Nichols High School Digital Archives

Sources: NHS Alumni Association Members and Friends
Editor: Don Smith (Class of 1950)

Content Posted to Website in PDF Files

  1. A Brief History of Nichols High School
  2. Table of NHS Graduates 1903-1961
  3. Memorial Index of Deceased Alumni
  4. Album of NHS Class Graduation Pictures
  5. School Facilities and Faculty
  6. NHS Mirror Yearbooks 1944-1961
  7. High School Student Pictures
  8. Grade School Student Pictures
  9. Varsity Sports 1917-1961
  10. Nichols Community History 1840-1908
  11. Nichols Community History 1908-2020
  12. Archive Contributors List
  13. The NHS Alumni Association

Nichols High School in the Town of Nichols, Muscatine County, Iowa, was the heart and soul of the Nichols community. It was the one institution that united all who lived there. Then the Iowa State Department of Education decided that the 1961 Senior class would be the last to graduate from Nichols High School and the Nichols Independent School District would be merged with a larger adjacent school district.

The purpose of the Nichols High School Digital Archives is to assemble, digitize, organize and preserve the presently existing historical record of Nichols High School and its 493 alumni. The collection effort that started in June, 2015, has exceeded expectations. And the search for a method of preservation has been answered by Musser Public Library of Muscatine, Iowa. The library has agreed to post major elements of the Archives on the library’s web site as part of its local history section.

The living NHS alumni and the thousands of descendants of all alumni and other people with historical roots in the Nichols community will be forever grateful to Musser Public Library for providing this method of preservation and online access. –Don Smith, Editor, April, 2017