilene Carol B 30-Dec-1942 7-Jun-1942
Thomason Grace May M 30-Dec-1965 9-Oct-1965
Thomason M Sue D 26-Mar-2008 25-Mar-2008
Thomason M Sue D 25-Mar-2008 26-Mar-2008
Thomason Robert Allen B 28-Dec-1945 27-Jan-1945
Thomason William Allen D 30-Dec-1964 24-Jul-1964
Thomason Fern E D 29-Jan-1994 18-May-1993
Thome Florence Resor J, Rev D 30-Dec-1957 1-Feb-1957
Thome Jimmy Kenneth Sr D 28-Jan-1995 2-Jun-1994
Thomfield Henry M 30-Dec-1904 14-Dec-1904
Thompkins Ella D 30-Dec-1965 20-May-1965
Thompkins Leota Alma Staley D 9-Aug-1996
Thompkins Linda E M 29-Dec-1967 20-Oct-1967
Thompkins Melanie S M 18-Jan-1986 21-Sep-1985
Thompson A M 29-Feb-1872 p4 14-Feb-1872
Thompson Aaron Todd B 30-Dec-1970 6-Jan-1970
Thompson Abigail Grace B 5-Jan-2004 p5a 20-Dec-2003
Thompson Agnes D 23-Jan-1988 12-Jan-1987
Thompson Alan Morley M 29-Dec-1950 24-Jun-1950
Thompson Albert Henry D 17-Jan-1987 26-Mar-1986
Thompson Albert M D 28-Dec-1945 8-Jan-1945
Thompson Alexander Jonathan B 28-Jan-1984 24-Jul-1983
Thompson Alice Comfort D 30-Dec-1966 5-Jul-1966
Thompson Alice K M 7-Jan-1885 p2 6-Jan-1885
Thompson Alice Marie (Mrs) M 30-Dec-1957 31-Aug-1957
Thompson Allan T D 30-May-1995 p5a 26-May-1995
Thompson Amber Lace B 23-Jan-1988 11-Feb-1987
Thompson Amber R M 27-Jan-1979 1-Apr-1978
Thompson Andie Kay M 31-Jan-2009 pg 6f 23-Jun-2008
Thompson Annabelle M 3-Mar-1948
Thompson Annie A M 1-Sep-1881 p4 31-Aug-1881
Thompson Aquilla Ann M 12-Feb-1869 23-Jan-1869
Thompson Aquilla Ann M 12-Feb-1869 24-Jan-1869
Thompson Arlene Mable B 29-Dec-1939 18-May-1939
Thompson Arthur Ellsworth D 22-Sep-1997 p5a 20-Sep-1997
Thompson Balis M 30-Oct-1867 p4 10-Oct-1867
Thompson Barbara Ella D 1-Jan-1913 29-May-1912
Thompson Barbara LuAnn M 17-Jan-1987 25-Oct-1986
Thompson Belva M 8-Dec-1910 18-Apr-1910
Thompson Bernadine Marie B 29-Dec-1944 19-May-1944
Thompson Bertha Downing D 30-Dec-1946 28-Jun-1946
Thompson Bertha M M 1-Jan-1913 12-Jun-1912
Thompson Bessie LaFern Burch D 23-Sep-1997 p5a 19-Sep-1997
Thompson Bettie L D 23-Jul-2007 21-Jul-2007
Thompson Betty M 30-Dec-1964 7-Jun-1964
Thompson Betty Jo B 30-Dec-1953 22-Jan-1953
Thompson Betty M M 18-Jan-1986 7-Dec-1985
Thompson Betty Marie B 30-Dec-1946 29-Sep-1946
Thompson Beulah L D 30-Dec-1955 6-Jun-1955
Thompson Beverly Ann B 29-Dec-1944 21-May-1944
Thompson Billy D 1-Jan-1927 30-Sep-1926
Thompson Billy Lee Jr M 26-Jan-2002 18-Aug-2001
Thompson Bonnie E M 29-Dec-1961 15-Jul-1961
Thompson Bonnie Elaine B 30-Dec-1941 20-Jun-1941
Thompson Boy B 31-Dec-1889 5-Nov-1889
Thompson Bradley Alan B 30-Dec-1968 2-Oct-1968
Thompson Bradley Alan M 31-Jan-2004 1-Nov-2003
Thompson Brandon Allen M 29-Jan-2000 28-May-1999
Thompson Brooke Ann B 24-Jan-1998 7-May-1997
Thompson Brooke Anne B 10-May-1997 p5a 7-May-1997
Thompson Bruce A D 17-Jan-1987 17-May-1986
Thompson Buel D 28-Dec-1951 14-May-1951
Thompson Bunnie Jo B 29-Dec-1956 30-Jul-1956
Thompson Burton S D 30-Dec-1942 24-Jan-1942
Thompson BW,Dr D 31-Dec-1883 14-Dec-1883
Thompson Cardine E M 27-Jun-1874 p4 27-Jun-1874
Thompson Carole A M 30-Dec-1955 27-Sep-1955
Thompson Carolyn Jo Ann B 30-Dec-1937 5-Aug-1937
Thompson Carrie D 31-Jan-1976 18-Feb-1975
Thompson Charles C D 30-Dec-1932 13-Dec-1932
Thompson Charles K, Mrs D 30-Dec-1957 30-Nov-1957
Thompson Charles Leroy B 30-Dec-1947 6-Nov-1947
Thompson Charles LeRoy D 30-Dec-1948 24-Feb-1948
Thompson Charlie H D 31-Dec-1913 14-Apr-1913
Thompson Chester J M 30-Dec-1938 6-Aug-1938
Thompson Christine D M 26-Jan-1980 9-Mar-1979
Thompson Christine D M 26-Jan-1980 9-Mar-1979
Thompson Clara Dora D 28-Dec-1951 22-Jan-1951
Thompson Clara K D 29-Dec-1962 12-Jan-1962
Thompson Connie Marie B 30-Dec-1947 6-Feb-1947
Thompson Connie Sue B 30-Dec-1949 14-May-1949
Thompson Daniel D 4-Mar-1903 27-Feb-1903
Thompson Daniel Orrie D 30-Dec-1947 25-Mar-1947
Thompson Danny Duane B 30-Dec-1966 23-Jun-1966
Thompson Darrel Thomas D 27-Jan-1979 19-Jan-1978
Thompson Darrel Thomas M 30-Dec-1946 23-Jun-1946
Thompson Darrell M 30-Dec-1952 13-Sep-1952
Thompson David D 30-Dec-1932 1-Mar-1932
Thompson David C D 18-Sep-1887
Thompson David Russell M 24-Jan-1998 14-Feb-1997
Thompson David W M 19-Jan-1985 26-May-1984
Thompson Dawn Marie M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 4-Aug-2007
Thompson Deborah D M 18-Jan-1986 14-Sep-1985
Thompson Deborah Diann M 25-Jan-2003 7-Jun-2002
Thompson Debra Lynn B 29-Dec-1962 26-Oct-1962
Thompson Denise L M 30-Jan-1982 18-Apr-1981
Thompson Denise Lynne B 30-Dec-1955 7-Feb-1955
Thompson Denise Lynne M 31-Jan-1976 26-Jul-1975
Thompson Dianna M M 26-Jan-1980 16-Mar-1979
Thompson Dianna M M 26-Jan-1980 16-Mar-1979
Thompson Donald L D 12-Sep-2008 11-Sep-2008
Thompson Donald Leroy B 30-Dec-1952 31-Aug-1952
Thompson Donald Leroy D 13-Sep-2008 11-Sep-2008
Thompson Dorothy Maxine D 26-Jan-1991 22-Aug-1990
Thompson Dottie M 16-Sep-1920
Thompson Durwood L D 23-Jan-1999 7-Aug-1998
Thompson E Earl M 1-Jan-1908 11-Jun-1907
Thompson Earl Albert D 20-Feb-1903 20-Feb-1903
Thompson Edith Helen D 30-Dec-1964 19-Oct-1964
Thompson Edna M 1-Jan-1908 21-May-1907
Thompson Edna V D 23-Jan-1988 27-Apr-1987
Thompson Edwin D 30-Dec-1936 13-Aug-1936
Thompson Edwin D 23-Oct-1998 p5a 22-Oct-1998
Thompson Edwin M 20-Dec-1906 7-Apr-1906
Thompson Effie L D 28-Nov-1972 p12
Thompson Effie Loretta D 29-Dec-1972 26-Nov-1972
Thompson Elise Earle M 28-Dec-1945 21-Dec-1945
Thompson Elisha S D 30-Dec-1941 7-Aug-1941
Thompson Elizabeth Helen M 30-Dec-1940 16-Dec-1940
Thompson Elizabeth,Mrs D 10-Jan-1899 10-Apr-1899
Thompson Ellsworth D 28-Jan-1900 26-Jan-1900
Thompson Ellsworth M 1-Dec-1890 12-Nov-1890
Thompson Ellsworth M 28-Feb-1894 27-Feb-1894
Thompson Elsie D 30-Dec-1966 17-Jan-1966
Thompson Emily A D 24-Nov-1904 7-Sep-1904
Thompson Emma D 30-Dec-1969 23-Jun-1969
Thompson Emma Francis D 28-Dec-1951 1-Aug-1951
Thompson Emma O M 30-Dec-1937 11-Jan-1937
Thompson Ethel A M 30-Dec-1935 11-Mar-1935
Thompson Everett A D 11-Jun-1996 p5a 10-Jun-1996
Thompson Everett A D 12-Jun-1996 p5a 10-Jun-1996
Thompson Fannie W M 17-Jun-1884 15-Jun-1884
Thompson Fern Burch D 23-Sep-1997 p5a 19-Sep-1997
Thompson Fern Elizabeth D 26-Aug-2002 p5a 24-Aug-2002
Thompson Florence M 30-Dec-1916 29-Jan-1916
Thompson Florence M 30-Dec-1938 9-May-1938
Thompson Florence L M 30-Dec-1942 18-Nov-1942
Thompson Francis Elizabeth D 30-Dec-1936 19-Jul-1936
Thompson Francis May B 30-Dec-1935 6-Sep-1935
Thompson Frank Temple D 29-Dec-1934 12-Aug-1934
Thompson Franklin D 29-Dec-1939 4-Jun-1939
Thompson Franklin D 4-Jun-1939
Thompson Garry O D 27-Jan-1979 28-Sep-1978
Thompson Gary Lee B 30-Dec-1949 28-Apr-1949
Thompson Gene D 23-Sep-1998 p5a 23-Sep-1998
Thompson Gene M 30-Dec-1938 24-Sep-1938
Thompson George Frederick D 30-Dec-1968 26-May-1968
Thompson George Lee D 28-Aug-1996 p5a 25-Aug-1996
Thompson George Richard M 28-Dec-1945 5-Aug-1945
Thompson George,Mrs D 17-Dec-1908 26-Apr-1908
Thompson Gertrude A D 30-Dec-1960 9-Jul-1960
Thompson Gina Janelle M 23-Jan-1992 24-May-1991
Thompson Gina M M 31-Jan-1981 25-Oct-1980
Thompson Ginger Lee M 29-Jan-2000 2-Jul-1999
Thompson Glen D 18-Dec-1972 p3 16-Dec-1972
Thompson Gussie M M 1-Jan-1912 15-Nov-1911
Thompson Hailey Marie B 28-Jan-1995 14-Sep-1994
Thompson Hailey Marie B 20-Sep-1994 p5a 14-Sep-1994
Thompson Harold D 23-Jan-1999 21-Feb-1998
Thompson Harold Samuel M 29-Dec-1967 26-Oct-1967
Thompson Harriet D 24-Jun-1882
Thompson Harriet D 26-Jun-1882
Thompson Harry M 19-Nov-1920
Thompson Harry Jackson D 9-Jun-1995 p5a 9-Jun-1995
Thompson Harvey O M 29-Dec-1950 7-May-1950
Thompson Hattie M 1-Jan-1912 19-Jul-1911
Thompson Hattie M 4-Jun-1896 3-Jun-1896
Thompson Hattie S M 25-Sep-1869 p4 22-Sep-1869
Thompson Hattie S M 1-Oct-1869 p4 22-Sep-1869
Thompson Hazel Marie D 7-Nov-1984 7-Nov-1984
Thompson Henry D 29-May-1899 27-May-1899
Thompson Herbert G M 29-Dec-1956 16-Jun-1956
Thompson Herbert Garfield B 29-Jan-1935
Thompson Herbert Garfield D 30-Dec-1942 19-Sep-1942
Thompson Hulda D 30-Dec-1936 13-Jan-1936
Thompson IA,Mrs D 6-Feb-1902 2-Feb-1902
Thompson Ida B (Mrs) D 30-Dec-1948 28-Sep-1948
Thompson Infant Daughter B 22-Jan-1930
Thompson Ira L D 6-Nov-1862 3-Nov-1862
Thompson Irene (Rotenburger) D 14-Apr-2007 13-Apr-2007
Thompson Irene L M 31-Dec-1913 4-Dec-1913
Thompson Isaac Gourly D 28-Sep-1865 23-Sep-1865
Thompson J Clay M 30-Dec-1935 6-Dec-1935
Thompson J Clay,Dr D 29-Nov-1995 p5a 27-Nov-1995
Thompson JA,Mrs D 10-Mar-1902 p6
Thompson JA,Mrs D 10-Mar-1902 p7
Thompson Jack D 14-Jun-1937
Thompson Jackson D 7-Jun-1890
Thompson Jacquiline Ann B 29-Dec-1939 30-Aug-1939
Thompson James D 17-May-1880 p4 16-May-1880
Thompson James M 8-Mar-1866 6-Mar-1866
Thompson James B M 30-Dec-1953 24-Sep-1953
Thompson James Richard B 30-Dec-1947 9-Oct-1947
Thompson James Richard M 30-Dec-1969 3-Aug-1969
Thompson James Tanner B 23-Apr-1996 p5a 20-Apr-1996
Thompson James Theodore,Jr B 21-Apr-1963
Thompson James,Mrs D 18-Jul-1878 p4 14-Jul-1878
Thompson Janice L M 18-Jan-1986 7-Jun-1985
Thompson Jared Holt,Dr M 12-Jun-1862 11-Jun-1862
Thompson Jared Murry D 16-Mar-1903 9-Mar-1903
Thompson Jason Donald M 28-Jan-2006 11-Jun-2005
Thompson Jasper S D 28-Jan-2006 18-Jul-2005
Thompson Jean M 30-Dec-1940 20-Apr-1940
Thompson Jean Nadine B 30-Dec-1938 29-Mar-1938
Thompson Jeff D 1-Jan-1927 24-Jul-1926
Thompson Jerald James B 28-Jan-1995 4-Nov-1994
Thompson Jessie M 21-Dec-1905 11-Jul-1905
Thompson Joann M 29-Dec-1956 1-Sep-1956
Thompson JoAnn Maxine D 15-Feb-1974 25-Nov-1974
Thompson Joe Robert M 29-Jan-1994 23-Jul-1993
Thompson John M 27-Dec-1884 25-Dec-1884
Thompson John Edwin D 17-Jul-1862 12-Jul-1862
Thompson John H D 4-Jan-1873 p4 1-Jan-1873
Thompson John J D 17-Dec-1908 6-Aug-1908
Thompson John J D 30-Dec-1947 2-Feb-1947
Thompson John J D 2-Feb-1947
Thompson John J M 22-Dec-1856 20-Dec-1856
Thompson John L D 14-Apr-1902
Thompson John L M 30-Dec-1946 1-Jun-1946
Thompson John R D 11-Jan-2007 27-Dec-2006
Thompson John Raymond D 28-Dec-1951 28-Jun-1951
Thompson John Thomas D 29-Dec-1934 27-Oct-1934
Thompson Jon Daniel M 23-Jan-1999 24-Jul-1998
Thompson Joseph Leland D 3-Jan-1996 p5a 2-Jan-1996
Thompson Joseph Leland D 4-Jan-1995 p5a 2-Jan-1996
Thompson Joseph S M 29-Dec-1962 31-Mar-1962
Thompson Joseph Winslow B 30-Jan-1982 12-Mar-1981
Thompson Josephine M 1-Mar-1901 27-Feb-1901
Thompson Joshua Andrew B 30-Jan-1982 24-Aug-1981
Thompson Josie M 15-Feb-1872 p4
Thompson Josiff David B 29-Jan-1983 26-Oct-1982
Thompson Jospeh Leland D 5-Jan-1996 p5a 2-Jan-1996
Thompson Joyce M 8-Dec-1910 3-Jul-1910
Thompson Judy D 17-Apr-2007 15-Apr-2007
Thompson Julia D 29-Dec-1939 25-Aug-1939
Thompson Julia D 11-Mar-2003 p5a 1-Mar-2003
Thompson Julie Ann M 29-Jan-1994 18-May-1993
Thompson Julie Mae B 29-Dec-1962 21-May-1962
Thompson Julie Mae M 23-Jan-1999 16-Oct-1998
Thompson Karalie B 30-Dec-1953 6-May-1953
Thompson Karrie E D 29-Dec-1934 18-Feb-1934
Thompson Karrie E D 18-Feb-1934
Thompson Katherine D 30-Dec-1954 18-Aug-1954
Thompson Kay Lynne B 30-Dec-1965 29-May-1965
Thompson Kelly Jean M 21-Mar-1996 p6a 29-Feb-1996
Thompson Kenneth Arthur B 30-Dec-1935 16-Aug-1935
Thompson Kenneth DeWayne B 3-Apr-1933
Thompson Kevin Arthur B 26-Jan-1980 21-Jul-1979
Thompson Kimberly Sue B 29-Dec-1962 27-Oct-1962
Thompson Koralie M 30-Dec-1970 20-Mar-1970
Thompson Lawrence Ronald B 29-Dec-1944 15-Feb-1944
Thompson Lelia A M 31-Dec-1913 30-Apr-1913
Thompson Leona Catherine D 31-Jan-2004 17-Jul-2003
Thompson Leonard Allen B 30-Dec-1947 22-Mar-1947
Thompson Leonard Allen B 22-Mar-1947
Thompson Leonard Allen D 16-Jun-1995 p5a 14-Jun-1995
Thompson Lila D 30-Jan-1993 1-Aug-1992
Thompson Lila May D 30-Dec-1949 3-Feb-1949
Thompson Lillian C D 30-Jan-1993 14-Aug-1992
Thompson Linda Ann M 23-Jan-1992 7-Jun-1991
Thompson Lizzie D 30-Dec-1947 22-Apr-1947
Thompson Lizzie D 22-Apr-1947
Thompson LJ D 23-Feb-1999 p5a 21-Feb-1999
Thompson Lola Mae M 30-Dec-1936 21-Mar-1936
Thompson Lori S M 29-Jan-1983 3-Apr-1982
Thompson Lottie M 16-Dec-1909 26-Jan-1909
Thompson Louisa Knott,Mrs D 4-Mar-1903
Thompson Louisa M M 18-Sep-1868 p1 17-Sep-1868
Thompson Lowell H M 30-Dec-1957 7-Sep-1957
Thompson Lucile H D 13-Oct-2008 11-Oct-2008
Thompson Lucille M 30-Dec-1937 21-Jun-1937
Thompson Lucy M 28-Jan-1865 27-Jan-1865
Thompson Lucy A (Mrs) D 30-Dec-1946 14-Jan-1946
Thompson Lulu M 16-Jun-1920
Thompson Lulu M 16-Jun-1920
Thompson Luvina Ishem D 4-Mar-1903
Thompson LW,Judge D 25-Apr-1881 p4 22-Apr-1881
Thompson Maggie M 20-Dec-1906 6-Jul-1906
Thompson Marcella Hunter D 30-Dec-1949 25-Mar-1949
Thompson Margaret D 15-Mar-1999 p5a 13-Mar-1999
Thompson Margaret D 31-Aug-1922
Thompson Margaret E D 28-Jan-1995 22-Apr-1994
Thompson Margaret Helen D 29-Jan-2000 13-Mar-1999
Thompson Marion M M 30-Dec-1916 1-Jul-1916
Thompson Mark James M 26-Jan-1991 25-Aug-1990
Thompson Martha J M 23-Dec-1875
Thompson Mary D 22-Jan-1972 23-Feb-1971
Thompson Mary M 31-Dec-1913 13-Sep-1913
Thompson Mary A (Mrs) D 30-Dec-1949 12-Jun-1949
Thompson Mary Catherine D 6-Feb-1902 2-Feb-1902
Thompson Mary E M 7-Jan-1870 23-Dec-1869
Thompson Mary H (Woods) D 6-Jul-2007 4-Jul-2007
Thompson Mary Ilene B 29-Dec-1944 18-Mar-1944
Thompson Mary J M 27-Feb-1867 27-Feb-1867
Thompson Mary S D 9-Jan-1996 p5a 8-Jan-1996
Thompson Mary S D 10-Jan-1996 p5a 8-Jan-1996
Thompson Matilda,Mrs D 8-Dec-1892 7-Dec-1892
Thompson Matilda,Mrs D 14-Dec-1892 7-Dec-1892
Thompson Mattie,Miss D 6-Jun-1895 4-Jun-1895
Thompson May M 16-Dec-1909 10-Feb-1909
Thompson Maynard LeGrand D 30-Dec-1965 28-Feb-1965
Thompson Michelle Lynn M 26-Jan-1991 23-Jul-1990
Thompson Mildred D 11-Feb-1999 p5a 9-Feb-1999
Thompson Mirian M 30-Dec-1937 5-Aug-1937
Thompson Monte Eugene B 30-Dec-1942 28-May-1942
Thompson Mr D 14-Dec-1867 13-Dec-1867
Thompson Nancy June B 23-Feb-1977
Thompson Nancy Lynn B 30-Dec-1946 1-Jan-1946
Thompson Neva E D 24-May-2002 p5a 23-May-2002
Thompson Neva E D 25-May-2002 p5a 23-May-2002
Thompson Neva Eliza D 25-Jan-2003 23-May-2002
Thompson Nikki Jo B 30-Dec-1949 31-Mar-1949
Thompson Nikki Jo M 30-Dec-1968 2-Jun-1968
Thompson Norma M 30-Dec-1954 11-Mar-1954
Thompson Norma Jean B 3-Mar-1937
Thompson Olfry D 23-Apr-1864
Thompson Ollie Ellen D 30-Dec-1969 12-Mar-1969
Thompson Olney D 23-Apr-1864
Thompson Opal D 14-Jun-2004
Thompson Oven Bradley B 16-Jan-2001 p5a 10-Jan-2001
Thompson Owen Bradley B 26-Jan-2002 10-Jan-2001
Thompson Pamela Kay B 28-Dec-1945 3-Apr-1945
Thompson Pamela Kay M 30-Dec-1964 4-Oct-1964
Thompson Patricia Anita B 28-Dec-1945 4-Dec-1945
Thompson Patricia Jean B 30-Dec-1946 13-Oct-1946
Thompson Paul Donaven D 4-Feb-1972 p3
Thompson Paul E M 30-Dec-1955 9-Sep-1955
Thompson Paul Edwin B 13-Sep-1933
Thompson Paul Howard M 27-Jan-2000 4-Jun-2000
Thompson Peggy D 17-Jun-2004
Thompson Phenia M 20-Aug-1869 12-Aug-1869
Thompson Phenia M 13-Aug-1869 p1 12-Aug-1869
Thompson Phillip Henry D 30-Dec-1964 27-Nov-1964
Thompson Priscilla (Mrs) D 20-Dec-1906 20-Jan-1906
