Grossheim Photographic Index

The Oscar Grossheim Collection consists of over 55,000 glass plate negatives taken from approximately the late 1890’s to the early 1940’s and includes stunning portraits of local citizens as well as critically important local scenes and landscapes. Over 4,000 images from the Grossheim Collection have been digitally archived and uploaded to the Upper Mississippi Valley Digital Image Archive, where they can be viewed.

On this page you will find a searchable database that lists all known entries in Oscar Grossheim’s logbooks. While we cannot guarantee that all entries will have a corresponding negative (some have been lost or damaged beyond repair over the past 100+ years), we will do our best to locate the requested item.

Please keep in mind that the images listed here are not necessarily available for viewing, but must be retrieved and scanned by staff in order to view them. To see if any of the images in this database are available to view, please contact the library directly.

Last Name First Name Address & Notes Plate # Date
U Bible Class 20338 16-Dec-1914
U Church and Parsange 12291 27-Apr-1909
U S Bakery Opening - flowers 29745 19-Apr-1925
U S Button CO box of buttons on cards 20373 3-Jan-1915
U S Button CO Exterior %Barry CO 32498 10-Feb-1930
U S Button Compan Exterior % Barry Company 34756 4-May-1936
U S Post Office 11819 30-Nov-1908
Uhland Harry & Wife 18886 28-Aug-1913
Uhland Henry (Mrs) 1007 Newall Ave. 7017 6-Sep-1904
Uhr CP (twin babies) Letts IA 11182 5-Jun-1908
Uhr Mabel 1102 Cedar St 30835 15-Jan-1927
Uhr Mr & Mrs Letts, Iowa 1853 18-Jan-1902
Uhr Willmatta Letts, Iowa 7742 3-Jun-1905
Ulfer Raymond 6394 29-Apr-1904
Ulger Ed 21633 24-Feb-1916
Ult - see also Utt Grace 7528 10-Mar-1905
Umbanhower Viola 11004 10-Apr-1908
Umbenhawar John (Mrs) and Child 12667 2-Aug-1909
Umbland Wm (Mrs) 13154 26-Nov-1909
Umcheid Leonard (Mr & Mrs) 35191 11-Sep-1937
Umlandt A (Mrs) Child 9406 14-Oct-1906
Umlandt Anna 6621 13-May-1904
Umlandt Arthur 494 5-Dec-1900
Umlandt Arthur 23051 25-Mar-1917
Umlandt Arthur % Elks Lodge 32472 19-Jan-1930
Umlandt C (Mrs) 2 children 10150 11-Jul-1907
Umlandt Carl & baby 2708 Mulberry 31437 18-Feb-1928
Umlandt Carl (in uniform/civilian) 25223 27-Dec-1918
Umlandt Carl (Mrs Marianne & Baby) 2708 Mulberry Avenue 30972 30-Apr-1927
Umlandt Carl H (Mrs) 1614 Orange St 28557 18-May-1923
Umlandt E or O ? 6488 4-May-1904
Umlandt Edna 6030 12-Apr-1904
Umlandt Family group 1357 1913
Umlandt Geo 1011 Grandview 27992 9-Jul-1922
Umlandt Geo (Mrs) Baby Mus R 2 32308 16-Nov-1929
Umlandt George (Mr & Mrs) 501 Spring 28777 4-Nov-1923
Umlandt H City 2584-Dup 1-Dec-1897
Umlandt H (Child with Dog) City 2584 19-Aug-1897
Umlandt H (Mrs) 6624 13-May-1904
Umlandt H (Mrs) (2 Children) City 4732 7-Dec-1899
Umlandt H W. (auto machinery) 27490 29-Aug-1921
Umlandt Hannah (Mrs) 118 Clinton St. 29838 27-Jun-1925
Umlandt Hannah (Mrs) 34389 20-Apr-1935
Umlandt Hannah (Mrs) & daughter R 2 34040 2-Apr-1934
Umlandt Harold 1707 Mulberry Ave 23050 25-Mar-1917
Umlandt Harold (in uniform) 25034 5-Nov-1918
Umlandt Harold (Plane at airport) 33078 23-Jun-1931
Umlandt Henry & 3 Children 9740 17-Feb-1907
Umlandt Henry & Family 9739 17-Feb-1907
Umlandt Henry & family 10659 28-Nov-1907
Umlandt Henry (Flash Light at Home) 13563 7-Mar-1910
Umlandt Henry (Mrs) (Flowers) City 4964 14-Mar-1900
