Weed Park Garden Zoo


The Weed Park Zoo Garden was constructed in 2010 on the site of the park’s former zoo. The original zoo was closed in 1980 and the area was unused for 28 years until Maryrose Peterschmidt, a Master Gardener through the Iowa State Extension Service, asked the City of Muscatine for permission to install a small garden with plants with
animal names.

The project quickly grew with the help of the late landscape architect Rich Kellor and a REAP Grant from the State of Iowa. The small garden idea evolved to acres of plants, trees, trails and sculptures. There are numerous unique garden areas each with its own animal name which is reflected in the plants chosen and custom metal sculpture. Some of the best Weed Park views of the Mississippi River valley are enjoyed from the two overlook areas in the Zoo Garden.

Master Gardeners and other volunteers oversee the care and upkeep of the gardens. They also raise funds and donations needed for improvements.

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