Thompson Ralph U D 30-Dec-1946 12-Sep-1946
Thompson Randy Earl B 28-Dec-1951 3-May-1951
Thompson Ray A D 29-Mar-1984 28-Mar-1984
Thompson Ray A D 2-Apr-1984 28-Mar-1984
Thompson Rebecca A D 4-May-1896
Thompson Reuben M 30-Dec-1936 3-Jul-1936
Thompson Rev D 5-Jun-1852
Thompson Richard M 30-Dec-1946 7-Apr-1946
Thompson Robbie D 11-Oct-1877 p4 11-Oct-1877
Thompson Robert D 1-Feb-1890
Thompson Robert D M 26-Jan-1980 11-Aug-1979
Thompson Robert D,PC3 M 26-Jan-1980 11-Aug-1979
Thompson Robert Edward B 30-Dec-1940 26-Jul-1940
Thompson Robert Eugene M 23-Jan-1999 11-Nov-1998
Thompson Robert J M 24-Jun-1980 21-Jun-1980
Thompson Robert J M 23-Jan-1988 25-Aug-1987
Thompson Robert Joe B 30-Dec-1946 29-Jun-1946
Thompson Robert Joe M 30-Dec-1968 4-Aug-1968
Thompson Robert Joseph B 30-Dec-1957 4-Oct-1957
Thompson Robert L M 25-Nov-1890 20-Nov-1890
Thompson Robert L M 1-Dec-1890 20-Nov-1890
Thompson Robert R M 29-Dec-1939 1-Jul-1939
Thompson Robert T D 12-Mar-1928
Thompson Robt E D 22-Jan-1903 20-Jan-1903
Thompson Robt E D 20-Jan-1903 20-Jan-1903
Thompson Roger Lee B 28-Dec-1945 12-May-1945
Thompson Rowdy F D 27-Jan-1979 25-Jun-1978
Thompson Roy M 30-Dec-1943 19-Jun-1943
Thompson RT D 3-Feb-1890
Thompson RT,Sr D 5-Jan-1877 12-Oct-1876
Thompson Ruth C D 15-May-1997 p5a 15-May-1997
Thompson Ruth Faires D 29-Jan-2004 p5a 27-Jan-2004
Thompson Ruth Faires D 30-Jan-2004 p5a 27-Jan-2004
Thompson S H D 30-Dec-1916 25-Sep-1916
Thompson S L (Mrs) M 29-Dec-1939 23-Dec-1939
Thompson Samuel M D 23-Jul-1891 22-Jul-1891
Thompson Samuel M D 22-Jul-1891 22-Jun-1891
Thompson Sarah F M 17-Jul-1866 14-Jul-1866
Thompson Sarah F M 17-Jul-1866 27-Jun-1866
Thompson Sarah Frances M 12-Feb-1869 13-Jan-1869
Thompson SB M 29-Mar-1902 p6
Thompson Scott E M 29-Jan-1983 17-Jul-1982
Thompson Scott Edwin B 29-Dec-1962 4-Feb-1962
Thompson Selina D 23-Oct-1862 19-Oct-1862
Thompson Shawn Eric B 29-Dec-1967 14-Mar-1967
Thompson Sherry Lea M 31-Jan-1976 18-Jan-1975
Thompson Sherry Lynn B 30-Dec-1947 1-Apr-1947
Thompson Sherry Lynn B 1-Apr-1947
Thompson Sherry Lynn M 29-Dec-1967 18-Jun-1967
Thompson Shirley M 30-Dec-1946 3-Jul-1946
Thompson Sina Marie D 28-Dec-1951 15-Aug-1951
Thompson SM M 20-Sep-1883 p2 19-Sep-1883
Thompson SM M 1-Oct-1883 19-Sep-1883
Thompson Sophia M 1-Feb-1890 16-Jan-1890
Thompson Stacy Leigh M 25-Jan-2003 27-Apr-2002
Thompson Stella D 30-Dec-1969 29-Jul-1969
Thompson Stephen D 17-Feb-1890
Thompson Steven Bruce B 30-Dec-1943 23-Feb-1943
Thompson Susan Rae B 30-Dec-1966 15-Aug-1966
Thompson Susie Grace D 1-May-1873 p4 30-Apr-1873
Thompson Tammy J M 27-Jan-1979 18-Dec-1978
Thompson TB M 11-Jan-1887 10-Jan-1887
Thompson Tera Marie M 26-Jan-2002 30-Sep-2001
Thompson Teresa Ann B 30-Dec-1949 15-Oct-1949
Thompson Terry A D 26-Jan-1980 15-Nov-1979
Thompson Terry N M 26-Jan-1980 6-Jul-1979
Thompson Terry N M 26-Jan-1980 6-Jul-1979
Thompson Terry Neal M 17-Jan-1987 20-Dec-1986
Thompson Theodore Norman B 7-Nov-1933
Thompson Theresa Irene M 7-Feb-1972 p12
Thompson Theron B 2-Jun-1883
Thompson Theron D 29-Dec-1934 25-Dec-1934
Thompson Theron M 11-Mar-1882 p2 9-Mar-1882
Thompson Thomas M 25-Aug-1873 p4 7-Aug-1873
Thompson Thomas C D 19-May-1871 p4 5-May-1871
Thompson Thomas J D 1-Feb-1894 29-Dec-1893
Thompson Thomas T M 29-Dec-1939 25-Mar-1939
Thompson Thomas William B 30-Dec-1941 22-Nov-1941
Thompson Tracy Lyn B 30-Dec-1966 3-Apr-1966
Thompson Tracy Lyn M 27-Jan-2000 9-Sep-2000
Thompson Velma D 29-Oct-1922
Thompson Verena M M 30-Dec-1938 9-Jun-1938
Thompson Vina D 10-Jan-2000 p5a 7-Jan-2000
Thompson Vina Marcella D 27-Jan-2000 17-Jan-2000
Thompson Virginia E, Mrs M 30-Dec-1955 23-Sep-1955
Thompson Virginia Ruth M 29-Dec-1939 5-Aug-1939
Thompson W E M 17-Dec-1908 31-Mar-1908
Thompson WD M 31-Dec-1883 14-Dec-1883
Thompson Wendy D 9-Sep-1972 p12
Thompson Wheelar Joseph D 8-Jan-1985
Thompson Wilfred M 30-Dec-1940 16-Sep-1940
Thompson William D 20-Dec-1906 20-Jan-1906
Thompson William D 20-Dec-1906 8-Mar-1906
Thompson William D 30-Dec-1963 15-Apr-1963
Thompson William Albert D 29-Dec-1962 30-Nov-1962
Thompson William Arthur M 26-Jan-1991 6-Apr-1990
Thompson William Arthur M 26-Jan-2002 14-Feb-2001
Thompson William Carl B 30-Dec-1955 30-Sep-1955
Thompson William D M 19-Jan-1985 16-Aug-1984
Thompson William Dee M 31-Jan-2004 8-May-2003
Thompson William L M 22-Oct-1890
Thompson William M D 18-Apr-1870 p4
Thompson William M D 19-Apr-1870 p4
Thompson William P M 29-Sep-1887 13-Sep-1887
Thompson WM M 5-Jan-1899 31-May-1899
Thompson Zachary Francis B 26-Jan-2002 14-Jun-2001
Thoms Joshua Ryne B 18-Jan-1986 27-Aug-1985
Thoms Robert Lee M 26-Jan-2008 p2f 11-Feb-2007
Thomsen Anna L M 26-Jan-1980 6-Nov-1979
Thomsen Anna L M 26-Jan-1980 6-Nov-1979
Thomsen Boy B 31-Dec-1929 6-Feb-1929
Thomsen Caroline D 30-Dec-1966 24-Oct-1966
Thomsen Chris D 21-Dec-1905 11-Jul-1905
Thomsen Christopher Michael B 23-Jan-1988 1-Jul-1987
Thomsen Claus D 30-Dec-1955 6-Dec-1955
Thomsen Dorothy H D 29-Jan-1983 8-Jan-1982
Thomsen Edward D 30-Dec-1968 18-Apr-1968
Thomsen Hans B 23-Apr-1894 p4 20-Apr-1894
Thomsen Inez Marie B 30-Dec-1954 15-Feb-1954
Thomsen JC D 1-Jan-1927 17-Feb-1926
Thomsen Jean (Dearborn) D 21-Aug-2007 19-Aug-2007
Thomsen Jennifer L B 19-Jan-1985 6-Mar-1984
Thomsen John Carl D 30-Dec-1969 24-Jul-1969
Thomsen John F D 26-Jan-1980 8-Jan-1979
Thomsen JoLeen Kay B 29-Dec-1961 2-Feb-1961
Thomsen Mary Jean B 30-Dec-1952 23-Jun-1952
Thomsen Mary Jean M 8-Feb-1972 p6
Thomsen Mary P D 1-Apr-1986
Thomsen Penny Ann B 30-Dec-1955 11-Feb-1955
Thomsen Richard D 31-Jan-1976 5-May-1975
Thomsen Richard T M 29-Jan-1983 17-Dec-1982
Thomsen Richard Thorvald B 28-Dec-1951 5-May-1951
Thomsen Teresa Joyce B 29-Dec-1944 13-May-1944
Thomsen Teresa Joyce M 30-Dec-1969 30-Aug-1969
Thomsen Thomas M M 29-Jan-1983 26-Jun-1982
Thomsen Thomas Michael B 30-Dec-1953 28-Aug-1953
Thomsen Thomas Thoruald D 9-Jan-1995 p4a 6-Jan-1995
Thomsen Thomas Wayne M 28-Jan-2006 5-Nov-2005
Thomsen Walter, Tommy D 23-Jan-1988 25-Jun-1987
Thomson Lillian Josephine D 22-Mar-2004 19-Mar-2004
Thomson Travis E M 30-Dec-1940 14-Dec-1940
Thone Roger S M 27-Jan-1979 6-May-1978
Thorington Jakie L M 29-Dec-1956 4-Feb-1956
Thorley Josie M 8-Dec-1910 12-Oct-1910
Thorman Anna D 21-Dec-1905 16-Nov-1905
Thorman Arthur M 21-Dec-1905 25-Jul-1905
Thorman Aug (Mrs) D 17-Dec-1903 9-Sep-1903
Thorman August D 8-Dec-1910 9-Feb-1910
Thorman Carl J D 28-Dec-1945 14-Nov-1945
Thorman Charles M 17-Dec-1908 28-Mar-1908
Thorman CJ M 28-Dec-1893 28-Dec-1893
Thorman Harold H D 29-Dec-1956 30-Jan-1956
Thorman Herman D 1-Jan-1913 29-Dec-1912
Thorman Lena M 4-Jan-1900 3-Jan-1900
Thorman Lena M 21-Dec-1905 6-Mar-1905
Thormann August M 20-Dec-1906 23-Oct-1906
Thormann Edward F M 20-Dec-1906 16-Oct-1906
Thorn George M 16-Dec-1909 24-Nov-1909
Thorn Girl B 31-Dec-1913 4-Mar-1913
Thorn Gloria May M 30-Dec-1937 3-Jul-1937
Thorn Richard M 8-Dec-1910 17-May-1910
Thorn Jeffrey Lee M 24-Jan-1998 12-Apr-1997
Thornblad Brett Kenneth B 30-Dec-1969 19-Feb-1969
Thornbloom Mary Janet M 30-Dec-1946 3-Apr-1946
Thornburg Beth E M 23-Jan-1988 2-May-1987
Thornburg Dennis A M 4-Jan-1873 p3 27-Dec-1872
Thornburg Gerald Wayne M 30-Dec-1955 13-May-1955
Thornburg Lucille D 29-Dec-1961 23-Mar-1961
Thornburg Noah Wetley D 30-Dec-1964 30-Apr-1964
Thornburg Ruth D D 31-Jan-1976 16-Jan-1975
Thornburg Shane Steven B 28-Dec-2000 p5a 21-Dec-2000
Thornburg Thomas E D 5-Nov-2007 3-Nov-2007
Thornburg Thomas Edgar M 23-Jan-1999 18-Jul-1998
Thornburg Trey Nathaniel B 28-Jan-2006 12-Sep-2005
Thornburg Tyler Thomas B 23-Jan-1999 9-Feb-1998
Thornburg Tyler Thomas B 13-Feb-1998 p5a 9-Feb-1998
Thorndike Henry D 14-Jun-1878 p4 13-Jun-1878
Thorndike Van C D 1-Jan-1908 14-Feb-1907
Thorndyke Carrie M 2-Oct-1871 4-Dep-1871
Thorndyke Carrie M 4-Sep-1871 4-Sep-1871
Thorndyke David L M 23-Jan-1988 3-Apr-1987
Thorndyke David Lee,Jr B 23-Jan-1988 7-Oct-1987
Thorndyke Debbie L M 23-Jan-1988 1-May-1987
Thorndyke Debbie Lynn M 28-Jan-1995 14-Feb-1994
Thorndyke Infant Son B 26-Dec-1937
Thorndyke James Scott B 29-Dec-1962 16-Oct-1962
Thorndyke Jennifer Iola B 30-Jan-1982 5-Oct-1981
Thorndyke John J M 25-Jul-1977
Thorndyke John Jay D 18-Jan-1986 21-Aug-1985
Thorndyke Julia Kay M 22-Jan-1972 13-Aug-1971
Thorndyke Marjorie K M 18-Jan-1986 13-Sep-1985
Thorndyke Marjorie Kay M 28-Jan-2006 6-Aug-2005
Thorndyke Nancy Ann B 29-Dec-1944 22-Feb-1944
Thorndyke Penny Jean B 29-Dec-1961 21-Mar-1961
Thorndyke Peter Marcelino M 24-Jan-1998 6-Jan-1997
Thorndyke Robert D 6-Mar-1999 p5a 3-Mar-1999
Thorndyke Robert Leonard M 23-Feb-1974
Thorndyke Samuel E D 30-Jan-1995 p5a 28-Jan-1995
Thorndyke Steven Leonard M 26-Jan-2002 30-Jun-2001
Thorndyke Tara Marie D 23-Jan-1992 19-Feb-1991
Thorndyke William J M 29-Dec-1956 5-Oct-1956
Thorndyke William J M 30-Dec-1953 5-Mar-1953
Thorndyke William John B 31-Mar-1935
Thorndykes John Jack M 29-Dec-1934 13-Jan-1934
Thorne Allen K M 31-Jan-1981 5-Apr-1980
Thorne Andrew D 22-Jan-1972 2-Feb-1971
Thorne Anna M M 26-Jan-1980 25-Aug-1979
Thorne Anna M M 26-Jan-1980 25-Aug-1979
Thorne Bonnie S M 29-Jan-1983 12-Nov-1982
Thorne Carol A M 18-Jan-1986 5-Jul-1985
Thorne Carol Ann M 23-Jan-1992 11-Feb-1991
Thorne Christina Marie M 25-Jan-2003 20-Apr-2002
Thorne Diana L M 23-Jan-1999 1-May-1998
Thorne Ethel Katherine D 29-Dec-1967 11-Feb-1967
Thorne Infant Son B 26-May-1930
Thorne James Andrew Gregory B 28-Jan-2006 4-Sep-2005
Thorne Jim K,Jr M 18-Jan-1986 3-May-1985
Thorne Jimmu Kenneth, Jr B 30-Dec-1955 18-May-1955
Thorne Jimmy Andrew M 31-Jan-2009 pg 7f 29-Aug-2008
Thorne Jimmy Kenneth M 30-Dec-1953 11-Jul-1953
Thorne Joshua James B 17-Jan-1987 13-Jul-1986
Thorne Mary M M 7-May-1869 p4 28-Apr-1868
Thorne Mary M M 7-Jul-1869 p4 29-Apr-1869
Thorne Priscilla B 31-Jan-1981 25-Mar-1980
Thorne Sally Jean M 29-Jan-1994 28-May-1993
Thorne Sherry Lee B 30-Dec-1954 20-May-1954
Thorne Sherry Lee M 30-Dec-1969 1-Nov-1969
Thorngren Richard L D 23-Jan-1988 3-Sep-1987
Thornquist Alice M D 19-Apr-1984 17-Apr-1984
Thornquist John M 22-May-1972
Thornsbury Charlotte Jane (Mrs) D 30-Dec-1943 7-Feb-1943
Thornsbury James H D 30-Dec-1952 1-Feb-1952
Thornton Allison D 8-Jan-1880 p4
Thornton Alpheus M M 29-Dec-1939 9-Jul-1939
Thornton Alpheus M M 19-Jan-1985 9-Nov-1984
Thornton Alpheus Martin Jr B 30-Dec-1952 12-Apr-1952
Thornton Alpheus,Sr D 13-Jun-1995 p5a 12-Jun-1995
Thornton AM D 14-Jul-1896 13-Jul-1896
Thornton AM,Mrs M 10-Mar-1899 8-Mar-1899
Thornton Amasih M 24-Feb-1874 p4 21-Feb-1874
Thornton Amos G M 9-Apr-1869 27-Mar-1869
Thornton Austin D 19-Mar-1894 18-Mar-1894
Thornton Bartlett D 28-Sep-1881 p4 26-Sep-1881
Thornton Brianna Kay B 13-Nov-1996 p5a 10-Nov-1996
Thornton Charles D 19-Nov-1889
Thornton Clayton D 29-Dec-1898 29-Dec-1898
Thornton Cleota L M 29-Dec-1934 16-Jun-1934
Thornton Cora Mae D 3-Dec-2001 p5a 1-Dec-2001
Thornton Coralee Kay B 30-Dec-1943 5-Apr-1943
Thornton Coralee Kay M 29-Dec-1962 2-Sep-1962
Thornton Daniel Roger B 29-Dec-1956 14-Sep-1956
Thornton Dennie D 8-Dec-1910 30-Oct-1910
Thornton Dennis,Mrs D 30-Jan-1900 30-Dec-1900
Thornton Dollly (Turner) D 13-Oct-2008 10-Oct-2008
Thornton Donald Gary B 30-Dec-1953 21-Dec-1953
Thornton Emma M 1-Jun-1880 20-May-1880
Thornton Emma M 31-May-1880 p4 30-May-1880
Thornton Emma Mac B 31-Jan-2004 18-Nov-2003
Thornton Err D 12-Jan-1897 11-Jan-1897
Thornton Flossie M 1-Oct-1920
Thornton Francis M 8-Dec-1874 p4 8-Dec-1874
Thornton H E M 29-Dec-1939 28-Oct-1939
Thornton Harry A M 30-Dec-1938 26-Sep-1938
Thornton Helen D 9-Mar-1999 p5a 9-Mar-1999
Thornton Helen M 6-Dec-1900 5-Dec-1900
Thornton Infant Daughter B 29-Dec-1944 6-Dec-1944
Thornton Infant Daughter B 12-Jun-1972
Thornton J C (Mrs) D 4-Mar-1929 4-Mar-1929
Thornton J Maxine D 14-Jul-2004
Thornton James M M 13-Sep-1872 13-Sep-1872
Thornton James M M 1-Oct-1872 13-Sep-1872
Thornton James,Mrs D 20-Dec-1906 3-Jun-1906
Thornton Jenith Maxine D 29-Jan-2005 10-Jul-2004
Thornton Jimmy Wayne D 26-Jan-1980 8-Jul-1979
Thornton JJ D 3-Mar-1898
Thornton John W D 30-Dec-1859
Thornton Kayden Michael B 31-Jan-2009 p3f 20-Jul-2008
Thornton L E M 17-Dec-1908 15-Feb-1908
Thornton LaMoyne D 26-Jan-1980 1-May-1979
Thornton Leslie Brooks B 30-Dec-1952 30-Sep-1952
Thornton Lewis Everett Wood D 30-Dec-1942 27-Jul-1942
Thornton Linda Lee B 30-Dec-1955 27-Aug-1955
Thornton Lottie M 16-Dec-1909 29-May-1909
Thornton Malinda M 20-Dec-1867 19-Dec-1867
Thornton Martha D 16-Jan-1872
Thornton Muriel M 30-Dec-1936 23-Dec-1936
Thornton Patricia Ann B 30-Dec-1946 13-May-1946
Thornton Richard Dale B 28-Dec-1951 14-Oct-1951
Thornton Robert L D 25-Jan-2003 1-Nov-2002
Thornton Robert L,II D 4-Nov-2002 p5a 1-Nov-2002
Thornton Salinda M 3-Sep-1868 3-Sep-1868
Thornton Salinda M 1-Oct-1868 3-Sep-1868
Thornton Sandra Belle B 30-Dec-1940 24-Nov-1940
Thornton WA D 3-Mar-1898
Thornton William Dean B 29-Dec-1950 5-Aug-1950
Thornton William Dean D 29-Dec-1950 3-Dec-1950
Thornwood Nancy Ann B 30-Dec-1953 7-Aug-1953
Thorp Charletta E D 30-Dec-1916 31-Jan-1916
Thorp Kenneth Ervin B 30-Dec-1947 23-Apr-1947
Thorp Kenneth Ervin B 23-Apr-1947
Thorpe A Marguerite D 4-Mar-1996 p3a 2-Mar-1996
Thorpe A Marguerite D 5-Mar-1996 p5a 2-Mar-1996
Thorpe Barry D M 29-Jan-1983 11-Jun-1982
Thorpe Barry D M 18-Jan-1986 26-Jul-1985
Thorpe Carl H D 23-Jan-1992 2-Nov-1991
Thorpe Charles F M 30-Dec-1938 16-Jul-1938
Thorpe Cody Scott B 23-Jan-1992 4-Dec-1991
Thorpe Delano R M 28-Dec-1951 1-Dec-1951
Thorpe Delano R M 28-Dec-1951 1-Dec-1951
Thorpe Ella M 24-Dec-1888 19-Dec-1888
Thorpe Gilbert L D 30-Dec-1953 17-Dec-1953
Thorpe Gilbert L D 30-Dec-1953 17-Dec-1953
Thorpe Infant Daughter B 29-Dec-1944 14-Dec-1944
Thorpe Jack M 29-Dec-1956 2-Dec-1956
Thorpe Jack L Jr M 17-Jan-1987 27-Dec-1986
Thorpe Jean C (Reichert) D 16-Jan-2007 12-Jan-2007
Thorpe Mary M 16-Oct-1922
Thorpe Mary E M 8-Dec-1910 12-Oct-1910
Thorpe Nancy Lee M 22-Jan-1972 2-Oct-1971
Thorpe Reneta P M 30-Dec-1955 26-Jan-1955
Thorpe Sarah Elizabeth B 23-Jan-1988 28-Jan-1987
Thorpe Sheila L M 27-Jan-1979 15-Apr-1978
Thorpe Tamara Lynn B 30-Dec-1965 21-Oct-1965
Thorpe Jack L Jr B 29-Dec-1962 11-Jul-1962
Thorsen Ruth Elaine B 30-Dec-1936 16-Oct-1936
Thorson Infant Son B 29-Dec-1939 12-Dec-1939
Thorte Thomas M 28-Jun-1920
Thorton Jane J M 21-Dec-1905 26-Oct-1905
Thrap Elise Jeannine B 9-Dec-2000 p5a 5-Dec-2000
Thrap Joshua David M 29-Jan-2000 11-Jun-1999
Thrap Nancy Elaine B 30-Dec-1957 28-Jul-1957
Thrap Steven Craig B 23-Jan-1992 10-May-1991
Thrapp Charles D 14-Nov-1998 p5a 12-Nov-1998
Thrapp Connie Jo B 30-Dec-1949 20-Jan-1949
Thrapp Marcia D 30-Dec-1953 27-Mar-1953
Thrasher Frank Samuel III M 21-Dec-1995 p7a 2-Dec-1995
Thrasher Joseph Hogan D 15-Feb-1974 24-Aug-1974
Thrayer David Lee B 30-Dec-1947 3-Aug-1947
Threatt Charlie Jr M 29-Dec-1961 28-Jan-1961
Threatt Kevin Ray B 29-Dec-1961 16-May-1961
Thresher Mabel D 30-Dec-1955 1-Sep-1955
Thrift Samuel D 9-Oct-1937
Throckmorton Harry D 30-Dec-1969 3-Apr-1969