Umlandt John & family 11881 12-Dec-1908
Umlandt John (Boy) 9633 4-Jan-1907
Umlandt Lizzie (Miss) City 4741 10-Dec-1899
Umlandt M (Mrs) City 2709 17-Oct-1897
Umlandt Mary (Miss) City 3510 22-Oct-1897
Umlandt Matthias 12307 2-May-1909
Umlandt Matthias with Walter 12309 2-May-1909
Umlandt Minnie (Miss) City 2710 17-Oct-1897
Umlandt Mr & Mrs City 2568 8-Aug-1897
Umlandt O 6488 4-May-1904
Umlandt Otto & wife 118 Clinton St. 29865 18-Jul-1925
Umlandt Otto (Mrs ) little girl R 2 32374 5-Dec-1929
Umlandt Peter (2 Children) City 4306 12-Aug-1899
Umlandt Peter (Boy) 13619 3-Apr-1910
Umlandt Walter Father (Mathias) 12309 2-May-1909
Umlandt William 9442 4-Nov-1906
Umlandt William & Henry Meyer 9443 4-Nov-1906
Umlandt Wm - Child with doll buggy 23485 10-Aug-1917
Umlandt Wm & wife 11922 24-Dec-1908
Umlandt Wm (2 children) 19651 15-May-1914
Umlandt Wm Bridal Group 11923 24-Dec-1908
Umlandt Wm Gertrude May Suman (bride) 323 1909
Umscheid Arthur 31685 10-Sep-1928
Umscheid Ernest N H S Nichols Ia 14966 27-May-1911
Umscheid George (children) Nichols, Iowa 7816 29-Jun-1905
Umscheid Leonard - family Group Xmas tree 35616
Umscheid Leonard & Bridal Group City 2739 4-Nov-1897
Umscheid Leonard & Bride City 2738 4-Nov-1897
Umscheid Arthur (St Mathias Class) % L J Umseheid 302 East 8th 30994 16-May-1927
Umschild Geo and Family Nichols Ia 14872 23-Apr-1911
Undangen L 605 17-Jan-1901
Underdonk Mrs - grandchild 21083 27-Sep-1915
Underdonk Wm (copy) 25679 20-Jun-1919
Underdonk Wm S 29134 12-May-1924
Underdonk Wm S & grandchild 22687 4-Dec-1916
Underdonk Wm S (Mrs) & grandchild 109 E. 6th St. 22686 4-Dec-1916
Underwood Eda (Miss) Foster ILL 2474 11-Jun-1897
Underwood Emma L (copy of father) 10330 4-Sep-1907
Underwood Kenneth Alexis IL 11600 29-Sep-1908
Underwood Lelah Letts, Iowa 7111 15-Oct-1904
Underwood Miss City 3165 6-Jun-1898
Underwood Richard & baby Columbus Jct IA 31604 16-Jun-1928
Underwood Richard (baby) Letts IA 28153 14-Oct-1922
Unidentified Residence Maybe Wm Martz 1109 E. 2nd St. 28071 23-Aug-22
Union Leaders Group of 4 % Union Labor 14898 2-May-1911
Union Morelety Co 7385 18-Feb-1905
Union Station 1258 1912
United Cloak & Suit Co Mardi Gras float 28045 4-Aug-1922
United States Army Band Jefferson School Athletic Field 33175 4-Sep-1931
Universal Electrical CO copy of certificate 27007 7-Dec-1920
Unkel August (Mr & Mrs) 32993 22-Apr-1931
Unkel Henry J (Mr & Mrs) also bridal Group Mus R 5 24504 19-Jun-1918
Unkel Henry Jr 20553 20-Mar-1915
Unkel - see also Ankel Henry J & Bride 24505 19-Jun-1918
Unkle Mary (graduate) 18691 4-Jun-1913
Unzicker J A (Mr & Mrs) Winfield, Ia 29742 15-Apr-1925
Uoninger Mable 6050 14-Apr-1904
Urdangen Archie 800 East 8th 30204 5-Jan-1926
Urdangen Chas - MHS 800 East 8th 29601 26-Jan-1925
Urdangen children 20600 30-Mar-1915
Urdangen Esther 800 East 8th 27046 14-Dec-1920
Urdangen L J - Baby 800 E 8th 31597 11-Jun-1928
Urdangen L J (Mrs) 800 E 8th 29963 10-Oct-1925
Urdangen Louis & Cohn & Greenblatt 800 East 8th 25224 27-Dec-1918
Urdangen Mr & Mrs (Bride & groom) 4126 29-Dec-1902
Urdangen Mrs 4246 4-Feb-1903
Urdangen Mrs (2 children) 10124 3-Jul-1907
Urdangen Barney (2 nephews) 800 E 8th 31890 24-Dec-1928
Uthmer Miss 8490 20-Jan-1906
Utt - see also Ult Grace Business College Students 7528 10-Mar-1905
Utter R C Columbus Jct, Iowa 24184 16-Mar-1918
Utter R P (Mrs) (Son) 24895 27-Sep-1918
Utter Ralph 1307 2-Sep-1901