Throm Tiffany Tamara M 26-Jan-1991 9-Jun-1990
Throop Frank D M 21-Dec-1905 21-Jun-1905
Throop George (Mrs) D 5-Mar-1929 5-Mar-1929
Thrope Darlene D M 29-Dec-1950 28-Apr-1950
Thruston Dean Edward B 30-Dec-1932 15-Jan-1932
Thuenan Mildred A M 30-Dec-1916 8-Mar-1916
Thul Eugene John D 12-Oct-1999 p5a 9-Oct-1999
Thulin Lucille M 30-Dec-1936 1-Feb-1936
Thuman Bree SueAnn B 7-Aug-2007 p5a 31-Jul-2007
Thuman Carol Ann B 28-Dec-1945 27-Oct-1945
Thuman Clarissa E D 29-May-1995 p5a 27-May-1995
Thuman Connie Joann B 30-Dec-1949 4-Mar-1949
Thuman Gus D 12-Aug-1972 p10
Thuman Gus D 15-Aug-1972 p9
Thuman Helen G D 30-Dec-1969 3-Dec-1969
Thuman Jody Dean B 22-Jan-1972 26-Jan-1971
Thuman Jody Dean M 26-Jan-1991 16-Jun-1990
Thuman Jody Dean M 24-Jan-1998 21-Jun-1997
Thuman Jody Dean M 28-Jan-2006 21-May-2005
Thuman John Charles D 30-Dec-1969 5-Dec-1969
Thuman John Charles Jr B 30-Dec-1969 26-Sep-1969
Thuman Lawrence M 28-Dec-1945 25-Feb-1945
Thuman Lawrence Dewayne M 30-Dec-1969 15-Feb-1969
Thuman Marie Ann M 29-Dec-1956 14-Apr-1956
Thuman Mary Katherine M 15-Feb-1974 21-Sep-1974
Thuman Mary Katherine M 21-Sep-1974
Thuman Paula Lynn M 23-Jan-1999 25-Apr-1998
Thuman Seth Aaron B 31-Jan-2004 6-Aug-2003
Thuman Trevor DeWayne B 22-Jan-1972 30-Jan-1971
Thumann Amandus JP D 18-Jan-1986 26-Nov-1985
Thumann Jared Austin B 29-Jan-2000 27-Mar-1999
Thumann Jared Austin B 31-Mar-1999 p5a 27-Mar-1999
Thumann Jason Lee M 31-Jan-2004 6-Jun-2003
Thumann John Charles M 30-Dec-1969 4-May-1969
Thumann Lawrence Joseph B 26-Jan-1980 23-Oct-1979
Thumann Phoebe Jean B 29-Jan-1983 3-Jul-1982
Thumann Reese Allen B 6-May-1996
Thumann Reese Allen B 14-May-1996 p5a 6-May-1996
Thumann Seth Aaron B 18-Aug-2003 p5a 6-Aug-2003
Thumann Terry Eugene M 29-Jan-2005 7-May-2004
Thumann Terry Eugene M 21-May-2004
Thumisen Marie Ann B 30-Dec-1937 25-Sep-1937
Thumlson Marie Ann B 25-Sep-1937
Thumm Andrea Michelle B 30-Jan-1982 24-Oct-1981
Thumm Andrea Michelle M 30-Jan-2007 12-Sep-2006
Thumm Robert J M 31-Jan-1981 8-Mar-1980
Thumm Rosalie D 14-Dec-2001 p5a 13-Dec-2001
Thumma Ethel M D 10-Jul-1986
Thunem Arlan A D 28-Jan-1984 10-Feb-1983
Thunem Corsica Jean Castilleja D 23-Jan-1992 5-Jun-1991
Thunem Erik A B 19-Jan-1985 19-Feb-1984
Thurman BF D 22-Nov-1900 22-Nov-1900
Thurman Bluford D 26-Nov-1900 22-Nov-1900
Thurman Effie M 7-Mar-1901 6-Mar-1901
Thurman Effie M 13-Feb-1895 12-Feb-1895
Thurman Jean M 30-Dec-1938 13-Dec-1938
Thurman John Charles B 28-Dec-1951 22-Jun-1951
Thurman Larry Eugene M 26-Jan-1991 5-Oct-1990
Thurman Myrtle M 11-Mar-1890
Thurmond Deborah Page M 8-Aug-2001 p8a 30-Jun-2001
Thurnder Madeline M 30-Dec-1940 14-Sep-1940
Thurness Jewell R D 11-Oct-1997 p5a 9-Oct-1997
Thurness Jewell Ruth D 24-Jan-1998 9-Oct-1997
Thurness Julie Renee D 30-Dec-1955 15-Dec-1955
Thurness Kathleen Sue Schorff M 25-Jan-2003 21-Sep-2002
Thurness Martha D 2-Jun-2001 p5a 1-Jun-2001
Thurness Martha Gladys D 26-Jan-2002 1-Jun-2001
Thurness Phyllis R M 30-Dec-1954 20-Sep-1954
Thurness Robert M 30-Dec-1957 24-Aug-1957
Thurness Stanton M 30-Dec-1953 7-Jan-1953
Thurness Stanton E D 5-Aug-2003 p5a 4-Aug-2003
Thurness Stanton E D 6-Aug-2003 p5a 4-Aug-2003
Thurness Stanton Emil D 31-Jan-2004 4-Aug-2003
Thurness Yates E D 17-Jan-1987 25-Apr-1986
Thurow Mary D 30-Dec-1960 13-Nov-1960
Thurow Milton Adolph D 30-Dec-1966 7-Jan-1966
Thurston Adam D 14-Sep-1998 p5a 12-Sep-1998
Thurston Adam Wayne D 23-Jan-1999 12-Sep-1998
Thurston Bonnie L M 26-Jan-1980 21-Apr-1979
Thurston Bonnie L M 26-Jan-1980 21-Apr-1979
Thurston Connie Lee M 30-Dec-1966 18-Sep-1966
Thurston David H M 30-Dec-1935 3-Aug-1935
Thurston David Henry M 29-Dec-1967 15-May-1967
Thurston Dean Edward D 30-Dec-1952 23-Dec-1952
Thurston Donald Earl B 30-Dec-1935 27-Apr-1935
Thurston Donna Jean M 30-Jan-1993 14-Apr-1992
Thurston Donna Ruth M 30-Dec-1946 30-Jun-1946
Thurston Edna M 12-Jan-1866 11-Jan-1866
Thurston Florence D 17-Sep-1986
Thurston Florence L D 17-Jan-1987 16-Sep-1986
Thurston Franklin D 6-Aug-1875 p4 29-Jul-1875
Thurston Herman W D 30-Dec-1942 6-Feb-1942
Thurston Jack M 28-Dec-1945 10-Nov-1945
Thurston James Frederick M 27-Jan-2000 18-Mar-2000
Thurston Jeanette M 30-Dec-1937 12-Oct-1937
Thurston Jeffrey Jay B 30-Dec-1965 10-May-1965
Thurston Jerry Lee B 30-Dec-1946 15-May-1946
Thurston Leota I M 30-Dec-1940 22-Jun-1940
Thurston Leota Isora D 29-Aug-2008 27-Aug-2008
Thurston LH M 1-Sep-1871 p4 31-Aug-1871
Thurston Lois H M 30-Dec-1941 7-Jan-1941
Thurston Margaret D 30-Jul-1890
Thurston Margo Jean B 28-Dec-1951 15-Nov-1951
Thurston Mary Anne M 29-Jan-1994 14-Sep-1993
Thurston Mary Isora D 30-Dec-1952 17-May-1952
Thurston Mary Jane D 30-Dec-1941 21-Nov-1941
Thurston Mildred M 30-Dec-1952 12-Apr-1952
Thurston Richard B D 29-Jan-2000 1-Oct-1999
Thurston Richard B D 5-Oct-1999 p5a 1-Oct-1999
Thurston Richard Vance M 28-Jan-1995 27-Aug-1994
Thurston Rosella F M 30-Dec-1953 14-Nov-1953
Thurston Rosella Fae M 22-Jan-1972 1-Aug-1971
Thurston Salinda M 3-Sep-1868 3-Sep-1868
Thurston Salinda M 1-Oct-1868 3-Sep-1868
Thurston Son B 30-Dec-1942 21-Dec-1942
Thurston Wayne M 30-Dec-1940 29-Mar-1940
Thus Gertrude M 30-Dec-1936 18-Jun-1936
Thus Henry D 29-Dec-1944 11-Mar-1944
Thus Henry T (Jr) M 30-Dec-1942 17-Sep-1942
Thus Johanna D 30-Dec-1955 4-Mar-1955
Thus Marsha Marie B 30-Dec-1952 23-Jun-1952
Thus Shirley Ann B 29-Dec-1950 4-Feb-1950
Thus Theodora Geraldine D 17-Nov-1997 p5a 15-Nov-1997
Thus Theodorea Geraldine "Dora" D 24-Jan-1998 15-Nov-1997
Thus Victoria Lynn B 30-Dec-1948 6-Jul-1948
Thus Victoria Lynn B 6-Jul-1948
Thye Glenda D 20-Mar-1997 p5a 19-Mar-1997
Thye Glenda D 21-Mar-1997 p5a 19-Mar-1997
Thygsen Earnest E M 21-Dec-1905 17-Mar-1905
Tibbels Sharon Lee B 30-Dec-1948 10-May-1948
Tibbels Sharon Lee D 30-Dec-1948 20-May-1948
Tibbetts Abigail R D 12-Dec-1872 10-Dec-1872
Tibbetts Christopher Kenneth B 29-Dec-1962 10-Nov-1962
Tibbetts Don D 30-Jan-1982 23-Jan-1981
Tibbetts Richard M 29-Dec-1961 11-Nov-1961
Tibbits Sarah J D 17-Mar-1879 p4 15-Mar-1879
Tibbitts Bethany M 7-May-1869 p4 6-Apr-1869
Tice AE M 10-Apr-1869 p4 10-Apr-1869
Tice AE M 16-Apr-1869 10-Apr-1869
Tice AE M 7-May-1869 10-Apr-1869
Tice Boy B 31-Dec-1913 3-Mar-1913
Tice Clarence D 8-Feb-1984 4-Feb-1984
Tice Estella M 30-Dec-1943 6-Mar-1943
Tice Frank D 21-Aug-1901 20-Aug-1901
Tice George Frederick D 30-Dec-1948 9-Mar-1948
Tice Infant Daughter B 16-Nov-1884
Tice J M 5-Jan-1872 14-Dec-1871
Tice James E D 31-Dec-1931 11-Mar-1931
Tice John B M 16-Aug-1883 p2 15-Aug-1883
Tice John B M 18-Aug-1883 p2 15-Aug-1883
Tice Laura Pearl D 30-Dec-1965 7-Mar-1965
Tice Margie A M 15-Feb-1894 14-Feb-1894
Tice Marion Edward D 30-Dec-1957 18-Feb-1957
Tice Martha M 18-Oct-1859 14-Oct-1859
Tice May M 21-Dec-1905 6-Sep-1905
Tice Minnie Francis D 27-Jan-1979 11-Sep-1978
Tice Nelson M 30-Aug-1856 16-Aug-1856
Tice Rebecca D 30-May-1869 21-Jan-1869
Tice Rebecca P D 27-Jan-1869 p4
Tice Sadie May,Mrs D 30-Aug-1892 25-Aug-1892
Tice Thomas D 18-Feb-1929
Tice Viola M 2-Apr-1894 2-Apr-1894
Tice Clarence D 13-Feb-1984 4-Feb-1984
Tice John B M 30-Aug-1883 15-Aug-1883
Tice Rebecca P D 29-Jan-1869
Tice Sadie May,Mrs D 1-Sep-1892 p3 25-Aug-1892
Tice Sandra I M 18-Apr-1894 18-Apr-1894
Ticke Emma M 5-Jan-1877 13-Apr-1876
Ticke Lucy M 9-May-1894 7-May-1894
Tidball Hettie B,Miss M 11-Jul-1872 9-Jul-1872
Tidball Sherman,Rev D 10-Aug-1984 31-Jul-1984
Tidrick William Robert B 22-Feb-2007 1-Feb-2007
Tiecke Allen Ray B 30-Dec-1957 21-Jul-1957
Tiecke Boy B 31-Dec-1929 19-Oct-1929
Tiecke Carl William D 30-Dec-1955 13-Jul-1955
Tiecke Clark W M 27-Jan-1979 6-May-1978
Tiecke Clark William B 30-Dec-1952 17-Aug-1952
Tiecke Dalles Arline D 26-Dec-2000 p5a 23-Dec-2000
Tiecke Dean D 15-Jul-1998 p5a 14-Jul-1998
Tiecke Dean Lawrence D 23-Jan-1999 14-Jul-1998
Tiecke Debra Sue M 30-Jan-1993 1-Aug-1992
Tiecke Denise M M 30-Jan-1982 27-Jun-1981
Tiecke Denise Marie B 30-Dec-1957 26-Jul-1957
Tiecke Elizabeth J M 29-Jan-1983 24-Jul-1982
Tiecke Emma D 28-Jan-1984 18-Feb-1983
Tiecke Fred E D 1-Jan-1912 1-Mar-1912
Tiecke George Brian B 30-Dec-1954 21-Jan-1954
Tiecke Harry D 28-Dec-1951 27-Aug-1951
Tiecke Harry M 21-Dec-1905 22-Aug-1905
Tiecke Harry, Jr D 18-Jan-1972 18-Jan-1972
Tiecke Harry,Jr D 18-Jan-1972
Tiecke Herman Fredrick D 27-Feb-1903 27-Feb-1903
Tiecke Jay David B 30-Dec-1966 31-Oct-1966
Tiecke JH M 8-Jan-1897 6-Jan-1897
Tiecke Laura M 26-Apr-1900 25-Apr-1900
Tiecke Lori J M 31-Jan-1981 17-May-1980
Tiecke Louis G M 30-Dec-1938 19-Mar-1938
Tiecke Louis, Sr D 30-Dec-1957 27-Oct-1957
Tiecke Nellie D 30-Dec-1965 7-Apr-1965
Tiecke Patricia Jean M 23-Jan-1999 20-Mar-1998
Tiecke Patricia Joan B 28-Dec-1951 27-Aug-1951
Tiecke Thomas Wilfred B 30-Dec-1938 27-Oct-1938
Tiecke Trent Alvin B 30-Dec-1954 8-Sep-1954
Tiecke William David B 30-Dec-1957 25-Jun-1957
Tiecke William J M 31-Dec-1913 12-Nov-1913
Tiede Rebecca June B 30-Dec-1957 14-Jun-1957
Tiedeman Anna D 13-Jul-1895 6-Jul-1895
Tiedeman Bernice M 30-Dec-1936 16-Oct-1936
Tiedeman Betty Lorane B 17-Feb-1922
Tiedeman Frances M 1-Jan-1912 15-Jul-1911
Tiedeman Pamela Sue B 30-Dec-1946 7-Apr-1946
Tiedeman Peter M 20-Dec-1906 25-Jul-1906
Tiedemann Alvina D 30-Dec-1949 5-May-1949
Tiedemann Betty M 30-Dec-1942 26-Jun-1942
Tiedemann BL D 6-Jul-1998 p5a 3-Jul-1998
Tiedemann Claus D 26-Dec-1893 26-Dec-1893
Tiedemann Cora E D 30-Dec-1933 15-Dec-1933
Tiedemann Harold J M 30-Dec-1936 7-Nov-1936
Tiedemann James Michael B 29-Dec-1950 15-Jul-1950
Tiedemann John D 30-Jan-1977
Tiedemann John A D 30-Dec-1932 19-Jul-1932
Tiedemann Margie H D 31-Jan-2004 26-Feb-2003
Tiedemann Margie H D 28-Feb-2003 p5a 26-Feb-2003
Tiedemann Marie C M 30-Dec-1936 12-Mar-1936
Tiedemann Patricia Ann B 30-Dec-1947 28-Jul-1947
Tiedemann Peter D 30-Dec-1969 22-Jan-1969
Tiedemann Peter D 21-Jan-1920
Tiedemann Violette M 30-Dec-1936 30-Nov-1936
Tiedermann Viola M 30-Dec-1943 23-Jun-1943
Tieke Emma M 29-Apr-1876 13-Apr-1876
Tieman Jane M 11-Jul-1865 2-Jul-1865
Tiemann Paul E D 30-Jan-1982 18-Feb-1981
Tierge Donald L M 30-Dec-1955 5-Apr-1955
Tierney Donald D 22-Jan-1972 17-Feb-1971
Tierney Jackie Sue B 30-Dec-1955 11-Aug-1955
Tierney Randall James B 30-Dec-1954 15-May-1954
Tierney Sherri Lynn B 30-Dec-1953 17-Mar-1953
Tiers Bessie M 8-Dec-1910 26-Apr-1910
Tieter Grace M 30-Dec-1916 3-May-1916
Tietge Boy B 31-Dec-1929 29-Jan-1929
Tietge Boy B 31-Dec-1929 24-Aug-1929
Tietge Carol Sue B 30-Dec-1947 9-Mar-1947
Tietge Carol Sue B 9-Mar-1947
Tietge Carol Sue M 29-Dec-1967 20-Feb-1967
Tietge Charlotte M 30-Dec-1953 7-Jul-1953
Tietge Daughter B 30-Dec-1942 12-Dec-1942
Tietge Dennis Lee B 30-Dec-1946 17-Sep-1946
Tietge Donald L M 30-Jan-1982 9-Jul-1981
Tietge Earsten M 1-Jan-1912 1-Mar-1911
Tietge Eunice M 30-Dec-1966 14-Jan-1966
Tietge Harry D 21-Dec-1905 6-Mar-1905
Tietge Homer Marion D 30-Dec-1968 28-Jul-1968
Tietge Infant Daughter B 21-Jan-1972
Tietge Joachim W D 29-Dec-1956 9-Oct-1956
Tietge Judy Marie B 28-Dec-1945 3-Apr-1945
Tietge Karen M 30-Dec-1957 12-Jan-1957
Tietge Leota D 30-Dec-1966 10-Oct-1966
Tietge Lester Francis D 29-Dec-1961 17-Mar-1961
Tietge Lorrene E M 30-Dec-1946 21-Jul-1946
Tietge LuAnn M 28-Jan-1984 5-Aug-1983
Tietge Michelle Marie M 26-Jan-2008 p2f 13-Apr-2007
Tietge Patricia D 21-Sep-1972 p11
Tietge Patricia D 22-Sep-1972 p13
Tietge Patricia D 25-Sep-1972 p13
Tietge Patricia Carol D 29-Dec-1972 19-Sep-1972
Tietge Ronald D 28-Aug-2007 26-Aug-2007
Tietge Russell D 23-Oct-1972 p13
Tietge Russell D 25-Oct-1972 p3
Tietge Russell A D 29-Dec-1972 21-Oct-1972
Tietge Tamara Lee B 29-Dec-1956 20-Apr-1956
Tietge Tracy B 30-Dec-1965 5-Feb-1965
Tietge Troy Donn B 30-Dec-1968 9-Sep-1968
Tietje August J M 30-Dec-1935 22-Aug-1935
Tietje Barbara A M 26-Jan-1980 9-Jun-1979
Tietje Barbara A M 26-Jan-1980 9-Jun-1979
Tietje Barbara Ann B 30-Dec-1953 19-Mar-1953
Tietje Betty M 31-May-1972
Tietje Betty Lou B 30-Dec-1949 11-Jun-1949
Tietje Carol A M 29-Jan-1983 10-Sep-1982
Tietje Carol Ann B 30-Dec-1953 13-Aug-1953
Tietje Dorothea Meta D 30-Dec-1952 5-Aug-1952
Tietje Edward H D 28-Jan-1984 31-Dec-1983
Tietje Edward H M 30-Dec-1946 8-Dec-1946
Tietje John Henry D 30-Dec-1946 15-Mar-1946
Tietje Karsten Herman D 30-Dec-1947 30-Jul-1947
Tietje Karsten Herman D 30-Jun-1947
Tietje Katherine Marie D 29-Dec-1950 2-Aug-1950
Tietje Larry E M 31-Jan-1981 23-May-1980
Tietje Larry Edward B 29-Dec-1950 11-Jun-1950
Tietje Larry Edward M 30-Dec-1969 26-Dec-1969
Tietje Leonard Alvin D 31-Jan-1929 30-Jan-1929
Tietje Linda June B 30-Dec-1948 p7 5-Jan-1948
Tietje Martin D 6-Feb-1929
Tietje Mary Ann B 30-Dec-1938 16-Sep-1938
Tietje Michael Edward M 30-Dec-1966 3-Sep-1966
Tietje Patricia D 21-Sep-1972 p11
Tietje Patricia D 22-Sep-1972 p13
Tietje Patricia D 25-Sep-1972 p13
Tietje Sussan Eileen B 30-Dec-1957 13-Aug-1957
Tietje Troy Donn M 27-Jan-2000 7-Oct-2000
Tietsch John D 21-Jan-1896 19-Jan-1896
Tietsch John,Jr D 31-Dec-1931 4-Mar-1931
Tietz Hilda M 30-Dec-1935 30-Apr-1935
Tiffany Emma L M 24-Oct-1882 p2 23-Oct-1882
Tiffany Heather Rosean B 23-Jan-1992 22-Aug-1991
Tiffany Holly Joan B 26-Jan-1991 3-Jan-1990
Tiffany Paul D 16-Aug-1999 p5a 15-Aug-1999
Tiffany Wm W M 12-Mar-1878 p4 9-Mar-1878
Tiffany Marcille Kay B 30-Dec-1949 6-Jun-1949
Tigrett John E M 23-Jan-1988 19-Dec-1987
Tigrett Mary Louise M 30-Jan-1993 20-May-1992
Tilden Daughter B 30-Dec-1941 6-Dec-1941
Tiles Daniel D 6-Sep-1867 p1 5-Sep-1867
Tilford Thomas M 28-Apr-1866 26-Apr-1866
Tilgner E W M 1-Jan-1913 12-Jun-1912
Tilgner Myrtle M 1-Jan-1908 25-Sep-1907
Tillard Mary,Miss D 6-May-1895 4-May-1895
Tillard Mary,Mrs M 24-Sep-1890
Tillard Robert D 2-Oct-1891 1-Oct-1891
Tillarg Mary D 28-Dec-1880 p4a 26-Dec-1880
Tillema Joshua Adam M 28-Jul-2004
Tiller Kathleen Ann B 30-Dec-1964 16-Feb-1964
Tillet George H D 10-Nov-1862 9-Nov-1862
Tilletson Gary Wayne D 30-Dec-1966 5-Mar-1966
Tilliard T J D 31-Dec-1889 17-Aug-1889
Tillie Bridget R B 19-Jan-1985 21-Aug-1984
Tillie Bridget Rochelle M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 29-Aug-2007
Tillie C Myrtle D 30-Dec-1947 2-Jan-1947
Tillie Janet A M 30-Jan-1982 29-Aug-1981
Tillie Janet A M 28-Jan-1984 3-Jun-1983
Tillie Janet A M 18-Nov-1977
Tillie Jennie Emerson D 30-Dec-1943 10-Oct-1943
Tillie John,Dr M 17-Jul-1891 15-Jul-1891
Tillie Juanita E D 25-Jan-2003 23-Jan-2002
Tillie Juanita E D 24-Jan-2002 p5a 23-Jan-2002
Tillie Juanita E D 25-Jan-2002 p5a 23-Jan-2002
Tillie Mable M D 29-Dec-1961 6-Mar-1961
Tillie Myrtle D 2-Jan-1947
Tillie Paul Walter M 22-Jan-1972 16-Jan-1971
Tillie Paula Ann B 22-Jan-1972 21-Aug-1971
Tillie Paula Ann M 24-Jan-1998 13-Dec-1997
Tillie Robert S, Dr D 30-Dec-1957 19-Apr-1957
Tillie Tabitha Marie M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 7-Jul-2007
Tillie Traven Kayne B 25-Jan-2003 26-Feb-2002
Tillie Paul W M 29-Jan-1983 22-Oct-1982
Tillman Alphonse J M 30-Dec-1940 17-Jun-1940
Tillman Barbara Jo (Carney) D 21-Aug-2008 20-Aug-2008
Tillman Mary Theresa D 30-Dec-1957 2-Jul-1957
Tillman Richard M 5-Jun-1972
Tillman Richard Frank D 31-Jul-2000 p5a 29-Jan-2000
Tillman Sandra Lee M 30-Jan-2007 28-Apr-2006
Tillson Hattie C M 1-Jan-1908 16-Sep-1907
Tilman Barbara M 30-Dec-1964 12-Jun-1964
Tilton Randall Robert M 21-Oct-1997 p6a 16-Aug-1997
Tilton Thomas M 5-Aug-1854 3-Aut-1854
Tilton Thomas W M 18-Feb-1863 p3 15-Feb-1863
Timberlake Appieloma D 29-Dec-1939 26-Aug-1939
Timberlake Arthur D D 30-Dec-1941 13-Mar-1941
Timberlake Arthur D M 1-Feb-1883
Timberlake Charles D 20-Oct-1885 20-Oct-1885
Timberlake David D 1-Jan-1908 26-Oct-1907
Timberlake Frank M 16-Dec-1909 12-Jan-1909
Timberlake Hannah D 30-Nov-1961 26-Nov-1861
Timberlake Harmon D 1-Jan-1908 23-Oct-1907
Timberlake Harmon M 7-Jan-1870
Timberlake Pleasant A M 12-Aug-1853 8-Aug-1853
Timberlake Tena D 26-Jan-1980 7-Jul-1979
Timbrook Jennifer Anne M 23-Jan-1992 4-Jan-1991
Timm Albert C D 28-Dec-2001 p5a 27-Dec-2001
Timm Albert C D 29-Dec-2001 p5a 27-Dec-2001
Timm Alvin H M 29-Dec-1939 16-Sep-1939
Timm Amelia M 20-Dec-1906 5-Apr-1906
Timm Anna M M 9-May-1892 7-Apr-1892
Timm Baby Boy D 28-Dec-1945 19-May-1945
Timm Barbara M 17-Feb-1949
Timm Barbara E D 30-Dec-1916 19-Apr-1916
Timm Barbara Louise B 30-Dec-1948 p10 7-May-1948
Timm Barbara Louise M 30-Dec-1968 7-Apr-1968
Timm Carl M M 16-Dec-1909 24-Nov-1909
Timm Carl M M 24-Nov-1909
Timm Caroline Louise D 2-Sep-1897 2-Sep-1897
Timm Carrie M D 29-Dec-1962 10-Oct-1962
Timm Charles D 8-Mar-1922
Timm Clara Caroline M 30-Dec-1933 5-Feb-1933
Timm Cynthia Ann B 30-Dec-1938 29-Apr-1938
Timm David Harold B 29-Dec-1939 6-Jun-1939
Timm Deborah Lynn B 30-Dec-1968 16-May-1968
Timm Deborah Lynn M 30-Jan-1993 23-May-1992
Timm Donald Albert B 30-Dec-1941 8-Dec-1941
Timm Dwight B 28-Dec-1945 19-May-1945
Timm Edgar David B 30-Dec-1966 18-Apr-1966
Timm Elizabeth D 30-Dec-1947 13-Jun-1947
Timm Elizabeth D 13-Jun-1947
Timm Elmer E M 30-Dec-1946 26-Oct-1946
Timm Florence M D 17-Jan-1987 18-Feb-1986
Timm Florence M D 19-Feb-1986
Timm Fred A M 7-Jun-1900 6-Jun-1900
Timm Frederick C D 28-Oct-1898 28-Oct-1898
Timm Gertrude E D 23-Jan-1988 4-Jul-1987
Timm Harold D 11-Nov-1998 p5a 8-Nov-1998
Timm Harold C D 23-Jan-1999 8-Nov-1998
Timm Harry A M 12-Oct-1920
Timm Harry Adam D 29-Dec-1961 2-Apr-1961
Timm Henry D 24-Jan-1924 p7
Timm Infant Daughter B 31-Dec-1880 p4 ??-Dec-1880
Timm Infant Daughter B 11-Sep-1922
Timm Janis Lorraine B 30-Dec-1964 16-Sep-1964
Timm Jay Edward B 29-Dec-1962 24-Nov-1962
Timm Jean M M 21-May-1977
Timm Jerry Lauren B 28-Dec-1945 8-Mar-1945
Timm Jerry Lauren M 29-Dec-1967 10-Jun-1967
Timm Jillaine Diane B 29-Dec-1967 1-Feb-1967
Timm Jillaine Diane M 17-Jan-1987 25-Oct-1986
Timm Jodi Marie M 25-Jan-2003 25-May-2002
Timm Johanna S D 31-Dec-1931 16-Apr-1931
Timm John Fred D 30-Dec-1952 15-Feb-1952
Timm John H D 3-Jan-1929
Timm John Laymoyne M 29-Dec-1962 21-Jun-1962
Timm Julie J M 7-Oct-1977
Timm Julie J M 7-Oct-1977
Timm Lauren Grace B 14-Oct-1999 p5a 9-Oct-1999
Timm Marvin J M 30-Dec-1955 27-Jun-1955
Timm Marvin John Jr B 29-Dec-1956 18-Aug-1956
Timm Marvin Jr D 30-Dec-1970 18-Feb-1970
Timm Mary M 27-Feb-1902 p4 26-Feb-1902
Timm Mary M 27-Feb-1902 26-Feb-1902
Timm Paul D 29-Dec-1967 4-Jun-1967
Timm Shelby Kay B 9-Oct-1996 p5a 27-Sep-1996
Timm Sophia M 1-May-1883 7-Apr-1883
Timm Steven Jerry B 22-Jan-1972 21-Dec-1970
Timm Susan M 1-Oct-2003 p6a 2-Aug-2003
Timm Susan Kay B 30-Dec-1941 2-Mar-1941
Timm Susan Kay B 27-Jan-1979 18-Feb-1978
Timm Susan Kay M 29-Dec-1962 24-Mar-1962
Timm Susan Kay M 31-Jan-2004 2-Aug-2003
Timm Sylvia D D 1-Mar-2003 p5a 28-Feb-2003
Timm Walter D 30-Dec-1936 17-Apr-1936
Timm Wendy M 1-Sep-1999 p4c 19-Jun-1999
Timm Wendy Sue M 29-Jan-2000 19-Jun-1999
Timm Edward T D 28-Jan-2006 3-Dec-2005
Timm Ruth Barbara D 26-Jan-1991 23-Jul-1990
Timmerman Alice (VanDeWiele) D 1-Jan-2007 28-Dec-2006
Timmerman Charlie D D 22-Jan-1937
Timmerman Deborah Ann M 26-Jan-1991 31-Mar-1990
Timmerman Drake Robert B 26-Jan-2002 4-Sep-2001
Timmerman Grace D 29-Jan-1983 6-Nov-1982
Timmerman Hazel Leola D 30-Jan-1993 6-Feb-1992
Timmerman Paul Otto D 7-Jul-2003 p5a 4-Jul-2003
Timmerman Peter M 29-Dec-1939 4-Jan-1939
Timmerman Richard Eldon M 30-Dec-1965 14-Feb-1965
Timmerman Robert M 28-Feb-1972 p10
Timmerman Robrt Dwayne D 28-Jan-2006 11-May-2005
Timmerman Russell L D 24-Jul-2000 p5a 18-Jul-2000
Timmerman Russell Lynn B 30-Dec-1947 10-Aug-1947
Timmerman Sharon Kay (Ruble) D 7-Feb-2008 5-Feb-2008
Timmerman Veronica D 30-Dec-1969 21-Dec-1969
Timmermans Audrey A M 18-Jan-1986 22-Feb-1985
Timmermans Audrey Ann M 26-Jan-1991 15-Sep-1990
Timmersman C (Mrs) D 1-Jan-1908 13-May-1907
Timmersman Elizabeth M 11-Jan-1894 11-Jan-1894
Timmersman Elizabeth M 11-Jan-1894
Timmersman J H M 1-Jan-1912 23-Feb-1911
Timmersman Katie M 13-Oct-1892 12-Oct-1892
Timmersman Lizzie M 2-Jul-1880 9-Jun-1880
Timmersman Pauline M 1-Jan-1908 19-Jun-1907
Timmerson John H D 21-Dec-1905 3-Feb-1905
Timmons Brennen Kylen B 6-Sep-1996 p5a 31-Aug-1996
Timmons Casey Jon M 30-Jan-1993 26-Sep-1992
Timmons Clay Matthew M 17-Jan-1987 20-Jun-1986
Timmons Donald Dean D 16-Nov-2000 p5a 15-Nov-2000
Timmons Harlan,Mrs D 6-Jun-1972
Timmons Robert D 30-Dec-1948 9-Mar-1948
Timmons Robert M 30-Dec-1946 5-Dec-1946
Timmsen Christopher Robert M 24-Jan-1998 9-Aug-1997
Timmsen Christopher Robert M 10-Oct-1997 p6a 9-Aug-1997
Timmsen Daniel Allen B 22-Jan-1972 27-Aug-1971
Timmsen Joseph M 3-Aug-1998 p6a 5-Jun-1998
Timmsen Joseph J M 30-Jan-2007 18-Aug-2006
Timmsen Joseph L M 23-Jan-1999 5-Jun-1998
Timmsen Kaleb Christopher B 29-Jan-2000 3-Mar-1999
Timmsen Karen Mary M 15-Jun-1974
Timmsen Louis t D 25-Jan-2003 31-May-2002
Timmsen Louis T D 1-Jun-2002 p5a 1-Jun-2002
Timmsen Louis T D 3-Jun-2002 p5a 1-Jun-2002
Timmsen Louis, Sr D 30-Dec-1955 4-Sep-1955
Timmsen M D 26-Jan-1991 2-May-1990
Timmsen Robert Louis M 29-Dec-1967 7-Apr-1967
Timmsen Ted M 24-Apr-1972
Timmsen Ted M 24-Apr-1972
Timmsen Thomas N M 30-Dec-1965 31-Jul-1965
Timmsen Timothy N M 19-Jan-1985 6-Oct-1984
Timmsen Timothy Noel B 29-Dec-1961 11-Mar-1961
Timmsen Timothy Noel M 26-Jan-1991 31-Dec-1990
Timmsen Trista Lynette M 30-Jan-2007 29-Apr-2006
Timmsen Walter D 23-Jan-1988 16-Apr-1987
Timmsen Wendi B M 28-Jun-2002 p3a 31-May-2002
Timoney E McBaron,Lt M 6-Dec-1861 2-Dec-1861
Timpe Inez A D 25-Feb-1998 p5a 13-Feb-1998
Tincher Chrystal Lynn M 26-Jan-2008 p5f 19-Nov-2007
Tincher Rodney Quinn M 26-Jan-2008 p5f 19-Nov-2007
Tindall Joe C M 29-Dec-1939 29-Aug-1939
Tindall Marcella L M 30-Dec-1946 11-Dec-1946
Tinker W H M 21-Dec-1905 14-Oct-1905
Tinkham Albert D 27-Jul-1998 p5a 23-Jul-1998
Tinkler Richard Elliot M 17-Jan-1987 25-Oct-1986
Tinnell Ralph Oliver D 26-Jan-1991 30-Jan-1990
Tippel Irene M 30-Dec-1938 7-Dec-1938
Tippen James,Mrs D 10-Jan-1922
Tippie Brenda Lea B 29-Dec-1956 23-Mar-1956
Tippon Almira R M 3-Oct-1876 14-Sep-1876
Tippon Almira R M 3-Oct-1876 6-Sep-1876
Tipps Cassandra Ann B 26-Jan-1991 24-Aug-1990
Tipps Dawson Matthew B 28-Jan-2006 16-Feb-2005
Tipps Jeffery Allan B 30-Dec-1964 14-Jul-1964
Tipps Jordan Andrew B 29-Jan-1994 29-Oct-1993
Tipps Kelly Jo M 29-Jan-2005 4-Dec-2004
Tipps Shawn Matthew B 23-Jan-1992 22-Oct-1991
Tipton A R M 31-Dec-1913 30-Apr-1913
Tipton AR D 30-Dec-1955 1-Nov-1955
Tipton Ballard B M 29-Dec-1934 7-Mar-1934
Tipton Daniel Oland M 30-Dec-1937 6-Feb-1937
Tipton Dorathea Rummels D 20-Feb-1998 p5a 2-Feb-1998
Tipton Flora Belle D 30-Dec-1953 9-Mar-1953
Tipton Floyd M 30-Dec-1938 13-May-1938
Tipton George W M 30-Mar-1882 28-Mar-1882
Tipton George W M 1-Apr-1882 28-Mar-1882
Tipton Hubert E D 23-Jan-1988 29-Jul-1987
Tipton Hubert Erwin M 30-Dec-1936 20-May-1936
Tipton James Arnold B 29-Dec-1956 31-Aug-1956
Tipton Katherine Leigh M 31-Jan-2009 pg 5f 1-Mar-2008
Tipton Laura E D 27-Jan-1979 18-Sep-1978
Tipton Leila Elsie D 26-Feb-1977
Tipton Lloyd D 30-Dec-1954 13-Feb-1954
Tipton Margaret D 28-Jan-1984 18-Feb-1983
Tipton Margaret Jane Adams D 8-Dec-1910 6-May-1910
Tipton Marleen Eileen B 29-Dec-1939 24-Sep-1939
Tipton Patricia Gail M 30-Dec-1952 13-Mar-1952
Tipton Rachel M 14-Sep-1872 12-Sep-1872
Tipton Rachel M 1-Oct-1872 12-Sep-1872
Tipton Ralph D 31-Jan-1976 15-Jan-1975
Tipton Raymond D 18-Jan-1986 27-Jun-1985
Tipton RE M 16-Dec-1909 26-Jan-1909
Tipton Reston B 14-Aug-1886
Tipton Risdon M 30-Dec-1875 p4 30-Dec-1875
Tipton Roy E D 30-Dec-1955 16-Apr-1955
Tipton Thomas D 7-Jul-1900 2-Jul-1900
Tipton Virgina Alene D 13-Sep-1999 p5a 11-Sep-1999
Tipton William Keith M 30-Dec-1938 28-Feb-1938
Tirpin James D 21-Jan-1885
Tisch Matthias M 24-Nov-1862 19-Nov-1862
Tischer Samantha Corinne B 28-Jan-1995 5-Jan-1994
Tish Dale R M 26-Jan-1980 12-Jun-1979
Tish Dale R M 26-Jan-1980 12-Jun-1979
Tisinger Jason Thomas D 9-Apr-1996 p5a 4-Apr-1996
Tisor Albert D 30-Dec-1963 28-May-1963
Tisor Audrey M 29-Dec-1934 9-Mar-1934
Tisor Bessie Lulu D 29-Dec-1944 13-Aug-1944
Tisor Brian Dean B 24-Mar-1963
Tisor Charles R D 18-Jan-1986 24-Oct-1985
Tisor Dennis Lee M 30-Dec-1969 4-Oct-1969
Tisor Dennis Lee M 31-Jan-1976 12-Mar-1975
Tisor Donna Diane B 30-Dec-1947 27-Oct-1947
Tisor Dora Mae D 6-Jan-2003 p5a 4-Jan-2003
Tisor Dorothy M D 29-Jan-2005 28-Oct-2004
Tisor Elmer LeRoy D 23-Jan-1988 9-Nov-1987
Tisor Gladys Luellen M 30-Dec-1940 2-Mar-1940
Tisor Grace Hope B 30-Dec-1942 7-Nov-1942
Tisor Hazel D 29-Dec-1972 20-Dec-1972
Tisor Hazel,Mrs D 21-Dec-1972 p9 20-Dec-1972
Tisor Hazel,Mrs D 26-Dec-1972 p12 20-Dec-1972
Tisor Helen M M 30-Dec-1938 5-Nov-1938
Tisor Hortense L D 29-Oct-1984 28-Oct-1984
Tisor Howard D 29-Dec-1956 29-Nov-1956
Tisor Inez M 30-Dec-1933 26-Aug-1933
Tisor Iona May D 28-Jan-1997 p5a 27-Jan-1997
Tisor Jamie Lee B 26-Jan-1991 23-Sep-1990
Tisor Jeremy Lee B 22-Jan-1972 31-Aug-1971
Tisor Jerry Lee B 30-Dec-1970 9-Jan-1970
Tisor JoAnn Lee B 30-Dec-1948 24-Nov-1948
Tisor John N D 18-Sep-1972 p10
Tisor Joyce J M 27-Jan-1979 13-May-1978
Tisor Joyce Jean B 9-Jul-1948
Tisor Lawrence Arlie B 30-Dec-1947 31-May-1947
Tisor Lawrence Arlie B 31-May-2004
Tisor Leonard James M 22-Jan-1972 28-Aug-1971
Tisor Lewis D M 29-Dec-1956 12-May-1956
Tisor Lily Ann B 31-Jan-2004 17-Apr-2003
Tisor Lily Ann B 23-Apr-2003 p5a 17-Apr-2003
Tisor Linda Lee B 30-Dec-1946 29-Oct-1946
Tisor Lowell Michael B 30-Dec-1943 28-Jun-1943
Tisor Lowell Michael D 30-Dec-1966 18-Feb-1966
Tisor Mary D 31-Jan-1976 15-Dec-1975
Tisor Maurice D 30-Dec-1968 8-Mar-1968
Tisor Patricia Ann B 30-Dec-1948 15-Oct-1948
Tisor Ronald Laroy B 30-Dec-1943 25-Apr-1943
Tisor Russell Lee B 30-Dec-1953 28-Dec-1953
Tisor Russell Lee M 23-Jan-1992 22-Jun-1991
Tisor Sandra Jean M 30-Dec-1966 20-Mar-1966
Tisor Shad Harrison B 31-Jan-1976 1-Nov-1975
Tisor Steven Wayne B 30-Dec-1948 p10 29-Apr-1948
Tisor Vickie Mae B 28-Dec-1951 15-Dec-1951
Tisor Vickie Mae M 22-Jan-1972 4-Sep-1971
Tisor Vickie Marie B 28-Dec-1951 15-Dec-1951
Tisor Vikki Irene B 30-Dec-1954 18-Sep-1954
Tisor Vikki Irene M 22-Jan-1972 19-Jul-1971
Tisor Wilbur H M 30-Dec-1946 6-Jul-1946
Tisor Wilbur Harrison D 29-Jan-2005 29-Sep-2004
Tisor Willard Harrison B 9-Jun-1947
Tisor William D 18-Jul-1924
Tisor Dennis Lee B 28-Dec-1951 18-May-1951
Tisor Joyce Jean B 30-Dec-1948 9-Jul-1948
Tisor Willard Harrison B 30-Dec-1947 9-Jun-1947
Titterington Eleanor,Mrs D 6-Dec-1895 27-Nov-1895
Titterington Scott Harlow D 6-Feb-1960
Titus Adrythe M 27-May-1972
Titus Ann Marie B 26-Jan-1991 24-Oct-1990
Titus Barbara Ann-Merie M 30-Jan-2007 26-Aug-2006
Titus Beth Luann M 26-Jan-1991 24-Feb-1990
Titus Betty Kathleen M 30-Dec-1966 19-Mar-1966
Titus Billy J M 23-Jan-1988 28-Dec-1987
Titus Billy Joe,Jr D 5-Jun-1997 p5a 4-Jun-1997
Titus Billy Joe,Jr D 6-Jun-1997 p5a 4-Jun-1997
Titus Bradford John B 30-Dec-1952 19-Oct-1952
Titus Bradford John M 8-Jun-1974
Titus Bradley B 30-Dec-1957 6-Jun-1957
Titus Bradley L M 18-Jan-1986 19-Apr-1985
Titus Brenda Jo M 14-Sep-1974
Titus Brian David B 29-Dec-1961 13-Oct-1961
Titus Carol D M 26-Jan-1980 10-Feb-1979
Titus Carol D M 26-Jan-1980 10-Feb-1979
Titus Charlotte Louise D 29-Dec-1944 3-Jan-1944
Titus Christine Lynn B 26-Jan-1980 19-Nov-1979
Titus Cindy Lou M 28-Dec-1974
Titus Clarence Leslie M 7-Jun-1920
Titus Cynthia,Miss M 15-Apr-1902 p7 17-Apr-1902
Titus Danny Dean B 7-Sep-1934
Titus Danny Dean M 29-Dec-1956 17-Nov-1956
Titus Darlene F M 28-Jan-1984 6-May-1983
Titus David M 30-Dec-1964 2-May-1964
Titus David L, Jr M 26-Jan-1980 23-Sep-1979
Titus David L,Jr M 26-Jan-1980 23-Sep-1979
Titus David LeRoy B 30-Dec-1937 28-Nov-1937
Titus David Leroy M 29-Dec-1956 14-Sep-1956
Titus David LeRoy M 31-Jan-1976 10-Aug-1975
Titus David Leroy, Jr B 30-Dec-1957 26-Apr-1957
Titus Delma Audry B 30-Dec-1940 4-Feb-1940
Titus Donald Dean B 29-Dec-1961 14-Mar-1961
Titus Donald Dean M 26-Jan-1991 15-Dec-1990
Titus Edna D 30-Dec-1968 25-Jul-1968
Titus Eileen E M 29-Dec-1962 30-Jan-1962
Titus Eileen Elizabeth B 30-Dec-1942 22-Oct-1942
Titus Ella B D 1-Jan-1908 6-May-1907
Titus Eva D 27-Mar-1999 p5a 25-Mar-1999
Titus Eva L D 29-Jan-2000 25-Mar-1999
Titus Frances Adelle M 7-Apr-1882 6-Apr-1882
Titus Frances Adelle M 1-May-1882 6-Apr-1882
Titus G Raymond D 22-Jan-1972 20-Dec-1971
Titus Gaven Christopher B 28-Jul-2000 p5a 21-Jul-2000
Titus George M M 17-Dec-1908 10-Oct-1908
Titus George M M 2-Jun-1881 p4 1-Jun-1881
Titus George Marion D 30-Dec-1947 9-Apr-1947
Titus Hanna D 29-Dec-1939 28-Feb-1939
Titus Harold G, Jr M 26-Jan-1980 23-Jan-1979
Titus Harold G,Jr M 26-Jan-1980 23-Jan-1979
Titus Harold George, Jr B 30-Dec-1955 12-Aug-1955
Titus Harriet D 29-Dec-1967 29-Sep-1967
Titus Infant Daughter B 17-May-1930
Titus Infant Daughter B 23-Apr-1930
Titus Infant Son B 23-Jan-1977
Titus Janet Lynn B 30-Dec-1954 3-Nov-1954
Titus Jasmine Rose B 28-Jan-1995 30-Sep-1994
Titus Joel Robert B 30-Dec-1968 23-Jan-1968
Titus John E D 31-Dec-1931 6-Feb-1931
Titus John H D 29-Jan-1983 4-Apr-1982
Titus John William B 30-Dec-1965 26-Oct-1965
Titus Joseph C Sr D 29-Jan-1983 21-Dec-1982
Titus Joseph Don B 9-Sep-1998 p5a 6-Sep-1998
Titus Joseph Don B 23-Jan-1999 9-Sep-1998
Titus Joseph E Jr M 29-Dec-1956 23-Jun-1956
Titus Joseph Earl D 28-Jan-2006 31-Jul-2005
Titus Joseph Earl Jr M 29-Dec-1967 24-Feb-1967
Titus Joseph Michael B 30-Dec-1970 3-Mar-1970
Titus Kristin A M 19-Jan-1985 8-Dec-1984
Titus Laurie A M 29-Jan-1983 13-Mar-1982
Titus LaVonna K M 30-Jan-1982 16-Jun-1981
Titus Lenora Verlee B 30-Dec-1969 5-Nov-1969
Titus Leon Alvis M 17-Jan-1987 2-Oct-1986
Titus Leon Alvis M 27-Jan-2000 9-Jun-2000
Titus Leslie D 30-Dec-1954 22-Mar-1954
Titus Leslie Fred B 30-Dec-1935 15-May-1935
Titus Levi Caleb B 26-Jan-1991 3-Jul-1990
Titus Lillian D 21-Dec-1905 22-Mar-1905
Titus Lois Maxine B 30-Dec-1935 24-May-1935
Titus Lucille M M 30-Dec-1954 30-Oct-1954
Titus Lynda Jean M 30-Dec-1969 28-Jun-1969
Titus Marian G M 20-May-1977
Titus Marty Wayne B 29-Dec-1962 17-Jun-1962
Titus Mary J M 28-Jan-1984 29-Jul-1983
Titus Mathew James D 23-Jan-1999 8-Jan-1998
Titus Mathew James D 8-Jan-1998 p5a 8-Jan-1998
Titus Mathew James D 9-Jan-1998 p5a 8-Jan-1998
Titus Maude A D 28-Jan-1984 24-Jul-1983
Titus Michael Leigh B 28-Dec-1945 19-Jun-1945
Titus Nancy Ann M 22-Jan-1972 11-Dec-1971
Titus Neil M 30-Dec-1957 19-Oct-1957
Titus Neil A M 9-Feb-1977
Titus Neil Alvin B 30-Dec-1940 15-Sep-1940
Titus Nickie Dawn B 30-Dec-1966 17-Mar-1966
Titus Paul Edward B 30-Dec-1936 25-Oct-1936
Titus Paul Edward D 30-Dec-1936 13-Jun-1936
Titus Paul Edward D 23-Jan-1988 16-Feb-1987
Titus Paula Edward B 29-Dec-1961 24-May-1961
Titus Richard Clarence B 30-Dec-1932 11-Nov-1932
Titus Robert G D 29-Jan-1994 30-Sep-1993
Titus Robert H M 10-Feb-1882 9-Feb-1882
Titus Robert H M 1-Mar-1882 9-Feb-1882
Titus Ronald Lee B 29-Dec-1950 7-Dec-1950
Titus Ruby M 28-Dec-1945 5-May-1945
Titus Ruth M 30-Dec-1940 25-May-1940
Titus Ruth V D 19-Dec-2006 15-Dec-2006
Titus Ruth V M 30-Dec-1957 20-Aug-1957
Titus Ruth Valera B 18-Jan-1933
Titus Tammy Louise B 30-Jan-1982 19-Jun-1981
Titus Terri Lynn M 29-Jan-2005 4-Apr-2004
Titus Twyla M M 19-Jan-1985 30-Jun-1984
Titus Twyla Marie B 30-Dec-1964 24-May-1964
Titus Tyson Andrew Michael B 23-Jan-1999 4-Jul-1998
Titus Valla M 30-Dec-1970 23-Jan-1970
Titus Verda, Viola D 23-Jan-1988 5-Feb-1987
Titus Virgil Elmer B 29-Dec-1939 26-Mar-1939
Titus Virgil Elmer M 30-Dec-1965 17-May-1965
Titus Virgil Elmer M 17-Aug-1974
Titus Winnifred D 9-Jan-1999 p5a 8-Jan-1999
Titus Winnifred Iola D 29-Jan-2000 8-Jan-1999
Titus Robert H D 30-Dec-1933 7-Jun-1933
Tjaden Jaden Edward B 25-Jan-2003 26-Feb-2002
Tjarks Jason David B 30-Dec-1969 18-Jul-1969
Tjarks Jeric Joseph B 29-Dec-1967 23-Aug-1967
Tjebkes Jeff M 31-Oct-2001 p8a 8-Sep-2001
Tjebkes Jeffrey Earl M 26-Jan-2002 8-Sep-2001
Tkaczyk Roger Gale M 2-Jul-1996 p5a 21-Jun-1996
Toben Eliza,Mrs D 8-Dec-1910 22-Sep-1910
Toben Fannie W M 25-Oct-1920
Toben Tobias D 1-Jan-1913 23-Jul-1912
Tober Amalia, Mary D 23-Jan-1988 26-Feb-1987
Tober Amy M 28-Jun-1999 p8c 29-May-1999
Tober Amy Marie B 30-Dec-1969 8-Jan-1969
Tober Henry A M 1-Jan-1913 21-Oct-1912
Tober Henry M M 29-Dec-1956 2-Jun-1956
Tober Julie Ann B 30-Dec-1964 26-Aug-1964
Tober Julie Ann M 29-Jan-1994 20-Apr-1993
Toberg Infant D 8-Dec-1910 22-Oct-1910
Tobias Albertina Rosalia M 5-Aug-1897 4-Aug-1897
Tobias Aldolph, Mrs D 30-Dec-1955 12-Jun-1955
Tobias Alice Lucille D 29-Jan-1994 6-Oct-1993
Tobias Andrew M 29-Dec-1939 28-Oct-1939
Tobias Andrew E D 30-Jan-1982 2-Dec-1981
Tobias Anna Mary Steinke D 29-Dec-1944 20-Jan-1944
Tobias Annie E M 1-Jan-1912 27-Sep-1911
Tobias Augusta A M 22-Jun-1894 21-Jun-1894
Tobias Augusta Caroline D 20-Feb-1928 20-Feb-1928
Tobias Barbara Jean B 30-Dec-1932 1-Dec-1932
Tobias Bernadine D 30-Nov-1998 p5a 29-Nov-1998
Tobias Blanche R M 29-Dec-1934 12-May-1934
Tobias Boy B 31-Dec-1913 20-Oct-1913
Tobias Brian Duane B 30-Dec-1968 16-Aug-1968
Tobias Carol Ann B 30-Dec-1946 2-Dec-1946
Tobias Carole Ann M 30-Dec-1966 26-Feb-1966
Tobias Caroline H D 29-Jan-1994 15-Jan-1993
Tobias Cathy Lynn B 30-Dec-1948 15-Feb-1948
Tobias Charles M 16-Dec-1909 26-Aug-1909
Tobias Charles M 16-Dec-1909 26-Aug-1909
Tobias Clara D 31-Jan-1976 6-Sep-1975
Tobias Clara E M 31-Dec-1913 2-Jul-1913
Tobias Cloe Ann B 30-Dec-1948 30-May-1948
Tobias Cloe Ann B 30-Jul-1948
Tobias Daivd W D 26-Aug-1972 p10
Tobias Daniel Seth B 29-Jan-1994 26-Jan-1993
Tobias Darene B 30-Dec-1932 7-Oct-1932
Tobias David W D 24-Aug-1972 p8
Tobias Donna M 29-Dec-1950 15-Oct-1950
Tobias Dorothea Emily B 30-Dec-1940 12-Dec-1940
Tobias Edward M 31-Dec-1913 29-Apr-1913
Tobias Eleanore G M 30-Dec-1933 26-Oct-1933
Tobias Elmer W D 10-Sep-2001 p5a 8-Sep-2001
Tobias Elmer W D 11-Sep-2001 p5a 8-Sep-2001
Tobias Elmer William D 26-Jan-2002 9-Sep-2001
Tobias Elsie C D 28-Aug-2002 p5a 28-Aug-2002
Tobias Elsie C D 29-Aug-2002 p5a 28-Aug-2002
Tobias Elsie Christel D 25-Jan-2003 28-Aug-2002
Tobias Emma M 1-Jan-1908 10-Jul-1907
Tobias Ernest George D 30-Dec-1960 25-Nov-1960
Tobias Ethel Bernadine D 23-Jan-1999 29-Nov-1998
Tobias Eugene Howard D 21-Apr-1920
Tobias Eva D 1-Oct-1986
Tobias Eva J D 17-Jan-1987 30-Sep-1986
Tobias Fairy M 29-Dec-1961 14-Oct-1961
Tobias Fairy Belle B 30-Dec-1942 2-Sep-1942
Tobias Flora R M 30-Dec-1935 30-Jun-1935
Tobias Francis Emerson D 22-Jan-1972 20-Oct-1971
Tobias Fred A D 29-Dec-1934 25-Jan-1934
Tobias Fred A D 25-Jan-1934
Tobias Fred C D 30-Dec-1916 9-May-1916
Tobias George M 30-Dec-1943 5-Mar-1943
Tobias George C D 30-Dec-1969 12-Nov-1969
Tobias Goldie E D 26-Jan-1980 22-Aug-1979
Tobias Gus G M 1-Jan-1913 26-Jun-1912
Tobias Gustav D 30-Dec-1952 22-May-1952
Tobias Harold Ludwig D 29-Dec-1934 1-Apr-1934
Tobias Harry H D 15-Feb-1974 30-May-1974
Tobias Harry T M 30-Dec-1916 18-Oct-1916
Tobias Infant Daughter B 2-Dec-1930
Tobias Ivan Harold B 3-Jul-1934
Tobias Jacquelyn M 30-Dec-1964 9-May-1964
Tobias Jacquelyn Kay B 30-Dec-1943 2-Oct-1943
Tobias Janet Kae M 30-Dec-1954 15-Jan-1954
Tobias Janet Rae B 8-Mar-1933
Tobias John D 1-Jan-1912 3-Sep-1911
Tobias John D 31-Dec-1931 18-Jun-1931
Tobias John D 31-Dec-1931 18-Jun-1931
Tobias John D 3-Sep-1911
Tobias John Norton D 31-Dec-1931 21-Jun-1931
Tobias Joyce Ann B 30-Dec-1936 27-Aug-1936
Tobias Judith Elaine B 30-Dec-1943 29-Sep-1943
Tobias Julie Kathleen B 27-Jan-1979 26-May-1978
Tobias Kathleen Sue B 30-Dec-1955 16-Nov-1955
Tobias Lidna Sue B 30-Dec-1949 27-Aug-1949
Tobias Linda Elaine B 30-Dec-1937 23-Nov-1937
Tobias Louis M 21-Jul-1885 19-Jul-1885
Tobias Lucille M M 30-Dec-1935 19-Jan-1935
Tobias Lucille M M 19-Jan-1935
Tobias Margaret 'Bardie' D 10-May-2007 11-May-2007
Tobias Margaret Jean D 30-Jan-1993 25-Nov-1992
Tobias Martha M 20-Dec-1906 3-Sep-1906
Tobias Mary (McElroy) D 23-Apr-2007 22-Apr-2007
Tobias Mary (McElroy) D 24-Apr-2007 22-Apr-2007
Tobias Mary Hall (Mrs) D 30-Dec-1943 12-Dec-1943
Tobias Mary Louise B 28-Dec-1951 14-Jun-1951
Tobias Otto M 16-Dec-1909 14-Sep-1909
Tobias Paul D 30-Dec-1964 22-Apr-1964
Tobias Raymond R D 28-Jan-1984 1-Dec-1983
Tobias Raymond R M 30-Dec-1940 29-Mar-1940
Tobias Rosetta D 26-Aug-1901 24-Aug-1901
Tobias Sarah Ann B 26-Jan-1991 15-Sep-1990
Tobias Sophia M 1-Jan-1912 13-Nov-1911
Tobias Stella M M 23-Jan-1988 14-Nov-1987
Tobias Velma M 30-Dec-1933 29-Jul-1933
Tobias Velma M 30-Dec-1936 26-Oct-1936
Tobias Verna M 30-Dec-1933 18-Oct-1933
Tobias William C D 18-Dec-2002 p5a 14-Dec-2002
Tobias William Chester B 30-Dec-1943 3-Apr-1943
Tobias William Craig B 29-Dec-1967 19-Feb-1967
Tobias William John B 30-Dec-1946 4-Jul-1946
Tobias William John M 15-Jun-1974
Tobias Woodrow W M 30-Dec-1935 30-Nov-1935
Tobias Woodrow Wilson D 30-Jan-1993 13-Jan-1992
Tobias Zelma D 21-Dec-1905 24-Aug-1905
Tobie Elmer Lewis D 30-Dec-1943 23-Oct-1943
Tobin Anna M 17-Jan-1867 13-Jan-1867
Tobin Anna M 17-Jan-1867 16-Jan-1867
Tobin Belle C M 19-Jan-1882 p4 18-Jan-1882
Tobin David D 14-Jun-1886 14-Jun-1886
Tobin John E M 30-Jan-1982 18-Jul-1981
Tobin John Edward M 23-Jan-1992 1-Sep-1991
Tobin Marie E D 31-Dec-1913 31-Mar-1913
Tobin Mary E D 30-Dec-1957 27-Aug-1957
Tobin Nathaniel D 6-Feb-1895 25-Jan-1895
Tobin Nathaniel M 26-May-1859 26-May-1859
Tobin Phoebe (Mrs) D 1-Jan-1912 7-Mar-1911
Tobin Phoebe Smith D 7-Mar-1911
Toborg Betty Leonard D 29-Sep-1972 p13
Toborg Betty Leonard D 30-Sep-1972 p10
Toborg Carl Henry D 24-Jan-1998 27-Nov-1997
Toborg Carl Henry D 29-Nov-1997 p5a 27-Nov-1997
Toborg Carl Henry D 1-Dec-1997 p5a 27-Nov-1997
Toborg Catherine Anna (Mrs) D 14-Jan-1929
Toborg Dorothy L M 30-Dec-1936 7-Nov-1936
Toborg Dorothy M (Weber) D 4-Jan-2008 3-Jan-2008
Toborg Elizabeth D 29-Dec-1972 20-Sep-1972
Toborg Elizabeth Rohs D 20-Sep-1972 p7
Toborg Elizabeth Rohs D 23-Sep-1972 p12
Toborg Elizabeth Rohs D 29-Sep-1972 p13
Toborg Esther M 30-Dec-1943 25-Nov-1943
Toborg Fred D D 28-Dec-1945 27-Jun-1945
Toborg Gertrude M D 14-Sep-1998 p5a 13-Sep-1998
Toborg Gertrude marie D 23-Jan-1999 13-Sep-1998
Toborg Henry C M 3-Dec-1936 12-Mar-1936
Toborg Henry Claus D 30-Dec-1963 6-Mar-1963
Toborg Katherine D 21-Dec-1905 30-Sep-1905
Toborg Lloyd W M 30-Dec-1935 9-Feb-1935
Toborg Margaret Rose B 30-Dec-1946 27-Nov-1946
Toborg Margaret Rose M 30-Dec-1969 4-May-1969
Toborg Mary D 23-Jan-1988 2-Nov-1987
Toborg Patricia M 30-Dec-1954 2-Sep-1954
Toborg Patricia Ann B 22-Nov-1933
Toborg Peter Daniel D 17-Dec-1901
Toborg Ralph F M 30-Dec-1937 28-Mar-1937
Toborg Robert Louis B 29-Dec-1944 23-Aug-1944
Toborg Robert Louis M 30-Dec-1968 3-Aug-1968
Toborg Robert W M 30-Dec-1942 30-Jul-1942
Toborg Roy Edward D 30-Dec-1957 10-Apr-1957
Toborg Tamara Sue B 30-Dec-1965 23-Oct-1965
Toborg Tonya Lynn B 30-Dec-1968 8-Nov-1968
Toborg Trave Lee M 23-Jan-1992 13-Jul-1991
Toborg William A D 30-Dec-1965 31-Jul-1965
Toburen Frank D 19-Sep-1996 p5a 18-Sep-1996
Toburen Frank D 20-Sep-1996 p5a 18-Sep-1996
Toburen Udelle R D 12-Nov-2001 p5a 5-Nov-2001
Toburen Udelle Roberta D 26-Jan-2002 5-Nov-2001
Toby James Edwin B 29-Dec-1944 14-Mar-1944
Toby Joseph Michael B 30-Jan-1982 26-Aug-1981
Toby Michael Lee B 30-Dec-1940 20-Jun-1940
Toby Robert Durwood B 30-Dec-1941 15-Aug-1941
Todd Allison Christine B 16-Nov-1996 p5a 8-Nov-1996
Todd Amie Louise B 29-Jan-2000 13-Aug-1999
Todd Andrew Jerome B 30-Dec-1969 8-Dec-1969
Todd Andrew Jerome M 23-Jan-1999 14-Aug-1998
Todd Anna Lavern D 12-Feb-2007 11-Feb-2007
Todd Annie Louise B 18-Aug-1999 p5a 13-Aug-1999
Todd Anthony Gene B 30-Dec-1966 11-Apr-1966
Todd Anthony Gene M 23-Jan-1992 23-Jan-1991
Todd Anthony Gene M 24-Jan-1998 30-May-1997
Todd Barbara M 31-Jan-1972 p6
Todd Barbara Jo B 30-Dec-1953 30-Jun-1953
Todd Beatrice D 26-Jan-2001 p5a 24-Jan-2001
Todd Beulah Mae M 30-Dec-1946 6-Jul-1946
Todd Brenda Mae M 29-Jan-2005 7-Jun-2004
Todd Brenda Mae M 23-Jun-2004
Todd Carolyn M (Newholm) D 16-Apr-2008 14-Apr-2008
Todd Carolyn Marie D 15-Apr-2008 14-Apr-2008
Todd Carr D 14-Aug-1972 p13
Todd Christine Louise B 30-Dec-1952 8-Apr-1952
Todd Cindy J M 31-Jan-1981 31-May-1980
Todd Clara Elizabeth D 4-Oct-1999 p5a 2-Oct-1999
Todd Darlene Beatrice D 22-Apr-2008 20-Apr-2008
Todd Dennis D M 18-Jan-1986 28-Oct-1985
Todd Edward Leo B 30-Dec-1952 2-Jun-1952
Todd Ellie Jean B 12-Jun-2002 p5a 21-May-2002
Todd Elmer D 3-Oct-1995 p5a 1-Oct-1995
Todd Ernie Keith B 30-Dec-1954 12-May-1954
Todd Ernie Keith M 17-Jan-1987 12-Jul-1986
Todd Gertrude M 1-Jan-1908 17-Jul-1907
Todd Gordon E D 18-Jan-1986 8-Aug-1985
Todd Helen J D 19-Nov-2007 16-Nov-2007
Todd James R D 13-Feb-1866 9-Feb-1866
Todd Joshua Erik M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 29-Sep-2007
Todd Joyce Yvonne Alexander M 25-Jan-2003 3-Apr-2002
Todd Kate Mae M 28-Jul-2004
Todd LeAnn Collette B 30-Dec-1965 7-Oct-1965
Todd Lela May D 30-Dec-1936 28-Oct-1936
Todd Lloyd M 30-Dec-1916 3-Jul-1916
Todd Lonnie Emmet D 30-Dec-1966 15-May-1966
Todd Lucille Nichols D 1-Dec-1986
Todd Mackenzie Alyssa B 23-Jan-1992 26-Jul-1991
Todd Magie E D 5-Oct-1985 4-Oct-1985
Todd Martha Esther M 11-Dec-1922 p4
Todd Martha Esther M 23-Dec-1922 p10
Todd Michael M 12-May-1995 p7a 4-Mar-1995
Todd Michael R M 26-Jan-1980 9-Feb-1979
Todd Michael R M 26-Jan-1980 9-Feb-1979
Todd Michael Ray B 30-Dec-1954 2-Aug-1954
Todd Michael Ray M 23-Jan-1992 3-Aug-1991
Todd Michael Ray M 30-Jan-2007 15-Jul-2006
Todd Mikala Ann B 28-Jan-1984 30-Jul-1983
Todd Minnie,Mrs D 10-Jul-1972
Todd Mona D M 30-Dec-1954 26-Feb-1954
Todd Nancy K D 25-Mar-2008 23-Mar-2008
Todd Nancy K D 23-Mar-2008 25-Mar-2008
Todd Nancy L M 26-Jan-1980 13-Oct-1979
Todd Nancy L M 26-Jan-1980 13-Oct-1979
Todd Nicholas Michael B 12-Sep-1996 p5a 6-Sep-1996
Todd Norma L M 30-Dec-1938 20-Jul-1938
Todd Oliver P D 29-Dec-1944 26-May-1944
Todd Reda Christine M 27-Jan-2000 31-Dec-2000
Todd Rex B D 17-Jan-1987 16-Jan-1986
Todd Rex B M 30-Dec-1936 29-Feb-1936
Todd Richard L M 23-Jan-1988 21-Nov-1987
Todd Richard Lee M 17-Jan-1987 12-Sep-1986
Todd Richard Lonnie B 28-Dec-1945 28-Apr-1945
Todd Roberta Alice M 30-Dec-1936 11-Apr-1936
Todd Ronda Mae M 26-Jan-1991 1-Sep-1990
Todd Roscoe Eugene M 25-Jan-2003 7-Sep-2002
Todd Roscoe Eugene M 30-Jan-2007 22-Sep-2006
Todd Stanly Jacob B 26-Jan-1991 15-May-1990
Todd Steven E M 26-Jan-1980 14-Jul-1979
Todd Steven E M 26-Jan-1980 14-Jul-1979
Todd Teresa Lynn M 17-Jan-1987 18-Oct-1986
Todd Thomas Anderson D 30-Dec-1963 6-Jul-1963
Todd Tommy Carrol M 30-Dec-1957 18-May-1957
Todd Tommy Carrol M 25-Jan-2003 3-Apr-2002
Todd Vann Hurley M 30-Dec-1969 24-Oct-1969
Todd Willard B M 29-Dec-1939 26-Sep-1939
Todd William Henry D 16-Dec-1909 26-Oct-1909
Todd Cindy J M 31-Jan-1981 31-May-1980
Todd Richard L M 31-Jan-1981 7-Jun-1980
Tode Peter Michael B 30-Dec-1953 13-Feb-1953
Todurft Marion Alvie D 30-Dec-1968 27-Sep-1968
Toensfeldt John H D 30-Dec-1960 12-Apr-1960
Toft Eva, "Ruth", nee Avery D 12-Apr-2004 9-Apr-2004
Tohite Lawrence M 21-Dec-1905 27-Jun-1905
Tohm Laura G M 30-Nov-1894 28-Nov-1894
Tohm Mary M D 30-Dec-1953 17-Sep-1953
Tohm William Christian D 30-Dec-1963 18-Apr-1963
Tohompson Lorrie Ann M 28-Jan-2006 4-Mar-2005
Tokar Julia Susan M 30-Dec-1941 16-Feb-1941
Tokheim Joseph Michael B 28-Jan-1995 1-Aug-1994
Tolan Frank P M 14-Apr-1876 13-Apr-1876
Tolan Frank P M 29-Apr-1876 13-Apr-1876
Toland Connie Lee B 28-Dec-1945 30-Jan-1945
Toland Frank P M 14-Apr-1876 13-Apr-1876
Toland Frank P M 29-Apr-1876 13-Apr-1876
Toland I Mabel D 17-Jan-1987 13-Oct-1986
Toland Laura M
Toland Michele M M 19-Jan-1985 14-Apr-1984
Toland Owen,Esq M 22-Jan-1872 22-Jan-1872
Toland Owen,Esq M 3-Feb-1872 22-Jan-1872
Toland RC M 3-Apr-1883 6-Mar-1883
Toland Tressie (Mrs) M 30-Dec-1938 3-Sep-1938
Toland Velma M 1-Jan-1912 4-Dec-1911
Tolbard Della D 29-Dec-1939 28-Oct-1939
Tolbard William M 8-Dec-1910 11-May-1910
Tolde Mary,Mrs D 16-Aug-1880 p4 15-Aug-1880
Toliver Emma Frances D 18-Mar-2008 15-Mar-2008
Toliver Emma Frances D 15-Mar-2008 18-Mar-2008
Tolland Elsie Eva D 7-Sep-1882 p2 31-Aug-1882
Tolle Helen M M 2-Feb-1928 1-Feb-1928
Tolle Nellie M D 30-Dec-1964 5-Oct-1964
Tollefson Amy Renee M 29-Jan-1994 17-May-1993
Tollfson Marica Ann M 31-Jan-1976 15-Nov-1975
Tolliver Rose D 15-Feb-1974 9-Apr-1974
Tomas Linda M 19-Jun-1972
Tomasson Boy B 31-Dec-1913 22-Dec-1913
Tomasson Christopher Steven B 28-Jan-1984 3-Feb-1983
Tomasson Donna Lee B 29-Dec-1950 21-Sep-1950
Tomasson Donna Lee M 24-Jan-1998 16-May-1997
Tomasson Frances S D 29-Dec-1950 19-Mar-1950
Tomasson Grace (Keeler) D 5-Apr-2008 3-Apr-2008
Tomasson Grace E D 4-Apr-2008 3-Apr-2008
Tomasson Helen May D 26-Jan-2002 4-May-2001
Tomasson Jacob D 30-Dec-1916 19-Oct-1916
Tomasson Jerry Maro B 10-Feb-1935
Tomasson JoAnn B 30-Dec-1955 23-May-1955
Tomasson Kenneth Dwayne M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 27-Jul-2007
Tomasson Lloyd W D 5-Mar-2007 3-Mar-2007
Tomasson May Anna D 23-Jan-1992 27-Jan-1991
Tomasson Noah D 30-Dec-1952 22-Jul-1952
Tomasson Orlyn Esther B 30-Dec-1936 23-Aug-1936
Tomasson Peggy Ann B 30-Dec-1949 21-Feb-1949
Tomasson Randall Allen B 23-Jan-1988 13-Nov-1987
Tomasson Rex K M 23-Jan-1988 23-Jan-1987
Tomasson Rex Kim B 30-Dec-1964 6-Apr-1964
Tomasson Rex Kim M 31-Jan-2004 5-Dec-2003
Tomasson Robert Walter B 28-Dec-1945 30-Nov-1945
Tomasson Roseanna Mae B 26-Jan-1991 14-Jun-1990
Tomasson Sandra Kay B 30-Dec-1947 23-Oct-1947
Tomasson Steven D 19-Apr-1999 p5a 17-Apr-1999
Tomasson Steven Walter B 30-Dec-1957 3-Apr-1957
Tomasson Steven Walter D 29-Jan-2000 18-Apr-1999
Tomasson Vicki Lynn B 30-Dec-1952 9-Apr-1952
Tomasson Walter D 23-Jan-1988 17-Nov-1987
Tomasson Wayne Alan B 30-Dec-1947 19-Dec-1947
Tomasson William D 30-Dec-1966 5-Mar-1966
Tomasson Willie D 8-Dec-1910 27-Aug-1910
Tomasson Wilma D 3-May-2007 2-May-2007
Tomasson-Zaehringer Zane Allen B 28-Jan-2006 1-Apr-2005
Tombs Blanche M 1-Jan-1913 20-Apr-1912
Tomer Brandon Lee B 3-Apr-1996 p5a 1-Apr-1996
Tomer Chancelor Allen B 31-Jan-2004 24-Jun-2003
Tomer Evan Mykel M 26-Jan-2008 p5f 29-Dec-2007
Tomer Frederick Lodong M 26-Jan-1991 3-Jul-1990
Tomer Jalen Sue M 31-Jan-2004 12-Jul-2003
Tomer Kristen Rochelle B 23-Jan-1992 25-Feb-1991
Tomer Sahara Dawn B 28-Jan-1995 20-Jul-1994
Tomes Isaac N,Rev M 19-Oct-1876 19-Oct-1876
Tomes Isaac N,Rev M 1-Nov-1876 19-Oct-1876
Tometich Albert Gregory M 29-Jan-1994 4-Oct-1993
Tometich Barbara Dorothey B 29-Dec-1962 8-Feb-1962
Tometich Edward Martin B 30-Dec-1968 30-Jan-1968
Tometich Josephine Louise B 30-Dec-1964 19-Mar-1964
Tometich Laura D 31-Jan-1976 2-Feb-1975
Tometich Laura Marie B 31-Jan-1976 2-Feb-1975
Tometich Patricia Elizabeth B 30-Dec-1969 6-May-1969
Tometich Philip B 30-Dec-1965 21-May-1965
Tometich Thomas Andrew M 23-Jun-1995 p7a 27-May-1995
Tomfeld Alice Diane B 30-Dec-1953 26-Apr-1953
Tomfeld Alice Mae M 30-Dec-1940 18-Oct-1940
Tomfeld Anna C D 30-Dec-1933 13-Feb-1933
Tomfeld Christian J D 29-Jan-1983 26-Jul-1982
Tomfeld Dorothy M D 8-Apr-2002 p5a 5-Apr-2002
Tomfeld Dorothy M D 25-Jan-2003 5-Apr-2002
Tomfeld Ernest C D 28-Jan-1984 13-Mar-1983
Tomfeld Everett Lloyd D 29-Nov-2000 p5a 27-Nov-2000
Tomfeld Harriet D 30-Dec-1932 28-Mar-1932
Tomfeld Henry C D 29-Dec-1950 3-Sep-1950
Tomfeld J Fred D 30-Dec-1954 14-Jul-1954
Tomfeld Jean B D 30-Dec-1969 7-Jul-1969
Tomfeld John D 31-Jan-1976 8-Oct-1975
Tomfeld John C M 31-Dec-1913 26-Feb-1913
Tomfeld John T D 30-Dec-1933 10-Jul-1933
Tomfeld Margaret M D 23-Jan-1988 23-Mar-1987
Tomfeld Mildred M D 28-Jan-1995 12-May-1994
Tomfeld Randall Dean M 31-Jan-1976 7-Jun-1975
Tomfeld Robert D 3-Oct-1997 p5a 2-Oct-1997
Tomfeld Robert M 29-Dec-1950 5-Jun-1950
Tomfeld Roberta Ann B 28-Dec-1951 22-Oct-1951
Tomfeld Robin Ann M 22-Jan-1972 12-Dec-1970
Tomfeld Sharon L M 26-Jan-1980 7-Jul-1979
Tomfeld Sharon L M 26-Jan-1980 7-Jul-1979
Tomfeld Sharon Lynn B 30-Dec-1953 7-Feb-1953
Tomfeld Tiffany Marie M 28-Jan-1995 17-Sep-1994
Tomfeld Wayne E D 12-Jun-2002 p5a 11-Jun-2002
Tomfeld Wayne E D 13-Jun-2002 p5a 11-Jun-2002
Tomfeld Wayne E "Tommy" D 25-Jan-2003 11-Jun-2002
Tomfeld Zachary Dewayne M 30-Jan-2007 16-Sep-2006
Tomfeld Carolyn M 29-Dec-1956 7-Feb-1956
Tomfeldt Randall Dean B 29-Dec-1956 9-Nov-1956
Tomfelt Jessie Frances D 22-Jan-1972 15-Dec-1971
Tomfield Carolyn Ann B 30-Dec-1936 11-Jul-1936
Tomfield Martha M 30-Dec-1938 15-Oct-1938
Tomfohrde Ernest Carl John M 1-Jan-1908 24-Apr-1907
ToMin Craig Allen B 30-Dec-1954 25-Oct-1954
ToMin Fannie D 30-Dec-1955 20-Sep-1955
ToMin Larry Lee B 30-Dec-1940 20-Jan-1940
ToMin Linda Sue B 30-Dec-1948 4-Aug-1948
ToMin Wesley T D 30-Dec-1954 14-Jul-1954
ToMinson Katherine D M 30-Dec-1940 1-Feb-1940
ToMinson Keith Alan M 30-Dec-1964 8-Aug-1964
ToMinson Vernon D 30-Dec-1957 27-Jul-1957
Tomkins Mickel M 30-Dec-1937 14-Feb-1937
Tomkins Tara Lynn M 28-Jan-1995 25-Jun-1994
Tomlin Arvilla M (Mrs) D 29-Dec-1956 12-Feb-1956
Tomlin Elizabeth D 15-Aug-1998 p5a 13-Aug-1998
Tomlin Kean Kay B 30-Dec-1942 20-Jun-1942
Tomlin Kyle Hunter B 29-Jan-2000 23-Nov-1999
Tomlin Vickie E M 31-Jan-1981 4-Oct-1980
Tomlinson June K M 30-Jan-1982 13-Jun-1981
Tomlinson Kara Anne B 30-Jan-1993 5-Feb-1992
Tomlinson Leland V D 21-Jun-1995 p5a 20-Jun-1995
Tomlinson Marie M M 28-Jan-1984 23-Dec-1983
Tomlinson Mary J M 16-Oct-1856 9-Oct-1856
Tomlinson Ruth H D 26-Dec-2001 p5a 22-Dec-2001
Tommasi Anthony D 1-Sep-2000 p5a 30-Aug-2000
Tommasson Helen M D 5-Jun-2001 p5a 4-May-2001
Tommasson Helen M D 7-Jun-2001 p5a 4-May-2001
Tommasson William M 31-Dec-1913 9-Sep-1913
Tomney Anna L M 31-Dec-1913 3-Feb-1913
Tomney John D 30-Dec-1941 19-Jun-1941
Tomney John D 24-Oct-1895 23-Oct-1895
Tomney John,Mrs D 7-Jan-1895 5-Jan-1895
Tompins Judith Ann B 29-Dec-1962 27-Mar-1962
Tompkins Allyson Lynn B 26-Jan-2002 22-May-2001
Tompkins Allyson Lynn B 1-Jun-2001 p5a 22-May-2001
Tompkins Angela D 6-Oct-2008 4-Oct-2008
Tompkins Angela D 7-Oct-2008 4-Oct-2008
Tompkins Angela Mae B 29-Dec-1961 26-May-1961
Tompkins Anna M 30-Dec-1938 3-Nov-1938
Tompkins Barbara J M 30-Jan-1982 11-Apr-1981
Tompkins Bernice May D 30-Dec-1932 2-Mar-1932
Tompkins Beth Ann M 17-Jan-1987 20-Oct-1986
Tompkins Brent Steven M 26-Jan-2008 p2f 14-Feb-2007
Tompkins Briar Jared B 19-Sep-1995 p5a 15-Sep-1995
Tompkins Britton W B 19-Jan-1985 17-Aug-1984
Tompkins Britton Wade M 31-Jan-2004 5-May-2003
Tompkins Carol Ann B 29-Dec-1950 18-Nov-1950
Tompkins Carol Ann M 30-Dec-1969 22-Feb-1969
Tompkins Cassandra Elizabeth B 21-Feb-1996 p5a 18-Feb-1996
Tompkins Cheryl L M 30-Jan-1982 21-Feb-1981
Tompkins Danielle Nicolette M 30-Jan-2007 10-Jun-2006
Tompkins Dean Allen B 30-Dec-1966 28-Mar-1966
Tompkins Dominic Wade B 31-Jan-2004 24-Aug-2003
Tompkins Dominic Wade B 30-Aug-2003 p5a 24-Aug-2003
Tompkins Douglas S M 28-Jan-1984 16-Dec-1983
Tompkins Emery LeRoy B 30-Dec-1952 4-Mar-1952
Tompkins Emery LeRoy D 30-Dec-1952 23-Oct-1952
Tompkins Emily Irene B 13-Jun-2001 p5a 20-May-2001
Tompkins Frederick Allen B 30-Dec-1937 29-Sep-1937
Tompkins Frederick Allen B 29-Sep-1937
Tompkins Frederick Allen M 29-Dec-1956 6-Oct-1956
Tompkins Gary Lee M 30-Dec-1953 4-Jun-1953
Tompkins Georgia Rachel D 3-Feb-1997 p5a 31-Jan-1007
Tompkins Gregory Earl B 29-Dec-1962 24-Jun-1962
Tompkins Gregory Earl M 29-Jan-1994 12-Mar-1993
Tompkins Imogene D D 22-Sep-2003 p5a 19-Sep-2003
Tompkins Infant Daughter B 7-Apr-1933
Tompkins Infant Son B 1-Jan-1930
Tompkins Ivan LeRoy B 30-Dec-1938 3-Sep-1938
Tompkins Jamie Kay B 27-Jan-1979 13-Dec-1978
Tompkins Jeffrey Chase B 30-Jan-1993 28-Feb-1992
Tompkins Jennifer Christine M 29-Jan-2000 18-Oct-1999
Tompkins Jo Ann Rose M 30-Dec-1965 20-Mar-1965
Tompkins John William B 5-Dec-1934
Tompkins John William D 23-Jan-1992 8-Sep-1991
Tompkins Joseph F M 27-Jan-1979 18-Apr-1978
Tompkins Joseph Frederick B 30-Dec-1955 21-Jul-1955
Tompkins Joseph Frederick M 28-Jan-1995 2-Jul-1994
Tompkins Joseph Frederick M 2-Aug-1974
Tompkins Joy L M 30-Jan-1982 29-Aug-1981
Tompkins Juanita B M 30-Jan-1982 29-May-1981
Tompkins Judith Marie B 30-Dec-1957 29-May-1957
Tompkins Judith Marie M 14-Feb-1974
Tompkins Kaitlin Leigh B 13-Jun-2001 p5a 20-May-2001
Tompkins Karen Irene B 30-Dec-1946 19-Jul-1946
Tompkins Karen Irene M 30-Dec-1964 1-Aug-1964
Tompkins Katherine Neoma D 30-Dec-1969 29-Mar-1969
Tompkins Katherine Neonia B 30-Dec-1935 5-Jun-1935
Tompkins Kathryn Neoma M 30-Dec-1946 8-Sep-1946
Tompkins Kevin Lee B 29-Dec-1967 14-May-1967
Tompkins Kevin Lee M 31-Jan-2004 12-Jul-2003
Tompkins Kim Leanna B 29-Dec-1961 5-Oct-1961
Tompkins Kyler Scott B 21-Jun-1996 p5a 15-Jun-1996
Tompkins Lamar M 30-Dec-1937 17-Sep-1937
Tompkins Laura L M 27-Jan-1979 21-Jan-1978
Tompkins Leota Alma D 9-Aug-1996 p5a 9-Aug-1996
Tompkins Leota Alma D 10-Aug-1996 p5a 9-Aug-1996
Tompkins Leota Alma M 29-Dec-1962 12-Oct-1962
Tompkins Leota Alma M 15-Feb-1974
Tompkins Linda Earline B 30-Dec-1947 14-May-1947
Tompkins Linda Earline B 14-May-1947
Tompkins Lori Lynn B 30-Dec-1965 12-Jan-1965
Tompkins Lyle D 29-Jun-1998 p5a 27-Jun-1998
Tompkins Lyle E M 29-Dec-1956 4-Aug-1956
Tompkins Lyle Ernest D 23-Jan-1999 27-Jun-1998
Tompkins Mabel E M 29-Dec-1956 11-Aug-1956
Tompkins Mabel Elizabeth B 30-Dec-1936 10-Sep-1936
Tompkins Mark M 26-Jul-1999 p1c 7-Jun-1999
Tompkins Mark Allen M 29-Jan-2000 7-Jun-1999
Tompkins Mavis Joan B 13-Mar-1933
Tompkins Melanie Sue M 23-Jan-1992 26-Apr-1991
Tompkins Melody Ann D 30-Dec-1960 12-Nov-1960
Tompkins Melody Sue B 13-Feb-1963
Tompkins Michael Allen B 30-Jan-1982 3-Dec-1981
Tompkins Michael John Lewis B 28-Dec-1951 7-Feb-1951
Tompkins Michael John Lewis M 30-Dec-1969 8-Nov-1969
Tompkins Michael John Lewis M 23-Jan-1992 14-Jun-1991
Tompkins Michael John Lewis Jr M 23-Jan-1999 14-Feb-1998
Tompkins Michael John Lewis Jr M 28-Jan-2006 3-Jul-2005
Tompkins Michael Lee D 30-Dec-1940 18-Oct-1940
Tompkins Millicent L M 30-Dec-1935 6-Jan-1935
Tompkins Mitchell L M 26-Jan-1980 8-Sep-1979
Tompkins Mitchell L M 26-Jan-1980 8-Sep-1979
Tompkins Norma I M 30-Dec-1940 16-Nov-1940
Tompkins Patricia Ann B 30-Dec-1940 10-Apr-1940
Tompkins Patricia Louise B 30-Dec-1969 18-Mar-1969
Tompkins Paul Edward B 30-Dec-1946 16-Feb-1946
Tompkins Pauline Belle B 30-Dec-1936 21-Jul-1936
Tompkins Pauline Dell M 29-Dec-1956 24-Mar-1956
Tompkins Randi Lynn B 17-Jan-1987 16-Dec-1986
Tompkins Richard Wayne B 30-Dec-1948 27-Oct-1948
Tompkins Robert Dwayne B 30-Dec-1932 1-Mar-1932
Tompkins Roberta Ann B 21-Jan-1960
Tompkins Roberta Ann D 30-Dec-1960 22-Jan-1960
Tompkins Robin Leigh B 30-Dec-1955 7-Jul-1955
Tompkins Robin Leigh M 22-Jan-1972 31-Oct-1971
Tompkins Roger Leroy B 30-Dec-1935 18-Jul-1935
Tompkins Ronald Kim B 30-Dec-1957 27-Jan-1957
Tompkins Ruby D 21-Jun-2008 20-Jun-2008
Tompkins Ruby I (Garrett) D 23-Jun-2008 20-Jun-2008
Tompkins Rufus E D 26-Mar-2007 24-Mar-2007
Tompkins Ruth D 30-Dec-1932 7-Apr-1932
Tompkins Sadie M 1-Jan-1908 19-Jun-1907
Tompkins Sandra Kay B 30-Dec-1949 20-Aug-1949
Tompkins Scott Morris D 1-Dec-1995 p5a 29-Nov-1995
Tompkins Shirley Kay M 31-Jan-1976 25-Jul-1975
Tompkins Steven Roy B 30-Dec-1954 7-Nov-1954
Tompkins Taylor Lee B 21-Feb-1996 p5a 18-Feb-1996
Tompkins Thomas Lee B 30-Dec-1949 20-Nov-1949
Tompkins Timothy A M 27-Jan-1979 4-Feb-1978
Tompkins Tina Diane B 30-Dec-1968 9-Jul-1968
Tompkins Toby Alan M 30-Jan-2007 8-May-2006
Tompkins Tommy Lee D 29-Dec-1967 18-Aug-1967
Tompkins Tommy Lee Jr B 31-Jan-2004 17-Oct-2003
Tompkins Tommy Lee,Jr B 30-Oct-2003 p5a 17-Oct-2003
Tompkins Triston Noele B 25-Jan-2003 22-Nov-2002
Tompkins Tyler W M 19-Jan-1985 26-Jan-1984
Tompkins Tyler Wade M 31-Jan-2004 17-Apr-2003
Tompkins Valerie A M 30-Jan-1982 2-Jan-1981
Tompkins Wayne Alan B 30-Dec-1965 5-Aug-1965
Tompkins Wilber M 30-Dec-1955 6-May-1955
Toms Claus B 10-Aug-1887
Toms Edith Ione D 16-May-2001 p5a 14-May-2001
Toms Grace Ann B 29-Dec-1939 1-Feb-1939
Toms Harry Glendfill D 28-Aug-1996 p5a 26-Aug-1996
Toms Harry Glendfill D 29-Aug-1996 p5a 26-Aug-1996
Toms Harry L M 30-Dec-1937 14-Dec-1937
Toms Helen Elizabeth B 30-Dec-1946 8-Jan-1946
Toms Keith Edwin B 30-Dec-1943 11-Oct-1943
Toms Keith Edwin D 22-Dec-1999 p5a 20-Dec-1999
Tomsen Harvey R D 30-Dec-1952 19-Oct-1952
Tomson Jennie Bell D 14-Aug-1996 p5a 13-Aug-1996
Tomson Jennie Bell D 15-Aug-1996 p5a 13-Aug-1996
Tomson Nellie Leona (Feikert) D 12-May-2008 10-May-2008
Tomson Nellie Leona (Feikert) D 10-May-2008 12-May-2008
Tones Charles E M 30-Dec-1916 4-Nov-1916
Tonkinson Beulah Berniece D 28-Jan-1995 16-Sep-1994
Tonn Herbert L (Mrs) D 29-Dec-1956 2-May-1956
Tonniges Dennis G M 28-Jan-1984 9-Sep-1983
Tonniges Janet K M 19-Jan-1985 8-Jun-1984
Toohey Cornelius,Mrs D 8-Oct-1894 7-Oct-1894
Toohey Dennis D 4-Feb-1891 p4
Toohey Gregory Allen B 30-Dec-1947 9-Apr-1947
Toohey Gregory Allen B 9-Apr-1947
Toohey Mary Ann D 30-Dec-1943 25-Jul-1943
Toohey Patrick D 31-Dec-1904
Toohey Pauline D 4-Nov-2003 p5a 3-Nov-2003
Toohey Walter C D 1-Jan-1908 15-Oct-1907
Tooman Deborah A M 28-Jan-1984 7-May-1983
Tooman Deborah Ann B 29-Dec-1962 21-Nov-1962
Tooman Jesse D 3-May-1920
Tooman Jesse D 4-May-1920
Tooman Jesse M 6-Jan-1879 p4 1-Jan-1879
Tooman John M 26-Dec-1871 25-Dec-1871
Tooman John M 2-Jan-1872 25-Dec-1871
Tooman Marvin Lee M 30-Dec-1968 6-Apr-1968
Tooman Mary E D 21-Jan-1985 17-Jan-1985
Tooman Nellie M D 30-Jan-1982 25-May-1981
Tooman Rachel A M 14-Jan-1875 14-Jan-1875
Tooman Roy E M 29-Dec-1934 28-Jul-1934
Tooman Roy Everett D 26-Jan-1980 25-Jul-1979
Tooman Roy J M 1-Jan-1908 30-Aug-1907
Tooman Roy J, Sr D 30-Dec-1953 15-Jun-1953
Tooman Roy Wayne B 27-Sep-1938
Tooman Roy Wayne M 30-Dec-1957 18-Sep-1957
Toomey John M 6-Jul-1883 7-Jun-1883
Toothaker Charles W M 10-Mar-1879 p4 6-Mar-1879
Toothaker Mr M 1-May-1889
Topez Guadalupe Marie M 31-Jan-1976 25-Aug-1975
Topez Rhonda B 31-Jan-1976 11-Jan-1975
Topia Nicolas T M 19-Jan-1985 2-Apr-1984
Topolosky Michael John M 29-Jan-2005 16-Oct-2004
Topp Jon D M 26-Jan-1980 9-Jun-1979
Topp Jon D M 26-Jan-1980 9-Jun-1979
Topp Katharine Alexis B 17-Jan-1987 1-Apr-1986
Tordai Bailee Ann B 29-Jan-2000 2-Dec-1999
Tordai Bailee Ann B 8-Dec-1999 p5a 2-Dec-1999
Tordai Lexi Lynn B 28-Jan-2006 10-Oct-2005
Tordai Pamela Jane M 27-Jan-2000 30-Dec-2000
Tordai Paula Kay M 29-Jan-2005 14-Aug-2004
Torgerson Donald D 28-Jun-1999 p5a 21-Jun-1999
Torgerson Donald Gary M 30-Dec-1957 18-May-1957
Torgerson Ingrid Gina B 17-Jan-1987 4-Feb-1986
Torgerson Michael Blair B 28-Dec-1945 24-Nov-1945
Torkelson Joanne Christine B 30-Dec-1954 28-Aug-1954
Tornabane David T M 2-Dec-1996 p6a 12-Oct-1996
Tornabane Dominick Thomas B 1-Apr-2004 4-Mar-2004
Tornabane Ssamuel James B 1-Apr-2004 4-Mar-2004
Torp Elizabeth Cathryn B 29-Feb-1996 p5a 19-Feb-1996
Torp Phoebe Annette B 23-Jan-1999 4-Aug-1998
Torrance Stephen Scott M 31-Jan-2009 pg 6f 10-May-2008
Torrence Barbara J M 27-Jan-1979 12-Nov-1978
Torrence Esta M D 29-Jan-2005 29-Apr-2004
Torrence John D 28-Dec-1998 p5a 26-Dec-1998
Torrence John W M 28-Dec-1945 24-Dec-1945
Torrence Leo F M 22-Jan-1972 30-Sep-1971
Torres Aaron Jay B 11-Jul-1995 p5a 6-Jul-1995
Torres Adelina M 27-Jan-2000 29-Apr-2000
Torres Adrian Zenon B 28-Jan-1995 6-Aug-1994
Torres Alejandra B 24-Jan-1998 15-Aug-1997
Torres Alejandro M 30-Jan-1982 17-Mar-1981
Torres Alexandra Rose B 27-Jan-2000 13-Dec-2000
Torres Alexandra Rose B 19-Dec-2000 p5a 13-Dec-2000
Torres Alfredo Ortiz D 28-Jan-2006 19-Apr-2005
Torres Amandia Guadalupe D 6-Jul-2002 p5a 4-Jul-2002
Torres Anne D 30-Dec-1948 4-Feb-1948
Torres Antonio A M 31-Jan-1976 25-Apr-1975
Torres Armandina Guadalupe D 25-Jan-2003 4-Jul-2002
Torres Arnold M 11-Dec-2002 p7a 14-Sep-2002
Torres Arnold A M 25-Jan-2003 15-Jul-2002
Torres Brandy Marie B 28-Mar-2004
Torres Brinda Guadalupe B 31-Jan-2009 p2f 14-Jan-2008
Torres Casiano D 28-Dec-1951 26-Oct-1951
Torres Erika M 29-Jan-2005 30-Apr-2004
Torres Erika Cardenas M 30-Jan-2007 13-Jul-2006
Torres Esmerelda B 30-Dec-1969 30-Aug-1969
Torres Feliz Jr M 28-Jan-1995 1-Apr-1994
Torres Gregorio M 17-Jan-1987 11-Apr-1986
Torres Irma M 19-Oct-1974
Torres Jessica G M 29-Jan-2005 5-Aug-2004
Torres Jesus M 29-Jan-2000 21-Jan-1999
Torres Jocelynn Marie B 29-Jan-2005 24-Jan-2004
Torres Jose Antonio M 22-Jan-1972 12-Jun-1971
Torres Jose I M 26-Jan-1980 10-May-1979
Torres Jose I M 26-Jan-1980 10-May-1979
Torres Jose Ramior M 29-Jan-1994 1-Sep-1993
Torres Loren Craig M 22-Jan-1972 22-Oct-1971
Torres Margarita M 26-Jan-1991 2-Nov-1990
Torres Maria D M 19-Jan-1985 30-Nov-1984
Torres Maria De Jesus M 27-Jan-2000 16-Sep-2000
Torres Marty Anthony M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 11-Aug-2007
Torres Migel B 22-Jan-1972 14-Aug-1971
Torres Mireya Araziel B 31-Jan-2009 p3f 8-Aug-2008
Torres Nina Elizabeth M 27-Jan-2000 19-Sep-2000
Torres Noah Angel B 26-Jan-2008 p8e 16-Aug-2007
Torres Noel Eduardo B 31-Jan-2009 p2f 14-Jan-2008
Torres Paola Judith Bautista B 16-Oct-2003 p5a 11-Oct-2003
Torres Santos Guadalupe Bueno II B 30-Jan-1993 29-Apr-1992
Torres Tosha Lene M 26-Jan-2008 p5f 20-Oct-2007
Torres Zenon Mendoza M 23-Jan-1992 5-Apr-1991
Torres-Arandas Leonel M 29-Jan-1983 19-Aug-1982
Torris Edmund D 19-Oct-1920
Torty Joaquin Ardon D 4-Jul-2000 p5a 3-Jul-2000
Toscana Kathryn M 30-Dec-1938 23-Feb-1938
Toscano Janet Louise D 29-Jan-2005 25-Sep-2004
Toth Brittany Sharyl B 30-Jan-1993 17-Jan-1992
Totten Nancy M 30-Dec-1937 24-Jul-1937
Touchan Helena M 3-May-1882 p2 2-May-1882
Tough Belle M 11-Jan-1901 10-Jan-1901
Tough Charles T D 28-Dec-1945 18-Dec-1945
Tough John D 30-Dec-1942 19-Jul-1942
Toulon Zelda Marie Murtom M 30-Dec-1937 13-Nov-1937
Toup Luella May M 1-Jan-1912 26-Jun-1911
Toureen Grace D 30-May-1995 p5a 29-May-1995
Toussaint David B 30-Dec-1946 23-Jul-1946
Toussaint David B 30-Dec-1966 4-Jun-1966
Toussaint Doris Ann B 30-Dec-1938 30-Jun-1938
Toussaint Harry L D 30-Dec-1953 17-Jan-1953
Toussaint Herbert A D 30-Jan-1982 20-Jan-1981
Toussaint Herbert C M 30-Dec-1943 20-Dec-1943
Toussaint Jacob D 30-Dec-1952 16-Sep-1952
Toussaint James M 2-Dec-1896 1-Dec-1896
Toussaint John L D 24-Jul-2007 20-Jul-2007
Toussaint John L 'Jack' D 25-Jul-2007 20-Jul-2007
Toussaint Katherine Ann B 29-Dec-1950 1-Dec-1950
Toussaint Minnie,Mrs D 5-Aug-1897 5-Aug-1897
Toussaint Nancy Lea B 30-Dec-1948 21-Oct-1948
Toussaint Raymond Cletus D 14-Jun-1977
Toussaint Sandra R M 30-Dec-1957 20-Aug-1957
Toussaint Sandra Rae B 30-Dec-1936 17-Jan-1936
Toussaint Stanley D M 29-Dec-1950 30-Jun-1950
Toussaint Verda L D 29-Dec-1962 4-Jan-1962
Toussant James A D 7-Jan-2000 p5a 6-Jan-2000
Toussant James A D 8-Jan-2000 p5a 6-Jan-2000
Touvelle Melissa Carrie M 30-Jan-1993 25-Jul-1992
Tovar Tevin Jordan B 25-Jul-2001 p5a 10-Jul-2001
Tovar Thomas Andrew M 23-Jan-1999 20-Jun-1998
Tovar Trei Michael B 25-Jul-2001 p5a 10-Jul-2001
Tovar Trei Michael and Tevin Jordan B 26-Jan-2002 10-Jul-2001
Tovar-Rocha Eduardo B 26-Jan-2002 9-Feb-2001
Tovert WM M 16-Dec-1909 11-Feb-1909
Tower Girl B 31-Dec-1889 28-Oct-1895
Tower James William M 30-Jan-2007 1-Jul-2006
Tower Tiffany Robin D 23-Jan-1992 10-Oct-1991
Towers Calvin G D 16-Aug-1922
Towers CC M 29-Feb-1872 10-Feb-1872
Towers Charles,Mrs D 30-Mar-1883 p2
Towers Maude B D 10-Aug-1937
Towle Charles Brother M 6-Jan-1902 4-Jan-1902
Towle Richard Hilton M 29-Dec-1967 31-Mar-1967
Towle Vera Veerhusen M 23-Jan-1999 14-Feb-1998
Towndraw George D 9-Aug-1872 7-Aug-1872
Towne Darcie Lynn M 29-Jan-2000 2-Oct-1999
Townley Sallie M 2-Jan-1885 p2 31-Dec-1884
Townley William D 27-May-1901 27-May-1901
Townsend Betty M M 29-Dec-1939 26-Aug-1939
Townsend Billy Dean B 30-Dec-1932 18-Aug-1932
Townsend Candy S M 29-Jan-1983 6-Aug-1982
Townsend Carl E D 26-Jan-1991 3-Jun-1990
Townsend Carrie Elizabeth D 30-Dec-1966 6-Apr-1966
Townsend Cindy A M 28-Jan-1984 6-Sep-1983
Townsend Clarkson M 1-Nov-1883 23-Oct-1883
Townsend Cole Aaron B 28-Jan-2006 7-Jul-2005
Townsend David D 16-Jan-1891 p4 16-Jan-1891
Townsend Deborah Lee B 29-Dec-1950 9-Jul-1950
Townsend Della Jo M 30-Dec-1966 29-Jan-1966
Townsend Donald DeWayne B 30-Dec-1957 21-Nov-1957
Townsend Doris Elaine B 30-Dec-1948 16-Apr-1948
Townsend Drake Richard B 28-Jan-2006 1-Oct-2005
Townsend Drea Morgan B 31-Jan-2009 p4f 17-Nov-2008
Townsend Elizabeth M 24-Jul-1972
Townsend Elizabeth Ann B 30-Dec-1949 23-Nov-1949
Townsend Elmira M 6-Dec-1866 4-Dec-1866
Townsend Emily Elzina D 21-Jan-1899 20-Jan-1899
Townsend Eric M 27-Nov-1996 p6a 30-Aug-1996
Townsend Eric Richard M 23-Jan-1992 7-Jun-1991
Townsend Fannie,Mrs D 31-Dec-1931 20-Dec-1931
Townsend Frank A D 18-Jan-1986 15-Apr-1985
Townsend Franklin Nathan B 29-Dec-1956 30-Jan-1956
Townsend Franklin Nathan M 28-Jan-1995 3-Sep-1994
Townsend George D 13-Jul-1998 p5a 12-Jul-1998
Townsend George M 23-Jan-1890 23-Jan-1890
Townsend George M 24-Jan-1890 23-Jan-1890
Townsend George M 1-Feb-1890 23-Jan-1890
Townsend George S M 30-Dec-1941 13-Feb-1941
Townsend Gordon Edward B 30-Dec-1937 21-Nov-1937
Townsend Gordon Edward B 21-Nov-1937
Townsend Gordon LeMoyne D 30-Dec-1957 17-Nov-1957
Townsend Harold E M 30-Dec-1937 13-Sep-1937
Townsend Harold E M 30-Dec-1954 25-Sep-1954
Townsend Harold Edward B 30-Dec-1947 26-Feb-1947
Townsend Harold Edward B 26-Feb-1947
Townsend Harold Edward D 30-Dec-1969 27-Aug-1969
Townsend Harold Edward Jr M 30-Dec-1969 6-Jun-1969
Townsend Harry D 16-Dec-1909 15-Apr-1909
Townsend Harry Edward D 10-Mar-1938
Townsend Helen D 2-Aug-2007 1-Aug-2007
Townsend Infant Daughter B 29-Dec-1939 18-Dec-1939
Townsend Infant Son B 9-Dec-1930
Townsend Infant Son B 3-Jul-1972
Townsend Jamie Lynn B 17-Feb-1977
Townsend Janis M M 23-Jan-1988 6-Mar-1987
Townsend Jeanette M 30-Dec-1952 28-Apr-1952
Townsend Jeanette Joyce B 30-Dec-1935 18-Jun-1935
Townsend Jess A M 21-Dec-1905 3-Mar-1905
Townsend Jesse R M 7-Apr-1865 6-Apr-1865
Townsend John M 30-Dec-1938 16-Apr-1938
Townsend Joshua Mearl B 3-Mar-1977
Townsend Joshua Mearl M 25-Jan-2003 29-Jun-2002
Townsend Judith Alice B 30-Dec-1940 6-Feb-1940
Townsend Katherine Ann B 30-Dec-1943 17-Sep-1943
Townsend L K M 24-Feb-1883 24-Feb-1883
Townsend Linsey Sue B 29-Jan-1983 20-Sep-1982
Townsend LK,Mr M 24-Feb-1883 p2 24-Feb-1883
Townsend LK,Mr M 28-Feb-1883 24-Feb-1883
Townsend Lucile Marie B 27-Jan-1937
Townsend Lynn P M 1-Jan-1913 5-Jun-1912
Townsend Maguerite Rose D 25-Jan-2003 11-May-2002
Townsend Marguerite D 13-May-2002 p5a 11-May-2002
Townsend Marguerite R M 29-Dec-1962 12-Jun-1962
Townsend Marguerite Rose B 30-Dec-1946 15-Feb-1946
Townsend Mary Aruella B 30-Dec-1936 15-Jun-1936
Townsend Nancy Kay B 30-Dec-1941 6-Dec-1941
Townsend Olive D 30-Dec-1946 21-Oct-1946
Townsend Patricia M 29-Dec-1961 7-Aug-1961
Townsend Patricia M 28-Jan-1995 4-Feb-1994
Townsend Patricia June B 30-Dec-1952 14-Jun-1952
Townsend Pearl M 8-Dec-1910 7-Sep-1910
Townsend Randall Marvin B 28-Dec-1951 30-Dec-1951
Townsend Randall Marvin B 28-Dec-1951 30-Dec-1951
Townsend Randall Marvin B 24-Oct-1977
Townsend Randall Marvin M 22-Jan-1972 6-Nov-1971
Townsend Reagan Elise B 29-Jan-2000 1-Jun-1999
Townsend Reagan Elise B 18-Jun-1999 p5a 1-Jun-1999
Townsend Rex William B 30-Dec-1949 17-Oct-1949
Townsend Richard E M 29-Jan-1983 7-Jul-1982
Townsend Richard Eugene B 30-Dec-1949 12-Aug-1949
Townsend Richard Eugene M 22-Jan-1972 24-Apr-1971
Townsend Richard Eugene M 23-Jan-1992 15-Nov-1991
Townsend Richard James D 21-Mar-1984 18-Mar-1984
Townsend Roxanne Kay B 29-Dec-1961 11-May-1961
Townsend Ruth A D 13-Aug-2003 p5a 12-Aug-2003
Townsend Ryan Eric B 26-Jan-2002 7-Oct-2001
Townsend Sandra Diane B 30-Dec-1935 23-Jun-1935
Townsend Sandra L M 30-Jan-1982 25-Apr-1981
Townsend Shane Aaron B 31-Jan-1976 5-Mar-1975
Townsend Sharon Kay B 29-Dec-1961 15-Sep-1961
Townsend SJ M 13-May-1873
Townsend Tresea M 16-Dec-1909 22-Mar-1909
Townsend TW M 5-Jan-1866 4-Jan-1866
Townsend Tyler Joseph B 30-Dec-1970 6-Feb-1970
Townsend Vicki M 7-Jun-1972
Townsend WE D 1-Jan-1892
Townsend Wendy Lee M 27-Jan-2000 4-Mar-2000
Townsend William E D 27-Nov-1984 24-Nov-1904
Townsend William E D 26-Nov-1984 24-Nov-1984
Townsend Shane Aaron M 28-Jan-2006 10-Sep-2005
Townsley AG,Mrs D 17-Jul-1894 16-Jul-1894
Townsley AG,Mrs D 19-Jul-1894 16-Jul-1894
Townsley Albert G D 21-Sep-1899 20-Sep-1899
Townsley Alice M 30-Dec-1935 4-May-1935
Townsley Bessy O M 19-Aug-1899 16-Aug-1899
Townsley Bethany Ann M 28-Jan-2006 3-Sep-2005
Townsley Charles Vernon D 7-Apr-1879 p4 6-Apr-1879
Townsley Clint Forrest M 17-Jan-1987 14-Feb-1986
Townsley Clyde R D 29-Dec-1950 16-Feb-1950
Townsley Delores M 29-Dec-1961 18-Mar-1961
Townsley Edna O D 21-Apr-1922
Townsley Eliza D 30-Dec-1940 29-Jan-1940
Townsley Elizabeth M 30-Dec-1936 24-Jun-1936
Townsley Eric Noel B 27-Jan-1979 13-Nov-1978
Townsley Fay H D 28-Dec-1951 22-Sep-1951
Townsley Forrest E M 30-Dec-1933 17-Jun-1933
Townsley Fremont B D 18-May-1895 18-May-1895
Townsley Fremont B D 22-May-1895 18-May-1895
Townsley George Terry D 29-Apr-2008 28-Apr-2008
Townsley George Thomas B 30-Dec-1966 11-Aug-1966
Townsley George Thomas D 30-Dec-1942 9-Mar-1942
Townsley Hazel M 30-Dec-1938 10-Oct-1938
Townsley Herman A M 1-Jan-1913 14-Mar-1912
Townsley Infant B 23-May-1898
Townsley Infant Son B 24-Jan-1883 p1 19-Jan-1883
Townsley Iowa R D 4-Apr-1871 p4 4-Apr-1871
Townsley Ivan A D 31-Dec-1913 4-Aug-1913
Townsley Jacob Michael B 3-Nov-1999 p5a 25-Oct-1999
Townsley James Albert M 15-Mar-1895 14-Mar-1895
Townsley Jessie Almira,Mrs D 19-Apr-1900 11-Apr-1900
Townsley Jill E M 18-Jan-1986 7-Sep-1985
Townsley Keith Albert B 29-Dec-1962 19-Jan-1962
Townsley Lelah F D 31-Jan-1998 p5a 29-Jan-1998
Townsley Lucy M 3-Sep-1868 25-Aug-1868
Townsley Mae D 30-Dec-1970 9-Jan-1970
Townsley Mae C M 30-Dec-1953 3-Nov-1953
Townsley Mae L D 30-Dec-1963 15-Jan-1963
Townsley Marion B 20-Jul-1886
Townsley Marion M 29-Sep-1881 p3
Townsley Martha (Mrs) D 1-Jan-1912 11-Jan-1911
Townsley Martha,Mrs D 11-Jan-1911
Townsley Michael Clyde,Jr M 21-May-2004
Townsley Michael Fay M 31-Jan-1976 23-Aug-1975
Townsley Michelle Lynn M 24-Jan-1998 3-May-1997
Townsley Nancy Ann M 6-Sep-1869 p1 4-Sep-1869
Townsley Nancy Ann M 8-Oct-1869 4-Sep-1869
Townsley Nancy Ann M 10-Sep-1869 p4 4-Sep-1869
Townsley Neal Fay B 1-Jul-1934
Townsley Noel Emery D 29-Dec-1920
Townsley OA D 22-Jul-1881
Townsley OA D 17-Aug-1881 p4
Townsley Oscar D 29-Dec-1939 3-May-1939
Townsley Oscar D 3-Mar-1939
Townsley Peter,Dr M 1-Dec-1899 30-Nov-1899
Townsley R C M 17-Dec-1908 8-Jul-1908
Townsley Randall N M 28-Jan-1984 10-Sep-1983
Townsley Randall Noel B 29-Dec-1961 9-Feb-1961
Townsley Richard A M 30-Jan-1982 29-Aug-1981
Townsley Roger Keith B 30-Dec-1949 25-May-1949
Townsley Sallie M 31-Dec-1884
Townsley Sarah A M 22-Jan-1883 17-Jan-1883
Townsley Saran A M 1-Feb-1883 17-Jan-1883
Townsley Steven Douglas B 30-Dec-1947 17-Apr-1947
Townsley Steven Douglas B 17-Apr-1947
Townsley Terry D 28-Apr-2008 28-Apr-2008
Townsley Twins-boy and girl B 31-Dec-1929 2-Nov-1929
Townsley William B D 30-Sep-1863 16-Sep-1863
Townson Amy E M 1-Jan-1913 20-Nov-1912
Townson Orlean M 1-Jan-1913 20-Nov-1912
Townssend Mildred E D 14-Jan-2008 11-Jan-2008
Towsend Clara B 2-Dec-1884
Toyne Alice M 29-Aug-1884 28-Aug-1884
Toyne Ann D 5-Jan-2002 p5a 4-Jan-2002
Toyne Anna Belle D 25-Jan-2003 4-Jan-2002
Toyne Arthur H D 27-Dec-2002 p5a 26-Dec-2002
Toyne Arthur H M 30-Dec-1936 28-Mar-1936
Toyne Audrey Jean B 28-Jan-1937
Toyne Audrey Jean M 30-Dec-1955 29-Aug-1955
Toyne Barbara Ann B 30-Dec-1932 30-May-1932
Toyne Boy B 31-Dec-1929 22-May-1929
Toyne Carolyn D 29-Jan-1994 16-Jul-1993
Toyne Carrie G M 26-Dec-1895 25-Dec-1895
Toyne Chad J B 19-Jan-1985 16-Nov-1984
Toyne Charles, Mrs D 30-Dec-1955 10-Nov-1955
Toyne Charlotte E M 27-Feb-1884 26-Feb-1884
Toyne Chas T M 14-Dec-1894 13-Dec-1894
Toyne Clarence John B 30-Dec-1936 12-Nov-1936
Toyne Cora F D 13-Mar-1896 12-Mar-1896
Toyne Corrine M 3-Jan-2007 11-Sep-2006
Toyne Corrine Ranae B 30-Jan-1982 12-Aug-1981
Toyne Dawn Kathleen B 30-Dec-1948 30-Sep-1948
Toyne Donna L D 18-Jan-1986 15-Aug-1985
Toyne Dorothy (Marcue) D 16-Mar-2007 4-Mar-2007
Toyne Elaine Alice B 30-Dec-1947 10-Dec-1947
Toyne Eric J M 19-Jan-1985 22-Sep-1984
Toyne Eric Jon B 30-Dec-1963 25-May-1963
Toyne Eric Jon M 23-Jan-1992 19-Oct-1991
Toyne Erika Marie B 17-Jan-1987 31-Oct-1986
Toyne Esther M 30-Dec-1952 26-Jun-1952
Toyne Esther Edna B 30-Dec-1932 15-May-1932
Toyne Frances B D 24-Jan-1998 14-Jan-1997
Toyne Frances B D 14-Jan-1997 p5a 14-Jan-1997
Toyne Frances Joanna D 29-Dec-1962 1-Apr-1962
Toyne Frank C D 11-Aug-1896 11-Aug-1896
Toyne Frank C D 12-Aug-1896 11-Aug-1896
Toyne Frank Clarence M 4-Mar-1890
Toyne George M 16-Dec-1909 20-Jan-1909
Toyne George M 8-Feb-1894 7-Feb-1894
Toyne George G D 30-Dec-1942 2-Nov-1942
Toyne Gerald Ivan B 30-Dec-1932 10-Jun-1932
Toyne Glen M 24-Dec-1920
Toyne Howard L D 23-Jan-1988 7-Dec-1987
Toyne Howard,Mrs D 18-May-1972
Toyne Ivan D 10-Mar-1999 p5a 8-Mar-1999
Toyne Ivan G D 29-Jan-2000 8-Mar-1999
Toyne Jeffrey L M 19-Jan-1985 18-Feb-1984
Toyne Jeffrey Lee B 29-Dec-1956 25-May-1956
Toyne Jessie Helen M 1-Jan-1908 21-Jan-1907
Toyne JoAnn B 22-Apr-1937
Toyne Jon Erik B 18-Jan-1986 13-Oct-1985
Toyne Kay Kristine B 28-Dec-1951 26-Sep-1951
Toyne Kenneth J D 11-Jul-2007 9-Jul-2007
Toyne Kenneth J M 28-May-1977
Toyne Kenneth John B 30-Dec-1941 27-Jun-1941
Toyne Kris M 30-May-1972
Toyne Lee C D 28-Dec-1951 22-Jun-1951
Toyne Lee Ralph B 29-Dec-1956 15-May-1956
Toyne Leona Frances D 28-Jan-1995 25-Sep-1994
Toyne Linda Faye B 30-Dec-1948 11-Jun-1948
Toyne Linda Faye B 11-Jun-1948
Toyne Lorena P D 29-Dec-1939 25-Feb-1939
Toyne Margaret D 15-Feb-1974 28-Mar-1974
Toyne Mary (Mrs) D 1-Jan-1908 10-Nov-1907
Toyne Mary Lou B 30-Dec-1935 28-Nov-1935
Toyne Maurice M 30-Dec-1964 6-Jun-1964
Toyne Maurice Neil D 6-Mar-1977
Toyne Michael D M 23-Jan-1988 25-Apr-1987
Toyne Michael Richard B 23-Jan-1988 5-Sep-1987
Toyne Odetta Lenora D 29-Dec-1961 22-Mar-1961
Toyne Patricia M 30-Dec-1953 2-Dec-1953
Toyne Patricia Lea B 23-May-1934
Toyne Paula M M 25-Jan-2003 18-May-2002
Toyne Paula Tandy M 31-Jul-2002 p8a 18-May-2002
Toyne Phylis H D 1-Aug-1995 p4a 31-Jul-1995
Toyne Ralph B D 29-Jan-1983 4-Mar-1982
Toyne Ralph B M 29-Dec-1939 3-Jun-1939
Toyne Randall R M 24-Jun-1980 21-Jun-1980
Toyne Raymond W D 29-Dec-1984 28-Dec-1984
Toyne Raymond W D 18-Jan-1986 2-Jan-1985
Toyne Richard Paul B 30-Dec-1940 11-Jan-1940
Toyne Robert G D 30-Dec-1946 7-Feb-1946
Toyne Rosemary M 30-Dec-1954 19-Mar-1954
Toyne Ruth,Mrs D 30-Dec-1932 20-Aug-1932
Toyne Sarah May M 15-Jun-1895 11-Jun-1895
Toyne Sarah May M 15-Jun-1895 11-Jun-1895
Toyne Scott Duane B 30-Dec-1953 18-Jul-1953
Toyne Scott Duane D 16-Nov-1996 p5a 14-Nov-1996
Toyne Sharon Kay B 30-Dec-1940 20-Sep-1940
Toyne Shirley Ann B 30-Dec-1938 3-Jul-1938
Toyne Shirley Ann M 30-Dec-1957 8-Jan-1957
Toyne Susie A D 30-Dec-1941 10-May-1941
Toyne Tamara Kay B 30-Dec-1968 8-Jul-1968
Toyne Tina Marie B 30-Dec-1966 19-Aug-1966
Toyne Vernon M 29-Dec-1950 15-Oct-1950
Toyne Vernon H D 18-Jan-1986 15-Aug-1985
Toyne Walter Mike D 27-Jan-1979 1-May-1978
Toyne William Wayne B 29-Dec-1944 20-Mar-1944
Toyne William Wayne M 22-Jan-1972 22-May-1971
Toyne William Wayne M 17-Jan-1987 13-Sep-1986
Toyne Wilson M 2-Mar-1871 p4 14-Feb-1871
Traas Adrian D 30-Dec-1933 18-Mar-1933
Tracey Edward John M 1-Jan-1912 25-Feb-1912
Tracey Maggie D 30-Dec-1955 31-Mar-1955
Trachofsky Frank D 30-Aug-1897 ??-Nov-1896
Trachofsky Frank D 10-Sep-1897 ??-Nov-1896
Trachofsky Frank D 14-Sep-1897 ??-Nov-1896
Trachowsky Thomas D 15-Oct-1892 11-Oct-1892
Tracy AH,Mr M 26-Dec-1868 23-Dec-1868
Tracy AH,Mr M 8-Jan-1869 23-Dec-1868
Tracy Albert W M 5-Jun-1902 p4 5-Jun-1902
Tracy Ana Marie M 17-Jan-1987 11-Feb-1986
Tracy Berry Bryson D 19-Oct-1984 10-Oct-1984
Tracy Blanche M 5-Jan-1972 16-Dec-1871
Tracy Carla M M 28-Jan-1984 23-Apr-1983
Tracy Carol Ann B 30-Dec-1936 9-Mar-1936
Tracy Carol Ann M 30-Dec-1955 20-Jan-1955
Tracy Catherine Dumphy D 30-Dec-1943 7-Mar-1943
Tracy Donald W,Jr D 3-Feb-1995 p5a 1-Feb-1995
Tracy Ellen M M 2-Apr-1856 27-Mar-1856
Tracy Emma A D 30-Dec-1941 12-Aug-1941
Tracy Gladys D 28-Jan-1995 12-Dec-1994
Tracy Gladys V M 26-Jan-1980 19-May-1979
Tracy Gladys V M 26-Jan-1980 19-May-1979
Tracy Henry M M 4-Mar-1901 3-Mar-1901
Tracy James D 15-Jan-1889 14-Jan-1889
Tracy James A D 30-Dec-1933 16-Oct-1933
Tracy James Addison M 1-Jan-1908 27-Jul-1907
Tracy James B D 31-Jan-1981 10-Aug-1980
Tracy James B M 26-Jan-1980 19-May-1979
Tracy James B M 26-Jan-1980 19-May-1979
Tracy James,Mrs D 2-Nov-1880 p4a 3-Oct-1880
Tracy Jeffery M 4-Apr-1972
Tracy John D 30-Dec-1940 31-Mar-1940
Tracy John Edward D 29-Dec-1950 3-Feb-1950
Tracy Mary A D 2-Jul-1895 19-Jun-1895
Tracy Michelle Marie B 16-Apr-1977
Tracy Muriel Bryson D 27-Jan-1979 6-Apr-1978
Tracy Robert A M 29-Jan-1983 23-Jan-1982
Tracy Robert Emmett B 30-Dec-1943 11-Feb-1943
Tracy Samuel K,Esq M 7-Jun-1883 p2 6-Jun-1883
Tracy Shanna M 2-Aug-1999 p5c 23-Apr-1999
Tracy Thelma Jean B 22-Aug-1933
Tracy Theodocia A M 6-Sep-1866 6-Sep-1866
Tracy Theodore M M 31-Dec-1970 3-Dec-1879
Tracy Todd John D 29-Jan-1994 7-Feb-1993
Tracy Vernet D 8-Jan-1891 p4 26-Dec-1890
Trade William M 20-Dec-1906 27-Feb-1906
Trader Alice Neoma M 27-Nov-1920
Trader Alice Neoma M 27-Nov-1920
Trader Alta R M 1-Jan-1908 4-Mar-1907
Trader Alvin L D 15-Feb-1974 26-Dec-1974
Trader Alvin L M 30-Dec-1952 31-May-1952
Trader Boy B 31-Dec-1929 14-Sep-1929
Trader Clifford O D 22-Dec-1995 p5a 21-Dec-1995
Trader Darrel Arthur B 30-Dec-1949 20-Jul-1949
Trader Darrell Arthur D 30-Dec-1949 20-Jul-1949
Trader Edward Raymond B 30-Dec-1936 1-Apr-1936
Trader Elizabeth M M 31-Dec-1913 9-Dec-1913
Trader Ella (Mrs) D 30-Dec-1949 8-Jul-1949
Trader Elmer E M 30-Dec-1933 12-Aug-1933
Trader Elmer S M 17-Dec-1908 8-Jan-1908
Trader Francis E D 26-Jan-1991 16-Nov-1990
Trader Francis Earl B 12-Nov-1934
Trader Gary Lee B 30-Dec-1946 11-Dec-1946
Trader Gerald Everett B 6-Apr-1938
Trader Gerald Everett D 30-Dec-1940 23-Aug-1940
Trader Harold E D 23-Jan-1988 16-Feb-1987
Trader Harold E M 26-Jan-1980 28-Aug-1979
Trader Harold E M 26-Jan-1980 28-Aug-1979
Trader Harold Eugene B 30-Dec-1936 14-Sep-1936
Trader Henry O D 27-Jan-1979 26-Oct-1978
Trader Henry O, Mrs D 30-Dec-1957 18-Oct-1957
Trader Henry T D 1-Mar-1937
Trader Irma J M 29-Dec-1956 15-Sep-1956
Trader J F D 30-Dec-1954 8-Apr-1954
Trader James A M 26-Jan-1980 12-May-1979
Trader James A M 26-Jan-1980 12-May-1979
Trader James Alvin B 30-Dec-1955 1-Jan-1955
Trader Jessie M M 8-Dec-1910 29-Mar-1910
Trader Josie F D 23-Jan-1988 16-Feb-1987
Trader Julia Ann B 30-Dec-1954 9-Dec-1953
Trader Linda J M 19-Jan-1985 16-Jun-1984
Trader Linda Jean B 30-Dec-1965 28-Jan-1965
Trader Lydia M 20-Dec-1906 26-Sep-1906
Trader Nancy Ellen B 30-Dec-1940 16-Sep-1940
Trader Ramona S M 26-Jan-1980 27-Jan-1979
Trader Robert Eugene B 24-Feb-1934
Trader Robert N M 29-Jan-1983 20-Aug-1982
Trader Robert Nathan B 29-Dec-1961 28-Nov-1961
Trader Romona S M 26-Jan-1980 27-Jan-1979
Trader Royal D 14-May-1999 p5a 13-May-1999
Trader Royal V D 29-Jan-2000 13-May-1999
Trader Sarah Jane B 29-Dec-1962 15-Nov-1962
Trader Scott Eugene B 29-Dec-1967 21-Mar-1967
Trader Sharlot M 18-Apr-1996 p6a 30-Mar-1996
Trader Shellie Marie M 29-Jan-1994 5-Nov-1993
Trader Susan Kaye M 28-Jan-1995 29-Jul-1994
Trader Verda D D 30-Dec-1932 28-Aug-1932
Trader Verda Dolores B 30-Dec-1932 26-Mar-1932
Trader Vernon D 29-Dec-1934 3-Sep-1934
Trader Vernon Elwood B 23-Jun-1933
Trader Vicki Lee B 30-Dec-1952 8-Nov-1952
Trader Vicki Lee M 22-Jan-1972 30-Oct-1971
Trader Warren M 26-Dec-1998 p3c 18-Nov-1998
Trader Warren Paul B 30-Dec-1968 4-May-1968
Traeger Arthur Francis M 29-Dec-1962 31-Mar-1962
Traeger Merna Mattie M 29-Dec-1962 31-Mar-1962
Trafford Charles D 20-Oct-1972 p15
Trafford John D 30-Dec-1932 11-Jun-1932
Trafton Bertram David D 15-Feb-1974 26-Apr-1974
Trafton David Keith Jr B 29-Dec-1967 7-Aug-1967
Trafton Elizabeth M 17-Dec-1908 1-Jun-1908
Trafton Infant Daughter B 2-May-1972
Trafton Kenneth Lee B 29-Dec-1944 6-Jul-1944
Trafton Kenneth Lee M 30-Dec-1966 9-Jul-1966
Trafton M Sue (McGraw) D 18-Aug-2008 16-Aug-2008
Trafton Mabel I D 27-Jan-2000 11-Aug-2000
Trafton Mabel I D 12-Aug-2000 p5a 11-Aug-2000
Trafton Pearle M 31-Dec-1913 15-Dec-1913
Trail William W D 31-Mar-1997 p5a 29-Mar-1997
Traine Claude L M 30-Dec-1938 17-Feb-1938
Traman Glenn Edward II B 28-Dec-1951 8-May-1951
Traman Ronald James B 29-Dec-1956 28-Mar-1956
Trammell Eunice Jane Morgan D 11-Jun-1996 p5a 31-May-1996
Tran Tuyet A M 18-Jan-1986 5-Oct-1985
Trana Donavan Arthur II M 29-Jan-2005 18-Jun-2004
Trana Donovan A,II B 19-Jan-1985 5-Nov-1984
Trana Marci Renee B 30-Jan-1982 18-Jul-1981
Trana Timothy Cameron B 29-Jan-2000 14-Jan-1999
Trana Timothy Cameron B 19-Jan-1999 p5a 14-Jan-1999
Tranna,II Donavan Arthur M 29-Jun-2004
Tranter Mae Eliza D 30-Dec-1966 24-Feb-1966
Trantman Glenn M 16-Dec-1909 22-May-1909
Trappe Christoph M 25-Jan-2003 9-Mar-2002
Traser Sheri Eileen M 28-Jan-1995 30-Sep-1994
Trask Clarence J D 24-Jul-1984 24-Jul-1984
Trask Clarence J D 25-Jul-1984 24-Jul-1984
Trask Donny Dale B 30-Dec-1941 17-Aug-1941
Trask Duane Lee B 30-Dec-1937 8-Oct-1937
Trask Judith Ann B 30-Dec-1946 14-Feb-1946
Traut Evelyn (Swailes) D 6-Oct-2007 4-Oct-2007
Trautman B N M 1-Jan-1913 24-Dec-1912
Trautman Francis M 31-Dec-1880 21-Dec-1880
Trautman J M 1-Jan-1908 3-Nov-1907
Trautman Lena M 16-Dec-1909 24-Aug-1909
Trautman Myrtle M 29-Aug-1895 8-Aug-1895
Trautner Mildred D 15-Feb-1974 24-Apr-1974
Traver Vera G M 29-Dec-1939 16-Sep-1939
Travers Mary M 26-Oct-1887 14-Oct-1887
Travis Armond Thornton M 30-Dec-1964 10-Oct-1964
Travis Boy B 31-Dec-1929 6-Oct-1929
Travis Dan M 15-Aug-2001 p6a 16-Jun-2001
Travis Herbert M 30-Dec-1942 9-Mar-1942
Travis Lillian Grace B 6-Dec-2007 p6a 31-Oct-2007
Travis Lucy Julia M 30-Dec-1937 17-Apr-1937
Travis Orley M 20-Dec-1906 10-Oct-1906
Travis Toni L M 22-Feb-1977
Travis Walter Lawrence M 23-Jan-1992 8-Jun-1991
Traw Carrie Jay M 27-Jan-2000 20-Jun-2000
Traynor Roland M 27-Jun-1996 p5a 13-Apr-1996
Trcka Steven D 30-Mar-1998 p5a 28-Mar-1998
Treadwell Elvera Maria D 6-Sep-2003 p5a 4-Sep-2003
Treadwell Ray D D 29-Dec-1961 27-Apr-1961
Treapa William M 24-Aug-1871 24-Aug-1871
Treat Warren D 24-Jan-1998 21-Oct-1997
Treat Warren D 22-Oct-1997 p5a 21-Oct-1997
Trede Augusta D 30-Dec-1957 30-Sep-1957
Trede William G D 31-May-2001 p5a 29-May-2001
Trede William G D 30-May-2001 p5a 29-May-2001
Treftz Marjorie M 29-Dec-1939 11-Feb-1939
Trego Brady Allen B 29-Jan-2000 12-Oct-1999
Trego Brady Allen B 30-Oct-1999 p5a 12-Oct-1999
Trego Brian Ray M 23-Jan-1999 24-May-1998
Trego Gretchen Rose B 29-Jan-2005 8-Aug-2004
Trego Kimberly Anne M 30-Jan-1993 6-Sep-1992
Trego Natalie Mae B 26-Jan-2002 24-Jun-2001
Trego Thomas Allen M 9-Oct-1996 p7a 6-Jul-1996
Treimer Christy Kenneth M 28-Jan-1995 9-Jul-1994
Treimer Donald D 23-Apr-2007 21-Apr-2007
Treimer Donald D 24-Apr-2007 21-Apr-2007
Treimer Donald A M 27-Jan-1979 23-Dec-1978
Treimer Henry Paul D 15-Feb-1974 12-May-1974
Treimer Lenora M D 26-Jan-2002 14-Aug-2001
Treimer Leona M D 14-Aug-2001 p5a 14-Aug-2001
Treimer Leona M D 15-Aug-2001 p5a 14-Aug-2001
Treimer Leroy W D 23-Jan-1999 18-May-1998
Treimer Leroy W D 19-May-1998 p5a 18-May-1998
Treimer Leroy W D 20-May-1998 p5a 18-May-1998
Treimer Ralph R D 4-Aug-1995 p5a 2-Aug-1995
Treimer Rodney George M 24-Jan-1998 30-Aug-1997
Treimer Taryn Paige B 29-Jan-2000 30-Aug-1999
Treimer Taryn Paige B 7-Sep-1999 p5a 30-Aug-1999
Treimer Taylor Christine B 29-Feb-1996 p5a 27-Feb-1996
Treimer Tucker McKoy B 25-Jan-2003 20-May-2002
Treimer Tucker McKoy B 5-Jun-2002 p5a 20-May-2002
Treimer Tyler John B 28-Jan-1995 16-Nov-1994
Trejo Francisco D 29-Jan-2000 2-Sep-1999
Trejo Francisco D 7-Sep-1999 p5a 2-Sep-1999
Trejo Martha E M 19-Jan-1985 31-Dec-1984
Trejo Martha E M 26-Jan-2002 30-Mar-2001
Trejo Osvaldo M 23-Jan-1999 22-Feb-1998
Trejo Ruben D 31-Jan-2004 17-May-2003
Trelon Hugh O M 29-Dec-1962 4-Aug-1962
Tremain S M 17-Jul-1866 17-Jul-1866
Tremble Graff D 8-Jan-1891 p3 4-Jan-1891
Tremont Lola G D 27-Jun-2000 p5a 12-Jun-2000
Tremper John D 18-Jan-1885
Trenery Grace D 7-Nov-1922 p8 7-Nov-1922
Trent David Ross D 11-Oct-2007 8-Oct-2007
Trent Deborah Ann M 22-Jan-1972 6-Mar-1971
Trent Doris Judith (Goodman) D 15-Jan-2008 15-Jan-2008
Trent Grace E D 21-Mar-1977
Trent Henry W D 26-Jan-1972 25-Jan-1972
Trent Imogene M 30-Dec-1938 15-Jan-1938
Trent Jay D 14-Apr-1999 p5a 27-Mar-1999
Trent Jay Ross D 29-Jan-2000 27-Mar-1999
Trent Marcia Lynn M 14-Aug-1971
Trent W Bret D 30-Aug-2001 p5a 29-Aug-2001
Trent William Bret D 26-Jan-2002 29-Aug-2001
Trenton James Timothy B 24-Jan-1998 8-Oct-1997
Treptow Inez Mae M 29-Dec-1967 12-Feb-1967
Treptow Thomas M 12-Jun-2002 p6a 11-May-2002
Treptow Thomas Arthur jr M 25-Jan-2003 11-May-2002
Tresler Ann (Mrs) M 30-Dec-1938 26-Nov-1938
Tressell Charles J M 30-Dec-1940 15-Apr-1940
Tresslar Hunter R B 13-Oct-1998 p5a 6-Oct-1998
Tressler John D 31-Dec-1872 31-Dec-1872
Trevarthan Carol Ann B 28-Dec-1951 20-Aug-1951
Trevarthen Elvia D 13-Jun-1997 p5a 12-Jun-1997
Trevarthen Elvira D 24-Jan-1998 12-Jun-1997
Trevathen Robert John B 30-Dec-1949 12-Jul-1949
Trevino Brenda Adeline M 23-Jan-1999 14-Aug-1998
Trevino Diana Ramos B 29-Jan-1983 17-Jul-1982
Trevino Fabian M D 23-Jan-1992 24-May-1991
Trevino Infant Son B 26-Apr-1972
Trevino Juan Ariel B 23-Jan-1992 18-Jan-1991
Trevino Lorena R M 25-Jan-2003 26-Sep-2002
Trevino Lorena R B 19-Jan-1985 12-Dec-1984
Trevino Maria G M 23-Jan-1988 24-Apr-1987
Trevino Pedro M 29-Jan-1994 24-May-1993
Trevino Raquel R M 23-Jan-1999 9-Oct-1998
Trevino Raquel Ramos B 30-Jan-1982 1-May-1981
Trevino Robert L M 29-Dec-1962 14-Sep-1962
Trevino Roberto P M 27-Jan-1979 9-May-1978
Trevino Roberto Perales M 12-Dec-2005 15-Nov-2005
Trevino Roberto Perales M 28-Jan-2006 15-Nov-2005
Trevino Selena Giselle B 25-Jan-2003 30-Jul-2002
Trevino Steve M 26-Feb-1997 p6a 14-Feb-1997
Trevino Steve Perales Jr M 24-Jan-1998 14-Feb-1997
Trevino Susan L M 31-Jan-2004 24-May-2003
Trevino Sylvia P M 27-Jan-1979 18-Feb-1978
Trevino Yolanda Leann B 31-Jan-2004 26-Sep-2003
Trevor Mrs D 30-Mar-1883
Trial David R D 24-Aug-1972 p8
Trial David R D 26-Aug-1972 p10
Trible Birdie M 1-Jan-1913 7-Oct-1912
Trible Maxine B D 28-Feb-2000 p5a 25-Feb-2000
Trible Maxine B D 29-Feb-2000 p5a 25-Feb-2000
Tribler Clara M M 23-Jan-1988 18-Mar-1987
Tribler LaVerne J M 23-Jan-1988 18-Mar-1987
Tribler Steven LaVerne M 23-Jan-1992 21-Aug-1991
Trick Darzella Ann M 31-Jan-1976 14-Nov-1975
Trick Matthias D D 17-Dec-1904
Trick Thomas Randall M 31-Jan-1976 14-Nov-1975
Trick Jane,Mrs D 25-Oct-1892 25-Oct-1892
Trief Joelyn Cleo M 30-Dec-1964 17-Jan-1964
Trillo Marissa Dawn D 22-Mar-2002 p5a 20-Mar-2002
Trimble Binda S M 8-Nov-1861 7-Nov-1861
Trimble Chad Allen B 30-Dec-1966 1-Jun-1966
Trimble Charles Wesley D 30-Dec-1936 14-Aug-1936
Trimble Clifford D 31-Jan-1976 31-Oct-1975
Trimble Clifford Charles B 30-Dec-1932 5-Apr-1932
Trimble David Dale M 24-Jan-1998 12-Jul-1997
Trimble Dorothy Ellen D 29-Jan-2005 20-Nov-2004
Trimble Earl Cecil D 30-Dec-1940 23-Nov-1940
Trimble Earl Cecil M 1-Jan-1912 5-Apr-1911
Trimble Ella M 22-Apr-1880 22-Apr-1880
Trimble Ella M 1-May-1880 22-Apr-1880
Trimble Evelyn M M 30-Dec-1953 23-Nov-1953
Trimble Everett E D 22-Jan-1972 29-Dec-1971
Trimble Grafton B M 11-Oct-1883 p1 2-Oct-1883
Trimble John M 3-May-1851 2-May-1851
Trimble Karla Jo B 30-Dec-1948 15-Oct-1948
Trimble Matilda Elizabeth D 26-Sep-1898 26-Sep-1898
Trimble Maxine T D 25-Jul-2001 p5a 24-Jul-2001
Trimble Ruth Ellen D 16-Dec-1909 27-Mar-1909
Trimble Sherry Sue B 30-Dec-1954 11-May-1954
Trimble Sherry Sue B 30-Dec-1954 11-May-1954
Trimble T Maxine D 26-Jul-2001 p5a 24-Jul-2001
Trimble Terry Max B 30-Dec-1947 4-Nov-1947
Trimble Terry Max D 30-Dec-1947 15-Nov-1947
Trimble Terry Max D 15-Nov-1947
Trimble Thelma Maxine D 26-Jan-2002 24-Jul-2001
Trimble Wendy Marie M 29-Jan-2005 23-Dec-2004
Trimble William J M 1-Jan-1912 21-Oct-1911
Trimpler Geraldine M 30-Dec-1940 4-Jan-1940
Trinh Linda Lee M 31-Jan-2004 8-Aug-2003
Trinidad Margarita Montelongo DeLa M 26-Jan-2008 p4f 22-Sep-2007
Trink Tim V M 29-Jan-1983 8-Feb-1982
Tripmacher Marguerite Clare D 23-Jan-1999 27-Oct-1998
Tripmacker Johannes D 30-Dec-1952 3-May-1952
Tripmacker John Henry M 1-Jan-1908 16-Apr-1907
Tripmacker Steven Albert B 30-Dec-1947 30-Mar-1947
Tripmaker Albert C M 30-Dec-1933 23-Dec-1933
Tripmaker Katherine D 29-Dec-1961 15-Apr-1961
Tripmeker Marguerite D 28-Oct-1998 p5a 27-Oct-1998
Tripp Evelyn M 30-Dec-1940 5-Jun-1940
Tripp Jennie M 4-Mar-1890
Tripp Karen L (Steel) D 25-Feb-2008 21-Feb-2008
Tripp Richard E M 29-Dec-1939 27-Mar-1939
Tripp William M M 21-Dec-1905 3-Aug-1905
Triscritti Patrick John B 27-Jan-1979 5-Jul-1978
Tristan Aguirre Martin,II D 10-Mar-1998 p5a 7-Mar-1998
Tristan Aguirre Martin,II D 12-Mar-1998 p5a 7-Mar-1998
Tritch George D 23-Oct-1899 10-Oct-1899
Tritz Marie A D 30-Dec-1936 5-Nov-1936
Trocino Thomas Angelo B 30-Dec-1955 17-Sep-1955
Troehler Margaret E M 30-Dec-1940 5-Jul-1940
Troester Lenora Hellen M 31-Jan-1976 16-Sep-1975
Troette C J D 15-May-1922
Troette CJ D 16-May-1922
Trojanowski Faith D 14-Feb-1996 p5a 12-Feb-1996
Trojanowski Kristine Renee M 31-Jan-2004 10-May-2003
Trojanowski Trina M M 13-Mar-2002 p7a 31-Dec-2001
Trone Dudley B M 30-Jan-1982 8-Jan-1981
Trone Leona Norton M 29-Jul-1920
Tront Lowell L,Jr M 23-Jan-1988 25-Oct-1987
Troop Connie Elaine B 30-Dec-1953 19-Dec-1953
Trosen Andrew M 3-Nov-1999 p3c 24-Jul-1999
Trosen Andrew James M 29-Jan-2000 24-Jul-1999
Trosen Kristen Nicole M 29-Jan-2000 26-Nov-1999
Trott Gertrude M 20-Dec-1906 24-Aug-1906
Trotter Marie C M 30-Dec-1941 6-Jan-1941
Trotter Sara Ann M 28-Jan-2006 14-May-2005
Trotter Thomas J M 26-Jan-1980 18-Aug-1979
Trotter Thomas J M 26-Jan-1980 18-Aug-1979
Trotter Thomas John D 28-Jan-2006 27-Sep-2005
Troughden John M 30-Dec-1937 10-Sep-1937
Troup Sue A M 24-Jun-1880 p4
Trousdale Jodie Lee M 28-Jan-2006 18-Jun-2005
Trout AC M 16-Dec-1909 26-May-1909
Trout Albert Clarence D 30-Dec-1954 17-Oct-1954
Trout Bonnie Jane B 30-Dec-1942 13-Jan-1942
Trout Bonnie Jane D 30-Dec-1942 13-Jan-1942
Trout Brandi Lynn M 25-Jan-2003 30-Mar-2002